Iris Bellamy
Iris Bellamy
Vital statistics
Gender female
Race Human
Physical Age 26
Alignment Neutral Good
Faction Brotherhood of Nod (Formerly), Task Force Sigma
Status Alive

Iris Bellamy was originally a Brotherhood of Nod stock clerk on Nod's Research Facility Alpha-Theta VI, around the time that the future members of Task Force Sigma were being held there. She became disgusted with how the kids were treated, so, during the Raid on Research Facility Alpha-Theta VI, she freed the prisoners, and tried to evacuate them. However, she and the children were intercepted by Nod Security Teams, responding to boarding parties, but were then soon after rescued by one such Anla'Shok Boarding Party.

She, as well as the prisoners, were taken to the boarding party's White Star class Attack Ship and evacuated, just before the facility was destroyed. While she was initially incarcerated because of her (former) alliegence to Nod, she was released, due to her part in the rescue of the prisoners, one of the main reasons for the raid in the first place, and was given asylum in Coalition Space, due to records that survived the battle making it no longer safe for her at home, due to her turning on Nod during the raid.

When Task Force Sigma was started, Iris was brought onboard as a records clerk.


Gentle and kindhearted, many in the Coalition wondered how she ended up in Nod service. This kindness is what led her to betray Nod in the first place, being sick of seeing the children that eventually became Sigma constantly abused and tortured.


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