CLS Joint Vendetta
Joint Vendetta
The Joint Vendetta is Covenant Space.
Vehicle statistics
Owner Shadow Tartorus
Starship Class (if Applicable) Covenant Assault Carrier
Starship Type Flagship
Faction Covenant Loyalists
Power/Weapon Systems * Shield Generator
  • Repulsor Engines
  • Pulse Laser Turrets,
  • Energy Projectors
  • Plasma Torpedos
Special modifications Enhanced Plasma Weapons, Enhanced Shields, Magnetic Plasma-Coil Cannons
Status Online


The standard issue carrier to the covenant originally made and mass produced by the elites. The ship is not up to par with the more modern carriers used such as the UNSC Hannibal and it's sister ship the HCS Defiant but it is still a deadly ship as Beta squadron originally attacked it with 18 ADF-1H planes only to fail. The squadron caused massive damage but was decimated down to four it was a tragic and humiliating blow to all branches of HC highcommand. The ship left orbit and is making hit and run attacks on any ships it crosses paths with. Rumors have it that NOD Hackers used codes recieved from May when she was under mind-control to steal HS tech secrets, many of which the Covenant Loyalists are now using in the Joint Vendetta to avoid Hellcat squadrons space patrols and hit unguarded targets, as well as modify the ship with more powerful weapons.

Shadow WarEdit

During the Shadow War, the HCS Defiant was ambushed and engaged by the Joint Vendetta, which caused massive damage to the HS Carrier. It soon became clear that, at least for the duration of the Shadow and Resurrectal Wars, the HCS Forerunner Emancipator was probably the only ship that could stand up to it in power. Now, the Loyalist carrier mostly attacks UNSC Battle Fleets and Patrols, rather than un-guarded targets now.