This story is written by User:IceBite, converting the 'The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion' story mode into a Hellcat Squadran Series Story starring Holly. She's sucked into the Elder Scrolls Universe, to the planet Nirn, through a Rift Storm. One part of the story has Holly trying to stop the Oblivion Crisis on Nirn, while the other part is about Sen Urec, accompanied by Tory Lund, Chirox, Brutaka, Vezon, May, and IceBite, 'Realm-Hopping' through the Realms of Oblivion, using Holly's Drone Carrier, the HCS Last Resort, trying desperately to find Holly.



Holly and Sen were sitting together in a park. They were taking Holly's 3 pets out for some fresh air (especially Buggy, who quite literally lives in a cave). Pixel was busy devouring the park's trash cans and Juni was chasing a squirrel...then firing on its tree with fireballs from his mouth. Now, though, Holly and Sen were too tired to try and stop them, having been trying to keep them at bay for some time. Finally, it was time to return to Kaven Base.

"Well, time to go back to base," Holly said, exhausted.

"Yeah, finally," Sen said.

They got up to leave, when, suddenly, a flash of light appeared. Holly stared intently at it. "No..." she said softly, before the light, suddenly, opened into a Rift Storm.

The Rift Storm opened dangerously close to Holly. Sen reached out and grabbed her hand, but, like a vacuum, the Rift sucked her in. Soon, the Rift closed, and Holly was gone. "No, no, no, NO!" Sen shouted. He then sent a force message to the others. A Rift Storm opened and took Holly! he telepathically told Zeta, IceBite, and Tory. Immediately, he received a response from IceBite. Get back to base. I'll contact Supervisor, maybe his guys can track it. Then, Sen noticed that someone else was missing as well, but then went back to concentrating on Holly.

Emperor Uriel Septim VII was in the Council Chambers of the Imperial Palace. He and the Elder Council were deliberating some recent laws. Trying times were coming to the Empire, as it appeared someone was trying to hunt down the Septims.

Suddenly, a portal of crackling energy opened, and a young woman was tossed out. Immediately, the guards were on alert. "You are in a restricted area. Get out, now." The young woman didn't respond. She seemed tired and confused. The guard approached her, when, suddenly, she moved into a fighting stance.

She cried, "What's going on?!" However, she moved a little too quickly. Her travel through the portal must have drained her energy, as, not long after, she fainted. Not in the mood to deal with her, the guard ordered her to be locked up in the Imperial Prison.

However, Uriel Septim couldn't help but feel that there was something strange about the girl. He just couldn't put his finger on it...

Chapter 1: The One from the Emperor's DreamsEdit

Sen paced nervously. He was visibly shaken by Holly's disappearance. In the same room were Zack, Leandra, Tory, Chirox, and Vezon. Finally, IceBite, May, and Natalia entered the room. Behind Natalia, the approaching form of the Scrin's Supervisor-7-19.

"So, anything?" Sen asked.

"We think so," IceBite said, as Supervisor-7-19 produced an image that looked like several planets.

Supervisor-7-19 said, "We believe she was transported to a universe separate from ours..."

"Yeah, yeah, we got that already. Rift Storm usually equals 'Other Universe'," Sen said irritably.

Zack and Leandra seemed shocked by Sen's tone of voice, as his demeanor seemed to not match it. Then again, they knew that Sen and Holly were in love, so it did make some sense.

Supervisor-7-19 responded, "Yes, but we believe we found which one. The only issue we'll have is getting there."

Then, Sen remembered something Holly was working on integrating into her starship, the HCS Last Resort. "Actually, I may have a way..." he said, and he rushed out of the room. IceBite, May, Tory, Chirox, and Vezon rushed to follow.

When Holly woke up, she found herself in what appeared to be a prison. Immediately, she started to panic, but soon settled down enough to analyze her predicament. She remembered transporting into some sort of Council Room, then...

Just then, a prisoner shouted to her. He was obviously not human, with pointed ears, dark grey-blue skin, and red eyes. Plainly, he looked exactly like a Drow Elf. "Ah, never seen your kind before. Your attire is also different from what I've seen. Pretty little thing you are, though. Oh, I bet the soldiers will treat you special before the end. That's right, you're going to die here, whoever you are. You're going to die!"

Holly just made a rude face to him and started scouring her cell for a possible weakness. She'd try and apologize for breaking out later, she decided. Suddenly, she heard commotion, and her not-so-savory prison mate said, "You hear that, the guards are coming. For you, hehahahah!" Holly then tried to search the room for anything she could use to defend herself. Then, she heard someone speak from the hall.

It was a woman's voice. "Baurus, we must keep moving."

"Yes sir," was Baurus's response.

Then, an older man said, "My sons...they're dead, aren't they?"

The woman responded, "I don't know, Sire. The messenger only said they were attacked."

However, the older man responded, "No, they're dead. I know it..."

The woman then said, "My job right now is to get you to safety." Holly backed away as 3 armored individuals, 2 males and a female, and an old man Holly vaguely recognized as the head person in the council room she was in a while ago, approached her cell.

"I know this place...the prison?" the robed man said.

The woman was slightly shocked when she noticed Holly. "What's this prisoner doing here? This cell's supposed to be off limits."

One of the male soldiers comments, "The usual mix-up with the Watch, I..."

"Never mind," the woman said, "Get that gate open." She then said to Holly, "Stand back, prisoner, we won't hesitate to kill you if you get in our way." Holly decided it would be wisest if she did as they said.

She backed up to the cell's window, and one of the male soldiers approach. "Stay put prisoner," he said. The sound of his voice told Holly that this man was the individual 'Baurus' mentioned earlier.

Holly nodded in acknowledgement and kept still, as the woman and the robed man entered the cell. "Good, let's go, we're not out of this yet," the woman said, as they entered.

When the robed man noticed Holly, he did a double-take. "You, I've seen you..." he said. Holly thought that he meant from the Council Room, but the look on his face said that it was much deeper than that. He'd seen her previously, although she had no clue how.

He continued, "Let me see your face." The old man stared intently into Holly's eyes, and then said, "You are the one from my dreams."

Holly remembered Sen explaining that Jedi could see visions in their dreams, and how IceBite, Vaan, and Penelo explained that, respectively, Ectoplasmic Power and Mist Power users could too. Apparently, this man had the same capability.

The man continued, "Then the stars are right, and this is the day. Gods give me strength."

Holly, now thoroughly confused, asked, "What's going on?"

The man answered, "Assassins attacked my sons, and I'm next. My Blades are leading me out of the city along a secret escape route. By chance, the entrance to that escape route leads through your cell."

Then, Holly wanted to know, "Why AM I in jail?"

"Perhaps the gods have placed you here so we may meet. As for what you have does not matter. That is not what you'll be remembered for."

Holly was now more confused than before. "Who are you, exactly?"

The man seemed to know something, as he took a moment to compose his answer. "I am Emperor Uriel Septim. By the grace of the gods, I serve Tamriel as her ruler. I sense that you may not be a citizen of Tamriel, but you too shall serve her in your own way."

Holly seemed unsettled by Uriel's comment. It's as if he KNEW she wasn't from there. Holly realized, though, that the only way to make sense of this was to help Uriel and his 'Blades'.

"What should I do?" she asked. Normally, she'd look to Sen, Tory, or IceBite for guidance. Now, though, without them, and this man of authority the only person to have been kind to her, she felt he would be a good one to follow, until she could think of a plan to get herself home.

Uriel Septim seemed to sense her uncertainty, and responded, "You will find your own path. Take care; there will be blood and death before the end."

Then, the female soldier approached, and told Uriel, "Please, Sire, we must keep moving." She then pushed a brick on the wall, and, soon, the wall opened up into a secret passage way. Holly mentally kicked herself for not sensing it sooner, with it being primitive technology, but still technology.

"Better not close this one, there's no way to open it from the other side," the woman then commented. The woman and Uriel then entered the newly-formed tunnel. Then, Baurus, as he passed Holly, commented to her, "Looks like it's your lucky day. Just stay out of our way."

Holly took that as an invitation to follow, so, staying behind the other male, who was in the back of the line, she followed.

Sen stood on the Command Deck of the HCS Last Resort. Tory was at the Interdimensional Drive/Navigation Console on the CD, loudly commenting on its complexity and wondering how his 'daughter' made it. IceBite and May were at the Science and Tactical Consoles respectively; Brutaka, who Helryx sent to aid in the mission, inspected the ship's drones; and Vezon was at the back of the CD, the only place where he wouldn't cause trouble. Because IceBite, May, Tory, and Brutaka were needed at other consoles and Vezon would be useless, Sen chose Chirox for a 2nd in Command for the mission, despite his initial uncertainty at doing so. Sen seemed a little upset. Fortunately, Chirox wasn't the back-stabbing Makuta he was before joining Hellcat Squadran.

"We will find her, Sen Urec. No need to worry. She will be back, and safe, before you know it," Chirox encouraged. Sen smiled in spite of himself. "Thanks," he told the Makuta, "But I don't think that'll be enough to convince me otherwise."

As Sen went to the Command Chair, Chirox said a quote Mata Nui said many times, proving the former Great Spirit was rubbing off on its former traitor. "In times like this, it is better to hold to hope, rather than settling into despair."

Sen smiled again, "Thanks Chirox," and then went sat down in the Command Chair. He then loaded the interdimensional coordinates given to him by Supervisor, and told Tory to put them into the ID. Soon, an Artificial Rift Storm opened and the large vessel dived in.

Chapter 2: Trials in the TunnelsEdit

The Emperor's escort, with Holly in tow, entered a small chamber under the prison. Holly heard something, a soft clang. She was about to warn the others, when, suddenly, a group of armored men with maces sprang from the shadows and attacked. Holly remembered since her outing in her universe was just to take her pets out, she left Kaven unarmed. However, she wasn't defenseless.

The female soldier rushed forward, but was struck down by one assassin. It prepared to release the killing blow, but Holly rushed in, and, with her enhanced strength, released a crushing blow that crunched the assassin's armor and skull. Suddenly, the armor and mace disintegrated, revealing a man in a cloak. Holly turned to see Baurus, the other male soldier, and Uriel managed to kill the other assassins.

The 2nd Male Soldier came over to Holly and the captain. Uriel asked, "Captain Renault, is she..."

"Dead," the soldier said, "Or, at least, too injured for us to be able to help."

Then, the soldiers led Uriel down the nearby staircase to a gate. The soldier then asked out loud, "How could they be waiting for us here?!"

Baurus responded, "I don't know, but it's too late to go back now." He turned to Uriel, "Don't worry, Sire, we will get you out."

The other soldier, then said, "They won't be the first to under-estimate the Blades." He then said, "I'll take point, let's go."

As Holly moved to follow, Baurus moved in her way, "You stay here. Don't try to follow us." And, afterwards, they were gone. Then, thinking, Holly rushed back up to Renault's body.

First, she checked for a pulse. It was weak, but there. Remembering what Sen taught her, she channeled the Force to try to heal Renault's wounds. Her efforts were largely successful. Renault started breathing again. Soon, the captain woke up.

She tried to get up, but Holly slowed her. "Easy, easy. Just get up slowly, you should be dead right now," Holly told the captain.

"I...have to the Emperor..." Renault wheezed.

"Not yet, I'm not finished," Holly responded, concentrating on both holding Renault in place, so she wouldn't hurt herself, and healing the rest of her wounds, she was almost finished when she heard some squeaking. Then, she saw rats the size of terriers come running from a newly-formed hole in the wall. Renault rose to fight them, when Holly found she had something on her arm: her Wrist Computer was undetected by the Prison Guards. She then prepared its Bolt Caster Function, and fired a bolt of lightning at the rats. Electrocuted, the rats fell dead. Renault noticed the device.

"What is that?" she asked.

Holly nervously smiled, "Just a little something I made some time ago back home. Ok, you should be well enough. However, we can't follow Uriel the way he and the others went. Maybe we can find a way around."

It took Holly and Renault about an hour to go through the tunnels, before they reached Imperial Stonework. During that time, an onslaught of goblins wounded Renault. Holly placed her against a wall while she went to investigate. Soon, she heard voices.

"We should find a defensible spot and protect the Emperor until help arrives." It was Baurus.

The 2nd soldier then said, "Help? What makes you think help will get here before more of those bastards! We need to get out of here!"

Then, Baurus shouted, "Here they come!"

Soon, the sounds of swords and maces striking sounded. Holly hurried there and leapt down in time to help. One assassin got past the soldiers and was about to strike the Emperor. However, while in the tunnels, Holly obtained a rusted Long sword. A Long sword she shoved through the assassin's skull. As the assassin's armor disintegrated, the sword protruded from its mouth, as the assassin died. Holly pulled the sword out of the dead assassin, as, suddenly, the 2nd soldier drew his blade again.

"It's the prisoner. Kill her! She might be working with the assassins!" Before the Emperor, or Holly for that matter, could let out a protest, Renault dropped into the room.

"Stay your sword, Glenroy," she said, as both soldiers and the Emperor looked at her in shock.

Baurus said, with a hint of happiness. "You're alive! How?"

Renault comment, "Turns out Holly's quite a healer."

Glenroy, although he didn't sheath his sword yet, looked at Renault and said, "Good to see you again, but I still think that she could be working with them, probably using you to gain our trust."

Finally, Uriel heard enough. "No, she is not one of them. She can help us. She MUST help us."

Finally, Glenroy sheathed is sword. "Yes sir," he responded.

Then Uriel said to Holly, who had backed away because of Glenroy, "Come closer. I'd prefer not to shout."

Baurus and Renault moved to allow Holly to come ahead. When she reached Uriel, he then said to her, "They cannot understand why I trust you, for they have not seen what I've seen. How can I explain?" He then looked at her again, before saying, "I know you are not from here, so you may not have heard of the Nine."

Holly realized this 'Nine' was probably the 'gods' Uriel mentioned earlier.

Uriel continued, "I've served the Nine all my days, and I chart my course by the cycles of the heavens. The skies are marked with numberless sparks. Each a fire, and every one a sign. I know these stars well, and, I wonder, had you been born here, what your sign would have been..." He stared at her again, before continuing, "If you were to have been born here, I would probably say you would be of the Lady."

Holly had no idea what he meant, but decided to follow along.

Uriel continued, "The signs I read show the end of my path. My death, a necessary end, will come when it will come."

Holly then wondered, "Where do I fit into this?"

"You're stars are not mine. Today, the Lady will fortify you in your quest to return home."

Holly then hoped that, maybe he could help in that endeavor. "Can you see my fate?" she asked.

"My dreams grant me no opinions of success. Their compass ventures not beyond the doors of death." He then smiled before saying, "But in your face, I behold the Sun's Companion. The dawn of Akatosh's bright glory may banish the coming darkness. With such hope, and with the promise of your aid, my heart must be satisfied."

What Holly heard surprised her. It seemed as though he was saying he was to die down here. Confused, she asked, "Aren't you afraid to die?"

"No trophies of my triumphs precede me. But I lived well, and my ghost shall rest easy. Men are but flesh and blood. They know their doom, but not the hour. In this, I am blessed to see the hour of my face my apportioned fate, then fall."

Holly then asked, "Where are we going, then?"

Uriel responded, "I go to my grave. A tongue shriller than all the music calls me. You shall follow me yet for a while, and then we must part."

Uriel turned to leave. Holly moved to follow him, when a hand tapped her shoulder. It was Baurus. "You may as well make yourself useful. Here, carry this torch and stay close." He then passed Holly a lit Torch. Holly giggled at the archaic lighting device.

She had a few questions that had been haunting her. First, she asked Baurus, while she had his attention, "So, what are the Blades, exactly?"

Baurus responded, "We're the Emperor's Bodyguards. Our job is to get him out of situations like this. Although, I must admit, things aren't going according to plan."

Holly then asked, "And Uriel Septim..."

All he said was, "My job is to get the Emperor out of here alive, and I intend to do it."

With that, Holly prepared to walk away, then Baurus told her, "Stick close and let us do our job. You'll be alright."

Baurus moved to follow the Emperor. As Renault passed her, Renault thanked Holly again for saving her life, before rushing up ahead of Glenroy. Then, Holly followed Uriel and the Blades, aiding in the escort.

Sen looked around. The area they were in looked a lot like Hell. However, Tory wasn't as nearly bothered by it. Sure, he was fretting about Holly probably being in an area that looked like Hell, but his demon-sensing powers weren't causing him any pain, meaning, despite the appearance, this wasn't Hell. Or, at least, THEIR Hell.

"It's not too bad..." Vezon said, “A few grass mats, some cave drawings, the heads of my enemies mounted on the wall… it could be quite pleasant.”

Brutaka commented, "Why did we bring him again?" Tory just shrugged.

Then, Sen said, "Well, we may as well investigate. Let's get a shuttle."

Not long after, Sen, Tory, Chirox, and Vezon were in a shuttle on the way to the surface. The world was covered in lava, making it look a lot like Mustafar.

When the Shuttle landed, Sen said, "Ok, we'll get out, I'll search for Holly through the Force, and, if she's here, we'll go to her. If not, we try elsewhere in this universe."

"Well, can I just mention something?" Vezon asked.

"No," Chirox commented.

"Fine, I guess I won't mention that there's some creature charging the craft."

"Fine...Wait, what?"

Suddenly, the shuttle rocked, as, when Sen looked out a window, he saw a large, Crocodile-Like beast ramming the craft. It looked vaguely like Juni, with a Crocodile's head and a lot of bulk.

"You have got to be shitting me....." Sen said.

A moment later, after some silence, Vezon said, "All right, we can take him home, but don’t expect me to clean up after him."

Chapter 3: The Death of a LegendEdit

Uriel, his escort, and Holly entered this large room, with a staircase running down the center. The group proceeded forward a few feet, when Glenroy held up a hand. "Hold up. I don't like this, let me check it out." He slowly moved down the staircase.

Holly moved right behind him. "Hey-" was all Baurus had time to say as he reached over to grab Holly, who, surprisingly, to him, managed to effortlessly break out of his grip. She followed Glenroy, who growled a bit, but didn't tell her to go back. The 2 advanced, weapons drawn, when, suddenly, something leapt from the shadows and tackled Holly. Glenroy unsheathed his sword, and Baurus and Uriel ran up, weapons drawn...then sheath their weapons again at the sight of the saurian creature playfully licking Holly, and Holly laughing and giggling.

"Juni!'d you get here?!" she yelled through the giggles.

"And this would be a pet of yours from where you're from?" Uriel Septim asked.

"Yes," Holly laughed, more from the licking than the question, "Yes, he is."

Ignoring Holly, Glenroy said, "Looks clear, let's go."

Holly waved for Juni to get off and the group moved to a nearby door. Holly got there first. She tried to blast it with her Wrist Computer's Bolt Caster, doing nothing. Juni rapid-fired Fireballs (to the shock of the others) at the lock, but that did nothing.

Glenroy pushed Holly aside and tried to open the door himself, before drawing his sword. "Damn it, the gate is barred from the other side! We're trapped!"

Baurus called over, "What about that side passage over there?" pointing to an opened gate.

Glenroy responded, "Worth a try, let's go!"

Holly and Juni got ahead of the others. She looked around, seeing no sign of an escape. It was just an empty room.

The Emperor and his escort entered the room. Baurus then noticed what Holly already did. "It's a dead end," he reported, "What's your call sir?"

Suddenly, Glenroy turned around and shouted, "They're behind us!"

Captain Renault then told Holly, "Wait here with the Emperor!"

Baurus then added on, "Guard him with your life." Then, the 3 Blades ran out. Moments later, the clang of blades and maces sounded.

A moment later, Uriel then began to tell Holly something. His voice was grim, as though he expected to die within moments. "I know who you are, Holly Uricei Lund. I know you are not of these Realms, but of universes beyond. I also know the event that took you from there could be considered chance. But, the gods have chosen you to be their agent in these trying times ahead. The only way for you to return home is to help save this world. You fail, and your world may very well follow."

Holly was shocked by Uriel's words, but he gave her no time to really take them in, "I can go no further. You alone must stand against the Prince of Destruction and his mortal servants. They must not have the Amulet of Kings."

Then, he took something from his neck, a large amulet and shoved it into Holly's hand. He then said, "Take the Amulet, give it to Jauffre. He alone will know where to find my last son. Find him...and close shut the Jaws of Oblivion!"

Before Holly could ask a single question, the wall shifted: a secret passage opened, and an assassin leapt through, plunging his dagger into Uriel's back, killing him instantly. Holly, stuffing the Amulet into a pack she found in the tunnels, lunged, but the Assassin fired a bolt of lightning, stunning Holly and smashing her into the wall.

"Stranger. You chose a bad day to take up the cause of the Septims," the assassin hissed. He prepared to attack Holly, but was pounced by Juni. Juni's beak punched through the assassin's armor, but the assassin flung the creature off of him and turned to attack Holly again, only to run head-long into Renault and Baurus, both impaling the assassin on their Katanas. The assassin dropped dead, his armor and dagger disintegrating. Renault came over and helped Holly up.

"What happened?" she asked Holly. Holly began to try to respond, when Baurus's voice spoke out.

"No...Talos save us..." They look over and see Baurus tending to Uriel's dead body. He then looked up and said, mostly to Holly, "We've failed...I've failed...the Blades were sworn to protect the Emperor and now he and all his heirs are dead!" Then, he realized something. "The Amulet! Where's the Amulet of Kings, it wasn't on the Emperor's body!"

Holly then remembered the Amulet Uriel had given her before his death. She pulled it out and asked, "Is this it? He'd given it to me before the assassin though he knew it was there..."

Baurus then looked at Holly, then at Uriel, before saying, "Strange. He saw something in you. Trusted you. They say it's the Dragon Blood that flows through every Septim. They see more than lesser men. The Amulet of Kings is a sacred symbol of the Empire. Most people think of the Red Dragon Crown, but that's just jewelry. The Amulet has power. Only a true heir of the Blood can wear it they say. He must have given it to you for a reason. Did he say why?"

Through the Force, Holly could tell she could trust Baurus and Renault with the information, so she said, "He said I had to take it to someone called Jauffre."

Baurus and Renault recognized the name. "Jauffre?"

Renault then asked, "He said that? Why?"

Holly responded, as Juni finally recovered and came to her side, "He said something about him knowing where to find his last son or something."

Renault commented, "Nothing I ever heard about."

Baurus added, "Neither have I, but Jauffre would be the one to know. He's the Grandmaster of our order. Although you may not think so to meet him. He lives quietly as a monk at Weynon Priory, near the city of Chorrol."

"Chorrol?" Holly asked, "How do I get there?"

Baurus responded, "First, you need to get out of here. Through that door is the entrance to the sewers, past the locked gate. That's where we were heading. It's a secret way out of the Imperial City. Or it was supposed to be secret."

Holly was immediately made a little nervous with where she had to go. "The sewers?"

Baurus then warns Holly, "There are rats and goblins down there...but from what I've seen of you, I'm guessing you're an experienced Healer, am I right?"

Holly then felt the need to reply, "Actually, I'm something from my own universe called a Technomancer."

"A Technomancer?"

"I can manipulate Technology with my mind. I can unlock locks without needing a key or something, I can set off traps or detect them. Stuff like that. I also have a connection to something called the Force." Holly then looked to Renault, "I used the Force to heal you for example."

"Really?" Baurus asked, "That's pretty interesting. Either way, I'm sure you won't have any trouble with rats and goblins."

"And after these sewers? What should I do then?"

"You must get the Amulet to Jauffre. Take no chance, but proceed to Weynon Priory immediately. Got it?"

"...Yes, yes, I understand."

"Good. The Emperor's trust was well-placed."

"Wait, what about you two? What'll you do?"

"We'll stay here to guard the Emperor's body, and make sure no one follows you. You'd better get moving. May Talos follow you. By the way, thanks for helping heal Captain Renault. With this tragedy, the Blades need all the leaders it has."

"Ok," Holly responded, "Good luck." Then, she climbed through the secret passage the Assassin came out off. Passing the gate and opening the door, she moved what she recognized as a sewer-cover, and entered the sewers.

The beast kept slamming the shuttle door. Vezon, using a spear he randomly picked up, was thrusting it through the broken window. "BACK! BACK, BEASTY!" A large crunch sounded, and the creature bit off the spear tip. "Bad beasty!" Vezon said.

"Will you shut up now?" Brutaka asked, "I'm getting tired of this." He then kicked the door opened. The air outside was surprisingly bitterly cold, and the ground not covered in lava was covered in sludge. The beast staggered back, but quickly recovered and pounced on Brutaka.

"Ah...Brutaka, it likes you!"

"This is just damn insane," Sen said. He activated his lightsaber, and swung it at the creature, but, as with demons, it just slid off the hide. "Great," he said sarcastically.

Then, Tory, in feral mode, rushed by Sen and charged the beast. The 2 were then locked in combat, clawing at each other. Sen and Brutaka looked at each other, and, as though sharing the same thought, acted. Sen Force-Pulled Tory off the creature while Brutaka opened a rift with his Olmac that sent the creature into a highly toxic realm.

"Well, that's that," Sen said.

"Not really," Chirox commented. He pointed out an army of the croc-headed beasts, led by a massive creature that could only be described as a combination of a monkey and a snake, with horns and scales.

"Yeah..." Tory said, "Let's get out of here."

The group boarded the Shuttle again and headed back up to the Last Resort. The leading beast shouted up at the Shuttle, cursing them, as the ship entered a rift.

Chapter 4: The CityEdit

Holly's sword impaled the last goblin that attacked her, while Juni's Electrically-charged beak crushed the skull of a rat that also attacked. "Well, that's the last of them," Holly commented to Juni. The dinosaur-like creature clicked in response. Holly looked down the tunnel and saw sunlight. She and Juni made their way to the end of the tunnel, and found themselves outside, at last.

They saw a dock protruding out of the side of the hill they were on. Finally out of the dark sewers and into sunlight, Holly couldn't help but feel her spirits lift. Suddenly realizing she was thirsty, she ran over to the water and was about to take a drink when Juni stopped her. "What's wrong?" Holly asked.

Juni edged closer to the edge of the water, watching something. Holly looked closely and saw a scaly glint...Juni's head lunged into the water, mouth wide open, then pulled his head out...jaws shut over the body of what looked like a Lungfish with crocodile jaws. The fish started squirming and lashing out. Holly quickly realized how close she came to having those large jaws snap shut on her arm. The fish kept squirming and lashing, until Juni snapped his jaws shut on the back of its skull, killing it instantly.

Still a little startled, Holly told the reptilian creature, "Oh...thanks..."

The reptile nodded, squealed, and proceeded to use his jaws to strip flesh off the dead creature.

This time, Holly actually looked where she was about to drink from, and, seeing it was safe, drank some water. After getting a drink, she looked behind her and saw a city. May need some supplies, she thought, Maybe some weapons too...even the fish here are dangerous.

Holly gestured to Juni, who just picked the killer-fish's carcass clean, to follow. The 2 then began to trek around the outside of the walls, trying to find the Main Gate.

After about a Half-Hour, Holly and Juni edged up around the edge of the city to the main gate. Outside were a pair of guards, clad in grey metal plate armor. She approached the City, when one of the guards said, "Halt! What is your business in the Imperial City?"

Holly decided to be honest. "I'm here to obtain some supplies. I've got business at Weynon Priory, a delivery to make, and I want to be sure I'm well-supplied."

The guard looked at her for a moment, before responding, "Very well, just try not to cause too much trouble." The guard then opened the gate. Holly nodded and entered the city.

When she entered, she saw that she was now in a plaza. In the middle of the Plaza was the statue of a Dragon, rearing up. There was also an Inn, and the doors to a bunch of residences. She was so distracted by what she was taking in, she wasn't watching where she was going...that is, until, she walked into something metallic.

She toppled backwards, looked up, and saw a man in white and gold armor. The armor itself was nearly identical to the armor of the guards outside, only more ornate. "Oh...oh my...I'm sorry, I guess I wasn't..."

"It's alright. You seem new around here and a lot of newcomers are awed by the Imperial City. I am Itius Hayn, and I'm with the Imperial Watch here. If you ever need anything, just let me or the other watchmen know."

Holly nodded as Itius left. Then, remembering, she then called back to him, "Actually, I need to know where I can get some supplies."

Itius turned back and said, "The Market's in the North-East part of the city."

"Ok, thanks." With that, she followed Itius's directions and soon enough found the Market District.

She looked around at all the ships, and people. She was busy looking around and brushed up against someone. "Please," came a hissing voice, "Watch where you're going."

Holly looked and, with a shocked face, saw a large, reptilian, lizard-like humanoid.

"What?" the creature hissed, "Have you not seen an Argonian before?"

Holly shook her head and said, a little nervous, "No, I can honestly say I haven't." The 'Argonian' snarled and kept going. "Argonian?" Holly muttered under her breath, before sighing and continuing on.

She finally found a store, with the sign 'Jensine 's 'Good as New' Merchandise. Deciding to have a go at the store, she walked in. She approached the woman at the counter, who said, "Welcome to Jensine 's Good as New Merchandise. I'm Jensine, what can I do for you today?"

"Hey, I really need some supplies, as well as some directions. I need to get to Weynon Priory. Can you help me?"

"I'll see what I can do. You looking to buy?"

"Ummm...I'm kinda new around here, what kind of currency do you use here?"

"The same as anywhere in Tamriel. Septims, gold, whatever you call it, it's all the same."

" see..." Holly gestured nervously, when, suddenly, out of her bag came a Pontites Crystal. The crystal is a type from the New Republic's Universe, mainly used to construct Lightsabers. While she and Sen were in the park, Holly had shown it to him when she'd found it under one of Tory's Lab Tables, and Sen identified it. Apparently, they're extremely rare, even where they came from.

"What's that?" Jensine asked, pointing at the crystal.

"Something from home, but I really have no use for it."

"I've never seen a crystal like that. How much for it?"

Holly realized that, if she sold the crystal, she'd probably get enough money for supplies. "How much are you willing to pay?"

Jensine thought for a moment, before responding, "Tell you what, I'll give you some supplies for your journey, in addition to 1000 Septims for the gem. That crystal looks pretty valuable."

Holly thought it an unfair deal...a Lightsaber Gem, even one as rare as a Pontites, was not worth all that, but, then again, who knows how valuable it'd be here..."I guess it's a deal..."

"If it has some value to you, you don't really need to give it over..."

"Not really, it holds no value to me that makes me want to keep it."

With that, Jensine handed over the supplies and some gold, in exchange for the Pontites Crystal. "Thanks," Holly said, half happy to have supplies, but half guilty for getting it and so much money for a single Pontites gem.

"Hope you return," Jensine said to her.

Holly walked out of the store, when, suddenly, a large, green, bulky creature with tusk-like lower teeth ran up to her. She expected trouble, but, instead, the creature sounded desperate. "I need some money. If you can spare any, please!"

Holly felt sorry for the individual. "Here, have 3 of these...Septims, I think they're called. I have more than enough."

"Thank you, name's Luronk gro-Glurzog" the creature responded.

"Holly Lund, now what happened?" Holly asked.

"One of those watchmen shook me down for every piece of gold I had," the individual said.

"A Watchman did this?" she asked, before thinking, They have corrupt Law Enforcement here? I don't remember hearing of that in my universe since the Panic War. "Who is this...corrupt watchman?"

"The bastard took every coin I had with me. I don't know his name, but I know his face. My friend Ruslan and I were shopping at Jensine's, when he accused us of stealing. We turned out our pockets to prove we're innocent, but he didn't care. Then we had to pay the fine, or he was going to march us off to jail."

Holly could sense through the Force that every word this...thing...spoke was the truth. She asked, "Why didn't Jensine report him? She seemed nice enough when I saw her."

"He's shaken down most of the shopkeepers in the Market District. They're all too afraid of him to do anything. Jensine wouldn't even talk about it." The creature's expression became angry. "Someone outta do something about him."

Holly nodded, and said, "Ok, I'll see you around." She was still near the Jensine's 'Good as New' Merchandise, so she entered the store.

Jensine seemed a little happy to see here. "What do you need, friend?"

Holly got right to business. "I'm now looking into a little incident I heard about involving a corrupt watchman."

"I guess I can trust you," Jensine said, "It's that bastard Audens Avidius. He's in here every month, taking my wares without paying for them...but what can I do? He's a captain of the Imperial Watch. Only another Watch Captain can arrest him. Fat chance of that happening."

Holly nodded, before saying, "Maybe a better chance than you think," then walking out. Her next plan was to go to a guard. If they weren't a guard captain, they'd at least be able to point her to one. Seeing one of the grey-armored individuals, she walked up to him.

"You have my ear," the guard said.

"I have reports of a corrupt Watch Captain..."

"If you have complaints, tell it to the Watch Captain. I've got better things to do than to listen to you whine."

Holly took offense to the comment. "And where can I find a Watch Captain?"

"Go see Hieronymus Lex. He's a pompous fool, just like you. He might listen to your complaint."

Holly didn't really take that well: she had to concentrate extensively, just to keep from lashing out. Instead, as she was walking away, she used the Force to move a small rock behind the guard on the wall, and...

Next thing she heard was, "What the...who threw that?!" She smirked as she left, the Guard completely unaware that Holly just got her payback for his rudeness to her.

She searched the city for this 'Hieronymus Lex', and soon found him in the south-east of the city. When she approached him, he asked, "What is it?"

"I've heard from a few people that a corrupt watch captain's been taking money from them..."

"I don't have time for this now, the Gray Fox is on the loose! Take this problem to Itius Hayn, he's also a captain of the Imperial Watch."

"Ok, I'll see him then," Holly responded, before rushing back towards the western plaza. If she'd known he was a watch captain, she would have gone to him first.

Finally, she (again) bumped into him in the plaza, this time distracted by trying to find him. "Still taking in the sights, kid?" he asked.

"Not this time," Holly responded, "I've heard rumors that an 'Audens Avidius' has been extorting money from people. I've heard from 2 people, but, from what they say, the whole Market District is suffering."

Itius seem a little surprised. "These are very serious charges. If you can get 2 witnesses to testify against Audens Avidius, then I'll arrest him. Otherwise, I can't help you." When Holly turned to leave, Itius commented, "I hope your 2 witnesses are willing to come forward."

Holly immediately recognized what she had to do, running as fast as she could (and not draw suspicion), she made for Luronk's home, which she found while chasing down Itius. Upon entering, she found Luronk, with a 2nd individual, this one human.

Luronk recognized her immediately. "It's you. How'd you find me here?"

"I saw you, anyways, I need you to testify against Audens Avidius to Itius Hayns."

Luronk thought for a moment, before saying, "This may be the stupidest thing I've ever done, but I'll testify against Audens Avidius. I suppose someone has to stand up to him" He then turned to the human. "What about you, Ruslan? The case may be taken more seriously if we were both to testify."

The man Ruslan thought a moment, before responding, "You two have convinced me. If we don't stand up to him, who will?"

"It's settled. You guys go find Itius, there's something I have to do."

While the duo went to find Itius, Holly returned to the market district. Spotting a Watch Captain, she followed him into a store, with the sign 'Divine Elegance', where she saw him shake down the clerk inside. She quickly left the store and waited for him outside. When he emerged, she told him, "I saw what you did."

Audens looked at her, surprised. "I have no clue..."

"Stow the lies, you corrupt hypocrite. I heard all about how you shook people down, by threatening to turn them in for stealing. That's why I've taken this issue to the other Watch Captains."

"How dare you?! In fact, I'm sure you attacked me. Guards!"

No response. "Too late, the witnesses have already confessed. Apparently these reports spread like wildfire around here," Holly said with a smirk.

Then, Audens attacked. "You ruined me!" He pulled out his sword, and Holly barely got her rusted sword out in time to block. The blade, however, shattered under the blow. The force of the attack knocked Holly to the ground, and Audens was about to attack, when a familiar armored figure intervened.

"Not today," Baurus said, tackling the corrupt watchman before he could attack. "Holly, what are you doing here?"

"I just came here for supplies, then I heard about how this guy was extorting shopkeepers and other people for merchandise and money."

"Is that so?" Baurus said in a way that clearly indicated he knew this was true.

Moments later, Itius, Luronk, Ruslan, and a group of guards appeared. "We'll take it from here," Itius told the Blade.

"You've all ruined me!" Avidius shouted, "I'll be back, and when I am, you'll all be dead!"

Once Itius, Audens, and the guards left, Holly told Baurus, "Thanks for that."

"Anytime, now, why are you here again?"

"Oh, right, I needed some supplies..." She then looked down at her now-shattered blade, "...and now I need a new weapon...anyways, I heard about that corrupt watchman and..."

"...I take it you felt the need to investigate," Baurus responded.

Holly nodded in response. "I tend to get in trouble like that a lot. Normally, though, I'm usually able to fight out of it...well, except that time I was wounded by that supernova's shockwave...then there's the time I was knocked out during the Battle of Mandalore...and that time fighting those 3 Lambent Berserkers, not my brightest idea...then there's that encounter with those Sith Assassins..." Holly could see that Baurus understood none of it, so she finished, "The point is...I guess since he wasn't completely discredited yet, so some part of me must have held me back..."

"Well, thanks to you, a man who brings shame to the name 'watchman' is now behind bars. Now, I think you could use this, I prefer my own blade." He then handed Holly what looked like a two-handed Katana. Its blade glowed eerily. "Just bought it off Jensine, she said it's an Akaviri Warblade. It supposedly causes damage to more than the target's health, it also tires them and breaks mental concentration."

Holly accepted the sword. "I think I could make use of this. Thanks."

"Good, now get going. The Amulet MUST make it to Jauffre."

"It will, thanks again!" With that, Holly ran off, towards Weynon Priory. Outside the city, Juni met up with her. His face was covered in what Holly could sense was rat blood. "Let's get going," she told Juni, who followed her close.

The next location the HCS Last Resort stopped in looked a LOT more tranquil than the previous. It looked like a peaceful location. Sen looked at the others. "Prep the shuttle. I don't know what'll be here, but, based on what I see so far, I hope like HELL Holly ended up here."

Sen, Brutaka, Chirox, Vezon, and May loaded up on the Shuttle, which IceBite and Tory just finished repairing. IceBite said to May, "Stay safe, and keep your wits about you. A paradise like this outta have its dangers."

"I'll keep an eye on things," May responded, smiling. IceBite nodded in response and the shuttle departed. Upon landing, the group looked around. The location seemed normal enough, then they saw a person. Sen approached. "Excuse me, but have you..."

"Please, help me!" Suddenly, the man was killed by a humanoid creature with horns, wearing highly ornate, but demonic-looking armor, and a demonic-looking weapon. Sen realized that it wouldn't be wise for them to stay there. Deciding to just chance scanning for Holly through the Force, he did so.

She wasn't there, but he did accidently signal to all the creatures there where they are. "Back to the Shuttle, NOW!" Sen called to the others.

As they made their way back, more of the humanoid creatures charged. "You are no match for the Dremora!" one of them called in a distorted human voice.

"Well, that answers the question of what to call them," Vezon said, "But, honestly, I wanted to call them Pinkies."

"'Pinkies'? Vezon, are you...never mind, forget I asked," May said, before crouching down, readying her Rifle, and firing. One Dremora dropped...then got up and continued advancing. "Ok, that's new," May responded, before going liquidic just to catch up to the others.

They made it back to the shuttle, and it lifted off just as the Dremora caught up. The Dremora pulled out bows and fired arrows...which penetrated the shuttle. "Ok...that's new, too..." May commented.

"Oh, Tory and IceBite won't be happy," Vezon commented, "They just replaced the door, now they have to replace those plates."

Fortunately, the shuttle reached the Last Resort. "What happened?!" IceBite asked, a little irked that the shuttle was not only damaged, but damaged by arrows.

"Some creatures that called themselves 'Dremora'. They fired on us. These arrows and the bows that fire them must be powerful to penetrate this armor."

"Let's get out of here. I don't sense Holly here," Sen said. With that, the Last Resort set course and left that dimension.

Chapter 5: Weynon Priory and Battlehorn CastleEdit

Holly and Juni ran down the path to the west. Finally, Holly was given a map, with the major cities and Weynon Priory marked.

The duo was running by an abandoned fort, when a humanoid ran out in front of them. The humanoid looked part-cat. The creature threatened, "Your money or your life."

Holly knew a bandit when she saw one, and she could also tell she could take this thing. Holly responded, with a smirk, "No. Take it from me if you can."

"We can play it that way if you like..."

The creature pulled out a hammer, while Holly took out the Katana Baurus had given her. The cat-man swung his hammer, the first few swipes missing Holly widely, but the last one struck her shoulder, the only thing keeping it from shattering her shoulder blade was her augmentations. Realizing she needed to end the fight fast, she swiped with the Katana, managing to land a partial blow...a partial blow that staggered the cat-man towards Juni, who gripped the creature's tail in its jaws and electrocuting it. The creature then toppled over, shocked to death.

"Good work. Let's go, we have to get this amulet to Jauffre," Holly said to Juni, and the 2 were off.

In an hour or so, they arrived at Weynon Priory. To Holly's surprise, it looked exactly like she expected. She nodded to Juni, who went into the underbrush, to wait for her. She then went towards the large building to the left. Once she entered, she was met by a bald man with black robes. "Yes, how can I help you?"

"I must speak to Jauffre," Holly responded.

"He's upstairs, go ahead."

"Ok, thanks." Holly rushed upstairs, and to the right. She then saw another bald man, this one in brown robes, at a desk, reading a book.

Holly walked up to him, and he said, "I'm Brother Jauffre, what do you want?"

"Uriel Septim sent me to find you," Holly answered.

"Emperor Uriel? Do you know something about his death?" Jauffre asked.

"I was...there when he died..." Holly said, recalling the memory.

Jauffre's expression grew serious. "You'd better explain yourself. Now."

Holly then went for her bag, while saying, "Before he died, he gave me the Amulet of Kings, to bring to you."

"You brought me the Amulet of Kings? This cannot be, let me see."

Holly finally found the Amulet in her bag, so she pulled it out, and handed it to Jauffre. His expression changed to shock. "By the Nine! This IS the Amulet of Kings!" His expression showed a little suspicion. "Who are you? How did you get this? What do you know of the Emperor's Death?"

"Like I said, he gave me the Amulet before he died. He...also said something to me, but, seeing as I'm from...out of town...I have no clue what he meant."

"Really? What did he say?"

"He said to me, You alone must stand against the Prince of Destruction and his mortal servants. They must not have the Amulet of Kings. Then, he said to me, Find him...and close shut the Jaws of Oblivion!"

Jauffre took a moment to process the message, before responding, "As unlikely as your story sounds, I believe you. Only the strange destiny of Uriel Septim could have brought you to me carrying the Amulet of Kings."

"I REALLY have no clue what all that means. Who's this 'Prince of Destruction'?"

"The Prince of Destruction he referred to is none other than Mehrunes Dagon, one of the Lords of the demonic world of Oblivion. The Emperor's words Close shut the Jaws of Oblivion certainly suggest he perceived some threat from Oblivion. But all scholars agree that the mortal world is protected from the Daedra of Oblivion by magical barriers."

"Then...why is he warning of a threat from this 'Oblivion', if that is the case?"

"I'm not sure. Only the Emperors truly understand the meaning behind the rituals of coronation. The Amulet of Kings is ancient. Saint Alessia herself received it from the gods. It is a holy relic of great power. When an Emperor is crowned, he uses the Amulet to light the Dragonfires at the Temple of the One in the Imperial City. With the Emperor dead, and no new heir crowned, the Dragonfires in the Temple will be dark, for the first time in centuries. It may be that the Dragonfires protected us from a threat that only the Emperor was aware of."

"I was also asked to find his son."

"I am one of the few who know of his existence. Many years ago, I served as Captain of Uriel’s bodyguards, the Blades. One night, Uriel called me in to his private chambers. A baby boy lay sleeping in a basket. Uriel told me to deliver him somewhere safe. He never told me anything else about the baby, but I knew it was his son. From time to time he would ask about the child's progress. Now it seems this illegitimate son is the heir to the Septim throne. If he yet lives."

"Then let's not waste any time. Where can I find him?"

"His name is Martin. He serves Akatosh in the Chapel of the city of Kvatch, south of here. You must go to Kvatch and find him at once. If the enemy is aware of his existence, as seems likely, he’s in terrible danger. And, please, let me know if there's anything you need. My resources are limited, but I will help you any way I can."

"I could use some supplies, I got a good weapon, but my armor is...lacking."

"I keep a few things here in my chest to resupply travelling Blades. Help yourself to whatever you need." Jauffre got up and walked over to a nearby chest, and unlocked it.

Inside, Holly found a set of Leather Armor. Not all that resilient where I come from, but here it'll have to do, she thought. She then put the armor on, and decided that it would work out well enough. With that, she exited the priory, but, sensing something nearby, was forced to reroute course, pushed towards the north-west.

After sometime, Holly finally felt that what she felt the need to avoid was gone, and took a look around. She was no longer close to the Priory, and, then, saw a castle nearby. She then saw something there: several men in shining armor fighting a hodge-podge group of bandits. Seeing the castle's defenders outnumbered, Holly took out her Katana and charged. The first bandit didn't noticed the new arrival until her sword was sticking out his chest. Another bandit turned around, and saw Holly, but she quickly dispatched them, as well. Finally, Holly found the Bandit Warlord: a female human with a large, 2-handed sword. The Warlord was already aware of Holly's presence, the Warlord struck. Holly's Katana was able to hold the attack back. Holly struck as well, but the Warlord blocked as well. However, some form of energy flowed from the blade to the foe, past the blade and at the Warlord, who staggered, as though actually hit. Juni came up behind the Warlord and clamped down on her leg. The Warlord was distracted enough to allow Holly to strike. The blade pierced the Warlord's chest, and, soon, Holly and Juni were all that remained standing. One of the men defending the castle approached, and said, "This is indeed a dark day for all of us left. But I thank you for risking your own life to help us. Here, take this. It'll tell you all you need to know. As the newest master of the castle, I bid you welcome." The man passed Holly a note.

Holly read the note, which, in a nutshell, basically said she owns the castle now. Well, at least I have somewhere to stay, she thought. Then, she then asked the man, "What's your name?"

"Kron Prius," the man replied.

"Well, Kron, I'm on a mission and I need to reach Kvatch. Could you possibly come with me? I'm not...familiar with this place."

"Whatever you say."

"Thank you, now, I need to find my way back to Weynon Priory, from there, I need to get to Kvatch."

Chapter 6: Madness and VampiresEdit

The Last Resort exited the Interdimensional Rift over what appeared to be a city. The city, however, appeared to be separated into 2 very-distinct districts. "We have to be cautious," IceBite reminded.

This time, Sen, Brutaka, Vezon, and IceBite departed, with Tory, May, and Chirox staying behind. The shuttle, again repaired, descended into the city, landing in front of a palace. A man came up to the group, and spoke. His voice seemed monotone and boring, "Welcome to New Sheoth, I am Haskill, and Sheogoroth wishes to meet you."

The group just shrugged, before Vezon piped up. "Ooo, I like this place. Maybe this is where I should hang my hat...wait, I don't have a hat...maybe my enemies' heads, I have a LOT of enemies."

Haskill leaned in to the group, apart from Vezon, and said, describing Vezon, "He'd REALLY fit in here."

The group followed Haskill into a room, which, in the middle of the room, they saw a man with unusual eyes and a beard. The man then said, in a wild, Irish-Scottish Accent, "Welcome to Sheogoroth! I am New Sheoth! No, wait, scratch that, reverse it."

Damn, this guy's more insane than anyone I've ever seen! IceBite thought.

"Anyways, Sheogoroth, Daedric Prince of Madness, at your service, Sen Urec and friends!"

Sen was shocked. "How do you know who I am?!"

"I heard what you did in Molag Bal's Realm. Not very forgiving, that guy, but, eh, nothing he can do about it. But still, a small group of mortals, escaping Coldharbour unscathed, that just...boggles the mind! Or does it mind the Boggles...what's a Boggle?"

"Enough of this, I..." Sen began, but Sheogoroth interrupted.

"YOU dare interrupt ME? Only I interrupt me! Like just then. Do you know what I do to those who interrupt with me?! I give them a big hug...right before I rip out their entrails and use them for a jump rope."

Sen just facepalmed himself, before Vezon stepped forward. "Excuse me, oh homicidally-insane, skipper of entrails, but we are looking for someone."

"Ah, what an insane little Skakdi you have...what's a Skakdi, and how do I know you are one? I HAVE NO IDEA!! HAHAH!!! But, seriously, who're you looking for?"

"We're looking for..." Sen began, but Sheogoroth interrupted again.

"I'm sorry, but I was talking to our insane friend with a weird face."

"We're looking for a young, pretty, but homicidal-when-angry girl, named Holly Lund. Very sane, mind you, but she'll kill you if you piss her off bad enough."


"So you've seen her?" Sen asked.

"...No, not at all..."

"WHAT?! All of this, and you can't help?!"

"Now, now, angry little mortal, I said I had no clue where she was, I never said I couldn't help. And help you need, for, if not accepting my help, you'll have over 14 other Daedric Realms to explore, not including Nirn, Mehrunes Dagon's Followers' 'Paradise', and the other little realms the other Daedric Princes have made for themselves. Stay here, and I may be able to find her for you...and bring those other mortals from your flying metal block, it can't be healthy..."

"Ok...I guess..." With that, the group left to get the others.

As they left, IceBite asked Sen, "What do you think of this guy?"

"He seems more insane than Vezon, but he SEEMS willing to help. I say we listen to him...for now..."

Holly, Juni, and Kron finally relocated Weynon Priory, and from there, they headed east, back the way Holly originally came. Soon, however, they had to go past the turn into the Imperial City. However, when they were almost to their turn west, they passed an old, run-down chapel. Holly could hear some commotion inside.

"I think I hear something happening in there," she told Juni and Kron, "I think we should investigate."

"What if it's bandits, or worse?" Kron reasoned, "You said we have to locate this priest 'Martin', and, based on the conditions of it, that should be top priority."

"Be that as it may," Holly replied to Kron, "I'm investigating." Before Kron could stop her, Holly ran up to the Chapel and opened the door. Inside...she saw one of those Argonians, a pale one in a black jumpsuit.

Kron recognized it immediately. "By the gods...I knew this was a bad idea, a Dark Brotherhood Assassin!"

"Dark Brotherhood?"

"A group of Assassins, the most skilled in Tamriel."

"Were they the ones that killed Uriel? They don't look like it..."

"No, but the Dark Brotherhood are still the most feared assassins in Tamriel."

The Argonian looked up at them. It was then that Holly noticed that the Argonian's mouth was VERY close to the neck of a young woman. The Argonian hissed, its fangs unusually long (compared to the Argonian Holly saw in the Imperial City). "You dare interrupt my feeding?!"

"Oh no, worse, a Dark Brotherhood Vampire! We should really leave..."

"No, you will not be leaving..." the Argonian Vampire said, pulling out a wicked Dagger.

"Mehrunes's Razor, of course, I should have expected that," Kron said, sarcastically, then he said to Holly, "Listen, this thing is a triple-threat. We must leave!"

Holly, however, was looking back and forth between the young woman and the Argonian. Then, she said, "Stand back," as she pulled out her Katana,

" can't be serious..."

"I am..."

The Argonian looked at Holly, and she looked back...then they charged each other. When they collided, their blades locked together. Then the Argonian took out a second dagger, and stabbed. Holly unlocked her blade, and, faster than humanly possible, dodged. Then, she just continued blocking more and more dagger thrusts.

Realizing she had to break this stalemate, she called to Kron, "Toss me your sword." Kron, not wanting to argue, did as asked, then, wielding the Katana one-handed, she caught the Steel Long sword. The next thought to pass through Holly's mind was, Those training sessions with Qymaen really paid off, as, like a whirl of blades, she advanced on her foe. The Argonian, shocked both by the sudden advance AND Holly's one-handed use of a two-handed weapon, was backed up, to the stained-glass window in the back of the chapel. Then, Holly let out a powerful attack that couldn't pierce the Argonian's defense...but knocked him out the window.

Holly looked out and the Argonian, angry, but beaten, shouted, "This is NOT the last you will see of Scar'ir! My brethren and I WILL hunt you down!"

Holly huffed as Scar'ir, who'd fallen into a river, floated away. Then, her attention went back to the young woman.

Kron looked at the robes, and his face turned to disgust. "Great, a Necromancer. We risked our lives for a Necromancer..." He then pointed out the emblem on the robes: a gold skull, with boney hands.

"So? She was helpless, and that thing was doing to kill her. To me, it doesn't matter what kind of person they are."

Kron just shook his head. They waited until the Necromancer woke up, and when she did... she scrambled backwards away from the group. "Get back! Get back, or I'll..."

Kron scoffed. "You'd think even a Necromancer would be at least a LITTLE thankful to you for saving your life..."

The Necromancer seemed to respond to that. "Wha...what?"

"I drove off that creature that was about to kill you," Holly answered.

"R...really? Around here, no one would help a Necromancer like that..."

"Well, I'm not really...from around here..." Holly answered.

"Well, now that we have you talking..." Kron said, "You seem a little more...gracious than a normal Necromancer would be..."

"Well...I'm really trying to...turn away from Necromancy, but, it's just too...tempting to use..."

Holly then said, "Either way, would you like to come with us?"

Kron seemed shocked by her asking that, but, deciding against arguing, he just stayed silent.

"Really? You want me to come with you?"

"Yeah, I could really use all the help I can get."

"Ok then, but, just let me go change my other robes. Don't want to look like a Necromancer to other people. Could you also get some of my ingredients? They may have been knocked over in the the way, name's Nola Maenn..."

Holly nodded and responded, "Holly Lund. Then, she moved to help pick up the ingrediants. First, she went to pick up a few bowls of cold, glimmering powder. Suddenly, she felt some Force Energy leak out of her, as it happens on occasion. This time however, the Force Energy seemed to react with the powder. The powder seemed to blow out of the bowl, coalesced in the middle of the room, and soon formed into a large, crystalline beast.

When Nola emerged, she asked, "Ok, what happened?"

Holly shrugged. "I have no idea, I picked up one of these bowls of powder, some Force Energy leaked out of me, and, next thing I knew, the powder turned into this...thing..."

"It's a Frost Atronach, I guess I need to get new Frost Salts now..."

"Ok, sorry about that..."

Nola sighed, seeming angry, but trying to push her anger down. "It''s ok...just, where are we heading?"

"Kvatch. Need to find a priest called 'Martin' there."

Nola seemed to recognize the name, but, instead, said, "I know where that is."


"Yes, I could lead you guys there. Just follow me."

Chapter 7: OblivionEdit

Holly and the others followed Nola and reached the hill leading up to Kvatch. About half-way up, however, they were intercepted by what looked to Holly like an elf. The elf started shouting at them, seeming very terrified. "Come on! Run while there's still time! The Guard still holds the road, but it's only a matter of time before they're overwhelmed!"

Holly was immediately confused. "What are you talking about? What's going on?"

"Gods' blood, you don't know, do you? Daedra overran Kvatch last night! There were glowing portals outside the walls! Gates to Oblivion itself! There was a huge creature...something out of a nightmare...came right over the walls...blasting fire. The swarmed around it...killing..."

"I've seen whole worlds destroyed where I come from, creature couldn't have destroyed a WHOLE city...could it?"

"Go and see for yourself! Kvatch is a smoking ruin! We're all that's left, do you understand me? Everyone else is dead!"

Holly, however, easily put together that, if this elf made it out, there must be other survivors, and maybe Martin is one of them... "If everyone is dead, how did you escape?" she asked.

"It was Savlian Matius...some of the other guards...helped some of us escape...they cut their way out, right through the city gates. Savlian says they can hold the road., I don't believe him. Nothing can stop them. If you'd seen it, you'd know...I'm getting out of here before it’s too late! They'll be here any minute, I'm telling you. Run while you can!" Before Holly can stop him, the elf ran away. Now more determined to find Martin, she and the others continued up the hill.

As the group got higher on the hill, Holly watched as the sky turned red, with black cloud-like formations. For some reason, it didn't bother her much. Maybe I've just seen worse things, she thought to herself.

At the top of the hill, she saw several men in chainmail. Most of them had helmets, but the one that didn't approached the group. "Stand back, civilian!" he yelled. This man was most obviously Savlian Matius. "This is no place for you. Get back to the encampment at once!"

Instead, Holly asked, "What happened here? This place is trashed!"

Savlian responded, angrily, "We lost the damned city, that's what happened! It was too much, too fast. Couldn't even get everyone out, There are still people trapped in there. Some made it into the Chapel, but others were just run down in the streets. The Count and his men are holed up in the castle. And now we can't even get back into the city to help them, with that damned Oblivion Gate blocking the way."

Holly then asked, "So, what do you intend to do about it?"

"The only thing we can do. We'll try to hold our ground, that's what. If we can't hold this barricade, those beasts could march right down and overrun the encampment. I have to try and protect the few civilians that are left. It's all I can do now."

"Do you know what happened to Martin?" Holly asked next, hoping he knew who she was talking about.

Fortunately, he did. "You mean the priest? Last I saw him, he was leading a group towards the Chapel of Akatosh. If he's lucky, he's trapped in there with the rest of them, at least safe for the moment. If he's not..."

Holly knew what she had to do now..."What can I do to help?"

Nola and Kron stood flabbergasted, Savlian was equally surprised. "You want to help? You're kidding right?"

"This is nothing compared to what I've had to go through where I've come from..."

Savlian considered Holly's statement, before responding, "Hmmm...if you're serious, maybe I can put you to use. It'll likely mean your death, though. Are you sure?"

"This is not the first time I heard that, and I'm still alive. I'm sure."

"I don't know how to close this Gate, but it must be possible, because the enemy closed the ones they opened during the initial attack. You can see the marks on the ground where they were, with the Great Gate right in the middle. I sent men into the Gate, to see if they could find a way to shut it. They haven't come back. If you can get in there, find out what happened to them. If they're alive, help them finish the job. If not, see what you can do on your own. The best I can say is, good luck. If you make it back alive, we'll be waiting for you."

Holly then looked towards the burned-up city of Kvatch...and saw a pair of spires with a glowing portal in between. The Oblivion Gate. She looked at the others. Before bounding forward, entering the gate, the others not far behind.

The quintet exited the portal, and the first thing they noticed: the heat. Holly looked around, and said, "This place looks like Hell. I mean, really, this is what my universe's Hell looks like." They continued forwards...and more of the Imp creatures appeared fighting a Kvatch Guard.

The group went in and slaughtered the Daedra, before the Kvatch Guard approached them. "Thank the Nine! I never thought I'd see another friendly face... the others...taken...they were taken to the tower!"

Holly immediately asked for information. "What's going on here?"

"Captain Matius sent us in to try and close the gate. We were ambushed, trapped, and picked off. I managed to escape, but the others were shrewn across that bridge. They took Menien off to the big tower. You've got to save him! I'm getting out of here!"

Holly initially wanted this person to come with them, but realized the area outside needed more swords than she did. "Go ahead, Matius will be needing you."

"The Captain is still holding the barricade? I figured I was the last one alive. Alright, I'll try to get out of here and let the Captain know what's going on here." With that, the guardsman departed.

Holly then looked at the massive gate in front of her. Kron walked over to it and tried to find some way to open it. "It's opened from somewhere else," he announced after a few minutes, "We'll have to go around."

"Let me have a look," Holly said, and before they could stop her, she approached the gate. First, using Technomancy, she scanned it. It was primitive, simple mechanics. However, she could still affect it. Targeting it with her powers, she attempted to force it open. For a few moments, nothing happened, then, suddenly, a loud clanging of machinery sounded, and, a few moments after that, the gate started opening.

Nola and Kron looked at her with surprise. "Ok, how did you do that?!"

"Technomancy, manipulation of Technology. If it's man-made, and has moving parts, I can manipulate it." As they continued forwards, they saw several Kvatch guards, dead on the ground. Seeing nothing useful there, Holly technomanced the other gate open. Beyond was the main tower. "Good thing we could just go through these gates, rather than having to go around."

The group advanced on the tower, and, after fighting a few Daedra, were at the main door. On the ground, dead, was a humanoid creature, with horns, blue skin, and unusual, ornate armor. Without commenting, the group entered the tower.

Inside the tower, the group ran head-long into a pack of the daedra they encountered outside. Holly's blade cut 2 down, easily, but, when the struck the third, the blade's glow dimmed, and passed no energy on. The enchantment has run out. "Oh, great," Holly sarcastically said. Then, a frost bolt struck the creature, courtesy of the Frost Atronach.

"These Scamps really get on my nerves," Nola commented.

"Oh, that's what they're called?" Holly asked.

"Now is not the time!" Kron commented, pulling his sword out of a Scamp's skull.

The group finally cleared the room of Scamps. Holly then walked over to the Atronach, and commented, "Good work, Frost."

Kron then asked, “Frost?"

Holly answered, referring to the Atronach, "That's what I'm going to call it."

Kron just sighed and said, "Well, let's get to the top of this thing, if there's anything to close the portal in here, it'll be up there."

The group finally got high in the tower, but they ran into an area where they could not pass: a locked door. "Great, now what?" Nola asked.

Holly noticed another door, to the outside. Across the bridge out there was another, smaller tower. "This way," Holly called. The group crossed the bridge to the other tower. Inside...

"In the cage! Over here!" It was Menien.

Holly led the team up to the top...and were met by one of the humanoid creatures. "Another many of these things are there?" Nola asked herself out loud.

Approaching Holly, the Dremora spoke. "You should not be here, mortal! Your blood is forfeit, your flesh is mine!"

The Dremora charged, but Holly caught its mace on her Katana. The Dremora swung several times, but Holly was able to block. However, she was backed to the ramp. Nola seemed conflicted, and Kron saw that Holly and the Dremora were too close for him to intervene. The Dremora prepared to strike, when, suddenly, a Skeleton appeared. Holly prepared to defend herself...but the Skeleton instead attacked the Dremora. The Dremora easily crushed the Skeleton, but it gave Holly the opening she needed: she plunged the Katana into the Dremora. Unable to act in time, the Dremora was impaled, and died.

Holly took something off the Dremora: a key, and technomanced at the cage, releasing Menien. "Quickly, quickly, there's no time! You must get to the top of the large tower. The Sigil Keep, they call it. That's what keeps the Oblivion Gate open! Find the Sigil Stone. Remove it, and the Gate will close. Hurry!"

"Alright, you get out of here, I'll handle the Sigil Stone." Menien then ran out. "You guys go with him," Holly told the others.

"What?!" Nola shouted.

"No way," Kron replied, "We're not leaving you here alone."

"Do it, I can handle this, just make sure that guy gets out safely." She turned to Juni and Frost. "Take care of yourselves until I emerge," she told them. With reluctance, the others in the group left, leaving Holly alone to fight to the Sigil Stone. With that, she returned to the large central tower, to finish the fight.

After ascending the tower, Holly found herself at the Sigil Keep. She walked into the main room, and saw a spire of light, and, in the middle, a spherical, black stone." That must be it, the Sigil Stone," Holly realized. She moved towards the steps protruding from the wall, but, suddenly, a fully-armored Dremora appeared and attacked.

"You will not get this Sigil Stone!" the Dremora shouted.

Swinging its machete-like longsword at Holly, the Dremora attacked. Holly managed to block the sword attack, but staggered under the blow, She barely dodged the next attack. Then, she swung with her Katana, but the Dremora blocked her strike.

"Not so easily, mortal!" it shouted again. Holly then tried striking a few more times, but each swing was expertly blocked. Then, Holly remembered: the Force was still with her, even in this realm of Destruction. She pushed at the Dremora with the Force, an attack it couldn't block. The Dremora as thrown into a wall. Before it could respond, Holly swung her Katana, decapitating the Dremora.

As the Dremora's head rolled off its shoulders, Holly showed an expression of disgust. She then took the Dremora's Sword. Could prove useful, she thought. Then, she ascended to the top of the Keep. She approached the Sigil Stone.

"May the Force be with me here..." she said to herself, as she took the Sigil Stone out of the column of energy. An explosion occurred, but didn't throw Holly around. Soon, the energy grew blinding. Soon, all Holly could see was white.

Chapter 8: Breaking the SiegeEdit

The first thing Holly felt was a great pain in her head. The next was something licking her cheek. When her vision cleared, she clearly saw Juni standing over her. "Come on, Juni, I'm ok, I'm ok..." she said as she got up.

"You're back!" was the next thing Holly heard. It was Kron. He, Nola, and Savlian approached.

Savlian was the next one to speak. "You closed the gate? I knew you could do it! This is our chance to launch a counterattack. I need you to come with us. You've got far more combat experience than these men."

You have no idea... Holly thought.

"Are you able to join us now? I can wait, but not for long. We've got to move quickly before they can barricade the city gate."

Holly really needed to find Martin, but her sense of justice over-rided that. "I'll help you here. These...Daedra...have terrorized this city long enough."

Savlian turned to the guards and shouted, "FOR KVATCH!" and charged the gate. Holly, Kron, Nola, Juni, and Frost were not far behind.

Inside the gate, the strike force met a large force of Daedra. It was mostly Scamps so Holly and Juni took point. Holly cut down 2 Scamps, while Juni clamped down hard on another. Holly swung her blade again, when, suddenly, a creature that looked EXACTLY like Juni charged her, only to be knocked out of the air by the real Juni. The 2 almost exact creatures attacked each other. Only Holly could tell the 2 apart, sensing Juni's spirit as completely different from the Daedra's. That, and Juni was a MUCH better fighter. One clamp of Juni's Electrically-charged jaws killed the Daedric Duplicate. However, the fact that it looked so much like Juni worried Holly. Could Juni be a Daedra? Could this friend of mine really be a creature of evil? Holly asked herself. She immediately discarded these thoughts: Juni was nothing like these creatures...was he?

Deciding now wasn't the time, she returned to Savlian, who was just pulling his blade from the gullet of a Dremora. He seemed extremely proud. "Ha ha! We wiped the bastards out! It's safe to pull those people out of the Chapel. Let's get in there and make sure they're all right. Come on. This is only the beginning of the battle for Kvatch. We can discuss the next phase once the civilians are safe." Savlian then ran for the Chapel.

"So, how are you holding up?" Holly asked the others.

"I'm doing alright," Kron replied. Nola didn't answer, seeming a little uncomfortable. However, it seemed like mental uncomfort, which, although it did worry Holly, she didn't label it as a priority.

"Ok, then, come on, let's get in there."

Inside the Chapel, Holly saw Savlian talking to a female guard. She turned around and saw that Nola had locked eyes with someone. Quickly following her gaze, she saw it fell on a robed man, possibly a priest. Possibly Martin. The priest was also looking at Nola in uncertain recognition. A moment later, the guards started leaving, with the civilians.

Holly turned to Nola. "I want you to stay with the civilians."

"What? Me? Are...are you sure?" she asked, unnerved.

"Yes, I'm sure. Also, see if you could find out which one is Martin."

"Ok..I'll do it..." As Nola walked away, she heard Nola mutter under her breath, "Won't really need to search to hard, would I?"

Holly ignored the statement and turned her attention to Kron. "Go keep an eye on her, will you? Frost, Juni, and I can take it from here."

"Alright," Kron said, and he followed Nola.

Finally, Holly turned her attention to Savlian. Savlian seemed overjoyed. "We've done it. I can't believe it -- I didn't think this would work. Maybe we do have a fighting chance. Oh, yes. We're not done. Not even close. This was only the first step. If this town is going to be ours again, we need to get inside the castle. You've come this far; will you go further? If we're truly to succeed, I'll need much more of your help. I warn you though, what we've seen so far is nothing compared to the battle that likely awaits us. Take a few minutes to catch your breath and think it over. When you're ready, let me know, and we'll get underway."

Holly nodded. She just waited nearby, readying herself for the coming battle. After a few minutes, Savlian approached her.

"Are you ready to go? We need your help getting to the castle, but we need to move soon."

"I'm ready. Just needed to collect my thoughts, and now I'm ready to go."

"Ha ha! I knew you'd be up to it! Our goal is the Castle gate. We should be able to use this door to get out to the plaza in front of the Castle gatehouse. You know the drill. Stick close and keep your eyes open. Move out!"

The Kvatch Guardsmen left the Chapel, Holly, Frost, and Juni right behind them. Outside was a horde of Scamps, but Holly easily cut through them. As the Guards also attacked the Scamps, Holly, used a combination of the Katana and her Wrist Computer's Bolt Caster to kill the Daedra. Within a few minutes, Holly pulled her blade out of the last of the Scamps.

Seeing Savlian near the gate, Holly approached him. He was irritated. "Dammit, this is no good! The gates are locked, and the only way to open them is from within the gatehouse."

"So," Holly began, "What're we going to do?"

"We can't open that gate from out here. The only mechanism for raising it is inside the gatehouse. And the only way to get into the gatehouse now would be through the passage at the North Guard House. But that's always kept locked. Hurry, and find Berich Inian. He should be back at the Chapel, and should still have the key to the Guard House. Once you've got it, get to the Guard House, find the passage, and open the gate. Then, we can get inside the castle, and secure it."

Holly nodded and ran back to the chapel.

Inside, however, before she could approach Berich, she was instead approached by a trio of Imperial Soldiers. However, they seemed here to help, not to hinder. One of them then said, "We saw the smoke from the Gold Road while out on patrol. How can we help?"

"I'm about to lead an attempt to retake the North Guard House, so we can enter the castle. We'll probably need some aid."

The Imperial then responded, "We'll be right behind you."

With the Imperials now following, Holly approached Berich. Berich then said, "I'm just waiting for Captain Matius to give the order. Finally, a chance to strike back."

Holly responded, "Do you have the Guard Key?"

"Yes, I have it. Why?"

"We need to breach the castle so we can take it back, but that's the only way into the gatehouse to open the gate."

"That's right! They managed to close the castle gates just before we were forced in here. I'm afraid you’re in for a tough time, friend. The city's in bad shape, and it will be difficult to make it to the Guard House by yourself. I'd better go with you. We'll have to go through the Chapel Undercroft, and then through what's left of the city. If...if I don't make it, take the key and carry on without me. You need to reach the tower at the north wall of the city."

Holly, Berich, Juni, Frost, and the Imperials entered the Undercroft, to reach the North Guard Tower. They were immediately met by several Scamps. The Scamps let loose with fireballs, and one of the Imperials fell under the barrage. The others in the group went to fight, but Holly saw Berich get ganged up on by 3 Scamps. Seeing the Imperial's Legion Armor, she acted fast. She traded her Leather Armor for the heavier Legion Armor, and entered the fray. With her help, the team successfully defeated the Scamps. Afterwards, the team exited the Undercroft, and, after fighting through the city, they reached the Guard House. Just outside the Guard House, Berich said, "This is it. The entrance to the passage is right here. I'll unlock it for you. Best of luck."

Once the door was unlocked, Holly made her way into the gatehouse. Once she located the mechanism to open the gate with, she activated it. Immediately, the sounds of battle sounded, and she saw Savlian and the guards fighting several Scamps. Holly's team joined the fray and, soon, the Daedra were wiped out.

Once the Daedra were killed, Savlian approached again. "This area's clear. We've got to get inside and find the Count before it's too late. Move out!" The group then approached the castle, knowing that this is the part of the Battle of Kvatch where the victor will be decided.

When the group entered the castle, they encountered a group of Scamps. These, however, seemed more powerful than the ones Holly had just fought outside. However, Holly, however, managed to fell one of them, when, suddenly, she felt a sharp pain in her shoulder. One of the guards reacted.

"My goodness, I'm sorry, I must have been off my mark..."

"It's nothing," Holly responded, pulling the arrow out, wincing as she did so. She continued to take down Scamps, until there were none left. Again, she was approached by Savlian.

"Alright, this is it! We'll hold this area. You head to the back of the castle and find the Count. Don't come back here without him!"

Holly, Juni, Frost, and the surviving Imperial went deeper into the Castle. In the first room, they ran into a horde of Scamps. The first few fired fireballs at the group, just Juni charged up front and blocked them with his neck frill. After the block successfully stopped the attack (without injuring Juni), Holly fired a bolt of electricity at one of the Daedra, killing it, while the Imperial fired its bow at another Scamp. While Juni had another Scamp caught in his pincer-like jaws, Frost fired an icy bolt at the last Scamp. In only a few minutes, the Scamps in that room were wiped out.

Holly charged through the room, towards the back of the castle. Once she entered the room...she almost ran headlong into a flaming humanoid. The creature screeched, and attacked with Fireballs. "What the...what's this?!" Holly asked, shocked.

"Flame Atronach!" the Imperial Soldier shouted, attacking the Atronach, but it easily burned the arrows.

Holly stepped forward and thrust her palm forwards. The group thought she was bluffing at the Atronach...that is, until the Atronach went flying backwards. She then clenched her fist and it flew towards her, as it was sliced in half by her Katana. The only one in the room not in awe was Juni, and not because he was an animal.

Holly then went over to the body of the man nearby, realizing, because of his regal dress, it was the Count. "We're too late," she said sadly. Seeing his ring, and realizing she'd need it for proof that she found him, she took it and said, "Let's get back to Savlian."

Once Holly reentered the main chamber of the Castle. When she approached Savlian, he asked, a little irritated, "Where is the Count? Why is he not with you?"

"I'm sorry...he was dead before I got there..." Holly responded, disheartened.

His next response made it seem as though he too was disheartened by the revelation. "We...we were too late? If only we'd gotten here sooner. This is indeed a dark day for all of us left. But I thank you for risking your own life to help us."

Still a little sad, but trying to show an air of confidence (only managing a weak one), Holly responded, "All in a day's work for a member of Hellcat Squadran..."

"Did you find the Count's ring, by any chance?" Savlian asked next.

Holly knew there was a good reason for taking it. "Yes...yes, it's right here," she said as she searched for it in her bag, before passing it over.

"At least this is safe. Thank you; I shall make sure it is protected, for a time when a new Count is crowned. Here, take this. I have no use for it; I'm done fighting. It may serve you well in days to come." He then removed his Cuirass, revealing that he was wearing clothes underneath it. Holly accepted the Armor, swapping the Legion Plate Main Cuirass for this new set.

At that point, Holly remembered about her reason for coming to Kvatch in the first place. "Wait, that's right, what about Martin?"

"He should be around the camp somewhere. He was with the survivors we rescued from the Chapel of Akatosh."

"I hope to see you again. And...thank you..."

"For what?"

Holly waited a moment before responding, "For, however inadvertently, showing me that I can make my own decisions."

Holly and the 2 creatures went down to the encampment, where she saw Nola engrained in a big conversation with the priest from the Chapel. When she approached, Nola, startled by Holly's appearance, said, "Here''s Martin."

When Holly approached the priest, he said, "I heard about how you helped the Guard drive the Daedra back. Well done."

Holly cut to the chase. "I was sent by Uriel Septim to find you."

"The Emperor is dead. Who are you? What do you really want with me?"

"You're Martin, right? Priest of 'Akatosh' (whoever that is)?"

Martin answered bitterly, "Yes, I'm a priest. Do you need a priest? I don't think I'll be much help to you right now. I’m having trouble understanding the gods right now. If all this is part of a divine plan, I'm not sure I want to have anything to do with it."

Holly then grew irritated. "Listen, I'm not from around here, I don't know much about the 'gods' here, but, either way, if they DO have a 'Divine Plan', we're BOTH already important parts of it."

That got Martin's attention, better than Holly could have hoped. "What plan? What are you talking about? I prayed to Akatosh all through that terrible night, but no help came. Only more Daedra. What could you possibly know that would help me make sense of this?"

"Your father was the Emperor. You're Uriel Septim's son!"

"Emperor Uriel Septim? You think the Emperor is my father? No, you must have the wrong man. I'm a priest of Akatosh. My father was a farmer."

"Doesn't this make sense? First the Emperor's sons, then the Emperor himself, were assassinated, then the city where YOU lived was invaded by these...'Daedra'. Face it: they were here for YOU!"

Martin responded in shock. "An entire city destroyed to get at me? Why?...Because I'm the Emperor's son?"

Holly could sense the message was finally hitting home. "Listen, I'm in a universe that's not my own, facing threats I never have before. Why would I lie to you?"

"I don't know. It's strange...I think you might actually be telling the truth. What does this mean? What do you want from me?"

"I need you to come with me to Weynon Priory, to speak to Jauffre. He's certain to have better luck explaining this to you than me."

"You destroyed the Oblivion Gate, they say. You gave them hope. You helped them drive the Daedra back. Yes, I'll come with you to Weynon Priory and hear what Jauffre has to say. Lead on."

"Ok, good." Holly responded, before saying to herself, "One step closer to home..." She then turned to Kron, Nola, Frost, Juni, and Martin. "Ok...time to roll out!"

Chapter 9: Siege of Weynon PrioryEdit

Along the way to Weynon Priory, Holly explained as much as she could to Martin: basically where she came from and why she's taking him to Jauffre. He didn't seem bothered by it all that much. Finally, after a while, Holly's answer to why everyone's suspicious of Juni. Martin asked her, "By the way, why does that Clannfear follow you around?"

"Clannfear? What's a Clannfear?" Holly asked. Martin pointed to Juni. "You mean Juni?"

"You named it?"

"Of course I named it. Back in my universe, I found him a couple decades ago and took him in as a pet. He's been particularly protective of me, since..."

Martin seemed to give up and they continued going. Once they were close to Weynon Priory, however, they heard fighting.

As the group approached Weynon Priory, they were met by a Dark Elf. "Help! You must help! They're killing everyone at Weynon Priory!"

"Calm down!" Holly demanded, before continuing, "What happened?!"

"I don't know! I think they're right behind me! Prior Maborel is dead!"

Kron then asked, "Who's attacking Weynon Priory?" however, Holly took a look around and saw familiar men in red robes and glimmering armor.

The elf continued. "I was in the sheepfold when they attacked. I heard the prior talking to someone. I looked around the corner to see who it was. They looked like travelers, ordinary. Suddenly weapons appeared in their hands and they cut the Prior down before he could move! They saw me watching and I ran."

"What about Jauffre?" Holly asked, "Where is he now?!"

"I don't know. In the chapel praying, I think. You must help us!" The elf then fled as one of the attackers came up.

Holly whipped out her Katana and impaled the attacker. Holly recognized the attackers immediately. "It's official, it's them, the ones that killed the Emperor. Kron, Frost, you 2 clear out the Prior House. Juni, see who you can hunt down out here. Martin, Nola, you're with me, we're heading for the chapel."

The group split up, Kron and Frost entering the Prior House, and Juni went off to chase an assassin. Nola fiddled with the lock and said, "Damn! The door's locked, I have no spells for this, and I'm no good with lockpicks."

"Who needs spells and lockpicks?" Holly asked, And, in one attempt she kicked the door down. Inside, Jauffre, wielding a Katana, was fighting off 3 assassins. Holly rushed in, and, with one bone-crunching punch, crushed the skull of one of the assassins. Martin fired off a bolt of Magical Electricity, frying another assassin. Finally, Nola fired an orange blob of energy, which promptly killed the assassin.

Jauffre approached Holly, and said, "You're back! Thank Talos! They attacked without warning. I was praying in the chapel when I heard Prior Maborel shout. I had just time to arm myself. The Amulet of Kings! I fear that was the target of this attack. I kept it in a secret room in Weynon House. We need to go see if it is safe."

"I sent 2 others to investigate the House already, but I'll head over there and see if there's anything I can do."

"We'll go together. But, I fear the worst."

The team exited the Chapel just in time to see Juni crunch his beak around the neck of the last assassin, killing it instantly. "Come on!" Holly called to the creature, which followed.

The group then entered Weynon House. Inside was Kron and Frost, surrounded by dead assassins. "We took care of those that remained in here, but the place was pretty torn up," Kron said.

The reformed group went upstairs and followed Jauffre to a formerly-hidden room. By the time the group reached it, Jauffre has already searched it. "They've taken it! The Amulet of Kings is gone! The enemy has defeated us at every turn!"

"Not true," Holly pointed out, "They have the Amulet, but we have Martin."

"So it has not all gone against us. Thank Talos for that! We have Uriel's heir and lost the Amulet of Kings. Martin cannot stay here. We have driven them off, but they will be back once they learn of Martin's survival. Which they will."

"Where will he be safe at?" Holly asked. She didn't want to have gone to all that work for nothing.

"Nowhere is truly safe against the power arrayed against us. But we must play for time, at least...Cloud Ruler Temple, I think. The Hidden Fortress of the Blades, in the mountains near Bruma. A few men can hold it against an army. We should leave at one."

The group left Weynon House and went to the stables. Then, Jauffre suggested to Holly, "You should take Prior Maborel's horse. He has no need of it anymore..."

Holly was uneasy. While looking over the horse, Martin joked, "What, have you not horses where you come from?"

"No, no, there are, it's just...I've never ridden one."

Martin seemed a little surprised. "Really? You can defeat a castle-full of Daedra, and fight off assassins, and all that stuff you talked about doing in your own universe, but you never rode a horse before?"

"In my universe, we have vehicles that completely negate the need of a horse. People still ride horses, but rarely, if ever, for transportation. I, personally, have never even learned how to..."

"I'll take the horse, I have plenty of experience," Kron replied. With that, Kron mounted the horse, and, with Nola, Holly, Frost, and Juni on foot, the group was off.

It was early in the morning, around 5:00 or so, and the team was not far from Bruma, the city just south of Cloud Ruler Temple. As they walked through a pass, Holly commented, "This looks like the perfect place for an ambush..." Suddenly, not far from the exit of the pass, she said, "Hold up. I sense something..." She edged forward...and a group of assassins jumped out. These didn't look like the ones that have been hunting the Septims. These were more like that Argonian Scar'ir, who, sure enough, was leading the pack.

"Hey! You! Remember me?!" Scar'ir yelled at Holly.

Holly pulled out both her 2-Handed Katana and the Dremora sword, and, dual-wielding them, defended herself against Scar'ir's attacks, while the other assassins got to work on the others. Jauffre dismounted and pulled out his own 2-handed Katana, while Kron dismounted and brought out his longsword. While they took on the other assassins, Holly concentrated on Scar'ir. For a while afterwards, the 2 fought, but, eventually, even Holly was showing signs of fatigue. However, just as Holly was running out of steam, the Sun rose up. Suddenly, Holly watched in shock as Scar'ir's skin began to smoke, and the Argonian screamed loudly.

"AHHH! IT BURNS!!! I HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE!" Scar'ir screamed, before running into the nearby cave, the assassins following him.

Once the assassins had left, Holly fell to her knees and sighed with relief, panting heavily. "Wow...3 whole days...of non-stop fighting...can really...wear someone out..."

Martin then offered, "If you need a ride, you could..."

"No, no..." Holly assured him, "I think I can make it..." Propping herself up on her Katana, then using it like a walking stick, she and the others continued on to Cloud Ruler Temple.

Chapter 10: Following a LeadEdit

The group finally reached a large structure. As they approached a door, it opened and a man in Blades armor emerged. He asked to Jauffre, "Grandmaster, is this..."

"Yes, Cyrus, this is the Emperor's son, Martin Septim."

The Blade, Cyrus, turned to Martin, and said, "My Lord, welcome to Cloud Ruler Temple. We've not had the honor of an Emperor's visit in many years."

Martin responded, "Ah, well, thank you. The honor is mine."

Jauffre then told Martin, "Come, your Blades are waiting to great you."

As Jauffre and Martin entered the temple. Holly waited a few moments to catch her breath, before slowly following them. Kron stayed with Holly and followed her immediately, while Nola had to be told to follow, as though she seemed apprehensive to enter Cloud Ruler Temple. Frost and Juni also followed immediately.

Once at the top of the 2 flights of stairs, they just said there, while Jauffre began to speak. "Blades. Dark times are upon us. The Emperor and his sons were slain on our watch. The Empire is in chaos. But there is yet hope. Here is Martin Septim, true son of Uriel Septim." The response from the Blades was almost indiscernable to Holly, but, at that time, her mind was clouded with exhaustion, so she probably wouldn't have made it out anyways. After things quieted down, Jauffre said to Martin, "Your highness, the Blades are at your command. You will be safe here until you can take up your throne."

Marin then began to speak. "Jauffre, all of you, I know you all expect me to be Emperor. I'll do my best, but this is all new to me. I'm not used to giving speaches, but I wanted you to know that I appreciated your welcome here. I hope I prove myself worthy of your loyalty in the coming days. That's it. Thank you."

"Well then," Jauffre began, "Thank you, Martin. We all best get back to our duties, eh, Captain?"

At that moment, Martin approached Holly. She was beginning to feel invisible in all of this. "Not much of a speech, was it? Didn't seem to bother them, though. The Blades saluting me and hailing me as Martin Septim...I don't mean to sound ungrateful. I know I would be dead right now if it weren't for you. Thank you."

"All in a day's work for Hellcat Squadran," Holly responded, still exhausted.

"It would seem. However, everyone expects me to suddenly know what to do. How to behave. They want an Emperor to tell them what to do. And I haven't the faintest idea..."

Even in her exhausted state, Holly had her priorities straight: she had to get home, but, first, she had to help this world. And, to do that, they needed..."The Amulet of Kings...we need to get it back, don't we?"

"Of course. The Amulet of Kings. So we...I...can take it to the Temple of the One and light the Dragonfires. And stop the Oblivion Invasion."

"Then...I'll become Emperor..."

"The Emperor...that's an idea that will take some getting used to. In any case, we need the Amulet first. Maybe Jauffre will know where to start. But, first, you seem exhausted. How long did you say you were fighting? Three days? Maybe you should get some rest before you meet with Jauffre. Or, at least, get what you have to do from him, and get some rest before leaving."

Holly agreed. However, as she approached the Temple, she was approached by Jauffre. "You have proven yourself a loyal companion to us, despite your 'extra-universal origins', as you called them. As loyal as any of the Blades to stand by Martin's side during this crisis. As the Grandmaster of the Blades, I would be honored to accept you into our order. Will you join us?"

This caught Holly offguard. The Blades seemed noble enough, but she hoped not to get too attached to this universe. Then again, these 'Blades' may be able to help her get home, as well as it being good to for the Coalition to have a link to the Empire here when and if this universe entered her's. In the end, she decided, "I...I would be honored."

Jauffre seemed pleased. "It is my honor to welcome you into our ranks as a Knight Sister of the Blades. Now, it looks as though you could use some rest. Why not get some before we continue with our plans."

"Alright, before I go, though, I would like to know what the next stage is. We still need to recover the Amulet of Kings. They may be able to take it somewhere we can't go."

"You're right. Once you're rested, you should go back to the Imperial City. Baurus may have learned something about the assassins. You'll find Baurus at Luther Broad's Boarding House in the Elven Gardens district of the Imperial City. But, for now, try to get some rest."

"Alright," Holly said. Kron went off to chat with the Blades, while Nola went to find Martin. Frost just stood outside like a statue, while Juni followed Holly inside. When inside, she removed her Armor, her Dress reforming to it's normal form. Finding a spot in the barracks that was vacant, she collapsed onto the bed and fell asleep, Juni standing guard over her.

Holly woke up later, and gathered her things. Near her stuff, however, she noticed something: a set of Blades Armor. Jauffre must have had them sent to her during the night. Also among them was a Katana, like that which the other Blades wielded. She donned the armor and tried the Katana.

Not like a Lightsaber, or my Shockwave Blade, but I could definitely get used to it...

She looked down at Juni, and exited the Barracks. Outside, it was a little cold and snowy...but somewhat refreshing. She looked down at Juni, who was at her side, and said, "Well, let's do this!" The duo left Cloud Ruler Temple, alone, heading towards the Imperial City.

Holly and Juni re-entered the City. She looked around the city, like before, only this time to search for Luther Broad's Boarding House, rather than to take in the sights. However, like last time, she ran right into an armored figure. She recognized him immediately. "You again? Hah! What're you doing back here? I thought Baurus said you had some delivery to make," Itius Hayn laughed.

Holly responded, "I'm here to see Baurus. The delivery is finished, but now I'm here for something else..."

Then, Itius Hayn noticed her armor. "Oh, you're one of the Blades know? That must have been one important delivery."

"Well, sorry if I don't answer, but I need to find Baurus. I was told he was at 'Luther Broad's Boarding House'. Any idea where that is?"

"Ah, yes, that's in the Elven Gardens District. Keep to the main path and look to your left. It'll be there."

"Ok," Holly said, running off in that direction, "Thanks again!"

Finally, Holly entered the inn known as Luther Broad's Boarding House. She noticed a dark-skinned man sitting at the bar. From the angle he was sitting at, Holly barely recognized him as Baurus. When she approached him, he said, "Sit down. Don't say anything. Just do what I say."

Deciding not to argue, she did as told. When she sat down, Baurus said, "Listen, I'm going to get up in a minute and walk out of here. That guy in the corner behind me will follow me. You follow him."

Holly quicky whispered to him, "The enemy has the Amulet, but I found Uriel's heir."

"Don't talk now. Just follow my lead," was Baurus's response.

Sighing, Holly responded, "Ok, I'm ready..."

"Good. Remember, wait for him to follow me. I want to see what he'll do."

A moment later, Baurus got up and left, and, sure enough, the man he indicated followed him to the back of the inn and into the basement. As the man closed the door, Holly waited, and followed him through.

Holly followed the man into the basement, her hand on her sword. Suddenly, the man conjured the armor the Mythic Dawn Assassins used. Thinking fast, as the Mythic Dawn agent attacked, Holly lunged.She dug her Katana into the agent's back, and tore it out by thrusting it upwards. Then, spinning around, she cleanly beheaded the Mythic Dawn agent, who finally fell over, a small book slipping out of the pocket of the agent's clothing, as his armor disolved.

Holly picked up the book, and moved to talk to Baurus. Baurus spoke first. "Good work. I am glad to see you, by the way, you just caught me at a bad time."

"Good to see you again too, Jauffre said you were looking into those assassins. Find out anything?"



  • Holly Lund (Main Character of One Part of Story)
  • Sen Urec (Main Character of other Part of Story)
  • Mehrunes Dagon (Main Antagonist of Both Parts)


Hellcat Squadran UniverseEdit


Elder Scrolls UniverseEdit

  • Martin Septim
  • Jauffre
  • Baurus
  • Uriel Septim
  • Renault (fate different from game)
  • Frost (Frost Atronach accidently created by Holly)
  • Kron (Based on 'Battlehorn Man-at-Arms' Follower NPC)
  • Nola Maenn (Not a character from game - made up young Necromancer that's rescued by Holly, Kron, and Juni from Scar'ir)
  • Sheogoroth
  • Night Mother
  • Scar'ir (Argonian Vampire first encountered attempting to bite Necromancer Nola Maenn, then ordered by the Night Mother to hunt down and kill Holly)


Hellcat Squadran UniverseEdit


Elder Scrolls UniverseEdit

  • Glenroy
  • Prior Maborel
  • Savlian Matius
  • Ilend Vonius
  • Menien Golend (fate different from game)
  • Eldamil (fate different from game)

Mentioned OnlyEdit

Running Gags for StoryEdit

  • Every time she enters the Imperial City, Holly runs into Itius Hayn (literally).

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