January 2250Edit

The laughing of a New Years celebration escalated once Zack put Ryan in a headlock and gave him a noogie. This also led to Lexus doing the same to Emilia. The Ferran and Sigurdson Clans had gotten together for New Years, while the Urecs had gone to the Boondock party. Several funny events happened, like Kira Sigurdson accidentally gluing her eldest sister, Claudia, to the ceiling. Claudia decided to let that one slide. Eventually, Kira's twin, Riley, wound up throwing up due to a mix of food and his drinks. As it was already three in the morning, the Sigurdsons decided to return home. When they arrived, Zack and Claudia had to carry the already asleep Riley to his bed.

Kira went to sleep soon after, and was followed by Emilia. Claudia stayed up for another hour before going to sleep herself. Zack found Leandra watching the twins sleep. Their rooms were right across from each other. "Oh, do you remember when we could carry them to bed?" She asked. "How could I forget?" He asked. "Speaking of bed..." She said and dragged him by the arm to their room, a floor up.

As Sean and Elle returned home, Elle slightly tipsier then normal, Sean noticed someone coming behind them, and, not recognizing him, carried Elle back home. He laid her down on the couch and waited to answer the door. When the knock came, he had his lightsaber behind him. He answered. "Hey, Sean!" The man said. "Fucking Norman! What the hell, man!" Sean said and hugged his long lost cousin. Elle stumbled over. "Your cousin?" She asked, her voice somewhat slurred. "This must be your wife." Norman said and shook Elle's hand. After the intro, Elle got another drink, toasted "To fuckass! The best bartender of all time!" And went to bed.

"Anyway, I'm signing up, mind if I sleep on your couch for now?" Norman asked. "I'd be offended if you didn't!" Sean answered, happy to see Norm again.

IceBite sat down in his chair. He had just got back from a New Years date with May. He was about to nod off when a transmission requested his attention. "Now what...?" He said and opened it, seeing a shadowy figure on the screen. "Who is this?" He asked. "I am the Harbinger of your destiny, Leinad." The figure returned. "My destiny is my own...Who is this?!" IceBite said, alert. "Your destiny is destruction. You have a week to prepare your people."

"You don't scare me." IceBite said, defiant. "We will." The figure said and the transmission ended. "Damn it...just one date with May...without someone declaring war with us...Is that too much to ask?!" IceBite said, frustrated. He sent messages along with a recording of the conversation to each Coalition leader, as well as one to Natalia, telling them to prepare.

The next morning, Kira awoke to find a note on the counter from her parents and Elder sisters.

Gone to meeting with IceBite, be back at three. She looked at the clock, it was ten in the morning. She did her morning exercise routine, then watched the news to discover that a new faction had declared war on the Coalition. She watched the story for an hour and then began to get annoyed how her brother wasn't awake yet. She went to her room, grabbed her violin, which she had learned to play as a hobby, and went into her brother's room. She began playing the ancient song "Devil Went Down to Georgia" as loud as possible. He was awake after the first note, but finished the song by following him around the house.

Once she had finished, she put it away, made herself breakfast, and went out for a run, leaving her brother with his awful headache. As she ran, she noticed people everywhere getting ready for battle. As she passed the Boondock HQ, she saw that the entire task force was there, along with a new guy, laying down foundations. The lawn had been turned into a barbed wire and spike pit trap. The entire lawn. There were also turrets being set up by Elle and Andrea on the roof, and Elle waved, a gesture she returned. As she continued, a voice sounded behind her. "You notice all the panic?"

"Yep." Kira responded as Korra pulled up beside her. "You worried at all?"

"Nah, we always pull through somehow." Korra said confidently. "Well, I'm always willing to lift a few mountains whenever I'm needed to." Kira joked. "If it's a volcano let me know." Korra said, and Kira laughed. "Will do." They ran together for a while before Korra went home, and Kira ran home as well. She found Riley doing push ups in the living room. She walked over and sat on his back, making it harder for him. She eventually got bored and kicked out her brother's arm, making him fall. She walked away, a smirk on her face, and she went down to the weapons lab and sat at her worktable.

Riley went out for his own run, putting a piece of toast in his mouth as he went. He noticed people were preparing for war everywhere he looked. As he passed the Boondock HQ, he saw the place had been transformed into a small military base. Hell, it'd probably be safer then IceBite's office by the time Boondock was done. As he ran, he saw someone advancing. It was Claudia. "Hey, there, shorty." He said with a grin. "Bite me." She answered and took up pace beside him. He stood six-five, taller then their father, so he was justified in calling her short. "Anyway, we're going into full war mode, now, little brother. You can Kira want a chance to fight live, now is the time."

"Mom and Dad are ok with it?"

"Well, they get it's necessary." She answered. "Go tell Kira, start getting ready." She said and moved away to spread the word to those who didn't know it. Riley went home and briefed his sister and sat at his own workbench. They had work to do if they were going to war. The next week, reports of a massive battle station came up, fifty times the size of a death star. The station attacked the Planet Sera, which was undergoing re-colonization. The planet was destroyed in minutes. The station then moved to Mandalore, and landed ground troops instead. That was where they were going to fight.

When they arrived, two days later, they realized the extent of the attack. They also identified their enemies. An army of purebred Sith, Krogan, and Rachni were attacking the Mandalorians. Riley loaded onto a pelican drop ship along with a crew of ODSTs and COG Gears. They flew out among a small fleet of Pelicans to the planet's surface while the Coalition's ships attacked the station. He extended his Black Widow and once they were in range, told the pilot to open the hatch. He hooked himself in and began picking off the enemy forces, but for each one he felled, another seven took its place. When his ship landed, they got out and he made his way into the hills. The fighting was mostly taking place in a forest outside a city, so he headed to an elevated position to begin sniping. He sighted up and began picking them off, the back of his mind wondering how his family and friends were doing.

His twin was, as anyone who knew her would know, right in the middle of the chaos. One hand was turned into a metal blade, the other made into a fist of rock, and she was blowing out massive gusts of wind from her mouth. She punched, slashed, and used the force to plough through the enemy forces, none of them could stand before her and live. Their numbers were too great, almost infinite in strength. She jumped onto another enemy and tore his head off.

Elsewhere on the field of battle, Claudia and Emilia were standing back to back, Claudia using her powers to fend off attackers while Emilia used her guns to kill them. It was a slow process, but it worked. They noticed Zack fighting alongside Ryan, using a mix of unarmed combat and gun training to drop their enemies. Then, Zack drew a large axe and began swinging it with as much skill as IceBite with a sword. Leandra was fighting next to a squad of COG Gears, and they chainsawed their way into battle.

The battle lasted three weeks, eventually, so much damage had been done that the station had merely moved away. The Coalition, though it had defended Mandalore, had suffered a brutal defeat. Much of their fleets had been lost, and Hellcat Squadran itself had lost many ships, including a Sigurdson Class Battleship. On the bright side, they had gained much useful intel. The enemy station's turrets were as powerful as a death star blast, and it's main gun was fifty times that strength. Two days were spent locating all of the survivors and bring them back to Earth. As they returned on the ship, Claudia found Kira in the women's washroom, washing bloodstains off her face.

"You ok?" She asked and walked over. "Yeah, just, not what I expected it to be." Kira said. "What do you mean?"

"I dunno. It was terrifying, I'll admit that, but, it was the weird excitement, like I have a fierce joy of battle in me." Claudia could sense her thoughts, and knew Kira was worried about this. "I know what it's like. You never feel more alive then when you're fighting for your life." She sensed the thoughts of Sasha, who had heard that outside the door, Sasha thought: Wrong. and left. Claudia shook her head and looked up into her little sister's eyes. Claudia was the shortest of her family, being five foot four, then Kira, being five foot six, then their mother, and five eight, Emilia, at five ten, their father, and six two, then Riley, at six foot five.

"Sis, all you can really do is accept that it's kill or be killed out there." Kira nodded. Claudia decided Kira needed a laugh. "Did I ever tell you the time Emilia caught Riley having a little 'me time'?" Kira shook her head, confused. "Emilia was babysitting him, as he was grounded and couldn't leave the house at the time, and she walked in his room to check if he was still there and, well, you can guess the rest." Kira laughed. "Oh, poor Em!" She said and washed the blood off her hands and went back to join her family again. They returned home. Zack went to go with IceBite, Ryan, and Sasha to a summit of the Coalition leaders to discuss a plan. Leandra had all her children go to bed early, and they willingly agreed, knowing they needed to sleep whenever possible.

The Second Sith War had begun.

February 2250Edit

Kira and Claudia sat at their worktables in their father's weapons lab. Claudia wasn't paying any attention to her sister's thoughts, but heard her say aloud "Claud, why don't you date?"

"If there's someone out there, I'll find him eventually." Claudia said. Kira pulled her work goggles off and turned to her. "You know mom and dad want grandkids some day. You're the oldest, get out there!" Kira said. "Well, kind of hard to have a relationship with someone, when you can read their minds. Trust me, I remember from my time in PSI." Claudia pointed out, but Kira shrugged. "There are folks with blocks to that."

"True, but most of them are douches." Claudia said bluntly. "Good point. Oh, we'll find you someone someday, Claud." Kira said in a half-promising tone. "True. And one day, sis, you too will find someone." Claudia said. She was more then a little proud to be the older sister of Kira, and wanted her to be happy. "One can hope!" Kira said, and Claudia involuntarily said "Hope is for the weak. Knowing is for the strong. Wow now I even qoute PSI." Kira laughed. "In other words, be confident, got it. By the way, what were the guys in PSI like?" She asked curiously. Claudia merely grinned and elected not to answer.

Riley was out training with the ODSTs when a car drove in. He looked over and saw Sasha Renner, who was waving him over. "You in for a strike against the station?" Sasha asked. "Hell yes." Riley answered. "Nice. Meet Boondock at the landing pads, I've already cleared it with your parents." Sasha said and went to rouse her people. Riley went to his house, got his things, and went to join them. They were also accompanied by Alison Kyle. They got on a ship and Sasha explained the situation. "Basically, there's a fortress that was deployed on Pulse, it's waging war there. We go in, blow the place, we come home. Ready?" Sasha said, and everyone nodded.

Elle walked over to Riley, who was on his own. "So, why are you here alone?" She asked. "Well, aside from you and Sean, I don't really know anyone here, and I figured you two could use some couple time right before a mission that could spell our doom." He answered. "Hm. Well, thanks, but, really, you should know that the people here are all here for you. While growing up, some of the others here got along well with just gotta find some people that are part of Hellcat Squadran that you get along with."

"True, did you dad tell you?" He asked. "Tell me what?"

"He mentioned something about going in to assassinate the leader of the station." Elle didn't respond. "I guess that's a no?"

"I'm just...not sure if he should be doing it on his own..." Elle said, sounding concerned. "Well, when I asked who he was taking, he didn't answer. Anyway, can I have your opinion on something?"

"I don't know exactly, but one thought keeps coming back, and I pray it isn't who that thought is..." Elle said, worriedly. "Opinion, maybe?" Riley said, interrupting her reverie. "On what?" She asked. "Er, what do you think of my chances on maybe getting together with Sola?" He asked a little awkwardly. "Hmmm? You like Sola?"

"Uh...yeah." He said, as though it were obvious. "Well...I don't know. You'd have to see for yourself. Who knows, you might be surprised."

"Well, if I survive." He said and began inspecting his weapon. "We've all been through worse, you'll make it out ok." Elle assured him and returned to her husband. Riley checked his clip and reloaded his sniper. He tested the scope and rested his head against the back of his chair, ready to fall asleep. He did so eventually, and woke up a few hours later. They landed and deployed in a field outside the fortress. They were moving quietly into the fortress for the next four days, on the fifth day, they were able to plant the bombs. "Ok, now what?" Sean asked Sasha as she planted the last bomb on the giant air conditioning unit. "Now, we get out, this time, run." She said simply. As she spoke, she did something nobody had seen her do in decades.

Her organic hand lit itself on electric fire and blew a hole in the wall. Riley sighed. "That's one way to do it." He muttered and they began running, Sasha blowing holes in the walls. After a few hours of dodging attacks and blowing things up, they had escaped the fortress. They ran back to ship and Sasha pressed the detonator. Nothing happened. Much swearing erupted. Knowing they couldn't do it again, they began loading onto the ship, when out of nowhere, two Krogan charged out and tackled Sasha and Alison, who were at the rear of the group. Sasha yelled at her people to get onto the ship, to which Alison agreed, knowing more could be on the way.

When Sean refused and tried to go back to help, Sasha fired a bolt of electricity, knocking him back, and pressed a button on her arm, making the ship launch.

It was a shitty day for Kira Sigurdson. Her brother was off deployed on Pulse, her sisters were both going to help defend Coruscant, which was a failing effort, her mother was fighting on Mustafar, and her father on Korriban. Kira of course, wasn't deployed at all, and that pissed her right off. It was noon, and she was absentmindedly playing her violin by ear, when the door knocked. She answered it, and saw it was Korra. "Hey, what's up?" Kira asked. "Nothing, bored, frustrated, everyone in the family deployed, why oh why?" Korra answered. "C'mon in, same situation." Kira said and Korra entered.

"Drink or food?" Kira asked and went into the kitchen. "What have you got?"

"Everything from beer to-why is a four year old pizza in the fridge?" Kira said incredulously. "Dammit, Riley." She said and tossed it out. "Anyway, we do have a not four year old pizza."

"Sure, why not?" Korra asked and Kira tossed her the box. Kira got herself a beer and microwaved some chocolate pancakes. Korra watched in terror as the kitchen was soon covered in syrup. "Ah, shit." Kira muttered. "How did you pull that off?" Korra asked, and Kira shrugged. She ate quickly and began cleaning it up. Once she had finished, she began to say something, and then the kitchen exploded. Korra was blasted several feet back, and was soon up and running over. "Kira!? Kira!?" She called, and then tripped. She looked down and saw a large stone block, which then collapsed, revealing an unscathed Kira. "Holy shit!" Kira said and rolled to her feet.

They looked around and saw the base was under siege. The enemy had deployed a large force to attack. The neighboring house exploded, sending both of them flying. They landed a fair distance away, and saw that a force of enemy troops marching in, the Sith purebreds drawing lightsabers and charging into battle. They looked at each other, and then jumped into the throng of enemies, unleashing their powers as they went. Korra went one way, Kira the other. Kira favored a more heavy and brutal way of dealing with her foes. Her powers allowed her to tear out a Krogan's spine and use it to beat a Sith to death while at the same time using the force to deflect a lightning attack into another Sith's eyes.

Korra was somewhat more fluid and graceful. She would duck under a saber attack, allowing it to decapitate someone behind her while drawing one hand across the ground, summoning spikes of ice to rise and impale many enemies around her. She jumped over Kira, who was punching a Krogan to death with a metal fist and ripping out a Sith's heart with a stone claw while blowing out a gust of air, sending attackers flying, and used water and fire to turn a few foes into steam. The two young women cut into the enemy forces like a scythe, and single handedly pushed them back out of the gates.

When they did so, they saw a massive mobile fortress down the road, and it was spawning hundreds of thousands of enemies. "Blow it?" Korra suggested. "Hell yeah!" Kira said and began smashing her way through the enemy forces. Korra joined her and they were soon at the fortress. They made their way inside and soon found the control room. Kira killed the enemy commander by tackling him and tearing out his liver. The found a big red button on the control panel that said "Detonate" They looked at each other, pushed it, and jumped out the window. The explosion sent them flying back into the base.

"Enough with the explosions sending us flying!" Korra said as they stood up. They looked around and saw enemy warriors disintegrating all around them. Within seconds, they were dead. "So, what did we learn today?" Korra asked. "One, the mobile bases are the key to winning, two we just saved Earth, and three, I should have you over more often." Kira answered. Korra wasn't complaining, it was a good answer as far as she was concerned. They discovered that much of the command staff was off fighting on other worlds, and that Adriana was the current commander.

Luckily, they had managed to gather very valuable intel from the attack. The mobile bases were outfitted with pods that created mindless soldiers who were programmed to attack Coalition forces and civilians. Also, by destroying the mobile bases, the enemy forces would all be killed at once. The word spread very quickly. It made the defenses of their worlds much easier. In the next few weeks, two attempts were made to destroy the enemy station, which failed miserably.

Back on Pulse, which was the worst in terms of defense, Sasha and Alison, hid under a bush as four Krogan passed them. "Shit I hate most of those things." Sasha muttered once they were out of sight. "We should move back into friendly territory tomorrow when it's lighter out." Sasha suggested, and Alison nodded. "Now we just pray they don't find us." Alison muttered. "Yeah, they'd kill me and take you alive." Sasha hesitated a moment before adding "I can see why they'd keep you." Alison involuntarily checked to make sure nothing was hanging out. She also blushed at the compliment briefly.

For a few Sith patrolmen, it was a dull route, there wasn't anyone to kill. As they walked, they heard a rustle in the bushes nearby, and went to check it out. The promptly saw two kissing women in the bush, and glanced at one another before their heads exploded, just as February ended and March began.

March 2250Edit

IceBite, who had just returned from a deployment on Ivalice, sat in his office and checked his messages, hopefully there would be some good news. Most were informing him of losses, but one was from Natalia. It read:


I'm going to blow up the station, I can't bring my team, they'd get killed.

"Is she nuts? Oh no..." IceBite said and tried to contact Task Force Omega so they could bring her back. He also tried to contact the Hope's Shard, but to no avail. Omega came back four days later with nothing. He knew there was no stopping her now.

Natalia was already in the enemy station, creeping through the halls, making for the fuel reactors. If they lost those, the entire station would likely detonate. As she crept through the station, she sensed a presence following her, and then a shield came up in front of her. "I'm afraid I cannot allow you to destroy this station, girl." The voice of Nes Ceru said behind her. "Out of my way." She snarled and turned to face him. "Surely you don't believe I'm in league with them?" He replied in mock offense. He was wearing Sen's old robe. "This station has been menacing the Coalition and those I care about for too long. It must be destroyed."

"Now, I want the same thing." Nes said. "What are you talking about?"

"You see, I warned the Coalition on this attack, I want the universe intact. I do not want it destroyed at all." Nes smiled. "Then why are you stopping me from destroying this station?" Natalia asked. "If someone who wanted this universe intact were to take control of it for themselves, would it not become but another station?" Nes asked.

"No one can be trusted with the kind of power this station wields..." Natalia retorted. Nes sighed. "Then I'm afraid that we both know what this will come to."

"I guess so. I have trained from the very day we last met. Now, I guess it's time to see who has improved more..." Natalia said and fell into a combat stance. "Indeed, girl." Nes responded and used a biotic charge to teleport next to her and release an explosion. This caught Natalia off guard, and knocked her down the hallway. She fired bursts of three different powers down the hall at him, which he avoided and jumped toward her. As he closed in, she attempted to hit him with an aura strike, but he ducked to the side and got in a successful blast of force lightning. He followed up with a blast of something she recognized terribly as Shadow powers. She was blasted down the hall and she got up and moved to attack again, but then a bang sounded and something hit her. She looked down and saw blood blossoming from her stomach. Nes walked over, holding a smoking pistol. He pressed a button behind her and put her in an escape pod. He walked out, closed the door, mouthed "Goodbye" and launched the pod into space.

Nes went into the bridge and killed everyone there. He punted a decapitated head and sat down at the commander's throne. There was a button saying "Kill All forces." Nes pushed it, and a video feed came up on a screen of the soldiers turning to black dust all over the galaxy. There was a microphone that spoke to every mobile base, which would notify all of the soldiers of the Coalition near them. He activated it and spoke into it.

"Hello, forces of the Coalition. My name is Nes Ceru. I have just defeated your most powerful warrior and ejected her into space. Find her if you will. The enemy station is under my control now. If you make any attempt to destroy it, along with me, I will proceed to destroy all of your capital home worlds, starting with Earth. I wish to be left alone. Do so, and you will not have further problems with me." He deactivated the microphone and made the ship go to Korriban.

On Earth, Kira looked at Riley, who was next to her. "Isn't that the...?" She asked. "Criminal who keeps murdering children? Yep." He answered, incredulous. The next week was spent repairing things that had been destroyed. The Sigurdsons took it as an opportunity to remodel their house. Seven days after the war ended, Kira decided to take a day off and went out to the bar that Task Force Boondock had built. When the Task Force needed money to pay for their Saint project, they had built it for soldiers of the Squadran exclusively. For that night, the drinks were free. Kira ordered herself a beer and sat at the bar, where Shane was serving the drinks.

A man sat next to her as Shane served her her drink. "I'll have one of those too." He said and Shane got him one. Her opened it and turned to Kira. "Saw you out in the field. Very impressive." He said with a small smile. She smiled back. "Thanks. I recognize you from out there as well. Pretty badass." He grinned fully. "I don't like to brag..." He said with a hint of humor. "What's your name?"

"I'm Jon. Jon Lincoln." He introduced himself.

Riley was tripping over his house's new stairs at that moment. As he picked himself up, he heard laughter from the other side of the street. He looked over and saw Sola laughing. He got up and shrugged. She walked over. "You ok?"

"I've had worse." He said honestly. "Good point. Hey, do you think you can come help me with something? My own place took a hit, and I need help with, er, lifting stuff."

"Sure." He knew full well she could use the force to do it, but he didn't care at all. The twins spent the next week getting to know Sola and Jon, and by the end of the week, both the twins were dating them.

In Task Force Boondock, Sean walked into the Headquarters and found Shane in the kitchen. "Shane, it's four in the morning."

"I know, this hot sauce gotta be done." Shane replied. "God above you're still working on that shit?" Sean asked, incredulous. The sauce promptly exploded and sent Shane flying across the room. Sean sighed. "Anyway, me and Norm got a hit on some big crime lords meeting up in Vegas, you want in?"

"Sure, let's go." The three drove into Vegas, Shane suffered a few awful memories and he couldn't help tears getting into his eyes, which he blinked away quickly. Sean noticed. "Hey is anybody hungry? Maybe we could stop at an IHOP or-"

"Shut up!" Norm interrupted, making the car go silent. "Shane's cryin'." There was a few moments of silence before Sean burst out laughing at the same time as Shane said "Fucking assholes!" But was laughing alongside them himself. They arrived at the bar where the first hit was and Shane quickly disguised himself as the bartender. As he served drinks to them, Sean and Norm went in back to grab the biggest crime lord. They duct taped his mouth and duct taped him to a stretcher in the back. They took his shirt off and wrote an Irish term on his back. They wheeled him out and the crime lords ran over. "Tá tú. What the fuck is that?" One said. "It's Irish, for you are-" Sean began from behind them and they opened fire. "As in...Fucked." Norm finished.

"Who ordered the whoop-ass fajitas?" Shane yelled, holding his guns up. Sean and Norm looked at each other. "That's fucking stupid." Sean said as Norm added "Completely retarded." They went to the next place, a sky scraper. Shane went to the halls to wait outside to attack at a certain time. Sean and Norm went to the roof and began fastening themselves with ropes to the railing. Shane saw a janitor, and, concerned for a civilian's life, pulled him into a supply closet, holding a gun to his head, saying "Don't scream."

He tied him to a pole. "Hey, uh, me and my friends are gonna be doing some shooting to the crime lords, so I need your help." Shane said to the janitor. "The fuck?"

"I need something cool to say when it's all over. Basically, I need an Austa-la-vista line, and you're gonna help me think of one." Shane said. Five minutes later, Sean and Norm were crashing through the window and shooting, so Shane kicked the door down and began killing criminals as well. When it was done, the main crime boss was on his knees. Sean and Norm aimed their sidearms at the back of his head and said their execution prayer, and shot him. "DING DONG, MOTHER FUCKER! DING DOOOONG!" Shane shouted. "Fuckin' A." Sean said as Norm pointed at him and said "You said it."

They returned home and dropped Sean off first. Sean saw Elle sitting on the couch, and he knew he was about to get an earful. He walked over cautiously, and she looked at him. "Sit down, please." She said. Please, lord, help me. He thought and did so. He opened his mouth to explain where he was all day and she promptly put a finger on his lips, making him not talk. She then grabbed his shirt and pulled him down on top of her. Oh. Well, this is much better. He thought.

Claudia returned home after going out to get groceries. It was her day to do it, and her parents were out for the day as is. As she unloaded them, she heard a continuous springing come from Emilia's room. She snapped her fingers and stuck Em to the guy in there. Kira's voice yelled out "Claud, it's not Em!"

"I know!"

"You never gave me this rule!" Kira yelled at her oldest sister. " are misusing a room. And I feel like having a nap now."

"It's not even a guy!" Kira yelled, but Claudia was already napping on the couch. "What is it sis...I am having a nap."

"No comment on the fact I'm waking you up fully clothed?" Kira responded. "Not really, a strong desire to sleep..." Kira promptly curled up next to her. "Ok, you sleep too..." She then realized Kira was force stuck to her. "You know I can quantum teleport, right?"

"Our molecules are stuck together." Kira responded. "You should have payed attention in Physics. Molecules are billions of times larger than quants." Claudia responded. "What if I ask nicely? Because I've yet to have taken it out."

"Ok, here you go." Claudia said and unstuck it. "Thank you. Also, the only other option was your room, as Riley and Sola are a little busy in his."

"What about yours?"

"Doesn't have memory foam." Kira said bluntly. "Take the memory foam and go to your room?" Claudia suggested. "And put it back before Em gets home?"

"Yes?" Kira sighed. "Well, her bed does half the work."

"How so?"

"Bouncier." She waited a moment before adding "Also, a guy from sniper division dropped by. Said something about looking for you."

"Oh, well I never should have allowed mum to buy her the super-comfy bed. Who was it?" Kira shrugged. "Tall, ripped, cute, have fun."


"Hank something." Kira said. "Not interested." Kira sighed. suddenly, mattress springs from Emilia's room sounded again. "Em's still out..." Kira said, confused."Right, who's that?" Claudia asked. "Unless Sola got sick of the taste, no idea." Kira said. "Go check, I want to sleep." Kira turned and let Claudia sleep. When Claudia woke up, she saw her parents back in the house, Kira sitting on the chair holding ice to her head, Riley holding Ice to his groin, and Emilia waving for her to come over to her. She got up and went over. "You must be a heavy sleeper. We had a couple of people we've never seen before in the house."


"One was a big guy with a breathing mask and the other was some woman. She force-kicked Riley in the groin and he dropped a chair on Kira's head."

"Damn, and I slept through that?" Claudia said and shook herself awake. Eventually, Riley went to bed, and then did their parents. Emilia followed suit a few hours after. Kira sat in the chair the whole time, holding the ice to her head. "If you don't take that out your pants will be ruined." Claudia pointed out. "Ah shit, I forgot. And too late, I think." Kira said. "I'll fix that." Claudia said and fixed the problem. "Thanks."

"So where's Jon?"

"Over at UNSC base for a week, reuniting with a few old friends."

"Ah." Claudia said. "You tried going out lately?" Kira asked. "Nope. Not interested. Besides, I have my physical needs taken care of." Claudia responded and saw the look on Kira's face. "I can relive memories of the guys from before."

"Ah. What were they like?" Claudia transmitted the thoughts over to her sister. "Ok. Haven't really got anything to compare it to, but ok." Claudia remembered Kira hadn't done anything with Jon or any other guy yet. "Sis, when ever you are ready, lose it."

"Coming from one of experience?" Kira asked. "Yeah, I lost it around eighteen."

"To who?" Kira said curiously. "Well, he's been dead for a long, long time." Claudia explained. "Saddened by it at all?" Kira asked. "Not really, I mean he was bent on destroying this reality." Claudia said and shrugged. "Good point." Her younger sister said. Kira reached down her pants, pulled the object in question out, and tossed it out the window. "Poor garden." Claudia commented. "So, how many guys?" Kira asked. " Between fifteen and thirty."

"Wow. Em's already topped that." Kira said, switching hands to hold the ice to her head. "Well, I have been stuck in this reality for a long time now, and only one here."

"Who was the one?" Kira asked. "Pff, if I only remembered the name." Kira laughed. "My god, my older sisters are sluts!"

"Nah, but if he would have been good, I'd remember." Claudia pointed out. "So, what do you think of Jon?" Kira asked. "Self-absorbed, soldier, unwilling to show emotions...sounds like your type." Kira smiled. "Yep. Exactly." Then, mattress springs from their parents' room began sounding out. "Time for earplugs." Claudia quipped. "Or we could leave the house." Kira suggested. "Doing what?" Claudia asked as the springs intensified. "Dunno. Boondock Bar?" Kira suggested again. "If I must." Claudia said. "Come on then." Kira said and took her older sister there. They each ordered a drink.

"So, you hear about what Sen's doing?" Kira asked. "What's he up to now?"

"Plans on trying to go after Nes on his own. No help, so it won't be an act of war."

"Typical him, huh?"

"Yeah..." They drank another two each, Kira tried to get Claudia to go hit on an ODST across the bar, she failed, and they went home and went to bed. "Make sure it's your own bed this time." Claudia said before closing her door. The rest of the month was mostly uneventful.

April 2250Edit

"I thought you said your car was inconspicuous." Sean grumbled to Shane as they drove through Vegas. "It is where I come from." Shane said. "Where the fuck was that?" Norm asked from the back seat. "Hey, I hail from a colorful people." Shane said defensively as he pulled into the gun store. In Vegas, there was a friend of Boondock that supplied them guns. They went into the back of his shop and went into the back. Shane went looking on his own while Norm and Sean talked with the store owner. They looked at a rack of rifles when the owner said "Gentlemen, please. Preferred customers choose from my personal section. If I may make a suggestion." He said and pulled out a pair of cases.

The cousins opened them and jaws hit the ground. Two desert eagles with large extended barrels were in the cases. They began looking at them. "I feel like the kid who opened the chocolate bar and got that gold ticket." Sean said as he cradled the weapons. "Charlie." Norm murmured as he looked at his. Then Shane walked over, looking bleary eyed and holding his own case. Sean leaned over. "Have you been cryin' again?" He asked. "Yeah! Tears of joy!" Shane responded and turned to the store owner. "How much?"

"No, you guys are on the house." He said and Norm leaned over. "Well, let's see." Shane opened it and showed them two pistols with gold silencers and beer bottle grips on the handles. Norm scratched his head as Sean stared. "What?" Shane asked, defensively. "Nothin'." Norm said. "What, are you saying I look gay?" Shane asked. "No, you just hail from a colorful..." Sean said and Shane looked at the gun store owner, who he had just met. "You don't know me, do these make me look gay?" He said and held them up. "You look like you mighta' seen one up close." The man said bluntly as the cousins burst out laughing.

April the first was a monumental day when Claudia was around. Zack, Leandra, Emilia, Riley, and Kira all locked themselves in the basement while she caused total hell around the base. At the end of the day, Andrea and Claire had been swapped while Ryan and Claire were sleeping, Korra had been swapped with a pole dancer in Vegas, she made Raynor and Samir share a bed without clothing, glued Becca to the ceiling, turned Tory into a badger, glued Vesracolian to the ceiling, causing IceBite to spend the day trying to get it down, and forced the remaining Ferrans to switch consciousnesses (Which was awkward, as she mixed and matched genders and bodies) until midnight, at which point she stopped all of the pranks.

The next day, Elle awoke and found a note from Sean. Out with Sasha, will be back at four. She nodded and wondered what she'd do with the day to herself. She went and made breakfast first. As she ate, the phone rang. She answered and said hello. "Hi Elle." Her mother said. "Hey mom, what's up?"

"Have you seen your dad?"

"No, why?"

"He wasn't here when I woke up, he's not at Sigurdsons', Ferrans', or Boondock, for that matter."

"I'll ask around."

"Ok, thanks." They said goodbye and Elle began calling to check. No sign came up until she got a call from Sean at three. "Hey, hon." He said. "Hi, love. Have you seen my dad?"

"Yes, actually, that's why I'm calling. He wants me to fly him out to Mandalore, any idea why?"


"Well, he says it's nothing important..."

"Ok, when will you be back?"

"With flight time, three in the morning."

"Alright, see you then, bye." Elle said and hung up. On the other end of the line, Darth Nymeria switched back to her original voice and looked at the captives Sen and Sean with a smirk on her face. Her master would be most pleased. She wondered how Alghul's mission had gone. When she had returned, she found Alghul waiting with their master, Nes Ceru. Their master stood overlooking a crowd, two prisoners in front of him, bound with specially designed binds to inhibit the flow of powers. Nymeria walked up and threw her prisoners down before kneeling. "Rise, my apprentice. You have done well." Sen and Sean were soon bound similarly.

Nes turned to the crowd in front of him. Sith warriors from all corners of the galaxy, several from the remnants of Konstantin's Empire. He held out a hand and the crowd stopped talking amongst themselves. "Greetings, my friends. Today, we have four prisoners. Sen Urec, the former Sith, Sean and Sasha Renner, two of Hellcat Squadran's black ops specialists, and Shane Ortiz, one of their friends. Two of them will survive the next ten minutes, the others, not so much." The crowd of Sith cheered.

Nes gestured for Alghul to join him. His apprentice did so, and produced a simple baseball bat, wrapped in barbed wire, and Nes took it. The four looked at one another (other then Sen, who had no eyes), wondering who was about to die. Then, Nes used the force and dragged Sasha forward. "No! Don't! For fuck's sake Nes take me! Leave her alone, what did she ever do!" Sean began screaming. Nes looked at Sean with contempt and then turned to Sasha, holding the bat above his head. Sasha looked up, defiant until the end. "God save you, Nes Ceru. You are truly lost." She said, looked at Sean, who was still screaming. "Don't worry, little brother. I'm off to see ma and Conner. Say goodbye to Jake for me." And then she looked up at Nes, spit on him, and he brought the bat down on her head.

The first blow made a dent in her head and knocked out one eye. The eyeball bounced off the ground and rolled into the crowd, who were in a frenzy driven by bloodlust. Nes struck again, this time caving in her skull completely. He kept going for another seven blows before stopping. He raised the bat up and the crowd cheered. He tossed the bat aside and grabbed a fire axe. He pulled Sen forward. Sean and Shane were both screaming curses and threats at Nes as he chopped off Sen's head.

Nes turned to the two Boondocks and snapped his fingers. They, along with the two corpses, minus Sen's head, vanished into thin air. They reappeared in IceBite's office, who jumped up, yelling "Holy shit!" Sean knelt next to his dead sister, tears running down his face as Shane struggled against his bonds. IceBite helped them and looked at the bodies. "Who?" He asked, stunned. "Ceru." Shane snarled. "Who's the...?" IceBite said and pointed at Sen's body. "It's Sen." Shane said. "My god...and?" IceBite said and pointed at Sasha, who was unrecognizable. "Sasha." Sean said, pure fury dripping into his voice.

Sean spent that night with his arms wrapped around Elle, who was grieving. He didn't know how Holly had reacted. He was also grieving for his sister. In fact, if Sen hadn't died, he'd be on his own right now, probably smashing something. But, Elle needed him there, so that's where he was. The two funerals were held four days apart. Sean went rather quietly through Sen's, but after Sasha's was over, he knelt by the grave.

"I don't know why he chose you, but I know that you'd prefer you over me. You were always crazy that way. I promise I'll find some way to make Nes pay. See you, sis. I'll miss you." He said, put a lone flower by the gravestone and went home, his heart in knots. He passed Norm, who went to say his own respects. Norm crouched down by the grave. "I know, you'd want it to be you, but I also know you're worried about him. While you're up there, I'll protect him, cuz. Don't worry, nobody will touch him. In Nomine Patrii Et Filli Spiritus Sancti." Norm stood up, nodded at the gravestone and left.

At the Sigurdson house, Riley was particularly struck by Sen's death, as they had been close like nephew and uncle. He sat at the kitchen table at midnight, on his own. His dad walked over and sat next to him. "Hey, bud." Zack said. "How are you holding up?" Zack asked. He was saddened over the re-death of his friend, but knew he had to be strong for his family. "Not great, dad."

"I know, son." Zack said as Riley turned to look at him. "What are we going to do?"

"We'll find some way to make Ceru pay for this."

"Dad, how can we, none of us are as powerful as him, he even defeated Ice's god little sister."

"Son, he lacks any real drive. He has made the most dangerous people in the universe his personal hangmen. He will die, I promise you that." Riley nodded slowly, then got up and went to bed. Zack sat there for a while when Leandra sat down next to him. "Hey, hon." She said, wrapping an arm around his shoulder. "How is he?" She asked, her voice full of concern. She had just checked on Kira. "He's upset, but knows we will all see to it Sen's avenged." Zack answered, and Leandra nodded. "Kira's upset. She just broke up with Jon."

"Dear lord, why?"

"He has a view that Sen was just another soldier that got lost in all the deaths he's seen." Zack sighed at that. "I imagine she didn't react well to that." He said and shook his head. "No, she threw him over his house. He landed in the thorn bushes."

"That's a hell of a way to break up." Zack said. He got up. "I'm gonna go talk to Claud, ok?"

"Alright, I've already spoken to Em." Leandra answered and he went up to Claud's room. She was hanging upside down off the ceiling. "Are you doing ok?" He asked. "Honestly, no. Yes, I'm sad by Sen and Sasha, but I'm just afraid of it happening to you and mom next." She said. He nodded. "Claudia, I promise you, we won't let him take us."

"Don't you think he gave the same promise to Holly and Elle?" She shot back. "Claud, I know. He won't take either of us, can you trust us on that?" She didn't say anything for a moment, then nodded. "Ok, now, your mother and I have some big meetings with the other bosses tomorrow."

"Where are you going with this?" She wasn't reading his mind, which spoke volumes. "Well, Sola told me she and Riley are hoping to go out tomorrow to try and keep their minds off things, Em is....I really don't know, and Kira just broke up with Jon. Can you maybe take her out someplace?"

"Sure. Dad?"


"Why don't you know what Em is doing tomorrow?" He sighed. "Because I'd prefer to not know." She mouthed "Oh." And he left and went up to bed. She sent a psychic message to Em. Do it at their place. Zack went up to bed himself. He lay down, letting out a long, tired sigh. He was really starting to get tired of war. No matter what, it seemed, he was going to lose friends and even family. He also reflected on his growing resentment for IceBite, as he never seemed to lose anybody. Anymore, at least. Leandra curled up beside him. "How are you doing?" She asked.

"About as good as you." He answered. Even through the dark, he could see her nod and felt her move closer to him. They didn't do anything that night, all they both wanted was to sleep and drift out of reality for a few precious hours. Zack woke up first and decided to let Leandra sleep. He went to meet IceBite in his office. When he arrived, IceBite looked furious. "Sometimes I really hate this shit, Zack." He said. Zack shook his head. "Now what?" He groaned. "The council is, by majority, refusing to go to war."

"Of course." Zack said angrily. "They say that they won't kill another million by going to fight Nes." IceBite said, sounding as though he wanted to retire. Zack swore and shook his head. There was going to be no convincing the council's majority at all. "Look, I know we want to, but for now, we'll clear our heads a little and plan to go after him ourselves just in case." IceBite said. "Anyway, Zack, I'd say go and spend some time with your family." Zack nodded and left this office. He missed Omikron, where they could do what they wanted. Boondock could, but they wouldn't, not with Sean and Elle in such bad shape.

He returned home and caught Riley on the way out the door. "When will you be back?" He asked his son. "Sometime this evening." Riley answered, waved goodbye, and left. Zack went and sat down on the couch and saw Emilia get up. "Hey dad. I'm headed out for the day, too."

"Alright, try to be back by midnight." He said and she nodded. He watched TV for about three hours before Claudia and Kira woke up. They had a very sleepy breakfast, both looking like they had hangovers. He chuckled at the sight and they went and got dressed, bid their father farewell, and went out as well. He flipped a sitcom on and watched a marathon for three hours before Leandra got up. She walked over and snuggled up against him and he put one arm around her. "When will the kids be back?" Leandra asked. "Evening to night." He answered. "Ok." She said and took his hand and pulled him into the washroom.

About four hours later, Claudia and Kira went to a bar with karaoke. "Got an idea." Claudia whispered and went up to the mic. Kira was admittedly worried. Claudia checked the mic and sang, rather horribly:

"I, am, the great mighty poo, and I'm going to throw my shit at you."

"A huge supply of tish, comes from my chocolate starfish."

"How about some scat you little twat?"

They were promptly kicked out. They went to the park and sat at a bench, Claudia deftly stealing some ice cream. They sat and chatted and joked for a while before Kira noticed Claudia seemed distracted. She followed her sister's gaze and saw that she was watching two men playing chess by a fountain. "You seem interested." Kira prodded. "Shut up. I can't read one of them." Claudia said, irked. Oh yes, but I can read yours, Claudia. A male british voice said in her head. Psychic?" She asked through her thoughts. Yes. Interesting, meeting another, I haven't met another psychic before this. The voice said. She shook her head and waved them over. Kira gave her an "about time" look.

By the end of the day, they had recruited the two men, one of which was a psychic and the other had special implants to block out psychics reading his mind. They spent the rest of April attempting to get information out of them, who wound up being lovers of secrets.

May 2250Edit

"Son of a bitch!" Shane yelled out as Rick Greene flipped him over his shoulder and slammed him onto the ground. Shane was frustrated that the former Gearmarker was continuously kicking his ass. After the seventh time, Shane decided that someone can't be the best forever, and went home. He was glad that his girlfriend wasn't there. He had been trying to think of ways to dump her for months. He worked on his special hot sauce for most of the day until Sean and Norm visited him in the evening. They wound up eating Pizza, drinking beer, and examining guns around the table.

"You could double the cookie incident of Elle's dad's." Sean suggested. "Why?"

"Good way to dump her." Sean explained as Shane's girlfriend's cat jumped onto the table. "You know what? I'm doing it. That italian bitch has been stealing my money for months now, I've gotta end it. She can suck, my pathetic little dick, and I'll dip my balls in marinara sauce so the whore can get a taste of home." Shane said drunkenly. "Fuck it! FUCK IT! It is done!" Shane yelled and slammed his hand down on the table, setting off a gun and killing the cat. The three jumped away, freaking out, scared out of their minds.

"Holy shit..." Norm said, calming down. "I can't believe that just fucking happened!" Sean exclaimed. "Is it dead?" Shane asked, causing Sean to yell "Oh my god!"

An hour later, Shane's girlfriend and her friend arrived, stoned out of their minds, calling for the cat. Shane and Sean began acting like nothing had happened and began discussing Shane's pay. They started yelling at one another, hoping that it would cause the women to not notice the blood on the wall. Eventually, they screamed "SHANE!" Together, making him yell "WHAT?!"

"Where's my cat?" His girlfriend asked. "I killed your cat, you druggie bitch!"

"What, why?" She exclaimed. "I felt it would bring closure to our relationship. You know what?" He said and pulled out a gun. "I will shoot myself in the head right now if you can tell me the thing's name."

"Uh...Skippy?" She answered. "God, what color was it, bitch?!" He asked. "Don't talk to her like that, you prick!" Her friend answered. "SHHHYUUUT YO FAT ASS RAYVY, I CAN'T BUY A CASE OF BEER, WITHOUT RUNNING INTO NINE GUYS YOU'VE FUCKED!" He yelled. Norm and Sean took the opportunity to leave.

At the Ferran place, Korra was leaving for the day. She didn't really have any plans, just got in the car and went out for the day. Maybe go to a movie or something, she didn't know. Once she reached Vegas, she drove around until she found a restaurant. She pulled in and ate outside. As she ate, she noticed a gradual increase of tension around the restaurant. People were looking over one their shoulders, and Korra eventually heard the police sirens. She looked around and saw a trio of cop cars come screaming around the corner, chasing something. On closer inspection, she saw a lone woman, dressed in a skin-tight black bodysuit with silver metal plates attached here and there, jumping from car to car, moving faster then a normal human.

Korra watched for a moment, surprised at the woman's agility. She clearly had some from of advanced genetics, as she jumped further then a Spartan-II in armor. Eventually, Korra decided to give chase, seeing as this was clearly a wanted person. The woman jumped into an apartment building nine floors up, and Korra flew up to the roof and chased from there. The woman jumped from building to building, through the windows until she stopped at a fire escape and climbed up to the roof. Korra followed her for a long time, long after the police gave up, until they were at the edge of the city, pointed back to Kaven Base.

The woman turned to Korra and fixed her with an intense stare. "Hey, sis." She said calmly. "hubabudahubadawhowhawhat?" Korra asked, confused. "Me, half sister of you." The woman said, slowly and clearly, visibly frustrated. "And who would you be?" Korra asked. "Ada. Ada Nosdrugis." Korra started, surprised. " come from a long line of fugitives."

"Actually it's a line of three."

"Long enough. What are you doing this far into Coalition territory?" Korra asked, suspicious. "Running from my mother." Ada responded bluntly. "Not what I expected, but ok." Korra said. "Hey, you try being raised by that cunt for a good eighty years."

"You try having your CO being a prick for as long as you live." Korra shot back. Ada rolled her eyes. "They never got drunk and tried to kill you, I assume." She said. "Well, no." Korra said, a little surprised. "I'm actually also looking for my alternate mother from this universe, maybe she can find me some answers." Ada said. Korra considered for a moment, then nodded slowly. "This may be difficult, but I might be able to get you in. You'd have to go through interrogation to confirm everything, but if what you say is true, then there shouldn't be much trouble." Korra said slowly.

About four hours later, Ada was sitting in an interrogation chamber, staring at the wall, while IceBite was discussing what to do with Zack, Ryan, and a few others. "Do you think we should trust her?" IceBite asked. Ryan hesitated before saying "I think we should give her one chance, but be very, very cautious." Zack didn't answer. IceBite spoke up. "Honestly, I think she's too much of a threat to let loose. We could just keep her in here." He mused. Zack looked at him. "I have one question for you." He said, making IceBite look over. "Is your head up your ass for the warmth?"

"Hah, question of the century." Ryan said, which IceBite ignored. "I'll talk to her, see what I can get. Right now, I'm of a mind with Ryan." Zack said and pushed through the people, went into the room, broke the security camera and locked the door. "I hate it when he does this." IceBite muttered.

Zack sat down across from Ada. "I'm guessing you can tell who I am?" He said. "You're my alternate grandfather. Always wanted to meet you." Ada said. "Thank you. How come?"

"You piss off my mom. That alone earns my respect." Ada responded. "So, you want to meet your alternate mother?"

"Your oldest daughter, I believe." Ada said. Zack nodded. "Yes. So, would you understand if I was a little concerned?"

"Yes. You want to protect her. Something most parents want. I get that." Ada said. "If you want, I can show you what I'm thinking, that way you'll know I'm telling the truth."

"Do it." Zack said, and Ada showed him all of her terrible, terrible memories of her mother, and her burning desire to escape. When she had finished, Zack nodded and went out to talk to IceBite. "She's fine." Zack looked at Ryan. "You're her father, Ryan. What do you think of where she should stay." IceBite was about to speak up but Zack gave him a very rude hand gesture. Ryan thought, then said "Put her with me, I want to keep an eye on her." Zack nodded slowly. "Alright, but let her meet Claud, she really wants to." Zack said. "Alright." Ryan said.

After an hour, Ryan had taken Ada to his house. They walked in and Ada stood rooted in the middle of the kitchen, looking around. "Brought another one home I see. You never get tired of it, do you?" Samir said to Ryan, noticing her. "Sam'ika, enough. This is a bit...different." Ryan said, trying to put it delicately. "How so?" Raynor called in. "This is the daughter of Aidualc Nosdrugis." Ryan said, throwing delicacy out the window. Both of his kids jumped and drew weapons. "Stand down! She's staying with us for a while, no questions asked." Ryan said.

Ada was completely unfazed by everything. "Shocking, I know." She said, poking the toaster. "Ry'buir, may we talk to you for a second?" Samir said. "Of course." Ryan answered and Samir pulled him out of the room. "Are you out of your freakin mind! We can't let her in here!" Samir said. "It does present a considerable risk to our health." Raynor quipped. "I don't care if you guys want her here. Between us, we can take her if she gets out of line. Also....she's your sister." Ryan informed them. "What the fuck?" Samir said, stunned.

"I'll tell you later, just.....try and get used to having her around for a while. I don't think she's going anywhere anytime soon." Ryan said. "Yes, Ryu'bir." Raynor said with a small sigh. They went into the kitchen and found Ada looking at the open fridge, looking mesmerized. "Tell me, is the fridge supposed to crack open?" She asked. "Not really." Samir said, confusing her. "So how do you get the food out?" She asked. "That's the painted wall. We use it to confuse people for fun. This is the fridge over here." Raynor joked.

"I already like this place. Where I came from jokes like that got you the barbed wire whip." Ada said, matter-of-factly. "That is...inhumane, to say the least." Raynor said, as delicately as possible. "Trust me, if you knew my mother at all you'd know you'd be lucky to get that." Ada responded. "Well, nothing like that happens here, don't you worry." Ryan assured her. "Good to kn-Why is there a pink haired lady looking unamused in the door?" Ada asked. "Ah....Samir, Raynor, make our guest feel comfortable." He walked over to Claire. "Hello dear." Ryan said, with a tad of caution.

"I heard most of what you just said, and I'm not happy. Why would you bring her here?" Claire asked. "It was either here or Zack's, and I'm not going to-" Ryan began, but Claire interrupted. "Or you could have not brought her to the base at all. You know what destruction her family can do, what makes you think she's different?"

"I...I don't know. Listen, just give her a chance. Between me and the boys, we can easily get her out of here if things get out of hand." Ryan answered. "I hope you know what you're doing. This could just be the dumbest thing you've ever done." Claire said, sounding exasperated. "Does bold count?" Ryan asked. "We agreed to never bring that series of events up again." Claire said. "Just saying. And trust me, I know what I'm doing." Ryan said and Claire walked away. "I hope." He muttered to himself. Suddenly, he heard Ada's voice in his head.

Should I show her the scars?

"Hmm?" He asked. C'mon, nobody's going to go through getting whipped by barbed wire without amassing more scars then Sean Renner. Ada's voice answered. "True, but...just don't go around showing them off. Things around here will be very....fragile, for the time being." Ryan advised her. Trust me, they're in places I don't want whipped out.

"Alright then." Ryan said, uncertainly.

In the Sigurdson home, Zack had just finished explaining the situation to Claudia. "You're sure she can be trusted?" Claudia double checked. Zack nodded. "Alright. Yeah, I'll talk to her whenever she wants." Claudia said. Zack nodded, thanked her, and left. Claudia absentmindedly decided to go out for a walk. She wandered for a while, and then noticed something at the back of her mind. A presence of some sort approaching. She turned around in time to duck under the massive lightsaber axe being swung at her head.

She rolled away and saw a Sith the reports named Darth Alghul, wearing a breather mask. She tried to lash out with her psychic powers, but realized he had psychic blocks all around him. She swore and readied herself to alter the area around him when a kick hit her in the side of the head. She was sent sprawling and looked to see the one called Darth Nymeria joining Alghul. Nymeria lunged for her, and Claudia attempted to turn her into a rat, which failed, for some reason. Nymeria tackled her and they rolled off to the side. Claudia noticed someone tackle Alghul as Sith dropships filled the sky.

Claudia soon realized Nymeria and Alghul must have some sort of Psychic jammer on their persons. Thanking someone that her parents had taught her some forms of self defense, she began a physical duel against Nymeria, punches, kicks, grabs, knees, elbows, anything they could use against the other, they did. Meanwhile, Sean drew his saber and began dueling Alghul. The Sith was clearly superior in every way. Stronger, faster, bigger, more powerful, more skilled, everything. Still, Sean fought him.

He jumped over the axe swung at his legs and swung at Alghuls head, which the Sith ducked under and tackled him. Sean vainly punched at him, trying to get him to let go, but the Sith's body was like a hunk of moving steel. The Sith put him in a headlock and pulled out a syringe. He put it in Sean's arm and withdrew a golden fluid Sean didn't recognize, but he immediately felt weaker. Alghul tossed him to the side like a toy and went to attack a few ODSTs. Sith troops were landing everywhere, in numbers worse then Konstantin's forces. The sun was blotted out with the number of their ships.

Sean tried to summon his powers over the force to attack some Sith, but nothing happened. Moving on, he tried an Aura sphere, which also failed. He swore and pulled out his crossbow. He shot bolts into the hordes of Sith, dropping them one by one. When he ran out, he drew two desert eagles and joined Norm, who was running over. The two opened fire, dropping all they could. It was a futile effort, not just by them, but for the whole Squadran. Within the hour, The survivors were gathered next to Narsil at it's base stood Alghul and Nymeria.

Then, from nowhere, came Nes Ceru, forming atop Narsil itself. "Hello, my old enemies. As you can see, we've made the first move. All that is left is to see whether or not your allies will fare better. My fleet attacks the world now, doing what my old master could not. Now, to show you I am in command, I will kill, at random, one of your number. And there is nothing you can do about it. Nothing. Now, dearest, bring forth some poor, random fool." Suddenly, Aidualc Nosdrugis appeared. The haunting beauty mixed with an odd adoration for Nes. A light came up, causing the stage of Narsil to make those standing on it silhouettes, making it impossible to see who was about to die. It also prevented those in the crowd from seeing anything but those on the stage.

Aidualc pulled out a knife and stabbed the person in the chest with it and kicked him down onto his back. They could tell it was a man. They could all see the blade's hilt coming out of the man's chest. Nes walked over and, seeing the man was still alive, stomped on the hilt, pushing it all the way into the man's torso. He turned to the crowd. "We leave you now, to prepare yourself. We want a fair fight, do we not?" He said, getting a cheer from his soldiers. Then, the sun was no longer blotted, the light dimmed, and the survivors could see the body of Riley Sigurdson on the stage.

Two weeks later, Sean had went to talk to Quel. He had been unable to use any powers since Alghul had stabbed him, and that worried him. After the tests were done, Quel came with grim news. "You remember the surgery that gave you force powers, yes?" Quel asked. "How could I forget?" Sean answered.

"Well, Alghul took the pieces of DNA in you that contained high counts of Midi-chlorians, effectively robbing you of your force powers." Sean grimaced at this news. "What about the Aura powers?" He asked.

"That is a little more complicated. Aidualc, like her father, has the ability to suck the powers out of you through biting you. Piercing the skin and drawing blood, most likely. I'm guessing she found a way to take that idea and put it into a syringe." Sean swore. "Ok, thanks doc." He said and left. On his way out, a club came from nowhere and struck him right in the head, causing him to black out, but not before seeing two men pull him into the back of a truck.

He woke up in a cell, somewhere he didn't recognize. There was a guard outside. "May I ask what I did?" Sean snarled at him. "You're being tried for killing one of ours. With us, killing one of ours means death." The guard said simply. "Good lord." Sean muttered. He was soon dragged out into a wide courtroom, with witnesses all around. He recognized it as a neutral faction from the outer rims that had survived on it's own somehow. Glorious he thought as the trial commenced.

"Renner, what say you to the charges you are already aware of?" The judge said. Good god. Sean thought. "Well, my crimes are without count. You want specifics I suppose. When I was seven, I stuffed my father's boots with goat shit. When discovered, I blamed my sister, and she got grounded. When I was twelve, I turned my sister's skin purple, and blamed it on the cat." Some witnesses laughed quietly.

"When I was fourteen, I milked my eel into a pot of stew. I flogged the one-eyed snake, skinned my sausage...I made then bald men cry-" He made a crude hand gesture to emphasize his point."-into the stew, which I do believe my father ate, at least I hope he did." The crowd laughed in earnest now. "I once took a jackass and honeycomb, into a brothel-" He was interrupted when a few guards came over. "Kill him!" Cried the judge. Just as the guard drew a lethal looking knife, someone crashed in through the window. The person drew two desert eagles and used them to get Sean out without firing a single shot. Sean recognized Norm.

They jumped on Norm's ship and flew back to earth. They stopped by a graveyard where their old bartender was buried. They sat in silence for a few moments before they said their prayer for him and walked away. Norm yelled "Fuck!" to which Sean yelled "Ass!"

They missed him much of the time.

Ian Bauer looked up from the paperwork. Sean had announced after Sasha had died that he would not take the lead, so that left Ian as the next in line to lead. He accepted with caution, as this put a lot of weight on his shoulders. With the Coalition now declaring war on Nes' army, which dwarfed the size of Konstantin's, he needed to have Boondock up and running to it's full capacity. He had everyone possible working on the Saint, which would be very useful in the wartimes ahead.

However, for the life of him, he couldn't find Andrea. She had gone missing that morning and hadn't been seen since. He wandered around and looked, asking whoever possible if they might know where she was. He checked the Ferran home. Ryan answered, and upon finding no reasons, Ian went to look elsewhere. As he walked, he noticed someone walking around the base, and didn't recognize him. As he went over to look, he realized it was Nes Ceru, and promptly smashed his sidearm over Nes' head, knocking him out. He dragged him to interrogation and chained him with special chains meant specifically for him, and went to find someone to help out.

A few hours later, Claire was assigned to be his guard. Nes sat in silence for a while, then spoke to her. "How did it make you feel?"


"He didn't confess then." Nes said. "What are you talking about?" Claire asked. "Oh, ask Andrea. Hell, if she tells you, she might be able to screw your husband more often."

"What?" Claire asked. "How does it make you feel, knowing that the honorable, lord, Ryan Ferran, fucked, another woman?"

"No! Ryan is loyal to me..."

"Come on, Claire, I may be a terrorist and a murderer but I am not a liar." Nes taunted. He lashed out mentally and showed her that he was telling the truth. Tears dripped down Claire's face, and she called the security guard outside to relieve her.

Claudia was wandering the base when she found Reid Lenshur, the recent Psychic who had joined, training alone. "What's up, good looking?" She asked him. "Nothing overly interesting. How are you doing?" He asked, concern in his voice. "All, things considered? Miserably." She answered. She was feeling a great emptiness inside her and couldn't help but remember all of the times they had had together. "I am truly sorry for your loss. How is your family taking it?" Reid said, still sounding concerned.

"You know dad and mum are as usual, trying to hide it from us. Little sisters are crying a lot." Claudia answered. It was a terrible time to be one of the Sigurdsons. "Do you have an idea for going after him?"

"Not really, if his two little errant boys had psychic blockers, he most likely has one too." Claudia said bitterly. "True. Although there is talk of putting together an assassination team." Reid said. "Good luck to them." Claudia said, clearly thinking it was a suicide mission. "What do you plan on doing in this war?" Reid asked. "What I am ordered to do and what it takes to survive. What about you?"

"Whatever I can to bring Ceru down. Hopefully that involves me getting out alive." Reid answered. "He is now more powerful than Konstantin was. To date, we don't know how Anthony beat him. That reminds me, where is he ?" Claudia asked. "I don't really know. I've been meaning to ask, if you're up to it, could you show me some of the abilities you learned before joining?"

"You mean the things I learned in Psi?"

"Yeah." Reid answered. "Sure, I can, but are you sure, that you are up for it?" She asked. "I guess we'll find out." He said. "I think, we will." Claudia mused.

Sean and Norm were just pulling into the base when they heard the yelling. It was Claire's voice. The drove over and saw Claire screaming at Ryan, tears streaming down her face. Upon hearing what had happened Sean walked over. "Oh, god." Norm said and put his head on the wheel. He heard Ryan say something to Sean. "You son of a bitch, your friend is dead and all you care about is old grudges." Norm looked up, shocked. Sean recoiled slightly. "What?" He asked. Ryan brought up a hologram of a note and a picture. Norm could see Andrea with one of her own arrows through her eye.

"You get it now?" Ryan snarled at Sean, and Norm saw the Ferran kids come out. "Yeah." Sean said and punched Ryan in the face through the hologram, breaking his nose. "Shit!" Norm exclaimed as Samir shoved him back. Raynor was on Sean in a second, more trained then Sean was, was able to bring him down easily. Sean was not one to go down easily, however, and fought back. Jared and Ethan jumped in, followed by Val. Norm saw one of them break Sean's arm, and charged in, tackling Jared to the side.

Jared was caught by surprise by Norm's attack, but was able to kick Norm away. Ethan caught Norm and pinned his arms to he couldn't use them. Norm lifted his feet up and kicked Raynor into Val just as a gunshot rang out. Everyone froze as Ian walked in, revolver in one hand. He helped Sean to his feet and got Norm away from Ethan. He put them in the car and turned, gave the Ferrans a meaningful look, and went to retrieve Andrea's body.

The next week and a half was wracked with guilt over the losses, the anger, sadness, and determination to stop them. Nes was never there. He used an illusion to cause the chaos. Never before were so many after the death of one.

June 2250Edit

Kira knocked the third punching bag off its hangar. Ever since Riley had died, she felt truly alone. Yes, she had her sisters, but Riley had been with her since birth, hell, before. She was in the training room of Task Force Boondock, who had allowed her to use it. "How are you doing?" A voice said. She turned and saw Sola walking over. "Shitty. Just like you." She answered. "Yeah." Sola said and there was a silence.

"When do you deploy?" Kira asked, punching the next bag. "I don't. I'm going alone." Sola answered. "After Nes? You must be crazy." Kira said. "No. Nymeria. We take off his hands and there's just him left." Sola said. Kira shook her head. "When do you leave?"

"Today. If I don't come back, then, well, do me a favor and make sure they die." Sola said, to which Kira nodded. Sola walked out, got aboard her own ship and flew it out into space. She had traced Nymeria to a planet under Sith control. Nymeria had an illustrious mansion in the mountains of the planet, far from any other settlement. She flew in a few miles away and hid in a tree. A pair of Sith guards came to investigate the landing. "I hope this isn't her. She's a terror with a blade." One said.

"I know. She personally killed four of us in two seconds. Hell, she killed Mera!"

"What? Damn, she's better then I feared."

"Indeed. Some say she carves and S into her enemies' bodies when she kills them."

"I heard. The name Sola Kerana is one I never want carved into me." Sola's eyebrows raised. She was that feared in the Sith society? Well, she wasn't complaining. She jumped down from the tree and cut through the two guards like butter. She had an idea, and set to work. When she was done, she snuck into the fortress and hid on the roof. She clicked the button to activate the mechanism she had set up. There was a panic in the fortress. Sola personally saw Nymeria look out her window at the flaming S put into the hills.

She crept in through the windows and found Nymeria speaking to, to Sola's terror, Nes. "It seems Kerana is here, my master." Nymeria said. "Indeed. We must be cautious. As much as some may think, she is capable of killing us. I will see to the men, prepare yourself, my apprentice." Nes said and swept from the room. Sola waited a few moments before jumping down behind Nymeria. Nymeria acted normal for a moment before noticing her open window. "Guards!" She yelled and turned to see Sola, lightsaber extended and aimed at her chest.

Sola leaned over and took Nymeria's daggers from her belt. Two guards rushed in, holding blasters. "Put em down!" Sola said. Nymeria nodded and they put their blasters and lightsabers down. "Come." She said and they advanced slowly. "Stop. Face the window." They did so. "Now, bend down, touch your toes." She said, causing them to look quizzically at Nymeria, who snarled "Bend. Over." They did so. Sola gestured for Nymeria to move back, and kicked the men out the window, to their deaths.

Nymeria jumped back, and Sola tossed the daggers back to her. Nymeria activated them and fell into a battle stance. Sola did the same, and Nymeria attacked furiously, Sola parrying each strike. Eventually, Sola kicked her away and Nes entered, saber in hand. They began dueling as well, Sola surprised to find herself holding her own against the Sith Overlord. Soon, Nymeria was on her feet as well and Sola was forced to pick up one of the guards' sabers. She parried their attacks and countered, but was soon forced back as well. Knowing she wouldn't be able to kill them both, She dove out the window, threw the red saber into a guard and ran into the hangar.

She decapitated a guard and stole his fighter. She flew it out into space, knowing she'd have to try Alghul next.

Kira was still punching the punching bags when she heard Korra's voice sound out. "Hey there. Training, or just letting out steam?" Kira head-butted the punching bag, sending it flying. "The latter. She answered. "I see. Listen, there is nothing you could have done. Just focus the energy at useful things." Korra advised her. "Like what? Name something, please." Kira said. "Like getting ready for when we can get back at them. Remember, a punching bag can only do so much." Korra said.

"Yeah. I know. What happened to your hand?"

"Umm, family issue. Got into a discussion with Sean over something he shouldn't have got involved with. Hopefully won't be a problem again." Korra answered. Her had was swollen. Kira sighed. "How is your mum doing?" She asked. "Been better, I won't lie." Korra answered. Kira nodded. "I get that. What about your siblings?"

"Same. There is a bit of a....misunderstanding...between them and some of Boondock at the moment." Korra answered, a hint of regret in her voice. "Well, something tells me all Ian cares about is keeping his own safe." Kira said. It was something she had to admire, the new leader standing up to such a large group of renowned fighters. "Probably. Not our problem though." Korra said simply.

"Yeah...Did you know her?" Kira asked, and Korra knew she was talking about Andrea. "A bit. She seemed like a good person."

"She was...troubled, to say the least." Kira said. "I can tell that now." Korra said, sadness detectable in her voice. "Yeah. Have you seen Claudia around? Haven't seen her all day." Kira asked. "No, I haven't. Sorry about that." Korra answered. "Crap. She's been taking it the worst, after my parents." Kira said sadly. "I would think so. Again, I'm really sorry." Korra said. Thanks...have you noticed how whenever someone dies around here, it's someone my parents have known or have been related to?"

"Yep. It's very wierd, like someone is controlling what happens." Korra reflected. "Well, if I find said person, I'm going to shove a metal pipe so far up their ass it comes out their mouth." Kira said in a dead tone. "They'd probably like it, too." Korra pointed out. "Then I'd turn the metal molten..." Kira continued. "Maybe a bit to far." Korra said, to which Kira gave her a look. "Don't look at me like that. I am still your elder." Korra said, hoping to lighten the mood. "In what ways?" Kira asked. "I'm older and more experienced. And better in nearly all ways." Korra said and smiled.

"I'm better looking." Kira said simply. "That's what you think." Korra said. "Maybe. For some reason, everyone else has gotten laid but me..." Kira said, thinking aloud. "I'll take you to a bar with many handsome men one of these days." Korra said, hiding a small laugh. "Maybe we should save that for Nes' death day." Kira suggested. "So tomorrow then?" Korra said, laughing a little. Kira just laughed. "One can hope! Thanks, by the way."

"Any time, my 'o so humble friend." Korra said simply. "Well, I'm going to find Claudia now. You have other things to do?" Kira asked. "Not really. Maybe grab ice for my hand, but that's about it." Korra said, glancing at it. "Can't you make ice?" Kira pointed out. "Oh, fine. Since you're begging." Korra iced her hand and they went to look for Claudia.

After about a half hour, the decided to check Reid's house. When they arrived they heard certain sounds coming from an upstairs bedroom. "Found her maybe?" Korra asked. "See what I mean?" Kira asked, clearly frustrated. "Can you speak up, I can't hear you over her." Korra said. "Everyone, but me!" Kira said, louder. "You'll get your chance. Just run out in the city and flash people." Kira laughed at that. "There's the girl I like." Korra said. "Ooh, I'm flattered." Kira joked. "You have a dirty mind." Korra said.

Kira laughed again. "We should probably go, before she throws a cow at us." Kira said. "I dare her to try." Korra said. "Either way, I'm going now." Kira said and began backing away. "Ok, ok." Korra said and followed her.

After Korra left, Kira went home and saw Emilia on the couch, reading something. She approached cautiously, and was then hit in the head by the book. "Sorry, the author is enraging." Emilia said. "Don't worry about it. Where's mum and dad?"

"Dad's at the Ferrans', mum..." Emilia said and looked at the stairs. Their mother was in a terrible way at that time. They all were. "Where's Claud?" Emilia asked. "She has her own outlets, I'll put it that way." Kira said simply. There was a moment of silence, and then an ear-splitting explosion filled the air. The sisters were sent flying through the air and Kira's vision blacked out when she went through the wall. She awoke in the med-labs, lying on a bed. She sat up. "OI!" She yelled, and her father, Claudia, and Emilia (Who had a bandage around her head) burst in. "Did anyone get the license of the scarab that kicked me, oh my head..." Kira said.

"It wasn't a scarab, love. Bomb." Her father said, his voice full of emotion. "Figures. Why is it always us?" Kira asked, and then noticed something. "Where's mom?" Claud and Em looked at each other, and Kira's blood ran cold. "Oh, god, not her too..."

"No, she's alive." Zack assured her. "But, well, she got a little toasted. The doctors have to graft a new face onto her." Zack explained. "Shit..." Kira said and leaned back against the bed. "Get some rest, we won't go anywhere." Zack said. Kira was cleared later that day, and went home to have a shower before going to sleep. Only their dad was allowed to spend the night at the hospital. She didn't even bother taking he clothes off before getting in the water. When she was done, she went and fell asleep.

The next day, their mother came home. They learned her skin tone had been effected, and she certainly looked different. Leandra looked at her reflection and said "This is so fucking weird..."

"You're telling us." Claud muttered. There was a brief moment of quiet before Zack began inching toward the door. "Where are you going?" Kira asked. "To recommend Dawn gets transferred to the janitorial department." He said and headed out the door. Leandra, Claudia, Emilia and Kira worked on fixing the house for a few hours before Ryan, Korra and Samir dropped by to help. Korra went to help Kira attempt to fix the upstairs toilet without becoming covered in sewage while Samir helped Emilia patch the roof. Claudia didn't need help, so went to help Kira and Korra, who were failing at their goal, leaving Ryan and Leandra to sift through the blown up bits.

"How're things at your place?" Leandra asked, cautiously. "A bit troubling." He said delicately. "Understandable. You must really want to kill Nes for making this happen to you and Claire." Leandra said, picking up a strange burnt tube-like object from the remains of the garden and tossing it in the garbage. "Obviously." Ryan answered and sighed. "Sometimes, I miss how things were simple back in the day."

"Back when nobody died without coming back? I think that may have been before I was born." Leandra mused. "It was such a long time ago. It was fun back then." Ryan said nostalgically. "Do you remember the first ones to go?" Leandra asked. "The original Zeta?" Ryan answered. "Yeah...sometimes, I resent our boss. He doesn't seem to lose anyone anymore." Leandra said bitterly. "He doesn't seem to do anything anymore." Ryan pointed out. "That too...Ryan, can you try to promise me something?"

"But of course." He said, ready to answer. "If me and Zack go during this war, please, take care of those three." She said, clearly referring to her daughters. "I'm sorry, I can't hear you over your negativity." Ryan said. "I'm being serious." She responded. "And so am I. Trust me, we aren't losing you and Zack again. I will happily jump in the way of a bullet, or a lightsaber, or whatever to protect you two this time. Besides, it's my turn this time." Ryan assured her and laughed a bit. "Do you think Zack will be able to shout IceBite down?" Leandra asked.

"What do you mean?" Ryan said, confused. "Oh, he went to discuss something about Dawn's employment." Leandra said and smirked at the idea of Dawn being the janitor. "Sometimes I wonder how your husband can find his pants in the morning....." Ryan muttered. "Most of the time, he gets me to." Leandra answered. "Lazy SOB." Ryan said, chuckling. "I wouldn't say lazy, more along the lines of...not quite ready to forego coitus for a while." Leandra said, blunt as a hammer. "Didn't need the picture of him there." Ryan muttered.

"GOD DAMMIT CLAUDIA!" Kira's voice rang out from indoors, making them both jump. "Uhhh, this might call for your intervention." Ryan said. "Depends, is Korra good at calming people down?" Leandra asked. "Korra, oya!" Ryan yelled. "I got it, Ry'buir!" Korra called. Leandra sighed and laughed quietly.

In the Ferrans' basement, Ada was readying her weapons, deciding it was time for her to go on a small trip. She had to do something to earn the trust of the people, and what better way then to kill one of those who murdered Riley Sigurdson?

Even if that meant killing her own mother. She strapped her weapons across her back, including her Katanas. On the way out, she was stopped by Lexus, who asked where she was going. "I'm doing you all two big favors." Ada said and left the building.

Ian called Tony in. Tony was Boondock's EOD expert. "I've been looking into the bombing." Tony said. "And?" Ian asked, concerned. "It definitely had to have come from the inside." Tony informed him. "You mean like a traitor?" Ian asked. "Yeah. Between you and me, I don't think a lot of the command staff will be willing to accept that idea." Tony said, lowering his voice. Ian nodded. "Alright. Tell the others I'm initiating a Task Force lockdown. Everyone in the team has to be in the headquarters. Nobody else is allowed in. Only one out at any time, and mostly to get supplies. Let everyone know." Ian said and Tony went out to do so. Sean and Elle probably wouldn't be happy, but they didn't have much choice now. Nobody else could be trusted.

Across the galaxy, two hooded men were discussing something. "Our man has made it in the base, successfully causing a rift between the black ops force and the rest of the squadran." One said. Nes Ceru feared the man he had just given the information to. He'd be insane not to. "Good. You are becoming most adept at learning this, kid." The other man said. Nes nodded. "Be warned, if you fail, I will enter this fray myself, and I will walk on Kaven, alone, and no one will stop me. Or I won't, if your apprentices fail. Then, I won't be angry, I'll be dead, and your girlfriend will be very upset, and trust me boy, you don't want to see that."

"Yes, sir." Nes said, the last word burning like acid in his mouth. He swept from the platform overlooking the galaxy and went to ready his forces for the next assault.

"Remind me how that helps you?" Emilia asked Claudia. "What?"

"How your outlets with Reid help you cope?" Emilia asked. "Uh...must you know?" Claudia asked. "That says that you'd decided to drink, gamble and hump your thoughts away." Emilia said, clearly irked. Claudia was about to say something, but then Kira walked in, sporting her usual attire but with a backpack, her shotgun, and keys to a ship in hand. "Where are you going?" Claudia and Emilia asked together. Kira sighed. "I'm doing something. Something that doesn't involve sitting around and waiting for IceBite to deploy us." Kira said simply.

"Meaning?" Claudia asked, not using her powers, as she wanted Kira to have a chance to explain herself on her own. "Boondock went into lockdown today. They won't be of help. Harbinger, maybe, but who knows? Dad and mom were talking about going to Mandalore to help defend there. I can't do much from here, so I may as well go now." Kira moved for the door, but Emilia moved to follow, causing Kira to turn and make her sit down without moving a muscle. "Claud's not the only one with psychs now." She said and walked out. "Why didn't you stop her?" Emilia asked Claudia.

"Because she's right." Claudia murmured. Kira went to the hangars, grabbed the ship of her choice, and flew it off into space. She was murderous, and something had to satisfy that.

July 2250Edit

A giant ball of fire flew towards Ada's ship. "Fuck. Fuck Fuck!" She yelled as the second ball clipped her wing. It had only taken one night to find her target, and her mother was a very angry target. She crashed down onto Korriban, her ship a wreck. "Ohh the owner will be pissed." She grumbled and clambered out of the wreckage. She stood up, drawing her katanas. Her mother shook her head, laughing. "Ada, you should know better!"

"Should, but don't." Ada snarled and jumped forward. She swung her katanas in arcs around her, spinning in a circle in an attempt to cut her mother in half. Aidualc leapt back, dodging the attack and firing two ice spikes at her daughter, who slashed them away with her weapons. Ada jumped forward and attacked again. Her mother wove around her and kicked her in the back. Ada went flying a few dozen feet and landed on her face. She vaulted up and turned into a rock that hit her square between the eyes. She blacked out and hit the ground hard.

When she awoke, she was in a tank. She looked around and saw a few Sith scientists observing her. She promptly gave one of them the finger, causing them all to scribble down notes. She shook her head and noticed Nes watching her, holding his hands behind his back and hood pulled over his head. "Why am I alive?" Ada asked. "I could have had Aidualc kill you, but that would be a waste of my time and your talent." Nes said. "So you want me to fight for you?" She asked.

"No, I want you to kill for me." Nes said simply. "And if I refuse?" Ada shot back, anger flaring into her voice. "I re-write your brain so that you are madly in love with me and will do anything I ask." Nes said and shrugged. Ada sighed. "How long was I out?" She eventually asked. "Four days. Your mother is very enthusiastic." Nes answered. For a moment, there was silence, and then a Sith soldier entered the room. "My lord! We have a problem!"

"What now?" Nes asked, almost frustrated. "Someone has found us, a small ship has been nearing us for the past five minutes."

"Well, let it come in. I want to meet this person." Nes said and swept from the room. Ada looked at one of the scientist's computer monitors which depicted the hangar bay of the station they were on. Nes walked into the camera's view as the exit ramp of the ship came onto screen. Then, a thousand small knives blasted out and killed all but Nes in the hangar, and someone flew forward and tackled him offscreen.

In the hangar, Nes was slammed into the wall and through it. He hit the wall behind it and began to fall when someone pinned him there. Nes looked down and saw Kira Sigurdson holding him there, one arm covered in metal, the other in stone. "Ah, the twin. What was his name, Kira?" Nes taunted and she punched at him, but he twisted away and force pushed her away. She landed on her feet and blew out a whirlwind of air at Nes. He withstood it and summoned his shadow powers to attack her. She raised a metal wall to block it away and twisted the metal into a spike, which she launched at him.

He knocked it aside and sent a force blast her way, which she jumped to the side to avoid. Just then, Aidualc and Ada crashed through the wall and began their own fight. Kira focused on Nes. The Sith overlord used his Shadow powers to blast her almost off the station. He jumped at her, raising shadow-covered arms above his head, but she sent a pipe of metal at him, which winded him and sent him flying to the rafters, She flew up and pinned him to the ceiling. She assaulted his mind with hers, but noticed Ada winning against Aidualc beneath them. She glanced down and nodded at Ada, then threw Nes down at the ground as Ada kicked Aidualc to the ground. Nes landed on top of Aidualc, and both moved to get up, but Kira did not give them the chance.

Within the very same second the hit the ground, Kira flew at the ground and hit it hard, she jumped up and brought with her a spike of metal coming up right through Aidualc's stomach, out her back and into Nes' back, which protruded from his own chest. She brought them down to eye level. Aidualc was dead, the spike having ruptured her spine into a thousand pieces. Nes was still alive, only just. His dying eyes looked at Kyra, who took out her shotgun and aimed it at Nes' head with one hand. "His name was Riley." She snarled and pulled the trigger.

The next day, the Squadran went about their business, preparing to go to war, when a lone ship arrived. The first one off was Ada, holding one end of a massive metal spike. on the other end was Kira, carrying the other end. In the middle were the bodies of Nes and Aidualc. For the next few weeks, people kept sending them everything from hand-knit blankets to chocolate cakes the size of a car. In Kira's case, Claudia and Emilia were more then happy to help get rid of the cakes, whereas Ada, who had never tasted chocolate before, wanted them for herself.

Ada was no a fully respected member of the Squadran, and Kira was getting job offers enough to employ a country. The war effort wasn't over, however. Nymeria and Alghul were still out there, though Alghul had gone dark since Nes had been killed. Kira and Ada decided to take a few days off before rejoining. One time, Kira found Claudia with a drink in her hands at the counter. "What's wrong?" She asked. "You remember that guy I slept with when I got here?"

"Yeah?" Kira asked, uncertainly. "Well, take a look at this picture." Claudia said and tossed Kira a photograph. "Who's that?" Kira asked. "That's him." Claudia said and tossed her another one. "And this is...?"

"Just look." Claudia grumbled. "Ok...he's cute...very short....thin-SWEET MOTHER OF CHRIST!" Kira exclaimed. "Welcome to my hell." Claudia said. "So he ah ah ah" Kira stuttered. "Yep." Claudia said. "So, you realize what this means, right?" Kira asked.

"Yeah, I slept with a guy who wanted a pussy." Claudia said. "SWEET MOTHER OF CHRIST!" Kira exclaimed again and got her own drink. Emilia walked out. "What are you two yelling about?"

"Go to bed, go to bed, go to bed!" Both of the drinkers said. Emilia sighed and obliged, but when her door opened, they heard a rather high pitched giggle come from the room. Both of their jaws dropped. "SWEET MOTHER OF CHRIST!" Claudia yelled. Claudia grabbed another drink. "What the fuck?" Kira asked the air. "Ok, I slept with a guy who wanted a pussy, or...I slept with a woman in a man's body, or, and this is gonna be the title of my autobiography...'My sister and I slept with the same chick'!" She said and took another swig. Emilia walked out. "Uh, Em, we need to talk." Kira said. "Actually this whole thing was to get back at Claudia for gluing me to the bed before you were born." Emilia said. Kira held back Claudia while Emilia started running.

When Claudia calmed down, she asked Kira "So, anything new with you?"

"Nothing too much. The fiftieth cake arrived yesterday." Kira said and shrugged. "Watch, your weight, sis. In difference to me, you can't just psychic it away." Kira laughed at that. "So, how have things been with your beneficial friend?" Kira asked. "I and my benefical friend, are...quite content with our relationship." Claudia said simply. "Will I be an aunt any time soon?" Kira asked. "Not, if I have anything to say about it. I don't want to carry, a little thing inside me for 9 months." Claudia answered. "Hey, if mom can carry two, you can handle one." Kira said, hiding a snicker.

"If you want to try, go ahead, plenty of doners here, that could help you." Claudia shot back. "None that I want to see any more of me then what you see now." Kira said simply. "Well, there is always IceBite, I mean that guy has been a virgin for what? 250 years? I bet, he really needs to be screwed." Claudia said, thoughtfully. "Don't look at me." Kira responded. "Why?" Claudia asked, causing Kira to sigh and say "Why is it all of our conversations end up about sex?" She asked. "You instigated it." Claudia pointed out. Kira shook her head. "Well, as we're on the topic, any other psychics in the Squadran?" Kira asked. "No interesting ones." Claud responded, causing her little sister to say "Shit."

"Well...there is Adriana" Claudia said. "That's a no." Was Kira's immediate response. "Why?" Claudia asked. "Because I'm not les? Anyway, can I ask you something?" Kira asked. "Neither am I,but you experiment a little you know? But sure go ahead." Claudia said casually. "Uh...ok. Anyway, creepy dream. You and me, standing in front of a grave, a voice like a higher Darth Vader whispering something to us, any ideas?" Kira asked. "No drugs before bed?" Claudia suggested.

"I'm being serious, Claud." Kira responded, a little irked. "I am too,we used them in Psi to enhance our precongnative abilities." Claudia explained. "How many years of rehab was that?" Kira asked, surprised. "None. Not addictive." Claudia answered. "Em just snuck out her window." Kira said abruptly, surprising Claudia. "What do yo mean" Claudia asked. "She just got in some guy's car." Claud was confused. "Who did?"

"Emilia, our sister." Kira answered. "Okay." Claudia said, unconcerned. "No surprise at all?" Kira asked. "Nope."

"Why not?"

"You know me,hardly surprised at things." Claudia said and shrugged. "Well, she normally brings them into her room, instead leaving it." Kira said simply. "Maybe she fears my revenge." Claudia pondered. "Also, why were there a bunch of video files in your room titled 'Psi fun'?" Kira asked. "Well...I like to keep mementos..." Claudia said, almost as though she wished the topic wasn't brought up. "You filmed you and other guys?" Kira asked, incredulous. "No..." Claudia responded. "Thank god. What is it then?" Kira asked.

"Just pranks we pulled on the non Psis." Claudia said and shrugged. "Ah. Ok, new question. Korra suggested I go to the city and flash people. Your thoughts on that?" Kira asked, wanting to change the subject. "Do,what ever you like." Claudia said simply. "You've quieted up." Kira pointed out. "A little." Claudia answered. "What did I say?" Kira asked, concerned. "That I had quieted."

"Ok, why did you quiet up?"

"Felt like it." Kira sighed at the response. "Well, I'm going out tonight. Maybe test new abilities on some poor, unsuspecting sod." Kira informed her. "Why not?" Claudia said simply. "Want to come?" Kira asked. "Nah, meeting Reid tonight." Claudia said. "Sure, 'meeting'." Kira "Yes." Claudia answered. Just before Kira left, she said "Looks like I'm the only sister not getting laid tonight."

"Maybe." Claudia said. "See you." Kira told her sister and left. She arrived at a bar in Vegas and sat alone for a while before someone sat next to her. "You too, eh?" The gravelly voice said. She looked over and saw Rick, Reid's friend, sitting next to her, ordering for a beer. "I'm guessing you mean he's off screwing my sister so you have to find something else to do?" Kira asked, leaning against the bar. "Pretty much." Rick said and chuckled a little bit. The two talked for a while before Rick stiffened. "What's wrong?" Kira asked. "Instincts kicking in. We were taught to know when another Gearmarker was nearby." Rick said.

He glanced around the bar, looking for some sign. He finally caught the sign when he saw a man stiffen as his gaze passed over him. "I'll be outside." Rick said and walked outside the bar. He went into the back alley and waited. Then, the man he had seen before entered his vision. "Which are you?" Rick asked. "Citadel, and then Omega."

"Ah. Jason Cross. I'm flattered they sent you to kill me." Rick said. "May as well send the best." Jason said and the two men charged each other. Rick grabbed him around the waist and flipped him over his head and slammed him into the pavement. He lifted him up and slammed him into a wall and put twelve hard punches in Jason's chest. He then flipped him back on the ground and lifted him up again. Jason now counterattacked, and head-butted him once, causing him to let go, then jumped in the air and spun around kicking him once in the face, sending Rick into the wall. "That's all they put in you?" Jason asked him. "I was hoping for more."

"Coming right up!" Rick snarled and jumped up, only to be kicked in the face again. "Going back down." Jason said and pinned him to the ground by putting his knees on Rick's shoulders. He began punching Rick in the face repeatedly, and Rick tried to knock him off by bringing his knee up into Jason's back. This almost worked, but Jason rolled off and kicked him in the face. He was about to go and finish him off, but then somebody kicked him in the face. He stumbled back slightly, and turned to see a younger woman who resembled the man he had beaten to a pulp many years ago. "Oh great..." Jason muttered and ducked under the next kick. He swept her other leg out and with a lone elbow strike, knocked her out. He turned to finish off Rick, but he was gone.

Suddenly, a knife pierced through his shoulder from behind and he made a run for it. Rick was known for his legendary throwing knife skills. He fled the alley and made his way out of Vegas.

Ryan heard a bump in Ada's room and decided to check on her. Her back was facing him. She was wearing a slashed shirt that revealed many scars from a barbed wire whip all over her back. "Ouch, that looks like it hurts." He said. "Hurt more when I got 'em." She said, not looking at him. "I would suppose. She was that mean to you?" Ryan said. "Mean is an interesting description. I believe the correct term is 'Drunk, stoned, and abusive'." She snorted. "That could work. Again, don't worry, that stuff doesn't happen here." He assured her.

"Not worried. Just a vivid memory." She said. "Well, some of us can wipe memory. You don't have to relive it anymore. But I have a feeling you won't want that to happen." Ryan suggested. "You're right. It helped me get away from her."

"How'd you manage that?" He asked, curious. "I put the date-rape drug in her drink and started running." Ada said bluntly. "Effective." Ryan said, approvingly. "Yeah...How are things with your wife?" Ada asked. "Getting a little better. Not by much though." Ryan answered sadly. "I figured. You off the couch yet?" Ada asked. "I'm on it voluntarily now" Ryan said. "Ah. Does she realize you were forced into it?" Ada pointed out. "I hope so. I can't really talk to her for any amount of time." Ryan said with a small sigh. "I could try, if you wanted. I have Nes' memories of forcing you up here." Ada offered and tapped the side of her head. "You are welcome try." Ryan answered.

"I'll see what I can do. Not tonight though. A little too...vivid." Ada told him. "Alright. And thank you." He said, gratefully. "Hey, you're the only hope I have left that I can do good in the world, may as well do something to help." Ada responded. "You'll have plenty of chances, don't worry." Ryan assured her. "Well, whatever good I do, it all started with your DNA." She pointed out.

"Don't remind me." He said and left the room. Ada let out a long sigh and went to sleep. The next day she went out for a run and found Emilia Sigurdson our running as well. "Hey there. What's new?" Emilia asked casually. "Not too much. Nineteenth box of cookies arrived this morning. Gave them to Rebecca and Ethan." Ada said. "You?" She asked. "Kira came back with a concussion, Dad's gone on a trip to talk to an old friend, and Claudia is still at Reid's." Emilia elaborated. "Your mom?" Ada asked. "She went with him. Wants to meet Chris and his family." Emilia answered. They ran together for a little before stopping and sitting at a bench. They sat there and chatted for a while before they noticed a group of soldiers training in a training area.

"Know any of them?" Ada asked. "Yeah. That one used to date Kira."

"Oh, the attractive one?" Ada asked her, and Emilia nodded. They sat and talked for a while longer before all but Kira's ex had left the training area. Ada considered for a moment, then got up. "Where are you going?" Emilia asked. "I never had the chance to get any before, so may as well get rid of it now." Ada said and went over to Jon. Emilia shook her head and kept running. When she got home she found Kira asleep in her room, and Claudia still wasn't home yet. She shook her head and sat down on the couch in the living room.

She took a moment to reflect on her own personal life. She hadn't really wanted to settle down, as most guys she didn't really get along with. She admitted that she was more of a One-night-stand sort of girl, but that did leave her slightly lonely from time to time. Sure, it was fun, spending the night with a different guy every time, but she didn't have anyone to connect with. Hell, Claudia had even found a longer then one night boyfriend. Oh well. Whenever I come across someone, I will. She thought to herself and put a sitcom on TV.

Claudia didn't come home until late that evening. "What did he do, screw you into a coma?" Emilia asked. "Maybe." Claudia responded and promptly went up to bed. The next day, Emilia went out for a run again. While she was out, she heard a gurgle come from behind the Boondock headquarters and went to investigate. She found Tony lying on the ground, holding his neck. She rushed over and saw he had been stabbed. "Oh, god, Tony! Come on, stay with me, man!" She said, but he had bled out. The shock of one of her co-workers dying like that made her mind go blank for a moment.

She stood up, whipped out her phone and called Claudia. "Claud, Tony's been stabbed. He's gone."

"Dear god, what happened?" Claudia asked. "I don't know, send someone over or-" Then, she fell to her knees and looked down, a bullet hole in her chest. She looked behind her and saw Daryl walk over. He took his silenced pistol and put the next round through her skull.

The next seven days were wrought with confusion and anguish. Daryl was caught. Despite his being a murderer, they couldn't kill on sight, so he had to be put on trial. Everyone knew that there wasn't much chance he would get off, right up until his family arrived. The neutral people who had arrested Sean a while ago came and threatened to declare war if he wasn't given a fair trial, them calling on the lack of witnesses. The trial took place in a courtroom in Vegas, which was run by a military specialized judge.

Almost a half hour into the trial, it began looking as though Daryl would walk, much to the enragement of most of the jury. Then, almost from nowhere, three men, two wearing balaclavas and the other had his face exposed, as though he didn't care what happened to him. Ian walked to the front. "You people have been chosen, to reveal us to the world!" He roared. "All eyes to the front." He snarled, waving his revolver around. The two balaclava clad men jumped onto chairs.

"Now you will receive us!" One yelled. "We don't ask you for your poor and hungry-" The other began. "Or your tired or sick!" the other continued. "It is your corrupt we claim!" Cried the second. "It is your evil that will be hunted by us!"

"With all of our breath, we shall hound them!"

"Each day, we will spill their blood, 'til it rains down from the skies!"

"Do not murder, rape, steal, betray, these are principles which anyone of any faction or species can embrace!"

"These are not polite suggestions, these are codes of behavior! And those of you that ignore them shall pay the dearest cost!"

"There are varying degrees of evil. We ask you not to push the barriers and descend into true corruption, into evil's domain."

"But if you do, one day you will look behind you and see us. On that day, you will reap it!"

"We will send you to whatever god you wish." They finished together. They jumped down, the three men whispered something, and put three bullets through Daryl's head. They left the room, fought past two security guards, and got into a getaway van. They successfully escaped, and stopped out in the forest, where Ian, Sean, Norm, Lena and Shane got out. They had agreed to not bring Miranda. Sean pinched the bridge of his nose. "Guys, one of them saw my scars." He said, pain in his voice. "Shit, that means..." Norm said. "Yeah."

Lena and Shane had been seen on security cameras in the van, Ian had elected to not hide himself. Sean's scars had given him away, making Norm the only one who could go back to base. Sean gave Norm a code. "Give this to Elle, have her punch it into any computer, we'll be able to talk through that."

"Isn't that risky?"

"Not linked to any channel, untraceable. We'll be fine." Sean said and hugged his cousin. They said their goodbyes and Norm began walking back to base as the others got into the van and drove into the forest.

Back at Kaven, Claudia had just heard of Daryl's death, and went to tell Kira, who was sitting alone in their living room. Their parents were out answering questions regarding it. "Hey, sis, remember, that scumbag Daryl ? Well, he has a bit of a problem. He is dead, killed by Sean and the rest of Boondock." Claudia informed her. "Good. I can't imagine they got off lightly." Kira responded. "They ran, they have disappeared." Claudia answered.

"I actually saw Norm just ten minutes ago. Maybe he wasn't with them."

"Or, he was the only one who was smart enough, not to drop his masquerade, in the middle of the coup." Claudia guessed, despite the fact Sean had been found out by accident. " are you holding up?" Kira asked her last sibling. "As good as one can hope." Claudia responded and sat next to her. "Same. I think I figured out that dream now." Kira said. "Maybe you did." Claudia answered. "Maybe. How do you think mom and dad are doing?" Kira asked.

"Worse than us." Claudia said sadly. "For sure. How has Reid been?" Kira asked. "As usual, quite capable."

"Do you two even talk?"

"Here and there, why?" Claudia asked. "Just making sure." Kira quickly answered. "There are a lot other things, you can do with a mouth." Claudia said. Kira smiled and her eyes watered a little. Claudia raised an eyebrow. "Just reminded me of something Em told me when I was five." Kira said, wiping her eyes. "What was that ?"

"Well, I asked her where babies came from, and after she explained, perfectly honest, I brought up how I caught her using her mouth for a certain something."

"Oh, jewelry?"

"She answered 'That gives me jewelry.'." Kira said and smiled at the memory. "Yeah, that was her." Claudia said with a small laugh. "You hear Ada's hitting my ex?" Kira asked, wanting to get off the painful topic. "Your feelings towards that?" Claudia asked. "Hey, it didn't work for me, so if you wanted to I'd be fine with it." Kira shrugged. "Hey, I got the only specimen in the base, that is interesting. I am quite content." Claudia responded. "Yeah. By the way, you two woke me up last time."

"We, were in his house."

"I know. The psychic uses hit me." Kira responded. "You, know you can turn, your perseptivness off?" Claudia pointed out. "Still learning, remember?" Kira answered. "True." Claudia said. "I'm going to train soon. One last thing. How do you cope?" Kira asked and stood up. "As I always do." Claudia answered.

"And how is that?"

"Psi training." Claudia answered. Kira sighed. "Well, I'm going. Don't break any beds while I'm gone."

"Can't promise, Reid likes some strange stuff." Claudia said. "Ok, just don't break mine." Kira said. "I will try." Claudia answered, making Kira sigh and leave. Kira arrived at the training area, where she found it empty. There were several droids designed to train unarmed combatants. She dropped her stuff down, took off her customary leather jacket to she was down to just her training tank top and began fighting them. Right off the hop she kicked one's head off and moved to snap the second's leg. She rolled to face the third when someone else entered the scene and snapped it's neck from behind. She sighed and looked into the face of Norm Renner.

"You got off ok then?" She asked. "Yeah." He responded simply. "How's Elle doing?"

"Not well." Norm answered. Kira nodded, understanding. "You're lucky." She pointed out. He nodded, agreeing. "You think the others will be ok?" She asked. "Oh yeah, Sean can keep them fed and Ian's a damn good leader. They'll survive out there." Norm assured her. "Alright, good to know." Kira said, hesitated a moment, then asked "You know any martial arts?"

"Street fighting." Norm answered. "Ok, I have a fair bit to teach you, then." Kira said, completely forward.

Alghul watched his master sit on his throne, observing what the screens showed him. The Boondock Fugitives making a fire in the forest, the mourning Sigurdson family, the Ferrans, struggling through their own problems, Holly and Elle, struggling through their grief.

"They still live on, master." Alghul pointed out. "They are resilient, enough perhaps to pose a challenge." He said, prompting his master to turn his throne to face him.

Both painted and real, Kcaz Nosdrugis' smiles were haunting.

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