Things were going great for Holly Lund and Sen Urec, until the Isithid Visarius revealed himself. With a plan to make all life in this galaxy his slaves, Visarius took over the minds of most of the Sith in the galaxy, including Sen. Now, faced with the difficult task of stopping an evil from spreading across the galaxy, Holly must follow her heart, and try to find a way to both save Sen and stop Visarius.

(Uses ODST Grievous-Style First-Person Prologue, narrated by Natalia Llehctim, and a similarly-styled Epilogue, narrated by Holly)


When you've lived a century, you know things. And one thing that I know is that Sen and Holly are perfect for each other.

A rather unorthodox mix, don't you think, both members being living defiances of logic: a former Sith and a former AI...ok, so the latter is a greater defiance of logic, but to be honest, I still find it hard to believe that a Sith could come back.

Don't get me wrong, though, Sen is a nice person, it's just something about him gives me the creeps. Probably the fact that he still quite frequently uses Force Powers collectively called the 'Dark Side of the Force'. I don't get why they're strictly 'Dark', but I do get some bad vibes when one's used nearby.

On the other end is Holly, who actually used to be an AI. The transission from Artificial Intelligence to Human was Draconus Rex's doing. When she got too close to that supernova and the EMP from it fried her systems, turning her human was the only thing that could save her. Fortunately, she'd been wanting to become human anyways. After the fight against those 'Locust' creatures, she and Sen started dating, and, well...yeah, the rest is irrelevant.

Well, now, Sen and Holly are talking right now. I'll just use a rather useful trick I learned, so I can listen sounds like...ah man, I'm certain Zack, jerk or not, would very much appreciate hearing about this.

3 minutes later...

Didn't take me long to find him. He was with Leandra somewhere in the base, I run up to him and say, "Zack! You'll never guess what I just overheard!"

He seemed confused as to who was talking to him, before realizing it was me and saying, "Set me on fire and I will kill you. Oh, and look down."

Why'd he assume I would set him on fire, and why'd he say...OH SHOOT! "Must have been so excited for Holly and Sen that I forgot to turn that power off." The power I learned makes me COMPLETELY invisible to everything. I'll just deactivate the power...there. I should be visible now. "New trick I learned, it's how I got that news."

Leandra apparently caught the bit about Holly and Sen, because now she comments, "Now I have to know." Wait, she just muttered, "Eavesdropper." Whatever...

"Anyways...While practicing that power...I found Sen and Holly...and I Sen proposed to Holly!"

Zack just facepalmed himself. "If you're gonna eavesdrop on something like that, then you had better at least have the answer."

Well, turns out I do..."Well, based on the way Holly was jumping up and down, I think that'd be a 'yes'."

Leandra then commented, "Well, I'm going to pretend you never told us so they can have the thrill of letting everyone know. Believe me, that was fun." Good plan...

However, there was someone else I HAD to tell. "Well, I'm gonna go tell Tory anyways, he'd be furious that I found this out and didn't tell him, whether Holly beats me there or not!"

"Why even let him know you know?"

"Trust me, I KNOW he'd find out one way or the other..." With that, I bid them farewell and I'm off to Tory's labs.

Suddenly, while travelling through one of the hallways on the upper levels, a large head peers in through a window. Fortunately, I recognize the scaly, but friendly face. "Paarthurnax!" I shout in shock, "Don't do that, I'm technically only 10 and you almost gave me a heart attack!"

"Apologies, Krosis, I was merely wanting to hear what news there is. I've heard something wonderful, Kogaan, but do not know it true."

"Well, I happen to know that Sen just proposed to Holly. They're gonna get married!"

"Ah, yes, Vokrosis Sul, I have heard this. This is a joyous occasion. I shall pass this on to Odahviing. He'll probably feel happy for Holly. Lok, Thu'um, Natalia."

"Lok, Thu'um!" I feel a little silly using the dragon farewell in place of a simple good-bye, but I'm just too happy to care. Now where was I...oh yeah, Tory. I'm not sure how he'll take it, whether he'll be happy for Holly, or if he'll be a little irritated that he didn't know sooner...well...only one way to find out...

Chapter 1: Vokrosis SulEdit

Sen and Holly soon spread news of the proposal themselves. Alban briefly congratulated Sen when he told him, while Holly got multiple congratulations from her AI 'siblings'. Those that already knew pretended to act surprised. Finally, when it came time to inform IceBite, they both did so together. IceBite seemed genuinely happy for them.

"Well, congratulations, you 2," he said, "Well, you'd better plan out how it'll work out. By the way, can you send Alban up here? I'm about to make another person as happy as you two are." Not understanding how anyone could be has happy as they could be right now, they did as told, and, when Alban heard the news IceBite had, they understood why he'd be happy. "Got incredibly good news: our Intelligence located a Shadow Alliance Base hidden in the Nevada Wasteland. The Phantom Legion was going to just flatten it, but that changed when I was given a copied roster stolen from the base. Among the slaves currently on the roster: one 'Kristine Constanze Pahlke'."

For a moment, Alban stood rigid in place, then kept repeatedly and repeatedly asking if he was sure that was the name, getting more excited with each asking. So, IceBite just shoved the printed-out roster into his hand, and, clear as day, it said 'Kristine Constanze Pahlke - Slave - Alive'. Alban leapt into the air, shouting with joy, a side nobody in Hellcat Squadran had seen before. "So, when are we performing the rescue?!" he asked.

IceBite merely smiled, and said, "Get Task Force Omega together..."

The people associated with the operation stood at attention: Alban stood to one far side of the group, with a mix of readiness and excitement showing on his body language. Next were Marquis Hatcher and Kei Nagase of Cerberus Wing, followed by the other 2 Cerberus Pilots, Marcus Snow and Hans Grimm. Next up was Toa Onua and Genetic Hero Viper, the former standing rigidly and still, the other jittering like a squirrel that just drank a mug of pure caffeine. Skar, also part of Omega, was out on other business at Nocturna. Next was Lillian York and her Scrin Cohort Lancelot, both ready for a fight, After them was Qymaen, his lightsabers hanging from his hip, his organic eyes moving from person to person. He knew he wasn't going on this mission, but preferred to be here anyways. Finally, at the far end of the line from Alban was Dawn, Tory, and May. In another part of the room, Ryan Ferran and Claire Farron-Ferran waited for their orders.

"Ok," IceBite started, "Now that we're all here, let's get started. This simple Assault has been complicated by the presence of one of our top priority Rescue Targets: Alban's sister, Kristine Constanze Pahlke. Apparently, she'd been held captive by Nod for several years, used as slave labor. We've known that the Shadow Alliance probably had her captive these past 12 years, but now we know for sure, and we know where..." The hologram of the Shadow Alliance Wasteland facility appeared, surrounded by its defenses.

Next, May stepped up, and looked over the hologram. Then, she pointed to several spots on the map, most notably a sewage grate. She said, "These look like good infiltration points. Depending on the time of day, however, I'd suggest the sewage system."

Alban stepped forward. Despite May's expertise in Covert Ops, Assassination, and Stealth, Alban was selected as this mission's lead, the target for rescue being his sister. "May, Onua, Viper, Lillian, and I will head in through the sewers, along with Penelo, who'll be here momentarily. Lancelot, Tory, Dawn, and Cerberus Wing will initiate probing attacks on these points," he pointed on the hologram where the defenses were weakest, "Then, once we get inside, we'll use any means necessary to discover Kristine's location. Once we have, we'll go in, retrieve her, and set up a beacon, at which time, the Phantom Legion is to start their attack, in order to make a diversion so we can exfiltrate ourselves, by reaching the base's hanger," he pointed to it on the hologram, "And steal a dropship. Now, any questions?"

Ryan asked, "Why wait and give them a chance to set up? Why not just attack the facility and get your sister if we can?"

"Because you just said 'If you can'. I'm NOT taking that chance, so, if we're done here, let's move!"

Chapter 2: LiberationEdit

May quietly led the other members of the team to the grate, both her and Onua utilizing Kanohi Hunas, while Lillian, Viper, and Alban used Active Camo Generators, while Penelo utilized a Vanish Magick. After waiting for the guard to leave, Onua stepped forward, swapped for his Pakari Nuva, and, with his claws, shredded the grate. Before the guard could return to investigate the noise, the group was inside the sewer, and Alban repaired the grate. When the guard left, May whispered, "Good repair work."

"Thanks," Alban responded blandly, "Had to learn how to repair stuff while living in the Mojave."

"Enough talk," Onua said, "No doubt Ryan grows impatient. If we want to find your sister, Alban, we should hurry."

Ryan began to get impatient. It's been 2 hours since Task Force Omega's Infiltration Team entered the facility, and Cerberus Wing commenced its Hit-and-Run Bombing Run on a weak link in the defenses. His patience was wearing thin. Finally, he turned to his comm system. Claire approached and asked, "What are you doing?"

Ryan responded, "They're taking too long. I'm commencing the attack."

Claire was shocked. Alban's team was still inside there, and the attack could trap them inside...or worse..."You can't yet. Alban's team hasn't activated the beacon. If we attack now, we'd be killing them!"

Ryan, still irritated, responded, "We've given them enough time as it is. If they haven't reported in yet, there's a good chance they are dead."

Claire responded, "Not necessarily. Remember IceBite's mental link with May? If the team were indeed dead, IceBite would have sensed it, and, if he did, he'd have already ordered the attack to commence himself."

Ryan thought a moment. Claire was right. But he couldn't just ignore that base..."Hmmm. Ten more minutes, if not, we need to go in. That base is important," he reluctantly decided.

Claire sighed in relief. Hopefully, they had infiltrated the base enough to be at least 10 minutes away from their target...

Alban and the team snuck through the hall. Suddenly, Viper stopped them; he moved to the corner...and whipped his arm out. There was a sickening squish as his arm-blade hit something. Around the corner was a Nod guard, clutching his throat and foaming at the mouth. Viper's toxins killed him in seconds. The team continued down the hall. Suddenly, they heard a group approaching. May, Lillian, and Alban climbed into the rafters, while Onua uprooted a metal plate, dug into the soil below, and pulled the plate back on top of himself, Viper, and Penelo. Soon, a Nod official came down the hall, with 2 guards. Before May or Lillian could stop him, Alban took out his switchblade and struck: clinging to the rafters with his legs, he swung down and slit the throat of one guard. The other turned and tried to fire, but, pulling out his revolver, Alban beat him, putting a .44 Magnum round in the guard's head. Before the Nod official could respond, Alban had his switchblade out, and against the official's throat.

"17 year old, female, used as slave here, where is she?" Alban hissed.

The official remained silent so Alban sliced his arm. The Nod official yelped in pain, but still wouldn't talk. Then, Alban cut off one of the Official's fingers. The Nod official shrieked in pain, Alban then put the blade back to the official's neck and gently applied pressure...

"OK! OK! She's in the prison sector, just a few doors down. She was beaten and left there!"

Alban's face, inside his helmet, turned angry. "My sister was BEATEN?!"

"Your sis...OH SHIT!" Alban then slit the Official's throat, and, leaving him to bleed to death, ran off in the direction indicated. Both May and Lillian dropped down out of the Rafters...right on top of Onua, Penelo, and Viper as the trio tried to leave their hole.

"Our bad..." Lillian said. The group put the plate back in place, and moved to follow Alban. When they caught up to him, he was in the prison block, looking into a cell. Inside was a young woman, around 17 years old. She was wearing a tattered dress and her hair was a little messed up.

However, from her face, Alban immediately recognized her. "Kristy..." he said quietly.

The metal door seemed locked shut, so Lillian said, "Step aside, time for my job." Even though she wasn't the insane bounty hunter she was 90 years ago, she was still an...enthusiastic demolitionist. She placed a few C12 charges near the door and, soon, the group backed off. Pressing the detonator, Lillian smiled her insane smile from her bounty hunter days as the door was blasted open.

Alban, thankful Lillian's placement of the charges merely obliterated the lock and threw the door to the side, ran in, to the body of his sister. He felt for a pulse, which he found, but it was fading. Fast.

Penelo pushed her way in and said, "Ok, time for me to get to work." Preparing a Revive Magick, she charged up White Magick energy for a few seconds, then released a bolt of searing white light, which struck Kristine square in the chest. Then, before the team's eyes, Kristine's wound began to dissipate. Not entirely, but, soon, her pulse was noticeable again. Sighing with relief, Alban pulled something out: the Beacon.

"Well," Alban began, "Let's get ready to run, won't do to keep them waiting." After Onua picked up Kristine (being the strongest there, even without using his Pakari Nuva), Alban put the beacon on the floor, and pushed a button on the side. The lights on top began to flash.

Ryan's patience was wearing thin again. 9 minutes have elapsed and Claire looked at him worryingly. He about gave the order to attack, when something caught his attention. Both Ryan and Claire looked at a hologram of the base, and, inside, a dot began flashing where one wasn't flashing before.

"It's them..." Claire said, realizing the light was the signal from the Infiltration Team's Beacon, "They did it!"

"Well, looks like they made it after all," Ryan said, now glad he didn't attack ahead of schedule, but, now, the time for waiting was over. He turned to the comm system, and said into it, "The Beacon's been activated, begin the attack!"

The base's alarm immediately started to go off, as the base began to rock under the weapon strikes from the Phantom Legion Attack. Alban shouted to the others, "We have to get moving! NOW!" With that, the team made their way out of the Prison Sector. As the ran past a hall, their trackers detected Nod Soldiers around the corner, so, as they came past that hall, Alban fired with his .44 Magnum, striking 3 Nod Shadows straight in the head as he passed. The group continued on, and Lillian repeated Alban's previous maneuver with her Pistol, successfully killing a few Shadows herself. Then, a whole squad of Nod Militia got in front of them, but Viper charged ahead and, in a whirl of Toxic Blades, eliminated them, those that survived foaming at the mouth. Then, a Black Hand soldier charged them, but met its death in what seemed like a smiting by Holy Light. Undoubtedly Penelo using the Magick Holy. Finally, they closed on the Hanger, when, suddenly, the hall collapsed in front of them. The group debated turning back, when Onua passed Kristine to Alban.

"Keep them off me," the Toa of Earth said, as he bore his claws and began digging into the debris. The group set up positions behind Onua, and killed the occasional Militia soldier that tried to charge them. Suddenly a group of Nod Shadows approached. Looking from the Shadows to his sister, Alban passed her to Penelo and told her, "See what you can do for her," before, brandishing his revolver, he leapt from cover and attacked. The Shadows tried to fire, but Alban moved too quickly for them to properly aim: firing, he took down multiple Shadows caught unaware or unable to fire.

Back at the debris pile, Onua kept digging and, finally, found a pair of rods. Gripping them and pulling with all his Pakari Nuva-assisted strength, he tore them out, causing the debris pile to collapse, revealing the hanger behind it. Picking Kristine back up and calling to Alban, he and the others made for the hanger, Alban following. Soon, after killing a few Nod Technicians, they boarded a Nod Carryall. After strapping Kristine in, Alban and Lillian got to the cockpit and prepared for lift-off, while May covered them with her SREVN Rifle, firing triple-shot sniper rifle bursts at any Nod soldier that dared approach. Lifting off, the 2 pilots tried to keep from being hit by debris as they rushed to escape. Near the exit, a large metal plate began to fall, but Lillian put the Carryall in top gear and, just barely, it made it.

Looking back while Lillian directed them to the Phantom Legion Forward Command, Alban looked at the damaged base, then to Kristine, who appeared to be resting peacefully, while Penelo tended to her wounds further. Then, the Carryall landed. They left to find themselves surrounded by Phantom Legion Soldiers, all pointing their guns at the craft. However, once they saw who was inside, they lowered their weapons.

Then, Ryan approached. "Looks like you guys made it out. Did you achieve your objective, Alban?"

Alban nodded and said, sounding a mix of happy and relieved, "Yes, sir, I did. I got my sister out, and she's alive. However, we have to get her to Kaven, now." As he said that, Dawn and Tory arrived and Cerberus Wing flew overhead, on their way back to Kaven Base.

"Alright. Get her to the ship, we can handle the base from here."

The vehicle approached Kaven Base. Everyone was chattering, excited about their recent success, but no one was as excited as Alban: the sister he had been searching for for 12 years was not only alive, but back in his care. Silently, he promised himself he'd never let her out of his sight again. Then, he felt a tap on his shoulder. "It was good working with you again, friend."

"Good to work with you again, too, Onua," Alban responded. The atmosphere was cheerful in the vessel, as Alban moved over to the still-unconscious form of his sister Kristine. After all this time, after 12 years, and, despite the fact she was now 17, a good 12 years older than when he last saw her, he could still recognize her face.

Suddenly, over the excited chattering, Alban heard Penelo shout, "Oh my...EVERYONE!"

Everyone came to the front of the vessel, looked out...and saw smoke trailing from Kaven Base.

Seeing Kaven in trouble, the group kicked the ship into overdrive and arrived at the base. In the hangers, they met IceBite, with a look of shock, disbelief, and, at the sight of them, relief, coming their way. "Thank goodness you guys made it. Did the mission..."

"Yes, we got my sister back alive and the Phantom Legion's cleaning up the base. What happened here?!"

"After you guys left, an Imperial Star Destroyer came in and attacked. We have no idea how it got past our defenses. A dropship landed soon after, not far from Ryan's Place..."

"Wait, Ryan's Place...but across from that is..." Tory then immediately rushed off towards where the dropship was last seen. When he got there, he was met with a sight that left him shocked and a little relieved: Holly was there, alive, but knelt on the ground, crying furiously. Both Tory and Alban rushed forward.

"Holly, Holly!" Tory called to her, but she didn't answer.

Then, Alban attempted to turn her head towards him. "Come on, Holly. Look at me. Look at me! Get yourself together! What happened?!" he said as he did so.

Holly was too rattled to say anything for several minutes. Eventually, though, she composed herself enough to say, "Sen...the ones that attacked here...were here for Sen!" At that moment, the stress caused by the event was too much, and Holly passed out from disorientation.

Chapter 3: Mind GamesEdit

For hours, 2 groups were in the Kaven Base Med labs: one clustered around Alban's sister Kristine, waiting anxiously for her to wake up. The other was around Holly, who was still suffering from the shock of her ordeal. Alban was waiting in between the 2 clusters: He wanted to be there when Kristine woke up, but Holly was his friend and he felt he had to be there for her as well...

Suddenly, Meditron said, "She's waking up, Alban!"

Meditron was working on Kristine. Deciding Holly could wait, Alban prepared to push through the crowd to reach his sister. Fortunately, though, the crowd allowed him through. Then, he did something he rarely, if ever, did: he removed his helmet. He moved over to the bed, next to Kristine. He watched as she stirred, then opened her eyes. Then, Kristine asked weakly, "Alban? Is"

Alban was then completely filled with joy. Kristine, even after 12 years, recognized him. Tearing up, he responded, "Yes, yes it's me."

Kristine responded, "For 12 years...I just remembered you...and mom...and dad...and the others...I haven't forgotten were the only thing...keeping me going..."

That just made Alban more happy. He and his sister then hugged each other tightly. Then, Kristine noticed the others around her, and her demeanor changed. She sounded suspicious. "Where am I?"

Alban was taken aback by that suspicion. "Don't worry, they're friends."

Kristine looked a little skeptical, then a little woozy. "Get some rest. Don't worry, you're among friends here." Kristine looked skeptically at Meditron. "Don't worry about him. In fact, he IS the one who treated what wounds you still had when you got here." With that, Kristine went back to sleep.

Just then, Dawn entered the room, arguing with a Coalition Security Official. Alban could only hear bits of the argument, and usually only from Dawn. "A Star our defenses...obliterated in one shot...most incompetent..." Alban quickly realized Dawn was MAD about the security breach. He heard rumors of her seriousness about security, but didn't believe any of them...until now, that is.

Then he heard Ryan Ferran, back from flattening the Shadow Alliance base, speak out, "How the hell did this fucking happen!"

Casually, Dawn answered, "That's what I'd like to know! Was the Coalition Security force DRUNK or something?!"

Ryan then made a mistake and said, "I don't know. It's your job to look after them!"

That got Dawn pissed. She angrily replied, "It's my job to look after HELLCAT SQUADRAN'S Security. They were on their toes as usual."

Ryan's response to that was, "Then how did they infiltrate the Squadran's MAIN BASE!"

Dawn angrily shot back, "I have no damn idea..."

It wasn't until then that both noticed that Holly had also finally woken up, and she heard a great deal of the argument. Seeking to end the fight, she added in, "I think...I think...I think those people that...that took Sen...they were... they were Sith..."

Dawn replied, at least content she knew the cause of the breach, "Well, that'd explain it, they could infiltrate the base using the Force to cloak themselves..."

Ryan, knowing more about the Force than Dawn, pointed out, "There would need to be a few, and they would need to be extremely powerful."

"Or something powerful controlling them..." The voice came from the Paladin, Draconus Rex. Although a little old-fashioned, Draconus Rex was still both knowledgeable and dangerous. "I fought some of those Sith, I recognized their actions. They were consistent of Mind Slaves of an Illithid."

Ryan was confused. "A what?!"

Draconus Rex calmly responded, "An Illithid. Also known as a 'Mind Flayer'. Dangerous creatures. Using Psionic Energies, they can control the minds of other creatures. More disturbing: they sometimes feast on the brains of their catch. However, this one would have to be exceptionally powerful, if it can control not only one Sith, but several."

"Ok, good to know," Ryan responded.

Holly, at that point, exclaimed, "If this Illithid can control Sith...what's he going to do to Sen?!"

"I don't know," came another voice, as IceBite walked into the room, flanked by May and Onua, "And I sure as hell don't want to find out. We're going after him."

"But," Holly began, "We have no clue where he is. This...Illithid...could be masking his position..."

"Not entirely. Meet me in the Command Center later."

An hour later, IceBite and several other individuals were in the Command Center. Although she was still a little shaken, Holly was among them. IceBite wordlessly turned on the Holopad, which then projected a hologram of the galaxy, then input a code, causing a dot to appear on the map.

"This," IceBite said, "is where the tracer I have on Sen shows him to be. We're going after him."

"How are we supposed to get to him?" asked Alban, "By the time we're ready, he's sure to be out of our effective range."

"Not necessarily," IceBite said, before showing the route the ship is taking: it's currently on the edge of the Mutara Nebula.

"That's the..."

"Yes, Holly. The Mutara Nebula. If we hurry, we can ambush them at the other end."

"So, who's going to do this?" Alban asked, "I can't just leave my sister, especially after she made it abundantly clear she trusts no one here, other than myself."

Serah Farron-Villers was the first to approach. "I'll go."

Snow Villers approached and said, "Me too."

Before Holly could say a word, Avery Johnson appeared and interrupted, "I'll go, and, Holly, I'm absolutely certain we ALL know you're going."

Despite the rudeness of Johnson's entry, she still smiled.

Then, Claire stepped forward. "So will I."

Others to volunteer were May, Tory, Dawn, William Lennox, and Jon-Kole.

Just then, a face Holly thought she wouldn't see again, at least for a long while, appeared. "I'm with you guys too!"

"Nola?! What are you doing here?!" Holly asked, "I thought you were helping stabilize the Nirnian Mage's Guild."

"Well, turns out it wasn't as hard as I feared, with some help from the Torilian College of Waterdeep, that is. So, I'm free for a while. So, when we heading off? Just fill me in on the way."

Holly looked back at IceBite, who nodded to her, and she said, "We're leaving immediately."

It had been 20 years since Holly last stood on the Command Deck of the HCS Last Resort with the intention to do battle. Now, though, unlike previously, when it was to protect a planet, it was to get the most important person in her life back.

Avery came up behind. "So, young lady, what's your plan?"

Holly turned towards him as she answered. "We'll use the weapons onboard the Last Resort to disable the ship Sen's on, then we'll board the craft, rescue him, and get back."

"Ah, seems simple enough, but one thing."

"What is it?"


Suddenly, a Sith Battlecruiser appeared, and it was quite obviously no HCS Asgard. "Sith Battlecruiser! Battlestations! Launch Attack Drones!"

Serah used the controls on the bridge to launch the Attack Drones, while Snow prepared the vessel's weapons.

"But, this isn't right. We were supposed to intercept the craft at the Mutara Nebula. How could it..." Then, Holly immediately realized something. "Scan the signal again."


"Just scan it again!" she screamed. Serah moved to the science station and did as told. Then, Holly rushed over an examined the screen. She made the tracer that was on Sen (of course, she only made it on request to IceBite, but he never said what it was for) and, therefore, she knew the precise frequency of the tracer. She analyzed the frequency read by the sensors and..."Shoot! It's not the same!"

"What do you mean it's not the same!"

"The tracer near Mutara, it's a decoy! Break off, break off!"

Immediately, the Last Resort attempted to withdraw, but the Sith Battlecruiser opened fire. Caught off-guard, and Holly not thinking completely straight, the shields to the vessel were down and the lines for the engines were hit, stranding the Last Resort.

"This isn't going well," said William Lennox.

"Get to the dropship, we need to get aboard!" Holly said. Immediately, the boarding party, consisting of Holly, Serah, Claire, Lennox, Johnson, and Nola Maenn, ran off, while Snow, Tory, Dawn, May, and Jon-Kole stayed behind to guard the ship and try to keep it intact.

The dropship ride was quite exciting, primarily because of the fighters launched by the ship: new variants of the TIE Fighter with rotating parts: the main beam spun on a central axis, while the solar panels at the end also rotated. The Solar Panels were those of the TIE Avenger, so that's also where the Laser Cannons were located. And they were deadly! One took down 5 of Holly's Drones, and they were supposed to be the best Droid Fighters in the Coalition.

Either way, the dropship made it to the Sith Battlecruiser. Inside, Holly' in her flight suit, got ready to go look for Sen. Meanwhile, the others prepared their weapons. Then, without a word, the emerged. At that moment, Sith began to emerge and attack, with blasters. Holly was able to use her Disc Blades to deflect the bolts while Nola Maenn used Shield Spells to block those that got by Holly. Then, Holly lunged forward, cutting down a Sith. Next, Claire came forward and blasted another Sith with her Blazefire Saber. William Lennox and Avery Johnson both fired on the remaining Sith, but their attacks were stopped. Then, Holly flung one of her Disc Blades at the Sith. It dodged, but didn't see as, like a boomerang, the weapon came around and sliced through the back of the Sith's head before Holly caught it again. Then, with all the Sith in the hanger dead, the group settled down, the black pointed helmet on Holly's Flight Suit folding in on itself, revealing Holly's head underneath. Her expression was one someone would more attribute to IceBite: Ice Cold Determination.

"Come on," Holly said, "Let's get moving."

After fighting through more Sith, the group found themselves in a Chamber, and in that chamber... "Sen!"

"Holly? What are you doing here? You need to get out of here!"

"What are you talking about," she exclaimed, coming up and grabbing Sen's arm, "I'm here to get you out!"

"No, Holly, you don't understand, hurry up, before Visarius..." then, Sen dropped on the ground, clenching his head, as though he were in pain. Suddenly, a wall of Force and Psionic Energy appeared, trapping Holly in the room. Then, a massive, Octopus-Faced creature descended towards them.

"So...this is the girl..." the Illithid hissed.

"What are you and what are you doing to Sen?!" Holly demanded the creature answer.

"I am Visarius, the Isithid Dark Lord."


"An Illithid imbued with the Power of the Sith, we are more powerful than ANY other lifeform."

"Get down here, and we'll find out."

"Oh, I would, but I wouldn't want to get in the middle of your's and your boyfriend's fight..."

"What do you mean by..." Suddenly, Holly saw as Sen began to stand up. He was no longer clenching his head, but he didn't look like himself. "Sen?" Holly squeaked. Sen didn't look like he heard, and ignited one of his lightsabers. "!" Holly shouted in horror and dismay as Sen's mind fell prey to Visarius's powers.

Suddenly, Holly felt something try to worm into her mind. Even in her mind's weakened state, however, she easily shrugged it off. Visarius's apparent reaction showed who was responsible. "Gah...Destroy her!"

When Visarius ordered that, Sen lunged forward, swinging his lightsaber at Holly. Fortunately, Holly had her Disc Blades ready, and blocked Sen's attack with them. The force of the attack, however, threw Holly backwards into the Force Barrier, which didn't even budge. Holly rolled to avoid another strike. At that moment, one of the Sith soldiers entered the room, and reported a bolt of energy entering the ship. "Ignore it. I sense nothing..." Visarius replied, sending the soldier away, to continue to watch the fight.

Outside the Shield, Nola Maenn pulled out her Staff, Apotheosis, and fired at the barrier. Even with the powers of the 9 Divines of Nirn, she couldn't penetrate the barrier, however Nola kept up the blast. Joining in, Claire and Serah both unleashed a power Thundaga Attack that struck with the Apotheosis Blast. However, the barrier still wouldn't budge, and they could see inside that Holly was getting weaker. Just then, another individual appeared, this one more well-known, and more friendly.

"Mind if I lend a hand?" asked the Manifestation of Energy, Pyroketox, before charging energy in his clawed left hand, and releasing it as a blast of magnetic energy. Then, with his voice, he used Sonic Energy to create a Sonic Boom. That, combined with the attacks from Claire, Serah, and Nola, the barrier, at least near the exit, shattered. Ignoring her own safety, Serah rushed in, grabbed Holly, and dragged her out. She got her out just a second before the barrier rose again.

With Serah and Lennox supporting Holly, the group rushed back to the dropship. When they got back, Snow asked, "What happened to Holly, and where's Sen?"

Lennox interrupted, "Doesn't matter, we have to get the hell out of here!" The group then got to their stations (With Johnson taking Command, being the senior officer present), they piloted the dropship back to the Last Resort, which was at least partially repaired, but besieged. When the group got back, Tory and the others were waiting for them. By then, Holly was semi-conscious, but was enough out of it to let the others know something was wrong.

"What happened?!" Tory exclaimed.

" was...a Mind Flayer..." Holly mumbled semi-coherently, "It...has Sen...made" With that, Holly lost consciousness.

Chapter 4: CopingEdit

Alban was shocked. This was the 2nd time in a week Holly was unconscious due to stress. He was also shocked to hear that not only was Draconus Rex's theory true, but that it also had control of Sen. He then overheard Claire's and Serah's debriefing with IceBite and Draconus Rex.

"It called itself an 'Isithid'," Serah reported.

"It seemed arrogant enough, as well," Claire said, remembering some of Draconus Rex's descriptions of Illithids.

Suddenly, a noise sounded. They were near the outer halls of the base, so it came as little surprise when Paarthrunax's head snaked in. "I heard what happened, Krosis. But, I come to question: Is the foe's name really Visarius?"

"Yes, it is," Serah answered.

"Why?" Claire asked, "You heard of him?"

"Yes," Paarthurnax responded, light anger apparent in his voice, "I have heard of him, Tahrodiis Sivaas, a most dangerous foe."

Then, Alban realized something. He came up to the others, and commented, "I think I know something about Visarius..."

This earned him the attention of the others, which didn't really phase him. "What is it, Alban, speak up," IceBite said, "Anything you can tell us may help us in future battles."

Alban, after composing himself, commented, "That starship Holly's Team encountered isn't his real Flagship. I heard that, from Sith formerly aligned with the Shadow Alliance, he learned of the Hulk of a massive vessel with power to rival the Galactica: the Volfgang."

"Alban, I need you to tell us EVERYTHING you know about this 'Volfgang'."

Dazed and confused, Holly woke up for the 2nd time this week in the Med Labs. She was met by a voice. "If you keep coming here like this, you may as well live here." It was Quel, trying to be humorous again.

"How long was I out this time?" Holly asked.

"Not long, a day or so," Quel answered.

Holly sat up, and, although she was over the shock of the event, it didn't do anything to help how much the revelation psychologically hurt. "I...I just can't believe that thing has Sen."

Just then, Alban entered. "Holly! It's good to see you're up."

"Nice to see you too, Alban," Holly responded, a little depressed.

"Say, Holly, can I get you to talk to Kristine? It's become apparent that she doesn't trust anyone here."

"From what I know, a common side effect of Shadow Alliance Imprisonment is distrust in people," Holly depressingly recited.

Alban quickly realized Holly was depressed over her failure, but that just gave him more incentive to get Holly to associate with Kristine. After a few minutes, he finally convinced her to visit Kristine.

When Holly reached Kristine's quarters, she knocked on the door. "Go away," Kristine said bitterly from within.

"Hey, I'm Holly, I'm a friend of Alban. He told me to come and talk to you."

She heard a small growl from within and Kristine responded, "Very well..."

Holly opened the door and found the room only dimly lit, with Kristine sitting in a chair nearby. "Uh...hi," Holly said.

"What do you want?" Kristine bitterly asked Holly.

"Like I said, I just want to talk. Anything you want to talk about?"

"Yes, you, leaving."

Holly was taken aback by the comment, and said, "I'm just trying to be nice. Why are you like this?"

Kristine, although she didn't trust Holly, could tell something was bugging her, and it was not herself. Suddenly, she felt something: sympathy and a yearning to find out what was bothering her. Against her normal actions, she asked, "What's wrong? You sound depressed."

Holly was surprised by this. Even though she wanted an answer, she realized she'd make more progress by answering Kristine's question. " boyfriend was...kidnapped earlier this week. And worse the has taken over his mind. I found him...but...but..."

Holly almost broke down, when, suddenly, in a surge of empathy made Kristine actually feel for her. With that she actually felt the urge to try to comfort her, which she did. She did so for a few minutes, until Alban arrived. "Wow, Kristy, when'd you become a counselor?"

Then, Holly got up, slightly less upset, and said, "I have to go. See you later, Kristine?"

"Count on it. And, it's Kristy."

Holly smiled at Kristine allowing her to use her nickname. With that, though, she had to leave.

Holly aimlessly wandered around Kaven Base, lost in thought. She wanted Sen back, but, now that this 'Visarius' had him under his control, that was next-to-impossible now. She just wished there were some way to get Sen back. Suddenly, due to lack of attention, she walked right into Draconus Rex. "Wha...oh, sorry, sorry about that."

"It's ok," Draconus responded calmly, "I know you meant nothing by it. I know you're still upset about what happened to Sen."

Holly just hung her head sadly. "I just don't know what to do...with that thing holding Sen's mind captive, I just...don't think I'll ever see him again, or if I do, it won't be a friendly reunion."

"You never know. An Illithid's hold on someone isn't permanent."

Suddenly, Holly felt a small glimmer of hope. "What do you mean?"

"You remember my companion, Drizzt Do'Urden, right? Well, at one point, while escaping the Underdark, he and his companions were taken captive by Illithids, but, eventually, managed to break free of their hold on them."

"So...there may still be a way to get Sen back?"

"Maybe, but, unfortunately, before that happens, you'd probably still have to fight him."

"I'll do anything to get him back. I still remember how he saved me almost 50 years ago, and it's about time I return that favor."

IceBite was looking over something at his computer terminal in his office, when a cloaked individual entered. IceBite recognized who it was immediately. "Ah, good you made it. There's something I need you to do for me."

Chapter 5: PreparationsEdit

1 week later

In a darkened room, 2 individuals faced each other: one, a male in a hooded cloak, the other, a female in a black suit and helmet. The male pulled out a pair of lightsabers, their blades glowing blue. The female pulled out 2 ring-shaped weapons, which glowed with cyan light. The 2 fighters just watched each other, until the lightsaber-wielding individual lunged forward, the female catching the blades on the ring-shaped weapons. Then, the 2 were just a flurry of blades and light, one attempting to strike the other, only to be blocked. The fight dragged on for a half hour, until, suddenly, the female tried to attack with 2 wide-out strikes, only to be blocked by the male, who only realized too late that his torso was undefended. The female lashed out with a furious kick, managing to keep balance, even though she was still holding back the lightsabers. The male was knocked backwards a few feet. Before he could react, the female had lunged and was already on him. Crouched down on the male's chest, using her own body weight to pin him down, she had one hand was holding one arm down, and the other was holding one of the ring-shaped weapons to the man neck.

Then, the female's helmet folded in on itself, revealing Holly's face. "Concede!" she demanded to her opponent.

From inside the hood came the voice of Luke Skywalker. "Very well. Great work, Holly."

With that, Holly got up off her temporary mentor and helped him up. "So, how well did I do?"

"Better than before, that's for sure."

"Thank you."

Just then, the door opened and IceBite entered, slowly clapping his hands. "Well done, Holly. It takes quite a swordsman to beat Luke in a duel."

"Nah, I'm pretty sure he was just going easy on me, to actually give me a chance." Just then, however, Holly read Luke's expression, and immediately knew what it meant. "You weren't going easy on me?"

"No, your victory there was all you."

Holly's expression went from shocked, to happy, to extremely joyful. "I actually beat you?! I...I can't believe it."

"Well, at least we can all be happy to know that Hellcat Squadran has a fighter that can take on Force Users head-to-head again," IceBite commented. Then, he saw someone coming. Having a good feeling about who it was, he added to his previous statement, "And not a moment too soon."

Sure enough, Tory came through the door. He smiled at Holly, as though the news he brought would be taken well by her. "I have good news and bad news. The good news is that we located the Volfgang and Sen is more than likely aboard, along with Visarius."

IceBite then asked, "And the bad news?"

"Visarius's influence is greater than we feared. His fleet currently consists of the Volfgang, 2 almost-equally-sized duplicates, and over hundreds of thousands of Star Destroyers, Super Star Destroyers, and Sith Battlecruisers. They appear to be gathering a massive fleet to use to conquer the galaxy."

"This is terrible, indeed, I need to call the Coalition Council. Tory, Luke, Holly, come with me."

The group traveled to the North to the Coalition Council Headquarters. The structure has survived over a century of war, crisis, and near-destruction, but still stands tall in the Nevada City it stood in, Inside the Council Chambers were several members of the council. Those present included the Sangheili Arbiter, Thel 'Vadam, leader of the Covenant Separatists; the Heretic Leader Gutak 'Cyandenee; Lord Terrence Hood of the UNSC; Director Vincent Davenport of GDI; Chancellor Martok of the Klingon Empire; Praetor Dregar of the Romulan Star Empire; Lykurgus of Species 8472; Helryx of the Order of Mata Nui; Commodon of the Enforcers of Tren Krom; Mon Mothma of the New Republic; Queen Ashe of the Dalmascans; Jauffre (representing the Blades for the Septim Empire); and Princess Nalia of the Neledia Alliance. She looked around and saw Ryan and Zack near what could only be IceBite's usual place in the council seats. Despite her major role for the past several years, and her presence since before, Holly'd never seen the Council Chambers of the Coalition, until now. She prepared to move towards there, but IceBite got her attention. He was heading towards the podium at the head of the room, and was gesturing for her to come with him.

When she reached him, he whispered to her, "I suggest you listen to this." Then, he stepped up to the podium, and, when he finally had the council's attention, he said, "I have called the Council here to report that, after a week of searching, Hellcat Squadran Cloak and Dagger Operations performed by Agents Fallaf and Jackal have uncovered the location of the fleet led by the 'Isithid' Visarius."

The council got into an uproar, but was silenced when Martok roared, "QUIET!" Once the clamoring died down, Martok insisted, "Continue."

"Thank you, Chancellor. Now, as I was saying, his fleet...has increased to astronomical proportions: if they were to attack us now, we wouldn't be able to hold them back."

"I suppose you have a plan then? I believe I speak for all of us when I say you damn well better have a plan," Davenport asked, almost sounding like he was begging for there to be a plan. Surprisingly, the council agreed with him, which was definitely new.

"As a matter-a-fact, I do. Our goal isn't to eliminate the fleet, but to, as the old saying goes, 'Cut the head off the snake.'" Then, a Holo-pad rose from the floor, which then loaded a tactical map of the area of space where Visarius's Fleet was. As he spoke, the images on the holo-pad updated themselves to match the plan. "First, I'll mobilize the entire Hellcat Squadran Interstellar Navy to take on his fleet head-on. However, we won't be the first to open fire. Princess Nalia, this plan has need for your ships' superior cloaking abilities.

"What do you need?" the physically-13 year old Princess of the Vehexa people asked. The Romulans, for the 68 years before the Neledia Alliance, have been known for their cloaking technology. Now, their's is exceeded in quality and effectiveness by the Neledia Alliance's Psi-Tech Cloak, which not only blocks sensors to just above the effectiveness of Romulans cloaks, but also blocks supernatural forms of detection as well.

"Your ships are, fortunately, invisible to the Force when cloaked. I need you to drop out of FTL on top of their fleet and attack them from there. Next up, it'll be time for Helryx's and Commodon's Carriers to attack from below. Then, we'll need Mon Mothma to send Admiral Ackbar and his fleet to the rear of the Sith Fleet, ambush them there. Queen Ashe, President Velhart, Martok, Dregar, I need your forces to coordinate and attack from the port side of his fleet. Finally, I'll need Lord Hood, Thel 'Vadam, Gutak 'Cyandenee, and Lykurgus to send their ships to the starboard of the fleet and hit them there. Most attacks rely on synchronization. This one relies on the complete opposite. Each group must arrive at the same time as the other members of their group, BUT no 2 battle groups can arrive at the same time for this to work."

"And why is that?" asked the Romulan Praetor, Dregar.

"Because, Dregar, the ambushes are meant merely to be a diversion. When Nalia's forces strike, a vessel from my fleet will break off and make a dash for the Volfgang, Visarius's flagship. If we're lucky they should slip in with minimal to no resistance. This strike force will be responsible for both killing Visarius and rescuing one of my men Visarius is holding captive, Sen Urec. This strike force will be led by Holly Lund, who's standing here next to me."

That caught Holly off-guard. Had this been what IceBite was up to the last week? Formulating this plan to get her on Visarius's ship to get Sen back? Was that why he had her training with Luke Skywalker this past week, to ready herself for when the location of Visarius's fleet was re-discovered?

IceBite continued, "I've had New Republic Jedi Master Luke Skywalker training Holly this past week, and just this past training session, Holly soundly defeated him while he was using full force. In my professional opinion, she is ready for this. And, add in her relationship to Sen, she would be more likely to carry out the mission. Am I right on this, Holly?"

Holly was again caught off-guard by this, but, after processing it, she nodded. "Yes, I am ready for this."

IceBite turned back to the Council, and Davenport made another comment. "I'm not too sure myself, Commander. I don't want to lose 2 of our best Force-Using swordsmen. Without Holly, who'd stop the Sith if we fail?"

"Even if both we had her and if we still had Sen, nothing could stop them. This is all or nothing, if we don't succeed here, we are all doomed."

"Then I am in full agreement. I will ready GDI, in the case that you should fail. If you cannot stop them, at least we'll be ready to evacuate to safety."

"Good to hear. Anyways, as soon as Visarius is dead, Holly and the others will exfiltrate back to their craft, and, with Visarius dead, the fleet should become disoriented, maybe even fire on each other. Then, we can mop up those that remain. Any questions?"

The rest of the Coalition Council remained silent. They knew what they had to do. "Good," IceBite said. He then turned towards Holly, "Go now and choose your team. Take with you those you trust in there, because once inside, we won't be able to offer anymore support. Just do what you can and both kill Visarius and get Sen back. As of now, until you reach the Volfgang, you are in charge of the assault."

"I'll get him back," Holly said, "And I will make Visarius pay for what he did!"

"Well, go on. You really need time to decide. Pick as many as you think can fit in the Final Frontier. We'll meet again in the hanger tomorrow. Then, we're departing for Visarius's fleet."

With that, the Council departed.

The Next Day...

Holly leaned against the wall near the ramp of her ship, the HCS Final Frontier, inside were Marquis Hatcher and Kei Nagase-Hatcher of Cerberus Wing, Serah Farron-Villers, Snow Villers, Claire Farron-Ferran, Draconus Rex, William Lennox, Vaan, Penelo, Zack Sigurdson, Leandra Jackson, Alban Pahlke, Toa Onua, and the members of Spartan Team Zodiac, all loaded and ready to go. Holly was now just waiting for IceBite to give the word that everyone is ready. Soon enough, he came. "So, everyone ready to go?" he asked.

"Yes, we're ready here," Holly responded.

"Good, the others are also all set to go. Just give the order, and we're off."

"Thank you, inform them to begin going to the Rendezvous Point."

"Ok, on it, oh and Alban?"

"Yes, sir."

"Your sister said she wanted to come with us, mainly to supply you and Holly with moral support, so she's going along with Tory on the Galactica."

Alban seemed surprised that Kristine would want to go with them, but kept that to himself. "Thanks for telling me," he replied.

"Well," Holly said, "Let's get moving."

Chapter 6: The BattleEdit

The Fleet waited, and the different battle groups were already in position. Near the Galactica was Holly's personal courier ship, the HCS Final Frontier. It's been nearly 40 years since it was flown into a combat zone. And, now, looks like it's going to fully participate in a battle.

"Status?" Holly asked Alban, who was serving as co-pilot for the mission.

"Status looks green...then again, I can't tell, seeing as you labeled these controls in Binary Code..." Alban responded, trying to decode Holly's labeling.

Holly didn't really get what was wrong. Quite literally, Binary was like a first language for her, but she didn't say anything.

Finally, the Fleet's reports came in.

"This is Tory on the HCS Galactica. Holly, our fleet is ready to go."

"This is Lord Hood on the UNSC Colorado, we're ready to attack."

"This is Thel 'Vadam on the CAS Shadow of Intent. We're ready to move out."

"This is Gutak 'Cyandenee on the Rightous Fury, we're also ready to attack."

"This is Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise. Our forces are ready to go on the attack."

"This is Chancellor Martok on the IKS Kahless. We're ready for battle!"

"This is Admiral Sela on the RES Norexan. Our Warbirds are at your disposal."

"This is Lykurgus. This 'Visarius' shall perish. We are at your command."

"This is Helryx on the Daxia, our fighters are ready and the Toa are willing."

"This is Commodon on the Citadel, our Rahkshi are ready to fight!"

"This is Admiral Ackbar, onboard the New Republic Starship Home One, we are moving into position now."

"This is Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca onboard the HMS Sword of Hope, our vessels are prepared and ready for battle."

"This is Princess Nalia, on the Juno, we're ready willing to do our part in the offensive."

"Good.. When I give the order, begin deployment."

The fleets gave their acknowledgements. Behind Holly, Serah approached. "Are you sure you're ready for this, Holly?"

Holly bowed her head and thought for a moment, before raising it again and responding, "I'm sure."

Visarius's Fleet finally came together: Star Destroyers, Sith Battlecruisers, and Pirate Vessels all gathered around the Volfgang and it's duplicates, the Wolf Pack and Pack Hunter. In the command bridge, Visarius met with 2 Sith he'd made his generals: Darth Agonon, a former associate of Darth Mehtohn, one of the 3 Sith to escape Visarius, and Sen Urec, of Hellcat Squadran. They watched as the Hellcat Squadran Fleet approached. Sen knew what they were probably up to, but, some part of his mind successfully managed to hold that information back...

The Final Frontier sped over the hull of the HCS Galactica. It was making its way to the front of the fleet, which consisted of every starship at Hellcat Squadran's disposal: Hresvelgr Battleships, Musspellheim Assault Craft, Corsair War Frigates, Silventor Missile Cruiser-Carriers, Aurora Battlestars, Pegasus Carrierstars, and more. Not far from them was the Phantom Legion Fleet, commanded by Ryan Ferran. Every result of their Project Resurrection was present and accounted for, ready to take on the Sith Fleet.

Holly looked over this fleet and compared it to Visarius's. Even mobilizing its whole Interstellar Navy, Hellcat Squadran was vastly outnumbered 100 to 1. However, their goal wasn't to wipe out Visarius's Fleet, but to allow Holly and her team to infiltrate Visarius's Flagship. One last time, however, she reached out into the force, to try to reach Sen. She found him, and he was indeed deep inside the Moon-sized Volfgang. She tried to contact him. Sen, I know your still there, please, try and fight Visarius's control, please try! She could sense that Sen's mind was trying to fight, even harder now that he knew Holly was near, but it was quickly apparent that Visarius was just too strong. So, Holly gave the order.

"Now, begin the attack now!"

Before Visarius's Fleet had the Hellcat Squadran Fleet in their firing range, Nalia's ships de-cloaked above the Sith Fleet, and opened fire.

Visarius was about to give the order to fire, when a new threat appeared. Several unknown starships appeared above the fleet (Visarius was ignorant about the existence of the Neledia Alliance, as were most Sith.) and fired. Already, 12 of his ships were destroyed and 20 others damaged and sending distress calls to the rest of the fleet. As Visarius was about to order the Volfgang to engage the new hostiles, reports came that another fleet was coming in from below: the Order of Mata Nui and the Enforcers of Tren Krom attacked. Now faced with threats from above and below, Visarius's fleet, began to spread out, when, suddenly, another Sith Officer reported, "My lord, we have a ship coming from the Hellcat Squadran Fleet. It's heading right towards us."

"Redirect our TIEs to engage the vessel."

"Right away."

The half of Sen's mind still under his control realized it was Holly again. This whole engagement must have been organized by her to come get me... Sen realized. While the half controlled by Visarius scoffed at the endeavor, the half that was still Sen's was touched by the fact that Holly hadn't given up on him.

Holly maneuvered the Final Frontier through the Sith Fleet, dodging turbolaser blasts with reflexes rarely matched by other humans. However, the group realized something was wrong when, suddenly, TIE Spinners, in addition to some form of modified TIE Defender (TIE Revolvers) started approaching. Holly made her ship dip and dive through the fleet, trying to dodge the fighters, but they kept on them, and she was sure they were toast when a force came in from the front as well. However, missiles appeared and smashed the TIE Spinners up front. Moments later, Dark Talon, IceBite's F-22, swooped in and engaged the fighters behind Holly's craft.

"Get moving," IceBite's voice said over the comm, "I’ll deal with any fighters that come your way."

Holly looked around at the battlefield again. It was in chaos. As the New Republic Force came in from behind, some of the Super Star Destroyers were re-directed to deal with the bigger threat. As that happened, however, the port and starboard attack forces arrived. Now, the Sith Fleet was boxed in. Finally, with that, the Hellcat Squadran Fleet began its charge. The Galactica opened fire on one of the Volfgang duplicates, as the HCS Forerunner Emancipator, now aging, but still a capable starship, moved in to engage one of the Super Star Destroyers. Ryan's Fleet moved forward and began engaging the Imperial Class Star Destroyers in the front-bottom of the fleet. With that, she continued her ship's trek to the Volfgang.

Federation Attack
8472 Force 22nd

Tory looked over the battle, Kristine Pahlke looking over his shoulder clearly watching the marker labeled 'HCS Final Frontier'. She wasn't the only one, as Tory himself kept an eye on the Final Frontier. At that moment, the vessel was flying along the Volfgang's hull, searching for an access point, while IceBite provided top cover. After a while, the vessel came close to one of the starship's colossal landing bays, about 510 km in width. The Final Frontier reached the Landing Bay, and entered. Then, jammers within the Volfgang caused the Final Frontier to disappear off sensors.

"Now what?" Kristine asked.

"Now...we wait," Tory said, as one of the Galactica's Wave Motion Guns tore open one of the Volfgang's duplicates.

Chapter 7: Duel of the FatesEdit

The Volfgang's alarm went off, as the intruding vessel entered the hanger. Fortunately for Holly and her team, the hanger doors sealed shut behind their ship. As several Sith and Sith Droids came to approach the craft, the ramp lowered. In no time flat, Holly, in her flight suit, came out and quickly eliminated the opposition, as the other members of the team exited the ship.

"Lennox, Snow, Serah, Marissa, Kyle, you 5 guard the ship, the rest of us are going after Sen.

The 5 acknowledged. "Be careful out there," Serah warned Holly.

"Well, let's get going," Zack said.

The group entered one hallway, and soon found themselves facing a squad of Sith. The Sith moved in to attack, but Draconus Rex and Claire sprang into action. They managed to eliminate some of the Sith Squad, allowing the group to continue onwards. The group hurried along towards where Holly sensed Sen to be: the Core of the ship.

Visarius watched as the group moved deeper into the ship. Darth Agonon requested, "Should I send security to deal with them?"

Visarius thought, and, to Agonon's surprise, responded, "No, in fact, order all security between them and here to move aside. Sen and I will deal with them...personally..."

As the group continued, they realized that, as they went further in, the less security there was, nothing like what intelligence said. Finally, they were outside the control room. Holly checked to see if everyone was ready. When she got a positive response, she Technomanced the door open. Standing inside was Sen.

"This is where your infiltration ends," the Visarius-controlled Sen said.

Holly stepped forward, retracting her helmet into her flight suit. "Sen, this is not you, and you know it."

"And you think I care?"

Holly could sense Sen trying to break out, but knew Visarius was too powerful for that to occur anytime soon. "I don't want to fight you Sen, but, if I have no other choice..." She pulled out her Disc Blades. "Please, Sen, don't do this..."

Sen didn't listen, and struck. Holly, who re-deployed her flight suit's helmet, was able to block the blow fast enough to keep from being cleaved into pieces. Just then, a group of Sith came in from behind them, trapping them in the chamber. Spotting a large pillar of sorts, Lucius-A125 and Lyla-G264 from Zodiac pushed it over, providing the force with a barrier to hide from the Sith Droids' blasters behind. The Sith warriors, however, merely charged forward. Marquis and Kei opened fire on those Sith that tried to charge. Although most of their hits merely vaporized because of striking their lightsabers, some of Kei's shot managed to get by the Siths' defense and even drop a few of them. Claire aided as well, her Gunblade firing bursts of energy that proved...difficult for the lightsabers to block. Vaan and Penelo fired Black Magick blasts at the Sith that came towards them and, a well-known fact being that the Mist isn't easily effected by the Force, were able to defeat some of the Sith that way.

Behind them, Holly's and Sen's duel continued. As Sen tried an overhead swing on Holly, a Disc Blade met the Lightsaber Blade. When he tried a side-swipe, it just struck a Disc Blade's blade. Holly was fighting defensively, still trying to reach Sen.

"Come on, Sen, I know you're there. Please, this thing's control isn't invincible, just fight it!"

Just then, she sensed something. A part of Sen, the part that was the man she loved, managed to communicate briefly with her. "Its too strong...It's own mind...against me..." That was all she heard before Visarius regained control. What Holly then realized was that defeating Sen would probably be the only way to free him. So, she fought agressively. For a few minutes, she kept pressing the attack on Sen. After a while, she saw an opening: the areas out to the sides were wide open. She prepared 2 synchronized strikes out to the far sides. Much like Luke in their practice duels, Sen fell for the feint, and, before he could counter, Holly unleashed the hardest kick she could, knocking Sen to the floor. Then, to ensure he didn't get up, she lunged, landed on him, and, crouched on his chest, used her body weight to keep him from moving, holding his arms down so he couldn't counter. Only...he didn't try. Holly then saw that Sen hit his head on the floor hard when he fell, and, as her helmet retracted again, she sensed his mind fighting back Visarius's control. He was, for now, immobilized, allowing Holly to deal with the other threat.

Zack saw Holly preparing to run up towards Visarius, but she had already swiped Sen's Lightsabers and was already underway before he could stop her.

Holly reached the top of the steps, up to Visarius's throne. The Isithid laughed. "So, you defeat your boyfriend..." It then said, arrogantly, "Am I supposed to be impressed?"

"It's just you and me now, you monster. I will make you pay for what you did to Sen..." Again, Holly could feel Visarius try to worm into her mind, only with more force. Now, however, her mind focused, relaxed, and actually expecting this, she put up resistance. The 2 started a Battle of the Wills so strong, that even the people in the room that didn't have special powers could feel the heaviness in the room of the 2's confrontation. Holly's face seemed relaxed, while Visarius's was tense, concentrating. However, after a few minutes, it became clear Holly was winning: Visarius's face-tentacles began squirming, its eyes were squeezed shut, until, suddenly, realizing it couldn't win, activated a pair of Lightsabers, and lunged. Holly activated Sen's lightsabers and blocked the attack, bringing her helmet back up, but the force was still enough to cause Holly to stagger.

When Holly recovered, she was forced to block again, as Visarius began pushing in harder and harder. Just then, Visarius swapped a lightsaber for his staff, which he swung at Holly with full force. Holly's Flight Suit could easily block a Lightsaber strike, but it couldn't protect her from this attack. The strike of the staff crushed Holly's arm. Stunned by the attack, Visarius kicked Holly down, and, with his foot, stomped on both Holly's legs and her other arm, effectively immobilizing her. Then, as Visarius was about to bring his blades down on Holly's head, she heard a voice shout, "No!", and, next thing she knew, Sen's lightsabers had left her hands, and now there were 2 pairs of blades above her, one set holding the other back.

Down below the fight, Sen came to. First thing he realized was that Visarius's control over him was broken. He was free. He looked up at Zack, who was watching the fight above. Sen knew something bad was occurring when Zack's expression changed. Sen looked up and watched as Visarius immobilized Holly. Then, he saw the Isithid about to kill her. "No!" he suddenly shouted, and, using the Force to retrieve his Lightsabers from Holly, he charged up the stairs and blocked Visarius's Deathblow. "No!!!!!" the Isithid squealed, as he tried to re-gain control over Sen, but, Sen quickly realized that something was shielding his mind: Holly. Holly, who was in a lot of pain, but still conscious, was using the Force to shield Visarius's mind from Sen's. Now, no longer under Visarius's control, and no chance of being so again, Sen unleashed a vicious attack. Now, with Visarius on the defensive, Sen pushed the Isithid away from Holly, and, as soon as an opening showed itself, Sen struck.

His lightsabers impaled the Isithid.

He continued hacking, slicing, and dicing Visarius, until nothing was left except chunks of Illithid Flesh. He then turned back to Holly, who was now surrounded by the others. Sen pushed his way though until he was right next to her.

Holly's helmet was again retracted back, and it was apparent from the look on her face that Holly was in a lot of pain, but, when she saw Sen, looking at her worryingly, it seemed she had forgotten that pain. "Sen..." she said weakly, "You're back..."

"Yes," he said, "Thanks to you."

"I'm sorry I wasn't able to help you sooner."

"No need for you to be sorry," Sen replied, "In fact, I'm surprised you managed to defeat me at all."

The 2 smiled at each other for a moment, just glad that the other was ok. Then, Lyla commented, "Well, Visarius is dead, now what do we do?"

Sen's face then showed horror. "Oh, shit! That's right. Visarius was holding this thing together with the Force! Now that he's dead..."

He didn't have a chance to finish the statement, as, suddenly, one of the ceiling supports broke free above them and fell towards them.

Chapter 8: Escape!Edit

Onua rushed ahead and grabbed Holly, picking her up and out of the way of the support. Sen used the Force to push it away from the group, as, suddenly, the ship seemed to fall apart around them. Fortunately, Onua didn't need his Pakari Nuva to carry Holly, so he could use his Kanohi Matatu to keep debris away from them. As the team made their escape, they ran into Sith Droids on one side, and on the other, a trio of Sith. One of them, Sen recognized as Darth Agonon. He prepared to fight him, when suddenly, Agonon used to Force to disable the Sith Droids attacking the party. He looked at the group and nodded. Sen immediately recognized what he meant and encouraged the group to get going.

Finally, they made it to the hanger, which, fortunately, wasn’t exposed to space yet. Before they reached the Final Frontier, Agonon and his Sith companions appeared and ran for 2 TIE Revolvers, while Agonon took a TIE Spinner. Over the TIE Spinner's comm, Agonon told the Coalition Party, "We'll escort you out, hurry."

The party boarded the Final Frontier. Onua put Holly in the Copilot seat while Sen took the Pilot's Seat. After looking over the controls, he muttered in frustration, "Leave it to you, Holly, to label your ship's controls in Binary!"

Holly shrugged weakly, and, finally, Sen figured out the controls and lifted off, just as their TIE escorts lifted off. Together, the 4 craft made for the exit, dodging falling debris and other obstacles. Suddenly, near the exit, part of one of the landing bay's doors began to fell, blocking them in. Sen frantically searched for the Temporal Cannon Control. Then, he felt a surge in the Force, as Holly used the Force to take something from behind them, and hurled it at a control labeled '01010100 01100101 01101101 01110000 01101111 01110010 01100001 01101100 00100000 01010000 01110101 01101100 01110011 01100101 00100000 01000011 01100001 01101110 01101110 01101111 01101110 00100000 01000011 01101111 01101110 01110100 01110010 01101111 01101100'. Then, the Temporal Cannons opened fire, obliterating the door piece, leaving an escape route out of the ship. Sen went for it.

"Sir, the enemy flagship! It's blowing up from the inside!"

Tory, Kristine, and everyone on the Galactica's bridge watched as the Volfgang seemed to tear itself apart.

Tory didn't worry about that. The only thing worrying him was the fact that Holly was still inside. He kept whispering to himself, "Please, Holly. Come on, get out of there..."

Then, just as the ship seemed close to blowing up, one of the science officers called out, "Sir! One of ours! Out of the main hole!"

Tory looked at the screens, searched...and almost leapt when he saw the HCS Final Frontier come rocketing out of the landing bay. However, the ship didn't make it far before the Volfgang exploded. For a moment, it looked as though the Final Frontier was engulfed by the explosion. The whole crew was silent for 5 agonizing minutes, before that same Science officer called, "Sir!"

Tory saw it, and this time he DID jump. The Final Frontier, in the center of a formation of TIE Revolvers and a TIE Spinner, exited the debris cloud, protected by a Force Shield. Then, over the comm came Holly's voice. She sounded weakened, but alive. "This is Holly, the mission is a success. We're coming home..." The bridge crew literally jumped with joy. Transmission on the Coalition channels were clogged by joyful exclamations, as some of the Sith ships entered Hyperspace at random vectors, while those few that stayed to fight were quickly eliminated. The Coalition had not only survived, but had won.

As the Final Frontier approached the Galactica, Agonon hailed them again. "To Holly Lund of the Coalition, and Sen Urec, I am forever in your debt, for saving me from the fate of serving that monster. And, I do not forget my debts." Then, Agonon and his companions entered Hyperspace, for parts unknown.

With that, Sen and Holly looked at each other, and smiled. Sen then said, "Let's go home..."

Chapter 9: KogaanEdit

The Final Frontier landed in the hanger of the HCS Galactica. Waiting outside for them were Tory, IceBite, and Kristine. They expected this to be a joyous reunion, but were met by a shocking site, as Sen was carrying Holly out of the craft, her head moving slowly but her limbs hanging limply, as if broken.

"What the hell happened?!" Tory exclaimed.

"It was Visarius," Sen replied, "Used his staff to stun her, then crushed her limbs. She's ok, though. Nothing fatal."

"Well, then I guess we have to make it back to Kaven. Tory, get this ship heading for home," IceBite commanded.

"Right away."

The Galactica returned to the edge of the Solar System, and the crew was moved back to Earth. When they got there, they were met by the Nirnian Dragons Paarthurnax and Odahviing. When he saw Holly's condition, Odahviing exclaimed, "My goodness, Ahzid Krosis, what happened?"

"Holly was injured in the fight against Visarius," Sen explained, "We have to get her to Meditron."

"To Oblivion with that! I'll handle this!" Odahviing crept over to Holly, and, when he was within range, he Shouted, "Sos...Qeth Slen!" A ripple of energy shot out of Odahviing's mouth and impacted Holly. The group could hear a crackling, like pieces of bones shifting in bag full of clay and water. "Sos Qeth Slen!" A second ripple appeared, and the group could actually see the crushed bones under Holly's skin return to the proper places. "SOS QETH SLEN!" A final ripple appeared and, when it struck Holly, the group could hear as Holly's bones put themselves back together.

Once the pain had subsided, Holly slowly moved her arm...and was delighted to see that it actually moved. Sen seemed happy too. When Holly finally stood up, she rushed over and hugged Sen, who returned the embrace.

Everyone met in the forest outside of Kaven Base, in a clearing, considering the fact that 2 of the guests would be a pair of multi-ton, massive Nirnian Dragons, and a few other creatures of unusual size and shape were there. Sen looked out at all the creatures there.

"Wow. Holly attracted a whole bunch of freaky guests..." he said to himself. He thought it ironic that Holly wanted the guests to be well-dressed when they had no good clothes for some of the guests, or, in Paarthurnax's and Odahviing's cases, no clothes at all.

Zach then appeared. "You ready?"

"As ready as I'll ever be..." Sen replied. Then, he went out. Barbossa was getting set to marry Sen and Holly. And now, all Sen had to do was wait for the Ceremony to begin.

Holly was pacing back and forth, extremely nervous. She was wearing her formal attire, which was given temporary modifications so it could pass as a wedding dress. Serah, Holly's maid of honor, and the bridesmaids Leandra and Kristine, the latter claiming to only be here 'for Holly' (but seemed to hit it off with Serah), could only just watch.

Finally, Kristine said, "You really should stop that. You're LITERALLY wearing down the ground there."

Holly looked down and saw that, the grass in the path she was walking was indeed gone, and a rut was forming. "Oh, well, would you look at that," she absently said.

Leandra then commented, "You can take down Sen in a duel to the death, but you can't go through with a wedding without making a candidate to replace the Marianas Trench as the deepest point on the planet?"

Serah, then said, "Everything's going to be fine, Holly. Just get out there, know..."

Holly sighed and composed herself. "Should be any minute now," Holly said quietly to herself. And then, she left the cover of the trees, and proceeded towards Barbossa and Sen, the latter looking just as nervous as she did. Holly silently sighed in relief. At least I'm not the only one nervous about this, she thought to herself. When she reached Sen, Barbossa started, his voice roaring loudly as he spoke.


The ceremony didn't take very long. The dinner, on the other hand, took quite a while. Turns out that, when the dinner wouldn't cook fast enough, Odahviing volunteered to 'cook' it himself. Paarthurnax had to freeze the dinner just to keep it from burning down the whole forest. Fortunately, Picard, who attended the wedding, was able to call down a replicated meal from the Enterprise. As Holly and Sen looked for a table, they could spot IceBite talking with 2 Eteno Officers. Although Sen didn't recognize the Eteno, Holly did: Captain Kresten Aldershof and his XO Meinhard Elis. They participated in the Battle against the Volfgang. The Eteno worked with the Port Strike Force in the assault, but their numbers weren't extensive, so they were bunched up with the Klingons in the attack. Kresten noticed the duo and nodded to them. William Lennox, who also attended, was talking with another Eteno, this one both Holly and Sen recognized: Wing CO Jovanka Schuchert. Nearby was her XO, Und Scheisse, talking to Alban and Kristine Pahlke. Finally, the last Eteno attending the dinner was Rudolf Leidgegen, the CMC for Kresten's Destroyer.

Finally, the duo sat down at a table and were met by a mysterious, hooded figure. He gestured at the seat across from Holly. "Is this seat taken?" he asked.

"No, of course, not," Holly politely replied. Neither Holly or Sen could see under his hood, and somehow his mind was masked from the Force.

"I can't be here long," the figure said, "But I just came here to offer my congratulations for this joyful union between you two." Suddenly, Paarthurnax, who was nearby, pointed his head suspiciously at the cloaked figure, who took that as his sign to leave. "I have to go. Good luck." With that, the man left, leaving Holly and Sen to realize they were probably just met by Agonon. However, they realized, they'll never really know.

After 'Agonon' left, Serah and Snow joined them, followed closely by Tory, Leandra, and Skar. After everyone was ready, everyone there enjoyed the meal (or, at least, as well as one could enjoy replicated food).

Finally, after the dinner, it was time for the reception, which, much like Claire's wedding, Holly wanted to include dancing. However, first came the part Sen dreaded: the Post-Wedding Speeches, which have become a tradition at Hellcat Squadran Weddings since Zack's and Selen's wedding. First up was Zack.

"Well first off, I'm re-doing the fact that if things go wrong with this, no one else has to give a speech. Sen's first girlfriend, a year before he joined up, wouldn't take no for an answer, so he couldn't break up with her."

Sen realized what was coming, saying silently to himself, "Oh god Zack why?" Realizing something was coming, Holly decided to spare Sen some shame by tuning out the rest of the speech.

"Come Halloween, she tried to get him into a tight, laytex, spiderman outfit.' This is what he said. 'Fuck you, I am not putting that on. You can take that back where you fucking got it and do whatever the fuck it is you do with it.' Then, he turned around walked away, looked over his shoulder, and said 'By the way, we're through.' I'd also want to state how stunned I am that this took so long. If Holly could bring her head back down to Earth, we can continue." With that, Zack sat down.

Next up was Will, and, as Sen steeled himself for more embarrassment, he was in for a shock. "Well, to general astonishment, I'll be speeching about Holly. Tory should leave the room immediately." Both Sen and Tory gave shocked expressions to Holly, who returned them with a look of general confusion. Will continued, "When Holly first became human, I saw today coming from the start. I mean, who didn't? I just wish we could have done this sooner. Anyway, Holly has what is quite likely the smartest brain of all time. Of course, that's the advantage of having been a computer. She's also the single most polite person alive. Also the single most violent. If I had to pick someone in this room who I didn't want pissed at me, it'd be her. Because I know for a FACT what happens when she goes Tory-style blood-drunk. It ain't pretty. I think that despite her inheritance of violence from Tory and the politeness, which is effectively an opposite of Sen, who started the definition of violence, she's about the only one I'd let Sen date, especially after the cookie incident, which Leandra will sum up know."

Realizing what was coming, all Sen could do was scream in his head, NOOOOOOO!!!.

Leandra then started her speech. "Well, Sen's second girlfriend, six months before signing up, was, like before, a wouldn't take no for an answer kind of girl. So, on valentine’s day that year (sen has the worst timing) he sent her a file of comedies and a tin of chocolate cookies. She starts watching the comedies and eating the cookies (he's already fifty miles away), when it switches to him baking the cookies. At first, everything's fine. Then, he calls in her dog and has it do tricks all over the dough. Then, he put the tray in the oven, looked at the camera, and said 'By the way, we're through.' I'll leave it to you to figure out what she thought the chocolate chips were."

Sen, with a shameful look on his face, looked over at Holly...and his expression changed to relieved, as he muttered to himself, "Oh thank god." The only effect that story had on Holly was that she now had to put her hand over her mouth to keep from bursting out in rancorous laughter.

Leandra then finished with, “On Holly's half, I just want to say this. If she was ANYONE else, I'd probably have made her quit. That is all.”

Up next was Odahviing, whose speech was in Nirnian Dragon, so no one, other than Paarthurnax, had an idea of what he said. "Pah Lost Wah Zul, Tol Hind 2 Aan Vokrosis Laas Aavaan."

Paarthurnax translated to Holly and Sen, "He basically wished you two a happy life together."

Up next was Serah. "Well, I joined Hellcat Squadran when Holly was still an AI, and we got along pretty quick. Back then...I wasn't the best fighter, to be honest, but, after the Consortium War, Holly helped train me up some, and I got a lot better. We're also pretty great friends. She'd really made me feel welcome when I first got here, so I really want to make sure she knows I appreciate it. But I do have one comment: at my wedding, she made a comment on how long it took for me and Snow to marry. Well, now, 50 years later, now I can say with certainty that she has no room to talk." This earned Serah a few laughs.

Up next was, to everyone's shock, Paarthurnax. His comment was to the pairing in general, rather than to one particular individual. "Drem Yol Lok. For the past 20 years, I have watched these 2, and not a Sul, a day, goes by where their bond isn't tested. The trials these 2 have gone through, Munax Dralihok, has done nothing to weaken their bond. If anything, it has made their bond Mul, Strong. And, these 2 have their own mettle I have never seen. First, there's Holly, Vanmindoraan Brii, Incomprehensible Beauty, that none-the-less strikes with more strength and speed than the Thu'um of a Dovah, and as Krin, as courageous, as one as well. And Sen, one of Vul Suleyk, Dark Power, that is none-the-less, a loyal and just companion. I have heard that it was not Visarius losing control that Sen broke free, but rather, the bond between Holly and Sen finally breaking through. It was obviously a power that Konahrik did not expect, which ultimately Daanik, doomed, him. Aaz Kogaan Mahfaeraak, to both of you."

Finally, the last speech giver was William Lennox. Next to him was his wife, whom Hellcat Squadran had discovered wandering the Las Vegas Wasteland, recently deposited by a Rift Storm. He was giving his speech on Sen. It also wasn't very long. "Hey, Sen, just wanted to say I knew Visarius couldn't keep you down. Good work breaking free, even if you needed Holly's help to do so." That caused a few laughs as well.

With the end of the speeches (and Sen's and Holly's reputations mostly intact), they began the dance segment. While the music played, some of the individuals there paired up and danced, while others went around and conversed some more.

Among those that weren't dancing was Kristine Pahlke, who watched as his brother wandered around, talking to people. Suddenly, someone spoke to her. "I heard that you're really not a bad person. Why don't you like talking to anyone?" It was Serah.

"What's it to ya?" Kristine asked bitterly.

"Come on, it's a wedding. Can you really speak like that at a wedding?"

Then, Kristine's face betrayed some guilt. "I'm...I'm only here for Holly, that's all."

"So, you're friends with Holly?"

Kristine hung her head. "Well...she was the first person to actually try to talk to me..."

"Not true. We all tried to talk to you, but you kept pushing us away."

"Well, Holly actually just ignored that..." Kristine sighed, "I just...find it a little difficult to trust people. Several times in the Nod Base, there was someone who acted like someone I could trust...and then they put me to work on some difficult project."

"Oh, I see, you tend to attribute everyone else's kindness to that. Why not Alban?"

"Because he's my brother! He wouldn't do that to me!"

"...I never said he would..."

Kristine then realized what Serah was saying.

Serah continued, "And neither would anyone else here. We aren't Nod, and I'm certain that kind of behavior isn't condoned here. There are many people willing to be a real friend here. You just have to find them."

Kristine smiled. "Thanks."

Then, Snow came over and Serah said, "I have to go."

Kristine nodded and went back to watching Sen and Holly.

After a few hours, the reception was finally over. Holly and Sen returned to the Stardrift Esper. Sen could tell that Holly was clearly exhausted. "So, what're the plans for tomorrow?" Holly asked.

"Well, I don't know, I think maybe we could go out to lunch, or something like that."

"Yeah, that sounds good."

"Well, also, making we should go somewhere, you know, on a vacation, get away from the whole Squadran. What do you think?" No response. "Holly?..Holly?!" Sen finally found her, out cold on the sofa. He smiled, and shook his head. Most obviously, she just fell asleep. She had a rough week. So, Sen found her blanket nearby and pulled it over her. He watched over her for a few minutes, before heading up to the cockpit. He had a lot of catching up to do later.


According to Sen, I didn't wake up for a few days. I MUST have been exhausted. Haven't slept that much since I nearly worked myself to death at the Battle of Nirn. Spent 7 days, without sleep, commanding the forces of the Imperial City, until Sen convinced me to finally go to bed, while he and IceBite took over. I'm pretty sure he probably used the Force to help him, but I was definitely out of it at that time, so it probably would have worked.

Well, spend over a week trying to save your soon-to-be spouse from an over-glorified Mind Flayer, then marry him just as soon as you get back, and you too will become extremely exhausted. Well, the point is that we're back together again. It's sure to be a good life from here on out.

However, that doesn't mean it's going to be easy. I don't know about Sen, but I know for certain that Hellcat Squadran will need my help. I've been there for the organization for over 92-93 years, and I'll keep on being there for them until the day it comes crashing down, if that ever happens.

Visarius is dead, and the threat of his Sith Invasion is gone, but most of his army is still out there: millions of Sith are now scattered across the galaxy, some sure to organize with others to make a new Sith Empire. Even with new allies like Agonon, we're sure to be outnumbered by these Sith.

There's a War brewing, and we'll need to be ready for when it gets here. We'll have to stand by one another, ready for when those Sith are ready to start a War.

Because War...War never changes...


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