A WarningEdit

For the Coalition, it was a reasonably peaceful day. officially, they were still at war, hunting down Darth Alghul and Darth Nymeria, but they had been quiet as of late, and that allowed for a time of respite. It allowed for the Boondock Fugitives to take some time to relax in the forests, taking advantage of the slower times. It allowed the Sigurdson family to move on from their losses, the Ferran Clan to heal their own wounds (albeit slowly). In some cases, it allowed relationships to blossom and grow. On this particular day, it allowed Allison Kyle to ask out the soldier known as Alcatraz. To which he responded with a simple "Why not?"

For some people however, today did not bring peace or happiness. Elle Urec-Renner, for example, was still devastated over the fact that her husband, Sean Renner, was a wanted fugitive now. No one had seen the remnants of Task Force Boondock in over a month. her mother, Holly, was still destroyed over losing her own husband the second time. At least she had the resolution that his killer was dead.

That particular morning also signaled a loud awakening for Claudia Sigurdson. Her younger sister, Kira, was playing her violin at top volume in her room at five thirty in the morning. Luckily for Kira, she was playing perfectly on key, so Claud ignored her and turned over. Kira sighed and stopped. "Claudia, your boyfriend is here." She informed her sister. "Tell him I'm not here." Claudia grumbled sleepily. Kira promptly stepped into the hallway. "She says to tell you she's not here." She said, trying not to laugh. "You are a cunt, sometimes." Claudia groaned and sat up.

"Hey, just because it's five thirty doesn't mean you get to sleep in." Kira said with a small laugh. "You, were so much more adorable, when you had come out of mum's womb." Claudia muttered. "I can name a few people who would like the way I look now." Kira replied. "Yeah, because you don't give them attitude." Claudia shot back, wiping her eyes. "By the way, unless you want dad telling Reid stories, you should get up." Kira told Claudia. "What kind of stories?" Claudia asked. Kira shrugged. "Tell dad, to stay silent till I come down. Or I will do to him, what I did to May, all those years back." Her little sister laughed and left.

A few seconds later, her mother walked in. "I can't sleep now can I?" Claudia asked. "You know Kira can just reverse whatever you do to him, right?" Leandra pointed out. "Nah, she isn't trained enough to reverse such things yet, one day she will, but not now." Claudia said and got up. "No, just yesterday, she turned her boyfriend into a marshmallow and back." Leandra said. "Oh, little sis, finally has a BF? Well, a marshmallow is a good start, but hardly as complex as what I did." Claudia said.

"Yeah. If it were anyone else, I think your dad wouldn't like him."

"Who is it?" Claudia asked. "Sean's cousin, Norm." Leandra answered. "Ah." Claudia said. "By the way, Kira's been complaining that you and Reid have been keeping her up." Leandra said. "She can use drugs to sleep." Claudia grumbled, causing her mother to give her a look. "What?" Claudia asked. "Never mind, just be sure to come down soon or I'll tell Reid about the time you accidentally mailed Tory sensitive pictures."

"Yeah, yeah." Claudia said and got out of bed. After a good half hour, she and Reid had left. Kira stayed home for another hour before going out to meet up with Norm. Leandra looked at Zack, concerned. He was eating a piece of toast, leaning on the kitchen counter. "How are you doing?" She asked. "I'm a little worried, but they can take care of themselves if something happens when I'm not there." Zack said. She nodded. "Hon, you know there was nothing you could have done, right?" She asked him.

"I know, I know. It doesn't make me feel better, though." He answered, finishing the piece. "I know." Leandra said sadly. "How do you cope with it?" Zack asked. "I try to honor them by how I live, and try to live how they would want me to." She answered. Zack nodded. Leandra leaned over and kissed him quickly, then laughed. "You taste like toast." She said, making him smile.

Both their daughters got texts soon after saying "You may not want to come home for a few hours." Causing both of them to decide to stay with their boyfriends.

Out in the forests, a whiz and a thud filled the air, as a crossbow bolt nailed a squirrel to a tree. Sean Renner walked by, taking the arrow and squirrel, reloading the arrow and fitting the squirrel into his bag. He walked back to camp, where he found Ian sitting on a tree stump, sharpening a machete. Shane was sitting in the treehouse they had built, keeping watch, while Lena, who had somehow aged another year, was tending the fire. Sean went and placed the bag of squirrels by Lena, who nodded her thanks. Shane called down. "Should we have secret sauce tonight?"

"No. No way." Ian said immediately. "Nobody makes a wolf blood sauce like you Shane." Lena muttered. Sean felt very bad for Lena. If he had had his way, she'd be back with the others at Kaven. They sat in silence for a while before Shane jumped down. "Fuck, searchers!" He whispered and they quickly abandoned camp. Sean dove into a patch of bushes, whispering swear words. Shane and Ian hid in a patch of tall grass while Lena clambered up a tree. Fuck, bloodhounds. Sean thought as he saw the dogs near. They seemed to pick up on his sense most. He quickly resigned himself to the fact he was probably going to be arrested in thirty seconds.

Then, there was a rustle, and the searchers ran towards it, dogs and all. He watched, terrified, as Lena was quickly tackled and cuffed. He yearned to go and attack her captors, but he knew that she had done this so he could escape. Sean moved quietly while Ian and Shane did the same, their hearts crushed by the fact that they had to leave Lena behind. They met up at a waterfall and caught their breath. "Now what?" Shane asked. "We have to keep going. She'd want us to." Ian said. Sean grudgingly agreed, and they made their way deeper into the forest.

Lena found herself sitting in the back of a transport truck with four assault rifles aimed at her head. She watched a fifth man examine her sword and pistol and mentally swore. They took her into a prison and placed her in an interrogation room. She waited there for a few hours before a GDI official arrived, holding a folder. Glorious. She thought. If anyone would be a douchebag to her, it would be GDI.

"Miss Trearty, I am-"

"And I don't give a shit what your name is." She answered. "Fine." The official said and gave her the folder. She opened it and found a set of photographs. They were of some of the most brutal murders she had ever seen. An old man in a wheelchair with a chain put through one eye and out the other, hanging him from the ceiling, a little girl with an iron pole going somewhere it shouldn't and out her mouth, and, worst of all, three small children with their heads mixed and matched.

Lena looked at the official. "You saying I did these?" She asked, tossing him the folder. "No. We're saying that we need your help to find who did."

"I don't know how I can help, but you have to convince me first." She said. "I want full immunity for me and my team." The official sighed and left the room, dialing something on his cell phone. He walked back in four hours later. "We can offer you immunity, but not your team." Shit. She thought. Well, worth a try. She thought and nodded. Her handcuffs were removed and her possessions returned to her. The official phoned someone and said "Your escort to Kaven will be here shortly." She waited outside for an hour before Korra Ferran pulled into the driveway of the prison.

"Welcome back to the world of the living. Good to have you back." Korra said. "Thanks. Good to be back." Lena answered, glad to see a familiar face. "Sorry about your team. As much as we want to, us and the Sigurdsons can't pull that many strings to help."

"Don't worry about it. I'll try to blackmail them somehow." They got in the car and began driving back to Kaven. "So how'd you stay alive out there?" Korra asked. "Squirrel, berries. If we were lucky, a pack of wolves would attack. That meant sausages." Lena answered. "Nice. How long has it been since you've been gone again?"

"A month. Have they demolished HQ, or did Norm move into it?" Lena asked. "I'm pretty sure it's still there. Norm has been keeping the place up and running, for what it's worth." Korra answered. "How is Elle doing?" Lena asked, concerned. "Been better to say the least."

"I'll have to tell her Sean's fine then." Lena said. "That would probably help her out a bit." Korra confirmed. "Also, if Shane ever makes it back and offers you secret sauce, don't take it." Lena advised her. "Thanks." Korra said, her imagination already going. "You mentioned the Sigurdsons earlier. How are they doing?" Lena asked. "Mourning still. Always getting ready for whatevers coming." Korra answered. "Your parents?" Lena asked. "Relations are almost back to normal. It's a lot less awkward now."

"I'd know why Sean punched your dad?" Lena asked. "Because he was angry?"

"To say that would be the understatement of the year. At that moment, he blamed him for Andrea." Lena answered. "He blamed him for not loving her?" Korra asked, confused. "I don't know. Sean talked about it a lot in the woods. He says he was stupid to go crzzy like that." Lena said. "To say that would be the understatement of the year." Korra responded. "Maybe. Has Norm asked Kira out yet?" Lena said, changing the subject. "I think so."

"About time. He just about tore Jon's head off after he turned out to be a douche." Lena recalled, chuckling. "Heh, nice." Korra said. "He used to have a thing for you, before he met Kira." Lena reflected aloud. "Norm or Jon?" Korra asked, surprised. "Norm." Lena answered. "Ah." Korra said simply. "Thoughts?" Lena asked. "Creepy." Korra settled on. "Why so?" Lena asked, her turn to be surprised. "I have a boyfriend." Korra said.

"I know. So did he. That's why he moved on so quickly." Lena said. "Well then, I guess it worked out in the end." Korra said with a shrug. "Hey, can we stop at that pizza place? I've been living off squirrel, wolf and berries for a month." Lena asked, seeing a pizza joint coming up. "Alright, no problem." Korra said and pulled over. Lena came out ten minutes later with four pizzas. "Got enough there?" Korra asked. "Probably not. Thanks for letting me use your credit card." Lena said and began eating a piece. "I don't believe I said you could. Not that money matters, but the social aspect of it..." Korra said, quickly feeling at her pocket.

"Sorry. When you lived in Sasha's basement since you signed up, you get used to a certain way of living. Whenever she and Jake weren't upstairs, she'd probably either be yelling at us or using our money for something." Lena said, sounding honestly sorry. "Hey, don't worry about it. So, how you planning on getting the rest of them back?"

"Hey, don't worry about it. So, how you planning on getting the rest of them back?"

"I'm still working on it. Probably withhold information of some kind." Lena answered. "You know, Dad could smuggle them into Republic space. The Coalition wouldn't dare try anything near their territory."

"No, Sean would probably hit him again." Lena said thoughtfully. "Offer's on the table." Korra said with a shrug. "Thanks. Hey, you know how Jake's been doing, or did he just drop off the radar?"

"I haven't heard much from him lately. Sorry."

"I figured. We didn't hear much from him after Sasha died." Lena said. They talked for a while before getting back to base. Korra dropped Lena off at Elle's house and she went to knock on the door. Elle answered and recoiled slightly. "How the hell are you back?" She asked. "I got captured and cut a deal." Lena said. "I tried to get them to let Sean and the others off the hook, no dice."

"Is he-?" Elle began, nervously. "He's doing fine. Misses the hell out of you." Lena answered. Elle breathed a sigh of relief. "Ok, thanks. You have a place to say?"

"I'll live in Norm's basement, I know he won't mind." Lena said. She said goodbye and left. She picked the lock into Norm's house and went up to use his shower. Once she was done, she went down to the kitchen and had more of her pizza. Norm came home a few hours later. "Lena? What are you-?"

"Got off on immunity. Tried to get the others out too, but that was a no." Lena said. "Mind if I crash on your couch?"

"No, feel free." Norm said and Lena made herself a home. She told Norm a few stories about the forest life she had been living. After that, she went and lay down in Sasha's old room. It felt amazing to have a bed to sleep on instead of a tree branch. After a few minutes, she got curious, and opened a few drawers. "Only you, Sasha, only you." Lena chuckled and grabbed what she found.

The next day, Lena went out and went for a drive around Vegas, "Borrowing" Norm's car, knowing he wouldn't mind. She stopped at a restaurant and sat on the outdoor porch, eating french fries, when a familiar voice sounded. "So, you got out, huh?" She looked and saw Jake walk over. "Hey, man. Yeah, I made it. Couldn't get the others out, though."

"Damn shame." Jake said, sitting down. "What are you doing in Vegas?" She asked. "Me and Kaidan are following up on a lead. Got a job hunting down a terror threat."

"Pay well?" She asked. "Yeah." Jake answered. Lena looked down into the street and saw Kaidan leaning against a car, arms crossed, watching the streets. They chatted for a while when a scream sounded. They looked over and saw a lone man, tearing at his chest and screaming the loudest scream they'd ever heard. Out of nowhere, he mutated, his skin becoming a dark shade of red while bubbles under his skin could be seen. His face peeled over his skull and his eyes melted. His right arm became a massive claw. He attacked a child on the side of the road, tearing him to pieces. More of the creatures came from nowhere. Lena drew her sidearm and opened fire into the street as Kaidan did the same.

Jake noticed something odd, and looked at the adjacent roof. A lone man, large, muscular, and wearing a breathing apparatus was watching them. The man gave him a look that said "You've been warned."

The PeopleEdit

It took a solid week to clean up after the battle. The new things had swarmed and wiped out much of Las Vegas. Kira and Norm were wandering down the main street, trying to find whatever survivors could be found in the wreckage. "So, Jake said it was Alghul?" She asked. "Yeah. I'm not surprised, honestly." Norm answered as he lifted a piece of car off a body, revealing the massive puncture wound through the unrecognizable person's head. They sighed and kept walking.

They bumped into Jake, Kaidan, and Lena, who were pushing a half-destroyed truck off a mound of bodies. "Fucking hell..." They heard Kaidan say. They walked over to help. There was a brief moment of silence before Lena broke it. "C'mon guys, we're recalled now." She said and they walked together out towards the transports back to Kaven. "So, Kaidan, Jake. You two sticking around?" Kira asked. Jake nodded, while Kaidan hesitated before following suit. They returned to base and Jake, Lena, and Kaidan all went to sleep in Norm's house. Norm walked Kira home before going to his place as well.

Another week passed. It was completely uneventful. One day, when everyone had returned to their normal routine, disaster struck. Missile strikes covered the country, each one infecting more and more people with each one. Each missile carried a cryptic word. When investigators pieced it together, an augmented voice said "You were warned. Your punishment must be more severe." After a month of fighting the infected, they reached Kaven base. By then, all broadcasts were down, and there was no communication. The infected came upon the base like a tsunami. The Squadran put up a hell of a fight that lasted seven long weeks, but they eventually evacuated.

Norm found himself running out of the base alongside Jake and Kaidan, firing their weapons behind them at the infected. As they sprinted down the highway an RV pulled up from nowhere and splattered four of the infected over the sides. "Get the fuck in!" They heard Leandra Sigurdson say from the driver's seat as Zack opened the door and shot two of the infected down. They happily jumped in the RV and Leandra drove away. In the vehicle, they found Kira, who jumped up and hugged Norm, Lena, Ethan and Becca, as well as Vanguard and Ariella.

"Anyone else?" Jake asked Zack. "No." Zack said grimly. "Claud?" Norm asked, still holding Kira. "She and Reid got separated from us. I saw them make it into the flight hangar. They'll be alright." Kira answered. "I hate to interrupt, but we need to go!" Elle said from atop the RV, catching the newcomers by surprise. Leandra nodded and began speeding down the highway. Luckily, there weren't any infected to obscure there way. Their luck didn't last long, and the RV broke down. They stayed inside for the night, Zack, Norm, Ethan, and Kaidan switching watches. At dawn, everyone woke up and began looking around the RV to scavenge supplies.

Midway through the activity, a voice sounded. They looked at saw a lone woman walking over. She had short, brown hair and was wearing military pants and a tank-top. "You folks alright?" She asked. "No, who are you?" Elle asked. "I'm Olivia. RV broke down?" The woman asked. "Yeah, can you help?" Kira called, getting out of the RV. "Well, not with the RV, but me and my group have a camp in the forest. Boss says that anyone is welcome, we need all the help we can get." Olivia said. After a small discussion, the group packed up all their supplies and they followed Olivia deep into the forest.

"Anyone got any outdoor experience?" Olivia asked. "Yeah, my husband taught me. He was-is-a outdoor enthusiast. Elle answered. "Military training." Most of the others said. "Well, sounds like you'll fit right in." Olivia said. They eventually came upon a small fort like place, with trees and other plants were built into a wall around a chunk of rocks by a cliff. "Welcome to camp survivor. Hey, shit-for-brains! I'm back! Brought a lot of help!" Olivia yelled. A gate swung open and they saw a familiar face walk over. "Shane?" Norm and Lena said together. The old Boondock member broke into a grin as they walked in. They saw two men sitting by a fire, talking, when they looked over. Sean's jaw hit the ground when he saw Elle, an expression she shared.

They sprinted at one another and embraced, both of which overjoyed. Ian got up and went over to the group, smiling. "You all made it out ok?" He asked. "We did. Don't know about anyone else." Zack answered. Zack and Ian went off to the side to talk while the others reunited. That night, everyone sat around the fire, eating venison off a deer Sean had killed earlier that day. "Ian, what do we do if the infected return?" Zack asked. "We thought of that. There's a mechanism that'll cover the came with shrubbery. It'll mask us from them." Ian explained. Zack nodded, then Shane piped up. "Anyone want secret sauce?"

"No." Said Kira, Sean, Norm, Lena, Ian, and Elle. Everyone else said yes, and regretted it soon after. After everyone had eaten, Ian showed them around the fort, where they had built several small buildings. There was enough for two people to fit in each building. Zack looked at Norm and made a motion across his own neck, which Norm nodded at. Zack and Leandra went into one building, Norm, gulping, followed Kira into another. Vanguard and Ariella took another, Shane and Ian, both of which were not happy about it, had to share as well. Kaidan went into one alone while Olivia, Jake, and Lena took watch. Sean and Elle entered their own as well.

They lay down together, arms wrapped around one another. "I thought I wouldn't see you again." Sean confessed. "Me too. I"m glad it didn't turn out that way." Elle said. Sean smiled. They lay in silence for about an hour before a thought occurred to Elle. We may not get another chance. What with the apocalypse beginning. She thought and rolled on top of Sean.

Over the course of that night, the infection crossed the oceans and spread to the rest of Earth. The entire planet was covered by the infected. No one knew how many survivors there were. For the group in the forests, their fight was only just beginning. The next morning, everyone was awake and Ian began telling them jobs. "Sean, Elle, Norm and Kira are going to go out and hunt, bring back whatever food you can. Ethan and Becca are on watch until noon, then Lena and Jake take over. Shane, Zack, Vanguard, and myself will go out and find supplies to fortify the shelter with. Ariella, Leandra and Olivia do what you can to improve the base on the inside."

Everyone went to their duties. Sean and Elle went one way, and had quickly caught eleven squirrels and a raccoon. Norm and Kira went another way, but the most they found was a few berries. As they went along, they both slipped and fell down a small hill. Kira landed on top of Norm at the bottom. "You ok?" He asked. "Yeah, lucky for me I had a soft landing." She said. Norm moved to get up, but Kira put a hand on his chest and pushed him back down. Norm immediately understood what she was getting at.

The GoodEdit

Jake and Lena sat on the wall, keeping an eye out for any infected. Jake aimed down the scope of a rifle, scanning the forest. "Sean and Elle are fine, the supply gatherers are fine, and...what the fuck?" Jake said. "What?" Lena asked, gripping her sword handle. He handed her the rifle. It was designed to show thermals, so they could see the groups easily. She found Kira and Norm. "Why is their body heat so much-oh." Lena said and looked at Jake, wide eyed. "Ok, let's not-?" She began and he nodded.

Jake took the rifle back and kept looking around. "Whoa." He said. "What is it?" She asked. "There's a town, a couple miles from here. Covered in activity." Jake said. "Ok, we'll tell them when everyone gets back." Lena said and Jake nodded. When the groups returned, a good seven hours after the watch shifts switched, Lena told Ian. "Alright, you and me will go and check it out." Ian said and they left the fort together. When they found the town, the townspeople let them in graciously. They took them to a small food place and fed and watered them. Once they had a chance to be alone, Ian spoke to Lena.

"I'm going to find the others, bring them here, these are good people, we can help them." He said and Lena nodded. Once Ian had left, she took to a long walk at night. After a half hour, a truck rolled in and a lone man with greasy black hair got out. He was large and muscular, and was wearing dark glasses. "So you are one of the newcomers, hmm?"

"Yes." She answered. "I'm the leader of this town. Would it be alright if I took you somewhere we could talk about the rules of my town?"

"I suppose." She said and followed him. He took her to a tower overlooking a courtyard. "In this town, you work like this. You win, you flourish. You lose, you don't." He said and turned on the courtyard lights. She looked down and saw a woman with a katana fighting an infected. The woman easily cut its head off. "You want us to be gladiators?" She asked, shocked. And he nodded. She looked down at the pit and shook her head. "There's no way we'll do that." He sighed and a blow came crashing down on her head.

"Didn't you say this place was safe?" Zack yelled at Ian as he ducked behind cover. They had sent most of the others with Sean back to the fort, Zack, Jake, Kaidan, and Ian staying to buy them time. "I thought it was!" He yelled back. "Ok, guys, we have to go, take a different route!" Ian said and they split up. They each took separate routes back, and when they made it back, they immediately began preparing for a battle.

Back in the town, Lena killed the guard watching over her. She couldn't believe what had just happened. How did Leandra recover...?" She asked herself and she fit her clothes back on. She found her sword and pistol and went to the town leader's room, where she kicked the door down. She promptly knocked him out and got ready for what she was going to do to him.

Once she had finished, Lena climbed out the tower and slipped out of the town and back into the forests. She made it back to the fort where she found the others preparing for a full scale battle. "Good to see you made it out. Are you ok?" Ian asked, walking up to her. "No. I'm not. Where's Leandra?" Lena said, her voice shaky. "Over by the tower. What happened?"

"I'll tell you some day." Lena said and walked over to Leandra. "Hey, can I talk to you?" She asked. Leandra nodded, surprised, and followed her to the back of the base, which was fairly private. "What's up?" Leandra asked and Lena took a deep breath. "I was raped in the town by their leader." Leandra closed her eyes for a moment. Then she let out a short breath. "Is he dead?" She asked. "Yeah." Lena answered. "Well, I will say this, that may make you feel better, but it's going to stay with you a long time." Leandra said to the younger woman, sorry that the fate that had befallen her all those years ago had been repeated.

"But how did you move on?" Lena asked, desperation creeping into her voice. "It took me a while to figure this out, but I realized that it's best if you try to live your life in a way that would have pissed them off. Try to live a good life. Go out with friends, try to find someone you trust, just try to be happy, and that's the best way you can get back at them." Leandra said. Lena nodded slowly. "It will take time, but it'll come if you let it." Leandra said and gave Lena a hug. Leandra left Lena alone and went to go talk to Zack, who was in the tower. "Lena will have a hard time the next while." She informed him. "I heard. Yeah, she will." Zack said and looked out into the forest.

Then, something shocked them both and someone pulled them over the walls. They were dragged deep into the forest faster then they could yell out. Leandra was tossed into a pond and pinned down by a woman who had a dagger at her throat in moments. "Hello, Leandra." Darth Nymeria purred. Nymeria turned Leandra's head and forced her to watch the massive Darth Alghul beat the living hell out of her husband. He left Zack by the pond, beaten, broken, and motionless, then, they dragged Leandra onto a ship and flew away.

About three hours later, Sean and Ian found the battered down Zack and carried him back to the fort. Zack woke up after three days, and it took him nine to recover fully. Once he had, he went to talk to Kira. "Kira, I need to talk to you." He said. She nodded, sensing his tone, and followed him off to the side. "I'm better, so I think you know what I'm going to do." He said. "Yeah. You're going to get mom back." Kira answered. "Yes."

"I get it, you need me to stay here. Don't worry, just come back alive." Kira said. Zack nodded and hugged his daughter. "Don't worry Dad, you won't be a grandpa by the time you get back." Kira said. Zack started. "I'm kidding." She added, making him breathe a sigh of relief. He kissed her on the forehead and left the fort. First thing's first. Find a ship. He thought and checked his sidearm. He had seventy clips in his backpack and his combat knife. He'd make it.

He decided to go back to Kaven and try to find any available ships. It took him four hours to get there, but he found the place only inhabited by a few dozen infected. He snuck in the gate and slipped past the infected he could see. He saw one good ship in the hangar when he got there, and nine infected in the way. He drew his knife, knowing a gunshot would attract more, and moved up behind the next one, careful to avoid the mutated arms. He stabbed it up past the base of it's skull and into its brain, killing it.

He did this to four more before someone else ran in and killed the rest, with his fists. The two men took one look at each other and raced for the door of the ship. They crashed into each other and fell in a heap in the entrance. Zack rolled away and shut the door, then whipped out his pistol and aimed it at the man. "Why is it whenever shit hits the fan for me, you show up?" He asked. "I just want to go home." Jason Cross shot back. "Yeah well, then get." Zack said. "I need this ship to go home." Jason said. "I need it to find my wife." Zack said angrily. "I get that, I get that. I help you, you let me have the ship?" Jason offered. Zack was in no mood for bargaining, so nodded, but kept his gun out.

He flew them out onto what would prove to be a long trip. Zack thought of his two daughters, and prayed Claudia was alive. Norm and the others would keep Kira safe, he knew that much.

Back at the fort, Kira sat on the watchtower, a sniper in her lap. She saw Becca pull Ethan aside, and had a good feeling of what she was talking about. "Hoo boy, Ryan could be a grandpa...provided he's alive..." She muttered. She couldn't help but overhear, something she felt guilty about, but couldn't help. "Hey Ethan, can I talk to you for a minute?" Becca had started, to which Ethan replied "But of course. What's on your mind?" As they went somewhere private that was still in Kira's earshot. "Well, I was wondering..when this is all would you feel about, well...children." Becca said.

"Chi-children. Well," Ethan stuttered, clearly surprised. "You know what, forget about it. It was a dumb idea." Becca said quickly. "No, nonono. It's not that. It's just, with everything going on, that wasn't what I was expecting you to ask." Ethan said, still sounding surprised. "So, you'd be open to the idea?" Becca asked."Uh, yeah sure. I don't know the first thing about this, but I'm willing to give it a shot, I guess." Ethan said. "That's all I wanted to hear. Maybe later, we can make sure we're well practiced for when this is over." Becca said with a wink. "Heh, I'm sure I can find the time for that." Ethan said, grinning.

Becca walked back, just past Kira. Kira gave her a very knowing look, trying not to smile. "What? It was nothing." Becca said, smirking. "Just be sure to invite me to the baby shower." Kira said with a grin. "Whatever you want." Becca replied. "You have a chocolate bar?" Kira asked. "Nah, sorry. Watch out!" She exclaimed, making Kira jump. "Just kidding." Becca said, grinning. "Ooh, I'll get you for that." Kira said, laughing. "You want to face my family when this is done?" Becca asked with mock surprise. "No, seeing as it's about to get even bigger." Kira said. "Smart girl." Becca replied and walked away.

The EvilEdit

After a week of searching, Zack and Jason found Alghul and Nymeria's spacial fortress, forty times the size of Nes', it was practically a planet. "So, how are we going to infiltrate it?" Jason asked. "Fly straight into the hangar and hide in the vents?" Zack suggested. Jason shrugged and they went with it. Amazingly, it worked. They successfully made it into the station's air vents and began crawling around. Jason opened a vent and they jumped into a storage room. Jason displayed his prowess by sneaking up to four guards and defeated each of them in three seconds flat without a weapon. Zack was grudgingly impressed.

Zack pulled out his sidearm and stole a silencer from a guard. They slipped through the halls until they heard one troop say "C'mon, we have to check the control room. Hopefully it was just a rat or something." They immediately began following the troopers to the control room. When they were in the door, they hid behind two crates and watched. Suddenly, a cloaked figure jumped from the shadows and slaughtered the troopers. Seconds later, Alghul walked out, nodding. "Well done. You are very good, my apprentice." The figure bowed, showing a few strands of blonde hair. "Perhaps you can assist me in defeating the two eavesdroppers." Alghul said and the crates vanished with the force. "Ah fuck." Both Zack and Jason said. The hooded blonde attacked them and caught even Jason by surprise.

They were knocked to the side quickly and were on their feet at equal speed. The cloaked one jumped back to their master, who laughed. "I think you should know." Alghul said and pulled the figures' hood back, revealing Leandra's face. "Leandra?" Zack asked, horror coming over him. No no no no no. Oh god no, not again... He thought. "Kill the Republican." Alghul said and dropped his tools while walking towards Zack. Zack tried to shoot him but failed, and was soon locked in a terrible fist fight with Alghul, who stood six inches taller then him.

Meanwhile, Leandra attacked Jason. This was not as successful, as Jason was trained for this specifically. He blocked her attacks and countered. She grew increasingly enraged as her strikes landed nowhere and his always scored a hit. Jason kicked her back and jumped after her. Behind them, Alghul tossed Zack across the room like a toy. Zack connected with the wall and slid to the floor. Grunting, he pulled himself up. He tried desperately to punch Alghul in the mask, hoping to break something, but the Sith caught his fist and flipped him through the air. Zack landed hard on the ground. Alghul grabbed, lifted him over his head, displaying amazing strength, and dropped Zack, bringing his knee into his back.

Zack collapsed to the floor, still. Leandra and Jason both looked over, and Jason could see the conflict in her eyes as she looked at her husband. Taking advantage of her distraction, Jason grabbed her and slammed her head against the wall, knocking her out. Then, he charged Alghul. He ducked under the fast punch and put two punches to Alghuls gut. The Sith hardly felt them and attacked with his knee. Jason sidestepped and swept out Alghul's other leg, but as the sith tumbled through the air, he flipped and landed on his feet. Jason and Alghul began exchanging blows, neither of which obtaining concrete hits. Then, a cackling voice sounded. "Alghul, stop. Our objective is complete." A hooded figure stepped out and walked toward a control panel, pushing a few buttons.

"Leandra is out of our control now, and Zack is yours. The infection we spread across the universe is dead. Tend your wounds. We will be back." Alghul and the being vanished, leaving Jason with Leandra and Zack.

A week passed. All of the infected were gone, the cloaked being kept his word. On earth, a total of four-thousand survived the attack. Other planets fared better. Reach and Coruscant managed to keep a few million alive each, and Mandalore had only lost one billion to the attacks. Overall, however, over three trillion lives were lost, men, women, and children alike. Amazingly, the Coalition council had all survived. In Kaven base, there were tearful reunions of families. The Sigurdsons had made it through, Claudia and Reid surviving as well. They stayed at the med-labs where Zack was being treated for Alghul snapping his back.

The Ferran Clan were also reunited. Becca and Ethan found Ryan, Samir, Liz, Lexus, Alana and Jared first, and then Claire and the others the next day. In the instant Claire saw Ryan again, she decided to forgive him for the past and ran to embrace him.

As for the members of Boondock, it was universally decided that they would be pardoned wholly and allowed to rejoin the Squadran. As the days went by, the Coalition Council decided to meet to decide what they would do. IceBite decided to bring Ryan and Ian along with him, so that they could have input as well, as they were effectively the other highest ranking soldiers in the Squadran. While they were gone, Leandra visited Zack in the med-labs while their daughters went out for the day (mostly after Zack insisted they don't spend all their time at the med-labs). "How are you doing, hon'? Leandra asked, sitting next to him.

"Doctor's say I'll be fixed up in a week. You don't need to worry." Zack said. "Blonde looks good on you." He complimented. Leandra smiled. "Thanks, result of the mind control, don't ask me." Leandra said. "You know you haven't changed outfits since we got back, right?" He asked. "You're more important. Besides, maybe I like it." Leandra said. They were discussing the form-fitting bodysuit Alghul had put on her. "Want to watch something? Doctor gave me an old program with a bunch of old television shows." Leandra offered. "Sure." Zack said.

Out of the medlabs, Kira and Claudia were comparing their adventures in the apocalypse. "Also, me and Norm were out hunting one day, and we fell down a small cliff." Kira said. "We were fine, and it was private, so..." She said, leaving the rest to Claudia to figure out. "Well, that must have been...dirty." Claudia reacted. "Not really. The stream helped." Kira answered. "Then it was wet?" Claudia asked. "Yep. You were right, also."

"When am I wrong?" Claudia asked. "There was the one time you thought Em was banging a chick."

"Ah well." Claudia relented. "You two done anything since?" She asked. "Haven't had a chance to. I'm actually going over to his place now." Kira said. Claudia decided to head to Reid's in that case.

Ian, IceBite and Ryan got off their transport and walked into the council meeting session. Many ideas were thrown around. Half the council wanted to hunt down the perpetrator, while another chunk wanted to learn more before doing so. Ian was of a mind with the second chunk. The two Optimus' wanted a diplomatic solution above all else. Ryan didn't take a side, agreeing with both the major groups. Davenport once again raised the idea for an immediate hunt, and a laugh filled the room. "Hoo ha ha hoo haha hee ha ho ho ha..." Everyone looked around, all thinking What the fuck?

A lone, cloaked figure walked in. "And I thought that my jokes were bad." The man said, his face hooded. "Why do I have the feeling I've seen you before?" IceBite said, very up front. Nalia groaned "Oh no, not him again."

"Well then, look who finally stuck his head back out into reality." Ryan said, going for a weapon. "I suppose you could say that." The figure said and pulled his hood down, revealing the face of Kcaz Nosdrugis. There was an audible gasp throughout the room. "Ah, dramatic effect, much better then guns, don't you say?" Kcaz said. It was hard to tell if he was really smiling or not. "I prefer guns. More entertaining." Ryan said, drawing his own, Ian following suit. "Remind me why my daughter fucked you when she could have been slaughtering your children?" Kcaz asked.

"I don't know how you're alive, but I WILL send you back to the grave. With Tartorus gome, I'm a lot more powerful than you ever saw me..." IceBite said, drawing Vesracolian. "Likewise." Kcaz said and turned IceBite's shadow into a soldier for him. "Now, if I could kill you with an ice cream cone, Tarty with an eraser, and your Mephiles with a piece of dog poopoo, what chance do you think you have?" Kcaz asked. "Enough of one to kill you." Ryan said.

Ashelia rose, drawing her sword, and stood by IceBite. "Maybe a little more than you: he has allies to call upon." She said. Martok and Nalia rose, Martok drawing his Bat'leth as they stood by IceBite. "You are nothing but an honorless coward who will end up in the pits of Gre'thor in the end." Martok snarled. "Unlike you, we all have friends to aid us in our time of need. With ALL of us, versus you and whatever faithless 'minions' you obtained, what chance do YOU have?!" Nalia challenged. "Power is nothing without something to back it up. We have our unity to bind with our stength, and with it, we can weather any storm." Kosh said calmly.

Ryan looked thoughtful and stepped away from the group. Ian decided it was a good idea and went elsewhere. " get in a line to make it easier?" Kcaz asked. To their shock, it wasn't Kcaz who attacked. Someone fell from the ceiling and landed in their midst. A Hulk of a man, moving faster then Ryan when his children were threatened, swiftly put Nalia and Martok on the ground without even drawing a weapon. A second later he had thrown Ashe across the room and turned and caught IceBite's sword between two clapped hands. "I believe you've met my apprentice, Darth Alghul. He's the genius who manufactured the infection." Kcaz said, psychically throwing Ryan and Ian into one another.

IceBite struggled to force Vesracolian through Alghul's hands, but to no avail, the Sith's grip was stronger then Tartorus'.

Back at Kaven, Claudia and Korra were heaving with silent laughter, clapping like screwed up seals. Kira was watching from across the road and was leaning against a mailbox to steady herself. They were watching Sean try to have a conversation with Elle. Earlier that day, Kira had gone into the city, easily procured Marijuana by using her charms, and Korra and Claudia baked it into Elle's lunch. After a good forty minutes, the effects on Elle wore off and they saw her check around the kitchen.

They didn't even have to psychically communicate. The three girls just started running. All hoping they could run faster then an arrow. They went and hid out at the Sigurdson house all of them killing themselves laughing. They hung out there for a while before Korra went home, constantly checking for any arrows to come towards her. When she made it back, she found Samir, Raynor, and Liz talking Ryan, who was covered in bloodstains and had both legs taped together. "What happened?" Korra asked. "Kcaz is back. Walked right in on the Council meeting. Didn't even do this to me himself, he just had Alghul rip us all apart." Ryan said bitterly. "Ian has his tongue stuck to his nose and his hands are always punching him. They had to chain his hands away from him." Ryan went on.

Korra sighed, a tired, resigned sigh. She called Kira and told her. "Good lord. Thanks for telling-Claud! Put down the oven!" Kira yelled, making Korra jump. "I have to go. Claud just found out psychically. She's pissed." Kira said and hung up. Korra shook her head. "Where are the others?" She asked. "Out, mostly. Ethan's with Becca, she's a little freaked out." Raynor said. Korra nodded, understanding. The last time Kcaz had been active, he had killed almost all of the people Becca had worked with, and Becca wasn't a soldier.

News of Kcaz's return spread throughout the base over the next few days. When Elle and Sean found out, Elle immediately panicked. Sean was surprised at her reaction. Normally she would have taken it with less of a reaction. When he finally calmed her down, she began crying and hugged him. "Elle, love, we'll be alright. We've got more on our side then when he was active before." Sean said, trying to reassure her. "No, no, no. It's not that, Sean...I won't be able to do anything." Elle said, still crying. "What do you mean?" He asked her. "Sean, he might learn of this and target me, what then?" She said, her panic starting to come back. "Elle, calm down. Tell me what's wrong. We'll get out alright, we always do." Sean said.

Elle took multiple deep breaths before nodding. "Sean, please don't freak out when I tell you this." Elle started. "When have I ever freaked out at you?" Sean asked her. "Sean, I'm...I'm pregnant." Elle said quietly. Sean's eyes widened so that Elle could see white all around the irises. "Are you sure?" He eventually got out. "Yes." Elle said. "Ok. I'm going to tell IceBite that you are taking time off and that I need a raise." Sean said. "You're not scared about this?" Elle asked. "I'm scared out of my mind, Elle. That's why you're taking time off and I need a raise." He said. "So, you're ok with it?" Elle asked. "Love, this is the happiest I've been since I married you." He said. "You relax, I'm going to get that raise now." Sean said and left the house.

The SoldierEdit

There was a brief moment of silence before Claudia tossed the microwave out the window. "I give up, Dad!" Kira yelled. Claudia just would not calm down. Zack came up the stairs and Kira quickly excused herself. "Claud." He said and Claudia ignored him, looking for something else to throw. "Claud." He repeated. She ignored him again and began trying to lift the bed with her hands. "Claud." Zack said again, now walking over. He gently pulled her away from the bed and bent down so he could look her in the eyes. "Claud. I know you're angry. You're afraid. So am I."

"Dad. he killed you and mom! How am I supposed to take that he's back?!" Claudia half-yelled. "You take all the shit you feel in you and you turn it into a weapon to use against him, Claud. If you're half as mad as I am, he doesn't stand a chance." Zack said and hugged her. Claudia let him, now feeling drained. "We'll be alright, Claud. We'll be alright." Zack reassured her. She nodded and went to bed. She was asleep before he left the room. He found Kira asleep in her room as well. He smiled at her before leaving the room and going down to the living room. He watched the news until Leandra came home from her shopping. She had fourteen shotguns and seven rocket launchers with her.

"One does not simply not be prepared." She said, smiling at Zack. "Something you taught me after the first night." Zack said, walking over to help her unload everything. She laughed. "Where are the girls?"

"Asleep." He answered. "It's four pm." She said, surprised. "I know." He said. She finished unloading and putting stuff away and then sat on the counter. "You hear Elle is pregnant?" She asked, fishing a bag of M&Ms out of the pantry. "No. How did you find out?"

"Holly told me. She seems happy." Leandra said. She popped a few M&Ms in her mouth and tossed the bag to Zack. He ate a few and Leandra gestured for him to go over to her. He did so and she wrapped both arms around his neck and tilted her head towards the couch. He picked her up and carried her over. She curled up next to him and they watched an old HBO show for three hours before she gestured for him to pick her up again. He carried her into the bathroom, and she turned the shower on. Kira and Claudia slept like rocks, so they wouldn't wake up. Leandra began unbuttoning his shirt and he went to the zipper on her bodysuit.

The next day proved to be a long one. Several terrorist attacks across the universe were reported, all of which claiming massive loss of life. It was obvious to everyone that Kcaz was behind it all. The only place left that had not been hit was Earth, so the Squadran was preparing for an attack. Everyone was going through sessions for preparation, including, something that annoyed multiple members, a course on sexual harassment. Korra found herself sitting behind Norm, where they constantly criticized the teacher in whispers, just wanting to get the hell out of there.

Kira and Claudia wound up in a class called "Pregnancy during war" They were sitting next to one another, almost asleep, when Claudia pointed out Becca and Elle were sitting at the front, looking very attentive. Both of them. The sisters looked at one another. "On three?" Claudia muttered. "You wait until three." Kira said and promptly jumped out the window. Deciding to screw the courses, they went home and began practicing psychic powers together. After an hour of training, their dad came home. He waved them over and they walked over to him. He showed them a picture of a man, tall, wearing a black jacket and sunglasses. "This is a guy I killed last year." He said.

He pulled out another picture. A man who looked exactly the same. "This is his twin brother. Working for Kcaz now, and he is pissed at me." Zack said. "He is the one we think will be leading the attack on earth. Keep an eye out, alright?" He said, and both girls nodded. "What courses did you go to?" He asked. "Well, we did just escape Pregnancy during war." Claudia said as Kira checked her phone. Kira laughed. "Norm is in a sexual harassment class with Korra. That should be fun." Zack smiled. "I knew I raised you two right." He said. His phone buzzed and he answered it. "Hey hon'. I have an update on our deployment." Leandra said.

"Alright, when?" He asked. "This evening. We're going together to Europe to help build defenses there." Leandra said. "What about the girls?" He asked. "Claudia deploys next week with Boondock for southern Africa." She answered. "Alright, thanks love." He said and Leandra hung up. "Ok, me and mom are going to Europe this evening, so you'll have the house to yourselves until next week." Zack said. "Aren't deployments longer then that?" Kira asked. "Well, Claudia deploys for Africa next week." Claudia groaned while Kira looked amazed. "So, Kira, this house had better be standing when we get back." Zack warned her.

"Yes, I know, I know." Kira said. At five pm, Zack and Leandra got on a transport to Europe. "What country are we going to?" Zack asked her. "Italy." She answered. They arrived in an hour and were immediately greeted by a group of twenty people. Leandra began talking to them in Italian while Zack looked around. Eventually, Leandra walked back over to him. "The entire populace of Europe is here. About one thousand people." Leandra said. "That's a good quarter of the world." Zack commented. "Yeah, and half of them are pregnant or are about to be." Leandra said. "All humans?"

"Yeah, most non-humans moved back to their respective home planets while the humans living there are going to be brought here to help re-populate." Leandra answered. They had that night off before working in the morning, so they went to a half broken pizza place and made a pizza. "This would be really nice if we weren't recovering from the apocalypse." Leandra commented after her fifth slice. Zack nodded his agreement and Leandra's phone buzzed. She looked at it and sighed. "What?" Zack asked. "Kira and Norm just broke up. No idea why, are you sure Kira can't deploy?" Leandra quoted, and Zack knew it had come from Claudia.

"Why is it whenever we leave, something goes down back there?" Zack said tiredly. Leandra shrugged. They finished dinner and went to stay at the base the Squadran's forces were staying at. "I'm still getting used to the blonde hair." Leandra grumbled as she slipped under the covers. "Don't worry, it looks nice." Zack said as he joined her. The next day, they worked on repairing a hospital and helped give food to survivors. That was how they spent the next week and a half. One day, after their shift had ended, they got a video talk message from Claudia. "Hey guys, how's Italy?" She asked. "They have a quarter of the survivors on Earth here, so it is more packed then we thought. How about you?" Leandra asked.

"About two hundred survivors here, a quarter of them are pregnant. I've been assigned to be half that's midwife." Claudia said and shuddered. Zack chuckled slightly and Leandra jabbed him with her elbow. "Know how your sister is?" Zack asked, rubbing his gut. "She's down. Last we spoke I think she was repairing the drywall." Claudia said with entire honesty. Zack sighed while Leandra nodded, understanding. "Anyway, I have to go, I think the flies might have gotten to a few of the ODSTs. See you guys."

"Bye." Leandra and Zack said together as the transmission ended. Someone knocked on their door and Zack walked over to answer it. It was one of the security force members. "We need your help, a few of our guys were sent out into the country to investigate something, and we're a few people short." The man said. Both Zack and Leandra nodded, fully equipped themselves and followed him into the security tent. "Ok, reinforcements are arriving in ten. A guy from Boondock and seven ODST troops." One of the operators said. Zack nodded, knowing that they couldn't spare anyone else.

Ten minutes later, the transport arrived and Shane jumped off, followed by the ODST troops. They entered the tent and they watched a helmet camera showing the team taking in a surrendering man who claimed to know about the incoming attack. Zack noticed Shane seemed edgy about them bringing the surrendering man back. "You ok?" Zack asked. "Yeah, I'm just familiar with him. His name is Fhajad Ambrose, old terrorist." Zack nodded at the answer. "Ok, will you be alright?" Zack asked Shane. "Yeah, I can lock it down." Shane said and left. A few hours later, the team brought him back. Zack Shane, and the deployment commander began interrogating him. It was mostly asking questions, and he appeared to be answering them honestly, but after one answer, Shane seemed to think he was lying and went to kick him, but Zack held him back.

"He's lyin' Zack, you know it!" Shane said angrily as Zack pushed him away. "Listen Shane, if you can't lock it down, you're going back to Africa, got it?" Zack said. Shane nodded and left. Zack quickly phoned Leandra, who was helping run the Ops Center. "Leandra, can you search any links between Shane and this guy?" He asked. "Sure." Leandra said and the comm cut. After the deployment commander asked him if he knew where his boss was, he nodded. "If you can take me to your operations center, I can show you on a map." The commander called in a troop to escort him. Zack stayed in there for a moment and his phone buzzed. He answered it and Leandra was on the other end. "I've got that link you wanted."

"What is it?" Zack asked. "About seven years ago, Shane went on a joint mission with a GDI force who he became friends with. They were hunting extremists when they were caught in a firefight. Most of the team was captured except for Shane and two others. While Fhajad himself was beheading his teammates Shane was able to escape." Leandra said. "Oh my god." Zack whispered and hung up. Outside, moments before, Shane had taken Fhajad off of the trooper's hands and escorted him halfway to the ops center, where he then pinned him to the wall of a building and put a gun in his face. "Remember me, motherfucker?" He asked.

"Shane, drop the gun!" Zack yelled from behind him. Shane turned, pulling Fhajad in front of him. "Stay out of this, Zack!" Shane yelled, putting the pistol to the back of Fhajad's head. "Shane, for god's sake we need him alive!" Zack shouted. Shane didn't move, looking as though he was thinking hard. "Please, don't do this." Zack said. Shane shook his head slightly. "I can't let this animal live." Shane said. Then, the gunshot rang out and Shane fell back, staring at Zack in shock as he tried desperately to staunch the flow of blood leaving his neck. It was a vain effort, and he was dead in moments. Security teams arrived and took Fhajad to the ops center while Zack just stared at the body. He threw up, sick to his stomach with what he had to do.

Fhajad pointed the security force to a place in the italian countryside, and a team of the seven ODST troops drove out. Leandra was watching the helmet camera through the ops tent and watched them infiltrate a small house. Two ODSTs went down and the rest gunned down a terrorist with a shotgun. They went further into the building and found thirteen men guarding one. As the gunfight ensued, the one pushed a button and the screen went white. They heard the explosion from ops. Zack looked out into the field and saw the explosion. It was massive. It leveled most of the countryside and, as seen from space, much of the country. Zack pulled himself up and went back to finding who was in charge of this sect of terrorists. Zack went top ops and pulled up the file to look over his target."Albert Muller, IQ of one hundred seventy, master martial artist, showman." He summed up. As he was looking through the file, a guard came in. "Zack, one of our men in the field has a lead on Muller." The guard said. "Let's go." This time, Leandra went with him as they went out, well out of the bomb's range, to where the serviceman had a lead.

When they arrived, they found their man in the brushes overlooking a house. "I saw our guy go in with a security force, they were talking about another bomb." The man said, pointing at the house. Zack nodded and he and Leandra began moving down towards it. Leandra put a few charges on the door and they blew it. The explosion killed a man near it, and they stepped in the door, shooting down all the men in the room. Zack went into the upstairs and found Muller. He kicked him in the face and dragged him down. "You're going to talk." He snarled and slammed him into a chair. Before Zack could start the interrogation, Leandra pulled him aside and left a guard in the room. "Zack, for once, IceBite has a plan I agree with."

Ten minutes later, Zack walked back in and put Muller on the phone. "Muller, you've disappointed me." The man on the other end said. "They captured you as well?" Muller said. The man they made Muller talk to was the team leader of a terrorist sect that had been captured on Reach. "No, they want to bargain. You for a bomb." The other guy said. Zack took the phone away and signaled for Muller to be taken out. They took him into a truck where Zack and Leandra joined them. As they began to drive, Zack took out a needle. "Now we're going to have a lot of fun." Zack said darkly.

"You sure about this, Zack? I've never found medicinal torture very effective." Leandra commented. "I have." Zack answered. Muller snorted. "Your attempts to intimidate me are failing." He said. Leandra shrugged. "Either way, I get to watch you suffer." She said. Then, the truck flipped. When Muller's vision cleared, he looked around and saw masked men dragging Zack into a truck of their own, while executing the others. One of the men helped him into the truck and they began driving away. One man removed his mask.

"Hello sir, we were sent to rescue you." Muller nodded slowly, surprised. He pointed at Zack. "This one has a line to another leader. Get it from him." One of the men did so and they pulled over. "Kill him." Muller said. One of the men got out and Muller heard the gunshot ring out and saw Zack fall. He grinned and phoned his ally as the vehicle began to turn back on.

Outside, Zack rolled to his feet after the door closed and slipped under the truck, where he grabbed the underside and allowed himself to to be carried away. He had a comm linked to listen to the phone call. "Nonetheless, it was disappointing you were captured. I should have sent Amir." The man from Reach said. The vehicle surged to a stop as multiple gunshots rang out. Muller jumped out the back and got into the driver's seat. "Guys, Muller has killed our men, I'm on his vehicle now, he's taking me somewhere, probably to his next objective." Zack informed Ops and turned off his comm.

He carefully climbed up onto the top of the truck, where he held on until Muller stopped at a warehouse in a random, untouched town. Men came out to greet him. Zack jumped down and rolled back under the truck. He waited until they had all gone in except for the one inspecting the truck. Zack waited until the man was near him and tripped him with his arm. Once the man was down, Zack snapped his neck. He rolled out, drew his pistol, and slipped into the warehouse.

Once inside, Zack saw the men, and Muller, with three more bombs. Knowing he had to act now, Zack shot once, downing one man. The remaining six men opened fire on him. He ducked behind a crate and rolled to the side, shooting down another, before hiding behind a set of pallets and dropping another three. As he shot down the last guard Muller tried to arm one of the bombs, but Zack shot at him so he had to back away. MUller began firing himself, as did Zack, but they both ran out of ammo, and Zack had to close distance on him.

Zack charged forward and they began to fight. Muller got two quick punches into Zack's face, but Zack had taken worse and brought his knee into Muller's gut and then tossed him across the room. Zack stepped forward and kicked him in the face. He tried to pin him to the ground, but Muller kicked him away and landed with a thud on the ground. Muller got up, holding a screwdriver, and began advancing towards him. Zack grabbed a massive wrench and swung it as he got up, smashing Muller's wrist to pieces. Muller, despite his wound, kept attacking and tackled him to the ground. He was on his feet and kicked Zack in the chest, breaking three of his ribs.

Zack crawled, despite the second kick, and his hands found a steel chain on a mechanical system. He rolled and tripped Muller, He hoisted himself up with the chain and used it to block Muller's next two attacks with a steel pipe. Muller grabbed Zack on the shoulder and stabbed him with a small, concealed knife, making Zack shout out in pain. Adrenaline and rage coursing through him, Zack bit Muller's finger off and wrapped the chain around His arm and neck, locking him in position.

"Say hello to your brother..." Zack whispered in his ear then found the control system and used it to lift Muller up. Muller twitched and struggled, but eventually succumbed to suffocation. Zack sunk to the floor, breathing heavily. For a few minutes, all was silent and then he heard cars arrive, and people came in. Leandra led a team in, her sidearm out. They looked at the carnage all around them. "Damn, Zack." A few of the troopers said as Leandra helped him up and helped him walk to the trucks outside. Medics treated him for the broken ribs and Leandra put him in her truck. Leandra began driving back and Zack looked out the window.

"You ok?" Leandra asked. He sighed. "Love, I've been a soldier all my life. Hell, lives. I signed up when I was twelve and I didn't stop since then." Zack said. "And now, now I'm starting to wonder if I should stop being the soldier for a while." Zack said and rested his head against the chair. A few seconds later, he was asleep.

The CivilianEdit

The few Squadran members who were still at Kaven were either not working or had background jobs. In fact, the only people who were currently in the base were Kira, Becca, Elle, Ethan, a few members of the command staff, and Korra. Everyone else was deployed elsewhere to help build up the defenses. One morning, Korra woke up with her face in a sink. Also in the sink was a large splat of vomit. She pulled herself out of the sink, a massive headache coming on. She looked around and saw Kira sitting on the couch in the Sigurdson home, blankets wrapped around her.

"Kira, what the hell are you doing?" Korra asked. "Recovering from the hangover that you're going to be hit with." Kira said. "What happened last night?" Korra asked, finding Ice to put on her head. Kira got up, the blankets still wrapped around her. "Well, there are fourteen beer cans at the table and seventeen in the living room, meaning I probably drank you under the table again, there's an ancient horror movie still in the movie player and a shotgun blast though the ceiling, meaning we were scared shitless watching an ancient horror flick..." She walked around and looked out the window.

"There's your dad's car in the driveway, meaning you borrowed it." Kira said and glanced at Korra. "Your hair is braided, meaning I had one drink too many, you're wearing a dress, meaning so did you..." She looked out the window again. "Oh, and your lingerie is hanging on the mailbox, so I don't want to know what that means." Kira said and Korra looked out the window. "Must have been a party." Korra groaned. She went up to the bathroom, knowing Kira wouldn't mind, and had a shower to wash the vomit out of her hair and un-braid it.

After a few minutes, someone knocked on the door and Kira answered it to find Ethan. "Hey Kira, is Korra here? I came to pick her up." He said. "She's in the shower. You know what happened last night, aside from the mailbox and the cans and the shotgun blast in the wall?" Kira asked. "Yeah, I was about to ask if you wanted me to grab your clothes from the mailbox. That may not be the best place for them, you know." Ethan said. "Those are Korra's." Kira corrected him.

"Good, god.... You two need someone to watch over your shenanigans." Ethan said, his eyes widening. "Seeing as I found bottles of healthy drinks in the garbage, I think we may have." Kira responded. "And I take it you have no idea who that someone was. Lovely." Ethan said, shaking his head. "Well, it was all super good for you stuff, so the person was obviously health concerned. Who are the two most health concerned people in Kaven right now?"

"Elle and Becca, I would guess." Ethan answered. "Yeah. Did Becca sneak out of bed last night? If so, for how long?" Kira asked. "I honestly don't know, I was dead asleep." Ethan answered. At that moment, Korra came down from the shower. "Hey Korra, ready to go?" Ethan asked. "Shhh, not so loud. Just get me back to my bed, please." Korra said. "Alright, no problem. Have a good day, Kira." Ethan said. "Thanks. Don't forget her lingerie, I think photos might be on social media by now." Kira said. "Yeah, I got it. Thanks for not getting into to much trouble."

"As far as we know. See you." Kira said and they left. Kira napped until three in the afternoon, then cleaned up the house. After that, she discovered their were indeed photos on social media by then. "Ah, fuck." Kira groaned. She microwaved a pizza and ate dinner before going to bed early. She woke up to the sound of a knock on the door. She went down and answered it. "Korra?" She asked tiredly. "Yeah, er, I forgot something here, mind?" She asked. Kira let her come in and went to find a non-alcoholic drink when the door knocked again. "Oh, hey Elle." Kira said, surprised.

"Thought I should check on you." Elle said. "Saw the picture." She said. Kira welcomed her in and Elle sat down on the couch. "I should probably ask where she got it, Sean would love that." Elle mused. "Ok, TMI." Kira muttered, finding the remote stuck on top of the fan. "You two went insane the other night." Elle said as Kira put the news on. "You were here?" Kira asked. "Someone had to stop you two from burning the place down."

"Thanks." Korra said, coming into the room. "Though I did leave once Korra went topless and got into the butter..." Elle said, giving Korra a look. Kira and Korra threw a look at one another, and Korra immediately excused herself. Kira shook her head, sighing, and went into the kitchen. "No trusting the butter." She said and threw it out. Elle chuckled. "Or the loose bananas." Kira said and tossed them as well. Elle laughed aloud. "So, how is it coming?" Kira asked. "I will say this, you, Claud, and Korra are all very lucky your stunt didn't do anything." Elle said. Kira breathed a sigh of relief.

They talked for a while before Elle went home. Kira soon became bored and decided to go over to the Ferrans' place. She was welcomed in by Korra, and saw Becca on the couch. Ethan came in and greeted her. "So, Korra, thanks for making me throw out the butter." Kira said. Becca and Ethan both gave them a strange look. Korra just sighed and shut her eyes. "And all the loose bananas. No trusting them, really." Kira said. "Korra, that's not how you use a banana!" Ethan said, looking shocked. "Hey, we have no clue why they were there." Korra said defensively. Becca simply put her face in her hand and shook her head. Kira laughed shook her head. "So, when are we getting together again?" She asked Korra, half-jokingly. Korra just sighed and ignored the question.

Kira's phone buzzed. She answered it. "Hello?" She asked. "Hey, Kira." Leandra said on the other end. "Hi mom. What's up?"

"Me and dad are taking a vacation, I know, strange timing, but let's just say your dad really needs it." Leandra said. "What's wrong, is he ok?" Kira said, worry flooding her. "I will say retirement might be a possibility now." Leandra said. "Claud gets back in four weeks, we'll be back six after that." Leandra said. "Know about me?" Kira asked. "It might be better if you and Korra get deployed..." Becca mused loudly. Kira held the phone away from her mouth and hissed. "I'm begging you." Then went back to the phone call. "Nope, no idea. You and Korra burn the house down yet?" Leandra said.

"Nope. House is fine." Kira said. "Relatively." Ethan said, not bothering to keep his voice down. Kira gave him the look of death, and kept talking. "Ok, so, we'll call when he get in a good service place. Bye." Leandra said. "Bye." Kira said and hung up. Kira wound up eating dinner there and went home in the evening. When she got home, she found an envelope in the fridge. She looked inside and found a set of polaroids. "So that's what happened." She said, eyes as large as plates. The next day, she called Korra over. When Korra arrived, Kira promptly opened a fifty year old bottle of whiskey and downed a quarter while Korra looked the polaroids over.

"You love your fruits and veggies, don't you?" Kira said, taking another swig. Korra's eyes widened progressively. She eventually put them down and looked Kira in the eye. "Where did those cucumber send up?" She asked. Kira sighed. "I checked the garbage, the fridge, pretty much anywhere food is stored, and I didn't find them." She answered. Korra kept a straight face on for a moment. "One cucumber each?" She confirmed. "Yep." Kira answered. "Remind me not to get drunk with you again." Korra said. Kira nodded her assent.

Out in Africa, Lena looked up from her meal and saw Sean walking in, looking grim. His hands were bloodied, so he'd probably been punching something. "What's up?" She asked him. "Shane's dead." He said, perfectly blunt. Lena closed her eyes, then blinked a few times. "How?" She asked, her voice shaky. "He was trying to kill the guy who was going to lead them to more of those bombs that went off in Italy. Zack...didn't have much choice." Sean answered. Lena ran her hands through her hair, shaking her head. The sheer enormity of it was amazingly terrible. No tears came. Maybe she was just used to it by now.

Sean grabbed a bowl of the grey paste they were living off of and went to eat outside. He was too drained to hunt, and Lena understood that. She finished her bowl and went outside. She saw Kaidan standing on his own, cleaning and inspecting his sidearm, Jake was standing atop the shelter, arms crossed and staring at the sunrise. She saw Ian on his own as well, crouched down, face in his hands. Norm was sitting atop a truck, staring off into the distance. Claudia was nowhere to be seen. Lena shook her head and climbed the building to talk to Jake. "How're you doing?" She asked him. "I don't know why, but I feel like I don't feel enough." He said. She nodded.

"So much death nowadays, it's like we're used to it." She said. "Yeah. You know where Claudia is?" He asked. "No. I don't blame her for not being around." Lena said. They watched Ian stand up and walk over. "Guys, bandits on the highway, let's stop anyone else getting killed." He said, bitterness in his voice, and Boondock assembled and went with him down the highway, piling into a truck. When they arrived, the pulled over and entered a bush, where they found Miranda waiting. "They're just...standing there." Miranda murmured. They looked at one another and looked down onto the highway. A team of bandits were standing in front of a mostly destroyed bridge. They saw the leader of the bandit team talking to a lone, hooded man. They could visibly see a bow and quiver slung over his shoulders and a machete at his waist.

They crawled closer so they could hear what they were saying. The leader seemed to be growing impatient. "Look buddy-" The leader said and shoved him. "You listening?" He said. The man piped up. "You listen to me. Put that on me again and you're not getting it back." The man threatened. The leader laughed and shoved him again, and the man pulled out a machete and chopped his hand off in a single slash. "I warned you." He said and began backing up into the shadow of the bridge. The rest of the bandits, holding a motley assortment of weaponry, went after him. The man ducked around a pipe swung at him and stabbed through a bandit with a chainsaw at the same time. He tore the blade out the side, spilling intestines everywhere, and cut off another's head. He threw the machete like a massive throwing knife and nailed two bandits together. He drew his bow and put an arrow through the eye of another, then drew another arrow and stabbed the last attack in the throat.

He pulled out the used arrows and retrieved his machete, then walked over to the bandit leader. He cradled the man as he drew the machete across this stomach. "Sean, with me." Ian said and rolled out of the brush, closely followed by Sean. As they drew near, they heard the man whispering to the body. "For thee mi'lord, for thee. Power hath-" He looked up and saw them drawing near. Ian had his revolver out, but Sean told him to put it away. He neared the man, slinging his crossbow over his shoulder, then knelt down next to him. He helped the man finish the prayer, and then they rose. "What side?" Sean asked.

"Leon's." The man answered. "You?"

"David's." Sean replied. "What's your name?" Sean asked. "Mark." The hooded man said. "Sean." Sean replied and the two men embraced as though they were old friends. "Sean?" Ian asked as the others exited the brush. Norm walked over. "This is Norm, from Jonathan's side." Sean said. "Mark of Leon's." Mark said and he and Norm embraced as well. "Do you two know this man?" Ian asked. "Never met him, but he's one of our cousins." Norm answered. Ian held out his hand and Mark shook it. "You sure can fight, Mark." Ian said. "Thank you. Learned from a random elf out in space." Mark said. As the group met Mark, Ian got a call from command. "Ian, it's Ryan. We're coming to pick you guys up, your deployment is done, we're on our way home too." Ryan's voice sounded over the comm.

"Alright. We have a new friendly, we're on our way." Ian said and they piled back into the truck. They rode back to the main camp, where they were replaced by an ODST strike team. They boarded the Phantom Legion ship and they were brought back to HQ. It was only once they were midway through the trip home did Ian find Claudia sitting on her own in the fighter bay. "Why weren't you around?" He asked. "My presence would have fucked with the team's coordination." Claudia responded. Ian nodded. "I don't hold it against your family, your father did what he had to. Yes I'm angry, but I understand." Ian said and left.

They arrived to the few people on the landing pad. They were greeted by Korra, Ethan and Kira, as well as Becca and Elle, who were showing their first bumps of pregnancy. Claudia and Kira hugged and went back to their home, having a psychic conversation, while the Ferrans reunited. "Who's the hood?" Korra asked her father. "Another Renner. I'm starting to wonder how many of them there are." Ryan answered. They returned to their home, Ryan and Claire asking Korra about what she did while they were away. She just gave Ethan a "Shut up now" look. Sean introduced Elle to Mark. "This is my wife, Elle." Sean said. Mark surprised her by kissing her hand. "It is good to meet you, Elle." He said. "Oh-uh, you too." She stuttered. "Hon, is it alright if Mark stays with us?" Sean asked.

"I'll cook, sounds like you'll need help with that." Mark said. It was true. Elle would have to stop and the last time Sean had cooked he had nearly burned the house down. She nodded. He followed them home and, when dinnertime came, Elle and Sean found themselves faced with a five course meal made from just about everything in the pantry. "Mark, is there any food left?" Sean asked, incredulous. "Yep." Mark said simply. As they ate, Elle updated Sean on her status. "I've been feeling more kicks then normal, so I'm going to the med-labs to find out more." She said. Sean nodded. "I'll go with you, we're getting the next eight months off." Sean told, and she nodded, happy he'd be able to stay home for the delivery.

"Have you guys set up a room for the baby yet?" Mark asked. "Not yet. I'm starting that day after tomorrow." Sean answered. "I'll give you a hand." Mark said, and Sean nodded appreciatively. "What happened while I was away?" Sean asked. Elle smirked. "I had to keep an eye on Kira and Korra when they had a party. Left when clothes started coming off." Elle said. Mark looked at Sean, eyebrows raised. They talked for the rest of the evening, asking about Mark's past. When they had finished, Mark went to sleep in the guest room.

The next day, Mark awoke to find himself alone in the house, and went out to acquaint himself with the rest of the base. As he walked, he first met the two Sigurdson girls, who were out sitting by a lamp post eating what looked like poutine. "Hello, ladies." Mark said. "Sup boy?" Claudia responded, looking up. "How are you two?" He asked. "Better a minute ago." Claudia said. "Be nice, Claud. She's taken. Don't have same problem here, though." Kira said, lightly smacking her sister on the shoulder. "What? It is true, he stands directly in the sun!" Claudia said. Mark took a few steps to the side. "Ah, that's better." Claudia said.

"So, what are your names?" Mark asked. "You don't need to call him boy all the time, sis." Kira chided. "He is...." Claudia grumbled. "Well, what's your name, hon'?" Kira asked. "I'm Mark." MArk said, giving her a smile. "So, you can call him Mark, Claud." Kira told her older sister. "I prefer "boy"." Claud said and continued eating. "Why oh why, love?" Mark said, a little dramatically. "Careful boy, you might not want to lose your one thinking organ." Claudia said. "What about you, what would you like to call me?" Mark asked Kira. "I can think of a few things." Kira said, smiling. "Why don't you tell me over dinner?" Mark asked. "Sure." Kira laughed and Mark bid them farewell and left. "That desperate?" Claudia asked. "No, just willing to try someone new. Like you said. experiment." Kira replied, still smiling.

"Don't come to me should you be disappointed." Claudia said, finishing the poutine. "Define disappointed." Kira challenged. "You know, if he can't do that one thing." Claudia said. "I don't speak lunatic. What's the one thing?" Kira asked. "Hey! I am saner than you are! I saw those pics of you. Oh, come on, what is the one thing all biological things crave ? Starts with an "o" ends with a gasm." Claudia responded. "Well, unlike you, I don't fuck on the first date, so for now, I shouldn't have to worry." Kira said.

"It was the fourth..." Claudia said, a little defensive. "And now what, every time since?" Kira asked. "No! That'd get boring, we restrain ourself until we can no longer stand it. By the way, hopefully dad won't look in his jacket anytime soon...I put the pics there." Claudia said, putting on and evil grin.

"Dad's with mom in Italy."

"I can teleport stuff. In the jacket he is wearing he will find the pics." Claudia said. "I'll be back in ten minutes." Kira said and teleported. "Now that is how you get the afternoon to yourself." Claudia said and leaned back in the sun.

Mark had a pleasant meet up with the Ferran Clan. Most of the girls rebuffed him, which he was fine with. Claire seemed to find his sport flirting weird, while Korra accepted it and reciprocated it. All the men were quite friendly. When he returned home, he found Elle sitting on the couch, reading. "Hi, Elle. Where's Sean?" Mark asked. "He's out grocery shopping." Elle responded. "How did the test go?" He asked. "We're having triplets." Elle said, and he could tell she was rather excited.

"Congratulations. I'll run out and get more stuff for the room." Mark said, knowing they'd need three times the supplies. from before. While he was out, he noticed someone jumping from roof to roof in the city. He ignored it for a while, but then it seemed that they were going to the same place. When he arrived at the hardware store, he saw Sean in the parking lot. He ran over. "Hey, man. Congratulations." He said. "Thanks, you here to help?" Sean asked. "Yeah, what do we need?" Mark asked. As they were shopping for supplies for beds, they heard screams and gunfire come from the front of the store.

They snuck down to check it out, and saw none other then Darth Nymeria wandering around, a machine gun in her hands, threatening the store's staff. Sean and Mark turned around and were face to face with the mask of Darth Alghul. Alghul lifted Mark up and tossed him down the aisle. He collided with a shelf full of paint buckets and they fell down on him, burying him beneath them. He swore and began trying to get out. As he dug himself out and saw the light of the store, he looked down the aisle and saw Alghul holding Sean still, while Nymeria walked in circles around them, moving like a cat.

Mark saw Nymeria smile sadly, kissed Sean on the cheek, then put her lightsaber dagger into his heart.

A week later, right after the funeral, Elle and Mark (who was paying rent to help bring income for the children), came back to Elle's house. Elle was doing everything possible to keep going for her childrens' sake. Mark was doing everything possible to help her through it. Norm visited regularly, and all of their friends were doing as much as they could as well. Zack and Leandra had returned early for the funeral to help Elle through it. When Mark asked Zack why, he replied "I'll be damned if I let Sen and Holly's kid go through this alone."

At the Sigurdson home, Kira and Leandra were out, and Claudia noticed that Zack seemed different. Not wanting to intrude, she decided to ask instead of know. "Dad, what's wrong?" She asked. "Everyone around me seems to be dropping dead." Zack answered. "Hey! I have been with you for centuries, and I am still alive!" She said, immediately worried about him. "How do I know you or Kira or mom isn't next?" Zack asked her. "The guy that can kill me, has yet to be born." Claudia said. Zack did a double take. "Huh?" He asked. "I won't die. I promise you." Claudia said, hugging her dad. "Alright, alright." Zack said, sounding as though he was reassuring himself. He let out an explosive sigh.

"What did you and Kira do while we were away?" He asked, trying to change the subject. "Kira dated Sean's cousin." Claudia said. "Figures. What about you specifically?"

"Not much. You got the pics of Korra and Kira?" Claudia asked. "The ones of their trip to Canada?" He asked. "No, their party here." She said. "Er, no. Do me a favor and don't tell me." He said. "You sure?" She asked. "Yes. If you tell your mother I'll have to ground you."

"You can't do that." Claudia protested. "Yes I can. Not that you have any obligations, as Reid doesn't get back for a month." Zack pointed out. "True..." Claudia said, thoughtful. "How is that going, so far? Will I be walking you down the aisle any time soon?" Zack asked. "No...I like freedom to much." Claudia answered. "You afraid he'd stop you or something?" Zack asked. "No, but I don't like whole until death does you part." Claudia explained. "Claud, that's Catholicism. Even IceBite disagrees with them." Zack pointed out.

"I know. I still don't want to marry." Claudia said stubbornly. "Does that mean I have to count on your sister for grandkids?" Zack asked her. "Why not?" Claud replied. Zack just sighed. She sighed too.

"So, you're dating the new guy?" Leandra asked as she began driving back from the city. "Yeah." Kira said. "What's he like?" Leandra asked. "He's a real sweetheart." Kira responded simply, smiling to herself. "When do we get to meet him?" Leandra asked. "When I say you can." Kira answered, grinning. Leandra chuckled. "Well, however this goes, I just have one request." Leandra said. "Shoot." Kira responded, looking at her mother. "Whenever you two get serious, use freaking birth control, I don't want to be a grandparent before I'm three-hundred." Leandra said, blunt as a hammer. Kira laughed. "Well, I don't want to marry or have kids yet. Claudia just doesn't, me, maybe after I'm a hundred and fifty." Kira said, making Leandra laugh too.

As they drove, Leandra thought on the turn of events that had happened over the last few months. Alghul had warned them, the people of the universe were slaughtered, they proved they were good while their enemies proved they were evil. Zack had shown that he was the uncertain soldier, and Elle's husband was killed while she could do nothing, almost as though she was a civilian. Leandra shook her head and kept driving.

The MartyrEdit

In the Boondock Headquarters, Jake was in the basement, punching a punching bag. Watching him was Ian, who was cleaning off a combat machete. Miranda was out, nobody really knew what she was up to. Lena had taken to hanging out with Kira and Korra, who were helping her get over her rape. Norm was always out, going into Vegas and slaughtering criminals by the truckload. Kaidan was out, probably visiting some underground brothel. They all had their own ways of dealing with loss. Jake knocked the bag off its hinges and sent it flying across the room. "Jake, how do you feel about joining me on a hunt, way to remember him." Ian suggested. Jake nodded and they drove out and into the forests outside the base.

They wandered around, hunting deer and squirrels, sometimes a raccoon. When they finished, they took whatever game they had caught back to headquarters, and they cooked it into a meal for the task force. Norm was the only one who didn't show up. He was out walking around the base, aimless, right until he decided to stop at the bar. He ordered a whiskey and sat alone until he was visited by Alcatraz and Alison Kyle. They offered condolences and they talked for a while. Eventually, Norm brought up a rather dark topic. "I'm going after Nymeria. I've already recruited two others. We need another two. You guys interested?" He asked. They nodded. "Alright, meet me in the hangar bays tomorrow at noon. I've got a pretty good idea of where she is."

The next day, Norm's team was assembled. He had gotten Sola, Kaidan, Alison and Alcatraz to go with him. He knew Sola had old business with Nymeria, so she would be a good addition. He just gave Kaidan twenty grand from IceBite's account to get him along, and he just asked Alison and Alcatraz. They found Nymeria on Korriban, where they landed far from her small fort she called home and began making plans. Once they had finished, Sola piped up. "So Alc here kills everyone outside, we sneak in and kill everyone inside?" She summed up. "Pretty much." Said Norm. "Let's do it." Kaidan said and loaded a clip into his sidearm. Alcatraz just walked right in the front door.

About twelve hundred Sith warriors pulled their lightsabers out and rushed him. He quickly summoned fifty of black gears and enslaved fifty of the warriors before vanishing and reappearing in their midst, shooting down a few before vanishing, reappearing, and making them start killing themselves. He repeated this again and again. As he did so, the others slipped in the back door into the fort. When they made it in a good distance, Norm and Kaidan stopped, drawing their weapons and setting up to defend. "We'll keep you two covered. Go get Nymeria." Norm said. Allison and Sola nodded and they slipped further into the building. Almost immediately, Norm and Kaidan had to shoot down a quartet of Sith guards. "The shit I do for twenty-grand." Kaidan muttered as he walked over and kicked the lone survivor twice in the head.

As Allison and Sola reached the inner sanctum, they saw Nymeria sitting on a throne, looking at the night sky. "This is the second time you've made an attempt on my life, Sola." Nymeria said and turned the throne around to face them. Sola drew out her saber as Nymeria rose. "Hardly fair." Nymeria commented and suddenly, Allison fell through the floor and into the floor beneath it. She landed heavily and looked up to see Alghul standing over her. She rolled to her feet and used her light powers to start moving all around him, getting in blows that would have dropped a normal person. He just took them and ignored them. As she continued, she noticed he appeared to be paying attention to something, and then he stuck his arm out and she ran right into his elbow, knocking her flat.

Upstairs, a furious saber duel had begun. Sola had to move much faster then Nymeria, who could attack from two places at once, and Sola had only one saber. However, Nymeria had to maintain a distance, getting close for about a second before jumping back to avoid being cleaved in two, as Sola had the advantage of distance. As the duel progressed, they both began noticing increasingly large dents in the floor. Then, a dent burst and Allison went flying into the ceiling, and Alghul jumped up and tossed her down to the floor. It was quite clear she was not conscious. Alghul walked up to her and broke both her legs before turning to charge at Sola, drawing his light-axe.

Sola ducked under a strike from Alghul and force pushed Nymeria away before jumping over an attack from Alghul and swinging her saber at his head. He ducked and punched her, amplifying the punch with the force and sending Sola out the window, where she tumbled down the cliff, bouncing off rocks. He turned and saw more beings walk in, including Alcatraz, who was one of the few beings Alghul feared. Alghul jumped out the window, abandoning Nymeria to the others. Kaidan and Norm began moving through the room, making sure it was clear while Alcatraz hefted Nymeria, who he knocked out, and called Norm over to help Allison.

As Norm went over, Kaidan came across a tank. A clone breeding tank. He checked its data. "Holy shit." He said and quickly wheeled the tank out with them. They took the tank back to Kaven and Nymeria was put into custody.

Back at Kaven, the base was having problems themselves. "That does it, if Dawn doesn't get fired, we're making our own faction!" Leandra yelled to Zack, ducking under Ryan's flying car as she slid next to him as he took cover behind a house. "Amen, hon." He said and shot four rounds at Kcaz. They bounced off of him and he fired a ball of metal back at them, shearing the house in half. They began running and saw Mark jumping around, swinging a machete that appeared to block lightsaber strikes against a trio of Sith Warriors. As they drew near, they saw what he was jumping around, and saw he was defending Elle, who was in no way capable of defending herself. Zack and Leandra shot them from behind.

They ran over and helped Mark move Elle well away from Kcaz, who was cutting through the defense like a hot knife through butter. As he ripped through a squad of ODST troops, something large and metal hit him in the back of the head. He turned around and saw Kira Sigurdson drawing up another ball. He began moving towards her when his head was suddenly encased in ice. He melted it away and saw Korra Ferran already launching a blast of water and fire at him. He was tripped up for a moment before freezing the ice and making it boiling hot. Korra recoiled as the fire-ice connected with her hands. He turned and walked right into the metal fist of Kira, which knocked him flat. He was on his feet in a second and caught the next punch, throwing her across the street and into a house. By the time he'd turned around, a spike of ice had impaled him through the back. He broke it off and tossed it back at Korra. Kira was already back on him, pinning his arms behind his back, allowing Korra to unload on him.

He turned himself around, and Kira took a blast of fire to the back. She had to let go to put herself out, and Kcaz was able to make a blade made from all elements and swing it at them, they both ducked, but he was able to hit them both with a blast made out of the same combination. They were both struck full force and went flying into the sky and out of the base. Kcaz readied himself for the next challenger, impressed with the girls' abilities. He looked around, and then took a bullet in each eye. He carefully picked them out, allowing his eyes to heal, and saw his granddaughter charging him. She was faster then him, he had to admit, and she was able to surprise him with several well placed strikes. Nonetheless, she too was defeated.

He then took a torpedo to the back. He turned and saw a ship returning. He shot it down and turned to keep walking. For a moment, it was peaceful, then he heard a blood-curdling scream and was then knocked into the sky. When he landed, he looked up to see what looked like a combination to Sen Urec and Nes Ceru. "Ah. Nymeria and Alghul went through with it." Kcaz said and jumped to his feet. The creation's eyes were glowing blue and red, and his body was radiating with blue and red Force energy. It was the most powerful thing Kcaz had ever seen. It soon became experienced, as he was soon flung into space without hassle.

On earth, the creation fainted, and medics took the scene over. After that attack, to their surprise, a good eight months of peace followed. The world's population, by way of human's migrating, grew to seven hundred thousand. Over the months, many things changed. Elle and Becca's pregnancies were nearing their end, Lena, with the help of Korra and Kira, was able to get over her rape, Norm took over for Mark, being the one to help Elle with day to day life, Boondock became the ultimate black ops team, exceeding the records of Harbinger, and Zack and Leandra Sigurdson announced they would be retiring from the squadran within a few months.

When they announced it, there was a wave of shock that filled the base, although neither of their children were very surprised. More then a few people tried to talk them out of it, but they made no headway. Some viewed Boondock as their replacement, a fact that shocked its members. "Bullshit, nothing can replace those records." Muttered Kaidan when he heard that part.

Among the harder hit by their decision was the Ferran Clan. Ryan and Claire both understood and were saddened. Their male children all stated that they were each honored to have served alongside them, most of the women wanted them to stay on base, despite their retirement, and Korra, who knew them the least, merely wished them good lives and told them it was good to know them.

Realizing that they would be paying for everything themselves now, Claudia and Kira began applying for higher jobs to get more money. Claudia went for high risk deployments alongside the Boondock troops, while Kira tried out for undercover missions, a new addition to the stage of warfare. On one day like most others, a few lives were plunged into immediate chaos. While Mark was out eating lunch with Kira, he got a phone call. He answered, and heard Norm's voice. "Elle's water just broke!"

"What does that mean?!"

"I dunno, ask Kira!" He did so. "Get her over to the med-labs now!" Mark yelled into the phone. Norm hung up and Mark excused himself to run to the med-labs, where new life was set to be brought into being. The birthing lasted about three hours, and after it was over, two girls and a boy were now Elle's children. Exhausted, Elle whispered each of their names. "Sen, Sasha, Anastasia." She got out and reluctantly passed into sleep, leaving her remaining family to help the doctors put the children into special containment units, where they could be properly monitored.

Outside the med-labs where it had taken place, Zack and Leandra were congratulating Holly on becoming a grandmother. "You're the first of our generation to enter that stage of life. Nice work." Zack said, and Holly smiled while jokingly swatting him. "So, why are you two retiring?" She asked. "New generation is here, next one is on the way. Last thing they'll need is too many old hands on base, they need to learn to work for themselves, and not just rely on the old folks. Besides, Zack has wanted to learn to knit for years." Leandra joked. "I get that, but they will need teachers. I guess that's why I'm still around." Holly said. "What will your girls do?" She asked them.

"Claudia is moving in with Reid and Kira...she's getting the house." Zack answered, pausing at the second part. Holly chuckled. "Should be interesting." She said. Holly was eventually allowed in, and Zack and Leandra went home. By then, it was eleven at night. They just crashed. At the hospital, once Holly left, Norm stayed in the room with the newborns, protecting against anything that would come in. Mark was in Elle's room, standing in a shadow, bow held in one hand across his chest.

Eventually, Ian and Jake came by and took over for them. When Norm slept, he had a horrible dream.

A large group of people, fighting among one another. One person, a young, dark haired woman threw a punch, and people recoiled. The woman began screaming, rage easily visible, and two others tried to calm her down, both of them resembling her heavily. Then, someone else began yelling abuse, and when the original woman's back was turned, the second shot her in the head.

Norm shot awake, quickly piecing the dream together. Most of the people he didn't recognize, but he could guess who the three look-a-likes were. He shook his head awake and waved Ian away, who nodded and went out. Elle slept until noon, and began talking to herself about ideas for godparents. One thing was certain. Many people were about to be involved in raising the children, Sean being their martyr for doing so.

The VictimEdit

A month passed. The newborns were all healthy and growing rapidly. Once they were strong and healthy enough, Elle decided to have them scanned for any signs of powers. Sen, the eldest of the triplets, tested positive for Force powers. The youngest, Anastasia, tested positive for Aura powers. However, the middle child of the triplets, Sasha, tested negative for any kind of power. Elle did find that worrying, as it meant she wouldn't be as able to protect herself as her siblings. It might also mean conflict between the kids in the future. Elle went to Norm first for advice, as he had made it far without any abilities. "She could train with Boondock, they're the best non-altered people out there, aside from Miranda." Norm suggested. "Only when she's old enough." Elle confirmed, and he nodded.

The godparents had taken as much time as possible to help with the children. Norm and Lena were Sasha's godparents, Mark and Miranda to Sen, and Ian and Aria Shadewood to Anastasia. They had all soon discovered near immediate personalities by every one of the children. Sen was very up front, and made it very clear when he wanted something. Sasha was withdrawn, not seeming to have much interest in anything, but had a short temper, and even punched Norm in the arm once, with surprising strength. Anastasia was shy and quiet, hardly ever crying.

As they grew over the next six weeks, these personalities continued. As these six weeks passed, another thing grew, the resolution that Zack and Leandra were indeed retiring. One day, they told their daughters they were moving off base. Kira and Claudia both understood and after they had said their goodbyes, Zack and Leandra went out of the house to visit the people they were closest with. They firts visited Holly at eight at night. "Hey guys. You two headed out?" Holly asked, and they nodded. She was perceptive enough to know.

"We just wanted to say goodbye, and to let you know it's been an honor to know you." Zack said to Holly, and Leandra nodded. Holly gave a sad smile. "Thanks. Likewise." Holly said. Zack put on a bittersweet smile. "I just realized, this makes you the last active Zeta." He said. Holly started. She seemed very surprised by the revelation. "Hey, it'll give you stories to tell your grandchildren." Leandra said. Holly tilted her head in agreement. "So, tell everyone else we said bye." Leandra said. Zack gave her a card. "Phone and address, if you need either of us, we'll be here in ten minutes." Zack said. Holly gave another sad smile and hugged them both. They started walking down the front porch before Holy called out for their attention. She snapped off a salute at two of her old COs, which they both returned, smiling.

They then went to the Ferran home, it was 8:30. Ryan answered when they knocked. "Oh hey. What brings you two around this late?" He asked. "We're headed out. Wanted to say goodbye." Leandra said. "Sad to see this day come. Never thought it would come, at least not in my lifetime." Ryan said. "Sad to see this day come. Never thought it would come, at least not in my lifetime." Ryan said, his expression changing immediately. "If you had told us a year ago we would be retiring, I'd have said you were full of it." Zack said. "I'm sure everyone would have said that. Hey guys, come say goodbye!" Ryan called into the house.

"It's been an honor. We'll miss you." Raynor said, embracing them both. "Bye, Auntie. Take care of this old man over here for us." Samir said while hugging Leandra. "I'm not that old." Zack said while putting him in a joking headlock."It's been great. Explosions, fun fights, explosions. Mainly explosions. Great times." Jared said, getting a laugh out of Leandra and a "Damn straight!" Out of Zack, and hugs from both. "Hope you'll come back and meet the kids soon. They will want to meet the whole family, not just us." Ethan said as he hugged them. "If we don't come back to meet them, we're dead." Leandra told him. "Jerks, leaving us alone on base like this. Now we're stuck with the preschool brigade." Julian said as she got out of Leandra's hug and into Zack's. "Hey, there's always the Boondock folks." Zack pointed out.

"Thank you. For everything." Julian said, getting careful hugs from them. As Zack pulled away, he slipped a second card into her hands. "Anything, let us know." He told her. "Don't forget to visit, it'll get too quiet without you." Lexus told them, making them both promise. "It's sad to see you two go. Things won't be the same now." Claire said as Zack and Leandra both hugged her. "Watch our kids, they don't have a leash now." Zack said and slipped her the third card. "Lucky. Now you get to sit around and get fat while we do all the hard work. Not cool." Korra said in mock frustration. "Not me, just her." Zack joked, getting a kick in the shins from his wife, and a laugh from everyone else. "See ya cous'. Don't think I won't be dropping by to check up on you from time to time." Alana said, bear hugging Leandra. "I'd kidnap you if you didn't!" Leandra exclaimed and slipped her the fourth card.

After they said their goodbyes again, they headed to the main gate, both knowing perfectly well that IceBite would be waiting there. Leandra slipped out while Zack waited for IceBite. "Hey, Zack..." IceBite said. "Leinad." Zack answered, refusing to call him by his nickname. "Listen...I just wanted to say...I know we've had some disagreements over the years, but, whether you'd believe it or not, I've always considered you a friend. And, for what it's worth...know that you'd be welcome, in my book, if you ever find yourselves in the area again..." He said and added, semi-joking "And, hey, maybe look us up again if retirement gets boring, maybe..." Zack nodded. "Maybe. Just don't let anything happen to my girls. And for the love of god, ask Ryan about some military strategies later on." Zack advised him and shook his hand. "See you at Christmas, if we don't come back then, we're probably both dead." Zack said, and just like that, Zack was gone. IceBite felt a certain pang at the fact one of his oldest members was gone again.

The next day, IceBite called Mark down to the interrogation chambers. Nymeria, after months of not talking, finally decided to speak. Mark went and sat at the table across from her. "What made you want to talk?" He asked her. "Alghul left me for you. He betrayed me. That says that I'm unwanted there. So I will help you." She said. "Alright then, what's their plan?"

"Blow up the universe." She said bluntly. "Kcaz's, anyway. Alghul's going to betray him at the last moment. However, we need that experiment that is in your basement right now." She said. "Why?"

"He is the only one strong enough to kill Kcaz." Nymeria answered. "What do they want with Sola?"

"Not sure. If I knew that, I wouldn't be here right now." Nymeria pointed out. "Go see if you can wake the experiment. If he listens to you, you're set for life." She said and Mark left the room.

Kira was helping Claudia pack. She was going to be moving in with Reid, leaving Kira the house to herself. "So what are you going to do to my room?" Claudia asked. "Thinking this might be designated specifically for whenever I get bored and bring a guy home for one night." Kira said, thoughtfully. Claudia shook her head, grinning. When Claudia had finished, they loaded her stuff into Kira's truck and drove over to Reid's. They unpacked everything and Kira excused herself so they could have the time to themselves. She arrived home and looked around, instantly unnerved at how quiet it was.

She pulled her phone out and called Mark. "Hey, are you free?" She asked. "As of now, yes." He answered. "Good, come over, I need some company." She said. "Alright, I'll be there in five." He responded. She quickly went and popped a button on her shirt. He arrived and she answered the door, putting on a wide grin. "Welcome to my humble home." She said and let him in. They chatted for a while before watching a movie. Midway through, Kira curled up beside him, and he responded by putting an arm around her. It wasn't long before Kira paused the movie and pushed him down into a lying down position on the couch.

Forty-five minutes later, they finished and Mark had to go. Kira finished the movie, leaving a few buttons undone, as she was still sweating like crazy. When the movie was over, she showered and went out for a walk. While she was out, she got a message on her phone. Go check email, first undercover op. She rushed home and checked her email quickly. She read the assignment outline as fast as she could.

Target is attending a barn house party tonight. Infiltrate and arrest. She read over the target description and viewed the picture a couple of times. She went and read the description on the infiltration zone, and knew what disguise to put on. Really, it was just a plaid shirt tied up to expose a part of her abdomen, sleeves rolled up, tight jeans and boots.

When she went out to her truck Korra was running by. "Do I even want to ask?" Korra inquired. "You ever sign up for undercover ops?" Kira asked, getting in the truck. "No." Korra answered. "Exactly. This will probably be among the least revealing disguises I wear." Kira said. "Lovely." Korra responded. Kira sighed. "Do I look like a total slut?" She asked. "No." Korra answered, surprising her. "Really? I'm surprised." Kira said. "You don't understand sarcasm, do you?" Korra asked, shaking her head.

"Good point. Just nervous is all. First op." Kira said. "Good luck." Korra said. "Thanks." Kira responded and Korra kept running. Kira drove through the state to state border and arrived at her destination at eleven at night. "Good god, what shitty music." She said, wincing as she could hear it from her truck. She slipped in unnoticed and found her way to the bar inside. She ordered a beer and leaned up against the bar, looking around for her target. He eventually spotted him in a private booth with two hookers and a bodyguard.

Eventually, he sent the hookers out and joined the dancing crowd. Knowing she would have to join in to get his attention and get him somewhere private, she popped a button and joined the crowd herself. After a great deal of flaunting on her part, he took notice and invited her into the upstairs. She followed him up and found him sitting on a couch. Play along for now. She thought. He didn't even talk to her, just made provocative gestures and gave looks with his eyes. Eventually, she lay down on the couch, and when he moved to go down on top of her, she wrapped one leg around his neck and knocked him out. She quickly opened a window and tossed him out before jumping down after him. She dragged him to her truck and tied him up as well as gagging him. She untied her top and sat in the driver's seat and drove back to Kaven. She dropped him off at the interrogation rooms and drove home.

"People." She muttered as she changed and went to bed, ultimately satisfied with how the day went. She found herself kept annoyingly awake by the psychic signals being shot off by Claudia and Reid, but managed to get to sleep nonetheless. While this was happening, Ian and IceBite were looking over the tank with the experiment in it. "Should we try to open it?" Ian asked. "May as well, we haven't got much other choice." IceBite said, shrugging. Ian went and activated the open button.

The effect was immediate. The experiment jumped out of the tank, knocking IceBite up through the ceiling and up to the fifth floor. He pinned Ian to the wall. "Human. Male. Physical Age, twenty-eight." He said, in the same voice as Sen and Nes. Ian saw one eye was sith yellow while the other was brown. "You want my help to kill Kcaz Nosdrugis." He said. It was not a question. "I will help you, only until he is dead, after that, I will be on my own." He stated firmly and walked out, leaving a bemused Ian and an unconscious IceBite.

The next day was hugely eventful. At noon, Sennes began training with IceBite, Ryan, and Holly (Who was now used to seeing dead husband look-a-likes, and got over it fairly quickly). He proved his genetic mastery of the both his predecessors' talents and abilities, as well as the fused in light power in the training session. It wasn't long before Holly was out of the mix. Sennes defeated her by channeling a force push through a kick, sending her flying into the wall. He had turned and had pinned Ryan to the opposing wall, fifteen meters away, and head-butted him seventeen times in four seconds before flipping him around and charging the force into his breath, sending Ryan to land next to Holly. He turned to IceBite and deftly removed Vesracolian from his hands and had it at his throat. The few spectators to the slaughter had turned and started running by then.

An hour after that, Becca went into labor. She had twins, who she and Ethan named Caden, the boy, and Aurora, the girl. Throughout the mass of people coming to visit and find out what had happened and how it had went, something else occurred. On Kira's way to find out how it had went, someone had slipped a knife in her back.

The ProphetEdit

Dawn was discussing the break in with some of her security and the SPARTAN-II, Linda about six hours later. "I don't get how people keep getting in. Every time we implement something new, they find ways past it." Dawn was saying, frustrated. Her image was about as far down the toilet as possible. "I mean, really, we have all the highest security tech in the galaxy, and our walls are designed to withstand impacts from rocket launchers-" She began, just as the door burst open, Zack Sigurdson moving in, holding a fire-axe over his head. "Well your head isn't!" He snarled as he moved in. It took each and every member of the security team in the room and his mother to hold Zack back. This, however, kept them occupied while Leandra slipped past them and put a gun in Dawn's face. It then took Tory arriving and launching a lighting burst at Leandra to get Dawn to safety, prompting Zack to fight off the security team and throw the axe through the air at Tory, who was able to turn it to ash.

Ryan's timely arrival defused the rapidly growing situation. It did involve him using metal to pin Tory and Dawn to the wall and him forcibly dragging Zack and Leandra out of the room (which got him a broken nose in the effort), but he was still able to defuse it. "Christ almighty! Guys, Kira's alive!" Ryan yelled, making them halt mid-motion and look at him, half relieved, half-terrified. "Take us. Now." Leandra got out, her voice shaking. Ryan brought them there, and they found Kira lying on one of the beds. She had a steady, strong heartbeat and was breathing, but she was unconscious. Zack collapsed into one of the in-room chairs while Leandra started pacing in circles around the room, asking Ryan a huge amount of questions.

After another hour, Claudia burst in. "Sorry I'm late, they arrested me for trying to put a spork down Dawn's throat." She said and hugged her parents. It was only a few minutes after that that Kira awoke. Her eyes blinked open and she looked around the room. "What happened?" She asked. "You stabbed." Zack said as he, Leandra, and Claudia moved in closer. "Have they fired Dawn yet?" Kira asked. "No, we all tried to kill her though." Leandra said. "And that is how I know I'm related." Kira said, grinning as she tried to shift herself on the bed, then froze, horror enveloping her face. She buried her face in her hands suddenly. "Fuck me..." She whispered. "Honey, what's wrong?" Leandra asked. "I can't feel my legs." Kira replied, her voice shaking.

"Christ almighty..." Ryan said and sprinted from the room, looking for one of the doctors. When he brought about seven back, he and the family had to leave the room while they gave an examination. One of the doctors returned, looking grim. "Ok, the bad news is, she is paralyzed from the waist down." Claudia swore while Zack punched the wall. Leandra looked at the man, intent as ever. "The good news is, we can do something about it." Zack looked over. "What?" He asked. "The knife used to stab her was made from a very rare and strange alloy. A mix of Mando steel, a rare elven metal, and pure lightsaber crystal. The result is a metal which is immune to all kinds of psychic and force abilities, making it impossible to get it out through those means."

"So, surgery is possible." Leandra said, hopeful. "Not yet, unfortunately. The other property of the alloy is that it repels from every other unnatural form of equipment, so unless we go in with twigs and rocks..."

"So what can you do?" Zack asked. "As a piece of the knife left a shard in her spine, we need more of the alloy itself to make equipment to dig it out. "Alright, you can assign me to that force going out to get it." Zack said. He went in, told Kira everything, said goodbye, then said goodbye to Claudia and Leandra, and left. He was given provisional command over Kaidan and Norm from Boondock, and they left after three hours of research on where to get the substances needed. In the med-labs, Kira was being given a wheelchair, which she hefted herself into. Leandra went to find a drink and Claudia moved to push the wheelchair. "Claudia, I swear to god, if you try to push me, I am going to cut your tits off."

"Without being able to stand?" Claudia asked. "Force, air, earth, metal, psychics, I'm set." Kira replied. "What if tied your hands behind your back?" Claudia joked. "Mom would kill you." Kira calmly replied. "True, well I have to go a certain someone needs pranking." Claudia said, and Kira immediately knew who. "Kick their asses for me." Kira said and she rolled herself out the door. "Will do." Claudia said and went out the opposite direction. Kira wheeled herself into the lobby and out the door, Leandra eventually catching up with her. "You need any help?" Leandra asked. "No, mom. Honestly, I'd prefer doing this on my own right now. If I'm going to be paralyzed, I'm doing anything I need to myself." Leandra sighed and shook her head, but still grinned. "You're your father's daughter." Leandra said and followed her home. Leandra watched, amazed, as Kira got herself and the wheelchair up the four front steps and through the door. Leandra knew Kira would want to handle herself alone, so she decided to go visit the Ferrans and see the new babies.

In Kira's house, she had gotten herself up to the second floor and into her room. She hauled herself onto the bed and crossed her arms, staring at the ceiling. Mostly, she was just pissed. Her phone buzzed and she checked it quickly. It was from her dad. The message read: Had Jake sent up to help out. On Ilum now. This shouldn't take long, honey." She grinned. Nothing was going to stop him while he was out there.

In Elle's house, she was taking a nap while Mark watched the kids. Her dreams were not pleasant.

A group of people, standing around, arguing with one another. The argument escalated, two young women at the center of it all. One of them bore a heavy resemblance to both Sean and Elle. Blows were delivered, and one eventually started walking away. Then, the other unexpectedly pulled out a pistol and put a bullet in the back of the head of the other.

Elle sat up, panting. She went into the living room. "Mark, maybe you should go visit Kira." Mark heard her need to be alone with the kids and left the house. Elle looked at the two girls. "Which of you is it?" She asked quietly. Anastasia was asleep, perfectly calm. Sasha was looking at the ceiling, looking unamused. Elle jumped when she looked over and saw Sen's crib was empty. She panicked for a moment, then found him sitting by the fridge, sucking on beer bottle. Bemused, she walked over and picked him up and took him over to one of the chairs in the room.

Kira was asleep when Mark arrived, so he instead went out to the city for a while. He owed it to what little family he had left to keep their mission alive. He pulled his hood over his head and made his way to one of the roofs. He readied his bow and began jumping from building to building, watching for anything. Pimps, drug dealers, murderers, rapists, all of them. He saw a man in a back alley, dealing bath salts. He aimed down from the ceiling and put an arrow in the man's eye socket. He jumped down, pulled it out and climbed back up to the roof. After an hour of this, he jumped to another roof and was about to continue running, but a silhouette of a large man stood before him, the moon directly behind him.

"Mark Renner." The voice of Darth Alghul said. Mark had an arrow nocked and aimed at Alghul's forehead. He released the arrow and Alghul caught it between to fingers. "You have something I want."

"No, I don't." Mark shot back and loaded another arrow. Alghul had advanced on him in seconds and the two were engaged in vicious close quarters combat immediately. Mark used his bow, which was made to withstand a strike from a lightsaber, to extend his strikes and blocks while Alghul was able to just use his body. Despite the remarkable fight Mark put up, Alghul eventually overpowered him. He pinned him to the ground. "You live for one reason only. My master wishes for my creation to return, if you don't do this, we will kill every child on this planet. You have a week." Alghul said and vanished in a cloud of black smoke. Mark cursed and went to inform the rest of the squadran.

"It's simple. I will go to them." Sennes said calmly. "How do you know you can survive?" IceBite asked him. "I don't." Sennes said and pointed in the direction of the prison block. "I'll take Nymeria with me." He said and walked out. He simply took Nymeria and left the planet, leaving a confused command staff. No one had ever been that far outside of the chain of command before. Sennes didn't even wait for responses. He just did things. Sennes landed on Korriban, where Alghul and Kcaz could be seen, waiting for them. Sennes walked off of the ship. "So, you are the creation." Kcaz said and walked up and, strangely, embraced him. Sennes pushed him away. "Come with us, son. You could be ruler of everything, even that retarded Intergalactic Republic, they'd stand no chance against you." Kcaz said.

Sennes just gave him a poker face, then jumped in the air and kicked him in the face, sending him flying seventeen kilometers. Alghul went to try and restrain him, but Sennes merely sidestepped and head-butted him, knocking him flat. He activated a force dash and stopped right next to Kcaz. "You are no longer this biggest fish." Sennes said, then kicked him in the head and went back to the ship. He and Nymeria returned, and Sennes went and sat atop Narsil, where he began to mediate. He stayed there for three hours before he was interrupted by IceBite. "Nosdrugis won't be a concern anymore." He said and force lifted IceBite and dropped him off in a woman's washroom. As he continued his meditation, looking for a hint at what it was he should do next, a vision came to him.

He saw a bug running from a mouse. The mouse was running from a cat. The cat was running from a dog. The dog was running from a man. The man was running from a woman. The woman was being chased by the bug. The vision changed. He saw a lone man, standing in a field. His face was sad. Sennes saw a history of the man. He was a warrior, he had killed many in his life, for revenge, for the good of others, for his own reasons. He saw a change come from nowhere in the man. He betrayed someone, killing them so he could return home. After that, all around him was chaos. His family forced to distance themselves from him, leaving him alone in the world.

The vision ended, and Sennes rose. He walked over to the hangars and found a ship. IceBite found him again. "Where are you going?"

"I have a target. Someone must die for me to bring order in this universe. All around him is chaos, so he must die." Sennes said, stole the ship and left without another word.

In Mark's house, he was in his basement forging new equipment for himself. After several long hours of work, he had forged himself a combat knife, a tomahawk, a set of throwing knives, and another seventy arrows. He took his equipment upstairs and began laying them onto weapon racks when the doorbell rang. He walked over to the door and found Kira, sitting in her wheelchair at the top of the front steps, waiting. "Hey, how'd you get up the steps?" He asked. She shrugged and wheeled herself in. "You've been busy." Kira said, looking at the new weapons. "Yeah. Ever since me and Alghul fought, I feel like something is coming. Best be prepared." He said. "Yeah. Anyway, I came to ask for a favor." Kira said. "You don't need to ask." He said. "I kinda need someone to shovel my driveway. It's snowing." He looked out the window and saw that it was indeed.

"Sure." He said and held the door open for her and she wheeled herself out, bounced down the steps, and turned it around to face him. "Also, if you finish in less then a half hour, I'll give you a handjob." She said bluntly and wheeled herself home, him following, shovel in hand. As he shoveled outside, she thought on what he had said, about something coming. It was almost as though he had made a prophecy out of it. Mark the prophet, what a day we live in. She thought with a small laugh as he came in the door after five minutes.

The LiarEdit

"Alright, folks, mission is to clear out the prison of the infected." Ian said. A later, they had discovered that some of the infected that Alghul had released on the galaxy had evolved past their control, and had to be manually put down. IceBite had sent Boondock because compared to any other force in Coalition history, even Task Force Omikron, none had the records of Boondock, and they were the best Black Ops specialists in history. On the mission was Ian, who was in command, Lena, who was seconding the show, Mark, and Olivia. Ian had decided they would have to start recruiting after this assignment, as their numbers were dangerously low.

The prison in question was a maximum security prison in the heart of Georgia. From outside the prison, they counted at least four dozen infected in the courtyard and surrounding grasses. They crept up quietly and cut a hole in the fence, getting in. in the grasses, they counted about eleven infected. Mark shot seven of them, and they pulled out weapons. Lena took her sword and chopped one's head in half, Olivia and Ian took machetes to two others while Mark put his tomahawk in the skull of the last one. They regrouped after Mark got his arrows rounded up. By now, it was night, so they made a fire and camped for the night in the grasses. The next day, they discussed the plan until noon, then put it into action.

Mark clambered up a guard tower with his bow. Using expert shooting, he dropped fourteen infected, each shot killing one. He used his last arrow to shoot the lock into the courtyard, then climbed down, pulling out a tomahawk in one hand, knife in the other. The others drew their weapons and made their way in, holding a tight formation together, slowly isolating any infected that weren't in large groups and picking them off first. After about an hour, they had killed off all the infected in the courtyard. Mark retrieved his arrows and they made their way inside. Now they used their guns as well. They secured a prison block and set up a funnel. Lena would draw them in and retreat while the rest opened fire, dropping them. They spent the next four hours doing this.

Then, none came, and they locked up the cell block. They camped out in there for the night, using the cell beds. In the middle of the night, Mark heard rustling, and went to investigate, holding his tomahawk ready. He looked and saw Ian in the block's main hallway, holding a picture and looking at it. Mark carefully approached, and Ian looked up. "Oh, uh. Hey." He said. "You ok?" Mark asked. "I'm fine. I'm gonna go and get some sleep." Ian said and moved past him. Mark sensed something was off, but decided it should wait, and went back up to bed.

Back at Kaven, Kira finally dropped by the Ferran home to visit the twins. After a lengthly visit, Kira began rolling towards the door, but Ryan stopped her for a moment. "Hey kid, listen. Don't get to comfy in that thing, your dad will be back ASAP with what the eggheads upstairs need to patch you up." Ryan assured her. "Thanks, Uncle. What's it like being a grandpa?" She thanked him and asked. "Kinda sucks. They're kids. They cry, scream, yell. But ya love them, ya'know?" He replied. "Yeah. Doesn't mean I want to quite be there yet." Kira said with a small shrug. "Just do what you think is right." Ryan responded. "Hasn't exactly helped me out yet. Anyway, thanks again. See you." Kira said. "Bye." Ryan said and opened the door for her, marveling at her ability to bounce the wheelchair down the stairs.

Kira went to visit Elle next, who she found napping while Miranda watched the kids. Miranda was on a computer, doing something. "Hey, what're you doing?" Kira asked. "Reviewing security footage from the day you were stabbed. Just trying to find an assailant." Miranda said tiredly. She clicked a few times and then jumped. "Holy shit." She said. Kira looked over and repeated the phrase. Miranda called Anthony. "Hey, I'm sending you a picture of Kira's assailant, please arrest." She said and sent him the picture. "Damn..." Kira said, shaking her head.

Anthony strung up his bow and nocked an arrow. He kicked the door down and entered the room, putting one arrow into his target's hand, nailing it to the wall. He nocked another and aimed it at their head. "At least this explains the shitty security. They should have let Zack put that axe in your skull." He told Dawn.

Back at the prison, Ian looked outside the block and saw seven infected. He saw a handily located fire-axe and grabbed it. He went out and cut down four of them, then froze, horrified. He couldn't kill the last ones. When Mark saw this, he promptly shot them. The effect was instantaneous. Ian rushed out, wordless, into a horde of infected, swinging the axe in deathly arcs, killing infected left and right. Mark ran down after him, but stopped when he noticed Ian had dropped something. Mark knelt down and picked it up. It was a picture of Ian standing next to a woman with two teenage boys in front of them. Mark looked at the infected with his arrows in their heads, and saw that they were the same people. Mark retrieved his arrows and ran after Ian.

He crossed the halls, counting out the slaughtered infected. Forty, fifty, sixty. He found Ian standing alone, leaning against the wall. Mark hadn't even known Ian had had a family. He put his hand on Ian's shoulder and Ian punched him in the face and tossed him away. Mark got to his feet and heard the others coming up behind him. "We need to get him out of here. Call it in, they'll have to have somebody else handle this." Mark said. The promptly snuck up behind Ian and subdued him before calling in an evac. They had to drag Ian aboard, who still seemed intent on slaughtering infected. When evac arrived, Harbinger replaced them and they returned to base.

When they returned, Kira was waiting on the landing zone for Mark, who joined her. "They found my assailant."

"Who was it?"

"Dawn. IceBite is having a field day." Kira said as they made their way to Kira's place. "I'd imagine. How did you find out?" Mark asked. "Miranda found security tapes of Dawn stabbing me." Kira answered. "Lovely." Mark commented. "Yes?" Kira asked, jokingly. Her phone buzzed and she checked it. The message read: Got two of three materials. Don't worry, we'll be back soon. From her dad. She grinned. "Looks like I won't be in this thing for much longer." She said. "Anyway, driveway needs shoveling. If you finish in under five minutes, I'll change hand to blow." She said and entered the house while he got the shovel.

Kira turned out to be wrong.

Two months passed. As the time went on, her condition worsened. The piece of metal lodged in her proved to have after effects. It began releasing toxins, making her sick, and eventually, began expanding. This put her into a coma. While she was in the med-labs, the doctors began talking to Claudia and Leandra. "If he doesn't come back soon, we are going to need to go in with whatever we can and try with that." The doctor said. "He'll come back." Leandra restated, though Claudia was beginning to doubt.

Dawn was imprisoned, though Tory and her close friends were doing everything possible to legally get her out. It wasn't really working. Ian had been cleared for duty and returned to helm Boondock once again, but he had explaining to do to the others. He revealed his family had been imprisoned somewhere he didn't know on false murder and drug charges, and that he hadn't liked talking about it at all. A few of them felt like he had been lying to them, to which he replied "I'm no liar, let's put you there and see if you would last as well as I did."

The HonestEdit

Off in space, the ship that Zack, Norm, Kaidan and Jake were using was under attack. The last material they had needed was directly taken by a band of heavily armed and armored space pirates. "For the love of fuck, get us in there!" Zack yelled at Kaidan. "Do you want to fly the fucking ship!?" Kaidan bellowed back. As Kaidan uttered these words, a harpoon speared one of their engines. "Fucking hell, they're fishing!" Jake yelled. They were pulled into the hangar bay of the ship. A harsh, snarling voice sounded through a loudspeaker. "Of the four of you on board, two of you must now get off the ship."

Zack stood up, Jake joined him. "You two get home, we will make it back." Zack ordered and they got off of the ship. They were immediately attacked by a mix of Kig-Yar and humans, where they were pinned down and dragged off to the side. Engineers immediately repaired the engine and sent Kaidan and Norm on their way. Zack and Jake were dragged into a prison cell and dropped their. Jake struggled with the prison bars for a few hours before giving up. When he went to sleep, Zack listened closely to the guards' conversations. "Why can't we just have them both?" One asked.

"The boss wants betrayal on his meat. Beats me why, but he just likes that." The other replied. "So he will offer a deal to them tomorrow?"

"Pretty much." Zack pondered their words for hours before the door to the cell block slammed open and a large brute with a hammer strapped across his back entered, flanked by two smaller brutes. The smaller ones grabbed Zack and Jake and dragged them out, putting bags over their heads. When the bags were removed, they were in an arena of sorts. They looked around and saw the assortment of space pirates watching them intently. Two weapons were thrown in, a ceremonial spear and a combat knife. They looked at the main box and saw the large brute watching them, and then rose. He waved one hand and two gates opened, releasing two brutes that had driven themselves into frenzies.

Jake tossed Zack both weapons and ran off to the side. One brute went for him, but he was ready. Being genetically altered as he was, he could easily tackle a brute. He kicked it in the shins as it advanced at him and reached down and calmly snapped its neck. Zack fared just as well. He used the spear to gore it in the chest then reach forward and stab it through the head a couple of times with a knife. He pulled both tools out and the gates opened again, this time letting loose four angry, and clearly hungry, jackals. The swarmed Zack, who used the spear to keep them at bay. Jake snuck up behind two of them and slammed their heads together, crushing their skulls.

Zack speared one and tackled the second, decapitating it with the knife. He retrieved the spear and they turned to face the next challenge, a lone hunter. Luckily, it had no cannon, just its massive shield. It attacked ferociously. They dove to the side. Zack desperately tried to get the spear in its side, but it was too fast, and he narrowly avoided being chopped in half. This also cost him the spear, which shattered when the hunter hit it. Fortunately, Jake was able to jump up behind it, grab one of its spines, and use them to cut the hunter's head off, covering him in orange blood.

They fought a series of opponents before the brute rose after they killed an Acklay with its own leg. "You have earned the right to know why you are here. The last of you to live will be given whatever supplies and ship you need to return home. You just have to outlast the-" He didn't get to finish his sentence. His jaw dropped in surprise. Upon hearing that, Zack walked over to Jake and put the knife in the back of Jake's skull and into his brain, Jake squirmed briefly before dropping and Zack pulled the knife out. Zack looked up at the brute. He was immediately brought to the hangar, where a fully fueled ship was being readied. Zack turned to them and told them what else he needed, and they gladly gave him the metal he needed. He loaded it on and set the course for Earth.

Back at Kaven, Kira's condition had worsened. The doctors spoke to Leandra and Claudia. "We have to go in now, or she is going to die from this anyway." The doctor informed them. "Motherfucking-" Claudia said and punched the wall, breaking her knuckles. Leandra closed her eyes and let out an elongated sigh. She opened her mouth to say yes, when a ship landed right outside the med-labs. They ran out and Zack sprinted off, holding a box of surgical supplies. "Luckily they're already shaped." He said. "I had some time to forge on the way back." He told the doctor and gave him the tools.

Leandra and Claudia ran up and hugged him. "I'm back guys, I'm back, she'll be ok..." Zack mumbled. Then he saw the two people coming towards them. "I have to go talk to Kaidan and Norm." Zack said and walked over to them. "He didn't make it?" Norm asked. "No. He bought time for me to escape on the ship. Killed four hunters with his bare hands before the chieftan killed him." Zack responded. Kaidan nodded. "He'd be glad to have gone out that way. We'll go tell the Boondocks." He said and they left. Zack sighed with relief and went inside to wait with his family. They waited overnight and woke up at ten in the morning. They ate breakfast out of a vending machine and waited for another hour before the door into the hospital wing opened, and Kira stumbled out, steadying herself against the walls and shoving doctors and nurses who wanted to help her out away.

They rushed over. "Are you ok?" Leandra asked. "I'll be fine, I'll be fine. Thanks dad." She said and embraced her father first. "Where are the others, I want to thank them too." She said once the hugging had been done. "Norm and Kaidan are talking to the other Boondocks. Jake...Jake didn't make it." Zack said. Kira grimaced, closing her eyes.

Four days later, they had built a monument for the Task Force Members that had been killed in action, with Jake's name carved into it last, as he was the most recent. Before Zack could leave, Lena stopped him and pulled him to the side. "Zack, please, tell me how it happened." She asked, her eyes bleary. he knew that her and Jake had been growing close. Zack sighed. "We were running and fighting them off, we'd stolen the metal and were going to steal a ship out. When we got to the hangar, there was four hunters blocking our way. Jake threw me over their heads into the ship and started to fight them. He's killed the fourth one when the brute chieftan came up and killed him with the hammer. He wanted me to get out and have Kira be able to live." Zack said. Lena wiped her eyes and nodded. "Thank you, Zack."

"He'd want you to be happy as well, try to live for him." Zack said. She nodded and left. Then, Ian came up to him. "Thank you for that. She needed to know." He said. "Don't mention it." Zack said. "I'm glad he died as he did. He would have wanted that." Ian said. "Yes. It's a shame he had to go. All of our good, honest people die." Zack said. "Yes, Jake was an honest man. That's a dying breed it seems." Ian replied and left, leaving Zack to get Leandra and return to their home in the countryside.

The LeaderEdit

Kira stumbled slightly as she walked. "Motherfucking..." She snarled. Watching her was Korra, who was keeping an eye on her as she recovered. Korra felt sorry for her, but spoke like she was amused. "I won't think any less of you if you walk over here and throw in the towel for a few minutes."

"Fuck that shit, there's still seven hours to nightfall." Kira said and steadied herself. "Suit yourself." Korra said with a shrug. "Hey, if you want to grab me a drink, that'd be fine too." Kira suggested. Korra opted to not answer, and tossed a can of Canadian Iced Tea at Kira, who caught it deftly. "Thanks for grabbing the Canadian kind, the shit these Americans drink is disgusting." Kira said and took a gulp. "Couldn't you classify as American?" Korra asked.

"Shit no, Canadian and Mando all the way." Kira responded. Korra was about to respond, but then stopped abruptly. Kira followed her gaze and saw Nymeria watching them. "Why is she here?" Korra asked. "Fascinated." Nymeria answered her. "But why are you here? Shouldn't you be in jail or something?" Korra asked. Nymeria showed a pair of power inhibitors around each of her wrists. "As long as I'm on base and wear these, they're letting me get fresh air and visit the library when I want to." She answered, completely casual. "I thought security was bad before..." Korra muttered. "You needn't worry, Korra Ferran. I have no interest in sabotaging you. In fact, I'm interested in the opposite." Nymeria said. "Why?" Korra asked.

"They left me for dead, that tells me I was never needed. I can be of use here, so I shall be." Nymeria said. "Good luck with that..." Korra said, to which Kira quietly responded "She's telling the truth, Kor..."

"Doesn't mean I like it. Before, I hated her for being an enemy. Now I hate her for being a traitor." Korra said bluntly. Nymeria had then vanished. "Fascinating views, Aunt Korra." Kira said. "Hmph." Korra grunted. "You are an aunt, after all." Kira pointed out. "Yeah, I know." Korra said. "What's that like? I'll need to know in case Claudia forgets her birth control." Kira asked, half joking. "A combination of being a mother and sister. Just need to remember when to be a mom, and when to be a friend." Korra said. "You'll do fine. These kids are going to be nightmares to train with when they grow up." Kira joked.

"Yep. Let's just hope they don't get into to much trouble." Korra said. "Oh, with me around, the trouble will be huge!" Kira said, still jokingly. "Not if you can't get your own drink it won't be." Korra responded. "What that? nah, I'm just fucking lazy." Kira replied. "Whatever you say, kid." Korra said. "Bodily, I'm older." Kira said. "Good for you, come on over and get a cookie." She said and pulled a cookie out. "Oh wait, whoops." She said and ate it. "Hey, keep eating them and we'll both finally know who the better looking one is." Kira said. "I can go running to burn these calories. You can't." Korra taunted.

"I can just psychic them away." Kira pointed out. "Alright." Korra said, knowing she had been defeated. "You girls fight dirty." A voice said. They looked over and saw Mark walking over. "Hey there." Kira said as he offered his arm, which she took. "So, you take his help?" Korra asked. "No, we're going out for the night, he's my escort." Kira said and winked at Korra who sighed and helped herself to another cookie as Mark helped Kira into his car.

Nymeria continued her walk through the base, getting sideways looks everywhere she went. As she walked, a thought occurred to her, and she went to the security hub. After talking down the guards a fair bit, she sat down at the camera history monitor and went back to the day Kira had been stabbed. She kept the still of Dawn stabbing Kira and began to comb through the rest of the security system, and found more footage of Dawn, who was in the security hub itself that day. She had one of the guards bring IceBite to her, and he proceeded to phone the other Coalition leaders. In a matter of hours, Dawn had been released pending further investigation.

Nymeria went and sat on her own after that, looking at the sunset. "Well, thanks...about time we can finally get Dawn out so we can find out who was actually behind this crap..." IceBite said, coming up behind her. "You're welcome. I have some choice words for Dawn's employees though..." She replied. "I can be sure she's not too happy with them either...I wouldn't be surprised if she were to try to overhaul the whole damn security system...again..." IceBite said. "So when do I get to take off these?" She asked, holding up the inhibitors. "As much as I'm starting to trust you, the rest of the council doesn't as much, unfortunately...don't worry, this occurance should raise your standing a little, and the faster your standing with them raises, the sooner we can remove those things..." IceBite told her.

"I don't blame them. I'm amazed you trust me, even." Nymeria said. "It's not entire, but since we apprehended you, you've really done nothing to warrant suspicion...although, I'll warn you now that won't take much to lose my trust this soon..." IceBite said. "I'd consider you a fool if you it did take much." She knew full well she was at risk of being locked up or executed. "I try to find allies where I can, but I'm not so naive as to believe that there are not those who'd try to exploit that." IceBite said, then stopped and thought for a moment. "I wonder how Dawn's going with her's the only thing I have to keep her mind off of re-working the entire security system...speaking of which, how'd you come to the realization that got Dawn out of lock-up in the first place?" He asked her.

"I looked at other security footages that Dawn's people were stupid enough to overlook." Nymeria said bluntly. "Alright...but what gave you the idea to do that?...Really, it might help us in the investigation..." He asked. "I wanted some level of trust to my name, or else I'd just be a target. What's to stop someone like Ryan Ferran from cutting off my head in the night?" She said. IceBite just thought. Nymeria interrupted him by standing up and leaving, making him think on her last words.

Meanwhile, out in Vegas, Mark and Kira were returning to the car when a strange, unnatural lightning filled the sky, much more illuminating then prior lightning storms. The rain also began coming down on their heads. Then, atop a roof, they saw a group of figures, many of them were cloaked and clearly wearing hoods, but the man at their head was not. The outline of a mask could be seen. "Shit, that's Alghul." Mark said. Alghul raised his hand and the entire force vanished in time with a lightning flash. "Time to go?"

"Yep." Kira answered and they drove back. Mark ran and informed the Squadran leaders, and IceBite contacted the Council, getting them to ready their forces. For weeks, they prepared, soldiers of all branches being stationed in major cities around the world. Then, they were attacked. Victoria, British Columbia was the target, an army of Sith warriors and other mercenaries attacked the city, obliterating any defense in its way. The broadcast from news crews showed Darth Alghul walking the streets, engaging security forces with his hands only, slaughtering them like cattle. The Squadran prepared itself, and prepared to march on Victoria.

Few stayed behind. Kira wandered around, now fully healed and ready to fight, talking to those who were about to go into the battle. She first talked to Claud and Reid. "You two ready?" She asked. "Hell yes, let's just kill this asshole." Claudia said, sounding frustrated. "Yeah, I wouldn't mind some semi-peace and quiet at this point." Reid said, to which Kira raised an eyebrow. "What? She's a screamer." He said, poking Claud in the side, which earned him an elbow in the gut. Kira hugged them both and walked off to see who else she could talk to. To her amazement, she found her parents getting ready.

"What're you guys doing here?" She asked. "Enjoying retirement." Zack replied and checked the sights on his shotgun. Kira sighed and didn't bother pressing the matter. "So, what is your plan?" Kira asked. "If it moves, shoot it. If it speaks Korribanese, shoot it again." Leandra replied. Her mother looked at her. "You know, if I don't make it out, I have some parting advice. Your namesake, your aunt, gave me this advice about six hours before she passed away." Leandra said. Kira tilted her head to one side. "If your lover or spouse breaks your heart, fuck his best friend." Leandra stated, making Kira's eyes widen and Zack do a double take. "Your sister said that?" Zack asked. "Yep." Leandra said with a sad smile.

Kira walked on and found Rick Greene, who she had once been taken with, teaching some rookies. "About time, where have you been?" She asked, having not seen him in years. "Deep cover, mostly. Heard you got into that?" He said. My god, the accent... She thought, trying to keep a straight face. "Yeah, great fun so far." She replied. "Drop by my place some time, I'll teach you a few things." He said, totally confident he would make it through the battle. "Alright, I'll see you then." She said and kept going.

Next, she stopped by the Ferrans, immediately noticing the lack of Ethan. "Stay safe out there, kid. Your parents can't protect you much now." Raynor told her. "I wish." She said and stuck her thumb over her shoulder at Zack and Leandra. Raynor chuckled. "Ready for some fun? I'm sure we'll find some out there." Samir asked her, and she just grinned and cracked her neck. "Stick close, Kira. I'll make sure we all get out alright." Ryan said, gripping her shoulder, in a dead serious voice. Kira nodded, knowing full well she'd probably have to break off on her own or something similar. "Yeah, stick close to me. Nobody will dare cross us out there." Korra interrupted. Kira grinned. "Looking forward to that." Kira said. When she went over to Julian, she was all medic. "Just check with me if you need to be patched up." Julian said. "Don't worry about me, be sure to fix up Samir, odds are the big guy will need it more then anyone." Kira joked. "Good hunting." Lexus wished her. "Likewise." Kira replied. "High intensity, high explosiveness. I love this. Let's go bang some heads." Jared said, sounding excited. "Let's do it." Kira said, putting him in a brief headlock.

Kira now went and visited those who weren't coming. The first of which was Elle and the triplets. "I'll bring back their godparents, alright?" Kira said, to which Elle nodded and thanked her. Then she visited Ethan and Becca. Ethan looked frustrated, and she knew he wanted to go. "Hey, buddy. How're you doing?" Kira asked him. "Terrible. Bloody terrible." He replied. "Yeah, I get that. Don't worry, I'll make sure they come back ok." Kira said. "You don't get it. I have fought with them for over two-hundred years. Just leaving them now, it's..." He started. "Terrible. Ethan, go with them. I can handle the kids for the time you're gone for." Becca interrupted him. Kira shook her head. "I hate to say it, but that isn't a good idea..." She said, a little shamefully.

"That is exactly why I'm staying. I'll hate myself for not going with them, but I would hate myself more if I went with them and left my children without a father for their entire lives." Ethan said, sounding frustrated and angry. "None of em hold it against you for staying, you know that, right?" Kira asked. "Of course I do. It, it just doesn't feel right. Nothing will change that and the guilt this will bring me." Ethan said. "Yeah, I get that. I've got to go, see you when I get back." She said and hugged him. "Seeya, kid. Kick some ass for me, will ya?" He said. "Oh, it'll all be for you." She said. "Don't worry Ethan, I'll make this up to you. I know it's my fault that you can't go." Becca said to her husband. Kira put her face in one hand. "How is this your fault? You shouldn't feel anything negative from this. It's not your fault whatsoever." Ethan said, sounding surprised.

"Actually, it's just being a parent, nobody's fault at all. Bye guys, I'll bring home souvenirs." Kira interrupted. "A helmet or gun would be nice." Ethan said and chuckled. "Both it is." Kira said, waved goodbye and went to jump on a transport.

"What fucker decided this was going to be a trip by truck?" Mark asked the members of Boondock, who shrugged. "Who knows, but they are going to be fired after this, I don't care if it was Christ himself." Ian said, anger resounding in his voice. After seven hours of driving, they were all ready, willing, and able to jump right into a horde of Sith and start throwing punches. They arrived and the squadran jumped out of the trucks and began to cross the water and go by air to attack, when suddenly, and unknown force caused their weapons to vanish. Then, a red bubble encased the area around the city with a radius of seventeen miles. Then, an altered, gravelly voice sounded out. "Hello, my enemies. I am your target. To make this fight more interesting, I have introduced three rules. One, there will be no weapons. Two, their will be no use of powers, and three, nobody will leave this bubble until I have been defeated. My forces and I are waiting in the city center, with what is left of the populace trapped inside bank vaults. Let the games begin!"

Everyone jumped onto a bridge and started walking across. Unarmed, unpowered, only their minds and bodies to defend themselves. When they reached the city center, they saw a force of several hundred Sith, standing just like them, waiting, all clad in black masks and cloaks. Alghul stood on a catwalk above them. He raised a hand and said simply "Kill them all." The Sith force charged, and most of the Squadran did too. The members who were in the bodies of children hung back, hesitantly, which costed them dearly, as Sith were upon them in minutes and had put them out of the fight, but for some reason, taking care not to kill them. Some of the psychic members had similar problems, not having great talent in unarmed combat.

Some members were proving to be powerhouses. Right at the head of the fighting was Kira and Allison Kyle, delivering devastating kicks, punches, arm bars, and other such techniques. No unarmed fighter could stand before them and live. Alghul stayed up on his catwalk which rose between two buildings. Then, someone jumped on it, and he turned to face them. He recognized the fighter as Anthony Richter. Behind his mask, he smiled. Anthony jumped toward him, getting in a few strikes, but Alghul was unfazed by him, and caught his fist and twisted his arm behind his back, stomping on the back of his knee, and then tossing the surprised fighter off the catwalk into the streets below, where he landed amidst the Sith fighters and was brutally beaten by them for a few minutes.

Down in the streets, Ryan found himself back to back with Zack. "Ryan, you trust me?"

"Not really." Ryan replied and Zack promptly grabbed his arm and threw him into an advancing Sith warrior before tackling him and punching him in the throat, killing him. Ryan rose and they turned to see a particularly big warrior advancing towards him. "He's slightly gigantic." Ryan commented. "Yeah." Zack said and punched him in the groin, brining the warrior down and allowing Ryan to kick him in the head. They looked over and saw Kira and Korra fighting with a pair of sith ladies. "Should we...?" Zack asked. "No." Ryan said, knowing their daughters would be fine. Four seconds after that, Korra had used her legs to crush the ribcage of one and Kira had flipped one over her head and smashed her opponent's head on the curb.

Back on the catwalk, Alghul faced his second challenger. The renegade Gearmarker Rick Greene was attacking him. Alghul thought back to when Jason Cross had proven to be a stronger fighter then him, and vowed to defeat this Gearmarker. Rick was faster and was able to duck behind him and kick him in the back, but Alghul was not fazed and whirled around, smashing a fist into Jason's block, which was then followed up by an attempted arm bar, which failed, and Alghul successfully punched him in the face, breaking his jaw and kicking him back onto the opposing rooftop. While he looked at the broken body, someone tackled him from behind wrapped their arms around his neck. He backed into the catwalk railing and tossed his opponent off the catwalk, but the person was able to swing under the walkway and over the other side, landing to face Alghul.

He recognized Mark Renner, and attacked in earnest. Mark put up a valiant effort, but Alghul soon grabbed him by the neck and punched him twice, each punch breaking ribs, and tossed him off of the catwalk and into the street. Then, someone tossed a rock at the back of his head, and he turned and saw Nymeria, standing ready to attack him. He sighed and lunged. She ducked under his attack and wound up behind him, delivering two fast kicks to his back. He whirled and attacked again, trying to break bones this time. Then, someone grabbed him from behind and tried to hold him still. He grabbed the man, hoisted him over his head, and dropped him on his knee, breaking his back. He tossed Ryan's limp form off the catwalk and continued to attack Nymeria.

Down in the streets, a Sith threw a rock at Ian, which he ducked under and saw that it went through the bubble. Ian dispatched his enemy and ducked into a destroyed bar, where he checked to see if his comms device was working. Seeing it did, he contacted Davenport. "Davenport, this is Ian Bauer, we need bombs dropped on the city now."

"On whose authority?" Davenport asked. "Mine, the commanders above me are dead, I'm the highest ranking Squadran member as of now." Ian snarled. "Designate targets, a bomber is on its way." Davenport said. Ian ran out and named the targets, the buildings on the sides of the main road. Ian ran in and shouted for everybody to fall back, but nobody heard his yells. The bombs came down and blew the buildings to smithereens. People on both sides died, but when the dust settled, everyone saw Nymeria battling Alghul with the same ferocity as before.

Then, a different figure entered the fight, and was immediately killed by Alghul. However, this gave Nymeria time to enter a frenzied attack where she struck Alghul almost forty-eight times before jumping in the air and kicking him in the mask, causing damage to it and making him crumple.

The next few hours were chaos and blurred images. When it had all ended, Nymeria was back in custody, Alghul had been placed in a special containment unit, and the dead were being sorted through. During this, IceBite walked up to Ian, after learning of the bombing order. The next thing anyone knew, he was screaming at the top of his lungs at him, cursing him and his decision to drop bombs, which had cost sixteen civilians their lives. "If I hadn't, we'd have lost, you know that, you're just too much of a coward to do it yourself." Ian snarled at him. "You're undermining what this faction was built upon, Ian! The very principle that keeps them from us!" IceBite shouted. "There is no principle, just a rule that stops us from stopping them." Ian shot back.

"Killing them makes us no different, they didn't deserve their deaths, even if a hundred Sith were in there!" IceBite yelled. "Sixteen lives for thousands. I would do it twice if you were one of them." Ian hissed. IceBite had no reaction, only seemed ready to lash out at any moment. "Oh, and I'm leaving this faction. Any who want to join me are welcome, I won't hold any of it against you if you stay." Ian said and walked away. Olivia immediately joined him. He looked back at the Boondock forces who had families in the squadran and shook his head, indicating that they stay. He and Olivia walked off. A team of ODST forces joined them, as well as a black op sniper and Rick Greene, who was wheeling himself on a wheelchair.

After that, when the dead were sorted out, people knew who they'd lost. The Sigurdson family knew they would have to console Claudia, as Reid had been the last fatality at Alghul's hand. IceBite found himself writing many consolation letters that day. Once had finished the job, he went to see Nymeria. "Well, I heard you broke the rules of your parole, but, to be honest, if it was to do what I overheard you did, I don't see why you're locked up again..." He said to her, through a barred and locked window. "Can't mess with the legal system, it seems." She said and shrugged. "Yeah: during one past incident involving Kcaz, I tried to go out to kill the asshole myself, but since he was 'under protection by the council' due to 'having valuable information', they deemed it necessary to arrest me..." He responded.

"That's the way it goes. Well, if they want my head, they can have it. Speaking of heads, can I speak to Holly Lund-Urec?" IceBite paused. "...Why do you need to speak to her?" He asked. "Does she want to see her husband again?" She asked. "He wouldn't be the first to have survived decapitation." She said with a shrug. "Swiss-Knife!" IceBite barked and a strange little robot floated in. "Yes, SIR!" It cried. "Go get Holly..." IceBite said tiredly. "Right away, sir!" the robot cried again and left. She raised an eyebrow. The robot returned with Holly. "Here she is, SIR!" The robot exclaimed. "So, what is it?" Holly asked, tiredly. "You may want to find a chair." Nymeria said. "Why?" Holly asked, taking one.

"Sen lives." Nymeria said. Holly's eyes widened and she gripped the edge of her chair. "What do you mean 'Sen lives'?" She asked. "He is a very powerful force user. He kept his head alive after Nes cut it off. It's currently in a tank on Korriban." Nymeria said. Holly started breathing faster, and then started muttering to herself. "Oh, great..." Swiss-Knife said and smacked her on the back of the head, bringing her back. Holly shook her head. "We...we have to go find him!" She cried. "Fraid we have to wait for my parole to end. It needs my retina scans to get into the lab." Nymeria told her. Holly began having another breakdown. "I got it..." Swiss said and slapped her upside the head again.

" would we know he's still alive or...himself...if we wait?! We have to go now!" Holly exclaimed. "Get me out Holly. That's all it'll take." Nymeria said. Holly started thinking. "I know where this is..." Swiss started, but Holly interrupted him. "I'll see what I can do..." She said. She stood and left. Nymeria looked at IceBite. "I'd go try to make it up to Claudia now. She likely blames you." She told him. IceBite snarled irritably and walked out.

He learned that many had left. Many more foot soldiers as well as Claudia had left to join Ian. He also learned that Zack and Leandra would be housing them. As he walked, he heard people talk about him, one even said "What kind of leader is he?"

The PariahEdit

"Fucking hell, hon..." Kira said when she saw Mark's wounds. Aside from the broken ribs, he had a fractured femur and a broken arm from the fall, and some spinal damage delivered by Sith warriors in the street. They were waiting to get into the med labs, which were swamped with people who needed attention. "Claudia understand why you stayed?" He asked her. "I know she does, somewhere deep down. She didn't have anything left here. I have you, and I kinda feel the need to be here for the twins." She answered, and he nodded.

Mark was finally allowed in for treatment, and Kira decided to go visit the Ferrans. When she arrived, she found Ryan stumbling through the kitchen while Samir was making a joke out of his own injury. She wandered over to Ethan and sat next to him. She opened her bag and pulled out a sith helmet. "You didn't." He said. "Yep, had to sneak it past security when the area was secured." She said with a smile. She saw Becca holding the sleeping Aurora while Julian held Caden, who was batting at her hands. "First words yet?" She asked. "Nope." Ethan answered. "Mine was pizza." Kira told him. "BS." Ethan said. "Nope, I really did say Pizza as my first word." Kira replied.

After her visit, she returned home and ate a sandwich before Mark returned, looking drowsy. Taking advantage of this, she made him watch a centuries old TV show with her, and he fell asleep about ten minutes in. She smirked at that and finished the episode before deciding to take a nap herself.

Off in her cell, Nymeria sat, meditating. Multiple security officers watched, assault rifles aimed at her in case she so much as twitched. Eventually, one, who had lost a friend to her once, entered the room, holding a knife. He approached her and pinned her to the wall, ready to cut her throat. In half a second, she had pulled him into the corner and held the knife at his throat, making it impossible for her to get shot. She was eventually subdued with tear gas. When she came to, she was in a med-labs bed. "Congratulations. You've been released. Get ready, you're going to help me and a few others save Sen." Holly said. Nymeria pulled herself up and got ready to go. The team conjoined on a random ship. There was Holly, Allison Kyle, Korra and Lexus Ferran, and herself. They boarded and flew off.

Nymeria noted both Ferrans were very agitated and on edge. Holly was nervous, but interested, and Allison had a calm aura that said she was ready for her, just in case. Holly focused herself on getting to Korriban, while Allison simply watched Nymeria carefully. The Ferrans simply ignored her completely. She didn't mind much. She rested her head against the chair and took a bat-nap.

Back on earth, Mark was dreaming. There was a group of people, standing in front of a barn, arguing heatedly. Then, two young women began fighting, one heavily armored, the other not so. One grew frustrated and walked away while the other pulled a gun and shot her in the back of the head. Mark's eyes opened and he looked around, Kira was asleep, so he rose and went to his house and went into his basement. He stocked up on his weapons and went out to patrol the base, not bothering with the city today. With nothing of note arising, Mark went to the training area and set up an archery target. He began shooting at it, hitting the bull's eye each time. As he trained, another arrow landed in the target. "Can't sleep?" Anthony asked, walking over. Mark shook his head and Anthony understood.

They shot at the target in silence for several minutes before all of their arrows had been used. They retrieved them and parted ways, both knowing there wasn't much to say.

It would be a long time before either man saw the other again.

Out in space, the ship was arriving at Korriban. As they landed, Korra stated "This is a shit hole." Holly looked uncomfortable. "This place looks...and feels-" She shivered. " dark as the last time I was here...let's just find Sen and get out..." She said. Nymeria, despite herself, shook her head at the other woman's discomfort. "Why do I feel like this won't be as easy as we hoped for?" Lexus said, checking her sights. "Allison, watch the ship." Nymeria said and started walking, leading the other three into a dark tunnel. "You sure you know where you're going?" Korra asked. "You sure you want that raise I'm making your CO give you for coming?" Nymeria calmly replied.

"Oh...dark tunnels...I hate dark tunnels...never know what's hiding in the darkness..." Holly complained. "This is a great area. Nice lighting, beautiful scenery..." Lexus said sarcastically. "Home." Nymeria said, a little sadly. She was mostly ignored. She eventually stopped, causing the others to bump into one another. She led them to the side of the tunnel and through a door, which closed, leaving Korra on the other side. Holly jumped. "Wait! What...what's happening?" She cried. "Korra?! What the hell happened?" There was no response. "Damn. They're rebooted the security system. Only three of us allowed from here." Nymeria said. "Thanks for telling us that now..." Lexus muttered. "Had I known, I would have. Pray they didn't reboot the external security. If they did, then she is probably dead." Nymeria stated calmly.

"So...these defenses will just keep whittling us down until one of us remains? What else is there?!" Holly asked. "Not necessarily dead. If you are as capable as I am told, you might survive." Nymeria said. "I swear, if she's not alright, it's your fault." Lexus snarled. "Don't forget, the Urecs will be in my debt if Sen is alive." Nymeria said. Holly's expression merely emphasized that statement. They continued on until they made it to a dimly lit room. There were labs more advanced then anything that had been seen before. A lot of it had been hand made and also had mixes of squadran and Intergalactic Republic technology. "I haven't seen anything like all this...and that's saying something..." Holly said, awed. "Some nice stuff right here. May need to scan this and bring it back." Lexus said.

"Not without my help you're not. This is all my own invention. Wrong person touches it without the codes being entered first and they end up worse then Alghul trapped in a romantic comedy." Nymeria warned. "Uhhh...ok." Lexus said, taking a step away from a floating, dimly glowing cube. "I'm dead serious, I had to give him a heart transplant...and a few other organs." Nymeria said. "Drop this topic please." Lexus said uncomfortably. "Ok. Can you give me your rifle for a moment?" Nymeria asked. Lexus handed it over, and Nymeria took it to a workbench and began tinkering, then returned it. "Check the scope." Nymeria said. Lexus did so, and saw it was vastly improved in quality and range. "Wow. This is nice." Lexus said.

"That's what I can do in twenty seconds. Give me a half hour and you could take the head off Mephiles from a thousand meters." Nymeria said. "Remind me to have you work on this later." Lexus said, a little awed. "Will do. Holly, please take four steps to your left." Nymeria said. "Wh-why?" Holly asked, nervous. "Because in about seventeen seconds that space will cave in on Korra's head, if she's alive. Get off..." Nymeria answered. She jumped to the side, surprised. "Seriously?" Lexus asked. "Yep. We're right above her now. Try the thermal imagery I added." Nymeria replied. Lexus discovered Korra was alive and pacing, and they moved on.

As they walked, metal bars came down from the ceiling and trapped Holly from continuing. "What the?!" Holly exclaimed, enraged. "I knew this wouldn't end well." Lexus grumbled. "I'll bring him back Holly." Nymeria assured her and they moved on. "Please hurry!" Holly called after them. They continued, then Nymeria stopped. "Damn damn damn." She said. "Don't worry, we'll all be fine." Lexus said, a little surprised. "No, the third block should have come up now, making me go in alone. Alghul made it so someone else would have to see what is coming up." Nymeria said. Lexus realized she was on the verge of tears. "It's ok." Lexus said, a little taken aback.

Nymeria opened a door, revealing a room with a lone chair with straps attached, a power inhibiting generator in the corner, and a wall of fish tanks with decapitated heads floating in them. "This was my TV, growing up here." Nymeria said. "Really? That's, uhhh..." Lexus said, increasingly speechless. "Look closely." Nymeria said. Lexus did so, and saw that some of the heads were looking around and blinking. "The hell, are they still alive?" Lexus asked, repulsed. "Yeah, start looking for Sen." Nymeria said. They began looking, and Lexus found Sen, who looked bored. He gave her a "Sup" look. "Please don't do that." Lexus said, clearly disturbed. He gave her an exasperated look.

"Found him, now how do we get out of here?" She asked. "Grab the tank and start walking back." When they made it back to Holly, Sen's tank being carried by a disturbed Lexus. "Wait, is that..." Holly asked, nervously, as the bars came down. Sen gave her a "Hi" Look and winked one of his eyeless eyelids. "Sen!" She said and fell on her knees in front of Lexus, taking the tank from her. They continued on and Lexus and Nymeria grabbed as much tech as they could on the way out. When they found Korra, she jumped slightly. "Wow, he really is a floating head." Korra said, eyes widening. Sen gave her a "No shit" look.

When they returned home, Elle, Ryan, Claire, and Andre were waiting on the landing pad. "Never thought I'd see him again." Ryan said surprised at the sight of Sen's decapitated head bobbing up and down pleasantly in the tank. "Good luck reintegrating him into life. It'll be tough for him." Andre said while hugging Lexus. "He's alive? What's the use of people killing us now?" Sen gave the three of them a "Sup" look. "You're alive..." Elle sighed and looked at her mother. "I just hope I get as lucky and Sean returns somehow..." Sen gave a sympathetic look.

In Alghul's cell, Claudia snuck in and sat at the other end of the table. She pulled out a scalpel. "I assume you are here to kill me." Alghul said. "No that'd be to merciful." Claudia replied. "Do you think I would allow you?" He asked, completely unconcerned. "No, but I will do what I please now." She said. "A pity your pleasures will never last." Alghul said. "We will see." Claudia snarled "Then why don't you start with the mask? I am chained, after all." Alghul said, still carefree. "Why should I ?" Claudia asked.

"It would be extremely painful." Alghul stated. "It is better to increase the pain slowly." Claudia said. "True." Alghul said. Claudia leaned in start cutting when Alghul rose from the chair, chains shattering as his iron forehead slammed into her flesh one.

Ten minutes later, the prison experienced a power outage. Ian and Olivia, who were waiting outside, pulled out their sidearms and entered, activating flashlights. They went down the hall, looking around, seeing the broken staff. security, bodies were everywhere, bent into shapes that would make any member of any race cringe. They found the interrogation chamber and kicked the door in. They found Claudia, a broken arm clearly visible while her other was nailed to the wall. They got her off the wall and Olivia helped her walk while Ian led the way out. As they moved out, they saw the outline of Alghul and Ian shot at it, his shot hitting Alghul in the shoulder and making him stumble slightly before continuing. "Olivia, get her out, go!" Ian yelled and gave chase.

He chased Alghul to the ceiling and found him there. He opened fire again, his shots hitting Alghul in the armor plated chest, the last shot bouncing of the mask's forehead. Ian swore and turned his pistol around so he was holding the barrel like a war club. Alghul took a step forward but then a pair of masked people jumped him, followed by Nymeria. The two men were clearly highly trained in close quarters combat, and Nymeria once again proved her martial prowess in the fight that ensued. Alghul threw the two men away and Nymeria showed she was more then capable of taking him by successfully evading all of his attacks and launching successful counters.

Alghul eventually tossed her back before the men grabbed him, Alghul grabbed at one and tore his mask off, revealing the face of Jason Cross, the Intergalactic Republic Gearmarker specialist. The other pulled out a device and a portal activated, pulling them, and Alghul, into it. Ian went over to Nymeria. "What was that?"

"That was one of our problems being pulled away." She answered. "You know I have to take you back to Kaven, right?" She nodded and complied as he drove her back while Olivia took Claudia for treatment at their new headquarters.

When Claudia woke up, she saw Ian sitting in the corner with Kira sitting beside her bed. "How long have I been out?" She asked "Two days. They had to do surgery to fix your skull." Kira answered. "Explains my headache." Claudia groaned. "You'll be happy to know we aren't on Kaven Base right now." Ian told her. "Yeah, beats me, why they took him captive, and let him live. They should have executed him right there." Claudia said. "Well, Alghul is probably on Death Row for the Intergalactic Republic now." Ian said. "Every second, he is alive, is one to many." Claudia grumbled.

"I hear you. If anything, dad will call it in as a favor or something with their head of army." Kira said. "Yeah, well maybe they could come here, and swap that incompetent squadran away." Claudia said darkly. "I'm still a member, sis." Kira said gently. "Yeah, well not my fault you are blinded by them." Claudia said. "Would you have stayed if Reid lived?" Ian asked, clearly growing annoyed. "No...I wouldn't have." Claudia responded. Ian sighed. "Kira, you might want to wait outside." Ian said. "Why?" Claudia asked. "See at Christmas, Claud." Kira said and left, visibly shaken. "We'll see." Claudia muttered.

"Claudia, that's your fucking family. How can you talk to them like that, especially now?" Ian asked. "Live as long as I have. Been through what I have. Then you maybe be capable of understanding." Claudia said, completely uncaring. "You think you're the only one who's lost shit? I didn't have anything to believe in when I started out, you had your psychic institution. You had friends, I didn't have anything. I lost everything, all my family. Its my damn life protecting my people now. You don't know what it is like to lose a child, Claudia. Once you have, then you can talk to me about understandng." Ian snarled.

"You truly think, that the institution, was there for you ? Psi, only existed to take everything from you, they made you suffer, tried to break you, and all just to see if you were a powerful psychic. Oh, and as we are on the topic, if you are close, to another psychic you become entwined, and the death of one rips out a part of you. Your love, your understanding, your happiness, all of that goes with it. All that is left is hate and anger, and sorrow. But the best part is to come, it never get's better. You can overcome something, for a psychic, that is impossible. We can not heal from something likes this. We only can get worse and worse." Claudia shot back.

"That's exactly what happened to me. What is happening. All I want is someone to put a bullet in my skull every god damn day. Your parents recovered because they had you and Kira. I had no one. You have people left who love you. All you're doing is making it harder for them to do so." Ian said, his voice cracking slightly. "Because I can no longer feel with them. How would you feel, if there was some one you loved, but they were incapable of returning that love. If everything they could feel was loathing and hate?"

"Then I guess you're no better then him." Ian said angrily and stormed out. She knew full well he meant Alghul. "Yeah...maybe I am..." Claudia said to herself.

Ian sat on the roof of the building for several hours, watching Kira leave on a new motorbike. He pulled out a picture of his mother, the only one he had, and looked at it, wondering what might have happened if she hadn't left him and his twin on the streets one day. He remembered it well. They were living on Mandalore, single mom with twins. His mother took them out into the woods one day and left. They became street urchins after that. Then his brother was shot and killed, which lead to Ian's soldier life. "You alright?" He heard a voice say. He looked over and saw Leandra. "I'll live." He said. "Picture?" She asked. "My mother, the only thing I have left of her, after she left me and my brother out in the woods when we were seven." He said and showed her, not caring anymore. Leandra took one look then fell to her knees, looking shocked. "What?" He asked. "That's...this...this is my older sister, Ian." Leandra said.

In Kaven, Nymeria looked at the celebrating Urec family. She felt a twinge of jealousy, but knew it was stupid. She would never deserve that. What she had done would haunt her forever. She did not blame Claudia for her state of mind, as she knew about it. She also knew that the next few days were to become emotionally charged and chaotic, as the Sigurdson family would receive another blow. The knowledge she had been cursed with never being able to divulge would also haunt her. She smiled grimly as she realized she was on the first steps to redemption. A voice said her name. "I hear you're good with autopsy, can you help us? We found a concerning collection of body parts we need to piece together." She went to autopsy and found chunks from arms to toes all in a pile.

She set to work. These first steps were to be as a pariah, it would seem, albeit, a useful pariah.

The VictorEdit

Kira pulled into her driveway and went in the house. She walked in and just sat down, feeling like a vegetable. When Mark returned and saw her, he immediately came over to ask what happened. "Claudia's gone." Kira said. "What? She-"

"No, she isn't dead. Well, maybe. Her mind is dead. What I talked to today wasn't her." Kira said. Mark didn't know what to say. Kira rested her head on his shoulder, and before he knew it, she was crying. He put his arm around her, not knowing what to do. She eventually went upstairs to shower and think. When she did, he noticed Leandra's car dive by. He looked outside and saw her pulling into the Sigurdson home. "Something must be serious." He muttered.

Leandra knocked on the door. She had left Ian behind because he was freaking out beyond the capacity for rational thought. Julian answered. "Hey Leandra." She said, a little surprised. "Hey. Where's Val?" Leandra asked, getting straight to the point. "Inside. Come on in, I'll get him." Julian said, hearing the seriousness in Leandra's voice. "Val! You have a guest!" Julian called. Leandra sat at a table. "Yes?" He asked, coming in. "Hey Val. You're going to want to sit down." Leandra said. "Uhh...what's up?" He asked. "I...I found something out have the right to know before anyone else."

"And this would be?" He asked, sitting down. "It is about Kira. The first." She said. "My Kira?" He asked. "Yeah." She responded, bracing herself. "So, what about her?" He asked. "This is gonna hurt Val. She...she had kids before she came here." She said, not giving it all out at once. "She what? She...she never told me that. you know where they are now?" He asked, blinking rapidly. "One of them died when he was fourteen, shot to death in the streets on Mandalore. The other...he just led a half-coup against IceBite and is living in my garage." Leandra said.

"Wait, you don't mean..." Val said, shocked. "Yeah, Ian." She answered. "Damn. Ian's my... I guess he's kinda my kid now. Or has been for a while." Val said. "That's...that's not all..." She said and wiped her eyes. "What else? Tell me, please." He asked. "When...when they were seven, and this is all very foggy memory on Ian's part, she took them out into the woods, acting strange, and left. They never saw her again." Val just sat there and nodded, covering the lower half of his face with one hand. We're...we're bringing in psychologists and hopefully Adriana if possible to look through his mind, maybe find more details, but..." Leandra couldn't finish, the words didn't want to come out.

"Alright. Umm, sorry to cut this short, but umm... I need to go and think a few things over for a while. Thank you for telling me this." She nodded and he rose and went to his room. Leandra went and knocked on Ryan and Claire's door. Ryan answered, she saw he was the only one in there. "Oh, hey Leandra. Didn't hear you come in. Can I help you?" He said. "Not me you have to help." Leandra said sadly. "What happened?" He asked, worry covering his face. She told him the whole story. "God dammit. Well then, I guess I'll talk to him soon." Ryan said.

"Wait until he comes out. I doubt he'd appreciate company at the moment." She advised him. "Exactly my thoughts." He replied. "Ok. I have to get back to...check on my nephew, I guess." She said, confused at the last sentence. "Alright. Talk to you later..." He said and she left. She dropped by Kira's, and when she found out Kira was having her own meltdown, she told Mark the story and told him to tell Kira when she was ready. Kira hadn't know her namesake, but she had been named after her. She then started the nighttime drive home.

Nymeria took her gloves off after carefully rebuilding a chopped up human. She saw the headlights of Leandra's car leave and she knew the suffering would go on. She hated how much she knew but couldn't say. That was something Kcaz had forced upon her. Much of this was planned out by him. It was a terrible scheme concocted, right from Reid's death to Kira the first's secret being revealed. She also knew how to stop this suffering, but she couldn't tell anyone that either. She shook her head and went to the on base bar. She bought the entire keg off the owner and took it home, wanting to forget her guilt for a few precious hours.

There was a young woman with a bow and an ice pick, running through the forest, being chased by a bear. She jumped to a tree branch, then jumped down and put the ice pick through its skull. She pulled it out, skinned the bear, took it's meat and cooked it while making a blanket out of its hide. She spoke. "Wonder how you would do out here, Sen? You'd just force your way out of this situation. Ana would probably just hide under a rock." She said to nothing. "And would probably still be making sure we had enough diapers to get through her time away, precious as it is." She said. She snorted and lit up a cigarette, smoked it, then ate and went to sleep.

In his house, Norm sat upright. "So its Sasha..." He murmured. He shook his head and grabbed his tools, ranging from a combat knife to his pistols. He walked out of the house and went out to Vegas. He arrived at three in the morning. He looked into the streets, clicked off the safety, thanked god for silencers, and started walking.

The next day, on the news, there was a story of a massacre in Vegas. Over four thousand criminals had been slaughtered over night. Officials described it as being like a military strike instead of a collection of shootings. When Elle heard the story, she went to find Norm. She found him cleaning his sidearms and washing a bloodstain off his arm. "I just heard something about a whole mess of criminals being killed in Vegas..." She said, her tone asking what would have happened if he had died. "You hear how they died?" He asked. "I've got a clue who was responsible..." She said, her tone reprimanding. "Half of them were killed while either drunk or high, making them easy targets. another quarter were petty thieves. The last quarter were ambushed before they were able to do anything."

"Yes, but what if one of them were not as incapacitated as you thought?" She asked, still with the same tone. "They would have had to fight a trained military black ops specialist with a reason to go home." He replied. "Yes, but still, what if one of them did get the drop on you? I can't raise all 3 children by myself, and with Sean..." She paused, unable to say it. "...I need as much help as I can get raising them..."

"I'd bt Kira would help, but..." He sighed. "You're right. I'm sorry. Also, there's something you should know about." He said. "What?" She asked, and he told her about the dreams. "Are...are you sure it's them in the dreams?" She asked at last. "In the last one, the woman was talking about Sen and Ana, and then you. That certainly made it seem like Sasha, and you know the track record of dreams in this business." He answered. There was a brief silence, then a voice that was scarily familiar sounded. "Hey babe, Cuz." Elle, immediately alert, began looking around while Norm froze. "What? Sean...?" She asked, hopeful and scared. Then, Sean's force ghost walked out. "Hey." He said. "Sean..." Elle said, stunned. Sean looked immensely awkward. "So, what'd you name them?" He asked. "The oldest, a boy, was named after father, Sen..." She said. "Good choice, better then my dad." He replied.

"The youngest, a girl, was named Anastasia..." Elle continued. Sean nodded. "Good name."

"The middle child, also a girl...was named after your sister...Sasha..." Sean smiled. "I'll admit, I was hoping for that. Hey, uh, this may be an odd question, but am I still in my grave?" He asked. "Honestly..." She said uncertainly and looked at Norm. "I haven't shot anybody trying to dig you up, so..." Norm said. "Well, if someone tries, maybe let em. Who knows, maybe they'll pull a Sigurdson on-" Suddenly, he was randomly sucked out of the world. "Sean?!" Norm looked at Elle, who looked as though her heart had been torn out. Norm ran to the graveyard and found the spot where Sean had been buried, only to find that it had indeed been dug up, and there was no coffin in the grave.

"Shit, are you serious?" Ian asked the caller. After being answered, he thanked the caller and hung up. He went and found Zack, who was sitting in a rocking chair on the porch, reading something. "Alghul escaped." Ian said. Zack nodded. "We should have expected that." Zack said. Ian nodded. "Did they lose anyone?" Zack asked. "Alghul killed about three Gearmarkers and a Jedi knight before escaping back here." Ian answered. "Anyone I know?"

"No, your friends over there survived." Ian told him. Ian hesitated, then spoke again. "I'm going to try and send Claudia off to assassinate someone." He said. Zack nodded. "Give her money for it and she won't have much reason not to, I guess." Zack said. Ian nodded and left. Zack finished his book and went inside the house. He put it down and went into the kitchen to grab a snack. As he opened the door, an arrow thudded into it. He ducked behind it and grabbed a kitchen knife. He jumped out and threw it at his assailant, who knocked it out of the air with a crossbow. The man was masked and wearing gloves, which meant Zack would have to catch him to find out who it was. The man shot another arrow, which Zack ducked under and tackled him. The person pulled a knife out and successfully stabbed Zack in the side. The person rose to finish the job but gunfire sounded and he dove out a window.

Guards pursued the man, but he seemed to know what they were going to do already. He escaped, taking all evidence other then the confused witnesses with him. After several hours, Zack left the medics' house to go to his basement. He opened the door to the armory and looked over his weapons. He took his combat knife and bowie knife off their racks and placed them on a table. He then grabbed his sidearm and shotgun and placed them there as well. As he returned to the armory, Leandra came down the stairs. "For a retired man, you sure are active." She commented. "The assassin came way to close, hon. What was to stop him from going for you or Claudia? He wants me, so I'll have to challenge him, draw him out, get him close." He said and went to the last rack. He pulled the long battle axe off of it and placed it on the table as well.

"Remind me where you got that?" She asked him. "Spenser gave it to me after I returned from the dead. He found it in Kcaz's vault. We tested it on a lot of things. It is effectively the axe-equivalent of Vesracolian." He replied. Leandra shook her head. "Just make sure you come back." She sighed. He nodded, ignoring the fire in his side. He packed up and walked out, holding the axe over his shoulders. He found himself in a forest and waited, sitting on a tree stump. Zack took out the shotgun and loaded it. He heard a quick twang and the shotgun was ripped from his hands, nailed to a tree by an arrow. Zack ducked under the next arrow and fired with his immediately drawn sidearm. Once he was out of ammo, the assassin fired another arrow, knocking the pistol away.

Zack drew his knives and fell into a battle stance, the axe across his back. The assassin walked out, garbed in black and masked once again. He was clutching a knife in one hand, and in the other was an assyrian sword, to Zack's confusion. They lunged, Zack immediately knew the assassin was a professional as their blades crashed against each other. The attacker lunged with the blades and Zack parried, but his bowie knife was knocked away. Zack jumped back and threw the other knife while drawing his axe. The assassin dodged and attacked again. Zack ducked under and kicked the man into a tree and swung the axe simultaneously. The killed roared in agony as his hand was chopped clean off.

The killer threw the knife at Zack, who ducked, but when he rose, the man was gone.

Zack entered IceBite's office, taking him by surprise. "Zack...So, what do you need?" IceBite asked. Zack dropped a disembodied hand on the desk. "Uhhh...what is this?" He asked. "See the scars?" Zack questioned. "Lightsaber inflicted, you agree?" Zack said as IceBite looked closer. "Hmmm...they appear to be...but why'd you bring it here and drop it on my desk?" IceBite asked him. "Because I know whose hand it is. If his family finds out, it'll destroy what little force you have left." Zack replied. "Whose hand is it?" IceBite asked. "You remember the times when Sean fought Nes and got scars like these?"


"There's your answer. He's alive and trying to kill me." Zack said. "What?!" IceBite said, shocked. Zack dropped Sean's hunting knife on the desk. "I'm asking you to keep it from Elle." Zack said. IceBite sighed. "...Alright...this is something I feel I shoud do for her...seeing as she just saw his Force Ghost recently, only for him to be pulled away again...she's been acting as depressed as the day he died because of it..."

"Thank you. Sean is one handed now, keep an eye out." Zack said and left. IceBite leaned back in his chair. Sean's hunting down Zack for some the hell am I supposed to keep Elle from finding out until we can sort this all out? He thought.

The next day, when Zack got home, he found a note on the counter from Leandra. It read: Chasing a lead on the thing with my sister. Be back in a few days. He went and checked on Ian, who was sitting on his house's porch. "Claudia's back." Ian said. Zack nodded and went to check on his daughter. He found her looking at a set of levitating cutlery. "Hi." She said, devoid of all emotion. "Hey. How are you?" He asked carefully. "How would you be?" She replied in the same tone. "Fair enough." He said and sat in silence, watching her. Eventually she just shrugged and the cutlery fell to the floor, getting stuck in the wood. Shame, I've always liked mahogany. Zack thought.

Leandra started by going to the Ferran home. Korra just let her in, and most of the others were out. Luckily for her, so was Val. She found Kira's old helmet and took it out to the kitchen. "Can I get you anything?" Korra offered. "Uh, a screwdriver, a hammer, and a donut, please." Leandra asked. Korra decided it would be best to not ask. She got the requested things and Leandra set to work. She picked out the padding inside the helmet. "What are you doing?" Korra asked. "Kira kept a video document in the back of her helmet, she kept it mostly secret, so I think I should check."

"A video document?" Korra asked. "Yeah, she kept her helmet cam on at all times." Leandra asked, the whooped. She pulled out a small memory card. "Well that's old fashioned." Korra said. "Yeah, do you have a camera?" Leandra asked and Korra got her one. Leandra searched and searched until she found her video. "Get Val to come home." She told Korra, wiping her eyes. When Val got home, Leandra showed him the video.

It showed Kira's helmet camera, taking her twins into the forest, but looking behind them and seeing that they were being followed. She dropped the kids off in a small bush, whispered that she would be back soon, and went into the forest, drawing their followers away. She killed a few of them before one shot a rocket at her, which she avoided, but it set several trees on fire. More rockets struck around her until she was eventually launched into the air and lay still for several hours. Leandra fast-forwarded the movie until Kira woke up, six hours later in the burning woods. She ran around, screaming her childrens' names. Then, she stopped and fell to her knees. In front of her two singed bodies of small children, and the helmet was thrown to the side.

Leandra cut to another video of Kira sitting in her and Val's room alone. "Hey, Val, sis. If you're watching this, it means I'm long dead. Val, I'm sorry I never told you, I just...I couldn't. I didn't want you to think I was a failed parent and...god, who knows what else? Just...please, if one or both is alive, find them, tell them how sorry I am. Their father was a 0002 recipient, so they could have stopped aging." She wiped her eyes. "Cam's about to die. Sorry. I love you, Val." She said and the video ended.

Back on Zack and Leandra's property, Zack pondered reasons Sean might have to kill him. As he thought on it, a car pulled in. Out of it came Leandra and Val. Leandra walked over, pointing at Ian's house. Val nodded and walked over to it. Leandra came over to Zack. "He's going to officially meet him. Kira didn't abandon them, she thought they were dead." Leandra said. Zack nodded, understanding. Thinking back, Kira had a victory, her child had lived, and her husband was going to officially meet him now.

The MessiahEdit

18 years later.

Sasha Urec cursed. "What asshole thought up the idea of a prom dress?" She asked. Maya shrugged. "Who cares, let's just get it over with. What are your plans for after the event?" Maya said. "I'm going to a random grad party, find some lonely guy and have him fuck my brains out." Sasha said, knowing full well her mother and siblings could hear her. She didn't care what they thought, she had stopped caring a long time ago. Maya smirked. "If my date turns out to be a douche, mind if I share?" She asked. "Nah, more the merrier." Sasha said. Sasha knew Ana wasn't going to go, but was amazed to learn that Sen was with some of his friends.

In the other room, Elle was with Sen and Ana, herself and Sen irritated at the conversation. They weren't saying anything, but were annoyed beyond words. They Elle drove Sen to the school while Maya and Sasha got their own rides. Ana just went up into her room. She was uncomfortable with Sasha's escapades, and didn't like being around when Sen was angry. She just didn't understand why they didn't, no, couldn't, get along.

With everyone out, Ana decided to take herself out for dinner. She went to a random restaurant and ordered food. As she ate, she noticed a man sitting in the corner of the restaurant, watching her. She also saw his prosthetic left arm, which ended in a stump. She finished eating and when she went to pay, the waitress told her that the man had paid for her. She looked at him, unable to say anything. He threw a paper airplane at her, which she caught and saw the note inside.

Tell your mom I say hi, and to try be a little less protective of Sash. It said, and was signed RS. She looked back, only to see that he was gone. She looked around, trying to find him again. She couldn't. She returned home and found her mother in the kitchen. "" She said. Elle looked over. "Anastasia...what is it?" Elle asked, sensing something off. " happen to know a man with a prostetic arm by any chance?" Ana got out. "Why do you ask?" Elle asked Ana. "Well...I went out to get something to eat...and this one man was...watching me...When I went to go pay...I was told this man had already paid for my meal. Then, he sent me this note..." Ana said and pulled the note out and gave it to Elle.

"Is it..." Elle began. "What is it, mom?" Ana asked, worried. "Nothing...nothing..." Elle said, absentminded. "Alright...I' in my room..." Ana said and left. Once Ana had left, Elle looked at the note. "Is can't be..." She whispered.

The next day, Sasha came home, sticky with sweat and her hair in a mess, but she didn't care. She chuckled at the memories of the previous night. She passed her godfather Norm, who was leaving for a morning church service. She waved and he returned the gesture, sighing.

Norm stayed in the church for about an hour after the service ended. He noticed another man come in and sit down, saying his own prayer. Norm's attention was piqued when he heard the first words. He listened to the whole prayer, and then looked over, only to see the man had gone. He looked up at the cross in the church. "I knew you were the messiah, but this is something else." He said and left the building.

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