Hresvelgr-class Battleship
the HCS Hresvelgr using its Temporal Fragmentation Cannons
Vehicle statistics
Starship Function Living Hybrid Battleship
Crew Capacity 564 (0, when sentient)
Power Systems Quantum Power Core
Engines Prototype FTL Drive, Quantum Fusion Drive
Weapons Temporal Fragmentation Cannons, 8472 Bio Beams
Class Status active

The Hresvelgr-class Battleship was invented by Tory during the Consortium War as part of Project Rift Stormer, alongside the Challenger-class Super Dreadnought. Both ships proved effective against the Zann Consortium. IceBite even used one of these ships as his flagship when both the HCS Salvation's Light and HCS Forerunner Emancipator were in for repairs during the Consortium War. The Hresvelgr also uses Species 8472 Organic Technology so it can repair itself, even in the event of Temporal Weapons damage, and able to operate independently if the crew is killed or otherwise incapacitated. By sometime after the Consortium War, many Hresvelgr Battleships, through their organic technology minds, developed sentience.


Hresvelgrs escorting an evac transport during the Consortium War.

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