Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Unknown
Physical Age Unknown
Faction Hellcat Squadran
Tools Biological and Chemical Weapons
Status Alive

A formerly-independent Biological Researcher, Jerome was forced out of his secret lab when the Galactic Empire discovered it. He barely made it out, thanks to the intervention of the Hellcat Squadran Fleet led by Tamara.


Pre-Hellcat SquadranEdit

Jerome used to work for only himself, spending time on his Asterid-based laboratory. Within, he developed new chemicals and biological weapons, but never shared these secrets. However, one of his sentry drones encountered an Imperial Scout. The Drone was destroyed and the Imperial Vessel called for a fleet. Using a vessel he had hidden, Jerome loaded up his laboratory equipment and evacuated his lab, but the Imperials remained on his tail. He would have been destroyed, were it not for the fact that Hellcat Squadran, detecting an Imperial Fleet in the region, sent Fleet Commander Tamara to destroy the Imperials.

Joining Hellcat SquadranEdit

After recovering the unusual creature, Tamara took Jerome to IceBite, who, after seeing some of the creature's experiments, put him under Revaer and Chirox. Working with them, Jerome began creating new species of creatures, meant to help repopulate the war-torn galaxy.


  • Jerome is based on a Commander from Galaxy Online II of the same name.
  • He is also the only Galaxy Online II-based character to not be given a fleet to command.

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