Jane Shepard
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Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Human
Physical Age
Alignment Lawful Good
Faction Spectres, Citadel Federation, Systems Alliance
Tools Omni-Tool, M-9 Tempest, M-23 Katana, Armax Arsenal Armor
Abilities Biotics
Vehicles SSV Normandy SR-2
Status Alive

Commander Jane Shepard is a war hero of the Systems Alliance and Citadel Federation. She nearly sacrificed herself to activate the Crucible, to stop the Reapers that now inhabit Niflheim: a Copier Rift Storm duplicated her at the last minute, one copy being transported aboard the Normandy, while the other made the sacrifice, causing a synthesis of organic and synthetic life in their universe.

When the Citadel Federation arrived in this universe, Commander Shepard was first to make contact with the Coalition, specifically Commander Leinad Llehctim on the OHS Ofnir. It was soon after that the group encountered John Shepard, a male, alternate universe counterpart to Jane Shepard.

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