Tlr vorox-1-

Qezz, a member of IceBite's Vorox Pack

This pack is a pack of Vorox and Zesk that IceBite claimed leadership over when he defeated their pack leader. They participated in the rescue of Derek Sanders and Adirana Llehctim from the Skrall and later became a Sub-Squad in Hellcat Squadran. They also participated late in the Defense of Rabanastre, after the arrival of the Forerunner Emancipator, hiding in the Esterlands, waiting to ambush Archadian and Shadow Alliance soldiers.

Members of the PackEdit

CRE Vorox-0ccf9ca1 sml

Vorox Pack Member (Post-Consortium War)

CRE Zesk-0ccf9ca2 sml

Zesk Pack Member (Post-Consortium War)

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