"Remember how I usually take over robotic enemies: Growvole's Droids, Megatron's Decepticon Protoforms, the Scrapmetals, all of them? And remember how I usually try to preserve some of them? Ever wonder why the disappear? Ever wonder why we never see them destroyed, yet they're never seen again? Ever wonder why? Why they're gone? I have a confession: I never got rid of them." - Holly, before technomancing a portal and summoning the remains of her Technos Army

The Technos Army is the name given by Holly to an army of Battle Droids, Protoforms, Scrap Metals, and other Robotic Soldiers she's reprogrammed through Technomancy over the years. She vowed to herself to only ever summon the army when Hellcat Squadran's need was dire.

They're being stored in a 'Pocket Universe', being prepared and re-armed for when they're needed.



It is unknown when Holly began building her army, but it is believed to go as far back as 2013, back during her Rampant AI days, when she took over a force of Growvole's Droids. These mysteriously disappeared after the battle, and an unexplained Artificial Rift Storm left the Coalition believing the Scrin were experimenting with Rift Storm Tech (which was true, but only minorly related).

Gathering Her ForcesEdit

The Great RevealEdit

As of yet, undecided.

Army UnitsEdit

B1 Battle DroidsEdit

B2 Super Battle DroidsEdit


Decepticon ProtoformsEdit


Dark TroopersEdit


Army Hive LeaderEdit

Army Hive Leader

The Army Hive Leader, after many years of modifications

The Army Hive leader is a massive construct, the result of Holly's over-equipping of a Scrap Metal over the years. About as tall as a Transformer, and many times as well-armed as Ironhide, the Army Hive Leader is the only trooper with its own mind. It only takes orders from Holly, and no one else, and transmits these orders to the other members of the army. Its loyalty to Holly is absolute, and unwavering, meaning to attempt to sway it from following her is pointless and futile.

Somehow, it's also shielded from having its programming Technomanced, meaning it is utterly impossible to turn against Holly.

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