Jerdak created a squad of Vahki Drones using technology from the remains of Metru Nui, and utilizing Sith Alchemy to further enhance their performance in combat.

Appearence and SpecificationsEdit

Jerdak's Vahki Squad are that of the Rorzakh used to enforce the law in Onu-Metru, and like their dead 'ancestors' they are the all round group of all the vahki. However unlike the original Rorzakh they all have orange eyes and heads instead of green ones, and rather then speaking accelerated english, they speak the ancient sith dialect. They also have the ability to sense enemies through the force and they are able to use limited force abilities. They are extremely loyal to Jerdak and HK-47, due to this fact they rarely are known to take orders from non-force sensitive individuals, however the only exceptions are Amarra, Fast-Saber, and Dhaka'ra.

Squad membersEdit

AYB617-The leader of the squad, he is the most serious of the group and prefers to do things by the book He calculates the risks and scenarios that could happen in a misssion, due to this fact he is a very intelligent strategist.

AGK238-The first one into battle and always takes the point before anyone else does, AGK enjoys the thrill of battle but this has lead to him to have a terrible temper and he only calms down for those he is loyal to, especially his brothers. However, he is also known for having a sense of humor even though he curses numerous times.

NMA221-One of the most passive and laid back members of Jerdaks Squad, he often enjoys the sound of music and has been known to listen to music while fighting his enemies, he also acts as a negotiator and whenever his brothers or other AI of Hellcat Squadron are fighting, due to this fact NMA has a very good reputation with the other AI of Hellcat Squadron.

CVDR888-Also known as 'The Joker' of the squad due to the fact he is known for his sense of humor, he is also known for pulling pranks on others and is generally in a good mood. If any of CVDR's brothers are in trouble he will not stop untill any threats towards his brothers are eliminated including the fact he will continue hacking at the enemy even after they died.

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