Hellcat Squadran: Scream Aim Fire details the recruitment of Sean and Conner Renner by Ryan and Korra Ferran, and later Sasha Renner, by Claudia Donovan-Sigurdson and most of the Ferran Clan,


Ryan drove his car down the highway. He was taking his daughter Korra to Las Vegas for a couple of days. She had been very excited to go, as she'd never been there before. It was night by the time they had arrived at their hotel and were walking down the hall to their room when two men walked out of the room adjacent to theirs. They were clad in dark jackets and were each wearing dark sunglasses. One, who appeared to be younger, had his jacket undone his white T-shirt had blood on it, and he appeared to be stumbling. Curious by it, Korra asked them as they walked by each other, causing them to stop. "You alright? You have blood on you."

Both men looked at each other, the older one looking unamused, and the younger one shrugged sheepishly. Ryan walked up, now concerned. "What's wrong?" he asked in a serious voice, instinctively stepping in front of Korra. The two men looked at one another again, and the older one punched Ryan in the face, breaking his nose, faster then either Ferran could see coming. "Run, Conner!" The older one yelled and the young one took off. Knowing her father would be fine, Korra gave chase to the fleeing Conner.

Ryan caught the man's next attack and punched him in the gut. His attacker then attempted to kick him in the shin, but Ryan sidestepped and slammed him into the wall. His head went clean through the drywall, and Ryan tossed him into the other side of the hall, where he collapsed, dazed.

Korra jumped down the stairwell Conner was fleeing down. Using her powers over fire, she hovered long enough to launch herself at her target. She landed next to him and pinned him to the wall. "Uh, hi." He said and she dragged him back up the stairs, where she found Ryan talking to the crumpled older one. "Caught him!" She said. "Sean! You ok!"

"Conner, shut up. Now is not the time." Ryan looked at the two men, and came to a conclusion. "So, what are two brothers like yourselves doing attacking someone who wants to know why one has blood all over him." Korra threw the younger brother down and went to check the door they entered. "Holy..." She said and Ryan walked over. There were dead bodies everywhere. All of them with bullet wounds in their torsos except for one, who appeared to have been executed by two bullet wounds to the back of the head, which left out his eyes. Ryan turned and walked back to them. "Why did you kill them?" He asked simply.

Conner then did something unexpected and raised one hand, palm out to Ryan. His hand was glowing brightly with an energy Ryan recognized as Light Powers. Korra, seeing this, decided to fire a blast of water at him to knock him back down, but was stopped by a small wall of rock. Ryan looked at Sean, who's right arm was covered in rocks. Realizing what these two could do, Ryan quickly started thinking. "You know, there's a coffee shop down the road. Come with us there, maybe I can get you guys the ability to do this legally." The brothers looked at one another, surprised. Then they followed the Ferran's to a coffee shop and sat with them at a table. Ryan sent Korra with money and when she came back, he asked the brothers to explain.

"Basically, we're vigilantes. The law just lets people out, we deal with them after that. If you walked into the Feds' offices and looked at the Las Vegas Mafia files, you'd see a dossier on every man in that room." Sean said. "Why would they have dossiers on them?" Ryan asked. "Mainly because they're higher members of the Las Vegas Mafia?" Sean answered. Ryan smirked in spite of himself. Conner leaned over to his brother and began speaking in a foreign language, to which Sean replied, but in a completely different language. Ryan, now curious, asked "How many languages are you two fluent in?"

"Russian, Italian, French, English, Irish, Turkish, learning Mando as of now." Conner answered and Sean quickly repeated the name of each language in it's native tongue. "Well then, I think I may be able to get you guys into my own corner of Hellcat Squadran to start you out. After that, you can sign on for whatever you want to." Conner leaned over again and whispered something in what Ryan recognized as Irish to Sean, who answered in Italian. Ryan recognized one word, a word Zack had often used when speaking Italian. It translated to the english term "Fuck". The brothers finished their coffees, Sean walked over for a bagel, but Ryan noticed him eyeballing Conner, and walked over to him.

"Intense gazes tend to mean something, Sean."

"If you weren't her father, I'd say don't worry, as you are, I promise I'll keep him on a leash."


"Womanizer." Ryan instantly checked and saw Conner sitting rather uncomfortably as Korra appeared to be ridiculing him on escaping people who were chasing him. He shook his head and Sean got his bagel. The group then returned to the parking lot, where the brothers found their own car as well. To make sure no one would run, Korra went with Sean (which took much convincing for Ryan) and Conner went with Ryan. The ride for Ryan and Conner proved to be very long and uncomfortable. Then, at last, Ryan said "Conner, touch my daughter and I'll kill you. That is if she doesn't do it first." Conner chose not to respond, and that was the most interaction they had on the ride to base.

The other car still proved to be awkward. Sean attempted a few conversations, all of which failed. Then he asked "What's the legal drinking age in this country?"

"Twenty-one." She answered simply. "I see. Where we come from, if you're fifteen, male, and don't have a beer-gut, you're considered unhealthy." She gave him a look and he said "Ireland."

"Here, if you have a beer-gut, you're going to be in a world of pain. Beer doesn't help stop bullets."

"Why do you think we immigrated?" She had to admit he had a point there. Aside from Korra telling him where to turn, they didn't interact much else then that. When they at last arrived, it was three in the morning. Ryan took them inside, Korra went off to sleep, and Ryan showed them the spare room. He let them inside and he listened to them for a few minutes, just to be safe. They were fighting over the bed. Ryan locked them in and slept on the couch to be sure.

The next morning, he awoke to finding all of his kids but Korra standing around (and multiple of their spouses) him as he woke up. "Dad, why are there two strange men in the spare room?"

"Er, new recruits. Vigilantes who I think can be useful."

"But why are they in the spare room?" Just as he was about to answer, Conner walked out and came to a halt at the end of the hallway. "That's the younger one. They're brothers. Korra's age. Apparently a womanizer." The spartans all looked at each other then back at Conner, who looked scared. Sean walked in. "Good lord. How many children do you have?" He asked, looked stunned. "Total, fourteen. Some adopted, some children-in-laws, one......deceased. Korra's the only biological one." Sean nodded. "I'm sorry to hear you lost one of them." He said, sounding genuinely sorry. "Anyway, if you want, you should gather everybody around, I think we owe you the full story." While Ryan went to find Korra and Claire, Sean began answering questions about their vigilante lives.

"What about the rest of your family?" One blonde woman asked, she was holding hands with one of the spartans, so he assumed she was an in-law. "Father walked out on us when I was fourteen. I don't know what he looks like any more. Older sister left to become a hooker when I was sixteen. I don't know where she is anymore. I've been taking care of Conner since then." Most of them were surprised by the story about their father and sister. Then Ryan returned with Korra and Claire. They sat down in front of the brothers. Sean began absentmindedly cleaning a desert eagle he pulled out of his jacket as Conner leaned up against the wall. Sean began talking.

"We were attacked by gangsters one day, and the took Conner down into the alley to kill him. I grabbed a toilet, tore it out, and dropped it off the roof of the building on one of their heads. Conner grabbed a glass shard and killed the other. We weren't charged. It reminded me of the fact that our sister was out killing criminals in New York. I decided to duplicate. Them Conner signed up. Then we discovered our powers. Then we show up here."

"Why did you kill random criminals?" One that Sean thought was Raynor asked. "There are decent men, with loving families. They go home every day after work, flip on the news. First thing they see is rapists, murderers, child molesters. All getting out of prison."

"Mob guys getting caught with twenty kilos, getting out on bail, same fuckin day." Conner said, leaning forward. Sean kept talking. "And everyone, everywhere, thinks the exact same thing at least once." Conner finished the sentence. "Kill em all. Admit it, every person in this room has thought it before."

"Hell, we don't think it, we do it." One said that Sean thought his name was Samir. Then another piped up. Valarian, he knew because his wife had died. "Yeah, but we go for the big dogs; genocidal Brutes, slave owning generals. We leave the small fish to the police. And you, apparently." Conner grinned. "Well, the small fish in the biggest quantities make the best meal." Sean shook his head. "You suck at metaphors, you know that?" Ryan smirked. "Quantity doesn't equal quality." Conner shrugged. Sean turned to the group. "Now you know. Ryan, when do we start training?"

"This afternoon, actually."

"Good." Sean stood up and gestured for Ryan to follow him. "Your arms, why do they have dirt in them?"


"Your arms have dirt in them."

"I have prosthetic arms. Metal."

Sean immediately squinted on Ryan's fight arm and made Ryan smack himself the in the face. "Yeah, I can control metal." Sean said happily. Ryan sighed.


That afternoon, Ryan was curious to see how the brothers would fare in an obstacle training course. The brothers played rock-paper-scissors to see who went first Sean wound up having to go first. Ryan was impressed by the young man's performance, especially for a kid from the streets of Vegas. Conner didn't as well time wise, but still did rather well. He then took them to a sparring ring and put them in with three large members of the Phantom Legion. After all three were moaning on the ground, Ryan decided that the core of the brothers' success was their teamwork. He then split them up. Sean proved to be the stronger of the brothers, using punches and kicks to win his matches. Conner proved to be faster, ducking and weaving until he had his opponent tapping by way of arm bar or similar moves.

Korra arrived to watch along with Samir, Raynor, and Spenser, who Ryan hadn't seen for a few days. "Who're they?"

"Promising new recruits, my friend." Ryan said simply. Korra simply said "I could take them." Hearing this, Sean immediately gave Conner a warning look, which was noticed by Ryan. "I'd prefer it if we don't test that, Korra." He said simply. She grumbled something and watched the brothers spar with multiple troops for the rest of the day. The next two days showed that the brothers lacked experience with different kinds of guns, but were sidearm experts. On the third say, the brothers were eating dinner outside the Phantom Legion mess hall when Korra walked over and sat just across from Conner, unusually close. "You two seem a little young to be freelancing as killers. Shouldn't you be living at home with your family?"

Sean answered. "Well, I'm twenty, well within moving out age, and the only other family we got is our father, who walked out on us when I was fourteen, and our sister, who left to become a hooker when I was sixteen. She's an assassin now." Korra raised her eyebrows now. Then she looked sad. "I'm so sorry to hear that. She said, got up and sat next to Conner, again, unusually close. Sean gave his brother a warning look again and got up to leave. He walked back to the Ferran house, where he and Conner had been staying in the spare room. Mid-way through the walk, he decided he should probably watch from a bush or something, just to be safe. He walked back and hid behind a dumpster.

He watched and listened closely. He noticed the Conner was definitely hitting on her. She didn't seem to really stop him, that is until he slipped his arm around her waist. She promptly pushed him playfully onto his back and proceeded to straddle him. She then put both hands at the very top of his thighs, right next to the ultimate male weakness. Sean noticed her hands glow orange faintly. She leaned down, not moving her hands, and whispered in his ear (he could only tell by lip reading at this point) "Don't try anything, hotshot." she said, sat back up, winked at him, then got off. Sean shook his head, walked by, waved at them very clearly, and went to the Ferran house. He sat down at the kitchen table and began cleaning his sidearms.

Ryan walked into the kitchen from the hall. He opened the fridge. "Can I get you a drink?"


"What do you want?"

"Do you have beer?"

"What is it with the Irish and beer?" He said and brought one over to Sean. He sat across from him at the table. "So, what are you two kids doing killing criminals at your age? You should be in college or something."

"Couldn't. Mom died when I was seven, dad walked out when I was fourteen, sister walked out to become a hooker when I was sixteen. Been taking care of Conner ever since." Ryan nodded sympathetically. "I lost my dad when I was eight. Died fighting four drunk Mandos." Sean nodded, also sympathetic. "My mother and brother died when I was seventeen, building fell on them." Sean looked saddened. Then his attention was drawn to the TV. "I don't know about my father. But I do know my sister is alive."


"The news story on TV. Thirty seven rapists dead with their balls in their mouths. My sister's trademark." Ryan looked over and saw that that was indeed the news story. Then, the door opened and Korra and Conner walked in. After both vanished, Ryan looked and Sean, a mix of angry and terrified. "Do you trust your daughter?" Sean asked. "If so, don't be worried." Sean said and went to watch the news.

The next day Sean sparred with Ryan. The match wasn't long but is was furious. Sean had improved drastically over the last few days, but Ryan was still better. After the match up, the two watched Conner practicing his light powers. "How is your boss feeling about him?" Sean asked.

"Not sure."

"If he's hostile, I'll gut him with a dull fish hook." Ryan chuckled. "You're a good kid, Sean. You really remind me of my friend. Hell, all you need is powers over air and run a fighter squadron."

"What kind of hell of a friend did you have?"

"A crazy bastard of a friend." They then heard Conner yell "Shit!" as a block of ice was dropped down the back of his shirt. They saw Korra laughing uncontrollably from the sidelines. After the day ended, Conner and Sean were sitting in the spare room when Conner got an email on his new laptop. "Hey, Sean, a contract." Sean looked up. "Syndicate underboss of Mafia in Vegas. I'm in." the two brothers quickly grabbed their gear and masks and left the room, they were stopped by Samir, who was in the kitchen. "Where are you guys going?"

"Fishing." Sean said. "I see. I'm coming." Neither brother complained. They simply all hopped in their car and drove into Vegas. "So, what're we doing?"

"Syndicate underboss. Goes to the same dancer at an adult entertainment place every friday night, never misses. We kill him. Conner, this will be the one time I allow you in one of these places." Sean said. When they arrived, they waited in the back alley for the target to arrive. When he did, they snuck in the back alley door and waited outside the door. There was a booth where the target was in. They would jump the dancer, force her to find the target, and then they'd open the booth and kill him. Samir and Sean fit their masks on without complaint. Samir looked behind them and, snickering, made Sean look behind them. Conner's longer hair was coming out the eye sockets in front of his eyes, making him look like a wookie. Chuckling, the ran in and jumped the dancer. The plan went smoothly, and the target was dead in seconds.

Samir and Sean began making their way out when they noticed Conner wasn't with them. Seeing his brother was getting a little handsy, Sean yelled "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!"

"I'll tip her!" Conner said, jumping. Then they heard a buzz go off in the other booths. Sean looked in both and saw that they were both Syndicate soldiers. He readied his guns when Conner stopped him. "Wait bro, I gotta make up for that tit thing, give me a chance." Sean sighed, nodded, and he and Samir opened the booths. Conner killed them both, wasting too many bullets in Sean's opinion, but they couldn't change that. Sean reflected that it was a good thing they had silencers. As they were driving back, Conner said "Am I the only one who thinks that Underboss looked like Ron Jeremy?"

"Who the fuck is that?"

"Never mind."

First Official MissionEdit

After they had returned from that job, Ryan decided he wanted to officially put the brothers into a mission. "Alright you two. There's a hotel that is owned by a hostile Militia group in Dubai. Slave runners mostly. Your job is clean the place out." Sean and Conner took the intel and left to board a Squadran plane to Dubai. When they arrived, they waited until the dead of night in an alley across from the hotel. "So, who's the targets?" Conner asked. "Every single employee and guest. They're all in on the operation." Sean answered and took out his mask. Conner fit his on, this time making sure his hair wouldn't seem stupid, and they drew their silenced pistols and walked in.

The receptionist lady pulled out a shotgun and aimed at them. Conner dropped her as three guests in the lobby drew pistols. Sean killed them quickly and they looked around. They then found the pool and killed four of their targets in the water. After they cleared out the first floor, they looked around. Only fifteen minutes had elapsed. "That was easier then I thought it would be." Conner said. "Y'know on TV there's always that guy who dives behind the sofa, and then you have to shoot at him for half a fucking hour." Sean sighed. "This is nothing like TV, little brother. Absolutely nothing."

"Well, everything I've done before wasn't in a room where there was any furniture, it was always in bathroom stalls or something." Sean shook his head and they began making their way to the stairwell. One man with an assault rifle tried to stop them, but he was dead before he could try to take his attackers down. In three hours, all seven floors had been cleared, except for one room, which was locked from the inside. Getting an idea, Sean took Conner to the roof, where they hooked themselves to a window washer platform. Tied to it, they jumped off the roof and crashed in through a glass window.

When they landed, they realized that they were in the room above their last targets. Frustrated, the brothers stood back to back, reloaded, and unloaded their pistols into the floor, spinning in circles. When they were done, the floor circle collapses and they fell through. They crushed one man on the way down and drew their other set of pistols to kill the other seven. As they walked out the door, they were met by thirteen men with weapons drawn. Swearing, the brothers opened fire, diving to either side. They dropped two each, but still had to duck behind pillars. Then, the gunfire stopped. Curious, Sean carefully poked his head out and saw each man dead. "I don't care who did it , let's get the fuck outta here." Conner said and they escaped to their extraction point just outside the city.

In two hours, they made it back. They left their masks in the Ferrans' spare room and Sean went to the bar while Conner looked around the base for something to do. After Sean was done at the bar he began walking back to the Ferrans' place. When he arrived back, he saw somebody he didn't recognize talking to Korra. She was a young woman, a little older then Korra and Conner, maybe his age. The person looked up and saw him walking in. "This one of the new recruits?"

"Yep. This one's the older of the two. You're on your own when his brother gets back." The woman stood up and held out her hand. Sean shook it and she introduced herself. "I'm Claudia."

"Sean. Good to meet you, Claudia." After a brief conversation, Claudia decided to take Sean to the firing range, just to see how he did. "I have been drinking, so please hide behind something."

"Don't worry, you won't hit me." Sean began shooting. The beer he had drank did impair his aim a little bit, but overall he was mostly accurate. "So, how did you and your brother start out?"

"I was a vigilante, and he was tagging along. Basically we wanted to try and rid Vegas of it's criminals."

"How did that go?"

"Well, we're here now, so not too bad." Claudia smiled at that. Sean reminded her of her father. Her mind went back to all the times they had spent together. Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of someone approaching. "So, this your brother?" She asked Sean. "Yep." Conner walked into view. And said something quietly to Conner. "As far as I know, Conner, no I am not his next conquest." Conner jumped up, surprised. "Also, may I ask you to stop thinking about Korra straddling you?" Sean looked at her, shocked.

"Please don't tell Ryan that." He said, causing Claudia to laugh. "I won't, I won't. Although if he keeps staring at me like that I may have to kill him." Conner wisely decided to leave at that point. Sean chuckled at his brother's continuous failures. "So how did you know what he was thinking?"


"I see. What am I thinking?"

"That there's no way I can know what you're thinking."

"You're good."

"I know. Thank you." She said with a smile. When he was done they walked back to Ryan's house. Claudia stayed over for a few hours, talking with the brothers. After Conner decided he was too tired to stay up any longer, Sean and Claudia were left alone in the living room. "Do you have any other family?" Claudia asked. "Well, I don't know about our father. He walked out when I was fourteen. My sister is alive. She left to become a hooker when I was sixteen. She's now a vigilante/assassin somewhere in New York." Claudia nodded, understanding.

"I was taken from my family as a young girl to become a soldier for a very secretive group. After I ditched and they were destroyed, two members in the Squadran adopted me. Both died seventeen years ago."

"I'm sorry to hear that. What were they like?"

"Well, Mom was a Mando woman. Her sister was married to one of Ryan's kids, but she died a few years before my mom. She was caring to me and her friends and my dad, I think they were always getting busy when I was over and friends' places. She was violent though. Bit off a couple guys' balls and shoved them down their throats. Then proceeded to watch and try to figure out whether it was blood loss or suffocation that killed them. She also ripped out a guy's jugular with her teeth."

"Wow. What about your dad?"

"He was insane. Everybody knew it. He was protective of me and my mom, son of two spartans, a nightmare on the battlefield. Every time I made friends with a guy, he took them out hunting in the woods for a day. They all lived, let me tell you, but they were a little cautious after that." Sean smiled. "I wish my parents were anything like yours. Mom died when I was seven." He hesitated, then spoke again. "It may sound weird, but I really want to see my sister again. After she left, most of our debt we were buried in started vanishing. It makes me wonder. Conner wouldn't admit it, but we both want to see her again."

After that, Sean went to sleep, and Claudia decided to go to her place. Before she could leave, she was stopped by Ryan. "These kids have had a rough upbringing. I think we may be able to give them a source of hope tomorrow. You in for a New York trip tomorrow?" Claudia nodded and went to sleep at her place.


The next day, Ryan, Samir, Ethan, Raynor, Lexus, Julian, Jared, and Valarian met up with Claudia at the plane runway. They hopped onto a transport plane to New York and were in the air. "So, how did you find her?" Claudia asked Ryan. "Not easily. A Mando who I've been talking to recently in New York said something about a woman matching her description being captured by a large drug gang, the last one in the city. He supplied me the intel and that's where we're going."

"Who was he?"

"A friend of your mom's." Claudia nodded and they began equipping themselves for what was now a rescue mission. After an hour or so, they were hovering over the building. The back door of the plane opened and they jumped down onto the roof. They landed largely unnoticed, and Ryan made a blade of metal to start cutting a hole in the roof. Once he was done, he and Raynor jumped through and several silenced gunshots could be heard. Raynor whistled, and the rest jumped through. Ryan put a finger to his mouth, signaling everyone to be quiet. There was a glass window overlooking a large room, and they saw a man fly through the door. When he landed, he was holding his chest, writing around on the floor. Two more men ran in, one of which was knocked back and his head slammed into the wall, knocking him out.

"That must be her." Raynor whispered. "Ok, silencers on, Claudia, if you have to use powers, do it quietly." She nodded and they slipped through the door and snuck into the large room. There were power generators all over the place. They hid behind them and Claudia poked her head around one briefly. She pulled back and whispered to Ryan "Four guards, ARs." Ryan nodded and looked around his corner. He turned back to her and whispered. "None here, you have a screw or something?" Claudia looked around, saw a wrench, and gave it to Ryan. Ryan moved to the other side of the generator and threw it.

The resounding clang alerted the guards, and one of them went to check it out. As he ran over to the source of the sound, Ryan snuck up behind him and snapped his neck quietly. Ethan, following Ryan's lead, found a scrap of metal and tossed it away. When another went to look, Jared killed him with his knife. The other two were guarding the door, and wouldn't move. "Ok, guns up, take them." Ryan ordered and Lexus and Raynor jumped up and shot the two guards. The group moved over to the door and opened it. It led into another large room, and they could see six men trying to subdue a struggling woman. More then one of them were kicked in the head and fell back while the other five forced her through another door. From their vantage point, they could her the woman screaming a blue streak.

"I count nineteen guards, dad." Lexus said. Ryan nodded. "Ok, go loud." The Spartans jumped in and opened fire, killing four while the others dove for cover. Claudia jumped in after them and snuck up on a guard. She reached out into his brain and overloaded it, causing his nervous system to break down and he collapses, chewing on his tongue. She grabbed his gun and finished him off with a bullet through his heart. Ryan jumped in last, drawing out his arms into blades. He landed on three men and cut them clean in half. He saw Lexus kick the last one into a generator and put a bullet through his skull to finish him. They heard sounds of nothing coming from behind the next door, and they ran to get it open. After a few moments, the kicked it down and walked in, seeing a rather odd sight.

Their were four dead guards and the woman was proceeding to beat the living hell out of the last. She slammed his head into the wall, held it there, and began punching him in the side of the head. When he collapsed, she got on top of him and punched him in the head again and again. "STILL WANT MY 'SOFT TOUCH' YOU PIECE OF SHIT?!" She yelled at her victim. The rescue team really did not know how to react. "Er....Leandra mark 2?" Samir said. "Never the time for that, Samir." Ryan said. "Well, should we maybe deal with the guy being beaten to death by a hooker?" Julian asked.

By then, the woman was on her feet, had armed herself. When they looked, she had a revolver on each calf, a desert eagle in sheaths across her back, a P99 in one hand and the other in a holster on her hip. "Hope it was worth the wait." She said and shot her last victim between the eyes. She then walked up to Ryan. "And who the fuck are you?"

"A friend of a friend." She snorted. "I don't have any friends, so that livens up the choice of putting a bullet in your balls." He noticed one hand on the small of her back, so he guessed she had a knife there. "Let's just say someone's younger brothers would really like to see big sister again. She dropped her knife and holstered her pistol. "What's the ransom?" She said in a voice that mixed anger and fear while picking up her knife. "Nothing, they just work for me, so I'm doing them a favor." She nodded and took a few steps forward, pick pocketing a cigar from Ryan. "Where's the car?" He grabbed it back and said "I can show you in a moment."

She waited a second before saying "You married?" Ryan looked at her, incredulous. "Me and my children here are going to forget you said that." He said simply. "You know we never forget." Raynor said. The woman waited a moment, then pointed at Ethan. "What about him?"

"See, I told you they like me more then you, brother." Ethan said to Samir, causing Samir and Jared to chuckle. "Don't worry, you can have the blond badass over here." Samir said, patting the helmeted Valarian on the shoulder. Valarian shook his head in embarrassment. The woman laughed and walked to the edge of the room. She held up the keys to their transport out and said "Don't make me hijack!" Ryan walked by and grabbed the keys from her. She walked behind him, his children noting she had stolen another cigar from him and had lit it.

Looks like we've found another killer for the roster... Claudia thought. She had to say, she found the woman's past disgusting, what with her being a hooker and all. They hopped in transport truck and began driving cross country to base from New York. Ryan was sitting with the woman in the front. He was annoyed by her theft of his cigars, but figured he could always buy others. "I'm Sasha." She said after a good ten minutes. "Sean and Conner are your younger brothers, I'll assume?"

"Yeah. How did they come to work for you?"

"Sean's been working as a vigilante for a while and was training Conner. They set out to rid Vegas of criminals." Sasha sighed. "Well, I hope the pay's good, I may have to fuck the head of the military if not." Ryan laughed. "Clearly you don't know the boss very well."

"Trust me, if I wanted to, I could do it." She said very casually as though she didn't care what anyone else thought. In a way, Ryan admired that. He then thought about how odd it would be to bring an ex-hooker turned assassin home to his wife and Korra. He instantly decided to clear that up. "Also, if you try to teach my youngest daughter your 'talents', I'll strangle you with your own guts."

"Glad we've cleared that up." She said. She then engaged Ethan and Samir in conversation, mostly about their wives. It sounded as though she was trying to determine whether they were gold diggers or not. When they arrived, they pulled into the Ferran house and got out and entered the building. "You preparing for the apocalypse or something?" Sasha asked Ryan as they entered. They saw Korra and Conner sitting in the living room, watching TV, and Sean was in the kitchen attempting to make a pizza. When the brothers noticed Sasha walking in, Sean dropped the pizza pan and Conner fell off his chair. The brothers looked at one another. Then, Sean promptly vaulted over the counter as Conner got up and charged towards her.

The Spartans and Ryan quickly got out of the way of the intense yet happy family reunion. After a few minutes, they left the siblings alone to catch up. Three hours later, they all exited the spare room and were introducing her to Claire and Korra. After they had met, they waited until the next day, as Sasha said she had powers as well, and Ryan wanted to see. They put up a few targets and lined them up. Sasha raised one arm and a bolt of lightning flew out and incinerated the target. She then raised her other hand and shot a burst of fire at the next target. Then she combined the attacks into an electrical fire. There wasn't even ashes left.

After a few hours of physical training, Ryan and Sasha returned to the Ferran home, and he gave Sasha her own room, much to Conner's annoyance, which everyone ignored. Soon, everyone but Korra and Sasha had gone to bed, leaving them in the living room. "So, what are your tricks?" Sasha asked Korra. "Fire and water. Funny, I know."

"Fire and Lightning. Kinda like those kids who command for some reason I'll never know." Sasha responded. "Those kids were some of the first to join, so they kinda act superior. It's annoying." Sasha nodded in agreement. Korra started a new topic. "So, are your brothers still like they were when you left them?" Sasha smiled. "Both are different, Sean used to be like Conner is now, and Conner used to not pay much attention to members of the opposite sex."

"Hah, he definitely paid attention to me the other day." Sasha perked up at that. "How far did you let it go, and how did you stop it?"

"He only put his arm around me, and let's just say I burned down his advances after that." She giggled mischievously. Sasha grinned, getting the reference. "So, how are all your brothers and sisters? What's it like being the youngest?"

"It's good being the youngest, actually. I have plenty of people to teach me and take care of me. It's...nice. I can't imagine life without them." Sasha nodded, then said. "You're lucky. Being the oldest gives you a lot of responsibility. You have to be sure to watch out for them when your parents can't or won't. When something happens, you blame yourself. It's the main reason I did what I did. We were drowning in debt and I had to do something, fast."

"Even as the youngest, I have a lot of responsability and expectations. My family members are some of the most important military figures in history. They take on all fights, even the ones they can't win. I'm expected to do the same, and I don't know if I can live up to it. I think being like you would be easier. As the oldest, you get to set the bar, not be forced to jump it." Korra answered. Sasha nodded, understanding, and decided it may be best to change the topic. "So what do you think of my brothers?"

"You mean hardass and boytoy? I may have answered you right there. Don't worry, I think they'll fit in just fine here." Sasha had to cover her mouth to keep her from waking everyone else laughing. A few minutes later, Korra went to sleep. Sasha sat there for a moment and then her brothers walked in, fully dressed and walking towards the door. "Where are you guys going." She said, got up and followed them toward the door, and then they stopped abruptly.

A man was standing in the main door, which was wide open. He opened his jacket and pulled out two pistols, and they saw six others strapped across his chest. Sean whipped out a P99, Conner, in the middle, pulled out a Desert Eagle, and Sasha pulled out one of her Pythons. For a moment, that place was armageddon. The man opened fire, as did the siblings. Somehow, they could not hit him. Then, Conner, dropped, clutching his hand, and then Sean dove to the side, screaming curses, and then Sasha was shot in the leg, she cursed loudly and kept firing, finally hitting the man in the shoulder. He promptly ran and the siblings were recovering.

"What the fuck was that!?" Sean yelled as Sasha bent down, grabbing her wounded thigh. "HE SHOT MY FUCKING FINGER OFF!" Conner bellowed, enraged and in agony. "Holy shit!" Sean yelled, hauling himself up while clutching at his shoulder. Sasha limped over to the closet and found and iron. Immediately understanding, Conner allowed Sean to pin him to the ground so that they could cauterize his hand. After the painful ordeal of doing so, the Ferrans came out, many holding weapons, and saw the Renner's now cauterizing Sean's shoulder. Julian rushed over and brought all three to the med labs, where they could receive actual medical treatment.

The next day was spent fixing the house. During one of the breaks they took, Samir, Raynor, Julian and Korra checked on Conner, who was struggling to get used to his four-fingered hand. "So sorry about your hand, I'm sure you can get it replaced if you want to. Do you know who did it?" Julian asked. "Thanks. I don't think I'll get it replaced. I'll just learn. No idea who did it. Whoever it was is very, very good though."

In the partially ruined kitchen, Sean was talking to Ryan about the previous night. "What were you guys thinking, cauterizing the wounds with and iron?" Ryan asked. Sean shrugged. "My brother had a ring finger shot off. We had to keep him from bleeding out. Seemed like a good idea at the time." Ryan shook his head, but understood. "Sorry about the house, by the way."

"It can be fixed. I'm just glad nobody was killed."

"We came close, trust me. Anyway, we were going out to hit the main boss of the Vegas crime the other night. We're still going to. We'll head over there once we've healed properly." Ryan nodded. "Just don't take any of my kids with you this time." Sean nodded. "Don't worry, we have our number three back."


After the Renners had left, three days later, Ryan decided he was going to go and look into this crime syndicate the Renners were at war with. He left base and drove into Vegas to find an informant on them. When he had finally found a good one, the man gave him a list of files the criminals had on the Renners. He found a security feed and opened it. It showed the brothers standing in the midst of a bunch of bodies, with one man on his knees in front of them. They said "In nomine patri et filli spiritus sancti." and shot the man. Ryan recognized their words as an ancient latin last rites prayer.

The next video was nine days later, and it was the day Ryan had met the brothers, it was them killing the criminals in the hotel. They said the same prayer before killing the last man, and then walked out into the hall. "The boss of the syndicate is scared shitless. He's got every single gun for hire at his house, keeping him safe."

Oh, shit. Ryan thought. "Where is the house?"

"FUCK YOU, YOU PATHETIC COCKSUCKERS!" Sean yelled as he was chained to a seat and put into what appeared to be power inhibitors. His brother and sister were chained to similar chairs, and he knew they were trapped in power inhibitors at their wrists as well. Conner was being punched repeatedly by one of their captors. One of them kicked Sean roughly in the gut, knocking his chair down. He pulled Sean upright and began punching him violently. The siblings had killed almost forty guns for hire that night, but there were at least another sixty.

There were seven men watching them and beating the brothers brutally while forcing Sasha to watch. Then, they abruptly stopped, and a lone man walked in. He was bald, looked to be sixty, and was clutching a 44. Magnum. "So, you're the ones who have been killing us off, one by one, eh?" He said in an Italian accent. "Damn straight, motherfucker!" Conner said angrily at him. The man calmly walked over, had one of his men release Conner's whole hand from his chains, but not power inhibitor, and hold it out. The man extended Conner's left ring finger, the twin to the one he had lost before.

"Conner, don't fucking look!" Sasha yelled. "Conner, look at me!" Sean screamed just as the syndicate boss shot the finger off. As Conner began screaming in pain, Sean and Sasha began screaming curses at the man as he walked out, taking three of the men with him. In five minutes, he came back and deftly shot Conner through the chest. He fell back and the man and all but one of his men followed him. Sean began bouncing his chair after them, screaming swears so much his voice cracked. Sasha stared at her brother, paralyzed with terror.

Sean bounced back and fell next to Conner, who was panting heavily. "Brother....don't. Ever. Stop. Promise me....ok?" He whispered and Sean nodded. "C'mon man stay with me for fuck's sakes!" But by then, Conner was already gone. And both of his siblings were a mix of screaming and crying and swearing. After several minutes of this they quieted down and simply stared at their now dead brother. The last guard decided to take advantage of their paralyzation and walked over and bent down near Sasha. He then grabbed her and began kissing her roughly.

Worst mistake he'd ever made. She bit down on his lips and then ripped them both off. The man stumbled back and fell near Sean, who lunged over, despite his bonds, and bit the man on the neck, reminded of a conversation he'd had with Claudia. He promptly tore out the man's jugular vein. He eventually found the key in the man's pockets and freed himself and his sister.

Ryan knocked on the door to those while fitting the silencer on his pistol. The hired gun who answered the door was promptly shot through the neck. Ryan walked in and shot down another six before reloading. He went into the next room and shot two more, drawing out a blade and cutting down another three with one swing. Seven men attacked him, and he drew his other blade, and jumped at them. He cut one clean in half and turned to remove the arms of another. He then dove at another, his blades impaling the man from a downward angle in the chest and catching the man behind him's groin.

After dispatching the last few, Ryan pulled the blades back in and picked up his pistol. He snuck into the next room and was met with a distinct view of carnage. There were well over thirty men lying dead and blown to pieces. It looked as though someone with a shotgun had entered the room and blown them all away. Ryan actually slipped on blood puddles as he made his way through. As he made it to the end of the room, something heavy clubbed him on the back of the head and he dropped, unconscious.

Ryan's attacker left him unconscious and walked out of the room. He entered the prisoner holding chamber where he saw his targets. One was dead, it was on less for him, the other two were kneeling in front of him, heads bowed. They each reached up and closed one of his eyes at the same time. Then, the woman said "In nomine patri..." And the man said "et filli..." Then he put down his gun, causing them to turn, guns raised, as he fell to his knees. "spiritus sancti, my son." Then he stood and looked at his dumbfounded children.

David Renner had returned. After a brief reunion and explanation to his surviving children, he picked up his youngest son's body and they carried him out. They bumped into Ryan, who was getting up. Ryan, seeing them, said "Oh, no. Not good." And rushed over. "How long ago did this happen? Can he be saved?" Sean shook his head. "Shattered part of ribcage. Punctured both lungs. Twenty minutes ago." Sean said in a voice that showed he was trying to keep from blowing up the house. Sasha, who had visible tears on her face, said "Meet our father." Ryan looked at the tall man. "So you're the one who shot up my house. Well, hopefully we have that part of our relationship done with. I am extremely sorry about your son." David nodded his thanks and they went back to the base.

Another Funeral Too ManyEdit

The funeral was small. Only the three Renners, Ryan, Samir, and Korra. Sean was the last to leave the grave. Several hours after the funeral, he was visited by Korra. "I'm so, so sorry about your brother. I can't imagine what your family is going through right now."

"Hell, that's what." Sean said gruffly. "You know what this means, right?"

"That I'm going after that motherfucker and chopping his fucking balls off, gouging out his eyes, putting his balls where his eyes should be and his eyes where his balls should be?" Sean said, his voice shaking. Korra nodded. "Not only do we get to go beat the shit out of the guys who did this, but we'll have a fun, happy time doing it. Revenge is a dish best served cold. Ice cold." She said and made an icicle in her hand. Sean looked at it, nodded, and said. "Do not tell your father I'm bringing you."

"Then don't try to stop me from coming." Ryan's voice said. Sean sighed and said "How long you been standing there?"

"Long enough."

"I'll be in enough shit for bringing her, Ryan..."

"Worth a shot. Just keep her safe, I won't lose another daughter."

"Enough families are broken. I ain't letting another suffer mine's fate." Sean said and stood up, put his hand to his mouth and touched the gravestone, the turned to Korra. "You do what I say on this mission, understand?"

"Fine, but don't expect me to call you sir or anything."

"We leave in three hours. Meet me at the main gate. I already know where we're going." She nodded. Three hours later, she met him at the gate. He was alone. "Where are the other two?"

"Dad's been arrested, Sasha's trying to get him out." She nodded and they found a car. Sean drove, Korra sat in the shotgun seat. They drove in silence before Korra asked "So, where are we going?"

"New Orleans. Did some research, they have a plant for manufacturing something there." Sean waited a moment, then asked "What do you think of Sasha? You haven't really met my dad, but what about her?"

"She seems nice when she's not killing low life scum, which happens a lot." Sean nodded his agreement and kept driving. After a good seven hour drive, which Korra began sleeping through three hours in, they arrived. The warehouse looked mostly abandoned, but they were cautious anyway. They snuck in through a window and found that it was mostly abandoned anyway, only one scientist who Sean shot through the eye. They walked over to his computer and began delving into the files.

A video came up of a bunch of people locked in a room, which then filled with gas. One promptly turned a sickly green and cannibalized the other people. "Oh god." Korra said. Then a video came up of a man talking, and they learned they were trying to engineer zombies. "Fuckin' weird." Sean said. Then, they learned of the production facility in Atlanta, Georgia, and they got back in the car to drive. Korra eventually had to drive, as Sean needed to sleep. After the first day, they stopped at a local barbecue for food and then kept going. Then Sean drove again. As they drove, a song came on that made Sean very quiet, and Korra, very perturbed.

"So, some guys in 2011 wrote a song called Porn Star Dancing?" She asked. "Yeah, this was Conner's favorite song." Sean said, sounding slightly distraught. Korra nodded, understanding. After another day, they arrived in Atlanta. They found the address, which was a large office building. Sean looked at Korra. "You stay behind me. Got it?" She nodded and they entered. The clerk, instantly recognizing them, pulled a gun out. He died with an ice spike through his neck. Sean readied a pair of metal blades, which surprised Korra, and they walked through the building and eventually found the development facility in the basement.

They found the boss down there, who tried in vain to shoot Sean, but Sean had a bullet in between his legs in moments, then walked down and shot him through the center of his chests, performing the same death Conner suffered on his killer. Then, alarms began blaring, and several tanks opened, releasing several hundred zombie-like humans. "FUCK ME!" Sean yelled and they began running back to the door. The door was closing, and Sean caught it and held it up before it shut. "Get the fuck out of here!" Sean yelled at Korra who slipped through the door. Just as she got through, Sean shut it with him inside the building. As the metal sheets covered the doors, Korra saw Sean raising his pistols and firing into the horde that was stumbling towards him.

Missing PersonEdit

Two days later, Ryan sat watching the disposal crews bring out the bodies of the zombie-like people. He had showed them a picture of Sean and asked them to notify him if Sean was found among the dead. So far, nothing had come up. Korra was sitting on her own, watching them bring out bodies. All of the previous day had been spent killing them, now the disposal had to take place. "You ok?" He asked. "Sean shut the door after I was out. Why? Was he that determined to make sure I got away?"

"I don't know." Ryan said. Then, a disposal team leader ran over. "Sir, the man you requested we looked for, he's not among the dead. I will say that many of these things got away and are roaming the countryside." Ryan nodded and the man left. Ryan took Korra and they called her siblings and whoever IceBite could spare out to help look over the countryside for Sean. When the help arrived, it was Korra's siblings, Alban Pahlke, Sasha, and Holly with her daughter Elle. They met up and made a camp in a clearing outside a large forest. "We'll split into groups and look around from here. If nothing shows up, we'll move locations. Be careful, these things are out there too." Ryan said. Then he split everyone into groups. "Lexus, Jared, Julian and Samir will stay here and guard the camp. Holly, you go with Sasha and Elle and look in that direction. Myself, Korra, and Raynor will look over there. Alban, Ethan, and Valarian will go in that direction." Ryan ordered and everyone spread out. "You think they'll find him?" Lexus asked as she climbed on top of their transport truck for a good view. "I hope so." Samir answered.

Holly, Elle and Sasha were looking in silence for the first half hour, then Sasha asked Holly "Why so quiet?"

"I don't know, something just doesn't sit right with me..." Holly said hesitantly. "Speak your mind, secrets get people killed." Sasha said. "Well, it's about you, I keep hearing things about you that make me...uneasy."

"The hooker thing? If you have to know, I did it to pay off debt we were drowning in. My brothers would have ended up on the street if I didn't do something."

"You couldn't find a more...tasteful...job to get money with?"

"I did. I started killing off the criminals after about a week." Then, Elle piped up. "What about that whole 'seductress' rumor? I don't think that's the end of it, if it's this prevelent."

"Mainly stemmed from the fact that I would...well, I wouldn't exactly force them to let me in their houses when I killed them." Elle's eyebrows shot up. "Hmmm..." She said and didn't go on. Holly remained quiet until they spotted one of the creatures and, realizing it wasn't Sean, killed it. "Er, this may sound distasteful, but how do we know it didn't eat Sean?"

"Time to find out." Sasha said, pulled out a knife and cut open the thing's stomach. Elle asked "What are you...?" Sasha then put her hands in up to her elbows and began feeling around inside. Both of her partners just looked confused. Then Sasha said "Holly, c'mere." She silently did so. Sasha pulled out a finger and held it out for Holly. "Hold this."

"Why?" Holly asked but did so. Sasha pulled out a pad and pressed the finger to it. "Nope, not Sean. Let's go to that stream, I need to wash off." They did so and Sasha washed her arms off while Holly washed her hands. A noise sounded. "Stay here, I just want to check that." Holly said to Elle and walked into the bush. Sasha absentmindedly washed off her arms when she heard a muffled cry and whirled around and saw a creature had tackled Elle. She ran forward and shoved it off of her. Sasha kicked it in the head repeatedly until she noticed it had a crowbar in it's belt. She grabbed it and began hitting it in the head.

Holly came running back. "What happened!?" She asked. "This-thing-almost-ate-Elle." Sasha snarled, punctuating each word with a blow. "DIE, MOTHERFUCKER!" Holly ran over to Elle. "Are you ok?" Elle nodded and Sasha violently got the crowbar stuck in it's brain. Elle, still startled, pulled herself up. She walked over, kicked the creature in the side, and said "Thanks for that." Holly joined her. "Thank you, if you weren't here, Elly would probably be..."

"No trouble. But she isn't. Focus on that." Sasha said Holly shook her head, nodded, and said "Right." and they slowly resumed their search.

Later that day, Alban, Ethan, and Valarian returned first. "No sign." Alban said gruffly to Lexus, who sighed. They waited for the other groups for about ten minutes before Lexus shouted "One of those things is walking over here!" Alban, Samir and Ethan ran over towards it while Lexus sighted up. The runners approached and saw the creature stopped as they made their way up. Alban had his revolver aimed at it's head and they waited. "Is that Sean?" Ethan asked. "And why is he wearing a necklace of zombie ears?" Samir asked. The creature who looked like Sean then spoke. "You gonna shoot me or what?" Realizing it was indeed Sean, Alban lowered his weapon, and then a gunshot rang out. There was a spray of blood from the side of Sean's head and he fell over. "No!" Samir shouted back and he and Ethan bent down to see what had happened to Sean.

Sean groaned and they grabbed his arms, put them around the shoulders and dragged him back. "I was kidding!" Sean said before passing out. They took him inside the truck where Julian quickly made a makeshift medical lab inside to treat him. Once she came out of the truck, she answered the question everyone (as they had all arrived) wanted to know. "He'll make it. Luckily it was just a graze." There was a collective sigh of relief. Sasha wanted to see her brother, but Julian wouldn't let anyone it yet. Julian re-entered and sat down next to Sean, checking his vitals every few minutes. Then, she jumped when he spoke. "Hey doc. How am I doing?"

"You'll live, Sean. Lexus just grazed you." She said and gave him a reassuring smile. "Good to know." He said. They had a brief conversation before Julian decided to let Sasha in. Once Sasha was done, Korra, then, Ryan, then Samir, the other spartans and Valarian visited, Lexus going last, by request of Sean. "Hey, uh, sorry about the, er, minor head wound. At least I missed." She said awkwardly. He shrugged. "Eh, don't worry about it. You had to ensure the safety of your family, I'd probably have done the same." He paused, then said in a half joking manner; "Next time you shoot me, you'd best pray I'm dead." She nodded with a wry smile. "Noted." And she left. Then, Holly walked in to meet him.

"Hello, I'm Holly. Sorry about your head."

"Don't worry about it. I'm Sean. I don't think we've met before, what's your story?"

"Former Artificial Intelligence, turned human by a Paladin's magic, now one of the best scientists in Hellcat Squadran." When he raised his eyebrows, she said "I'm...not joking."

"Ok, I'm Sean. My mother died when I was seven, Dad walked out to become a hitman on the guys who killed her later, Sister left to pay off our debt was I was sixteen, reunited with her at twenty, brother recently died and reunited with father. Control earth and metal, one of the Squadran's best hit men." He responded. "If you say that, you've probably never met May. Physically 13, but she's our best crackshot. Alban's also a good assassin, and I've heard many people talk about my own stealth skills...however, I don't claim to be an expert on that. I just do what I need to." He shrugged. "Meh, so I have competition."

"You could say that. However, until you can morph a liquid lense over your eyes to increase your sight range, I can't see you outsniping May."

"Who says I need a sniper? Anyway, new topic, this one's depressing. You have any family in the Squadran?"

"My 'creator', the one who originally made my AI Code, who I've just been calling 'Dad' all these years, although my human body is physically older than him. There are also 4 other AI who would technically be my siblings, an older 'brother', a younger 'sister' and 2 younger 'brothers'. I also have a daughter, and..." She drifted off in thought. Sean quickly understood. Holly said goodbye and left, and then Elle entered. "So, you're the person we were searching for?"

"Yeah. I'm Sean."

"Elle. Elle Urec."

"Good to meet you. You're Holly's daughter?"


"I hear you got to spend some quality time with my sister. What'd you think?"

"I don't really know what I think about her. She saved me from one of those so-called 'zombies', so I'm sure she's a good person."

"Yeah. So, what do you do?"

"Nothing much. Sometimes, I go out looking for Jedi and Sith artifacts. Mostly, I just work with Mom in the labs."

"You ever been in the field before?"

"A few times. I'm still due for survival training, however."

"Well, you ever need tips, come ask me. I made it through today, after all."

"Good to know." Julian entered and told Elle to leave. Sean went to sleep, as did most of the camp. Sasha stayed up as a watch guard and sat on top of the truck, lighting a cigarette. She couldn't help but overhear the Urec's talking quietly about what they think of Sean. "So, met with Sean earlier. He offered to give me some tips on surviving in the wilderness if I ever need it." Elle said. "I met with him earlier myself...he seems to be a nice person. Seems to think he's a good hitman. However, he also seemed to understand about my feelings on what happened to your father." Holly replied, then asked "So, what was this about survivalist tips?"

"He just said that he'd offer some tips if I ever asked him. Also, what was this about the hitman stuff?"

"He claimed to be the best hitman out there. However, after mentioning Alban and May, he wanted to change the subject because he found that one too depressing." They both laughed and went to sleep. Sasha smirked and let out a long blow of smoke. She leaned back on the lawn chair they had positioned up on the truck and began her long night of keeping watch.

Change in LifeEdit

On the ride back, Julian took a separate transport with Sean back to base while everyone else was crammed onto another. "I do hope Julian is behaving herself." Samir joked at one point. When they arrived, they returned to their lives regularly, just without the sight of Sean, who was staying in medical for a few days. Then a week passed, and Julian told her family grave news. "He has some of that virus that made those people into those zombie things. We're gonna have to perform a DNA surgery. Sasha, upon hearing this, disappeared into her room, emotionally broken and terrified of losing another brother.

The day after the surgery, Holly and Elle, who were both worried, went to see if they could visit him, but were turned down and told "His skin needs to finish growing." Three days later, they heard a knock on the door. Elle opened it and saw Sean standing there, looking the same as ever. "Oh, Sean. You seem well."

"Better then ever, but...I really, really need your guys' help." Holly came over. "Our help?"

"Yeah. You guys are force users, right?"

"Right..." Elle said. "Well, the procedure involved them taking the DNA with my earth powers, and they replaced it with tank made DNA, which contained high, I mean high midi-chlorian counts. I'm now force sensitive, but I have no idea what I'm doing." Elle muttered "Just like you said you were like when you developed your Force Powers..." which Sean politely pretended not to hear. "Ok, I think we may be able to help. What do you need?"

"Er...everything from starting out to building a lightsaber."

"I think we could be of help, but..." Holly said. "But?" Sean asked, sounding put out. "Don't worry, I'm just wanting to know something...why are you coming to us about this? I mean, the New Republic has many Jedi Masters and other Force Users, many of which owe Hellcat Squadran favors. And I also heard Ryan has his own Force Powers."

"Er...well, it was mainly because of who trained you..."

"You mean...about...What does he have to do with this?" Holly said confusedly. "When I started asking about local force users, people instantly began talking about him, and he apparently trained you the most, so I figured..."

"Oh, ok...well, like I said, I'll see what I can do. The only person I really trained myself was Elly." Sean nodded. "Thank you. You can decide when we should start."

"I'll get back to you..." She said and Sean nodded and decided that was his cue to leave.










Nes Ceru felt these as he killed and killed and killed the small town in Florida. He had finally made it to earth, now he just had to vent his feelings before he studied his target. As he cut down the mother of a small family, he chuckled at the thought of finally ridding his life of the shame that was Sen Urec.

Nes Ceru wanted death. And death was what he was going out to find.

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