The 1st Air Division contains many of Hellcat Squadran's best Fighter Wings. There are only 10 Fighter wings in 1st. This page shows those fighter wings and the year they were formed.

Fighter WingsEdit

  • 1st Tactical Fighter Wing - Alpha Wing (Fighter wing consisting of IceBite, May, and Tory) (2004)
  • 2nd Tactical Fighter Wing - Beta Wing (Ace Fighter Wing led by Derek Sanders) (2002)
  • 3rd Tactical Fighter Wing - Delta Wing (Fighter Wing led by IceBite and Derek Sanders) (2008)
  • 4th Tactical Fighter Wing - Gamma Wing (Fighter Wing of F-16C Fighting Falcons, led by Draconus Rex)(2008)
  • 5th Tactical Fighter Wing - Epsilon Wing (Fighter Wing of E/A-18Gs, led by an unknown pilot, then by Dawn following 2007) (2005)
  • 6th Tactical Fighter Wing - Eta Wing (Fighter Wing of X-02Gs, led by Tory) (2007)
  • 7th Tactical Fighter Wing - Theta Wing (Wing of Stealth Fighters, led by May) (2006)
  • 8th Tactical Fighter Wing - Zeta Wing (Fighter Wing of ShadowHawk 7s. Led by ODST Grievous) (2008)
  • 9th Tactical Fighter Wing - Sigma Wing (Fighter Wing led by a CFA-44H, led by Jerdak) (2011)
  • 10th Tactical Fighter Wing - Omega Wing (Consists of IceBite, Derek Sanders, ODST Grievous, Jerdak, and Draconus Rex, originally just IceBite and Derek Sanders) (Started 2003, Current strength 2011)

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