Jon Ramirez is a former NOD Shadow and member of Task Force Omikron.

Jon Ramirez
Vital statistics
Callsign Whiplash
Gender Male
Race Human
Physical Age 29
Alignment Chaotic Good
Faction Hellcat Squadran - Task Force Omikron
Tools Barrett 50. Cal, COG Longshot, desert eagle, combat knife.
Status Alive


Jon was taken from his parents at age eight and made to become a NOD Shadow. He plotted escape ever since, and did so at age 26. When he was 29, he joined Hellcat Squadran and Task Force Omikron, which had been seeing service for a year.


He is quite friendly and outgoing. He often buys people drinks when they're down. Jon is known to try and help people do everything, saying that it will help the Squadran run more easily. Jon is an expert sniper, and is the main sniper for Omikron,
German World War 3 armor by Obrotowy

Jon's armor.

and is believed to be the fourth best in the Coalition (Lexus and Valarian From Spartan team Maximus closely rivaling him).


  • He gets along with everybody.

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