Ian Bauer is a notable member of Task Force Boondock. He is the Task Force's main combat medic.

Ian Bauer
Ian in the field.
Vital statistics
Callsign Boondock 7
Gender Male
Race Human
Physical Age 28
Alignment Chaotic Good
Faction Hellcat Squadran - Task Force Boondock
Tools Combat knife, ACR, medical supplies.
Status Alive


Ian and his twin brother lived as street orphans after being abandoned by their mother. Until his twin brother was shot when they were fourteen. Ian tried to get him to the hospital in time, but his brother died of internal bleeding before they made it. After that, he successfully enlisted in medical science, studied medicine and briefly became a combat medic for Hellcat Squadran and was picked out for Task Force Boondock by Sasha and Sean Renner.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Being a combat medic gives Ian a certain outlook on life. He will do whatever it takes to save a life as well as end one. He often feels guilty about failing to save people if he should do so. He also doesn't believe in murdering criminals as a vigilante.


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