IRV Forward Unto Dawn
Dictator Class Cruiser
A sketch of the Forward Unto Dawn
Vehicle statistics
Owner Anima Mitchell
Starship Class (if Applicable) Liberator-class Star Dreadnought
Starship Type Mobile Base
Faction Phoenix Imperium
Power/Weapon Systems
Special modifications
Status Active

The IRV Forward Unto Dawn is a Liberator-class Star Dreadnought deployed by the Phoenix Imperium as Anima Mitchell's personal residence in the Milky Way Galaxy, due to the class's set-up as a mobile command headquarters for ground campaigns.

The Forward Unto Dawn is crewed by members of the Adeptus Mechanicus, Craftworld Terrus, and the Tau Enclave. Furthermore, forces from the Phoenix Astra Militarum, Phoenix Shield's Ordo Imperialis, and the Protoss Confederacy, in addition to the Grey Knights Legion's Astral Crusaders 5th Brotherhood, are stationed aboard the Forward Unto Dawn.

Known Crew MembersEdit

  • Princess Anima Mitchell (Owner/Commander)
  • Grand Master Araquiel - Astral Crusaders 5th Brotherhood Grand Master
  • Techmarine Kalaziel - Astral Crusaders 5th Brotherhood Techmarine
  • Magos Zephus - Leader of the Adeptus Mechanicus Tech-Priests aboard the Forward Unto Dawn
  • Farseer Alidona - Leader of the Craftworld Terrus Eldar aboard the Forward Unto Dawn
  • Commander Black Warrior - Leader of the Tau Enclave Crew aboard the Forward Unto Dawn
  • Colonel Severus Valens - Leader of the Astra Militarum Regiment stationed aboard the Forward Unto Dawn
  • Inquisitor Lord Glendora Kyner - Leader of the Ordo Imperialis Inquisitors stationed aboard the Forward Unto Dawn
  • Inquisitor Treowe Edwin - Ordo Imperialis Inquisitor
  • Executor Ralajan - Leader of the Protoss Confederacy Templar stationed aboard the Forward Unto Dawn
  • Ethereal Nerul - Leader of the Ethereal Hegemony forces stationed aboard the Forward Unto Dawn

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