Ifrit-class Battleship
Fenrir 1
Vehicle statistics
Starship Function Battleship
Length 1050 m
Width 300 m
Height 500 m
Crew Capacity 1039
Power Systems Large Quantum Mist Core
Engines Massive Vacuum Glossiar Thrusters
Weapons Mist Energy Cannons, Nethicite Main Cannon
Class Status operational

The most powerful mainstream vessel in the Archadian Fleet, the Ifrit-class Battleship is a powerful vessel. With the armor and shields to withstand a Corsair Broadside and the weapons to cripple a Mon Calamari Cruiser, an Ifrit on the battlefield is usually the sign that things are about to get serious.

When the Archadians attacked the planet of Remnant, a few of these fell into Remnant hands, and the design was soon used for the new Remnant Alliance's Deathstalker-class Battleship.

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