Kaven Base Residential Area, 2016, March 16th

Owen "Eagle Owl" Terokoin sat inside his friend Grievous' house. He had really pissed off his girlfriend the night before, and he had absolutely no idea how he'd done it. Wolf stood in the kitchen, making a few coke floats. Carack sat on a couch, not having anything to say on the matter.

"What the hell did I do?" He asked. Grievous shrugged. "I'd recommend telling her the three words every girl wants to hear; I was wrong." Wolf called. grievous rolled his eyes.

"I dunno how to help, but if that did work, Icebite and May would probably be on their ninth kid." he joked. Despite himself Owl laughed. Wolf snorted. "You both know I have every intention of marrying her, right?" He asked. They both nodded.

"Jesus, what in the hell do I do now? Grovel?"

"Not a bad idea." Zack said. "Worth a try." Wolf said, passing them their floats. "Ok, I guess I will." He said.

"It'll be like you're already married!" Zack joked again. Owl laughed and drained his in one. He got up and left to head over to Safira's house. As he rounded the corner, Ne noticed Amy and Selen leaving her house.

Praying that she wouldn't slam the door in his face, he walked up to the door and knocked. Instead of a cold reception he found himself being pulled into her house.

The next day, Grievous got up and was in his armor. He headed out of his house and looked around, wondering where Owl was. He looked around for a while. "Hey kid." A voice said behind him. He turned around.

"Oh, hey Tex, what's up?"

"Did you hear the racket last night?"

"No, I'm a heavy sleep remember?"

"So is Grif, and he was woken up."

"What do you mean?"

"I think your pal got quite lucky on getting his girlfriend to forgive him."

"How lucky?"

"I'll put it this way. My name is Texas and even I haven't heard the term "Yeehaw!" used as often." Grievous' eye widened. He left the scene and soon found Wolf, Amy, and Selen talking. Wolf looked bewildered, and Selen and Amy were giggling in a very un-them way.

"Anyone gonna tell me what the fuck happened?'

"None of us got sleep, that's what happened." Amy said and started laughing out loud.

"Tell me about it, I'm on the other side of the Residential Area and I didn't get a wink!" Selen said with a grin. Grievous facepalmed himself. A few hours later, he found Owl in his house.

"'d it go?" he said with a look of mischief. Owl looked at him. "I threw up in my closet, what do you think?" Grievous grinned.

"So now what are you going to do?"

"We're both leaving." Grievous froze, stunned. "So are Amy and Chris, they're getting married next month." Grievous' jaw dropped. "What about you two?"

"Week after them."

"Lord help me. Now I've got to organize a couple weddings."

Some cemetery near Kaven Base, 2017, December 29th

Zack Sigurdson stood in next to his friend's graves. It had been months since he'd had the opportunity to visit them. He remembered the exact day, hour, minute, and escond they'd died. Each. Amy Rae, sniper round to the heart, January 15, 0715. Chris, sniper round the the back of the head, January 15, 0715. Safira, car explosion, January 15, 0731. Owen, lethal injection, January 16, 0136. He sighed at the memory of their deaths.

Selen Leanason, his girlfriend, stood next to him. She's thought he was gone on that day as well, it was only after he'd gone after the killers in revenge were they reunited. Will "Wolf Sword" Serrah had survived the assassination attempt. He had been with them before leaving, Zack suspected the emotion was to much for him to handle, but he didn't want them to see it. Not that they would have laughed or jeered.

"Well, at least we can be well assured that they won't be back." Selen whispered to him. He new they meant those behind the killings. He nodded, though the lives he'd taken on that day still racked his conscience.

"Come on, we're still needed at base." She said. He was loath to leave, but he knew she was right. The two left the apartment and got into his car and drove off.

The Un-dead?Edit

Kaven Base, 2027, one month after the end of the Consortium War.

Zack fell onto his couch with a sense of relief. Wow. Wow. Wow. She said yes. It was all he really could think. He'd just proposed to his girlfriend, and she'd agreed. She was out telling everyone at that point.

"You're what!?" Lightning said, losing her glacial calm instantly. Selen had walked over to where the Phantom Legion normally trained to find Leandra, who she'd heard was sparring with Ryan. When she arrived, she'd found Lightning and asked where Ryan was. When she asked why, she said she was looking for Leandra.

"No need to act so surprised." Selen said, smiling. Lightning's jaw simply dropped, which was a big deal to Selen, having known her. Mutely, Lightning pointed to the other end of the training area, where she saw Leandra get up, beaten, again, by Ryan. Selen was across the room in two seconds.

"Oh, hi Sel. What brings you here?" Leandra asked, grabbing a water bottle and drinking it. Selen just smiled and held up her left hand. Leandra sprayed the water all over Ryan, who was approaching. She then did something extremely un-Leandra-ish, and gave Selen a crushing hug. Ryan, who hadn't noticed what Selen had shown Leandra looked a little confused.

After Leandra released Selen, and the latter had stopped choking under the strength of the hug, Selen showed her ring to Ryan. "Holy....Congratulations." He seemed to be at a loss for words from then on. Leandra, too excited to continue sparring, went home. Selen left to go find Holly, who had a similar reaction to Leandra.

She continued moving throughout the base, telling everyone she met. She eventually was moving to find May when a voice sounded in her head. "Selen, it's Adriana. First off, congratulations. Yeah I heard. Anyway, Leinad wants to talk to you, Wolf and Zack. Not sure why, he didn't tell me." The voice cut off and Selen began moving to IceBite's office.

She found Zack outside. "Hello cyar'ika," Zack said smiling. Not understanding the language, but getting the general picture, Selen smiled back and the two entered the room. Wolf was already there, looking a little horrified. The two immediately knew something was wrong. Wolf always tried to hide his fear.

"What is it?" Zack asked, on full alert. "I have some, well, disturbing news for you." IceBite said, entering the room. He took out a laptop and put it down in front of them. "Last night, a UNSC weapons compound was raided, along with a GDI one, as well as an Ivalician one.

"So, why do you need us?" Zack said, but knew there was more to it.

"A small, incognito until now group is behind it. It's previous leader was Caleb Johnson." IceBite began. Zack's mind was instantly set on revenge mode. "The president from your return was a member. He was found murdered this morning." IceBite clicked a button on the laptop, and an image of the man he had mentioned appeared. He was headless. his head was cut in half.

"The UNSC was able to identify one of the people behind the raid."

"And?" Selen said, her own mind was a mixture of fear and anger. This group was supposedly destroyed, yet here they were. IceBite clicked another button. and a rather foggy image appeared on the screen. Zack fell into a chair, jaw hanging open. Selen clamped her hands over her mouth. The man depicted on the screen had a buzz cut and a beard now, but his eyes were unmistakable, as were the rest of his features.

"That's not possible." Zack said, in a voice that said he was ready to jump up and attack IceBite. "Owen's dead. You saw his body, dammit, you helped me bury him."

"I know, but I think you'd agree that this is worth looking into." Silently, Zack nodded, as did Selen and Wolf. The three departed. Selen and Zack hopped into Zack's corvette, and Wolf got onto his Harley. The three departed the base quickly, heading to one of the weapons compounds.

When they arrived at the UNSC one, a couple marines ran up to greet them. One instantly started briefing Zack on the situation. After a few moments, Zack came back. "Wolf, can you investigate the other compounds?" Wolf nodded and drove off. "We need to visit one of Owl's contacts in LV." Zack said. Selen nodded and the two hopped into the car and drove away.

It was only a half hour before they were there. "He's an old weapons contractor turned Falconer. I think we can guess why Owen would like him." Selen nodded and the two were at his apartment in two minutes.

Zack knocked. A small, chubby man opened the door. "Zack. Huh. Didn't expect to see you again."

"Likewise. May we come in?" Zack said in a tone that clearly said he would come in anyway. "Sure, I suppose." He said. Zack sat down, noticing the huge bodyguard behind the couch, Selen stood behind him, arms crossed with an expression that said she would rip whoever attacked in half.

"Owen's alive. I think he may have come to you."

"What? Why would he come to me?"

The bodyguard lunged at Zack, who looked on calmly as Selen jumped over him and lifted the guard up with one hand and pinned him to the wall. "Way to confess. Start talking." Zack snarled.

"Alright alright! Don't hurt me and I'll tell you!" He said. Just as he opened his mouth, he was lifted off the chair in a spray of blood, and his bodyguard's head exploded. Selen flung herself to the ground and Zack drew his pistol and aimed out the window.

To their surprise, the phone rang. They looked at each other. Selen shrugged and Zack answered. "Hello?"

"Stay out of this Zack. We both know not much will come out of it."


"Yeah. If you insist on coming after me, then I'm sorry, but I'll do what I have to." The line ended.


"Damn it!" Zack said angrily. He looked out the window and thought to himself; He can't get far to quick. He dialed the phone again, trying to call the phantom legion. Lightning answered. "Lightning, how many units a near this location?"

" Why?" "Send them here. Now." Lightning didn't take orders from him, but the tone he spoke in said that he knew what he was doing, so she did. Apparently, seven units meant seven squads of four. Luckily, there was even a spectre in the group that came. They soon surrounded the perimeter of the building. Zack looked around, trying to pick out where Owen may have hidden. Each exit was covered, and the spectre, along with Selen, had gone in to look. It pained Zack send her in, but she could be quite stealthy when she wanted to be, so he let her at it.

After a while, local cops arrived to help. A part of him expected to see the cast of CSI, but he mentally punched himself and got back to business. A few cops went in. After about ten minutes, one of them came out, he was clutching a case. "What is it?" Zack called over. "Gas bomb. Don't worry I've deactivated it. I've got to take it to the disposal area." Something in his voice was off. Like he had a cold. Zack then noticed that he appeared to be wearing ODST combat boots. "Shit." He went into his psychic powers and said to Selen. ''Cyar'ika, I need you out here, now. I've got him." In seven seconds, Selen was out and standing next to him.

With permission from the sheriff, they borrowed a police car and tailed Owen through LA. They wound up outside an abandoned air port. The parked a few blocks back and watched a hooded man step out of his car. He walked through a makeshift gate and entered, glancing up at a security camera as he went.

Zack drew his sidearm and the two creeped up towards the gate, avoiding the gaze of the camera. Deftly, Zack shot it, in a n attempt to cause the people inside to become spooked and leave. It worked. As they moved further in, they were confronted by a large man with an AK-47. Selen quickly lunged forward and snapped his neck. The couple continued on. Glass shattered from the flight control tower and a man with a pistol fired down on them.

Both opened fire, killing him instantly. Then they noticed two beings make a run for it. Zack shot once, wounding the man in behind. The other kept moving. Zack sprinted after him. Selen, who was more medically able, set to work stopping the bleeding.

The being suddenly whirled around, clutching an explosive crossbow. He shot. Zack rolled under it and it nearly hit Selen, but instead hit her patient. Were it not for her black armor-suit, she would have been killed. Instead, she was sent flying backwards.

Zack recognized the being as Owen. That only made him more determined to catch him. his speed increased, and he was soon upon him, and he tackled Owen and pinned him to the ground. He was forced to continue holding him down until Transport arrived. It was IceBite in the Onyx Crusader. Wordlessly, he tossed Zack a pair of Handcuffs and Zack cuffed him.

In an hour, they were back at base. Zack stood watching IceBite question him. Selen stood next to him, watching him with a concerned expression. "You wouldn't, would you?"

"Torture my own brother? No." When Owen refused to break, IceBite came out and said to him quietly;"I'm watching." Zack nodded. He walked into the room and sat across the table Owen was seated at.

"Why?" To his surprise, Owen shook his head in what looked like disgust. "Why does anyone do anything? Money." Zack's face fell. "I don't believe you."

"Come on Zack. everything I cared about was taken from me a long time ago. Money gets me food and water."

"You could have come back."

"What, come back to those he failed incredibly to protect me and her? Nice try. And you. You kept working here. Everything you do here is another piss you take on their graves." That did it. Zack flipped the table. It wasn't long before he'd pinned Owen to the wall in a choke hold. Owen seemed to be muttering something. Zack leaned in.

"There's a nuclear bomb on US soil, I'm undercover, get me out and I can get both of us in." Zack nodded, only so that he could see. He dropped him and turned to face an angry looking IceBite.

Sen Urec was in an ugly mood. His ship, the Stardrift Esper, was having engine problems, and there was nothing he hated more then that. As he began fixing it, he sensed a presence behind him. "Hi Miranda." he said simply. "Hi, you seen Selen, I was hoping to congratulate her." Sen shrugged. He hadn't seen her since she'd told him she was engaged. Well, we all saw it coming, it was just a matter of time before it happened. He thought to himself. Miranda sighed and left.

When she was out of earshot, Sen said; "You can stop ogling at her, Will." Will had offered to help him repair the Esper. "Damn it, how do you know these things?" Will said frustratedly. Sen smiled to himself and continued repairing the engine. For a few minutes, Will didn't say anything, then, a very, very loud blast sounded throughout the base. "What the fuck!?" Will yelled and the two began running to where it had sounded from. Then, out of nowhere, a heavy shape landed on them.

"Ow goddammit!" Sen said angrily, then he realized that the shape was IceBite.

Twists and TurnsEdit

"Good punch." Owen said as Zack uncuffed him. "Not me, the other me." Zack responded. If Suoveirg hadn't taken control, IceBite would've been able to stop him. The two sprinted through the base and looked for transportation. eventually, they found Ryan's car.

"Should we?" Zack asked.

"Why not?"

"Can you?"

"Of course!"

"Ok." They hopped in, hotwired it, and drove off. They traveled in silence for a few hours, then Owen, who was driving, spoke up. "Look, Zack, I'm sorry about what I said. I just needed to get you close enough to talk to you."

"I understand."

"That and, I heard about you and Selen. Congratulations."

"Thanks." After that brief talk, they remained quiet. It wasn't long before they reached an office building. Zack grabbed his sidearm and thanked god he was dressed in his Mando armor. He fir his helmet on and Owl took out a long, menacing looking gun.

Wordlessly, they slipped into the building. Zack aimed his pistol down the hall, moving in front. He remembered all to well just how effective the armor was. A voice sounded at the end of the hall. The two slipped around a corner and Zack glanced over. He saw a <Please Rewrite>

"THEY DID WHAT!?!?" Ryan bellowed. Sighing, IceBite wiped the saliva off his face. "Zack punched me in the face, saved Owen, and stole your car."

Furious, Ryan kicked the wall. "Why did you not stop them!?"

"I was just a tad busy flailing through the air and landing on Sen and Will."

"Whatever happened to you being more powerful then him!?" Ryan must have been pissed. Before IceBite could respond, both felt something force their mouths shut. "Please shut up." Sen's voice said behind them. He looked at IceBite. "You come with me. There's something you need to see. IceBite, mouth still held shut, followed as Sen released Ryan's mouth.

Sen only released control of IceBite's when they were at the security camera room. Sen showed him a slow-mo version of the footage. A slight wave of relief came over IceBite for a moment, then it was replaced by slight worry. He left the room and jumped into the Onyx Crusader. Before he could be off, Ryan jumped in too.

"I want my car back." Ryan said in a voice that said he was not in the mood for discussion.

<Please Rewrite>

<Please Rewrite>Edit

<Please Rewrite>

Ryan was already back at base. He'd hopped in his car and was taking back to base, well away from Zack. he parked in his garage and hopped out. He began walking over to Lightning's hoping to explain where he'd gone, when a loud blast filled the air and he crashed into a wall. His head spinning, he got up and looked around. A foot struck him in the face.

Unprepared, he collapsed. When he looked up he saw a heavily armored soldier standing over him. Suddenly, a bright flash of silver filled the air and the soldier collapsed, headless. A few gunshots rang out and a few thuds sounded behind him. He looked up into the face of Leandra. "Come on Ryan, going down so soon?" She said cheerfully.

Things Get InsaneEdit

Ryan fired twice, dropping a few of the unknown new soldiers. A yell behind him sounded and he whirled around to see Snow beating the hell out of some of the troopers. After that, a loud chunk noise sounded and two troops dropped behind him, each with an arrow in their chest. He noticed Serah raining hell down on many others.

Several shing noises sounded behind him (which he was getting sick of). He turned around and saw both Lightning and Leandra standing back to back, cutting down several of the soldiers. He would have considered it odd that they were working together, but then a trooper bore down on him. He quickly shot him and went to help the others. A broken Radio crackled from a Phantom Legion Soldier's corpse. "Dammit! Who the hell are they? What the fuck!?" he heard many of his soldiers fighting the attackers. Sounded like they were losing.

Then a pair of new voices sounded. "Come on PL! These guys are easy! Come on Beygh, let's kill these motherfuckers! They blew up my house!" He recognized the voice as Sen. He rushed over to where he guessed the transmission had come from, and sure enough, found Sen Urec and Beyghor Lamitt standing amidst a large group of the soldiers, Several were dropping in seconds, then a crash sounded beside him. He turned and saw Qymaen slamming tow troopers together and throwing them into another squad.

Before long, the battle group was wiped out, and Sen was examining their armor, trying to figure out who they were. "My only guess is that it's a group of not-known milita."

"But why would they attack here?" Ryan asked. Sen shrugged. A few tire screeches sounded in the distance. Ryan turned and saw a few cars coming up. The lead was Zack's corvette. Zack got out, looked around, and spoke directly to Ryan. "For someone who's supposedly so good at leading, you do a crap job of keeping your house undamaged." He pointed over his shoulder and saw Ryan saw half his house had been blown away. "That'll make your nocturnal activities slightly difficult." Zack joked. Ryan would normally have punched him, but under the circumstances, he was just to worn to give him hell.

Ryan then noticed Will pull up on his bike. He was shocked to see Miranda riding with him, arms wrapped around his waist. He looked questioningly at Zack, who shrugged. Suddenly, Sen let out a yelp of victory. Ryan and Zack walked over and found him holding a small device.

"Blood tester. It shows that these soldiers were implanted with drugs similar to those used on the Spartan-IIIs. I happen to know where the only contraband dealer is." Ryan nodded. Zack spoke up. "Ryan, a word?" Ryan nodded and they walked a few meters away.

"Can you and a couple others go investigate this? I have something else to do."

"Why not have another Zeta go?"

"Well, I'd prefer it if my future wife was kept away from the trouble right now, I'd like Will to be happy, and Beygh, Pian and Sen are having troubles with one of the Esper's engines. You can take Leandra." Ryan nodded slowly, then turned and left soon after with Leandra and Lightning.

"I have to ask, why is there a fire hydrant eating contest going on out there?" Leandra asked from the back seat of Ryan's car as they entered the small town. Lightning looked back and saw she was actually not joking. They soon turned into the address Sen had specified. Lightning rapped on the door, not noticing the security camera on the house. The door locked. "Great. Now wh-" Leandra kicked the door open. She drew her desert eagle and moved up the stairs. Ten seconds later, she came back dragging a small, cowardly looking man.

She slammed him into the wall and pressed the pistol to his forehead. "Who'd you sell the stuff to?" She said simply, not even in a menacing tone. "A group that wants to disassemble the Coalition, they offered millions! Their headed to an airport just outside of town!"

"Thank you." Leandra said sweetly and dropped him. She then kicked him in the gut and punched him in the face, knocking him out. She then walked back to a surprised Ryan and Lightning. "What?"

Yup, these two are gonna end up together. I can tell. Selen thought as she watched Miranda and Will talking. Who knows? Nine kids, a house, dog, that sounds like them. She smiled at the image. "You see this coming at all?" Zack's voice said behind her. "Nope." She said, sounding happy for them. Zack came up next to her. "I need to go and visit Safira's parents. Owen told me they're alive, so I think they'd need to hear from me." She nodded. "Just be careful if you end up fighting for your life again, I'm going to handcuff myself to you and eat the key."

"Would that really be so bad?" He asked, grinning at her. She playfully smacked his chest and he left. He hopped into his corvette and drove for a half hour before getting there. He knocked on the door. he waited for almost fifteen minutes before noticing a couple red dots on the driveway. It was blood, and it was fresh. He drew his sidearm and opened the lock with a few shots. He thanked the weapon's designer again that it was designed to be silenced.

It wasn't long before he found the source of the blood. Two beings he recognized as Safira's parents were dead, each with their throat torn out.

"ARE YOU FRIGGING KIDDING ME?!" Olivia screamed. Selen shook her head. "Nope." Olivia stormed past her. Selen followed. The end result, Olivia lost the argument, and Miranda felt slightly bad. Selen left her and Will alone and went back to her and Zack's house. She simply sat on the couch and looked at the new ring for a while. Intense couple of hours. She reflected. The phone rang, she walked over and picked it up. "Hello?"

"Selen, can you hear me?"


"Yes, I need your help."

"I thought you were-"

"I know, I'm sorry. I was abducted by a strange group of terrorists, I've managed to get away...shit. Honey, meet me on liberty island." The line died. Selen was out the door and found Will and Miranda. "Guys, I need your help."

"Wasn't Safira an orphan?" IceBite asked. "She was, her parents had to give her up."

"Messy, rather overkill, savvy?" Jack said, looking at the two bodies. "I tested some of the blood, it was Owen's and a few unknown people. I think he's been captured." IceBite nodded and turned to Qymaen. "The four of us will go out and look. Keep ready for anything, this group clearly means business. They got into the armored van IceBite had driven so Qymaen could hop in the back. Zack drove ahead in his corvette, but kept an open comm channel.

"So, where do we start?"

"Call Ryan, maybe he'll have something." When they did, Lightning answered. When questioned, she said; "Well, there's an airport full of enemies in numbers even we can't handle. Do you think Zack could come to us?"

"Be right there." Zack pulled over and his comm went dead.

He landed on top of Ryan's car. After a quite inventive curse from Ryan, Ryan and Zack were discussing a plan of action. "Ok, I'll throw Lightning to the third floor, she can clear those on her own. the three of us'll take the bottom, then you three will meet in the middle. I'll go back." Zack said, Ryan nodded. Normally, he'd have thought Zack's plans were insane, but this one actually made sense.

"Ok, be ready in five." Leandra reached into the trunk and pulled out her armor. "I'll be out in two." She hopped into the car. Zack checked his sidearm. And Ryan waited for Leandra to get out. Once they were ready, Zack grabbed Lightning's shoulder and spun her around, then released her. She crashed into the third floor window and landed, swinging her gunblade. Seven seconds later, the other three went in the front and attacked the other enemy group.

The Bottom floor was wiped out quickly, and Ryan went over to an elevator. "I'll clear the second floor." Leandra followed. "I'll help."

"I don't need..."

"Consider this partial repayment for me saving your life."

"...Fine." A bullet whizzed between their heads and struck the elevator wall. "Cut the Make-out session, militia inbound!" Zack said. Ryan fixed him with a look as Leandra went a bright red. "I've got a lot of people to kill before I die, Zack. Don't make me add you to that list." Another bullet struck the Elevator. "Add them first!" Zack said and turned to fight them. In ten minutes, the rest on the middle floor were dead, but Ryan had taken a rifle butt to the head and was out cold.

Leandra heard Zack leave, and considered something for a moment. Then she leaned in and whispered in his ear. "This is the rest of that repayment."

Lightning finished off her foes and began to make her way down. She exited the elevator and froze. "GET. THE FUCK. OFF. OF. HIM." She yelled at Leandra. Leandra pulled away from Ryan and grinned. "You're lucky, you know. He's quite a good kisser, even when he's KO'd."

Zack landed next to his car. "Didn't take too long." IceBite commented. Zack shrugged and hopped back into his car. They drove around for about ten minutes before the comm channel buzzed. Zack and IceBite answered. "We've got something on them. One of them was carrying a computer file. It shows where their next objective was." Lightning's voice said. It sounded like Ryan was yelling in the background, but they couldn't discern what he was saying.

"Where are they going?" Oymaen said into the comm. He sounded like he wanted to end the mission soon. "The coordinates say, I think, Liberty Island."

"Ok, we're on our way." IceBite answered. He paused for a moment, then asked; "Why do you think Ryan was yelling?"

"Pain?" Qymaen suggested. "Someone died, savvy?" Jack put in. "No, Leandra probably did something to Ryan, Lightning walked in, Ryan didn't find out becasue he was unconscious." Zack said simply. He was only guessing, but could not have known how right he was.

Selen grabbed hold of Will and Miranda and started running, then she jumped. In seconds, they had cleared the water and were on Liberty Island. They could instantly see a person running in their direction. "Mom?" Selen called out. Miranda and Will soon watched an extremely tearful reunion. After almost five minutes, a loud, cold voice rang out.

"Alright, you've had your reunion, now business starts." A light came from nowhere and a tall, thin man came forward. He was flanked by seven guards, two of which held a struggling man between them. Selen realized the prisoner was Owen.

"Here's the deal, you give us your Sigurdson, and we'll not blow your pal's brains out." A pistol was soon put to Owen's head. Before Selen could respond, a different, very familiar voice rang out. "GO FUCK YOURSELF, YOU PIECE OF SHIT SON OF A WHORE!!" A loud blast sounded, and a guard dropped, he was missing a head. A resounding crash split the air, and Qymaen had cut down all the guards except for the leader in seconds.

Zack came from nowhere and was helping Owen up. Owen nodded his appreciation. It was only then that Selen noticed her mother was almost falling over. She'd never been frail, so Selen was worried. She started coughing, then collapsed. "Oh shit, someone get a medic!" Zack yelled.

"Mom, what's wrong?" Selen asked urgently, now kneeling and cradling her head. "They, they put something in me. I'm not sure-" Then Selen noticed that her face appeared to have been stitched on. She heard Zack slam the tall, thin man into the ground, interrogating him on what he'd done. Selen heard his confession. "I was going to re create wife. She would be brought back from the river of death."

Selen looked down at her mother's face. Her mother smiled. "Don't worry dear...I'm free from his Look at you, my little girl's become so big and strong. Probably dating boys now, too."

"Actually...." Selen sadly held her left hand up, so that she could see the ring. "Oh. Oh my. Is he here?" Selen looked up and gestured at Zack to come over. Zack ran over and knelt down next to the dying woman. "You take good care of her, will you?" Selen's mother said weakly. Zack nodded frantically.

Suddenly, a noise like sand moving through an hourglass could be heard, and there was noting left of Selen's mother but dust.


Zack quickly backed away, knowing what would come. Selen slammed both her hands into the ground and an enormous crater formed. Tentatively he approached and wrapped her in his arms. She wasn't even crying, she just had a dead expression on her face.

Ryan felt terrible. He'd just yelled the ears off of Leandra when she'd, completely unabashed, told him that she'd kissed him. She'd taken it in silence, all the while looking as though she wasn't hearing him. She'd gone back to the car, and Lightning was with him, looking rather satisfied. Suddenly, the comm buzzed.

"Ryan, you'd better have something."


"Yeah, do you?"

"Well, we told you about Liberty Island."

"Yeah, we're there now."

"What's wrong?" Owen paused. "It's Selen, she just watched her mother die in front of her." Ryan's jaw dropped, he didn't even know her mom was alive. "We have a prisoner, I guess all you can do is come over to Liberty Island, Zack's interrogating him prisoner now."

Zack whipped out his pair of pliers. This was the one time IceBite had given him free rein, so he knew what he was going to do. Before even asking a question, he grabbed the man's little finger with the pliers and pulled it off. The man screamed. "Now then, who're you working for?" Zack said. Part of him just wanted to cap the guy, but he knew what he had to do. The man remained silent, Zack grabbed a piece of his stomach and tore it off as well. He continued removing several non-vital body parts until he decided it wasn't going to work.

He left the armored truck, which IceBite had lent him, and picked up a can of oil. He went back in and dumped it into the man's wounds. The man screamed louder then Zack thought possible. "Tell me." He said, not even yelling. "It's on a microchip!" the man yelled desperately. "Where?"

He just looked fearful. Zack hopped back out and grabbed a blowtorch. He blasted the guy in the torso and groin. The scream was long and loud, something Zack took a small satisfaction from. Zack soon realized where the chip was. "You stupid idiot. You ate it." Zack drew his knife and leaned in close to the man's head.

"This is what happens when you kill my fiancee's mother." he whispered and plunged it into the man's gut and slashed. The man's guts poured out, and Zack easily picked out the chip. He wiped the knife blade on the man's shirt and left.

He hopped out of the truck and found IceBite. He handed the chip to him. "Decode it." he said in a voice that was clearly not wanting any other inquiries. He then walked over to the ambulance-boat where Selen was.

As he was doing this, a helicopter landed on the other side of the small base they'd set up. Ryan, Lightning, and Leandra. Owen came to greet them. He nodded once to Ryan, who returned the gesture. "Think you could introduce us?" Leandra said. She'd sounded disturbed ever since Ryan had told her about Selen's mom. "I'm Owen. One of the original Zeta members."

Leandra instantly stuck out her hand. "I'm Leandra. Second generation." Owen nodded approvingly. "Mando accent. Zack's chosen well." Leandra would have normally smiled at the compliment, but the situation was just a little too serious for that.

They moved towards the ambulance-boat that Owen said Selen was on. They could see Zack arguing with IceBite outside it. As they moved nearer, they heard Zack say something that they knew would end badly. "Oh right, I forgot, you don't know what she's going through! You never knew your mom!"


Zack was sent flying. He landed in the middle of the water. "Jesus!" Owen exclaimed before. Jumping on the hospital-boat to go pick up a semi-conscious Zack from the water. When they got back to shore, Owen just noticed that he appeared to be tearing up. Dear god, Zack. What have you done? IceBite spoke in a voice that sounded close to crying. "I was merely one at the time. That doesn't mean I don't remember her, or don't know how it feels. Then he walked away quickly, visibly upset.

"Jesus, what have I done?" Zack said to himself, looking horrified. He sounded like he felt terrible, which he did. Ryan looked stunned, Lightning had her hands clasped over her mouth, and Leandra simply looked tired.

Ten minutes later, May walked up to Ryan. He hadn't known she was there. "Ryan, we were able to decode one of two enemy outpost locations. One's in the Arctic circle. Leandra's already on the job, but requested you as a partner, get going." She sounded angry. Very angry. Mutely, Ryan nodded and walked over to where May was pointing.

It wound up being a large helicopter. Leandra sat in the passenger area, her helmet on her lap. He wasn't at all into her, but he had to admit she could probably stop traffic if she wanted to. She winked at him as he climbed aboard. The pilot was about to take off when a loud splash filled the air, and they saw Zack fly through the air and land heavily on top of the statue of liberty. Leandra sighed and put her helmet on. The pilot took off and they flew away.

In about an hour, they were hovering a few miles west of the outpost. "There's a sniper tower on the north side, and a barracks to the east." Leandra observed over the helmet comm. "Shouldn't be too much of a problem. I'll take the barracks, you secure the-"

"That rocket fire? Fuck! Pilot, evasive-" Leandra's shout was cut off by the sound of an explosion. The burning helicopter spun in circles as it crashed into the ice, killing the pilot and knocking both mandolorians unconscious.

Ryan awoke with a start. His vision was blurred slightly, and he had to shake his head to clear the blur. He saw Leandra on the other side of the cell they appeared to be in, and she was chained to the wall. There was a cut over her right eye, but aside from that, she looked unharmed. She tilted her head to the side. Ryan looked where she was indicating and saw a short, muscular man standing in the door to the cell.

"My my, you two have a strange way of a night out. I dare say we here gentlemen can make it slightly more interesting. He signaled outside the cell and two huge guards entered. One grabbed Leandra, and the other grabbed Ryan. "Now then. I'd like to bring her along, she can keep me company." he said, looking evily at Leandra. To Ryan's shock, she beckoned the short man forward, an almost seductive look on her face.

he grinned and walked over. Leandra stunned Ryan even more by leaning forward. It looked as though she were kissing the man's neck....


The man tried to scream, but nothing more then a gurgle left his mouth. The guard let her go in horror. Ryan could have sworn his jaw had fallen off.

Leandra had snapped her teeth on the man's jugular vein. She held him in place for a moment, then wrenched her head and tore it out. The body dropped lifelessly, blood covering the floor. leandra spit the vein at one of the guards, and both ran out of the room. She spat blood out and looked at Ryan. "What? There are some perks to wednesday Zeta nights."

Ryan swallowed down some vomit trying to escape him. A clicking noise sounded near Leandra and she stood up, clutching the key to the cuffs. She walked over and removed Ryan's. "Come on. I know two things we need to get. Winter gear, and mouthwash."

Adriana watched as Zack collapsed under Natalia's punch. She suspected he did so to make her feel more satisfied. "I deserved that." He said simply and allowed Adriana to punch him as well. "And that." Both of IceBite's sisters stormed away. They'd both known Zack could run his mouth more then he meant to, but that was ridiculous. They found May, who was pacing around next to the water.

As they approached, she spoke. "Leinad's gone off somewhere. I think he's just needing to be alone right now." They nodded, though both would have liked to see him. Adriana felt some sort of presence nearby, but, to her annoyance, it appeared to be shielded, so she couldn't tell who it was.


Natalia collapsed without a sound, a large mark on the back of her head. A being dressed wholly in black ODST armor stepped out. A blue lightsaber ignited and the being lunged forward.

Before Adriana could react, the blade and slashed across her right thigh and again at her stomach area. She fell to the ground. The being was clearly skilled in sword combat. Through her hazy vision, she could see the being attacking May, who, though surprised, was holding out. She couldn't last out long against the assassin's onslaught. Adriana watched in horror as the being penetrated her guard and slashed May across both shins, and then again, slashing lightly across her chest and back. It was a miracle she wasn't killed.

The being was about to finish her off when a sudden whoosh noise filled the air, the assassin was sent flying back and off the island, he was sent skipping across the water. Zack rushed into the area, his hands and arms swirling with power. For a moment, he looked as though he wanted to pursue the being. Instead, he rushed over to May and knelt next to her. A bright red glow pulsed out, then he turned and ran over to Adriana, who was barely remaining conscious. He healed her and moved over to Natalia.

Both Natalia and Adriana got up, but May was still unable to stand. Zack swore and moved over to her. She willingly wrapped one arm around his shoulder and he helped her over to the main encampment. IceBite, who had returned, saw them coming and rushed over.

"Lightsaber slash across both legs, back, and chest. I'm no healing expert, she can't walk." Zack said breathlessly. IceBite took her from him and they moved over to the hospital boat. They rushed in and IceBite set her down on a chair and finished the healing job. Selen stood up and walked over to Zack. "Every fucking time I take my eyes off of you someone either dies or gets immensely wounded. If it happens again, I will tie myself to your back and you'll have to carry me everywhere you go."

Her face still looked slightly dead, but she was returning to her old self slightly. Zack nodded and looked to see if May was alright. IceBite had healed her completely. "What about the others?" He asked. "You did a good job on healing them. Thank you, Zack." IceBite said. Zack hesitated for a moment.

"I'm going after that assassin. May, could you find out who it was?"

"No, he was wearing a helmet."

"Damn." he turned, hugged Selen goodbye, and rushed out. IceBite followed. "I'm coming." Zack knew there was no room for argument, and they found Jack and Qymaen. They were soon on the mainland and were searching for the assassin. The tracks coming out of the water appeared to have been running. "You said his was carrying a lightsaber?" Qymaen asked.

"Yes." Zack said shortly. Somehow, the subject seemed to get to him. They followed the wet footprints to an alley where they appeared to have gotten into a car. In five minutes, the same armored truck Zack had used to torture their previous prisoner and they were following the wet car tracks. After a few hours, Zack realized where they were headed.

"This is headed out of the city, off the island even." IceBite nodded grimly and drove on.

Selen walked out of the hospital boat. She was sick of sitting around. She had to do something to get her mind off things. She soon found Will and Miranda, who instantly wrapped her in an enormous hug. "Guys, thanks. Do you think you can find me something useful to do? Just let me do anything." She said, almost sounding begging.

Will looked around, trying to think of something, when Lightning walked in. "I think I can." She looked at Selen sadly. "I'm sorry about your mom."

"Thanks. What can I do?"

Lightning pulled out a small speaker like machine and pressed a button on it. A computer modified voice sounded out of it, making it impossible to tell who it was. "We are everywhere. You cannot stop us. If you want to try, meet us here." A hologram formed, showing coordinates for a meeting spot. "If you want to avenge your mother, Leanason, you should come." the voice concluded.

"Ok, let's go." Selen said and walked out. The other three followed, knowing if they didn't go, she'd go herself. As they were about to leave, May came up. "I'm coming." She said simply. Will tried to convince her to stay behind, but it was to no avail, and the five were soon off.

Winter is ComingEdit

Zack jumped out of the truck and quickly moved into the base. He was followed instantly by IceBite, Qymaen and Jack. The tracks had led them all the way back to Kaven Base. Zack touched the side of his head and he could see the shapes of a few men walking into the base. He followed the shapes into a place that was eventually IceBite's office.

They quickly entered and found an appalling sight. Raptrus was chewing on a disembodied arm, and it's former owner lay dead on the floor. Another man was nursing a torso wound. Zack walked up to him and said simply. "Tell me who you work for an I'll heal you."

The man nodded. "I don't know him by name, but he's in northern manitoba. he and his men are staying there." he paused, then looked up at IceBite. "You know what he offered to pay us with?"

Taken aback, IceBite shook his head. The man grinned. "he said he'd give us your sister, and that we'd all get to take turns." His grinned widened as he saw the expression on IceBite's face. A flash of rainbow light filled the room, and he was gone.

Zack turned to Jack and Qymaen. Jack was waving his hands and saying "shoo" to Raptrus.

"We're going to have a cold night. Winter's coming up there."

Ryan shivered as he and Leandra trekked across the ice. The Arctic circle was incredibly cold, even with the supplies they'd been able to salvage. Winter gear and some food had been left behind. He could hear Leandra's teeth chattering as the walked. The blowing snow made it incredibly hard to see. After a few hours, Leandra shouted out over the wind. "I see a small hut. Let's go for it!" She pointed and Ryan saw there was indeed a small house like building nearby.

They quickly made their way inside. Ryan scanned the room. There was only a single couch, a small stove, and a fireplace. Leandra quickly made her way over to the fireplace. She swore vehemently in mando'a. She switched to their native language. "No matches or wood." Ryan, also slipping into Mando'a, swore as well. He moved into the kitchen and found that there was no matches or wood, or even food, but there was a lantern. He pulled it out and set it down near the couch.

Leandra rooted around in a closet and pulled out several blankets. Several meaning nineteen. They noticed the sun was going down, so they had to find some source of heat quickly. They could both feel the temperature drop sharply, despite their winter gear. Ryan switched on the lantern and it gave off a slight wave of heat. Leandra walked up to him, grabbed the front of his jacket, and with one hand, flung Ryan onto the couch. She grabbed the nineteen blankets and, before he could react, tackled him.

Despite the lantern, the temperature continued to drop. Leandra kept Ryan pinned on the couch while pulling the several blankets over them. They instantly felt warmer, and Ryan knew she'd probably just saved his life. As the sun set, the temperature continued to drop lower and lower. Neither of them spoke for the first hour, then Leandra perked up, still speaking Mando'a.

"Well, this certainly is a rather fucked situation." She said and cracked a smile. he nodded slightly. "Yeah, I'd say we're somewhere between up shit creek and totally screwed." Leandra's smile broadened. A massive wave of guilt swept over Ryan. He felt so bad for yelling at her, and here she was, saving his life and joking around like nothing had happened.

"Look, Leandra, I'm sorry about what happened at the airport, I didn't mean to lose control like that, and-" he was interrupted when she placed one finger on his mouth, stopping him from speaking. "Ryan, sweetheart, there's nothing to feel sorry about. I'd probably have done the same thing as you, except physical blows would've been involved." If possible, her smile broadened even more.

"Ryan, you are so fucking adorable when you are blushing so much you look like an apple." She said. Then, she took him by surprise and kissed him again. He didn't even have the heart to pull away. She fell asleep five minutes later, using his shoulder as a pillow. He sighed quietly. Please god Lightning doesn't walk in.

The next morning, Leandra woke up first. She'd have preferred to wait until he woke up to get up, but knew they needed to get moving. She got up and took advantage of the stove to make a couple quick roast apples. Ryan woke up the moment she was done, and she passed him one. They ate on their way out, Ryan shouldering a bag full of the remaining food.

They walked in silence for a few hours, then they both heard a strange rumbling noise. Leandra looked over her shoulder and yelped a warning to Ryan to move. Ryan quickly veered off to the side and an arctic cat roared by. It stopped a few meters away and a lone man jumped out, a MA5C assault rifle in hand.

He opened fire. Ryan and Leandra jumped to opposite sides, both trying to draw fire. He continued to aim at Leandra, who narrowly avoided being shredded to pieces by the bursts of fire. She took cover behind the man's vehicle, and Ryan charged him. He tackled the man and snapped his neck. He snatched up is rifle and moved toward the Arctic Cat. He found Leandra pinning another guy to the wheel.

"Why'd you attack us?" She said in a voice that told Ryan she'd been hanging around Zack too much. "Boss told us too, said you'd killed his third in command. Tore his fucking throat out with your mouth!"

"Well, he was asking for it, not unlike you." She said. "Where's your base?"

"Go fuck yourself, you whore." She leaned in closer and pressed her mouth to his neck. Ryan got ready to throw up. "OK OK! A few miles south of here, you'll find them easily, it's a big base."

"Thank you." She said and flung him out of the Cat. Ryan hopped in. "You got any weapons?" he asked. She held up an M9. In an hour, they were there, and it sounded like someone was already attacking. They entered the base and shot down any resistance. A few shouting voices sounded from a room nearby. They entered and aimed their weapons.

A young man was standing over a wounded IceBite, Vesracolian several feet away. Lightning and Selen were a few metres away as well.

"Owen, stop this! You can't get out this time!" Selen said desperately. "You know I can." Owen said simply and aimed a pistol and Lightning's head. No shouting or threats.

He simply pulled the trigger.


1 hour earlier

Zack sat at the turret of the Pelican they were taking to Northern Manitoba. He sighed contently as they flew over his homeland. "True you lived here before the Time Lapse?" Fallaf said behind him. The grunt had insisted upon accompanying them. He didn't complain.

"Yeah. Also where my parents died. Bit of a bittersweet pilgrimage, I guess." He said. It was true, this was the general are where his father had been stabbed through the chest and his mother sucked into the Hudson Bay. He sighed at the memory. "We're landing in five, base in sight." IceBite said from the pilot's seat.

"Alright. Think we can find the number one?"

"If we're lucky, the number two as well. Three's dead."

"How'd you know?"

Qymaen spoke up. "We intercepted a signal. Ryan and Leandra were captured but escaped. She tore his throat out with her teeth." Jack's eyes widened and Fallaf made a disgusted noise. Zack smiled. So watching 24 every so often did have it's uses. He noticed the base coming into view.

"Get that big fucking plasma gun ready, little guy." he said to the grunt, who hefted the "big fucking plasma gun" on his shoulder. IceBite spun the Pelican around and began to slowly land. Zack opened fire with the gun, killing a few guards. When they landed, Qymaen was the first to charge out, lightsabers flaring as he cut through several enemy soldiers. IceBite and Zack were the second out, IceBite swinging Vesracolian in a glittering arc, cutting any who stood in his way.

Zack used his combat knife to stab is way through. More then once, he could be heard expressing his preference for knives over swords. When one saw him using a knife, they would understand completely. Fallaf and Jack were the last out, Fallaf sending several guards to their deaths and he waddled along, Jack covering him.

IceBite entered the main complex, hoping to find the leaders. Instead, he heard an overly familiar voice on a speaker.

"Do you know what you did to me!?" Owen's voice screamed over the speaker. "You took my life away! Everything I needed in the world was gone because they were a fucking inconvenience to you!

A second voice sounded. "What are you talking about?" A crash sounded. "Your assassinations in 2017! My fucking wife!" Another crash sounded. IceBite hurried up. Owen's voice dropped, and he sounded like he was about to cry. "She wasn't all you took away."

IceBite was expecting to hear about the other Zeta member's who'd died, but Owen's next words killed that theory.

"You killed my daughter."

Silence. For nearly a minute. Them Owen's voice came back yelling. "AND NOW, I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!!"


IceBite rushed through the final door and saw Owen himself, standing over the headless body of an unknown man. he dropped a Verpine shattering gun and drew his lightsaber. "Back off Leinad. This has nothing to do with you."

"How'd you get here?"

"Simple. I take up the job as number two, I get close to this bastard that killed my family."

"And you killed innocents by working for him!"

"A necessary price!"

"No, it wasn't!" IceBite gripped his sword, ready to attack. Owen lunged first and their blades connected. Normally, that would have signaled the death of IceBite's attacker, but Owen parried IceBite's counterattack, surprising him.

IceBite quickly drew Thundercracker and attacked Owen. To his shock, the latter fended off the attacks and continued with attacks of his own. Owen had improved incredibly. His other, basic attack strategy had been forgotten and replaced by a precise, quick strategy. Despite IceBite's onslaught, Owen still remained alive. To someone watching, their blades would appear to have been tripled in number as the pace of the duel intensified.

After what felt like hours, IceBite caught Owen's blade between his two and they began to grapple. "I'm not going to just let you get away with this Owen." IceBite snarled. Owen sighed. "I'm not going to get caught." Quicker then IceBite could see, Owen snapped out a pistol and fired. Searing pain burned across his knee as he collapsed.

Owen planted a foot on IceBite's chest and stabbed downward into his shoulder. His entire back burned. Suddenly, the door slammed open and two figures IceBite couldn't make out stood watching the scene. "Owen, what the fuck are you doing!?" Selen's voice said loudly.

"I'm protecting myself! He tried take me in, I killed this guy because he killed my family!"

"Don't listen!" IceBite groaned. "He killed innocents to do it!"

"Shut up! I told you it was necessary!" Owen kicked on the back of IceBite's head, knocking him out. Selen had taken the opportunity to draw her USP.45. "Owen, stop this! You can't get out this time!" She said frantically. Two figures burst in another door. "You know I can."

He aimed his sidearm at the other's-Lightning- head and fired. "No!" One of the two figures yelled. But Lightning wasn't killed, the bullet was suspended in midair, an inch from her face. "Fuck it Owen! What the hell is wrong with you!?" Zack said as he entered, his hand extended. Seeing he was outmatched completely, Owen turned the pistol and shot a console on the other side of the room. A yellow light filled the room. Zack dropped the bullet and, drawing his modified energy sword, charged.

"As their swords connected, Jack entered the room and ran forwards. All three blades connected savagely as the yellow light intensified. The others were blinded by the light while Owen, who was accustomed to it, and Zack, who used his control over air to make the air around his eyes darker, and Jack, who was shielded by his hat, could remain fighting.

When the light was at it's peak, Owen kicked out at jack and knocked him away. Zack tackled him and Owen's lightsaber was flung across the room and Selen, who held up her left arm to shield herself....

She dropped, unconscious. her arm had been severed at the elbow by the flying blade. Owen kicked Zack off him and ran to pick it up. As he grabbed it, both he and Zack were sucked into the light's source, and everything was gone.

Both landed on their feet and attacked one another. Zack knew he was outmatched the moment their blades connected. Owen had been able to defeat IceBite, so as a swordsman, Zack didn't have a chance. Either way, I'm not letting him win. He thought grimly. Their swords struck each other again and again. Zack was barely able to defend against the onslaught.

It took him a while to realize where he was. He stood out in the middle of nowhere on the arctic circle. Owen didn't give him enough time to use any of his powers. As Owen continually assaulted him, he realized the ice beneath them was unstable.

He looked up at his attacker. He really, really didn't want to kill him. In fact, the idea repulsed him. But, if he could distract him long enough.....

As he blocked an overhand attack from Owen, he kicked him in the stomach knocking him back. He began slashing viciously at the ice. It began to melt with the heat from the plasma blade. Soon, it gave way, and both fighters fell into the freezing water. Owen was unable to do anything, but Zack, who, as a result of his fusion, was able to grab his incapacitated enemy and pull him to the air.

Zack tapped into his power over air and soon both of them were in Cairo Egypt, atop a random roof. Acting quickly, Zack took Owen's powerless lightsaber from him and backed up.

"I'm not going to kill you. Next time, I'm doing everything I can to bring you in." Owen said nothing, and Zack was gone.


Zack landed back in the room they had been in before. He rushed over to Selen, who was barely remaining conscious. he quickly scooped her up and they began to leave. In an hour, they were back at Kaven Base in the Med Labs. Zack watched, slightly panicked, as Quel began to install a mechanical arm to replace the one she'd lost.

Ryan, almost tearful, could be seen hugging Lightning and refusing to let her go. I owe Zack for that. He thought. He'd stopped a bullet from hitting and killing Lightning in midair, not an easy feat. I'll thank him after he's had some time with Selen. He decided.

On the other side of the base, Leandra sat in the copilot's seat aboard the Esper. She sighed as she reflected on the last two days. "Hey sis." A voice said behind her. She didn't turn, but knew Sen was coming up behind her. He sat down next to her in the pilot's seat. For a few moments they sat in silence. Then, Sen spoke up. "Passed Miranda and Will on the way here. I'm expecting that they'll be married before the year is over." Leandra smirked. "A dozen kids, probably." She put in. They both laughed quietly. Suddenly, he handed her a small package and said. "Happy Birthday." Then he walked out.

She opened it and found a single gauntlet. Wow. He made me an energy leash...

The Next Day

Selen tested the movement of her new fingers. They seemed to work fine. She smiled as she remembered Quel insisting that she get false skin to go over it, but she didn't want to hide it. To her, that was a form of cowardice. Zack sat down next to the med lab bed she lay in. Quel had also insisted, and this time he'd won, that she stay in the labs for a few days.

He held out a small, silver tube, which Selen recognized as Owen's lightsaber. "He'd want you to use it, I think." He said. She took it with her organic hand, then used the new, mechanical one to pull him into a back breaking hug.

"I'm going to make IceBite train you." He said firmly. "And if he doesn't, I'm going to dump a hundred pounds of ketchup on May every week until he agrees." Selen smiled. "You should do it anyway, I'd like to see her reaction."

He grinned and she released him. "Ryan was here earlier, he's looking for you." he nodded. "I'll go find him, then I'm coming right back." He stood and left. It only took five minutes to find Ryan.

"I heard you wanted to see me."

"Yeah. I just wanted to thank you for saving Lightning's life."

"You don't need to thank me."

"Yes I do. How'd you do it?'

"Manipulated the air currents to keep it suspended." he paused for a moment. "Can you find Leandra for me? It was her birthday yesterday, and I feel bad for missing it."


"Give her something. I'll do it after Sel's out of the hospital."

"Oh trust me, I gave her something already." Zack gave him a confused expression, then punched him on the shoulder, laughing loudly.

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