The Hellcat Squadran series underwent a series of changes before ending up with the current storyline. The different stages are as follows (The years refer to the year the generation was written, not the story line time):

NOTE: All no-longer-storyline related ones will be in red lettering, the carry-over-able ones in purple, and the ones written specifically for this generation in blue

Generation 1 (2006-2007)Edit

  • Hellcat Squadran: Halo Adventure - Battle of Installation 06
  • Hellcat Squadran: Rise of the Morgan - NOD Expansion

Generation 2 (2007-2009)Edit

  • Hellcat Squadran: First Contact - HS First Contact with the Borg
  • Hellcat Squadran: May's Beginning - May's First Adventure with Hellcat Squadran
  • Hellcat Squadran: Sub-Sea Situation - May's First Adventure as a member of Hellcat Squadran
  • Hellcat Squadran: Twist of Fate - Tory's First Adventure with Hellcat Squadran
  • Hellcat Squadran: Flash Flood - Rescue Mission: Rescuing Dawn from the Evil Flood (now called Flood Loyalists)
  • Hellcat Squadran: Potential Doom - Tory and Dawn's First encounter with Demons (WIP)

Generation 3 (2009+)Edit

  • Hellcat Squadran: Secrets of IceBite - A Reporter interviews multiple members of Hellcat Squadran to uncover IceBite's hidden past.
  • Hellcat Squadran: Adventures of Squad 'Explorer': The Marked of Kane - Squad 'Explorer's struggles fighting the NOD AI LEGION
  • Hellcat Squadran: Retribution - Coming to the Wikia soon, I hope.
  • Hellcat Squadran: New Hope - Natalia Llehctim adjusts to real life - Coming to the Wikia soon, I hope.
  • Hellcat Squadran: Belly of the Beast - Vaan, Penelo, Kytes, and Filo's first encounter with the Borg - Coming to the Wikia soon, I hope.

Non-IceBite StoriesEdit

These are written stories that were not written by IceBite. These are set as Generation 3 stories.

  • Hellcat Squadran: New Ghost - 117 and Odst grievous's scouting mission leads to chaos as another ectoplasmic is created

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