Jai Renner
Vital statistics
Title None
Gender Male
Race Human
Physical Age 24
Alignment Neutral Good
Faction None
Tools Knife, any sniper rifle in arm's reach
Abilities None
Vehicles None
Status Alive


Jai Renner is the third child of Norman and Renner, younger brother of Ashley and Ianto Renner, and older brother of Clara Renner. He was born ten months after Ianto, in the same year. Growing up, he was always the sibling who would analyze a situation before jumping in. Like all his siblings, he trained in self defense growing up, and he specialized with knife combat. He also took up hunting with his father early on, and became an expert marksman at the age of fourteen. He never joined The Saints, instead becoming a freelance mercenary who focused more on intimidation then killing. He moved out and has lived in a house on a mountainside with a pet dog.

He lived their with his dog alone until 2298, when his older sister, Ashley, came to live with him after surviving the bombing of Saints HQ.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Jai is an expert marksman and knife-fighter. He is the smartest of all his siblings, and also the most quiet. Not matching these traits is his height of 6'2, making him the tallest of his siblings as well. On record, he has never had a lasting relationship more then a night, leading some to compare him to the original personality of Caden Ferran. His isolated home makes him difficult to find, and only his family knows where he lives. He goes through rigorous training routines each day to avoid from becoming lazy and weak.


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