Jennifer Linda Norell
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Human, British
Physical Age 18
Alignment Neutral Good
Status Alive

Jennifer Norell was Herol Norell's sister and Leinad Llehctim's foster-sister. She was long thought dead by both when Tartorus destroyed their town, but she actually survived, knocked out and not waking up until both left. Around the age of 18, she was possessed by a demon that escaped Hellcat Squadran's labs, causing her to stop aging. She was controlled by the demon into doing criminal acts like murders and thefts, until she/it was discovered by IceBite and Herol. Afterwards, she/it got into a large battle with IceBite that ended in him blasting her with ectoplasmic energy, disabling her, allowing him to turn his hand intangible and 'tear' out the demon, killing it. She was injured in its removal, and was taken to Hellcat Squadran's medical labs, where she was to be treated at. Although initially not too hopeful for her recovery, Quel was able to stabilize her condition. She recovered, and started living at Kaven Base, for her own protection.

She has since been exposed to Species 0002, and has been staying in Kaven Base with her older brother and foster brother.

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