Over the years, Holly has created many different kinds of drones. While her first 8 designs were relatively minor and little is known about them, her first field model, the LR-DC9 Fighter Drone was heralded as a dangerous drone type, a perfect balance of cost and threat level.

Since then, Holly has worked on several different combat and security drone types.

LR-DC9 Fighter DroneEdit

LR-DC10 Security DroneEdit

The LR-DC10 Security Drone is Holly's primary security device. It's equipped with a light shield system, various structural enhancements, and a rapid-fire Particle Pulse Cannon. While more durable than the LR-DC11, in terms of the chassis's durability, it has less shield power, and a weaker cannon (although its rate of fire is dramatically higher than that of the LR-DC11).

LR-DC11 Multi-Functional Combat Drone 'Seeker'Edit

Similar in design to the LR-DC10, the LR-DC11, known colloquially as the 'Seeker', due to its second role as a scout, is a transforming drone with modes meant for security and scouting. While the security mode is less durable than the LR-DC10, it makes up for it with a better shield system and higher-powered cannon (while the LR-DC10's insides are more geared towards increasing the durability of the chassis of the drone itself, and its cannon is geared towards rate of fire).

Its Scout Mode is mostly designed for short-range reconnaissance and patrolling, not geared towards actual combat or long-range scouting.

LR-DC12 Sonics Warfare DroneEdit

Drones equipped with experimental anti-armor/anti-structure Resonance Blasters, the LR-DC12 was mostly a testbed above all things. Proving to be a promising design, Holly began producing copies of the original test model. While the weapon itself is still considered experimental, Holly's grown confident that it'll pass future testing, and has already deployed the Resonance Blaster on 20 such Drones, which are used as part of the Stormblade's security compliment, the original prototype serving as a bodyguard and the ship's Communications Officer.

LR-DC13 Fighter DroneEdit

Created in order to properly defend the Stormblade, the LR-DC13 Fighter Drone is equipped with the same type of weapons as the Seeker Drones' Security Mode. The main difference, however, is that, like the LR-DC10s, they don't transform, therefore more equipment can be fit in the LR-DC13's chassis.

Despite what many would believe, the LR-DC13 was not actually designed by Holly (although Holly's expertise was utilized in their creation): they were actually created by Dirge and Perceptor (although Holly, who oversaw the drone's creation, commented that Perceptor did a lot of the actual designing of the drone's systems).

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