IRV Omnia Causa Fiunt
The Omnia Causa Fiunt (pointed to the right)
Vehicle statistics
Owner Daniel Mitchell
Starship Class (if Applicable) Omnia Causa Fiunt-class Arkship
Starship Type Flagship
Faction Phoenix Imperium
Power/Weapon Systems
Special modifications Various
  • Onboard Manufacturing Facility
  • Onboard Cloning Center
  • Stasis Chambers
Status Operational

The IRV Omnia Causa Fiunt is a massive vessel resembling a massively-oversized Gloriana-class Battleship made by the Phoenix Imperium and Daniel Mitchell in particular as the flagship of the Phoenix Imperium. It can also serve, should the need arise, as a mobile factional headquarters, should Orbis Terrae ever be destroyed or conquered. While it does possess many industrial and manufacturing facilities, the Omnia Causa Fiunt retains much of its firepower, as well as a primary weapon that is essentially a planet-cracker beam weapon with a 45° firing arc, in front of whichever way the ship is pointing, with variable power settings, allowing the beam to be set anywhere from planet-cracking to rapid-fire anti-fighter.

Daniel Mitchell named the vessel the Omnia Causa Fiunt, which translates into 'Everything Happens for a Reason' in Latin, after his situation, basically seeing his displacement into this universe happening so he could try to fix what was going wrong with it. Later, schematics of the vessel were saved, in case more of the vessel should need to be made in the future.

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