Vahki Guards

"To Protect and Serve"

Realizing that he was likely to be hunted by Shadow Alliance Assassins, IceBite decided to take precautionary steps to prevent this. One was to make his own squad of robotic bodyguards, starting with Vahki, but then later including Sentinels, and Bohrok. The leader of the squad is a Vahki reprogrammed with Hybrid UNSC-Hellcat Squadran-Enforcers of Tren Krom AI, codenamed 'Commander 2-O-1'.

Also, IceBite later on programmed his robotic defenders to defend other members of Hellcat Squadran, either of importance to Hellcat Squadran, or of personal importance to IceBite (or to any others who are in the Force's Programming).



A Bordakh Bodybuard in action

The Vahki of the bodyguard force are diverse, containing the 6 Metru Nui Police Variants, as well as the Enforcers of Tren Krom's Soldier Variant. Also included are several Kranua and Kraahu, which serve as heavy and advanced units meant to defend Kaven Base from threats.

The most numerous of the Bodyguard, the Vahki are also the easiest to hide: hidden under Kaven Base is a massive, HS-controlled Vahki Hive, maintained by the Bodyguard Force's Sentinels.

The head of the Force, Commander 2-O-1, is a modified Enforcers of Tren Krom Soldier Vahki, equipped with Plasma-Firing Staffs of Confusion.



List of Protected IndividualsEdit

List of UnitsEdit

The list of units used in IceBite's Bodyguard Force is diverse.


  • I did not copy Jerdak here. I had this idea in the works for some time.

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