This is my first story on the wiki, sorry if it sucks.

Chapter 1: When I got trappedEdit

I was walking to my house from the comic book store, I got the new batman comic book. Then more than a hundred gangsters started fighting about some kind of drug. Then 6 pulled out their guns and started shoothing, then the rest also pulled out their guns.

"Ahh! Don't shoot! I'm not doing drugs" I shouted over the noise of war, then I fainted. When I woke up, I was still in the gang war. Then something weird happened, armor started growing on me. A bullet hit me, but it didn't hurt me. I picked up a sharp bone and stabbed like, all of them. Then a person in blue armor (He kinda looks like an ODST thing from Halo) came up to me and knocked me out.

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