Zeta Halo
Installation 06
Hologram of Installation 06
Vital statistics
Type Forerunner Halo Installation
Location In orbit around Earth

Installation 06 is a base for hellcat squadron however the Tiberium levels are so high that the humans are forced to remain in the control centers for protection it is much larger then Haven. This fact has made the Scrin demand to use it as a home. However Tiberium Chant believes the area to be a major experiment and views the Scrin as a contaminant to it beyond what the human are at present. The only Tiberium-Free areas on the ring include the Hellcat Squadran Base on it and the Sigma Mountain Range. Later, however, discovering the nature of the Scrin, Tiberium Chant decided, to the Scrin's delight, to 'incorporate the Scrin into the experiment.'

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