Jaina Seaver
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Erachi/Harton-Erachi Hybrid
Physical Age 23
Alignment Neutral Good
Faction Shanara Order (loosely)
Tools Kirisute
Abilities Erachi Powers, Amber Powers
Status Alive


Jaina Seaver is the first born child of Keryn Renner and Rachel Seaver and the only known example of a hybrid between an Erachi and a Harton-Erachi. Her first couple of years of life were tumultuous, as when her parents had her brother, Enarion, they immediately needed to negotiate for his life, as much of the Harton-Erachi court believed him to be the return of an old enemy species and wanted him killed. In the interest of keeping their children safe, and fearing for Jaina's safety, her parents had her taken care of by their friends Aednat Callaghan and Ellen. Jaina spent a year with them until her parents returned, victorious in the negotiations for their son's life, and they resumed the raising of their children.

While Enarion strangely matured overnight as he turned two years old, Jaina aged normally and lived a rather normal life, experiencing childhood and adolescence as normally as she could. In her early teens, she began to manifest powers of both Erachi and Harton-Erachi, the ability to manipulate existence as well as to wield amber powers. Jaina began to train with both of her parents to master these abilities, but given how her mother Keryn was running a school full of pseudo-erachi and was always teaching such things, Jaina rapidly developed a desire to focus on her amber abilities, and when she was fourteen, she forged her own amber blade.

She shocked everyone that knew her when she achieved Shikai on her sixteenth birthday, in half the time it took for most talented Harton-Erachi to achieve it. After this, she began taking additional training under Camus Mharen as his apprentice, who also began to teach her about commanding forces and politics. She would continue training under both her mother and Camus, and when she became an adult she began to work full time with the Shanara Order, working as a the third in the chain of command and acting as a liason to the Erachi Academy, where she trained part time. It was under the tutelage of Camus and his protege Alaric Rhazien that she attained Bankai at age twenty.

Personality and TraitsEdit


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