Hellcat Squadran: Who Will Save You Now takes place in 2323, and details the return of Giarc Evargrah's Shade, who returns in a bid to pay Anastasia Renner back for his defeat and death 54 years ago. When Giarc manages to blast his way past all obstacles, leaving only Vint Acadal, son of one of Giarc's victims and Anastasia's husband, between Giarc and Anastasia, help comes from a surprising source: Arin Acadal, Vint's younger sister, and a being who holds the key to destroying Giarc, once and for all...

Chapter 1: I will not take from you, and you will not owe...Edit

Chapter 2: I will protect you, from the fire below...Edit

Chapter 3: It's not in my's here at my side...Edit

Chapter 4: Alone with this Vision...Alone with this sound...Edit

Chapter 5: Tell the World...I'm Alive...Edit

Chapter 6: Who will save you now...who will save you now...tell the world I'll survive...Edit

Chapter 7: Alone with this Vision...Alone and Blind...Go tell the world...that I'm still Alive...Edit

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