For the sake of Derekproxy, I've added his story Nod Control in its unedited form. Here's the official, modified form: Hellcat Squadran: Nod Control.

Prologue Edit

Kaven Base, June 8th, 2007 Runway three was prepared as a small chapel the majority of the quest waited the groom and the people were waiting for the bride. the day was to one of joy mixed with sadness as the groom Derek "tomcat" Sanders would be leaving to start a new life with the woman he loved. A simple school teacher, Sarah Harper was all it took to end his wild life as a fighter jock. May her prized student was the flower girl Icebite was sharing the role of best man with Avery. The bride showed just as the base was shaken by bomb blast after blast. Her white dress stained in blood, and by the time anyone knew what was happening a Carryall arived. Sanders and his friend rushed to save her but when they got to her she was aboard laughing as she declared her loyalty to Kane.

Over It.Edit

Over the year people question Sanders' loyalty, fist fights break out regularly with Sanders yelling "try me". The subject reaches a boiling point and Leinad is forced to put him on trial. A week of questions are answered and no guilt on Sanders part is found. He celebrates in his old manner of women and alcohol. He never stops defending her actions but continues to at like the old Tomcat. May faces her own problems a black sedan seems to be following her but dismisses it as an investigation team deployed by command. Derek packs his bags and is deployed to the Defiant to act as CAG for the next three months just as he learns his former fience laid seige to a science center studing transformagen.

On leaveEdit

When Sanders returns from his away mission alot has changed. May was taken control of with a mind control unit. She leaked codes esential to the exsistance of Hellcat squadron to NOD. Kane now has the ability to access rosters of Hellcat squadron's military branches as well as scheduals and other secrets. High command is on alert and every base is scrabling to change any and all codes. Derek Sanders has full confermation on his theory that Kane has the ability to control minds. He asks for Llehctim leave he reluctantly gives it to him. Derek Sanders empties his bank acount and heads to Madrid. May with the help begin searching for him in hopes he will lead him them to Kane.

CH1 Edit

"Derek Sanders last will and testament..." Derek said to the recorder "well Leinad let me thank you for the leave. you can have my bird and Johnson you get my GTO good knows you need it. The music I listen to is on the computer so you can all copy it at will the rest of my stuff is up for grabs I don't have much but hey all the CDs are May's and the metal hat is for any one that is interested in Adriana." he stopped the recorded and left. he locked up his house and walked to his car and drove to the airport.

"Here you are the only one way first class to Madrid ticket the flight is boarding now, your smart to reserve the ticket. enjoy the flight." the counter lady said.

Derek smiled and accepted the ticket "I wish I got her name but I can' risk being followed." he thought checking his back. He boarded the flight took his row seat and enjoyed the flight.

"Well he's gone I’ve checked the window and doors everything is locked how far ahead do you think he is?" May said walking out of the backyard.

"A few hours there should be a key in a rock unless he was screwing with me." Adriana said looking at the drive way.

"Found it. No alarms utilitarian and lots of toy fighter planes to say the least its typical fighter jock hell did Sarah do anything to make this place look better." May said turning a light on the place was clean and jets were on every self.

"Her stuff is in the basement boxed up keeps the other women from finding his past. Check the computer he would leave any information on that." Adriana said watching the happy images of Derek and Sarah play out in her mind.

May got to work on the computer "mostly cats in sinks but there is stuff on Madrid Spain honey moon related interesting He's going there but how would he get there if he wanted to take his guns?"

Adrian looked at a tape recorder "He's not planning on coming back, call the airport and I'll see if I can't find him there."

"you hate doing that though this is my problem." May said looking through the files.

"Its to save some one so I'll make the exception. Plus what’s a friend for." Adriana said smiling.

"Right well it'll be easier going to the airport. I hate flying on public aircraft people walking in and out of their seats and crying babies I bet he went first class to Madrid. he's not to smart as always."

"Don't speak so soon we might just lose him at Madrid." Adriana said leaving his house with May.

Madrid 9 am June 16

Derek grabbed his luggage his guns were still in one piece and he left the airport looking for a cab “Hey cabbie I need you to drive me to the south end docks."

"Your not a tourist are you?" the dark skinned cab driver said looking Derek over "You are a six foot tall man not hard to forget but you want to be forgotten that will cost money."

"Here now take me to the south end docks." Derek said handing him a few hundreds

"Nice whoever you are." the cab driver said opening the door to the small European sedan.

“Well my American who I’ll forget later on what after because I don’t transport hit men.” the cabby said jokingly.

“I’m not going to kill anyone I’m looking for someone close to me. I’m going to show the world that she’s innocent.” Derek said he wanted to talk to someone badly.

“Ah well you can trust me I won’t tell anyone a thing trust me I’m married.” the cabby said chuckling as he drove to the southern docks.

Derek smiled “I was supposed to marry her but things got interrupted.”

“Ah things are getting interesting nothing like a good love story we Spaniards love that stuff you know. Well this is your stop mister spy man, and good luck cops don’t come here not after the panic war all sorts of things here that people come for at night.” the cabby said letting Derek out.

Derek got out and when he closed the trunk of the car the cab sped off “Well this place got worse since 03.” he took to walking toward peer 13. When he got there his old friend John was waiting “Hey John how’s it been shipping wise?”

John took his sunglasses off and said “Black Water has been a real bitch of a competitor how am I supposed to compete with a Pegasus class fast attack ship.” John helped Derek with his gear.

“So how much to get me to Egypt?” Derek said walking with his gear to the small bridge.

“well lets see you’re my friend from the Marines so I’ll jus charge you room, board, and fuel.” John said smiling as he left port.

“ten thousand good?” Derek said as they sped out to sea.

“fine just don’t expect that to be round trip fair man.” John said as the sonar showed them leaving Spanish waters.

“Luckily for you this ship is faster then anything Black Water fields they can’t touch me that’s how I earn a living these days so when will Hellcat get a good old fashion navy.” John said putting the ship on autopilot.

“Ask Leinad not me.” Derek said putting his sunglasses on.

“The kid not a chance you should run that PMC not him and some bankers.” John said.

“He’s good you should see him fly and he can fight.” Derek said defending the commander.

“Yeah well in my book you don‘t try the innocent.” John said going below deck “Hey you want a beer?”

“Sure thing everything is better with beer.” Derek replied following him.

“Here so is this about a woman if so I’m not pleased.” John said opening a small refrigerator.

“Its not about the woman really, its more about why I’m going then her.” Derek said John was more or less in the mood to drag Sarah in for what she did then prove her innocence.

“I’m your childhood best friend here so listen If you drag that little manipulative bitch back to where ever its not going to be on my boat. She f-ed you up and yet you still think she‘s under some kind of mind control the call I got was different then a normal rant of her innocence. Tell me what’s new.” John said sitting down.

“My theory was proven while I was CAG on the Defiant.” Derek said sitting down “May another one of the kids the one who uses that crazy elemental crap to splash water in face all the time, she leaked information under the influence of one.”

“Information like what bank accounts not that you’re one of the richer PMCs.” John said.

“Information like names and faces, codes, plans, maps, and everything.” Derek replied drinking the beer.

“What you need to do is run not go hunting Kane down. John said looking over a list of supplies he needed.

“I’m not asking you to come with me.” Derek said to his friend.

“Good cause I’m done when you’re off. I’d help you run away but not make some one man preemptive strike on NOD headquarters.” John said.

“Well were here about six hours after he was here so the tracking isn’t all that bad yet. Any idea which way he’d go from here?” May said looking at all the vehicles at the airport entrance.

“He used him to go where he was going.” Adriana said pointing to a dark skinned.

The cabby stood next his cab “well I know what you’re here for to bad I’m not going to help you.” he said looking at Adriana “I know my kind when their miles away a meter or two that’s nothing.”

“Just help us find our friend he’ll need our help soon enough please?” May begged the man.

The man sighed “he went to the south side docks a lot of bad people are there and at night its no place for a girl like you. A lot of independent mercenaries stay there the ones with ships who transport weapons illegally stay there. Cops don’t go there at night period and they don’t go there in the day unless they’re heavily armed.”

“We need a ride to a hotel then. We‘ll start looking for where Sanders went off to tomorrow come on May.” Adriana said exhausted from the trip.

“Fine but I call dibs on the tub.” May said getting in the cab.

“Three days of looking and nothing when will we start using force?” May said impatiently.

“Well if we started where I said to start we would have had better trace of him to follow. As for getting anywhere whoever rents out that peer is who ever helped Derek go where he was going.” Adriana said growing annoyed with May as the search wore on.

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Ch 2Edit

“Three days of looking and nothing when will we start using force?” May said impatiently.

“Well if we started where I said to start we would have had better trace of him to follow. As for getting anywhere whoever rents out that peer is who ever helped Derek go where he was going.”

“Well this is not the place you wanted to go but it can get you to Kane quicker. The bastard that runs this place sells those annoying laser pistols to Nod’s shadow teams.” John said pulling into a small port “Plus I need to buy this girl some missiles and the exocets here are cheap.”

“I guess I could do some shopping, so is this where you and say good bye?” Derek said to John.

“Pretty much I just wanted to give you some kind of help so I can sleep at night.” John said dropping anchor.

Derek said his farewells to John and made his way to the firearms section of the market “this place is like god damned best buy of weaponry.” Derek thought walking through the air-conditioned warehouse.

“That’s one of the people were supposed to watch for get him.” said a guard.

“excuse us sir the I’m Ajay the boss wishes to speak with a new client.” a guard said approaching Derek in an non threatening manor.

Derek was in position to make a scene “Alright take me to your boss just know I’m not some lost tourist.” Derek said pulling his HK-416 on the guard. No one panicked.

“Oh trust me he knows good customers when he sees them ,and its not uncommon for people to pull guns on each other here.” Ajay said as everyone went about shopping.

“I noticed that much, and is it me or do all Gallade look alike?” Derek said putting rifle over his shoulder hoping he wasn‘t followed.

“You can tell those things by species so I think I should be asking they all look alike.” Ajay said jokingly.

“Whatever I need submachine guns and I’d like to make time.” Derek said walking with the man to the club styled area above the market. After passing through a check point and surrendering his guns they entered an office slash VIP club room.

“So I hear you need submachine guns MP7 or P90?” Ahmad said sitting between to beautiful women in revealing dresses.

“forgive me but this a bit of stereotype for me.” Derek said sitting in the chair he was provided.

“bitches leave.” Ahmad said and the women left without incident “now then lets talk business free of pestering women. Would you like some bottled water or coffee not many American customers drink the coffee so I rarely offer it.” Ahmad said.

“coffee I’m not a yuppie now I need two MP7A1 guns with the thirty round clips and sound suppressors along with 120 rounds of ammo per gun. Now how much would that cost me?” Sanders said reaching into his pocket “easy Ahmad it my money I’m reaching for.”

“Well for what you’d be buying I’d charge about thirty thousand.” Ahmad said signaling for the Shadows “I hate to do this to a man that would be a good customer but Nod has paid me more then you could possibly ever spend here.”

Derek pulled his Mk 23 out of his pocket and shot the first Shadow dead in his tracks with three shots “Come on in you chickens.” Derek taunted the remaining Shadows while Ahmad made his escape.

John heard gun shots with the aid of his black market VBY-2836 “You know put these on hold I think my boat is in trouble.” John said to the merchant that sold him the exocets. As he left he noticed a small kid that looked like Tory “you got sloppy Derek, that or you guys just have the devil’s luck.” John said leaving the market as fast as he could.

“Kane was right about this guy!” said the shadow team leader huddling behind a table for cover “go to thermal imaging and shoot through the walls remember this is Harpers operation he comes in alive.”

“Right sir.” the third shadow said leaving cover and shooting at the walls.

“I hate doing this but it’s the best bet I’ve got.” Derek said firing the dead guards P90 at the wall on full automatic in hopes a few bullets would find their mark.

“Second team move in now!” the shadow leader said just as the main entrance exploded “Second team cancel that last order hold off the intruding forces over. Damn it second team do you copy?”

Tory looked at the dead shadows communicator “Roger we’re not to good but we’ll try.”

“damn it they play with us.” the shadow leader said recognizing the different voice “Harper is least of my worries lets kill this guy and go.”

“Alright its about time.” the other shadow said just as a team roped in from the roof firing their submachine guns “Ah shit I’m hit ah.” he said dieing.

The shadow leader killed the Egyptian soldiers and left the club area for the market killing those that got in his way. He took a woman hostage and promptly killed off any soldier “what the kill you think you can stop me. Stand aside and go to bed.” the shadow leader said to Tory.

“Let the woman go and I’ll send you to prison.” Tory said blocking the shadow leader’s path.

“Very well!” the shadow leader said executing the woman.

Troy slammed his fist into the ground throwing the shadow off of his feet “elemental no that was more like a brute’s strike. Either way I know what you are.” the shadow said pulling his combat knife out and rushing Tory from the air.

Tory fell on his back and sent a shock of electricity into the shadows pistols setting the man on fire “that is my elemental power.”

“Ah shit!” the man said hitting the ground as his wings fell apart. He reached for his explosive back and hoping the close range would kill his foe as well as himself.

Sanders aimed a stolen sniper rifle and shot the shadow leader dead before he could detonate his explosive charges “damn this is a nice gun!” Derek said looking over the M82.

Tory looked up in the direction of the shot “well I didn’t think I’d see you here!” he shouted to Derek as the Egyptians started arresting merchants and customers.

Derek jumped down and walked over to Tory “So tell me did the boss send you after me?” Derek said concerned over the situation on hand.

“No I’ve been hired as an advisor to the Egyptian’s military in cracking down on NOD activity. Ahmad Puri is the key supplier to Nod’s special forces it took months of arm twisting to find this place. Hell I could consider you a breach and arrest you however after our recent problems I think we’ll all be running soon enough.” Tory said as the Egyptian soldiers appeared to have the situation under control.

Derek noticed Tory was a little out of it “Are you alright you look ill?” he said as Tory started having breathing problems.

“I need to eat something that’s all.” Tory said as a large force of Nod shadows stormed the building.

Tory took a direct hit to his back from a laser pistol Derek B lined for cover firing his Mk 23 “a god damned weapons mart and I can’t find a rifle.” Derek said as the Egyptian soldier were cut down.

Tory got on his feet looked around and saw bodies everywhere. He wasn’t himself though and it showed when he rushed a group of shadows. “what the hell!” a shadow screamed firing his pistols at the boy. Tory systematically snapped the necks of the Shadows other were beaten to death while they fired their high powered laser pistols into his body.

“What in the name of god was that!” sanders said to Tory in shock.

“Help me I don’t like this! Stay away I can feel the hate for humans ah!” Tory screamed falling down to the floor.

“Just relax man I’ll get you back to Kaven and they’ll treat you.” Derek said securing Tory as he made a call to command.

“When I gave you leave I never meant ,go after Kane all on your own and be the damned one man army that ends Nod. you and Tory are luck that I was heading here with GDI other wise Egypt would choose your fate.” Leinad said in the make shift command center that was once the market.

“I’m not out to end Nod only Kane and Sarah that’s it plus you guys are plenty busy reformatting everything we own.” Derek said seriously.

“Nod would end with Kane and Sarah, but from what my sister has stated you aren’t going to end Sarah. You’re on a rescue mission an unauthorized rescue mission this make two time I’ve had to bail you out. Well this time its a little more literal seeing as how you and your friend were customers and Egypt has arrested all of Ahmad’s customers the two of you should be in an Egyptian prison however I figured that since the two of you lead us to Kane we can let things slide and end the crisis at hand with a full on strike. Kane and his followers including Sarah Harper will be dead in three days which is the time it will take for us and GDI to mass our forces and cut off one of the heads to the triple alliance. All in all we have the next four days starting now to get her out May is flying in and Tory is ready and waiting to get back in the fight, so what’s the plan boss?” Leinad said handing command of the rescue mission to Derek.

“Well I didn’t think I’d get a squad but it certainly betters my chances I need an hour to rethink things until then get everyone together and pack for close quarters combat. I’ll meet everyone there in an hour.” Derek said saluting Leinad who returned the salute and left to pack.

Ch 3Edit

“Tory you sure you want to come I mean Saber said it himself you aren’t to stable.” Leinad said to Tory who was eating an MRE.

“You know I hate the turkey what happened to the roast beef?” Tory said eating.

“Damn it answer the question.” Leinad demanded.Tory finished the MRE “Yeah I’m good. If I’m not good like in Sanders report then kill me or whatever it is that’s left.”

“This isn’t my op so I’ll tell Sanders that.” Leinad said checking his gun.

Sanders walked up to the two “So you guys ready to go?” Derek said handing them IFF devices.

“Yeah were good what are these for?” Tory said taking the device.

“Nod shadow team IFF tags I took them from the GDI I guys we even have a captured NOD aircraft to fly in.” Derek said fitting the device onto Tory.

“I can do this myself I’m not a little kid, ah screw it.” Tory said.

“Where’s May?” Leinad said holding her gear.

“She’s flying the carry all. When were in flight I‘ll brief you and remember don‘t kill her.” Derek said to Leinad.

“My actions hide my secrets, Derek. I told you that Sarah is a target for death, but I had something different in mind.” Leinad said walking to the carryall.

“Well guess what your plan came to little to late so I think you can’t really talk when GDI is going to level the area in three days.” Derek replied as the cargo bay to the carryall opened.

“Wrong you messed up the timeline when you went rouge.” Leinad said as the carryall flew away from the base.

“yeah sure. Listen everyone when we get to Kane’s forward base we’ll break into two teams May you’re with me. We’ll be going after Sarah but be ready for anything Leinad you and Tory are the distraction so plant bombs wherever you can and try to avoid as much head on fights. May and I will infiltrate the base and shut the security and defense network down from their we’ll take information on the base

“yeah sure. Listen everyone when we get to Kane’s forward base we’ll break into two teams May you’re with me. We’ll be going after Sarah but be ready for anything Leinad you and Tory are the distraction so plant bombs wherever you can and try to avoid as much head on fights. May and I will infiltrate the base and shut the security and defense network down from their we’ll take information on the base and hunt down Sarah. No killing got that.” Derek said looking at Leinad.

“Fifteen minutes out guys get ready to move.” May said as the cargo bay light turned red. The remaining flight was silent Derek and Leinad just stared at each other.

“This is odd.” Tory said looking at Sanders and Llehctim who didn’t appear to be trusting each other.

“We’re here Tory, Leinad this is your stop get going.” May said as the craft came to a hover.

“Alright then time to jump!” Leinad said jumping down as the center ramp opened up Tory followed.

“You think this will work?” May said to Derek over the com.

“I hope so I’m not to trusting of him at this point.” Derek replied.

Ch 4Edit

“So what happens when we get her back?” May said putting the aircraft on autopilot to crash into a power plant.

“I haven’t thought of it yet.” Derek said as May strapped herself to Derek’s forward harnesses.

“Great, tell me was this a one way mission before we all showed up?” May said looking up at Derek.

“I figured we’d be running for the rest of our days and left it at that.” Derek said as the Carryall ascended from the first drop sight “Close your eyes this is going to be a low altitude low open jump.” he said as the doors opened again he flung himself and May out of the aircraft.

“Ah no!!!!!” May screamed as they fell close to the ground just to have the shoot open up “oh man I cannot do that again.”

“That was nothing its dark out you couldn’t see the ground.” Derek said as they descended to the ground.

“shut up I can see pretty good in the dark.” May said catching her breath.

“Come on the main base is over that ridge we made it into their air defense grid without a hitch now we need to make it past their obelisks.” Derek said as the explosives in the carryall exploded after it crashed into the laser fences.

“That’s our cue move it.” Derek said running forward.

May followed “looks like our plan is working well enough… ah shit!” she said as a group of avatars walked towards them.

“Relax you have the IFF on right?” Derek said to may as the Avatars came toward them.

“Yeah but still those guys are investigating where, whatever caused the explosion came from.” May said as the Avatars came to a stop.

“Shadow team bravo you guys were due back three hours ago Harper is going to tear you apart.” said the lead Avatar as it illuminated the area with a spot light.

“yeah well we had to fight our way here so well see you later guys” Derek said giving a joking salute to the mechs as they walked past “see May none the wiser aren’t you glad I know how to sew.” Derek said bringing up the fact he tailored the Shadow team’s uniforms for everyone.

“Of all the skills I thought you’d have sewing was not one of them. Although I think you didn’t do that good of a job this way to loss in the crotch like parachute pants.” May said complaining about the shadow’s uniform.

“Tell it to Kane not me I don’t dress the ninjas he does.” Derek said continuing forward.

“Tell me why was it her I mean she’s not the hottest woman I’ve seen you with.” May asked wondering what fueled Sanders mission.

“I don’t know but she got me as for this I don’t care hunting Kane is only a secondary objective for me so if Sarah isn’t here then I’ll leave to find her. If that is the case are you staying here to find Kane or do I have an ally.” Derek said as they ran to the base.

“Well where do we go from here the map is worthless and this place is nothing but an outpost he screwed us.” Leinad said looking at a barracks and a Command center.

“He wanted us to cause a distraction so leveling an out post like this should be easy with our IFF units reading as NOD shadows.” Tory said looking at the base.

Leinad realized Derek didn’t trust him anymore “Damn it all come on we need to capture the outpost and start helping May and Derek or else the plan fails.” Leinad said heading to the outpost down the sand dune as a group of Avatars continued forward.

“Four Avatars should we send out a warning?” Tory said stopping in his tracks.

“No they aren’t our problem yet so we move on.” Leinad said continuing downward toward their target while cursing Derek for the lie and himself for the losing his trust.

“Hurry up with that damned door code May we are supposed to be stealthy yet we’ve made more noise the Leinad!” Derek said as May tried hacking the door.

“Relax I got it.” May said opening the door to the command room only to find something they didn’t expect to see.

“Oh my god this is where they test the devices.” Derek said looking at the factory line that was straight out of a horror film that Sarah was into.

“The brains where did they get them from and look how intact they are.” May said walking in and around the lab with Derek walking ahead in silence as he ran his fingers along the edges of the counters “Sanders I’m scared lets just leave.” May said growing sick of the sight.

“Sarah will be burned alive by the UN if they find this place.” Derek said placing charges and dousing everything in alcohol.

“Wait what if this is important and might set her free.” May said in protest.

“You were just fine when it was removed but I’ll wait till we find Sarah to set things off.” Derek said sealing the door and shooting out the lock so no one could follow them.

“I want to tell you why I’m with you on this.” May said as the took an elevator down “I love Sarah she was a sister to me I can’t let her burn for what’s happened and you’re the best bet in the world for this.” May said hiding her own feelings for sanders even though she knew nothing would happen between them for many years if things went her way and luck was never on her side just like Tory fawned over Dawn.

“Is that all or is there more?” Derek said taking position as the elevator stopped.

“Yeah I just wish I had better luck with Tory.” May said leaning on the wall.

“Oh man that was one hell of shoot out at the arms market did you hear that woman beg it was freaking hysterical, no please don’t kill me, its like they’ve never heard about us shadows.” said one shadow taking off his armored vest.

“Well its a lot more fun in this dimension because the people hear are such fools.” the other shadow said closing his locker.

“A men’s locker room is where the elevator let off!” May said in shock as she looked around “Damn no couch or table with a coffee machine you guys don’t luck out when it comes to comfortable locker rooms.”

“You idiot you just gave away the element of surprise damn!” Derek screamed as a pare of soldiers tried running out to get help he shot each with the NOD issued Shadow pistol “damn these are effective lets move the bodies and continue.”

“Right then we’ll keep moving.” May said opening up the dead shadows lockers.

Sarah watched the pair hide the bodies Kane was more then safe not even she knew where he was not after her failures “Cleaning up your tracks is the best way to find me odd my prized student is aiding such a fool.” Sarah said as she got another nose bleed. After wiping the blood away she made sure that May and Derek would have no problem finding her. The only problem they would have is getting to her.

Ch 5Edit

“Man oh man this place was manned by pathetic excuses for soldiers” Tory said sadistically as kicked a dead man’s head into the wall like it was ball.

“you okay man?” Leinad said as Tory’s eyes turned more and more red “ah shit Tory are you okay?” Leinad said backing away toward the door.

“Never better I say we split up and see who can kill more people. You afraid man cause that’s a weakness.” Tory or whatever he had become said walking toward Leinad.

“Man we’re buddies stop and think Tory.” Leinad said sternly to hide his fear.

“oh were friends then why are you aiming that shotgun at me?” Tory said stepping over the bodies of the militia soldiers.

“I’m doing it because Tory is dead, and my dead friend said to kill what remained!” Leinad said shooting Tory with the shotgun as he rushed him. The gun ran out of ammo just as Tory fell to the ground dead “I’m sorry I had to do this buddy rest in peace.” Leinad said leaving the barracks then blowing the charges leveling it.

“Red alert all combat personnel report to alert stations we have two high ranking intruders try to take them alive however do not hesitate to kill them if they resist. They are heading toward the commander’s quarters.” the PA system said as May and Derek had no idea how they set off an alarm.

“What the hell did we trip something we still have active IFF signals did they find the bodies?” May said taking cover near a door way.

“May be they changed the signals or something like that.” Derek said killing a group of militia troops that tried to flank them “we’re going in the right direction that means we can cut this all short!”

“Sounds good to me.” May said just as the bases power shut down “Leinad and Tory did their job switching to night vision.”

With the power out the doors all locked down but it also killed the lights and the militia troops didn’t have it so Derek and May quickly took them down.

Leinad panted as he saw his handy work the outpost his older brother had sent him and Tory to was in flames the barracks, command center, and, power plants were leveled or burning “mission accomplished I just wish he waited a few days, or maybe I should have told him the truth either way oh well” Leinad said as the group of Avatar mechs returned from whatever mission they had to perform whether it was completed or the base had called them back he was dead.

Riley returned to base in the middle of attacking GDI’s forward base as the outpost exploded he knew their was trouble he turned on his Avatar’s night vision and saw a man in bad shape looking at the base “Brother what happened here?” he said concerned over a fellow Brother of NOD.

Leinad looked up and remembered the IFF was still working “oh hey man what’s up? Those hellcat bastards their all dead down there somewhere.” Leinad said as the mech turned its spotlight on him.

“Well if you know the way back to the main base then we’ll see you there.” Riley said sensing that something was off but to unsure to know if the IFF was wrong about the wounded man.

Leinad took out his survival pack and treated himself to a painkiller and a drink of water from his canteen. The cold of night was unbearable so he went to the barracks to warm up by the fire “the smell is awful but it beats freezing to death.” he said to himself as he sat down near the fire.

Tory crawled out from under the ruble and into the cold night “What the hell happened I black out and everything goes to hell.” Tory said holding his broken arm.

Leinad spotted movement on the other end of the barracks “well I’m going to die here with some NOD bastard. I guess dieing with someone is better then dieing alone.” Leinad thought getting up to help the person “hey you there let me help you.”

Tory heard a familiar voice and forgot the pain in his body and screamed “Leinad you made it out that’s great!” as he rushed to his best friend.

“you aren‘t dead oh thank god!” Leinad said hugging Tory even though moving hurt “how did you live through that I had to kill whatever that thing was man.”

“That would explain the pain and everything else I guess. I owe you I mean last time I was hungry but now I just hurt like hell.” Tory said collapsing next to the fire.

“Well I hope whatever that was doesn’t come back or at least is under your control from now on. I can’t keep killing my best friend it sort of defeats the purpose.” Leinad said warming his hands near the fire.

“Well that’s just it something cut into my neck and I thought I was going to die but he or it tells me to fight and all but at one point it lost control and I took control of myself then I took control of that brute in me and I was using it to survive.” Tory said setting his right arm “See I can use it to numb pain but its still cold.”

“Think Sanders and your girlfriend are in the same situation? Hell I’d be worried if he was alone with my girlfriend.” Leinad said trying to stay warm by joking around.

“Hey I’m not into May man and I just hope those two are in better shape then us.” Tory said.

Ch 6Edit

Sarah went about her last actions she’d every finish “There you go I’m glad this worked at least with you I can make up for the suffering I’ve caused Sanders. Do you know who Sanders is?” Sarah said to her prized clone as she helped her dress in the same clothing as she was wearing.

“Yes my husband to be.” unit three replied with a smile.

“Pathetic as always.” unit two said watching her master aid three.

“Shut up two or I will make you suffer worst then the time you killed one.” Sarah said although three could perform the tasks Kane issued for her to perform with ease she was to bitter and cruel to be her replacement.

“No I’m sorry I’ll mind my tongue ma’am.” Three said returning to the shadows of the room.

May and Sanders were blinded as the base’s lights turned back on “shit I can’t see ah damn it.” Derek said as he was shot in the knee “May run!”

“relax I got this!” May said tossing some water on the ground making a protective sphere for Derek and herself there we can get our eye sight back now nothing will break this sphere.” May said as her sight came back.

“That’s great but I’m still hit in the leg.” Derek said standing up “Christ how long will this thing last?” Derek said looking at the Nod militia.

“Not long if they keep firing on it and if we want to return fire I won’ be able to control it under such stress.” May said as the water stopped bullet after bullet.

“Just let me return fire!” Derek said grabbing his rifle and taking aim.

“Now do it now!” May said focusing.

Derek took aim and fired dropping the first few militia soldiers and wounded the others he reloaded but group of shadows came from behind and opened fire. “I got a few charges I hope you can hold this thing up against the blast.” Derek said arming a charge that could do massive damage to a building if placed on full power, then chucked it at the Nod soldiers “Brace yourself May this is going to be a big blast.” he said covering May with himself as the charges went off.

The blast did what Derek had hoped and May’s shield held “hey it Sanders we did it the charges worked!” May said sitting on Derek who had been knock out by the shock wave “Sanders ah man your out cold now. Wake up please wake up?” May said as she heard foot steps.

“May give him this it should wake him up.” Sarah said handing May a medical kit with smelling salts to wake up Sanders.

“What the hell is going on here!” May screamed at Sarah.

“I’ll explain later wake him up and come see me in the control room.” Sarah said.

Derek came to “May get off of me.” he said in a groggy tone.

“Sorry but guess who came for to help!” May said climbing off of Sanders.

Sarah readied her replacement by cutting her ear and leaving a control device near three “alright Sarah you know what to do from here on out, all I can say is I wish I were you right now.” Sarah said to three before leaving her on the ground.

7-19 arrived over earth although he couldn’t really act as a direct combat unit he could fly support runs “why has battle begun 22-12 find out what’s going on.” he said impatiently.

“Sir the assault has not begun due to the advanced team’s lack of return.” 22-12 said timidly from her post.

“Hey Adriana the Scrin showed up and are pissed the fight hasn’t started you know they can’t be out here to long right.” the GDI officer said in the command post.

“Yeah well who asked them to show its not like the Corpos couldn’t do better then them. Look we gave them 72 hours now follow that directive.” Adriana said hiding her impatience with her brother.

“Yeah well that was when the strike force had yet to be ready now tell me is your armored unit ready or not little girl?” the GDI officer said.

“Launch the attack on the then just try capture the facilities Kane might have intelligence on the locations of ships and bases we could use to end things faster.” Adriana said issuing orders to the tanks to attack.

“We’ll that’s the order time to move out. Get this thing rolling.” Ash said closing the hatch to the tank as the GDI tanks took the lead.

“Damn it all to hell she’s not to good is she?” May said as Derek work on Sarah’s wounds.

“Yeah she got rid of the device by herself, I can stop the bleeding but damage to her brain and anything that major is beyond what I can do.” Derek said rolling Sarah back onto her back after he bandaged her head wounds.

May grabbed the device that was covered in blood and placed it in her vest “We need an aircraft to get her to safety I really wish we didn’t crash that Carryall right now.

“There is an Ox VTOL here I can take you to it.” Sarah said sitting up as Derek started search in the computers.

“Sarah please tell me where to go.” Derek said to the clone unknowing of the difference as he carried her to the nearest exit.

“Yes of course we only need to follow the path on the door to the left it leads out to the underground hanger.

“May cover our ass.” Derek said doing as Sarah said.

“wait I think the attack has begun what’s happening they said we had there days only one has passed. Hell I’m killing the Nod IFF thing just in case.” May said sealing the door behind them.

“There it is and it shows up as HC unit on my HUD how about yours May?” Derek said looking the aircraft over.

“Yeah same here; however this is all to convenient. Sarah how did you get all this ready?” May said sensing something was not right.

“I’ve been fighting the device slowly but surely everything got hazy a few months ago after the Kaven island attack I wanted to stay and bee taken prisoner that way the thing could be cut out and I forgot almost everything after I removed the device.” Sarah said leaning her head into Derek’s.

“That’s enough sweetie we can clear all that up later.” Derek said comforting Sarah as the door to the Ox opened up and the base shook.

“True we can sort things out at another time this place is coming down.” May said entering the cockpit “Derek stay with her I’ll get us out of here.” May knew something wasn’t right but she was to happy to let her questions get in the way.

Derek sat next Sarah holding her in his arms like old times “I wish I knew if this could have a happy ending.” he said as Sarah enjoyed being held.

“What if we run away from them?” Sarah said glad she had been the one to replace the original Sarah Harper.

“May be we could if it comes to it.” Derek said as the elevator came to as stop.

Ch 7Edit

“Finally were clear.” May said lifting off the ground only to see a group of Avatars in front of her “Shit hold on we got incoming!” May screamed as the first avatar opened fire.

“GDI special ops team infiltrated the base shoot them down.” Riley said firing his Avatar’s laser on the Ox only to have it lift off as the laser hit’s the landing pad.

“That was close I hope the SAM sites are off line.” May said flying away from the second outpost.

Sarah shut the defense system to the second out post down as her head ache got worse. She armed a grenade, sat down, and let the device explode. Two watched as the old Sarah passed on she had no way out and sent a distress call to Kane “Kane this is Sarah the Coalition is on its way you need to leave over.” two said keeping her existence as a clone secrete to escape Kane’s wrath.

“This is Temple Prime thanks for the warning we’re readying the base for a fight now and Kane is already evacuated. Stay where you are and we’ll send you a tank company over and out.” the Nod field commanders said putting his forces in place.

“So who do you think will find us GDI, Corpos, or our guys?” Tory said to Leinad as time went on and nothing happened.

“I don’t know but we’ll be found.” Leinad said as the engine hum of a V-35 could be heard approaching “Hear that it’s an Ox.” he said as a spot light shined down from the sky on to Tory and himself.

“Why are we stopping didn’t you hear me there is internal bleeding!” Derek screamed at May as the cargo pod of the Ox opened up “Leinad and Tory you to made it that’s good to know.”

“Yeah we made it out barely though glad to see you got a bird.” Leinad said to Derek as he climbed in.

“Well Sarah isn’t to good she cut the device out by her self and now I think she has internal bleeding as well as damage to her brain.” Derek said looking at Leinad as they held the cargo line.

“I can heal her just hold her still.” Leinad said getting to work on Sarah. He looked her in the eye and got to healing her even though something was off. After a few minutes she was healed and less groggy “Are you better now?”

“Yes thank you Leinad.” Sarah said sitting up “could I have some water please?”

“Here just drink it slowly.” Derek said sitting down next to her.

Leinad couldn’t place his finger on what was wrong but something was off either way his friend was happy so he left it as is “Sarah I need Derek to return to the fight and will make sure your safe is that alright?” Leinad said remembering Sarah wanted Derek out of the unit.

“If he’s needed I guess.” Sarah said looking at Derek who wasn’t to happy about going back into the fight.

“If beta isn’t here I’ll go in on foot with Johnson. It‘ll be good to ground pound again. As long as she‘s safe.” Derek said holding Sarah’s hand.

“Don’t worry with the mind device proven she’ll be safe from prosecution just like May. Hey may where are we?” Leinad said walking to the cockpit.

“Were heading to the GDI forward base the coalition is moving fast plus look at the news coming in from eastern Europe.” May said putting the WWN3 news on the radio.

“This is Paul Webster I’m with a GDI field unit here in George and the cold eastern European weather is broken by the heat from the exhaust of tanks and bombers moving into strike the base just down the hill, also strike like this one are happening all over the globe.” the radio said.

“Well this is the end of it all huh.” Derek said poking in.

“I just hope the coalition can stick once its not at war.” May said as the Ox approached the airfield “Alright we’re touching down now.”

“Well this is it lets get out of these weird ninja clothes, go attack Nod and go home.” Leinad said stepping off the Ox.

Derek and Leinad went their own ways for the fight Derek headed to the armor and changed his clothes as well as collected a FN-SCAR heavy and deployed to an armored support column “hey you in the Puma I need a lift to the front!” Derek said to the passing IFV.

“Get in we’re heading to provide cover to the tanks at the second outpost command thought it was the main base but a transmission came through giving the main base away.” the commander of the IFV said opening the tail hatch.

“When does command ever get anything right.” Derek said as climbing into the IFV as it drove off into the night.

“Inbound tanks take them down two by two people we’re bigger then them this will be easy.” Riley said targeting the advancing Hellcat tanks.

“Ah shit Avatars 6 of them dead ahead were in there firing range sir.” Ed the drive screamed to Ash.

“Relax their in our range to Kelly aim for the one out front he’s powering up his laser.” Ash said as his Abrams came into the open field of sand “All tanks focus fire on the Avatar up front then fire on your targets.”

The first Avatar fired its laser onto the right flank Abrams stopping it dead in the sand as the remaining tanks fired on it.

“Damn it all Avatars break formation and attack! Stomp the tanks for all I care just end this. We can’t let them get the temple!” Riley screamed firing on the tanks as one of his mechs collapsed to the ground.

“this is 1-3 popping smoke.” the third tank said deploying smoke as it flanked the Avatars.

“All units remember the standard game plan circle and shoot.” Ash said as his tank fired on an Avatar through the smoke screen.

Riley’s Avatar took a hit to the shoulder “Now it’s my turn!” he said scanning the smoke he couldn’t get a clean scan but he took a guess at where the tanks could be. He fired his laser cutting the smoke screen and scoring a kill.

“this is 1-3 were…” the tank commander said as he Abrams was destroyed.

“This is 1-4 third Avatar has lost its arm mounted laser he’s ah shit were stuck” the tank commander said as his tank was stomped on by the wounded Avatar.

“Izzy stop playing with the bastards an kill them!” Riley said to his injured comrade while he kept firing at the unseen tanks.

“Right then. Anderson ball is yours.” Izzy said kicking the Abrams like a soccer ball to Anderson.

Anderson slammed his mech’s right foot on to tank 1-4 finishing the tank off as he cleared himself of the smoke “All clear lets see those worthless bastards get me …”

“He’s cleared the smoke fire on him now!” Ash screamed to Mickey as Kelly increased speed to flank the lone Avatar. His tank charged the Avatar firing at will the first two shots pushed the mech back and the third finished it off.

“Yeah that’s for 1-2 and 1-3 bitch!” Mickey said while the gun was reloaded.

“Ah shit were out of smoke this 1-5 falling back!” the commander of 1-5 said driving back into the smoke screen.

“Oh no you don’t!” Riley said slicing the tank’s turret from the hull with his laser cannon. The explosion left the turret standing at an angle. Riley scanned the area he had lost his entire unit “Well it looks like you and me are the only ones left.” Riley said looking at the M1 Abrams.

“Alright people this is it were on one yard line with ten seconds on the clock. Break right forward.” Ash shouted as the tank charged the mech only to break right and circle the Avatar as it fired on the tanks last position turning the sand to glass.

“Damn it turn faster damn it!” Riley said as the Abrams circled him faster then he expected as he recharged the cannon.

“Lund if this thing fails I’ll kill you.” Ash said arming the Trident laser. Once it was charged he fired it at the Avatars knee.

“Shit!” Riley said as his mech fell to one knee. He rewired his joint system as the tank took an elevated position on the tank he destroyed.

“Trident laser malfunction coolant line damaged shut down precautions taken.” Ash’s tank computer said.

“Mickey its on you make the touch down!” Ash screamed to Mickey to shoot the mech in the cockpit while they had the chance.

Riley brought the mech’s laser to bear on the tank “I will not fail you Kane I’ll protect our ticket home with my life!” Riley screamed as the laser charged.

Mickey fired the cannon hitting the cockpit directly, the Avatar fell over “Alright he’s down lets get out of here and Link up with GDI.” Ash said breathing a sigh of relief after surviving a direct head to head fight with Avatars.

“Shit were alive I need a drink.” Mickey said at his hands as he touched his face.

“No time for that I got a dozen Stingrays on the left we need to fall back Mickey get ready to hold them back.” Ash said as the M1 drove off of its fallen comrade and retreated.


Kaven base August 3

“Oh hey Adriana what do you want?” Leinad said to his sister as he filed paper work concerning Hellcat squadrons military assets “GDI I wants their Mammoth tanks back even though we paid for them out right over a year ago.”

“Mrs. Sarah Sanders is not who she is or was Leinad.” Adriana said taking a seat before her brother could offer it “we need to do something May and Sanders shouldn’t be manipulated like this.”

“Well I don’t know why you’re here telling me this as you can usually sense my opinion and hear some of my thoughts.” Leinad said sighing he could read Adriana’s mind she wasn’t to happy with her friends living in ignorance even if it was bliss.

“We can’t let them live in this little bubble where their safe from the truth Sanders is and has been a man of accepting the truth no matter how harsh it was, you know that as well as everyone near him.” Adriana said “You want to let May and Derek live like this it’s a lie and you can’t let it continue!” she said enraged at her brothers actions.

“Yeah well guess what their all happy so I’ll let this dog sleep. Right now I‘m more concerned how to keep the tanks.” Leinad said returning to his paper work.

“Why are you allowing this even though you have a doubt when she used your first name instead of Icebite. Even though Sanders has let that slip a few time he’s never actually confirm who you were or what Icebite looked like.” Adriana said.

“You know what if you want to play high and mighty go ahead. Your right completely so go tell Sanders who’s bragging about have a boy and a girl on the way to everyone that the woman carrying his children isn’t who she is and after that go tell your best friend that same damn thing because I’m not going to. Please go bursting their bubbles on your opinion of what is or isn’t right!” Leinad said washing his hands of the situation.

“You can be an ass sometimes I’ll do the same thing you are I just hope I can die without regretting it. Although you seem okay doing that I can’t be so sure either way.” Adriana said leaving.

Leinad thought about it all again as he did every day and dismissed it as Derek was happy which beat the aloof, distant, and bitter Sanders that roamed the base doing Derek’s job as he waited to die “In the end I’m good with the Sarah Sanders at least she can cook.” Leinad said signing the tank return order from GDI.

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