Joan of Arc
Joan after entering the Hellcat Squadran Timeline, equipped with Guardians of Justice Armor
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Human
Physical Age
Alignment Lawful Good
Faction 1400s France (Formerly; Temporally Displaced), Hellcat Squadran, Guardians of Justice (Unofficial)
Tools Formerly Unknown Elemental Blade Hrelmarian
Status Alive

Once credited as a heroine in Earth History, Joan of Arc became the target of Time-Travelling Alliance of Unrelentign Darkness Forces, bent of destroying 5 Earth History Figures in order to destabilize the Universe. As a countermeasure against that, Joan was among the individuals rescued by Hellcat Squadran and brought to its time. She then quickly became one of the Coalition's strategic minds.


  • Unlike most 'displaced' characters, Joan of Arc is in fact native to the HS Universe (with it mostly being a parallel of the real world), but from a time before the HS Timeline.

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