Note: The screenshot contains a very early model of a non-Hellcat Squadran character.


Ad0-Arena is a freeware PC 3D fighting game in progress. It is currently being developed by Adolif and his content team. It will have many Hellcat Squadran characters, along with ones from other storylines. It will have multiplayer and singleplayer, though the betas may lack singleplayer and network play.

Plans and Gameplay:

The game will start off with game-mode options. Once set, the player (s) will be able to choose characters. Map select is next, and then the gameplay will start.

The game is going to be very violent with optional blood and gore. Unlike most fighting games, characters will have full control on where they move. Hellcat Squadran powers will be included, but will be weakened for gameplay balance. The goal will be to K.O. the other player or ai a certain number of times before the killing occurs. K.O.s will be determined, obviously, by health.

Each character will have limited special moves as well. These moves will be ultra powerful, but should be used wisely and accurately.

Characters from different storylines will be associated with their storyline by the usage of an icon, much like Super Smash Bros.

Every character will have a unique map that 'belongs' to him/her, along with special music.

The multiplayer will support usage of two Xbox 360 controllers for console-like multiplayer.

Characters decided on (so far):










The Artwork:

The game models are being designed by Adolif himself and several other contributors. The textures are going to be taken from many sources, but mostly from Google's image search. The sounds will be taken from free sound effect websites, and the music will be downloaded from youtube (with caution).

The Engine:

The game engine consists of three important components: an executable (.exe), a dynamic link library (.dll), and a series of gameplay scripts (.txt)

The dll is NOT written by Adolif. The dll only contains rendering code: nothing else.

The scripts pretty much contain all the gameplay and non-rendering code for the game. For this reason, the game can be modified in any text editor. Without the scripts, the exe and the dll do nothing.

The exe just executes the scripts, uses the dll, and 'glues' everything together.

The goal is to aim for very D00M3-like graphics by using the following:

-Per-pixel lighting (using bump mapping and parallax mapping)

-Fully dynamic lighting. The game will use no 'sunlight' or lightmaps. Everything will be lit by 'invisible light bulbs' as you might say.


-Stencil Shadowing

The game is still very early in development. However, progress is being made every day.

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