Jedi Order
New Jedi Order.svg
Vital statistics
Leader Luke Skywalker
Head of State
Head of Government
De-Facto Leader (if Applicable)
Affiliation New Republic (loosely)
Capital Decentralized
Language(s) Various
Composite Races Largely various
Date Formed Unknown
Conflicts Involved In
Status Operating

The Jedi Order, or the "New Jedi Order" as called by some of its senior and long-lived members, was a peacekeeping organization unified by its belief and observance of the Force, specifically the light side. One of many orders of various kinds across the galaxy, the Jedi Order was one of the first to enter the Hellcat Squadran Universe, and by then, had already had a long, multi-thousand-year history from prior to entering the Hellcat Squadran Universe.

The Jedi Order works frequently with the Order of Dalmascan Judges, and occasionally works with the Assassins Order and New Templar Order. In recently years, they've also had dealings with the Lin Kuei, through Jedi Knight Winona Fay, who was stranded on Earthrealm due to an Outworld attack, and trained under the Lin Kuei for several years before contact with the Jedi Order was re-established.

Known MembersEdit

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