Stand Up:Edit

Be Strong:Edit

Know Right from Wrong:Edit

Forever Hence:Edit

Believe Yourself:Edit

When You Feel The Pressure:Edit

The Strain Is Hard to Measure:Edit

So With Your Sheer Endevour:Edit

Forever Hence, Believe Yourself:Edit

Clara sat next to Konstantin. "Well if that wasn't...I am not sure what to call that." said Clara, leaning against his shoulder. "I could not agree more." said Konstantin, and stroked Clara's hair a little. "So...what will you do now?" asked Clara, closing her eyes, she was exhausted from the last undertaking. "I don't know...maybe write books." chuckled the man opening a small notebook. "Oh? Didn't know you wrote." said Clara in surprise. "Oh well I am not as gifted as you, but I have a poem here, finished and all." came Konstantin's answer after he flicked through the pages. "Oh read it to me!" she exclaimed snuggling in a bit closer.

"Know Right From Wrong

Forever Hence

Believe Yourself

And When You Feel The Pressure

The Strain Is Hard To Measure

So With Your Sheer Endeavor

Forever Hence, Believe Yourself."

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