Sen Urec awoke to a rather strange, but highly welcome, surprise. When he awoke, he found himself with a body again. Before, he had merely been a decapitated head inside of a tank. He got up, welcoming the senses of sight and smell back. He then saw who was standing in the room. It was Sennes Cerurec, a fusion of DNA of himself and his evil clone, Nes Ceru. The only thing that differed between them in appearance was Sennes' jet black eyes. Fully black, no irises or whites. "I assume you need something from me?" Sen asked him.

"Yes. The Ones have called for a tournament. Light against dark. In this instance, I stand with light. I need as many people to join me as I can." Sennes said. Sen paused, knowing that if The Ones, the embodiments of the force itself, were to call a tournament between the mortals, it must have been for a reason. Sen nodded. "I'm in." He told his counterpart. "Good. We leave this evening." Sennes said and strode from the room. Sen called his apprentice, Dinaya Orslade, up to his room and informed her of their new mission. She nodded, hardly seeming surprised Sen had a body again, and left to prepare.

Sennes then went to the home of the Ferran Clan. He knocked on the door and waited patiently. The person he was looking for answered the door. "Hello Aurora." He said calmly. "Uh, excuse me, but, who are you?" She asked. "You may have heard of me. May not. I'm Sennes Cerurec." He introduced himself. "I recognize the name. You're a drifter." Aurora said. "Some may say that. In this instance, I've drifted here. And I need your help." He told her. "And why would you need me? We've never met, and I'm sure you know someone better suited then me." She said.

"I'm taking everyone I can." He said and filled in the details of the tournament. "This is...interesting." She eventually said. Alright. I'll go with you. For now. If you try anything, I'll be gone." She said. "I understand. Thank you. We'll be meeting at the main landing pad at seven tonight." He told her. "Ok, I'll remember to be there." She said. He bowed respectfully and left. "A real card, that one." She said to herself and went to prepare herself.

Sennes next visited the home of Loran Bendak, the Jedi Order representative. It didn't take him long to convince him to come. Loran merely said he was always looking for challenges to overcome and agreed. The last person was a little harder to find, but he found them eventually. "Agonon, I require your help." Sennes said to the former Sith Lord. "With?" Agonon said. After Sennes explained everything, Agonon agreed, as he believed it would help keep the lives of those he wished to protect from harm.

Later that day, Aurora arrived at the landing pad, where she saw the assorted team. "Nice team you have here. You sure they can handle this?" She asked Sennes.

"We won't be alone, but yes. I believe they can." Sennes replied. They overheard Loran mutter "I think you grabbed the wrong Ferran..."

"Excuse me?" She said, surprising Loran. "No, Loran. If her brother were here, I still would have taken her first." Sennes said. "Well, he's not here. And I'd like it if no one brought him up in a negative way again, got it?" Aurora told them. They transport arrived as Sen said "Oh, we're going to have our hands full..."

"Hopefully not." Aurora said to him as the door opened. A young woman Sen recognized as Sola Kerana jumped out and surveyed them. "What a motley crew we have." She said. "Holy shit." Sen said. "Sorry I've been away. Managed to escape but crash landed on Ilum. Was there until Sennes found me last month. Been training under him ever since." Sola said. "As will all of you, when the tournament is not under way." Sennes said.

"And what do you have to offer that we have not already learned?" Aurora asked him. "Aurora, this is the guy who made Kcaz Nosdrugis look like a doll. I think we can all benefit from him." Sen said. "Yes of course." Aurora said, remembering. "If we have everyone here, I suggest we start getting under way." She said. "I like this one. Let's go." Sola said. They boarded the ship and Sola took off.

A few hours into the flight, Aurora asked Sen "So, when did you get the new body?" He looked up at her. "Sennes made it out of force energy." He replied. "Really? That's interesting. How are you liking it?" She asked. "Its weird, but good to have it back. My wife will be thrilled, assuming I make it back." Sen said. "When you make it back. We aren't leaving people behind. At least, I'm not." Sen smiled at that. "You remind me of your parents." He told her. "From what I've heard, that's a good thing." She said. He nodded. "It is. Tell me, what was your training like?" He asked.

"Personally, I think it was easy. But that was fixed when I started training with Grandpa, Uncle Andre, and Caden. They don't let up." She said. Sen chuckled. "That they don't. Did you know I helped train your grandfather?" He asked. "No, I didn't. Was he as easy to defeat as he is now?" She joked. He chuckled again. "Easier. I wonder what would happen if we pitted your grandfather and uncle against Dinaya and Sola." He mused. "They'd kill us." Sola called from the pilot's seat. "Only if they wanted to." Aurora said.

"So, is it true you fight with a double bladed saber and a singled bladed together?" Sen asked Aurora. "Yeah, it is. It was hard to learn, but its very effective. Really messes with people." She said. Sennes, who was meditating on the floor, said simply "Good."

"Yeah, good. Any idea what we'll be fighting?" Aurora asked Sennes. "Whatever warriors from across the galaxy come to fight for the dark side." Sennes said. "That sums it up a little." She said sarcastically. "Specifically, I do not know." Sennes added. "We're arriving in five, you might want to strap in." Sola called from the cockpit. "Thanks for the heads up." Aurora said and strapped in. Five minutes later, they arrived and were greeted by a group of monk like people, who formed a path into one of two buildings. "This isn't exactly what I was expecting from a deadly tournament." Aurora muttered. "They're leading us to our quarters with the other light representatives." Sennes told her.

They entered the building and found about fifty other people in groups sitting and talking to one another on the floor of the building. There were no chairs or beds. anywhere to be seen. "Cosy." Dinaya said. "Reminds me of a luxury hotel." Aurora said sarcastically. "This may actually be helpful." Loran said. "How? We all have bad backs by the time this starts?" Aurora asked. "No, we can get to know our allies, and potential adversaries. That, and their prowess might might dictate our odds." Loran answered. "True. Well, this will be fun." Aurora said. "Anyone hungry, I brought food." Dinaya offered. "Yeah, sure." Aurora said and Dinaya distributed food to every member of their group.

A few minutes later, Sennes rose. "Try to get a good sleep. Use cloaks as pillows. Don't want a bad neck tomorrow. Or use each other, if you want." Sennes said and went for a walk. "He's a nice person, huh?" Aurora said, slightly sarcastic. "You'll get used to it. He means well." Sola said, stuffed her cloak under her head and shut her eyes. Aurora sighed. "Well, good night everyone." She said. Loran, Dinaya and Sen all said good night. Agonon walked off after Sennes. Agonon found Sennes meditating outside. "Are you sure about this?" Agonon asked. "Yes. They are what we need. I need you to keep them safe. Keep any competitors from killing them outside of the tournament." Sennes said. Agonon nodded, understanding, and went back to the group.

The next day, the contestants of the tournament gathered in a large courtyard between three identical buildings. An elderly man sat upon a large throne, surrounded by monks. Sennes told the group he was the father, the one who held balance between the son and daughter, who embodied the light and dark side of the force. The father rose and explained the rules. "There will be no weaponry that enhances abilities, killing is not required, though is not forbidden, and the winning side will be rewarded greatly." He sat down.

"If the key is balance, why is there a winner?" Sen asked Sennes. "It doesn't matter who wins. These are some of the most powerful force wielders in the universe, and many of them will die, lessening the chances of conflict. If the Sith win, however, then they will likely take advantage of victory and invade." Sennes explained. The father spoke again. "The first match, Darth Alghul and Serra Jin. The group jolted at the name Alghul. They watched as he tore apart the female jedi without even drawing a weapon. Alghul punched her in the throat, crushing it. "Oh man. This doesn't look good." Aurora said as the rest of the group, aside from Sennes, winced.

Alghul tore through three more Jedi before being sent back to the group. The father then called Loran and a sith fighter down to the stage. Both drew a pair of lightsabers each and the Sith attacked. Loran waited for the right moment, then quickly and precisely stabbed through the Sith. Another sith fell in similar fashion before Loran changed tactics and attacked the third, attacking with one and them the other, decapitating the warrior. "Heh, the kid's good." Aurora said. "She likes what she sees." Dinaya joked. "Shut up." Aurora said. The rest of the day was fraught with battle, and at the end of it all, only fifteen lightsiders, including their group, lived, while sith stood strong at twenty five.

The Father gave them a week to recuperate. That night was spent mildly training and unwinding from the day. In many peoples' cases, mourning their fallen. Sen took Aurora and Dinaya to practice while Sola trained alongside Agonon. Sennes took Loran outside and made the young jedi meditate for several hours. Then, Sennes rose. "How many times have you lost a fight?" Sennes asked him. "Three times, all of which to masters." Loran asked, also rising. Suddenly, Sennes attacked, drawing both sabers faster then almost anyone he'd ever seen. Loran got his blades up in time, but only just.

"That is what we face here. Masters of the dark side. You cannot hope to blindly win against them, Loran." Sennes said and struck again. "Challenges can be issued in between official dates. If you lose to a sith, unless they are merciful, you will die." Sennes said and Loran barely ducked under a strike. However, Sennes struck again, much master, and the blade connected with Loran's leg, sending shocks throughout his body. "None of the Sith will have their sabers on stun." Sennes said and walked away.

The next day was a bad one for their side of the tournament. A dark side fighter entered and challenged, and easily killed, three Jedi. He then proceeded to challenge Loran, who, by tournament rules, was bound to accept. The warrior breathed a long breath, and those who were watching saw a green smoke leave his mouth, and take in what appeared to be the force ghosts of the fallen Jedi. "That's a weird power. I hope he's not my next fight." Aurora murmured, getting a nod of agreement from Dinaya.

The warrior didn't even draw a saber, solely using ghost and force enhanced punches and kicks. It worked to brutal effectiveness, as Loran was defeated in minutes. Loran bowed his head, ready for whatever fate approached, and the warrior walked away. "What is this guy? One minute he's merciless, the next he spares the kid? What's up?" Aurora asked, and Sennes appeared behind her. "He wanted to put Loran's self-esteem down. Make him feel weak." He answered. "I'd think killing him would be worth it more, even if it messes with him." Aurora said. "I disagree. We shall see in time however."

"We shall." Aurora said. "Prepare yourself, Aurora. When the tournament resumes, the father wants you on the field. Join me tonight and I will help ready you." Sennes said. "Whatever you say." She replied. "When you see who you will be fighting, you will be thankful for my help." Sennes added. "I'll see you there then." Aurora said. Sennes nodded and left. The appearance of this warrior was a bad sign. He had defeated a strong fighter, and Sennes knew that it was measured in each person's wins and losses. Most wins and fewest losses would be considered for fighting to control the fate of the tournament. Their group was strong, but Sennes knew it would be difficult from then on out.


That night, Aurora found Sennes in the courtyard, meditating. "Well, here I am. What was it you wanted to show me?" She asked him. "Are you familiar with Darth Nymeria?" Sennes asked her. "Yeah, a bit." Aurora said. "She is your opponent tomorrow." Sennes told Aurora. "Really? Well, I should be in for a fight." Aurora said. "Indeed." Sennes said and pulled out two lightsabers with dagger sized blades. "I think I see where this is going." Aurora said and drew her own blades, twirling one around in one hand.

"I will show you how she fights. It will not be an easy battle." Sennes warned. "I wouldn't expect anything less." Aurora said. Sennes jumped forward and sidestepped two strikes and had an arm wrapped around her neck, holding the dagger close to her face. "She needs to get close. Keep her at a distance." Sennes said. "Arm's reach or more?" She asked. "More. At an arm's length she can slip in." Sennes said, let her go and backed away. "Alright." Aurora said and they resumed training.

"targeting high isn't as effective against her. It lets her slip close." Sennes said to her. "So focus on the waist. It forces her to do more then simply duck away." Aurora said. "Exactly. Legs lets her jump over and put you off balance." He advised. "So strike when she can't use her agility to her own advantage, and you'll be in good shape." Aurora said. "Yes, but always be ready for something to come up. No doubt she is doing this exact same thing right now." Sennes said. "Of course. I don't think she's stupid." Aurora said. "Good." Sennes said as he deactivated his lightsabers. "Meditate for a while before turning in. Good night." He bowed to her and walked away.

"Same to you." She said as he left. As she mediated, she had a vision. She saw flashes of a massive throng of people, each wielding a lightsaber. She saw a lone, young woman, standing before them, confronting them. They attacked her, and she cut into the crowd with her own yellow blade. As the carnage ensued, Aurora saw herself and Caden behind the young woman just as the vision ended. Her eyes shot open and she began breathing heavily. "Oh, Caden..." She said, thinking about her missing brother. She thought back on the vision. "Who was that woman?" She muttered to herself.

"Are you alright?" A voice said. She turned and saw Loran, out for a walk. "Yeah, yeah. Just a weird thought." She said. "Been having plenty of those myself. Why are you out this late?" He asked. "A bit of training and meditation. My fight is tomorrow." she said. "Do you know who?" He asked, curious. "Nymeria." She answered. "Ah. You're in for a challenge. At least you aren't against someone like Alghul or soul-sucker." He said. "Yeah, could obviously be worse." She replied. "Well, good luck. I'm headed off to sleep. Good night." He said. "Night." She said back and he went back into the building. Thinking on tomorrow, she shook her head. "Please at least let me survive the first round." She muttered to herself before heading in to sleep.

The next day, the remaining competitors assembled as Aurora and Nymeria took to the fighting stage. Nymeria drew her daggers and fell into a deep battle stance. Aurora drew both her sabers and twirled the dual ended one a few times before falling into her own stance. Nymeria dove forward immediately as the father allowed them to begin. Aurora sidestepped and swung with the double bladed saber at Nymeria's waist. Nymeria rolled under the blade and slashed at Aurora's legs, but Aurora jumped over the attack and swung downward with her single ended blade.

Nymeria avoided the attack and began a hasty retreat as Aurora began to keep her at bay with her interesting lightsaber combination. Nymeria was eventually able to slip around and trip Aurora. Aurora rolled to her feet and Nymeria threw one dagger at her, which was deflected and pinned to the ground by Aurora stabbing downward with her double ended saber into the ground. Thinking fast, she took a risk by deactivating the other end. Nymeria rushed forward, and as she swung her remaining weapon at Aurora's head, Aurora ducked and activated the other end, cutting off Nymeria's arm just below the elbow as the swing passed right into the blade.

The father rose. "Well fought. You now have an opportunity. You may spare her, or kill her." He said, and the arena fell silent. "I'll let her live. I don't see a need to end her life." Aurora said. Two sith warriors helped Nymeria to her feet, then she pushed them away, retrieved her weapons, picked up her disembodied arm and walked back to the sith building. She returned to the group, and everyone congratulated her, but Sennes appeared to be worried. "You alright?" She asked him. "Yes, you fought well, but...Nymeria seemed almost uncaring. As though it didn't matter." Sennes said, worried.

"Still, its a victory. Her ability to fight has been greatly hindered with the loss of her arm." Aurora said. "Yes, yes. Do not trouble yourself with my worries. Go, enjoy your success. I will ready Agonon for tomorrow. He will fight Alghul." Sennes said gravely. "Good luck, Agonon." Aurora said to the sith, who nodded his thanks.

That night, Sola moved off to the side and began meditating. When she started sweating and breathing heavily, she snapped awake and fell over. Aurora walked over, seeing this. "Sola, you alright?" She asked. "" Sola said, shaking her head. "About?" Aurora asked, recalling her own from the previous night. "I saw me fighting behind a younger woman then us...yellow saber, slaughtering an entire horde. You were there, as was some other guy I didn't recognize..." Sola replied. "I had the same vision, except I didn't see you there." Aurora said.

"Really? When?" Sola asked. "Last night. It kept me up for a while." Aurora answered. "Yeah...don't blame you. By the way, found out there will be two fights tomorrow."

"Who?" Aurora asked. "Sen and Soul-sucker." Sola answered. "Oh, what about the other?" Aurora asked. "Agonon and Alghul." The other jedi answered. "Oh yeah. They're gonna have their hands full." Aurora said, remembering. "Yeah, tomorrow will not end well." Sola said, shaking her head. "Hopefully it will end better than we think..." Aurora said. Sola nodded. "Yeah. I'm gonna try to get some sleep. See you tomorrow." Sola said and lay down. "See you tomorrow." Aurora said and went to her own spot.

Made to SufferEdit

The next day began as badly as they feared. Every jedi who wasn't in their group was killed, and Agonon lost after a long, brutal fight with Alghul. As Loran and Dinaya dragged the broken, bleeding, but alive Agonon from the stage, Aurora muttered; "God Damn, hard fight." After they were cleared, Sen and the warrior who could suck souls from your body, or Soul-Sucker, as the group had taken to calling him, took to the stage.

Sen drew his saber and entered a stance. The other one waited until they had permission to begin, and the two warriors lunged at one another. Immediately, Sen's right arm was broken by the weaponless fighter. He swapped to his left and was able to put the other one on retreat using something that looked like an unpracticed version of Vaapad. This was a bad decision, however, as they all knew it was not Sen's dominant fighting form.

This proved to be to the warrior's advantage, and he was able to begin to avoid the attacks. He was able to disarm Sen and break his other arm. He then brok both of Sen's legs and put the saber through his chest, then sucking Sen's force spirit right from his body and into him. "Oh man. Just like that, and he's gone." AUrora said, shocked. Suddenly, a force push made Soul-Sucker stumble, and Dinaya walked forward, drawing her saber pike. They all remembered the rules. You couldn't say no when challenged.

"Shit. That is a really bad idea!" Aurora said as Loran ran his hands through his hair, stressed. "Fuck me!" Sola exclaimed. "Get her out of there!" Aurora exclaimed. Suddenly, a mysterious, black cloaked, pale with red blood painted on his face appeared next to Aurora. "You can't. Once there is a challenge, there is no backing down." He said in a velvet voice that almost seemed seductive. "Damn. She's in for it. Wait, who are you?" Aurora asked.

Sennes appeared. "This is the son. He is the physical embodiment of the dark side." He answered as the fight began behind them. "Oh damn." Aurora said, startled by the revelation. "Indeed, Aurora. A shame, you're on this side. I wouldn't mind someone like yourself fighting for me." The son said. "Yeah, a shame. Where's the rest of the family?"

"My father is over there, my mother imprisoned, and my sister wandering around. I'm certain they wouldn't mind grandchildren, should you wish." The son said. "I'll keep that in mind." She answered coldly. Sennes whispered something to The Son and both vanished. "Well that was weird." She said and "What's going on?" She asked, whirling around. She saw Dinaya tear Soul-Sucker's head in two, the souls trapped in his body exploding into the sky.

"Holy shit!!!" Was Aurora's only response. Dinaya through the body away and limp off the stage. Aurora ran over. "God damn Dina. That was" Aurora said. Dinaya looked up at her, tears forming in her eyes. "Hey, hey. Its ok. He went out like I'm sure he would have wanted to." Aurora said, gripping Dinaya's shoulder. The father's voice boomed out. "Tomorrow's fights shall be Aurora Ferran vs Darth Alghul, Sola Kerana vs Nazzak, and Dinaya Orslade vs Darth Nuada."

"Wait, what?! Oh, dammit." Aurora said. Sola ran over. "Come on, we need to get her leg treated." She said. Aurora looked down and saw that Dinaya's leg had been badly gashed in the fight. "Shit, didn't see that. Let's get her back then." They took her into the building and Aurora healed her leg. Sola began quietly talking to Dinaya, and Sennes waved Aurora over. "More teaching from the almighty?" She asked, annoyed. "No, we need to talk about tomorrow." Sennes said.

"Go ahead." She replied. "She may not be able to fight tomorrow, given her emotional state, especially if it worsens. If so, either you or Sola may have to take her place." Sennes said. "So you want me and her to decide which of us takes her place if she can't?" Aurora asked. "Yes, just as a precaution. I would myself, but, sadly, I am forbidden." Sennes said regretfully. "Why so?" Aurora asked. "The father spoke to me and the other side's leader. We are forbidden from fighting in this tournament, as we head the sides." He answered.

"That's bad. Our best fighter is gone then." She said, saddened by the news. "No, I haven't." She replied. He nodded slowly. "He is the most powerful sith lord since Exar Kun. He led the assault on the coalition that was seconded by his apprentice, Nuada, and Nes Ceru, who I hope you have heard of." He explained. "Well, for a time, he was apprenticed to Valerius. Valerius was eventually defeated by Anthony Richter." He told Aurora. "So what do we do if, somehow, he ends up fighting?" She asked. "He won't. He's their me." Sennes said.

"I've come to learn that most rules can be bent. I wouldn't be surprised if we see him eventually." Aurora said. "True. You should check on Dinaya. I'm taking Loran to remove some of their weaker fighters. He should be able to defeat them, at least." Sennes said. "Alright, good luck."

"On you as well." He said, bowed, and walked away. Aurora turned and saw Sola move away from Dinaya and wave her over. "So how she look?" Aurora asked. "She's not gonna be able to fight tomorrow, I can tell." Sola said. "Well, that means one of us has to double up." Aurora said. "I'll take it." Sola immediately said. "You sure?" Aurora checked. "Yeah, you're against Alghul, you can't afford to." Sola said. "Fine, if you say so..." Aurora said hesitantly. Sola looked at Dinaya, who was dead asleep, before answering "Yeah, we should get some sleep." She said. "Yeah, probably." Aurora said and both went to bed.

Freak on A LeashEdit

Aurora jumped into the air, spun around and kicked Alghul in the mask, smashing multiple of his respirator tubes. As two sith dragged Alghul away. Aurora started panting. "God...freakin...damn. That is way intense." She said, exhausted after the long duel. Sola jumped onto the stage. "Nice one. No wonder you're a Ferran." She said, smiling. "Thank you. I hope I never fight him again." Aurora said, shaking her head. "One can hope. Loran's got four tubs of water, you look like you need them." Sola said. "Definitely. Good like with your fight..." Aurora said. "Fights." Sola corrected her.

"Yeah, yeah. You have guts going twice, I don't think I'd last." Aurora said. "We'll see." Sola said and Aurora went for her water. Sola was fighting the sith warrior known as Nazzak, an insectoid of sorts who fought with six lightsabers at once. "Seriously? That's insane right there." Aurora said. "People said the same when Alghul fought with no weapon." Loran pointed out from behind her. "Yeah, but six weapons? How is anyone supposed to block that?" Aurora asked. "People said the same with Qymaen." Loran said, referring to the four armed cyborg.

"Any other references you have?" She asked sarcastically. "No, the one with Traya was redundant. She only used three." He replied with a shrug. "Interesting." She said, half surprised. "Well, I hope she knows what she's doing down there." Aurora said. "You and me both." Loran said. The fight was surprisingly short, only a minute and a half in length. Relied on a Soresu based fighting style against Nazzak, and had chopped all of his arms off and then his head. "Things never cease to amaze me in this universe." Aurora murmured.

Sola's next fight did not go was well. Nuada used to the force use all the weapons of the fallen at once. Sola received a thousand cuts across her body all light, but agonizing. She passed out, and Nuada chose to spare her life. Nuada force lifted Sola and put her unconscious body down next to Aurora. "Bastard. Someone help me with her." Aurora snarled, but the father intervened. "That will not be happening. Tomorrow, the finals will occur."

"Between?" Aurora asked him. "It is an interesting case. The amount of eligible dark side warriors is two. They have each lost only once." He mused. "And they are?" Aurora asked, annoyed. "The dark side finalists are Darth Nuada and Darth Nymeria." He announced. "Against?" She asked. "Yourself, Aurora Ferran." The father side. Behind her, Loran's eyes widened and Aurora even sensed Sennes tense up. "Me? Really?" Aurora asked. "Yes. You have never lost this tournament." He said.

"Ok. So do I get the pleasure of fighting both?" She said darkly. "Yes. At once." The father replied. "Crap. This won't be pretty." Aurora said. "Prepare yourselves." The father said and vanished. "Oh, dammit." Aurora said. "You ok?" Loran asked her. "Not really. This next fight is going to be the end of me." Aurora said, clearly believing she was going to die. "Aurora, walk with me for a moment." Sennes said from behind her. She sighed. "Alright." When they were alone, he put a hand on her shoulder and she immediately felt most of her fatigue leaving her. "What was that? What did you do?"

"I healed what stress there was on your body, and transferred some of my power to you." Sennes said. "Thanks, I guess." She said. "It well not last forever. Use it wisely tomorrow." He warned. "I will. Anything else?" She asked. "No. I can do no more to prepare you for tomorrow." He said, a hint of sadness in his voice. "Alright then. Thanks again." She said. "If the worst should happen, I will make sure everyone at home knows." He said. "Thank you, then." She said. He bowed and vanished. Hope this stuff works. She thought before going off to a particularly troubled sleep.

The next day, Aurora woke up and rather wished she hadn't. She sat up and groaned. Oh my god. Please, let the force be with me today. She thought. Loran, the only other one awake, saw her and walked over. "You ready?" He asked. "No, not really." She said, shaking her head. "Don't blame you. Just some advice, put most of your attention on Nuada first." He told her. "I'll try if I remember. I'll probably just focus on whichever is closer. Heh, this will be a show..." She said. "You could say that. Nymeria has swapped to Makashi style fighting with her one arm now, just so you know." He advised. "Yeah, yeah. Still doesn't make me feel better." She said. "Just trying to let you know what you're up against. Sola's still out and Dinaya is...I don't know." He said.

"Well, I better get ready. I guess I'll see you there." She said, sighing. "Alright, I'll let you prepare. May the force be with you." He said and left. "I hope it will be." She said to herself. She just sat and thought to herself about the upcoming fight. An hour later, she went and got onto the fighting stage, where Nuada and Nymeria stood, ignoring one another. Just before the fight started she asked herself Why did I decide to come here?

She fell into a defensive stance and activated both weapons. Nymeria drew a lone saber and did the customary Makashi salute while Nuada drew a lightsaber. Both Sith attacked, though Nymeria appeared to be holding back slightly. Aurora blocked a strike from Nuada and whirled around, swinging her double bladed saber in a circle and forcing both Sith back. Nuada jumped forward and attacked again, completely ferocious and unrelenting. Nymeria simply stood and watched. Aurora kept both in her line of sight and countered once or twice.

Eventually, Nymeria stepped forward and attacked, though was reserving her energy with a few lighter strikes. They eventually found themselves in a grapple, Aurora holding both their attacks off. Aurora saw Nymeria glance at Nuada, who then slackened her grip on the saber for a moment. Aurora took advantage of this and spun again, blocking Nymeria's next attack with her doubled bladed weapon before stabbing with the single bladed at Nuada. Nymeria jumped back, giving Aurora time to look at Nuada. Her saber had stabbed into Nuada's open mouth and out the back of her skull.

Nymeria allowed her a moment, and Aurora pulled the saber out and watched Nuada's body fall. Shit, I actually got her. She thought to herself before turning back to Nymeria. The Sith saluted again. Aurora went onto the offensive this time. Nymeria, even with a single arm, was able to deflect each attack. This went on for a few moments, Nymeria remaining defensive, until she sidestepped and kicked at Aurora's arm. She then swept Aurora's legs out from under her and kicked the doubled ended saber away. Shit. Was her only thought. Nymeria was then easily able to disarm her other weapon and placed her knees on Aurora's shoulders and held her saber close to Aurora's face. Please be quick. Aurora thought.

Then, to her surprise, Nymeria deactivated her saber. The sith leaned in close, so that their faces were about a half-inch away from each other. "What are you doing?" Aurora hissed. "You spared my life, so I will spare yours." Nymeria said, then, out of nowhere, kissed Aurora on the forehead and got off. "Thank you?" Aurora said, not getting up. "I sleep in that building if you want to thank me." Nymeria replied, indicating the Sith building with her head. "I'll remember that." Aurora said, rolling to her feet. "I hope so." Nymeria replied. Aurora returned to her side as the groups dispersed. Nymeria was speaking to the father as she walked into the building with Loran.

That night, they were the only two awake. Sola was still unconscious while Sennes and Dinaya where away. "I think this might be the only time I'm not mad I lost." She said, shaking her head. "What was she saying to you?" Loran asked her. "She told me she was returning the favor for sparing her." Aurora answered. "Didn't think karma actually worked." He said. "Neither did I." She stated. "You ok? You look paler then Vader." He told her. "Eh. Just...exhausted." She answered.

"Don't blame you." He looked as though he thought of something. "There's a half bottle of bourbon in Sennes' bag, if you want." He said. "Nah, nah. I'll, uh, I'll be fine." She said. "Ok. Might take some later, hopefully he doesn't kill me." He said. "Ha. Don't worry, I got your back." She said. A moment later, Sennes walked in. "Guys, your ship will be arriving in a few days. I won't be going back." He said. "Why not?" Aurora asked. "I will be staying to fight in another tournament, in the hopes I can win against Nymeria, Alghul, Konstantin, and whoever else is left over there." He said, his voice flat.

"You can't be serious? You can't fight them all!" Aurora protested. "I can't ask you to stay, either. Sen died, Sola is comatose and Dinaya is only half sane on the roof." He said. Loran looked up at the ceiling. "Are you sure? Me or Loran could take the others back while the other helps." Aurora said. Just then, the ceiling partially caved in a few meters away. "I'm sane enough to help..." She groaned from the middle of a broken table. "Are you alright?" Aurora asked. "I'm alive. That's good enough." Dinaya replied.

"Well, there's two." Aurora said. Loran looked around. "Where the fuck is Agonon?" He asked. "He left after his defeat." Sennes answered. "Not what I would have expected from him." Aurora said. Sennes looked as though a thought occurred to him. "Aurora, do you still have some of the energy I gave you left over?" He asked. "Yeah. I guess." She answered. "Then do what you can to help me heal Sola." He said. "Alright." She said and they went over to force heal Sola. The were able to fully heal her, but both were drained.

"Well, that was taxing..." Aurora said, completely wiped. Sennes promptly sat down and went to sleep. "You need to sleep now, too." Loran told her. "I know, I know." She said. Dinaya made a snoring sound from the broken table she was lying in. "She should probably be moved to something other than a broken table." She said. Loran promptly walked over, picked her up and placed her with her bags. Aurora lay down next to her things and went to sleep as well.


Aurora saw herself fighting alongside Caden, Loran, Dinaya, Sola, a cloaked woman fighting with a green saber, and the original young woman from before. They carved through the army of lightsaber wielding warriors, the young woman proving to them all she was vastly superior in saber combat, dancing elegantly and brutally through the horde. As they cut down the last of them, a black-cloaked figure blasted them with both red and blue lighting, sending them flying.

Aurora jolted up, sweating and panting heavily. "Oh god, not again..." She muttered. She saw Dinaya turn to her, and they appeared to be the only ones awake. "You ok?" Dinaya asked. "No. Having weird visions again. Starting to get to me a bit." Aurora admitted. "What are they?" Dinaya asked. "Us. With some girl fighting through a horde. Then it ends, with us getting engulfed in lightning." She said. "I'm not one for visions. Your dad or uncle know anything about them?" Dinaya asked her.

"I don't know. I'll have to ask them when we get back." Aurora answered. "Yeah. What's the first thing you're gonna do when you get back?" Dinaya asked. "Find a real bed." Came the very serious answer. "Lucky. I'm going to have to tell Holly." Dinaya said sadly. "That's going to be....a very unpleasant experience." Aurora said. "Yeah. After that, who knows? I need someone to take over my training." Dinaya mused thoughtfully. "Don't go to the temple. It sucks there." Aurora advised her. "You think so? How come? Seemed fine when I was there." Dinaya asked.

"Its no fun. Training with Uncle was fun. Training with Caden, that was a great time..." her voice trailed off at the mention of her brother. "Yeah, must have-" Dinaya cut herself off and looked at the door, eyes wide. "What the?" Aurora said. "I...I think I hear singing..." Dinaya said, confused. "How? Who'd be singing out here? At at this time?" Aurora asked, equally confused. "Should we find out?" The younger jedi asked Aurora. "Thought you'd never ask." Aurora said and grabbed her weapons. Dinaya followed suit and they checked through the door.

They saw Nymeria, standing alone in the center of the courtyard. She was wearing a long, elegant, form fitting, jeweled and slightly see-through dress. "You as confused as I am?" Aurora asked. Dinaya didn't answer when Nymeria turned, her singing stopping, to face them. "Oh, uh, hello there." Aurora said. "Hello. Am I not allowed to enjoy music, my lovely?" Nymeria asked her. "No. I mean, yes. I mean, enjoy whatever you want." Aurora said, flustered. Nymeria laughed. "You jedi, while your intentions may be pure, you view us as things. I can assure you, at least some of us are very much people." Nymeria told her.

"Yeah. I mean, of course. You're people, just people with different views." Aurora said. "Yes. We are many different kinds of Sith. Those like me, who embrace the dark side in the hopes of simply being at peace. And those like Alghul, or Dr-no, he is not to be known by you." Nymeria said. "I get what you mean." Aurora said to the Sith Lady. Nymeria appeared beside them, making Dinaya jump. "It makes you wish we did not have to fight each other here, elsewhere, the past, the present, the future. Its all pointless." Nymeria said in an almost saddened voice. "Yeah, its a real shame." Aurora said and moved slightly to the side. "You need not worry about facing me again, Aurora." She said abruptly.

"That isn't the problem. Wait, you do?" Aurora asked. "Yes. As of now, of those who follow me, I am the Dark Lady of the Sith." Nymeria said. "Impressive title." Aurora said simply. "Its actually more boring than sleeping with an ODST." Nymeria said and shook her head. "Harsh. There's got to be some perks." Aurora said. "I'm wearing one of them." Nymeria said jokingly. "Ah." Aurora said. "I must depart. My people will be awakening soon. I hope you win when the tournament begins next week." Nymeria told them. "Thank you. I shall see you later, I suppose." Aurora said. "That you shall." Nymeria said and slowly turned into a dark mist and faded away.

"Well then, D, you ready to head back?"

"How the fuck did you do that?" Dinaya asked her. "Do what?" Aurora asked, confused. "Talk to her. I almost cut her head off twice." the young woman said. "I don't know, I'm good with people?" Aurora suggested. "Seriously, are you two screwing in between fights? That was scary." Dinaya marveled. "What? No! No, never. I guess its just mutual respect, as we both spared each other." Aurora assured her. Just then, the door to their building opened and Sola stumbled out. "Sola? Sola, are you ok?" Aurora immediately asked. "Yeah, up moving, and new team leader." Sola said.

"Seriously? You can barely move and now you're the leader?" Aurora asked. "That's...why. Leader's don't fight." Sola answered. "I can see that." Aurora said. "Lucky me. Who were you talking to?" Sola asked them. "Nymeria." Came the honest answer. "Why?" Sola asked, taken aback. "We heard her out and decided to come look. When we came out, she started to talk to me." Aurora answered, and Sola raised her eyebrows. "That was her reaction as well." Aurora said and pointed at Dinaya. "Anyway, can you help me wake up Loran? And Sennes is stuck to the ceiling clinging to a bottle of bourbon from 1945, so..." Sola said. "Alright, let's go, we have work to do." Aurora said.

Five days later, Aurora sat helping Loran with force healing techniques when Dinaya called for her from the door. "Hey, Aurora, you have a visitor, sure you two haven't been grinding?" Aurora looked over. "What? Oh. I see." Aurora said. "What?" Loran asked. "Its an...acquaintance." Aurora said. "I'll just...practice..." He said. "Ok. I'll be right back." Aurora said and went to see the guest at the door. It was Nymeria, still clothed in the long dress, but the sun on it gave a rather reflective appearance. "Hello. What brings you here?" Aurora asked. "Hello. I have a question. Have you been getting visions lately?" Nymeria asked. "Maybe. Why?"

"Because I had one of you, your brother, your team, and two people I didn't recognize fighting a horde of warriors, and then being blasted with lightning by Sennes." Nymeria said. "Sennes is the one who fired it?" Aurora asked. "So you have." Nymeria said. "I don't suspect you make anything of them?" Aurora asked. "I think the woman leading you is a very important person. Very skilled, as well. Possibly more so than Sennes or Valerius." Nymeria said. "Maybe. I would love to know who that is." Aurora said.

"I have a theory, but it is too wild to be true." Nymeria said. "Alright then."

"Please, tell me if you learn anything more. These have been haunting me since our arrival." Nymeria said. "Same. Sleep is not something restful anymore." Aurora said sadly. "I get that." Nymeria said, genuinely sympathetic. "At least for me its better than lying awake, what with Alghul's pet snake always trying to crawl in with me." She said, exasperated. "Pet snake?" Aurora asked, confused. "Yeah. Not fun when you wake up and find a seven meter poisonous snake curled around you in an almost loving way." Nymeria said. "That's a bad image." Aurora said. "A worse experience. By the way, are you familiar with a Ziva Harper?" Nymeria asked.

"Yes, I know her."

"She's the cloaked woman with the green saber. She discovered she was Force sensitive about one hour ago. She's currently asking your uncle about training." She told Aurora. "How do you know this?" Aurora asked. "Sometimes, my visions never stop. I'm currently seeing Aaron and Bryan Stone cooking crystal meth in Bryan's basement, while Angel Carano is accidentally blowing up Maya Arslan's van." Nymeria said. "Oh really, what else do you see?" Aurora asked. "Loran just lit Sennes' boot on fire." Nymeria answered. "Oh god..." Aurora said and smacked herself in the face. "I also see a disgruntled snake in my bed..." Nymeria said, discouraged.

"Eww. Wait, bed???" Aurora asked. "The victors get beds big enough to fit four." Nymeria answered. "Damn. That must be nice." Aurora said. "Been thinking of cutting it up and giving the slices to people." Nymeria mused. "Really?"

"Yeah. Cut it down enough to fit me and give the pieces to someone who's been sleeping on a wooden floor for a few weeks." Nymeria answered. "So basically, everyone here."

"Well, I can't cut it to fit everyone..." Nymeria said. "Of course." Aurora said. "Well, thank you for your time. You may want to go pull the now drunk Dinaya off of Sola's lap." Nymeria said. "Dammit. Ok, thank you." Aurora said. "No problem." Nymeria said, briefly smiled and fell into her dark mist form again. "She is a very unusual darksider." Aurora muttered.

That night, they found four slices of a bed, enough room for one person on each, in the middle of their building. Sennes did not take one, leaving them to Sola, Loran, Dinaya and Aurora. "Wow. She actually came through." Aurora said. "Whatever you're doing, keep it up." Loran said to her. "Yeah, sure." She laughed, a mix of happy and surprised. When they had all laid down on their new beds, pillows and blankets appeared from nowhere and dropped down from the ceiling. "Uhhh, what just happened?" Aurora asked, picking her's up. She found a note on her pillow.

Sorry I couldn't slip them in with the beds. - N

"Well, then. That answers that." She said and lay down. Everyone else was asleep by then. Why is she being so nice? Aurora thought to herself before nodding off.

The Suicide KingEdit

Nymeria was out walking. It was the day before the tournament, and she simply wished to collect her thoughts. Deep down, she wanted the lightsiders to win. She glanced down at her new mechanical arm and sighed. She sensed that Konstantin Valerius, or Konstantin the Infinite, was behind her. " are a disgrace to the Sith." Konstantin said to her. She turned to face him. "If that is what you wish to believe." She said calmly. "What would you wish me to believe?" He asked her. "I wouldn't. You are free to think as you wish. Do as you wish. Was that not one of the principles that began the Sith Order?"

"Do as I wish? Hmm...for example, kill you where you stand?" He asked. "If you felt like it, you could." She said, unfazed. "You're lucky that I don't." He said, threateningly. "Or perhaps the other way around. When we die, we become more powerful than any in this plane of existence." She said. "That is Jedi nonsense." Konstantin scoffed. "Take it from someone who has died more times than he cares to remember." He added. Nymeria shrugged. "Believe as you will. As far as I know, you are not one of my followers anyway." She said.

"No...I do not follow the weak, nor do I follow those who are not ready to accept the most essential part of existence." He said. "And yet you need me." She told him. "I do? How so?" He asked. "I know of someone who can defeat you. Kill me, and that person will live on." She said. "I know there are those that can defeat me, I do not care if they try." He said with a shrug. "Perhaps. Explain why you believe me a disgrace." She said. "Cuddling with Jedi?" He said, disgusted, but Nymeria merely laughed.

"Am I so funny?" Konstantin asked, confused. "Maybe. Where did you hear that?" She asked, still smiling."I see more than there is to see. I hear more than there is to hear." He said to her. "Cryptic. But it would depend on your definition of cuddling." She told him. "Kissing one on the forehead?" He said as though it were the unholiest of sins. "That was meant as a statement. It shows I can do whatever I want with them, whenever I want. You are a fool to believe that feelings were behind that." She said coldly. "Your feelings are betraying you." He said to her, walking slightly closer.

Nymeria laughed again. "I am not sure where you are pulling these thoughts from, but they are wrong." She said. "Humor does not cover for truth." He said. "Now I see why you were defeated by Richter. You are an idiot." She said, shaking her head. "In your opinion." He said. "This again." She said and shook her head. "I am going to continue my walk. Good luck with your apprentice." She said. "I do not have one...nor will I." He protested. She chuckled. "I see more than there is to see. I hear more than there is to hear." She quoted him.

"Visions are not always true...something you should have been taught." He said, not unlike a strict high-school teacher. "Call it a wager." She told him. "I know I will not take an apprentice. There is no one worthy enough." He insisted. "Not yet. Though Alghul seems to desire to learn from you." She said. "I do not take Nes' broken toys. They are you yourself." He taunted. "And yet you gave me command of this faction for a time." She said. "There is someone I want to measure my capacity." He said. "Sennes?" She asked. "Whom else?" He said.

"I would wish you luck, but I rather hope you lose." She said. "Why doesn't that surprise me?" He said, his voice oozing sarcasm. "A whole multitude of reasons, mostly stemming from the fact you believe I've been fucking Aurora Ferran." She said. "Oh I do not believe anything...or in anything...only the essential rule of existence." He said cryptically. "You believe I am a disgrace" She pointed out. "No, that is an opinion." He said stubbornly. Its like dealing with a youngling. She thought. "Opinions come from beliefs." She said. "In your opinion they do." He said, getting another sigh from her. "I will leave now. Tell your student I said hello."

"I have none." He protested. "Wait ten years, you'll see." She said and vanished into her dark mist form. She is too full of herself. He thought and continued his own walk.

The next day, the lightsiders fared very well in the tournament. They were able to lower the size of the Darksider ranks to only seven remaining sith, all without taking any losses themselves. The biggest surprise was Dinaya. She tore through seven Sith warriors in only a few seconds each. It was almost animal in nature, her fighting. The brutality of it was awe inspiring and dangerously close to dark side fighting. Most of the lightsiders didn't acknowledge this, and were mostly happy she was back. The only ones who were at all concerned were Aurora, whose happiness for Dinaya was hampered only a little by the brutality, and Sennes, who was worried about the young Jedi.

That night, Aurora was watching Sennes train with Dinaya when Sola waved her over. She walked over. "Hey, what's up?" She asked. "Hey. How're you doing?" Sola inquired. "Fine, fine. You?"

"I can move my head without feeling like its gonna fall off, so better." Sola said honestly. "That's always good." Aurora said, smiling. "Anyway, we made a splash today. Dinaya killed seven, Sennes five, Loran three and you two. I have a feeling they're gonna try something tonight." Sola said. "Like what?" Aurora asked. "I dunno, something. Call me paranoid, but could you stay up for watch tonight with Loran?" Sola asked the younger jedi. "I think I can handle that. The hardest thing to handle will be him." Aurora said. "What do you mean?" Sola checked.

"He can switch between arrogant prick and nice guy quickly. I'm hoping the prick doesn't show up." Sola chuckled at that. "Just bag him if it does. That'll take any guy down a notch." She said. "Heh, I'll remember that." Aurora said. "Its a life lesson. If he gives you any trouble, I'll make him train with Sennes whenever the fights aren't on tomorrow." Sola assured her. "That'll suck."

Sola shrugged. "It'll be his fault." She pointed out. "Very, very true." Aurora agreed. "I'm gonna turn in. Let Dinaya and Sennes know they should too." Sola said. "Alright, no problem." Aurora said and Sola lay down on her chunk of the bed. She told Sennes and Dinaya they should go to bed, and Dinaya went to lie down on her chunk while Sennes jumped and lay down in the rafters. "Wow." She said, surprised. She found Loran doing curl ups while hanging upside down, on the far end of the room. "Hey, you up for tonight?" She asked.

"Yep. You?"

"Of course." She answered. "Nice. Good to have someone else awake...been on edge all day." He said. "You too?" She asked. "Guess so. Wouldn't have guessed you were on edge. You looked pretty calm today." He said. "Yeah, I have been mostly. This is just an uneasy place, that's all." She said. "I get that. I've been feeling like someone's been watching me all day. And not in the good way." He said. "Heh, not many good ways." She said. "Oh, there are a few." He said and jumped down. He messed up the dismount and landed on his head. "Hehe, you ok?" She asked and helped him up. "Oh, that was emasculating. Thanks." He said.

"You're welcome. Don't worry, I'll only tell a few people." She said. He grinned. "Just don't tell the almighty over there. He'd make me practice that for a whole day." He said. "Tempting." She said. Loran looked like she was about to reply, but then he stiffened. "What's wrong?" She asked. Then, something hit her over the back of the head and she blacked out.

When she came to, she found herself in a cave. She was tied up and gagged. She looked at the cave entrance and saw Loran, held between two sith warriors and insulting a man in a black cloak. The hell is going on? She thought to herself. "You're such a fucking Judas!" Loran spat at the cloaked man. Who is that? She thought, struggling against her ties. "And what does that make you, Jesus?" The cloaked man asked in an augmented voice. This sounds fun... Aurora reflected as Loran shot a response back. "No, it makes me angry..." He snarled as the cloaked figure shoved him into the cave and brought down the entrance, sealing them inside.

Aurora tried to get his attention and made a gargled noise because of the gag. She then discovered he was unconscious. Aurora looked around and saw a few sharp rocks. She rolled over and was able to cut the ropes. She ripped the gag out and went over to the unconscious Loran. She didn't know how to wake him up, so she decided to make a fire in the hopes that the heat would awaken him. She looked around and found some vegetation and astray sticks in the cave and made a small fire with them. Once the fire was made, she saw that there were supplies left in the cave. Enough food to last a week and even some medical supplies.

"Very nice." She murmured as she sifted through the supplies. She then found a lone pillow and a lone sleeping bag. "Really? This will be fun..." She said, annoyed.

Buried AliveEdit

The next morning, L stirred awake. Aurora, who had been awake for two hours, looked over quickly. " I?" Loran said, confused. "You're in a cave." She said. "" He said, rubbing his head. "Yeah, exactly." She said to him. "No, Sennes was that cloaked fuck." He explained. "What? Why?" She asked him. He simply shrugged. "Well, that blows then." She said, a little too annoyed with the situation for a spirited response.

" ok?" He asked. "Yeah, a little sore, but fine. You?" She checked. "My head feels like Sasha Renner put her icepick through it and I think they cracked a couple ribs, but aside from that, I'm ok." He answered. "Ouch. Well, I don't think there's a whole lot we could do for that here." She said, honestly. Instead of responding, he shifted over to the cave-in. "What the?" He said aloud. "They trapped us in here." She said to him. "I know, its just, the force technique he's using to hold this wall down...its a timed power."

"A what?"

"Its a hard to explain power. The user makes something do something for him or her, and will continue to do so for a certain amount of time. This wall will only be here until the power expires." Loran answered her. "And how long is that?" She checked. "I dunno, did they leave any supplies?" He turned his head as he asked. "Not much..." She replied. "Any idea on how long it should last us?" He said, rubbing his head again. "Not long enough if that power doesn't time out soon."

"Good point. You sure you're ok?" He asked her, worried. "Yeah, yeah. Don't worry about me." She said. "You don't sound ok." He said. "I'm fine. Thank you, though." She said, giving him a small nod. "Ok. I'm going to meditate for a bit. Let me know if you need me." He said to her. "Alright." She said. How'd this end up happening. I'm in the middle of nowhere after volunteering to fight with people I don't know, then am betrayed by the person that was supposedly leading us. She thought to herself.

All she could think about was her family at that point. Uncles, Aunts, her grandparents, her parents, and her brother. She missed them all, and rather hoped she wouldn't die in some cave where they would never find her.

Back at the tournament arena, Dinaya dropped another sith warrior. She had gone into overdrive, being the only fighter left. Sennes, Aurora, and Loran had vanished, leaving the responsibility almost completely on her shoulders. She panted as she looked towards the Sith group, only a few remained. A few warriors, Alghul, and Valerius. She cursed as another warrior walked forward. She killed him in seconds, relying still on her brutal new method of fighting. Since Sen had been killed, this time wholly, she had been struggling with the anger and the hatred towards the Sith. She did what she could to channel any anger she had into her fighting, releasing as much stress as she could at once.

The father announced that the tournament would resume in a week, and she walked off the arena stage and joined Sola in their building. "Good job out there." Sola said. "Thanks, doing all I can..." Dinaya said. Sola recognized that the young Jedi was exhausted, and helped her to her part of a bed and let her sleep. She limped outside and looked around. She sighed. Then she sensed an unfamiliar presence and turned to face it. Konstantin was watching Dinaya through the window.

"Your friend is falling." He said to Sola, not moving his gaze. "Depends on how you define falling." Sola replied calmly. "To the dark side." He answered. "I know. Are you here to claim a new soldier?" She asked. "I am not stupid enough to be a Sith anymore." He said disdainfully. "Alright, then why are you here?" She asked him. "It is very...disrespectful not to accept an invitation." He said. "You were invited?" Sola asked, confused. "I was."

"By who?" She inquired. "The Father." He answered, annoying her. "I meant why are you here, watching her sleep." She said to him. "I would not like to see another Sith War." He said. "Why not?" She asked, surprised. "Why should I?"

"Why should you not? You started one of them." She pointed out. "I just told you I wasn't a Sith any longer." He said, sounding a little frustrated. "Then there isn't any harm in telling me what she has to do with another Sith War." She said. "She will fall to them, if you cannot control her." Konstantin warned. Just as Sola opened her mouth, a new voice sounded. "Even if she did fall, there would be no chance she could defeat me." Sennes said as he walked in. "If you live to see the next day that is." Konstantin said disdainfully. "We do not continue this tournament for another week. To attack me now is to attack the family." Sennes replied as Sola watched nervously.

"I don't care...I have seen what is coming thought the Mirror Beings were have not seen true horror yet."

"Maybe. We'll find out then."

"You mean you will find out." Konstantin said. "I deal with what is happening right now. I will deal with what the future brings when it comes." Sennes said. "Shortsightedness." Konstantin shot at him. "Call it what you want. You still didn't answer her question, why are you watching Dinaya specifically?"

"Why is it your concern?"

"Because I don't want a psychopath like you taking her." Sennes replied. "Why should I?"

"Educated guess." Sennes shot back. "That is not an answer as to why I should take her." Konstantin said. Sennes shrugged. "You're an untrustworthy monster who tried to lead a genocidal campaign against the universe. Good enough reason to be worried." Sennes said. "Not a reason to take her."

"But it is a reason to worry. You can answer or you can leave." Sennes said. "Or I can stay and ignore you."

"And now I see why you lost all those years ago. You're an idiot."

"Do not speak of matters you can not understand."

"A sensitive idiot, at that." Sennes said. "Better than a traitor."

"Are you calling me a traitor?" Sennes asked, confused. "You know what I said."

"I know what you said its just confusing. I have no alignment. I am not foolish enough to be Jedi or Sith." Sennes said. "I didn't say you betrayed an organization."

"Then how am I a traitor?" Sennes asked. "One does not have to betray an organization to be a traitor."

"Then what did I betray?"

"You should know." Konstantin said and Sennes realized just what he was talking about. "Ah. I see." He then grabbed Konstantin's shoulders and the two vanished into thin air.

The CatalystEdit

It was day two of being stuck in the cave, and Aurora was growing upset with how they were still stuck. She was annoyed quite easily at anything small, so Loran decided to give her some space. She appreciated this, but after the sixth hour, she started to get lonely. After a moment, Loran shifted over and said: "You doing alright?"

"Yeah, sucks still being stuck down here, though." She said. "Could be worse." He said. "I guess. At least it can't rain in here." She pointed out. "Not the angle I was leaning at, but sure, it works." He said, half-joking. "Oh, and what angle were you leaning at?" She asked him. "Imagine being stuck in here alone. I'd probably have killed myself by now." He said. "That's true. Usually better to be with people." She agreed. "Yeah, I wish I'd believed that as a kid." He said wistfully.

"Bad childhood?" She asked. "Nah, just regret how it turned out. No friends by choice, didn't think I needed them. All I cared about was improving. Sure, I could hold my own against a few masters by the end of it, that I think on it, it wasn't worth it." He said. "Choosing you friends is always a good way to go." She said cryptically. "I guess. Never really had any until we arrived here." He said.

"And then they trapped us in here..." Aurora said sadly. "Hey, don't worry, we'll be alright." He assured her. "I really hope so. I'm gonna try and get some shut eye." She said. He nodded. "Alright. I'll wake you up if anything happens." He said to her. When she drifted off to sleep, she had another vision.

She and Loran were fighting viciously against the young woman from before. The woman was fighting both of them with a double bladed lightsaber, and was easily overpowering them. Aurora attacked her, and was caught in a grapple, and Loran got involved, and before they knew it, they were both on the ground with sabers at their necks.

Aurora jolted awake. Loran had prodded her. "Huh? oh, what's up?" She said, wiping her eyes. "Couple things. You looked like you were sweating out your body weight, so I was worried." He said. "Just a vision, you know? There were a lot of them back at camp." She said. "What happened?" He inquired. "I saw you, and me. Were were fighting...some woman. She was, sorry to say, pushing out shit in." She replied. "Ouch. Training or real?" He asked. "Don't know. She looked like she was good, though." Aurora said.

"Well, there's always someone better than you, I guess. Anyway, I've got a surprise for you." He said suddenly. "Oh really? And what would that be?" She asked. "Three guesses?" He suggested, half joking and smiling. "A new car?" She said and smirked. "Not quite." He said, still smiling. "A five star hotel we can stay at?" She guessed. "Getting closer." He replied. "Four-Star?" She joked and smiled broadly. Loran laughed and shifted to the side, revealing a hole big enough to fit through in the caved in entrance.

"No way. How'd you get that open?" She asked, amazed. "Slowly, painfully, and I am now a master of kicking things." He said and showed that his right pant leg had blood stains all over it. "Oh god. Let me help you with that." She insisted. "Works for me." He said and sat down. She pulled up his pant leg and began to heal it. "Thanks. You're pretty good at healing." He said, wincing a little. "You're welcome. And thank you for the compliment." She said, smiling up at him. "You're welcome. Come on, let's get you out of this cave." He said, smiling.

Upon Loran's request, Aurora climbed out first, where she found their weapons lying neatly outside next to a small box. The box was labeled "Trojan" and there was a note attached. It read: "Have fun. - S"

"I see they left us a present." She said. "How big of a bomb?" Loran said, sounding defeated. "Hopefully one that won't go off on us." She replied. "One sec-" He was cut off as the hole was covered up again by more rocks. "God dammit..." He said. For some reason, she could hear him clearly. "Loran! You alright?!" She called. "Yeah...just annoyed. Can you stand to the side, I'm gonna try something." She said. "This will be interesting..." She said and moved. The cave wall exploded and Loran walked out of the dust, clutching his forehead.

"Loran, you ok?" She called. "Yeah, yeah." He said distantly. As the dust settled, she could see a large cut on his forehead and more than one on his chest. "Jeez. C'mon, let me fix you up." She said. "Ok..." He said and sat down. "Didn't think that'd work." He mused. "What did you do?" She asked as she worked on his forehead. "Headbutted the wall." He said matter-of-factly. "You are one crazy child." She said, amazed. "You could say that." He said, turning his head. The moonlight allowed the permanent scar on his face to show in grim detail, and it was the first time she'd seen it. "Oh man. That doesn't look fun right there." She said, her hand hovering over it, unsure of what to do.

"Leave that. Memento of my first real saber duel when I was seven." He said. "Seven? That's just wrong. Too dangerous for a kid that age." She said. "So I discovered." He replied as she finished treating his head. "Alright, let's get this thing off for a minute." She said and began to slowly take off his shirt. He didn't say anything, but was clearly thinking about something. "Something on your mind, junior?" She asked him, looking him in the eye. "Maybe. Remind me what present they left us?" He asked. "Besides our weapons, they left that box that I have yet to open." She said. He glanced over. "You have plans for those?" He asked her.

"Not at the second." She replied. Loran winced at one of the cuts on his chest. "Oops, sorry." She said hurriedly. "That's're kind of banged up too, you know." He pointed out. "Its been worse, trust me." She said. "You're quite a lady, Aurora." He said in a complimentary way. "You are quite a gentleman yourself, Mr. Loran." She replied. He noticed a smaller cut on her back. "Want me to get that?" He asked, smiling. "Sure, your skills could use some practice." She joked. "Oh really now?" His hand hovered over the bottom fold of her shirt, stuck in a "waiting for permission" style.

"Hey, its ok. Go ahead." She said light-heartedly and led his hand under her shirt, leading to her injury. He started to slowly heal the cut. "How am I doing?" He asked midway through. "You're doing just fine, kid. You're getting better." She replied. "Good to know." He said and finished healing her. He went to move his hand out, but she stopped him. He gave her a slightly confused look, to which she said: "I just wanted to say thank you. I wouldn't have gotten out of that cave without you." She said genuinely and slightly seriously. "You're welcome." He said. "But I think you could have." He added.

"Aren't you sweet." She said and leaned in, resting her head on his shoulder. "Really, thanks." She whispered.


Six days later, Aurora and Loran were just arriving at the tournament location when they heard sabers clashing. "Sounds like the fights have started already." Aurora said. They sprinted to the fighting stage and found, to their terror, Dinaya lose a fight to a Sith warrior. The warrior spared her, and she limped off the stage. "Not the sight you want to see. At least she'll live." Aurora said, partially relieved. "Yeah, wish me luck, ok?" Loran said and jumped onto the stage, surprising just about everyone. "Good luck, well, he wastes no time." She said, partly to herself. Sola walked over to her. "You ok?" She asked Aurora.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Aurora answered. "What happened?" Sola asked. "Its hard to explain. We were trapped in a cave, but he got us out of there." She said. "You were trapped in a cave, with Loran." Sola said slowly. "Yeah, I was. So?"

"Uhhh, ok..." Sola said and returned her attention to the fight. "Um, ok then..." Aurora said, confused, and watched the fight unfold as well. Loran won the battle, killing the sith warrior. "Good, he won." Aurora murmured and gave a small smile. Suddenly, Alghul walked onto the stage and, without drawing a weapon, broke both of Loran's legs, one of his arms, and threw him off the stage, where he was stabbed in multiple places by broken glass. "Loran!" Aurora yelled and began to go to help him, but Sola stopped her. "I got him, you're up." Sola said. Aurora slowly nodded and went into the ring.

Aurora attacked first, everyone seeing she was being less cautious than before. Even Alghul was taken by surprise, and had to take his weapon out to defend himself. It was clear that he had trained more often in unarmed combat, So Aurora had a slight advantage. She used the double ended saber to keep him occupied defending himself, and her regular weapon to use pinpoint strikes to take him by surprise. She noticed a slight let up in his defense, and attacked it. She was more than a little3 surprised when his arm dropped to the floor, the light-axe going with it.

He knocked her weapons away from her with his remaining arm, almost not noticing the missing limb. He then grabbed her by the throat and lifted her into the air, choking her. She used the force to summon whatever weapon she could find, which happened to be Alghul's axe, and used it to chop his hand off. She fell down, spun in a circle, swinging the weapon, and his head went flying next. "Holy crap. I can't believe I just pulled that off." Aurora said, surprised with herself. The father spoke up. "The light has won. Your ships will arrive to pick you up shortly."

"That's it?" She asked. "You want a trophy, I suppose." He said and floated Alghul's mask over to her. "Uh, no thank you." She said. The father shrugged. "You should see your friend." He pointed out and left. "Yeah, I should." She muttered and ran over to Sola and Loran. "Shit, nothing's working, I can't heal him!" Sola said, panicking. "Let me help real quick." Aurora said and she set to work. Nothing happened. "What the hell, why won't this work?!" She exclaimed. She noticed some black, tendril like thing near her, and Loran's wounds began to mysteriously heal. "What are these things?" She asked, staring at it. "That's my dress, Aurora." Nymeria's voice said behind her.

"How the hell does it do that?" Aurora said, looking up. "Does that when I use the force." Nymeria answered and finished healing Loran. "Yeah, but how did it heal him when we couldn't?"

"I knew the counters to Alghul's crippling attacks." Nymeria said simply. "Well, that works, thank you for healing him."

"No trouble. I'm afraid I have to leave now." Nymeria said sadly. "Well, then please, stay well." Aurora said. "I will do what I can. I am starting a new order." Nymeria replied. "Really?"

"Yes. A slightly more peaceful sith." The Dark Lady said. "That seems...interesting. Best of luck to you." Aurora said. "To you as well." Nymeria said and glanced at Loran. Aurora looked at him too. "Yes, I think you'll need it." Nymeria smiled at Aurora before vanishing into a black mist. "My encounters with her never cease to amaze me." She said to herself. She had never met a more unconventional Sith.

Three hours later, their ship arrived. "About time. This place is somewhere I'll be happy to not return to." Aurora said. "Yeah, tell me about it." Dinaya said and carried Loran into the ship's med-bay. "This thing actually has private rooms, you know that?" Sola asked Aurora. "Really? Nice. Actual beds, too?"

"Beds big enough for two, even." Sola said. "That's good. I can't wait to just sleep." Aurora said, sounding relieved. "Let me tell you, I am not just gonna be sleeping." Sola said, sounding excited. "Oh really?" Aurora asked. "Yep. If you take the crystals out, the lightsaber hilt is good for something else." Sola said. "Haha, just keep it down, will ya?" Aurora said. "I will if you will, yours is longer." Sola said.

"And I have two." Aurora joked, making Sola laugh. "Alright, let's go. This thing doesn't have light speed so it'll be about a week." Sola said. "Ok, ok. Time to get this thing moving." Aurora said and they went on board. Inside, they found eight separate bedrooms, a men's and women's bathroom, both which had two showers, a med-bay, where Loran was lying unconscious, and a fully functioning kitchen. Aurora promptly went for the showers, and had to force push Dinaya out of it, as Sola had made it to the other first.

During their showers (Which were separately stalled), Sola asked "So what happened in the cave?"

"Not much. He was out for part of it." Aurora answered. "You make him go out, or something else?" Sola checked. "Nah, he was just knocked out." Aurora answered. "Who put you guys there?" Sola asked, curious. "We...we think it was Sennes." Aurora answered hesitantly. Sola sighed. "I figured as much. Just wanted to check." Sola replied. "You figured?"

" in his sleep." Sola answered. "And you didn't do anything about it?" Aurora asked. "Tried. More than once. But that was before you three vanished, so I wasn't completely sure. He didn't come back at all." Sola said. "Really? Well, did he say anything else in his sleep?" Aurora asked her. "He really wanted to fuck you." Sola answered bluntly. "Excuse me?"

"I'll slow that down. He had an intense desire to have sexual intercourse with you." Sola restated. "I know what you meant. It's just that...I didn't expect that." Aurora said. "Really? I'm honestly surprised you don't have more desirers than Ziva." Sola said. "I don't know. I might, but I don't take notice." AUrora said and finished her shower off. "Alright, I'll talk to you later." Aurora said, got out, dried off and got dressed. "Can you toss my saber in on your way out?" Sola asked.

"Jeez, already?" Aurora asked, to which Sola replied "Yep." Aurora tossed it in. "Don't use all the hot water, ok?" On her way out, she found Dinaya waiting outside. "Oh, hey." Aurora said to her. "Hey, I would watch out about going in there for a while." Aurora warned her. Dinaya sighed. "Well, coffeemaker, here I come..." She said, shaking her head. "I feel ya." Aurora replied.

Dinaya went into the kitchen. "Want anything?" She asked. "No thank you, I'm good." Aurora declined. "So, how've ya been?" Dinaya asked her. "Fine, minus being stuck in a cave and almost being strangled in my last fight."

"Sounds like you got pretty positive things out of both of those." Dinaya said. "What you mean?" Aurora asked. "Well, I wouldn't mind being trapped in a cave with a guy for a few days. And you killed Alghul, you're gonna get eaten alive when we get back."

"Heh, everything about this group is sex. Can't a girl just be stuck with a friend in a cave without it being sexual?" Aurora asked. "No." Came Dinaya's simple reply. "Well, that answer works." Aurora said and shook her head. Dinaya laughed. "Anyway, on a serious topic...who's gonna tell Holly and Elle?" She asked. "I'm not looking forward to having to do it, so if anyone else is willing to volunteer..."

"Something tells me I'll take Holly and Sola will take Elle." Dinaya said. "If that's the case, I'm sorry you have to do it." Aurora said. "Hey, don't worry about it. Just worry about the fact that Maya, Angel and Lilith are crashing at your place right now." Dinaya said. "Oh god..." Aurora said. "So is Ziva, actually." Dinaya added. "Dad must have his hands full with that group."

"Aside from Maya flirting with him, they're honestly helping with cleaning." Dinaya said. "That's good, then. Not the part about Maya, but the other one." Aurora said. "Yeah, your mom's pissed." Dinaya said. "I would think so." Aurora said. Dinaya nodded and opened a cupboard. "Holy shit." She said and whistled. "What?"

"What's your preferred drink?" Dinaya asked. "I don't really know. Why, we stocked?"

"Oh yeah." Dinaya said. "Excellent." Aurora said with a smile. Dinaya pulled out a bottle of a weird neon green drink. "And that is?"

"This is among the rarest drinks to this galaxy, all the way from the Intergalactic Republic." Dinaya answered. "And it is?"

"Tis is a straight krogan liquor. I am the only one I know who has taken a shot and stayed on my feet." Dinaya said. "Challenge accepted." Aurora said. Dinaya sighed and poured her a shot.

Aurora woke up and found herself lying on the floor in the medbay. She was covered in sweat and her clothes were sticking to her body. "Damn, that was a bad idea." She sat up and looked around. Loran was lying on the bed, still unconscious. "Hmm, well, at least he didn't see me passed out on the floor." She muttered and got up. She went into the kitchen for breakfast and found nobody there. "Hmm, I guess everyone is passed out asleep." She said. "Not quite." Sola's voice said and she walked in, yawning.

"Good morning. Or night. Whatever time it is." Aurora said. "Its morning. You were hilarious last night." Sola answered with a small smile. "Oh god, what did I do?" Aurora asked, instantly worried. "Dinaya only sought to intervene after you jumped in the shower with me." Sola replied. "I am so sorry." Aurora said. Sola laughed. "Trust me, it isn't the worst that's happened to me." She said. "Heh, for a second there, I thought you were going to say it wasn't the worst thing I did." Aurora said nervously.

"Dinaya said it wasn't." Sola replied. "Ah, crap." Aurora said. "Ask her when she wakes up." Sola suggested. "I'll be sure to." Aurora said. "Ok." Said Sola as she sat at the table. "Now what?" She asked. "We find something to do until this rust bucket gets home."

"Maybe you should keep an eye on Loran. He had a few fits last night." Sola suggested. "Fits? What do you mean?"

"Shaking like crazy. Talking in sleep. That's where I was until you walked in and passed out."

"Oh, that's not good. Alright, I'll make to watch him later." Aurora said. After an hour, she went to the medbay and sat in the chair beside the bed. She just looked at him sadly and eventually said "Hey buddy, I know that you probable feel like garbage and can't hear me, but...get better soon. We're almost home, and I don't want to drag you off this ship." There was no response, and after several moments, a hangover headache kicked in. "Oh god, this is starting to hurt." She grumbled. After a minute, Loran's heart rate monitor began to beep faster.

She looked up, and continued to increase in speed until it was going a mile a minute. "What the hell is going on with you?" She asked, and he shot into a sitting up straight position. "Ow." was all he said. "Loran! Are you alright?" She asked. " better now." He said. "What happened?"

"I could hear everything but my body was imobilized so I could heal...Sola wasn't really helpful, and when Nymeria was here-"

"Yeah, yeah. So, you didn't happen to hear me, last night, maybe?" She interrupted. "No, heard you this morning, though." Loran opened his eyes, and took a breath. "I need robotic knees when we get back." He said. "You can already tell?" She asked. "Nymeria told me when she was in the room last night." Loran answered. "Wait, what? She was here?" Aurora asked, surprised. "Yeah. Didn't want to tell you three because she didn't want you to worry until I was awake. I may also need robotic elbow implants." Loran said.

"I am so sorry Loran." She said genuinely. "Not your fault, don't worry. How are you doing?" He asked. "I'm fine. Little headache, but fine besides that." She said. "You sure? You're looking kind of hot right now." He said, sounding concerned. "Oh, in what way?" She asked. "Well, both. But one of them is normal for you." He said. "Well then, thank you. And yeah, it was a long night. Little sweaty." She said. "So I've noticed." He said. Her clothes, still stuck to her skin, were very tight and gave a pretty good outline of her body.

"Hey, any longer and you're gonna have to start paying to look." She said. "What should I pay with?" He asked. "Depends on what you have to give." She said. "Which depends on what you want at the time." He replied. "Oh, and what do I want?" She asked and leaned closer to him. "New car, or a house, or maybe...someone to share em' with?"

"I could live with the first two. The third...someone will have to work for the third." She said mockingly. Leaning slightly closer, he said "I think I know someone who can do that."

"Oh yeah? Maybe you should get them to prove it." She suggested with smirk. "Gladly." He responded and slowly leaned and kissed her. After about thirty seconds, he leaned back just a little and whispered "How am I doing?". He was clearly referring to her 'work for it' crack. "Hmm, I don't know. You might have to try again." She said, smiled, and chuckled a little. He smiled back and kissed her again.

Outside, Sola sat watching a movie. She could sense what the others were doing, and was happy for those in the medbay. Dinaya was lying in her bed meditating the events of the last month or so. Sola was also reflecting on what had happened. Dinaya had lost a teacher, and needed one soon. Sola came to the decision that she would take two apprentices upon returning. She would finish Dinaya's tuition and take the new force user Ziva under her wing as well.

A video call came up on the screen and she answered it. It was Nymeria. "Hello." Sola said pleasantly. "Hi. How are things?" Nymeria asked casually. "Alright. Most of us are hungover. Loran and Aurora just hooked up." Nymeria smiled. "I think a few of us saw that coming." Sola laughed. "So what's your ship like?" She asked the Sith. "Filled with enough drinks to make me die, and they're all for myself right now. Found an interesting use for my lightsaber handle." Nymeria said. "Yeah, I came up with that a while ago." Sola said with a laugh. "Where'd they get all the drinks?" She asked the Sith. "Had some Jedi go traveling for them a few years back. Went to the Intergalactic Republic for some of them." Nymeria answered. "Must have worked, why are you guys hung over?"

"Well, I had to be when Aurora tried to give me a rimjob in the shower." Sola said, making Nymeria laugh. It was Sola's turn to ask a question. "So, why were you so worried about Loran to visit?" She asked. Nymeria looked surprised she knew, but shrugged it off. "Because I couldn't fully heal him without the shock killing him. He needs cybernetic implants in both knees and his right elbow. I wanted to make sure he'd get out ok, so I did what I could to make the surgery easier. Alghul's caused enough pain with my help before, I guess I just want to remedy that. Loran knows it. When he woke up last night I immobilized him so he wouldn't move and mess himself up even more, at least for a while." She explained herself.

"So why did you call?"

"Wanted to let you know what happened to Sennes and Konstantin. They wound up on Hoth. They fought for almost four days without stop."

"How did it end?" Sola asked, and Nymeria explained everything. "Let IceBite know, and let him know about me. I'm the leader of a new Sith Order, one that does not have hostile feelings for your group. If he attacks me, I will destroy everything close to him."

Sola nodded, understanding. "Alright, thanks. See you."


About six days later, they arrived at home. Aurora went to the medbay and helped Loran into a wheelchair before pushing him towards the exit ramp. On the landing pad, she had spotted Korra, Andre, Lexus, and her parents. "Loran, these are my family members. Or at least the ones who stayed here on Earth." She told him. "Ah. Hopefully your dad waits to kill me." He said jokingly. "He will. He likes to plan things out first." Aurora said and laughed.

The exit ramp opened and Dinaya sprinted off before them, screaming "FREEDOM!" She randomly kissed Ethan before sprinting away. "What the...hell?" They heard Ethan say. "I can't keep you to myself no matter what, can I?" Becca asked. The others mumbled a little about it. Aurora pushed Loran out while Sola stayed behind to start moving the contents of the liquor cabinet to her house. "Aurora, who's your friend?" Ethan asked, immediately confusing the hell out of Loran, but he just sat in silence. "This is Loran. A friend I made while I was gone." She answered. He glanced up at her slightly. "Well maybe friend isn't the right word." She relented.

Loran held his left hand out, as his right was broken at the elbow joint. Ethan shook it. "Good to meet you, Loran. I'm Aurora's father, Ethan." He held onto the handshake for a moment and whispered "I'm a SPARTAN." At that moment, Sola walked off the ship, holding five hockey bags of the booze they had been drinking on the way home. "He's a cripple already, Ethan, leave him alone!" She called. Ethan looked over. "Sola? My god, it is you! Welcome back to the land of the living, or what's left of it." He said as she walked over. "Never dead." She replied and they saw she was half-wearing Alghul's mask on her head.

"That what I think it is?" Ethan asked. "Yeah. Funny story, after Loran jumped in the ring with a Sith warrior who beat Dinaya so Aurora here wouldn't have to, Alghul walked up and pushed his shit in, and Aurora jumped in and killed him." Aurora looked down at Loran, who just sheepishly tilted his head a little. She was very touched by that. Her family looked impressed and a few glanced at Loran with a new found respect. "Anyway, I'm out. Got to tell Holly we lost Sen again. This time for good, I think." Aurora nodded and said sadly "Again, I wish you the best of luck with telling her."

"Thanks. Good seeing you guys again." She said to the clan. "You as well. Feel free to drop by whenever." Ethan said. Sola nodded and left, taking her drinks with her. "Where you two off to now?" Ethan asked Aurora and Loran. ", for me." Loran said. "Yeah, I need to drag him over there." Aurora said in a partially teasing tone. "For what?" Ethan asked. "Most shattered elbow, mostly shattered knees, four broken ribs, three cracked, and a crack running up my femur." Loran answered. "Sounds like a painful one. I'll make sure she gets you over there quick." Ethan said. "You know I will, dad." Aurora said. "I sure hope so, this thing is not as comfortable as the marketing said..." Loran quipped.

"C'mon, I'll bring you over." Aurora said. "Well, it was good to meet all of you." Loran said to the clan. "You as well. I shall talk to you after you recover." Ethan said. Loran simply did not know how to respond to that. Aurora decided to wheel him away then. " did that go?" Loran asked. "You did very well. He didn't look like he wanted to hurt you, so that was good."

"You sure it wasn't the wheelchair?"

"Wouldn't have mattered." She replied. "Ok, good. Not sure what your mom thought of me, though."

"Of, I think she could get used to you." Aurora answered. "Ok, good. The moms are always scarier anyway."

"I'd say my dad is scarier. Trust me." Aurora said. "Not gonna lie, of that group, your aunt scared me the most." Loran said. "Point taken. She could freeze you, then roast you. But I wouldn't let that happen, would I?" She asked. "Not that aunt, but no, I know you wouldn't." He said and smiled up at her. "Well, I might. You'll just have to be a good boy." She said and smiled. He made a pouting face. "You're so mean, and I'm alright with that." He said. "You don't have a choice, do you?"

"Good point." He laughed, then asked. "What did he mean by we'll talk later?"

"He might get to know you some more. Or rebreak your limbs. Either one." She answered. "Fun. Hopefully the first, because he'd have to pay for the wires..." He said as they arrived. "Well, this is where you go. Welcome to the cripple house." She said. "Hooray. I'll be out in around three hours, I think." Loran guessed. "Alright, I'll be around here to pick you up." She said, walked halfway to a bench and blew him a kiss. He caught it with his good hand and winked as the medical staff came to take him to surgery. Aurora laughed and went to wait on the bench.

Meanwhile, Sola crashed herself in a recently vacated house. She had convinced IceBite into letting her have a house again. She lay down on her new couch and let out a tired sigh. Before going to her new home, she had encountered a young woman named Ziva, who needed an official teacher in the force. Sola had offered to train her, and Ziva had said yes. She was going to take a couple of days off before she would begin training both Dinaya and Ziva. She needed to finish the former's tuition before she could become a knight. She thought about what Nymeria had told her and shuddered. She couldn't bare to think about what that duel would have been like. She shook her head and went up the bedroom, took the crystals out of her saber and lay down on the bed.

Nymeria stood in her new fortress. She had found it abandoned and had decided to adopt it as her home. It was rather primitive, but as her new Order grew, it would have to be upgraded. Shields, security systems, defenses, guards, it would need everything. She smiled as she began to envision just what her new Order would be like in its prime. Then the smile left her face. She knew how that dark duel had ended and what had happened to the combatants. It would prove that she would be busy and would need to begin her work fast. She looked at her small ship and remembered how many credit chits were inside. It would pay for the renovation with more than enough to spare. She would have to kill the workers she hired, but that was a necessity. She nodded slowly and entered the ship, ready to start a new era for the Sith.

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