"My god, Kira, turn that crap off." Caden muttered as Kira increased the volume of the ancient music she was a fan of. "C'mon, Cade, this is a classic." She said, as Cage the Elephant's song; Ain't No Rest For The Wicked started playing. Kira looked at the people on the transport. There was her, Korra, Caden Ferran, Claudia, Elle, Anastasia, Sen, Sasha, Lena, and Ada Nosdrugis. She went and sat next to Korra, who was there to help her on her own mission. She glanced at Claudia, who their father had convinced to go along. She was worried about Claudia, who was now cold and distant. They were going to the strange wasteland planet that had been discovered recently, each person for their own reasons. She was about to speak to Korra when the engine exploded, sending them careening into the atmosphere. People began strapping themselves in as alarms began to blare and warning lights began to annoyingly blink. As they entered the atmosphere, the ship began to break apart, and a piece of metal hit Kira in the head, knocking her unconscious.

When she awoke, she saw Caden rolling onto his back, groaning and rubbing his eyes. She pulled herself up and looked around. There were mountains everywhere and more then one of them had caves. She walked over and helped Caden to his feet. "Alright, kid, you're mission's changed. You're helping me this time." She said. He looked angry. "Seriously? I don't want to have to deal with this. I came here for my reasons, not this." He said. "Tell you what, we get the time, we'll raid a few bandit camps along the way." She offered.

"Heh, that's what I like to here. Let's go then. If we do this quick enough, I may have enough time for my own raiding." He said, chuckling. Kira sighed. "Your aunt's whereabouts notwithstanding, of course." She said, sarcastically. "Of course." He said bluntly. he shook her head. "Let's be clear though, hunting a potential terrorist takes priority, as much fun as raiding is." Kira warned him. "Gruh, fine." He grumbled. "Ok, gather whatever supplies you can from the wreckage. We're going into the mountains now." She told him, looking at the peaks.

About forty miles to their west, Sen woke up. He was partially embedded in a sand dune. He looked around and saw someone approaching. "Who's there?!" He called, freeing his lightsaber hand. "You first" said the person. As she neared him, he saw it was an orange haired woman with a blue tattoo running up her arm and bits of it on her torso. There was a revolver at her hip. "No thanks, I'd rather know who I'm giving my name out to..." He said, trying to wriggle free. She sat down next to him and he saw her piercing yellow eyes.

"My, my, Sen, you're still angry with everyone?" She asked, taking him by surprise. "...How do you know my name?...Better yet, if you knew, why'd you ask?" Sen asked. "Wanted to see if you'd remember me. Ana get any boyfriends yet, or is she still in the shell?" She replied. "Not sure if I can recall if I'd ever met you before..." He said, then asked " do yo know about Anastasia?" She grinned. "Well, I did have a three way with Sasha and her at the time boyfriend, so..." She said. "Wait a're that friend of Sasha's, aren't you?" He said, surprised.

"Not many other people she'd have a three way with, kid." She replied. "What're you doing here?" He asked. "I was here first." She answered. " know what...nevermind...Just let me get out of here..." He said and started trying to get out again. She watched for the next five minutes before pulling him out with one hand on the first attempt. "Ok, thanks." He said and dusted himself off. "So, you figure out my name yet?" She asked.

"Not sure yet..." He said and thought for a moment. "Umm...Maya, was it?" He guessed. "Bingo. You aren't as dumb as she told me." Maya replied. "What?" He asked. "She always said you were the neanderthal of the family." She said with a shrug. "She did?! And after mom and I decided to try to..." He said and growled. "Yeah, grade seven was a fun year." She said wistfully. "...And why'd you ask about Anastasia?" Sen asked. "I felt bad for her. Always figured some time in the sack might up her confidence."

"Well, no she doesn't have a boyfriend yet, but she is starting to come out of her shell a and I kinda came to a truce with Sasha after the entire...'arguing' thing caused Anastasia to blow up with anger and frustration...We're beginning to think that the whole conflict was the reason for her shyness in the first place..." She looked cynical. "Right. Sure. What about you?" She asked. "Not much, really." He said. "So how'd you end up in the dune, caveman?" She asked him.

"Transport blew up. Ended up in that dune somehow afterwards...and can you please not call me that?" She smiled. "Alright then, c'mon, I'll take you to my camp." She walked by, stopping to lick some sand off his face before heading down the dune. He was somewhat confused, but followed her.

Claudia woke up in a forest. She looked around, disoriented. There was no one in sight. "Great, forced onto this trip by dad, Kira landed god knows where and stuck in a damn forest. I should have just stayed home." She muttered, standing up. She checked herself for any wounds, then went to look for Kira. She walked for several hours before a sharp pain went through her shoulder. She stumbled then saw it was an arrow in her shoulder. She turned and saw a man advancing at a fast pace while atop a strange lizard mount. He kicked her in the face, sending her reeling. When her vision cleared, she was on the ground and being chained by what she recognized as PFUs, or Power Fuck Uppers, as Olivia had taken to calling them. "Great, another thing I can blame on dad." She muttered.

Another man rode into sight, a cloth wrapped around his head to hide his face. As he dismounted, she noticed he was wearing a makeshift prosthetic on his left arm, a knife strapped to it. He walked over to her and leaned down. "Like oh so many things." He hissed to her. "Sean..." She said. "Should have guessed death wouldn't hold you. Even without the powers, I can tell who you are by your voice." She snarled at him. "What would Elle think of you?" She asked him. "I'm the one trying to do what's right here, Claudia." Sean replied.

"Shooting me in the fucking shoulder, chaining me up like some slut, that is putting things right?" She asked him. "I need you as a bargaining chip. You aren't the target." He told her, then looked at the other man. "Load her onto your mount, Alex, we're headed back to base." He said. The man nodded and dismounted. "You seem to lack intel, I'm not with the squadran any more, nor with my family, you can't barter me off." She scoffed. "Your dad would do anything for one of his daughters, murder an innocent, for example. He gives me him, the family gets you back." He said told her as the man called Alex loaded her onto the lizard.

"No on is innocent, everyone has some form of guilt in them. Also, wrong guy, Anthony can return the dead, not Zack. But I guess he is out of the question, isn't he? There is nothing you can use to force him to help you. And to tell you one thing, Zack has another friend out there, peculiar fellow, always rapping...but quite dangerous. Wouldn't surprise me if he showed up." Claudia said. "You misunderstand, Claudia. I want your father himself. A life for a life."

"Someone once said 'An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind'." Claudia said. "Not true. There'd be one motherfucker left with one eye." Sean shot back. "Not if the last man had his eye gouged out the same time he pulled it out of his opponent." She said and kicked Alex as he got on his mount. "Now I feel bad for Reid, you must have been a panther in the sack." Sean said coldly. Claudia's blood boiled. "Shut up about things you don't know about!!" She yelled. "You could do the same." Sean replied and had Alex gag her.

There was a brief moment of quiet before the drop pod entered orbit. Leandra took a few deep breaths and then kicked the door open prematurely. She soared through the air for a total of seven seconds before she opened her chute. It had been four days since the transport had been shot down, and she was here to investigate and find her daughters. Zack had been made to stay on planet by IceBite, for some reason Leandra did not know about. She landed on a sand dune and tumbled down, the wind pulling her downwards. She cut the chute off and stood up, activating her helmet's scanners. "Sand, sand, and more fuckin' sand." She muttered.

The scanner eventually picked up signs of a forest about four kilometers to her east, so she began moving, thanking the one who added cooling systems to armor. Her helmet's motion tracker picked up a couple of blips coming up behind her, and she turned. An arrow glanced off her helmet, making her stumble. She sighted up with her SMG and shot instinctively. A man riding a strange lizard creature was sent vaulting forward and landed next to her. The second brought up something she recognized as a hardlight shield. She began waiting for the shield to go down when she was tackled down and pinned to the ground. Her attacker was a lightly armored, dark haired man with a mustache and stubble-beard. She tried to punch him but the lizard mount the other man was riding stepped on her arm, pinning her there. The man who had tackled her pulled out a needle and slipped it in between the plates of her armor, and she blacked out as he injected her.

When she awoke, she was tied to a chair. She looked around and saw her armor plating lying in a neat pile on the ground. The man who had injected her was sitting in a chair across from her. "I'm sorry about my friend, he was new, and his attack was overzealous of him. Our commanding officer is putting disciplinary action into place." The man said. "Why am I tied up like this?" She hissed. "We weren't certain of your mental state once you awoke. Anyway, you're here for a reason." He said. "No shit, what is that?" She asked. "You've put on mechanical limbs in the past, correct?"

"Once or twice." She answered. "Well, we need you to make another one for our CO, he's gonna need it for days to come."

"Why should I?" She asked. The man sighed and clicked a button on the wall. A screen lit up, showing Claudia, tied to a post." Leandra struggled against the bonds for a moment, then nodded. "Fine, do you have the fucking materials?" She asked. "Yes." The man answered and turned off the footage. "What size do I need to make?" Leandra asked. The door opened and a man wearing a cloth around his face entered. He had a non-mechanical prosthetic with a blade attached on one arm. He removed it and she saw how much she would need. "Fine. But if you hurt her, I'm going to kill you all." She snarled. "No, you won't." The turban man said quickly and walked out. The voice was familiar to her, but she couldn't figure out where she had heard it before.

"We'll take you to the workplace, once you have finished, you and your daughter can walk." The man who had captured her said. No we won't. Leandra thought as he left her in the room. As he walked out, he turned on the security system again, so she would have to watch Claudia sit there in chains.

Sixty miles to the south, Korra sat atop a bandit hut, inspecting a weapon she'd taken from one of them. Lena was dragging bodies out of the other huts and looking for anything else worth taking. I wonder how long we're going to be stuck here... She thought to herself. Just then, Lena called out. "Holy shit, we've got a live one, and he is talking." Korra jumped down and walked over. The bandit was blabbing about having been raided previously by two other women. He said one had been wielding a bow while the other had used an assault rifle.

"That sounds promising. Maybe." Korra said. Lena nodded. "Maybe Sasha." She mused. "Maybe, does he know which way they went?" Korra asked. The bandit began saying that had went east, but that had been two days prior. "So, think we should go looking? Might be fun." Korra suggested. "Good idea. Think we should take him with us?" Lena asked. Korra though for a moment, then shook her head. "He's a crazed bandit. Leave him here, he isn't a threat to follow us." Korra said. Lena shrugged. "Alright." She said and pistol whipped the bandit, knocking him out.

They searched the camp more, and found an old warthog in one of the buildings. They looked, and saw that it was still in good condition. Korra jumped on the gun and Lena started driving. It was several hours before the sun began going down, and they needed to find a place to sleep. Eventually, they came across two possibilities. There was a small, cramped, slightly damaged and rusty metal shack, or a large cave that could fit the hog. Korra pointed at the cave, and Lena pulled into it. They got out and started unpacking. Korra started to make a fire to cook what food they had raided while Lena quickly looked around the cave. Korra got the fire going and was cooking a sausage over it when she heard a growling noise. Korra looked down the cave and saw something was reflecting the light, something that was moving, and it was coming up on Lena. Korra yelled out a warning and Lena turned in time to avoid being slashed by a large claw. The creature swung again, this time giving Lena a large cut across her arm. Korra jumped on the gun and opened fire on the creature. When it dropped, dead, she ran over and saw that Lena was bleeding heavily out of her arm, swearing angrily.

Meanwhile, a young woman watched another, who was out cold. She had found the woman lying unconscious in a sand dune four days prior. She hadn't woken up since, and she was concerned. The woman leaned back against the wall of the bandit hut she had captured. It was a risk, as most of the bandit gangs were connected to one another some way or another. Still, it was better then hiding in any of the caves, as they were infested with large, hungry reptilians. She looked out the window and let out a long sigh. It had been a very long, tiring day. Vacations were a difficult thing to come across on this world. She had just taken a break from her work as a bounty hunter to explore the world a little more. She was supposed to meet up with her partner, Maya Arslan, in a few days, but she didn't know if that was going to happen.

She glanced at the unconscious woman again. The woman was still breathing, amazingly. She had been carrying a sword on her when she had found her, so she had put it a ways to the side of her. She was nervous about when she would wake up. She was always a little nervous meeting new people, especially other women. Not like you'd have a shot. Probably straight anyway. She thought. Just then, the woman stirred and she immediately tensed, moving over. The woman's eyes opened and she instinctively reached for the sword, but couldn't reach it. She tried to speak, but her throat we so dry she couldn't. She looked at her, questioningly. The bounty hunter pulled out a water canteen and helped her drink it. "Slowly." She advised. "I'm Angel. Are you ok?" Angel asked.

The woman sat up. "There was a crash..." She said, sounding a little panicky. "That explosion in the sky?" Angel asked. the woman nodded. "Yeah, I've heard reports of some newcomers giving bandits hell."

"Sounds like the people I was with." the woman said. "What's your name?" Angel asked. The woman hesitated, then answered. "Anastasia." Angel nodded. "I'll shorten that to Ana, ok?" The woman smiled briefly. "Well, Ana, I know these parts fairly well. I can take you to the nearest city, my partner has a lot of connections, so we can bypass security."

"Would that help?"

"Yeah, my partner has a way with getting men to do what she wants." Angel replied. Sometimes she envied Maya that trait. "Sounds a lot like my sister." Ana said. "Well, we'll have to leave tomorrow morning, it isn't safe at night." Angel said. Ana nodded, still a little hesitant. Angel tossed her a bag of food and advised her to be rested for tomorrow. Ana nodded, visibly uncomfortable, but did so anyway. Angel locked down the hut and stayed awake for a few more hours before going to sleep herself.


Elle watched Sasha creep up behind a bandit. She kept quiet to keep undetected. She was a little worried about Sasha, but hid it, as she thought there was a chance Sasha could pull it off. As Sasha neared the bandit, she started crawling, then, to Elle's amazement, stood up on her hands and wrapped both legs around the bandit's neck. She pulled the bandit down and strangled him. Elle rose from her hiding spot and they moved further into the city. It was one of the few cities left on the planet, and its inhabitants were facing a bandit siege.

As they neared the city center, they counted out fourteen different snipers. They ducked into a building and saw a lone, silenced sniper rifle. "You ever use one of those before?" Elle whispered. "Not really." Sasha answered, then grabbed it. She took aim and after three wasted shots, dropped seven of the bandits. Four remained. Two atop a house, one in a makeshift apartment building, and one on a tower overlooking the city. Each was relatively the same distance from them. Elle pointed at the sniper in the tower, and Sasha nodded, then tilted her head inquisitively. Elle pointed to herself and went to sneak in. She started climbing the ladder and when she made it to the top, successfully dispatched the sniper.

She looked down and saw several of the bandits in the city pulling out of the city. She breathed a small sigh of relief and climbed down to find Sasha. When she arrived, she couldn't find her. eventually, a man with a cloth wrapped around his head and goggles on his eyes approached her, a sniper rifle over his back. "Thanks, miss." He said in a thick accent. "Any time. Now...have you seen my daughter? she was down here just a moment ago..." Elle asked. "Bandits took off with a struggling woman with a bow, sound familiar?" He checked. "Wha...Damn it!" Elle exclaimed, dread grabbing her heart. "Oh boy. I'll round some men up to go out after em. They've thrown shit at us before but not like this. We'd go out after em anyway, so we'll bring her back." The man said.

"Not without me." Elle said. "Miss, have you seen yourself lately?" The man asked. "No, and I don't particularly care. Pushing ourselves past our limits is sort of a family thing. Besides, I have to find my other daughter and son..." She said. "How old are they?" The man asked. "All about the same age. Physically eighteen, mentally twenty-one." Elle answered. "How long have they been missing?" The man asked. "Five days, but I'm certain they're alive. He's a trained jedi and she.. is tougher then she appears to be." Elle said. "Didn't help the last guy. We had a jedi here about a month back. He was taken by Grakk."


"Bandit leader from the far south. He takes young males and...well...if they live, they're never the same." He answered while waving for men to assemble. "Well, I'd have felt it if it happened to him, or any of them, for that matter..." Elle replied. "You can feel your kids getting raped?" The man asked, shocked. Elle cringed. "Yes...I'd probably have sensed that." She answered, disturbed by the thought of that happening to one of her children, and not wanting to accept that as a possibility. Suddenly, she felt a light jab, and everything was gone.

A long way away, Angel woke up and saw Ana still asleep. She watched her for a few minutes before Ana woke up as well. "Uh...can you not watch me like that?" She was a little perturbed by being watched, but didn't want to sound insulting. "Sorry." Angel said and blushed. "Its alright, I guess." She said, then decided to change the subject. "Where'd you find that?" She said and pointed at her sword. "It was lying next to you when I found you." Angel replied. "Did you find the other one?"

"No, sorry." Angel answered. Ana looked sad and frustrated. "Hey, at least you're alive. Besides, rare thing like that would probably be taken to Herm." Angel said. "Herm?"

"Big bandit in the west. Pays a mass amount of money for rarities." Angel said. "Well, I honestly don't have anything to pay him with...and stealing...even if its to take back something of mine...just isn't my nature." She then muttered. "The other me, however..."

"I don't want to know." Angel said while shaking her head. "Anyway, we can't leave for another hour. Sun will burn you to death in minutes at this time of day." Ana slammed her fist into the ground in frustration. "That weapon was a gift from a friend of mine. Highly expensive and complex to craft. Not worth a damn without both blades!" She then realized how angry she had become. "Sorry...I...I don't know what came over me..."

"Don't apologize. While we're stuck here, tell me a little about yourself." Angel suggested. "Not much to tell. My best friend's got a flood form for a brain, I live on one of the most highly secured military bases in Coalition territory, and my family, except my sister, has supernatural powers."

"Sounds like some stories my partner told me." Angel said. "Really? Like?" Ana asked. "She grew up best friends with a girl who was always angry with her family for effectively being gods and trying to lock her in the basement. They got up to some crazy stuff together, if half the stories were true." Angel said, chuckling slightly. "Really...? Anything she told you about this friend's family?"

"Only that the mother and brother were apparently assholes."

"That all the family she had?" Ana asked. "Nah. A sister who was alright, but very shy, and an old war hero grandmother who was something like a cross between a catholic priest and Queen Victoria." Angel answered. Ana started thinking. "My partner's name is Maya Arslan, mean anything?" Angel asked her. " sister mentioned that name several times....even met her once or twice. My sister's name is Sasha, ring a bell?"

"The Sasha who had a three way with Maya and one of their prom dates?" Angel asked, surprised. "Ok, not one of my favorite facts to hear about her, but yeah, that sounds like her." Ana answered. "Holy shit! You don't seem that shy." Angel said, smiling. "Well, I'm on a planet I'm not familiar with, missing one of my main weapons, more focused on getting starblade and regrouping with my family right now. Basically, I'm on survival mode." Ana said. "Looks good on you. You should do it more often." Angel complimented. "Heh...easier said then done..." Angel was about to say something, then stopped and looked out the window. "God damn. One-Arm is out and about."


"Head of a merc faction based in the only forest on the planet. Bandits run like children while he's around. He's normally friendly with me and Maya. Be back in a few, must mean its ok to go out." Angel said and opened the door, tested with her hand and stepped out. She stretched very provocatively before standing up and yelling hello. Ana felt a little uneasy about how provocative Angel was with the stretching, but watched her walk over to the man. She watched them talk a little, and saw the prosthetic looked familiar. She then tried to use Aura Sense on him to sense his intentions. It was immediately repulsed, and One-Arm looked over quickly. Ana's eyes widened and she backed up into the shack. Instead of advancing, the man fell into a crouch, rested his prosthetic on one knee and held his head in the other.

She tried again, this time with more intensity. He allowed her to see his Aura, but not his intentions. She saw his Aura was jet black with indigo sparks. She looked at him again, then called out "Who are you?" Even from the distance she was at, she could see tears well up in his eyes, then he jumped back onto a lizard mount and rode away. Ana was startled. "Did I do something wrong?" She asked Angel shyly as the latter came back. "Nah, maybe he mistook you for someone." She held out a hand to help Ana up. "C'mon, its a four day walk to the city and we can't be out at noon or night."

"Maybe." Ana said, then thought to herself or maybe he knows exactly who I am...but if he's who I'm now thinking he, it can't be... Angel shook her hand a little bit. "You coming?" She asked. "Oh, right, yeah, coming." Ana said and took her hand after a moment of thought. They started walking down the roads, Angel telling Ana a little about herself.

At that same time, Maya and Sen were packing their supplies and getting ready to leave. They had stayed the night in a small town, and were getting ready to leave. She had finished, and he was still packing. He noticed she was watching him. "Umm...why are you looking at me like that?" He asked. "Why not?" She replied and winked. "Umm...shouldn't we know...packing?" He asked. "I'm done. Keep going." She said with a grin. "Eh...right..." He continued, a little uneasy. "Do I make you uncomfortable, Senny?" She asked. "Would you please not call me 'Senny'?" He asked, wincing at the name. "Ok, is that a yes?" She asked. "...I just want to get back to my mother and sisters..." He answered. "You can't lie to me, you know." She said.

He sighed. "Yes, you are making me feel a little uncomfortable right now. But I also want to get back to my mother and sisters, so can we please just focus on survival right now?" She laughed. "Survival's second nature by now. Don't worry, is only a seven day walk back to my place." Sen sighed again. "Then I guess we better get started." He said and zipped up his bag. "Don't worry, I've got a plan for any slavers. Or Grakk."


"Big bandit. Likes guys your age. Likes virgin guys your age." Maya said. "Ah crap...well, I hope he likes a lightsaber in the gullet, because if he comes near me, that's all he's getting..." Sen said. Maya turned serious. "Didn't help the last jedi. I found him traumatized in a cave. Killed himself a few minutes later."

"Ah damn it. Well, I guess my main objective is to get back to the others..."

"Don't worry, I'll take care of you. Can I have your arm for a moment?" She asked. "Er...why?" Sen asked. "All part of the plan." She answered. "What plan?" He asked. "The one that gets us past slavers."

"...What's the plan?" He asked cautiously. "Simple. We're parents returning home." Maya answered. "That doesn't tell me anything!" he objected. "Yeah it does. The rapists out there only buy people like your sister from the slavers. If we're parents, we can go."

"Well, how are we going to make that act work?" He asked, and she pulled out a fake wedding ring. "...Great...and what do you mean, 'Like my sister'?" He asked her. She looked surprised. "Oh...who'd she fuck?" She asked. "You're referring to Anastasia?" He checked. "Yeah." She replied. "Oh-ho-ho, trust me, I pity any slaver she runs into, especially after the last two years."

"I'm talking about virgins, Sen." She said, a little exasperated. "And I'm talking about super-powered unstoppable judge magister in training machine of destruction." Sen said. "You go off topic easy, don't you. I know Ana hasn't screwed anyone, so I'm saying they'd only go after virgins." She said. "Alright, fine. I'll go through with this charade long enough to find my family." He said. A look of worry crossed her face. "You really hate me, don't you?" She asked. For a moment, he could have sworn there was hurt in her voice. "Not hate, just real uncomfortable about this." He said, then added, a little hesitantly, "I just wish Anastasia was here right now."

"Don't worry, you got someone who could give that IceBite's sister a lesson in psychics." He shook his head. "Yeah, but I'd still have someone who could threaten to cleave Kcaz in half and go through with it, as a backup..."

"Does she know these lands as well as I know how much the guy who runs this town wants to fuck me?" She asked. He sighed. "Exactly. Now come on, show your wife some affection." She said, slipping her own ring on. He groaned. "I cannot wait for this to be over." She gave him a look. "No need to be offensive..." She said, actually sounding a little hurt. He sighed. I really can't wait for this to be over. He thought. They left the town and walked for about an hour before some people stopped them. Sen thought about whether he should let Maya handle the story, or if he should help her out. He eventually decided to allow Maya to handle it. He noticed one guy appearing to doubt them being married, and Sen suspected it had something to do with him. However, he couldn't think of anything to do, so he let Maya keep talking.

Eventually, Maya lead them away, but Sen sensed one of them was following. As they walked, Sen heard Maya's voice in his head. Don't react, just go with it. Its better then being ass-raped by a fat sweaty guy. He sighed and nodded. She stopped him, turned him to face her and then put her tongue in his mouth. Outwardly, he just went with it. He thought: I REALLY cannot wait until this is over.

I heard that. Grow a pair already. She said in his head. Like I said, I just want to get back to my family, that's the only reason I'm putting up with this charade. Instead of responding, she grabbed a certain area and held her hand there for a few seconds before breaking the kiss off. She licked his lips and then made him give her a piggyback ride, the bandit was leaving now. You're milking this for all its worth, aren't you? He thought. Yep, and YOU can tell Sasha. She thought back and playfully licked his ear.

Elsewhere, Caden was chasing after a fleeing bandit. He had left Kira behind to raid a bandit camp. He caught up to the bandit and stabbed him in the back and kicked him away. He turned and saw Kira, looking unamused, catching up to him. "What?" He asked. "Jesus fucking christ, can I not turn my back on you for four minutes?" She asked. "You can let me go, I won't get lost or anything." He said. "We are currently lost." She shot back. "As true as that is, it can't get much worse." He said, nonchalant. "Yeah, it can. The guy I interrogated last night told me about a guy who ass rapes young guys. Powers didn't help the last jedi." She said.

"I would have loved it if you didn't tell me that." Caden said with a slight shudder. "And I'd love it if you'd stop running away. You're not losing your anal virginity around me, kid."

"Please stop mentioning that." Caden shuddered again. "Fine. Now, before you butchered them, did any of these bandits say anything about a guy called One-Arm?" Kira asked. "Yeah, some of them mentioned him." Caden said honestly. "What did they say?"

"They talked about coming from the north or something like that. It was a little hard to hear them." Caden answered. "Ok. That's where we're going. If you run away again I'm carrying you the rest of the way." Kira informed him. "I don't see how that's bad." He said with a smirk. She sighed. "Let's just go, ok?"

"Lead the way." He said. They ran until a fork came in the road. One way continued North, while the other one had a sign with a gang symbol on it. After considering, he sadly went with Kira, to the north. They kept going for another few hours before coming across some tracks that clearly belonged to large lizards of some sort, as well as bullet holes in the ground. "What the hell happened here?" Caden said, looking at one of the holes. "Looks like someone was riding them." Kira said. "Lucky bastard." Caden commented as Kira continued inspecting. "Also looks like they were capturing somebody here..." She murmured, inspecting the scene intently.

"What're you thinking?" He asked. "Just a part of me is worried someone we know got ambushed." She muttered. "Should we follow the tracks or keep going North?" He asked. She sighed. "That's the thing. They go north." She replied. "So then, let's keep going. Hopefully we can find these raiders and this One-Arm guy at the same time." He said. She nodded. "Yeah." She said, a little distracted. "A forest? I didn't think they existed on this shit hole." Caden said, surprised. "Good place to make a base. Probably hot as fuck in certain areas though." She commented. "Yeah, he said and pulled out his collar to help cool down."

"Don't get any ideas, kid." She said flatly. "Noted." He replied in a 'I know you'll break my arms' voice. They moved towards the forest and eventually made it inside. As they walked through, they passed a few putrid yellow flowers. One exploded and released a green gas right in Kira's face. She dropped, unconscious. "Oh shit, that's not good." He muttered and dragged her away. As he did, he noticed a group of people standing around outside a cave. They did not look like bandits, but were heavily armed. One even sat atop a lizard mount. He decided it would be best to ask for help.

"Excuse me, but you wouldn't happen to know how to treat someone poisoned by one of those large yellow plants, would you?" He yelled in a confident voice. Two came over while one walked out of the cave. The two picked up Kira and started to carry her back to the cave, while the man who left revealed a bladed prosthetic. "Hey, careful with her." Caden said to the two who picked up Kira. The other man approached, and Caden spoke to him. "I hope you're here to help us, because I would hate to have to fight strangers."

"Who else was with you when the ship exploded?" The man said in a low, serious, voice that screamed 'Not to be fucked with'. "One, how do you know we were on that ship? And two, what's it to ya?" Caden asked, taking a half step back and tightening his grip on his lightsaber. "As far as I know, Kira Sigurdson and the son of Ethan Ferran have never been on this planet before. I would know if they were."

"You know my father?" Caden asked, suspicious. "And your mother, your aunts and uncles, your grandparents, and I know of your twin sister, though we've never met."

"Who are you?" Caden asked, then looked at the prosthetic. "You're One-Arm, aren't you?" He asked. "What gave it away?" One-Arm replied. "Oh I don't know..." Caden said. "Please answer my other question. I know of the other two Sigurdsons aboard the ship, but I need to know who else was there."

"The Renner triplets and their mother, Elle, my Aunt Korra, extended family member Ada Nosdrugis, and a girl named Lena...wait, other Sigurdsons? There was only Kira and Claudia...there's another here?" Caden asked, surprised. One-Arm sighed, then stepped forward, too quickly to react to, and stabbed Caden in the side. "You'll live." One-Arm whispered in his ear and punched him in the face, knocking him out.


Ana and Angel stopped walking and dropped their bags in the bushes. They rolled out some stolen sleeping mats and made a camp. "How much food you got left?" Angel asked. "Just enough to get us through the night." Ana answered. "Ok, we'll hunt tomorrow. Believe it or not, those cave lizards taste ok when cooked."

"Well, I guess I've had worse." Ana said. They started a small fire and started to eat small amounts of cooked food, sitting around the fire. There was a few minutes of silence, then Ana spoke up. "Do you...have any hobbies?" She asked. "I like to build things from time to time. Whenever I'm hunting with Maya and have some time to myself I just tend to stare at the sky. You?" Angel replied. "Not really...not really much, just training...and...thinking..." Ana said.

"Don't hang out with anyone?" Angel asked. "Well...only my sister, and sometimes my friend Trista..." Ana answered. "What's she like?" Angel asked, clearly regarding Trista. "Well...she's had a rough past: done a lot of things she now regrets...I keep reminding her she wasn't even the one controlling herself during that time, but she's always atone for what she's done." Ana said. "I see. You don't have any other friends?" She asked. "Uhm...not many...unless you count Larsa Solidor..." Angel looked impressed.

"I've only ever had one friend. Everyone else seems to be repulsed by me." Angel said sadly. "Why?" Ana asked. "The hairstyle, tattoos, I'm shy. You're the first new person I've really talked to in the past year." Angel confessed. "Really..." Ana said and thought for a bit. Angel held her silence until she said "So what do you think of me? Appearance, personality, anything?" Angel asked. "You seem to be nice: you helped me recover fro mthe crash when you found me, right?" ANa answered. "Yeah...when most people I help talk to me, they go off on their own. I usually find them dead a week later."

"Normally, when I'm out on my own on a mission, I usually have my armor and both halves of my weapon...since I was coming here with my family, I left my armor at home, and I'm missing one half of the Dual Starblade..." And said with a sigh. Angel decided to change the subject. "So what is your sister like, aside from the rumors and stories?" Angel asked. "What rumors and stories have you heard?" Ana asked. "Sixteen guys at once, got drunk and fucked a parrot, that sort of thing." Angel replied. "Uhm...that second one...never happened to my knowledge..."

"Aside from that, hobbies, quirks, other stuff?" Angel asked. "She knows martial arts...she also hunts, and practices outdoor survival..." Ana said. "Sleeps with everything that moves?" Angel suggested. "Uhm...I try to keep off that topic..."

"Just curious, why so?" Angel asked. "Not really my point of interest, to be honest..." Ana answered. "Ah. I will admit, I haven't done anything on that front myself." Angel said. "Yeah...I'm on the same grounds as my mother and brother on that: wait to even try it until I get married..." Ana said. "Its not that, people just hate me too much around here. Mother's make their children leave when I go out for a walk, sort of thing." Angel said. "Same reason as previously mentioned?" Ana asked.

"Maybe. I don't know." Angel said. "Hmmm..." Ana thought for a bit. "Uhm...changing the subject here, but...have you heard about the 'Judge Magisters' of the Dalmascans and Archadians?" She asked. "Yeah. You're one of them, you said?" Angel checked. Ana didn't respond. "You want to take first watch?" Angel asked. "I guess..." Ana said. "Alright." Angel said and stretched again. Ana shivered at the way she pushed her bust out and arched her back, it just seemed like she was trying to seduce her. "Something wrong?" Angel asked. "Eh-nothing, nothing..." Ana lied. "Really?" Angel said in a doubtful voice.

Ana didn't respond, and went back to keeping watch. "Well, I'll just keep myself awake now. Night." Angel said. Ana just kept watch. Angel lay down on her front, still somewhat provocative. Ana kept her attention on keeping watch, but shivered again at Angel's posture.

Miles away, Elle awoke in a doctor's house. "Wait, what? What happened!?" She said. A doctor entered. "You were sedated. Another couple of hours and you would have died of dehydration." He said. "Well, the news I can't endure body strain like my mother aside, any news on my daughter?" She asked. "The search party has yet to return." The doctor informed her. Elle slammed a fist down and tried to get up. "Ma'am, it can take a long time to navigate this world, I'm sure she is fine." The doctor said. "And if she is fine, I want to keep it that way..." Elle muttered. "I have to ask you to stay here, we'll get some food in you and you should rest." The doctor said.

"Give me one reason I should! My daughter is out there, and my other two children are as well, I have to find them!" Elle said angrily. "Ma'am, we're aware you can use the force. Can you sense them in danger?" The doctor asked. There was a moment of silence, then Elle answered. ", I can't...but how will I know it will stay that way?" She asked. "We've got good people looking. Your children would want you safe as well."

"...You're right...I'm sorry...I just...I guess..." She sighed, unable to finish her sentence. "I'll bring in some food. After that, you should rest." The doctor said and brought food in. After she ate, she lay down and stared out the window for a while.

Elle saw Sasha chained to the floor, bruises all over her body. There was a cut over her left eye. Most of her clothes were torn, revealing much of her. She was on display for a panel of people, all of whom were holding up signs for an auctioneer...

Elle's vision ended and she tried to sit up again, only to discover she had been strapped to the bed, and an older model of a power inhibitor sat in the corner of the room. "What the hell? What's going on?!" She exclaimed, but nobody came in to answer. Damn it, I knew I should have left sooner! She thought. All she could think of was escaping and finding Sasha, who she knew was not alright.

Meanwhile, Ana and Angel were walking down the road, looking forward to returning to the city, when Angel muttered "Get down!" and half-shoved Ana into the ditch before jumping in herself. "What is it?" Ana hissed, just as a slaver convoy started to drive by. "Slavers. If they spot us, we pretend to be a married couple. Trust me, it works." Angel said. "I'm sorry, but I cannot do that, not even pretend..." Ana said, shivering. "Its better then getting raped by some three-hundred pound-" Angel started before a slaver was thrown out a truck window. Ana briefly got a glimpse of Sasha fighting captors inside the truck.

"Damn it, that's Sasha!" Ana muttered, keeping her voice down, but sorely wanting to kill the slavers. "Don't get up...don't." Angel purred. "We'll grab on underneath the last truck." She said. There was five seconds of silence before Ana answered. "...Alright, fine. But the moment I hear them doing something to her, I'm blasting the whole convoy with Ardor." She said. They slipped under the last truck and held on underneath it. They were holding on for about ten minutes before Angel asked "You ok?" Ana just silently thought to herself, her eyes squeezed shut. "Hey, if they kill me in there, I want you to know that I consider you a friend, so thanks." Angel said. "Alright...thanks...same here." Ana replied. Angel smiled and looked up to see where they were.

They arrived at the base after fifteen minutes. When the trucks stopped, they got off the bottom and waited for everyone to clear out. They witnessed Sasha being dragged in by seven men into the main, and eloquently large, house. "Gimme a sec, I'll check security." Angel said and rolled out of under the truck. She snuck over to a crate and looked around. She waved Ana over, and Ana did so. "Nobody's outside, we should be good." Angel said. They snuck over to the main house and jumped the fence to the backyard, where they discovered thirty-seven armed slavers. They duck into cover as a few slavers opened fire. At a break in the gunfire, Angel poked her head out and tossed a few slavers aside, but then, a sole gunshot rang out, and Angel fell back, blood spraying from the side of her head. "What...Angel, are you..." Ana stuttered.

When Angel didn't move, didn't breath, Ana looked over and saw a lone bandit flee at the sight of her. She wanted to kill him very badly, but knew her sister could die if she didn't intervene soon. She closed her eyes, not squeezing them shut, but just closing them. When she opened her eyes, they were blood red. She slaughtered the thirty-five bandits and the last attempted to run, but before Ana could reach him, Angel got up and made his head explode. Ana was in silent shock, but was happy Angel was alive. Angel showed her the graze mark, then said "Go get your sister, I'll hold off any more."

She fought her way to the master bedroom, and as she neared it, she heard screams from inside the room. She kicked the door in at that. She immediately froze at the sight. Sasha stood in the center of the room, holding Ana's other blade in one hand. Her shirt was torn in a hundred places, and much of her torso was visible. Her pants also had many tears. She was covered in gore. On the bed lay a body, castrated and decapitated. The head was lying next to it, with something in its mouth Ana chose to not identify. Another body was nailed to the wall by a splinter of the bed. A third lay in the corner, eviscerated. In another corner was a strange entity with writhing tentacles.

Ana closed her eyes, shook her head, then opened them, and they were back to normal. "Sasha!" She cried. Sasha stared off into space, completely ignoring her. Ana approached cautiously. "Sasha...are you alright?" She asked. Sasha ignored her and continued staring into space. "Sasha?!" Ana exclaimed, now right next to her. Ana shook her shoulder. "Sasha!" She cried. Sasha snapped up and put Ana into an arm hold behind her back, holding her in front of the tentacle creature, which reached for Ana in a way that could only be described as hungrily.

"Sasha! What are you..." She saw the creature, and spoke "Freezing winds, speak of forgotten truths, Blizzaga!" She said and the creature froze under an ice blast and shattered. Sasha dropped Ana and curled into a ball, clutching the blade tightly and rocking back and forth. After getting her bearings, Ana saw Sasha and rushed over. "Sasha, are you alright?!" She cried. A solitary tear went down Sasha's face. "Sasha! Sasha, what happened?!" Ana yelled. Angel ran in and saw them. "Oh god. Was there some sort of monster in here?" She asked. "Yeah, over there..." Ana said and pointed. "It somehow had control of Sasha, I think, but I killed with with Blizzaga..."

"No, it didn't." Angel said and found a radio and contacted someone. "What happened?!" Ana asked. "Yeah, I have her sister with me. Wait, you said their mother is there?" She spoke into the radio. "What's going on down there?!" Ana yelled, panicking. "We really need to get her treated, or she'll be like this forever." Angel said. "What happened?!"

"Can you carry her?" Angel asked urgently. "I think so, what's going on?" Ana asked. "Just grab her, the transport is pulling in now." Angel said.

The doctor let Elle out of the bed as a young woman came in and put Sasha on the bed. "What happened to her!?" Elle asked, terror gripping her. "Come with me, doc has to operate." The young woman said. Elle followed her out of the room and saw Ana pacing outside. Elle immediately hugged Ana, who hugged her back, still scared. "Anastasia! Are you alright?" She asked. "Yes, I'm fine, have they told you what happened to Sasha yet?"

"No, they haven't told you?" Elle asked. "No, they haven't." Ana responded. "Please sit down..." Angel said tiredly. "That creature is something that feeds on bodily fluids through its tentacles." Angel explained after they had. "What? That's what happened to Sasha? Damn it! I knew I should have gone after her!" Elle exclaimed. "But...why won't she respond to us? And why'd she almost feed me to that thing earlier?" Ana asked. "What?!" Elle said, stunned. "I'm not sure what happened, when I found her, she seemed kind of...out of it..." Ana answered.

"Well, where do most bodily fluids come from in women?" Angel asked. "You mean..." Elle said as Ana clapped her hands over her mouth in silent shock. "The good news is, this case is nowhere near as bad as the last one we had." Angel said. "What do you mean by 'The last one'?" Elle asked. "There was one of these things out in the desert one day, I was out with Maya exploring..." Angel wiped her eyes. "I was the last victim. My case was much worse." She said bluntly. Both were silent, shocked. "We don't know why she's better, but she'll recover." Angel said.

"I hope so..." Elle said. Ana tried to find a bright side, but she said it in a sad voice. "Well, at least we found each other, now we just need to find Sen..." She said. Angel interrupted. "Maya found Sen. They're masquerading as a married couple to get by slavers."

"Who's One-Arm?" Elle asked, then noticed Ana looked as though she was hiding something. "Ana..." Elle said. Angel left to go get drunk so she wouldn't remember herself being a victim of monster rape, leaving them alone. Ana couldn't bring herself to say it, so she went for food.

Maya and Sen ran at a flat out sprint through the roads towards the city. They hadn't rested for a day, and Maya showed no signs of stopping, causing Sen, who was exhausted, to wonder how she kept going. "Hurry the fuck up, Sen!" Maya said. "Hey, not all of us sprint for days on end regularly!" He said angrily. "This is a first for me too!" She yelled and kept going. Sen stopped for a moment. "What the fuck?" He said before continuing. "Sasha is one of only two family members I have, I am not losing her to psychotic depression!" Sen stopped for a second again, then continued, saying "Hey, she's my actual sister, how do you think I feel?" He asked. "You have godparents and other relatives, I have her and Angel! If I lose Sasha, and then Angel later, I'll be alone! Fuck how you feel!" Maya snarled and accelerated. Sen stopped again and muttered to himself "How the fuck can she keep this up?!" Before running again.

Eventually, the city came into view, and Maya halted and yelled "Fuck this shit!" She took hold of Sen psychically and threw him at the city.

Ana and Elle sat in the hospital's waiting area. Forty-Five minutes earlier, they had been informed that the monster had released a counter chemical to species 0002, making Sasha age. The doctor said he was working, but they did not know a thing about how Sasha was. Both were dealing with a level of inner guilt, both feeling they'd failed Sasha. Then, there was a scream, and Sen crashed through the ceiling and landed next to them. "What the!?" Elle exclaimed, jumping back slightly. "Ow...ok...Maya really owes me now..." Sen groaned. "Sen! Are you alright?!" Ana exclaimed. "Oh, sure, never better. First I had to wander around the desert with Maya masquerading as he husband to safely get by slavers, then I had to sprint here non-stop for about a day, then I was thrown a very far distance through the air and then again through the roof, I'm just fucking dandy!!!" He blew up, then saw Ana's guilty and upset reaction. "Ah, fuck, I'm sorry, its just been rough the last few days..."

Maya landed next to him, on her feet, and large, orange glowing angel wings sprouted from her back. As she stood up, they retracted into her. She ignored the family and kicked in the door to the inner hospital. "Uhm..." Elle said and followed Maya as Sen tried to apologize for snapping at Ana. "Where the hell is she, Elle?" Maya snarled, looking in every room. " floor...east wing, why?" Elle asked. Maya ignored and sprinted up the stairs. "Maya!" Elle said and chased after her, a part of her marveling how Maya could continue to flat out sprint. When they reached the top floor, Maya ran up to the doctor. "What happened?" She asked. "She is stable now, but she will be traumatized by what happened..." The doctor informed her.

Elle caught up to her. "Maya what's going on?" She asked, and was ignored. The doctor spoke up. "Your daughter is stable." He told Elle. "But sedated right now." He added. "Alright, thank you....I'm glad to hear she's ok...Maya, why are you ignoring me?" She asked, and Maya immediately opened the door to Sasha's room, closed the door and locked it. Elle ran up to the door and tried to open it. "Damn it!" She yelled. After a few moments, Maya opened the door and fell into Elle, who caught her. "Help me back down to the lobby, will you?" She asked weakly. Elle helped Maya down the stairs. On the way, she asked "What did you do?"

"I'll...explain everyone..." Maya said weakly. They arrived and Elle put Maya in a chair. Ana still seemed upset and Sen had sat in a chair as well. Angel joined them. "Well, I can't reverse the effects but...she won't be traumatized any more..." Maya said. "What do you mean?" Elle asked as Ana and Sen listened intently. "I...removed...the memories...of what happened..." Maya answered weakly. Angel clapped her hands over her mouth in shock. "Removed?" Ana asked. "What do you mean, 'removed'?" Elle asked. "She won't remember being raped by the creature....please...don't tell her..." Maya requested.

"So what are we supposed to tell her?" Sen asked. "I left...a memory...explaining how she's better off not knowing...I'm going to sleep now...dreaming of that night, Senny." She said with a weak smile before drifting off to sleep. Ana looked at Sen. "That night?" She asked. "Ah, fuck..." Sen said and put his face in one hand. Elle just looked confused. Angel sat down. "We haven't been really introduced. I'm Angel. Angel Carano." She said to Elle and Sen. "Elle..." Elle said. "I'm Sen...Sen Renner." Sen answered. "Elle, how old are you, physically?" Angel asked. "Physically, I don't know, twenty-four, twenty-five...why?"

"Because..." Angels started and the door opened, revealing Sasha. "Sasha's twenty-three now." She finished. "Sasha!" Elle exclaimed as Ana ran up to her and hugged her, crying guiltily. Sen remained silent. Sasha hugged Ana and patted her on the head. She looked at Sen and said "Guess this makes me the oldest, eh?"

"...In some circumstances..." Sen said tiredly. Ana continually said "I'm sorry." To Sasha. Sasha looked at her and said "Ana, stop. Whatever happened, not your fault, so stop." She said firmly. "Yes, yes it is! If I had just gotten to you a little sooner, this...this wouldn't have happened..." Ana said, upset. "Ana, just don't." Sasha said and looked at Sen. "You look dead tired, man." She told him. "Tell me about it. Your friend dragged me all across this damned desert, first forcing me to masquerade as her husband, then forced me to sprint non-stop for a whole day here, and see that hole? That was made when she psionically threw me here." He said, angrily.

As Elle tried to explain it was all her fault, Sasha walked up to Sen and choked him into unconsciousness. "Why'd you do that!?" Elle asked. "He's cranky when he's tired." Sasha said simply, then saw Ana still looked guilty. Sasha checked her reflection in a window. "Ana, don't feel bad, I kind of like the look. Five more years did good to me." She said. "Yes they did..." Angel muttered so nobody would hear. Ana still looked as though she had failed her sister. Angel checked inside Sen's head for a new topic. "Huh." She said, surprised. "What?" Elle asked. "Him and Maya...damn. They really went at it to convince those slavers..." Angel answered.

Elle raised and eyebrow and looked at Sen. "What do you mean?" She asked. "Well, she took his shirt off twice, her's off once, and they'd made out about seventeen times over the last few days." Angel said, still surprised. Elle was shocked. "I just hope that was an act...he usually speaks against such behavior at home...I really would hate for one of my children to be called a hypocrite...especially relating to something like that..." Elle said.

"Ah fuck." Sasha groaned. "Mom, you see any place to get clothes here?" Sasha asked. "Um, yes...just a block from here, why?" With difficulty, and eye catching-ness, Sasha removed her bra while keeping her shirt on. "The aging upped my cup size, can you take me there?"

"Uhm...ok..." Elle looked worriedly at Ana, who was sitting on her own, looking guilty. "Go, I got it." Angel whispered and Elle took Sasha to the place. Angel sat next to Ana. "She doesn't blame you, why blame yourself?" She asked Ana. "Because...Because I could have done something sooner, I knew I should have blasted that convoy with Ardor when I had the chance...I could have stopped that creature from getting her...She doesn't remember anymore, she doesn't know how close I was. Of course she doesn't blame me..."

"Then its my fault for stopping you." Angel said. Ana curled into a ball, going into mental lockdown. "Do you want to forget what happened to her?" Angel offered. Ana managed to shake her head no. "Ok. Ok." Angel said, not sure how to help anymore.


Back on earth, Norm and his family were moving out to the Saints HQ. He had contacted Ian and gotten the coordinates, which were highly protected by the Saints. Allison helped their six year old daughter, Ashley, into the car and helped her strap in. She then sat down in the passenger seat next to Norm, who was driving. They drove out to the gate and saw IceBite waiting by it. "Don't kill him." Allison said to Norm as Norm got out. "I won't." He replied. "Just making sure." She said and Norm walked over. "Are you sure you want to leave?" IceBite asked.

"Yeah. Would have years ago, but family had to come first." Norm answered. IceBite nodded understandingly. "Yeah, family is important..." He sighed sadly. "Hey, you can always make your own now. You're both legal." Norm pointed out. "Eventually...probably...I guess I've just never had a full family before...a few siblings that survived Tartorus's ravaging of my family, maybe, but...that's about it..." IceBite said wistfully.

"Well, make sure the triplets are somewhat safe. We need to go, its a long drive." Norm said. "Alright...Hope to see you around these parts again..." IceBite said. "Well, I'll drop by if Elle or the triplets need me. Bye." Norm said and returned to the car and got in. "Say bye to your old life, Ash." Allison said simply. After a seven hour drive, they arrived at the Saints HQ. Ash had fallen asleep by then. They saw Zack and Ian waiting to greet them. Allison got out to greet them. "Hey, how are you doing?" She asked them. "We're alright. How was the trip?" Ian answered. Norm was getting Ashley to carry her to the new house.

"Long. The little one fell asleep in the middle." Allison answered. "How has she been?" Zack asked. "Good, all things considered." Allison replied. "There is a school a few miles to the south in the town." Ian said as Norm pulled the car in the gate, taking Ashley there. "Good children there?" Allison checked. "Yeah. I can arrange a meeting with the prinicpal in a few days, if you want to check it out." Ian offered. "Thanks." Allison said and nodded gratefully.

"There's actually three separate buildings, one for elementary, one for middle, and one for high." Ian added on. "Good...we don't have to find anything new then." Allison said, relieved. "Yeah." Ian said. Zack spoke up. "Can I offer you and Norm anything to eat or drink?" He offered. "No...I am fine...a good nights rest would be great though."

"Ok. Your house is the one with the porch out front and the deck in the back. Norm's already found it." Zack said. "Alright, thanks." Allison said. She went to the house and found Ashley asleep in her room, Norm unpacking Ashley's things and setting them up. "Look at her sleeping." Allison whispered. " think she'll be ok here?" Norm asked. "Better then at Kaven." She answered. "Yeah. I'm gonna find out about what I can do to help out around here. I don't want to go out as a merc, so maybe I'll help repair this place." Norm said.

"Do that, I will try out the bed." She replied tiredly. "I will be joining you soon." Norm said with a smile. "I will be waiting." Allison said playfully. Norm grinned, kissed her once and left the house. He found Ian and Zack on the porch of the main house, each with a beer. "Hey Norm. Want one?" Zack offered. "No thanks." Norm said and sat down. "I'm just wondering, what can I do around the property? I don't want to being a merc, but I want to help out." He said. Zack nodded. "Well, can you hunt?" Zack asked. "Yeah, Sean taught me some things." Norm said. "Well, the town has a large meat and pelt business, so anything you catch can be sold there, or put into storage here." Zack said. "Ok. Great. Once we're settled in I'll start." Norm said. Zack nodded appreciatively and Norm returned home.

He found Allison lying under the blankets, waiting patiently. He crawled in beside her. "What do you think of the house?" He asked. "Its great for the family." She said and wrapped an arm around his neck. He responded by pulling her on top of him. "There's four empty bedrooms." He pointed out. "Don't get the idea of wanting to fill all of them with children." She said and playfully slapped him before leaning down and kissing him. Once the kiss ended, he asked "How many do you think, then?"

"Maybe one or two more." She said and lay down on him. "You do know I am waiting for your move, right?" She asked. "Ask and you shall receive." He chuckled. "Oh, come here you." She said. Ian returned to his home and found Miranda's daughters waiting in his living room. He had a mission for them. They were chatting about jobs, possible boyfriends and other matters. Ian cleared his throat. "Sup chief?" They all said in unison. "Well, I've decided to send the four of you to that unnamed planet on the outer rim. Investigate what happens there. Link up with the missing squadran operatives there." Ian told them. None of them reacted well. "Not fun!" Megan complained. "Dusty!" Said Ophelia. "Boring and beneath us!" Rose objected. "We have other things to do!" Antonia grumbled.

"There is another objective. The world is covered in bandit gangs, all of which are loaded with weaponry and potential valuables. Secure whatever you can from them and return them here. If you bring back enough, you'll all get a raise." Ian added. "Boring!" complained Megan. "Deadly for the skin!" Said Oph. "We aren't a unit that takes out such low life!" said an annoyed Rose. "Still got other things to do!" Antonia said. Ian sighed. "Do you remember what sort of leader I am?" He asked them.





"So its either listen or I'm going to your mother and getting her to disown you." Ian said. "We are going." Megan immediately said. "Where and when?" Asked Oph. "What gear?" Rose asked."Please don't tell mum we didn't want to go...she can be a bit mad then..." Antonia asked Ian. "Your transport leaves at 0500. Be at the landing platform." Ian said. "Yes!" They said in unison and left to prepare. Ian shook his head. "Why are they so damn effective when they're like that?" He asked himself and got himself another beer before going to bed himself.

Back on the wasteland planet, Korra and Lena ducked behind a rock. The watched as a slaver caravan stopped and made camp. "Slavers. I bet they have a lot of food." Korra said. "Yeah." Lena replied, massaging her bandaged arm, which she still couldn't use. They watched as a few slavers entered the prisoner kennel and they heard screams come from both men and women. "Think you could help take them, or no?" Korra asked. "Can I borrow a few bullets?" Lena asked. "Never a problem." Korra said and passed her a few pistol clips. "Alright, signal me when I should start shooting." Lena said. "Alright." Korra replied.

Korra found a good spot and rained down a wall of fire. "Good signal." Lena muttered and started shooting. After they killed the slavers, the slaves ran off. Lena came down and they heard something like large feet running. "What the hell is that?" Korra asked. Around the corner came a man wearing a cloth around his head and a balded prosthetic, flanked by two men, each riding large lizards. They rode up to them. "Who the hell is this guy?" Korra said to Lena, readying a fireball. "The locals call me One-Arm." Said the one-armed man in an augmented voice.

"And what do you want? I hope these weren't your slavers." Korra said. "I was hoping to kill them." One-Arm said. "Sorry to ruin your fun." Korra replied carefully. "You needn't worry, Miss Ferran." He said. "Oh, you know who I am?" Korra asked. "Korra Ferran, daughter of Ryan and Claire, sister of Spartan Team Maximus, Aunt of Caden and his twin sister." One-Arm replied. "Aurora..." Korra half muttered, so he could hear it.

"And this is Lena Trearty. Former member of Task Force Boondock, before its disbandment." One-Arm said, pointing at Lena, who stayed silent. "How do you know all of this?" Korra asked. "We've met." He answered. "Oh really? I never remember meeting someone named One-Arm." Korra said, not trusting him. "Its a nickname. Back when I served in the squadran I had another name." He responded. "You served with the Squadran? Tell me, what was your name?" Korra asked. He looked at Lena, who gasped and dropped her gun.

"Lena, are you ok?" Korra asked. Lena shook her head. "Lena?" Korra asked. Lena walked over and took One-Arm's hand. "Where the hell you been?" She asked him. "I have a feeling that I'm missing something." Korra said. One-Arm leaned down and whispered something in Lena's ear that took a long time to say. Korra waited. "Shit, brother, you think she'd believe that?" Lena asked One-Arm. "Believe what?" Korra asked. "How would you feel if someone said Zack Sigurdson was a murderer of an innocent man, someone I knew?" Lena asked.

"I would love to hear it." Korra said, doubtfully. "Zack killed Jake on that mission when Kira was paralyzed." Lena said. "Bullshit." Korra scoffed. "I have witnesses, Korra." One-Arm said. "The people he obtained the material from. They watched him kill Jake without a second thought for the metal." One-Arm said. "Oh really? You never told me who you really are, so how can I believe you?" Korra said. One-Arm took the cloth off. "Bullshit. Sean? You're not supposed to be alive!"

"Yeah. I know." He removed the voice augmenter. "Nymeria, faked me. She put me under for a long time, then, woke me up, well after Victoria. She told me everything. The people I who witnessed it also have security footage. I want to amass a force to take them down so I can get that evidence."

"Damn. So, they're based off this planet? You trying to find them here?" Korra asked, incredulous. "No, I came here to amass people to help me, people who wanted something to fight for. Like Alex over there. Former outlaw looking for redemption." Sean said. "You haven't happened to find the rest of my group, have you?" Korra asked. Sean sighed. "I...I had to take Claudia, Kira, and Caden prisoner, that way they couldn't reveal anything about me. I didn't know who else was there. I also had to capture Leandra, who came looking."

"You what?! What's wrong with you man?!"

"I didn't have a choice. They could have been assassins for all I know. Caden knew my location and...Kira was dying. I took her to have her treated." Sean said. Korra sighed. "Just take me to them. And don't try to capture me, you know what I can do to you."

"Its a four day ride back. Alex, help Lena on. Fred, let Korra on yours."

On Earth, a few days later, Allison was setting up her own work in the house, which had two offices. She was going to work as a private investigator, that way she could still put her skills to good use. Norm entered. "Hey hon, that meeting with the principal is in an hour." He reminded her. "Oh, right. I should probably head to that, shouldn't I?" She said and put her work in her desk drawer. "Might be a good idea if I come with you, don't you think?" Norm said. "Why? I mean, it wouldn't bother me, but why?"

"Be better if I see the school firsthand." Norm said. "Who will watch over Ash?" She asked. "Was thinking either Miranda or Zack, they've both had daughters before." Norm said. "Hmm...I don't know how the Lawson girls are, and Zack is a bit of a weapons eccentric..." Allison said. "Ian sent the girls offworld this morning." Norm said. "I know, more how they turned out..." Allison replied. "Well, Zack does know how to lock down on the weapons collection, and I think his girls turned out ok." Norm said. "Yeah...I'll let you choose where we send her." Allison said.

Norm thought for a moment, then said "Well, you're right with how the Lawson girls turned out, so I'd say Zack. We'll only be gone for about an hour and a half." Norm said. "Ok then, him it is." Allison said. She took Ashley down to Zack's house, saying "Ok Ash, you know the rules, don't anger Uncle Zack and don't touch his weapons." Ashley nodded. She found him reading on the porch. "Hey Zack, got a little someone here who is anxious to meet you." Allison said. Zack got up. "Hey All. And you must be Ash." Zack said, crouching down. "Say hello to Uncle Zack." Allison encouraged. "Hi. You have weapons here?" Ashley asked.

"I told you not to ask..." Allison said with a sigh. "No, you said not to touch!" Ash piped. Zack laughed. "Yes, but you're not allowed to touch them. Not until you're twelve." Zack said. "You foxy little..." Allison said in an exhausted voice. Zack chuckled. "She like cookies? Leandra's taken to baking when bored and left behind around forty." he said. "With what are they made?" Allison checked. "She have allergies?" Zack asked. "No...but I somehow mistrust your wife's cooking." She said. "Don't worry, Leandra's been a mom too." Zack reminded her.

"Yeah, she likes cookies." Allison relented. "There's cookies? Where?!" Ash piped. "Ask Uncle Zack." Allison said with a smile at her daughter. "Norm's waiting." Zack said and pointed at Norm in the car while Ash excitedly looked from Allison to Zack. "Yeah, gotta bolt." Allison said. "Bye mom!" Ashley said. "Behave." Allison reminder her. "I will!" Said Ashley and hugged her leg. "Good girl." Allison said and hugged her daughter. Ash followed Zack into the house and Allison joined Norm in the car.

After the meeting, they stopped by a fast food place for a quick lunch before returning. "What did you think?" Allison asked. "Liked it. Good start. Luckily no drug problems at the middle or high schools, too." He said. "Yeah, that's good." Allison said. She hadn't thought of that before. "Also, I picked up a pamphlet on the way out. Several sports teams around here if she wants, and even a few Martial arts clubs." He said. "Good, she will need things to do." Allison said, relieved. " think she's killed Zack yet?" He asked. "If not, he is definitely being tortured." She said with a grin.

They returned to pick up Ash, and when they entered the house, they found Zack, standing in awe, watching Ashley make a work escalator out of wooden planks, rope, and a few other things. "Oh, should have warned you, she is pretty good with tech." Allison said as Norm looked at the escalator, impressed. "This thing is made of wood planks, some string, and parts of my car..." Zack said, thoroughly impressed. "You should see what she did to her room." Allison laughed. "She more or less took whatever spare parts she could find and built herself a functioning observatory, a particle laser beam, oh and a partially working teleporter." Allison said.

"She also kicked my bathroom door down by accident, but I don't mind." Zack said. Norm did a double take. "Damn...she sure got strong...I thought you promised to behave?" She said to Ash. "It was an accident!" Piped Ash.

Back at Sean's headquarters, Claudia was sitting in her large, empty room, chained to a post by her hands. She merely thought of escape. Nothing else came to mind for her. "I get a cellmate? Wonderful, by any chance did you bring dinner?" She asked, completely uncaring. "No. You get a choice." One of the men replied. "Oh great. One of them is getting dinner, right?" She asked, which got a confused look. " I have to spell it out to you?" She asked, annoyed. "May as fucking well, Claud." The woman said, stills struggling. "Oh, should I know you?" Claudia asked.

"You should." One of the men said and removed the blindfold, revealing Kira. "Long time no see, sis." Claudia said. The man put his gun up to Kira's head before she could reply. "I'd remove it if I were you." Claudia said coldy. The man snapped his fingers, and two more men brought in a strange device that appeared to be for pulling arms and legs off in different directions. "And put that on your goons." Claudia added. "You'd enjoy that, wouldn't you? Now why don't you do as you said and spell it out for me?"

"G-E-T M-E M-Y D-I-N-N-E-R." Claudia replied, and the man shot Kira in the leg. "Oh, you will regret this." Claudia said, deadpan, but at the same time, in an intense voice. "From what I understand, you don't care about her any more." The man said as Kira partly shook off the pain. "Didn't say I'd be the one to make you regret it. Alone because I am chained." Claudia said and he shot Kira in the other leg, sending her to the ground. "Trust me, the pain she feels is nothing in comparison to what you will be feeling." Claudia threatened. "Kira, can you stand?" The man said.

"I've just been shot, in both of my legs. What kind of dumbass question is that?" Kira asked, disgusted. "Listen, you really want to walk away now. It will be worse the longer you stay." Claudia said. "Claudia, darling, give me a reason not to put her on the device we've just brought in. A real good reason."

"If you do, a certain someone will come, and he will remove those small things between your legs." Claudia threatened. The man chuckled. "You can fuck her now, boys." He said and pointed at Kira. As the men grabbed Kira, Claudia threatened them again. "You will regret this. By any deity you hold dear...pray to them." She said in a malevolently calm voice.

Meanwhile, Caden successfully broke the chain he was tied with. He after exhausting whatever possible way out on his own, he lay down and pretended to scream in pain. A guard entered and walked over, kicking him in the ribs. Caden tripped him and broke his neck. He went down to the armory and stole back his weapons. Then, he snuck out. He then started searching for Kira, taking care to not draw too much attention. Eventually, he found a piece of scaffolding that led up. He climbed up and saw another cell. Kira was being strapped up to a device that was clearly meant to make her incapable of defending herself, while he saw Claudia chained a few meters from Kira, looking murderous.

He was about to jump down and stop them, when he saw someone enter the caverns elsewhere. It was one-arm, completely unmasked and shoving past his men who went to talk to him. Ignoring that, Caden jumped down into the cell and decapitated a man. Another whirled and shot him through the shoulder. He collapsed and his vision blurred. He blinked through the blur and saw the man who shot him put a bullet in Kira's back. The force of the impact broke the device and sent it crashing down, several wooden splinters falling on Kira. At that moment, One-Arm entered and walked towards the man, then slashed with the prosthetic, opening his throat. He walked up to the last man and stabbed him up underneath his chin and into his brain. Then, Caden passed out.

Korra walked in and saw Sean murder both of his soldiers. Holy shit. Korra thought and ran over to Caden. "Can you carry him?" Sean asked as Alex and Fred freed Claudia, and Claudia and Fred proceeded to lift her up. "Yeah, no problem." Korra said and lifted him up, supporting him around her shoulders. As they left the room, Caden awoke just as Fred was shot in the face. Everyone ducked into cover, Fred's body falling on Kira, causing Claudia to throw it over as extra cover. "God dammit, my arm..." Caden said and clutched his bleeding shoulder. "Are you alright?" Korra asked. "I'll live." Caden said and ripped off Fred's sleeve to use as a bandage.

"You guys, follow Alex, I'll draw them off!" Sean yelled and ran to cover elsewhere drawing fire his way. "Alright. Caden, be careful." Korra warned. They followed Alex into a workplace like room, with robotics everywhere. Leandra looked up with a "What the fuck?" Look and saw them enter. "Leandra?!" Korra exclaimed. "Jesus fucking christ, what the fuck is going on?!" Leandra yelled, getting up. "We're on your side now, Sean's trying to draw them away!" Alex said and fired a few bursts out the door with his rifle. "C'mon, its time to find a way out of here." Caden said. Alex whirled on him. "Kid, I ain't leaving without him." Alex snarled. "He's fought his way out of worse!" Korra yelled at him. "We can't fucking move Kira!" Leandra yelled at them.

"If you guys want to try and fight your way out, I can guard her easily, even with the bad arm." Caden said. Alex held up a hand. "Wait...the gunfire's stopped." He checked. "Caden, can you use force heal?" Leandra asked. "Its not the strongest, but it'll get the job done." Caden said. "Just try to heal her, I'm not going to lose another child." Leandra said, clearly panicking. "Ok." Caden said and went to try and heal Kira. "Son of a bitch!" Alex yelled. "What?" Korra asked. "They fucking captured him!" Alex responded angrily. "And someone explain what the fuck is going on!" Leandra said, a mix of angry, confused, and afraid.

"Sean just got captured by his rebellious gang members, Kira and Caden are injured, we are separated from the rest of our team, and a few things I shouldn't talk to you about right now." Korra replied. "What the fuck? Sean's alive?" Leandra said, incredulous. "You're as surprised as I am, but that's not the point right now." Korra said. Alex walked over. "There's a city about seventeen klicks away from here. We can get her treated there." Alex said, coming over.

"Alright, I take it you're coming with us?" Caden said. "You know where to go?" Alex responded. "Not a chance in hell." Korra replied. "Exactly, let's go." Alex said. Leandra helped up Kira, who was stabilized now, and helped her out of the cave. As they left, a group of rogue lizard mounts vaulted into them. Alex and Lena dropped a few and the pack moved away for the second attack. Korra looked behind her and saw Kira and Leandra separated, as well as Lena, several meters away. Reacting out of nowhere, Korra ran to help Leandra carry Kira. As they moved back to the group, Lena pulled herself up, and was tackled by the lizards. Korra looked back and saw her old partner being torn to shreds and devoured by the monsters. A saddened feeling washed over Korra as she followed the group away, back into the wastelands.


Angel showed Sen to his room. The Renners were going to stay in Maya and Angel's (who were roommates) house. "So, here's your room. Don't bother locking. If she wants to sleep with you, you'll wake up with her on top." Angel told him. "Uhh..." Was Sen's only reply. "She'll get in no matter what. And yes, she has had fun with guys who were asleep." Angel told him, making him look nervous. "In fact, I'm amazed she didn't blow you while you were in the desert." She said. "...I...didn't need that image." Sen said, shaking his head. "You are the first guy to ever turn her down." She said. He wasn't sure how to respond. "Well, sweet dreams, Senny." She said and left, laughing quietly. Sen shivered, remembering what he did with Maya out in the desert.

Someone knocked on the house door, and Maya answered it. After talking to the man who knocked, she went and found Elle. "Hey, Elle, can I talk to you?" Maya asked. "About what?" Elle asked. "Well, intel reports several members of your team survived and are in another city." Maya said. "Really?" Elle asked. "Yeah, and I need one of you to come with when I go to transport them." Maya said. "I'll go...just be careful and let's make sure Anastasia doesn't find us. She's still upset and I don't want her doing anything reckless." Elle said. Maya nodded. "Just sent a mental message to Angel. She'll make sure. Let's go."

"Alright." They got in a large car and drove several hundred miles out. They stopped at a small cave. "Why are we at this cave?" Elle asked. "Underground tunnels. Too small for the lizards, faster, don't have to go around mountains or anything." Maya said and got out of the car. "So how long until we get there from here?" Elle asked. "About a day." Maya replied. "Then let's get moving." Elle said. They slipped through the underground tunnels for a few hours before Maya stopped abruptly. Elle stopped behind her. "What is it?" Elle asked. "Feel that breeze?" Maya asked.

"...Yeah...that shouldn't be here...something's off..." Elle said. Maya inched forward and looked around the corner, then whispered "Holy shit."

"What?" Elle whispered. Maya gestured for her to come over, and she did. She saw a canyon that lead up to the surface. Elle looked in and then around. "This was not here before. Someone had a lot of bombs." Maya murmured. Elle continued to look around, then used Aura sense to see if there was anyone around. There were plenty of armed people, all appearing to guard one morbidly obese man atop a throne, he had an aura of pure black. "I sense something...a fat guy with an Aura of Pure Black...sound familiar at all?" Elle whispered. "Fat? We're in Grakk's new base." answered Maya.

"Wonderful..." Elle said sarcastically. "Heard about this guy from the people back in town..." She whispered. Elle snarled, an angry expression on her face, clearly directed at Grakk. Elle then saw a brief flash on an aura, black with indigo sparks, right before it vanished again. "I just saw...saw an Aura I haven't seen can't be..." Elle whispered. "You ok?" Maya asked. Elle looked as though she was having a flashback. "Hey, wake up." Maya said urgently. Elle shook her head and looked frightened, breathing heavily. "You ok?" Maya asked.

"It's...Sean...he's in there, but...that's impossible...he's dead...I know he is...he was killed a long time ago..." Elle stammered. Maya sent her a mental message. Elle...don't...move. Elle did so, mostly because she was rattled. Then, a gravelly voice sounded out. "Easy now, ladies. Hands above your heads." Elle didn't move, in shock. Then, someone knocked her out.

Elle woke up and found herself face to face with a morbidly obese man. She looked around and saw bodyguards everywhere, and Maya surrounded by fourteen men, all with bayonets attached to rifles at her throat. Her expression became angry. "'re Grakk." She snarled. "Yes. I have a bargain for you." He said. "What kind of bargain could you possibly have for me?!" Elle said angrily. "Do two simple things for me, and I'll let you both walk out." Grakk replied. "What would these things be?" She said, still angry.

"There is a man held between two of my men in the canyon. Take the sniper rifle over there and kill him. Do it for me, and you can leave. Don't, and I'll have my men cut his throat and then I'll let them have you." A few men mumbled hopefully. "Use any powers, and we'll go for your children." Grakk concluded. Elle was immediately furious. "You so much as lay a finger on my children, and I'll rip your god-damned heart out!" She lowered her voice, but became even more angry. "If you even HAVE one..." Two men forced her down into the sniper and made her sight up. She saw the man held between two others, masked. "By the way, you have to dispose of the body." Grakk said, a little tauntingly.

She sighed, furious, then sighted up. She took careful aim, then hesitated, for a moment, unsure, and then squeezed the trigger twice, putting two bullets in the man's chest. She and Maya were immediately grabbed and dragged down to the bottom of the canyon, and then over to the body. Grakk walked over, his fat jiggling. "Check the pulse, someone." He said. A guard walked over and checked the pulse. "The fucker's alive." He said. The men cheered and Maya looked at Elle, almost looking annoyed as three men grabbed her, each. Then, a gunshot rang out, and everyone looked over at the guard who had checked the body. The captive had stolen the guard's knife, stabbed him in the throat, taken his pistol and fired. Grakk fell forward, a bullet in his head.

The man kept firing, the bag still over his head. The bandit forces lunged forward at him, completely ignoring Elle and Maya. Fourteen men dropped dead before the rest got to the man, kicking him and beating him with clubs and other weapons. Maya reacted first, the Elle. Elle picked up a dropped assault rifle while Maya found her revolver. Both unloaded into the throng of people, eventually clearing them out. The man was downed and dazed. Each woman leaned down and grabbed both of his hands before pulling him up. They draped his arms around their shoulders and began to carry him out of the canyon. After several hours, they made it to the surface.

They leaned the man down against a rock and caught their breath. "Well, that went well." Maya said and Elle looked at her, only to hear, no, feel a bullet go by her head and hit Maya in the shoulder, Elle whipped around, raising her weapon and pulling the trigger, only to hear a click that told her she was out of ammo. The surviving member of Grakk's gang charged forward, then dropped, a bullet in his throat. Elle slowly turned and saw the man had raised the pistol and shot their attacker down. "You..." He coughed. "Can't kill me..." He finished in a raspy voice. Elle looked at Maya, who nodded to say she was ok, and then Elle crouched down in front of the man and gently took the mask off. Her jaw slackened and she dropped it the mask. "Hey...babe..." Sean croaked.

Elle burst into tears and tightly hugged Sean, flooded with emotion. "Nice shooting. You mean to hit the ribs?" He asked. "You''re not mad?" She asked tearfully. "Elle, you kept me alive, and got you and your friend out ok." He said in a voice that seemed almost adoring. Elle smiled and simply kept hugging him. "I...I thought..." She said, clearly referring to the fact that he had been dead for the last twenty-one years. "I know...I got some explaining to do..." He mumbled. "I hate to interrupt, but he has two bullets in his chest and I've got one in my shoulder, can we go now?" Maya asked. "Right...Right..." Elle mumbled and pulled Sean up so they could continue walking.

Love or Lust?Edit

Caden watched the doctor heal his arm. He noticed she was a woman about his age. "Thanks doc, a lot better then if I did it myself. Maybe, heh, I can show you my appreciation somehow." He said with a sly grin. Korra smacked herself in the face with a small smirk. The doctor held up her hand, showing the wedding ring on it, and walked out. "Hmmm. That could have gone better." Caden said, laughing a little. "You should study your target before you go for it, kid." Korra advised him. Suddenly, there was a lot of yelling and the doors slammed open. Two women, one of which was Elle, were carrying Sean in and lay him down on a table. The other yelled out "Where's a fuckin' doctor!?" Elle just kept her eyes on Sean, worried.

"She just walked out." Korra said. "DOC! GET IN HERE!" The other woman yelled. The doctor returned and made Korra, Caden, and Maya leave the room. "Can't believe they found him. Who are you by the way?" Korra asked the woman. "Yeah, who are you?" Caden chimed in. "I'm Maya. You?" She replied, mostly to Caden. "Caden, this is my aunt Korra." He replied. "Aunt? Damn, I hope I look that good when I'm that age." Maya said. Korra shrugged. "Science can do damn good things to a person's body."

"So I see. You guys were with him before?" She said, indicating Sean. "Not for a while." Caden answered. "Where'd you find him?" Maya asked. "Found him near the forest. Asked him for help when a friend of mine was poisoned." He said. "Forest? Shit, I'm gonna have a long drive, then." Maya grumbled. "Why so?" Korra asked. "Because I need to check if any of his traitor men still live there. We can't have bandits controlling the forest. I'm not leaving today though. Where's your group staying?" She asked. "Last I checked, they were based out of the lobby here." Caden replied. Maya nodded. "Ok, I'm going for a nap now." Caden nodded and she went to the lobby.

The next day, Caden awoke oddly late for him. "Must have been the meds." He muttered. He looked down and saw Maya using his lap as a pillow. He used the force to gently lift her head up and put it down elsewhere, but she woke up. "Wuzgoinon?" She said, groggy from sleep. "Shh, back to sleep, back to sleep." He said quietly. She checked the time. "Its ten in the morning..." She said, giving him a look. "Yeah, it is. Why, too early for you?" He said. "No, I've just been running through the desert for almost a week straight. It'll take about four more days for me to get back to full capacity. It'll be fun, then." Maya said with a slight smile.

"I'd bet. I'm heading out for right now." Caden said. "Where to?" Maya asked. "I don't know. Exploring." He said. "Mind if I join you?" Maya asked. "Sure, come along." He said. She got up and snaked her arm around his. "Lead on." She said with a smile. "You sure waste no time getting to know people, do you?" He said. "Nope." Was her simple reply. "Nice. Well then, let's go." He said and they walked out together. They went to the city outskirts first. "So, why'd you want to come here?" Maya asked. "I don't know...seems more peaceful then the rest of the city. And a lot of the people gave me very deadly looks." He said. "Don't worry, I'll protect you." Maya said. "Hehe, I'd bet." Caden replied. She gave him a half flirty smile.

"So, what do you like to do? Hunting, painting, etcetera?" She asked him. "I'm a hunter, you could say." He replied. "And what is it you like to hunt?" She asked. "Treasure, mostly. Sometimes I'll hunt the occasional person with a bounty on their heads, but mostly valuables." He answered. "I mostly hunt the people. I'll also help whoever I can when I'm out, provided they don't just want to tie me to the bed." She said. "How many times has that happened?" He asked her.

"Zero. I mostly check-" The next words sounded inside his head. Before I get to know someone.

"Ah, a psychic. Interesting power there." He said. "It has its uses." She replied, letting it hang there. "I would think so." He said. "So, now where?" She asked him. Caden checked the time. "Want to go grab a bite to eat?" He asked her. "Sure. Don't worry about paying, I tend to get free food around here." She said. "I can see why." He said with a smirk. She smiled. "Flatterer." They went looking for a place to eat and eventually found a hole in the wall to get something from. As they found a place to sit, Caden spotted Korra on the other side of the street. She spotted them and Caden motioned her over. Korra walked over. "Caden, Maya. I see you two are getting to know each other."

"Yes. Your nephew is quite the gentleman." Maya said with a small smile. "So, Caden, what did you use this time? Scientist, millionaire, professional athlete?" Korra asked. "None of the above. The people here have helped us out, might as well be honest for a while." Caden said. "Any girlfriends I should know about, Korra?" Maya asked. "Not girlfriends, per say. More like escorts." Korra replied. "Ok, good." Maya said simply. "So, where have you two been?" Korra asked. "Oh, getting into all sorts of trouble." Maya answered. "Sounds like fun. Caden, don't get into trouble, alright?" Korra said to him. "Ha. Whatever you say." Caden replied. Korra left, and Maya turned to Caden. "So, when does this honest streak of yours end?" She asked.

"Depends on how some of the people here treat me. But so far, some of them have been really good." She smiled, then looked like she remembered something. "Ah damn. Sorry, but I apparently have a doctor's appointment in ten minutes. Curse of being a psychic is they can implant messages in your mind while you sleep. At least with me." She said sadly. "That kinda sucks. Well then, I guess I'll see you later?" Caden asked, disappointed. "There's a bar a few blocks from here. Meet me there at eight?" She asked. "Sure, why not?"

"Great. See you then." She said and hugged him goodbye before quickly walking off. "Hmm, I'll take one for two on the day." He said to himself.

A few days later, Caden was sitting on his own on a bench. He'd spent much of the past few days hanging out with Maya, though nothing had really happened between them. Suddenly, she snuck up behind him and wrapped her arms around his neck in a hugging-manner. "Oh, hello there." He said, turning and smiling at her. "Hello. Fraid to say today's my last day in the city." She told him. "That's not fun. Going to try and find those renegades now?" He asked, a little sadly. "Not right now. Tomorrow morning. I've still got a night left." She said and smiled at him. "Oh, one more night, I see." He said and gave a small laugh and a smirk.

"What do you say we go to that bar again and then maybe I'll show you the house the mayor is letting me use." She suggested. "I think I can fit that into my schedule." Caden replied. "Great. Meet me there in an hour?" She asked. "Yeah, no problem. See you there." He said. "Alright, see you." She said, squeezed the hug a little and left. "Heh, looks like this trip won't be so bad after all." He said to himself. An hour later, he arrived and found her waiting outside. "Hey there." He said, walking up to her. "Hey. How do I look?" She asked, despite not looking any different. "You look nice. Couldn't find anything wrong if I tried." He said, obviously flirting. She took his arm. "Keep it up with lines like those and you might get more places to look." She said, smiling.

"I think I can keep it up for a while." He said. "Among other things, I'm sure." She replied as they entered. "But of course." he said. "What do you want?" She asked while hailing a waiter. "Scotch on the rocks." He replied. She ordered his drink and the special, again getting them for free. "Ha, I wish I got shit for free that easily." Caden said, amused. "If you were less attractive, I'd suggest sex change operation, but as you are..." She let it hang there. "Why thank you." He said, smiling.

An hour later, she had had a total of one drink while he had had three. She was fine, he was a little tipsy, but functioning. "Care to walk me home now?" She asked him. "Of course. What type of humble, gentlemanly person would I be if I refused to walk a beautiful young woman like yourself back to her home?" He said. She laughed. "The type that wouldn't get in the house." It took about a half hour to get to her place. "So, this is probably the last time I'll see you in a while." He said. "What, you're not coming in?" She said, feigning confusion.

"Was waiting for the invitation. Not used to going after people who can scramble my brain." He said. She laughed. "I'd only do that if you got on the bad side during PMS. C'mon in, I just have to shower quickly." "Nice, lead the way." He said. She took him inside the slightly small house of four rooms. The bathroom, living room, laundry room, and bedroom. "Hmm. I see you aren't living in a house of luxury out here." He commented. "Not my house, I just borrow it. Wait til you see the one I actually own." She said. "Who'd you borrow it from?" He asked. "Its the city leader's spare." She replied. "Very nice. Heh, you get this for free too?" He asked.

"Actually no." She answered. "Alright. Guess I'll wait out here while you shower." He said. "Yes, you will." She replied. "Be out in fifteen." She added. "Ok." He said and she entered the bathroom. Ten minutes later, the shower turned off. His eyes shot for the bathroom door. "Hmm. She was right about it being fifteen minutes. Girl is true to her word, I guess." He murmured to himself. Immediately after, Maya exited the bathroom with just the towel wrapped around herself. "Back." She said with a smile. "Oh hello there. And to think I thought you couldn't look any better." He said, smiling. "I still can, you just have to earn it." She replied. "Oh, and how do I do that?" He asked. She simply flipped a switch and a fireplace turned on. Her smirked and gave a small laugh. "Dim the lights for me?" She asked and he did. "You've earned it." She said.

Explicit Scene

Two days later, they arrived at the edge of the forest. They'd been cooped up in the car, and had fooled around twice while taking a break. They got out of the car and Caden said "So, I guess this is our stop." Maya nodded. "Yep, let's go check it out." She said and they made their way into the forest. They found the old cave and saw four or five men guarding it. "I do believe we've found our targets." He said. "Yeah, and these are the only ones." Maya got ready to attack when a lone figure, clad in a white and blue cloak, jumped out of the forest and killed all five men before running off into the forest.

"What the hell?" Caden said. "Should we go look?" Maya asked. "Why not?" Caden asked and they went after the person. After four hours of running, they came across a camp. They saw a lone, young woman lying on a rock, her hood down and her eyes closed, face fully visible. "Holy shit." he mouthed to himself. "Damn. I'd hit that and I'm a straight chick..." Maya muttered. "Ummm hello there?" Caden called, standing up.

The woman looked over, completely straight faced. "You're the one that decimated those bandits back there, right?" Caden asked. "Yeppers." She replied. "Well then, thanks. Saved us a lot of trouble. Who are you, by the way?" He asked. "I'm Ziva." She said, walked up to him, and gave him a hug as a greeting. He blushed. "Oh. Um, I'm, uh Caden. I'm Caden." He said, not able to stop staring at her. "Don't look at George and Romero that way." She told him. "Who?" He asked. She looked down at her own cleavage, then back at him.

"Oh. Oh, um. Sorry. Ziva, you said it was?" He stuttered. "Yeppers, welcome to my humble abode." She said and took a bow. "What're you doing all the way out here in the woods? I mean, uh, it's nice out here. But, why?" He asked. "Got lost when I was thirteen." She answered casually. "I'm sorry about that. We can bring you back to the cities, if you want. Right Maya?" Caden said. Maya looked as though she had just woken up. "Right. Which one?"

"Called Grakkbane." Ziva said. "No shit. I'm from Grakkbane." Maya said. "Wait, you the head's foster kid?"

"He ok?" Ziva asked. "He'll be happy to see you." Maya said. They took her to the pickup and Maya sat in the back while Ziva rode shotgun. "So, uh, where'd you learn to fight like that?" He asked. "Book I looted." She said, humming. "Really. Uh, what are you humming?" He asked, obviously nervous. "Self composed. Why are you sweating?" She asked him. "Um, nothing, nothing. Just uh, just a bit hot out." He said. She then asked him if it was true how you engaged in coitus, catching him off guard.

"Wait, what?" He asked. "I've been trapped off from humanity since I was a teenager, I never to do anything." She said sheepishly. "Oh, well uh, ok. I uh, I guess I can answer your questions." She spent the rest of the day asking questions on that topic. He spent his rest of day answering her questions, getting more comfortable with it as the day progressed. "You ever do it?"

"Yeah. Yeah, I've done it a few times. Why?" He asked. "Curious. Never have." She said. "I would hope not. You've been alone since you were a kid." He said. They stopped, as night had fallen. Maya was asleep, which was fine, as the back was covered. "We have to stop here for the night, we'll start again in the morning. I'll lookout for bandits for a while. Try and get some sleep, we have a long day tomorrow." He advised her. "Ok, thanks." she said and blew him a kiss as he exited the truck. He blushed furiously.

Holy shit. I've never met anyone like that. I hope she just doesn't run off as soon as we get back. He thought as he watched for bandits. After several hours of watching for bandits, he got back in and found Ziva asleep. God damn, look at her. I don't even want to bang that, I just want to be near that all day. He thought. He went to sleep and woke up with her head on his shoulder. "Oh jesus." He whispered. She made a slight snuggling motion in her sleep. He swallowed slowly, not wanting to disturb her.

Having fun? Maya's voice said in his head. I don't know. I like it, but it feels like I'm about to explode. He thought back. Kinda like the receiving end of anal. She said. You can't use that card, you wanted it. He objected. Good point. She's waking up. Maya told him. He looked and saw she was indeed. "Oh! Sorry! Or is that normal?" She said, jumping up. "No, no, it's ok. It wasn't a problem."

"Oh, ok. You driving again?" Ziva asked. "Yeah, I got it. You sleep alright?" He asked. "Yeah. Weird dreams though. Some long, fleshy tube kept trying to poke me." Ziva said, confusion in her voice. "You're right, that is weird." Caden said as Maya began laughing her ass off in the back. Caden gave her an angry look. "Did you two do it?" Ziva asked, curiously and innocently. "Ex-excuse me?" He asked. "Bad question?" She said, worriedly. "Just a bit personal." He answered. "Ooh. Ok. Sorry, I'm new here." Ziva answered while Maya fell into silent fits of laughter in the back.

"Nah, it's ok. You're just asking questions." Caden reassured her. "You have any siblings?" She asked. "Yeah, a sister. She's back on Earth." He answered. "What's she like?" She asked. "She's a good person, really strong fighter. Hmm, that's probably the first time I've ever said that." Ziva nodded. "I see. Want to see something cool?"

"Uh, yeah sure. What do you have in mind?" He asked, and she turned her hair from black to blonde. "Whoa, How did you just do that?" He asked. "When I feel like it, I just can. You like?" She asked. "Umm, ye-yeah. It looks nice."

"Thanks!" She said and grinned. "No problem." he said with a smirk. She stretched, emphasizing her bust, curves, and back arch. Oh god, its like someone is trying to torture me. He thought nervously. They drove for a few hours, chatting absently, before Caden asked "So, Ziva, what're you going to do when we get back?"

"I dunno. Maybe I'll drink for the first time, maybe I'll climb a building. Maybe I should meet some new people."

"Climb a building? That's not something I was expecting." Caden said. "I spent about seven hours a day climbing trees for fun in the forest. May as well try the rooftops." She replied. "Really hope you don't fall. This planet would be even more of a dump without someone like you." He said. She smiled at him. "Oh, you're such a sweetheart, Caden." She told him. Caden only then realized he had just said that. "Oh, uh, thank you." He said, trying not to blush.

"So, you have any girlfriends back home?" Ziva asked. Before he could answer, Maya opened the window and poked her head in. "More like escorts, Ziva." She said. "Thank you, Maya. And its more like had." Caden said. Once they arrived at Grakkbane, Ziva waited a moment and they turned to her. "I'm, uh, gonna go find my foster dad. Where will you guys be hanging around?" She asked. "My place." Maya answered. "So then, I'll guess we'll show you there." Caden said.

"That's ok, my foster-dad owns the place. I can ask him. See you!" She said and walked off into the city, occasionally swinging on a lamp post. Caden leaned against the wall. "Holy shit. At least I can finally breathe." He said. "Someone's in love." Maya commented. "Yeah, you were a big help on the ride back." Caden said. "No problem. You want to take the couch, or..." Maya suggested. "Uh, yeah, sure." He said, distracted. She sighed. "Missed opportunity there..." She muttered. "What? What do you mean?" He asked. "Nevermind, come on." She said and lead the way to her house. Seven hours later, Caden was lying on the couch, which was odd, as their were plenty of spare rooms. A young woman with an interesting haircut entered the room, sat in a chair, and started reading.

"Hey there. What are you reading?" He asked. "Oh, uh, hi." She said, startled. "Uh, guide to kama sutra." She said sheepishly. "Oh. Ok then. What's your name, by the way?" He asked. "I'm Angel." She answered. "Friend of Maya's I presume." He said. "Roommate and partner. You must have messed up big time to be out here." She said. "Yeah, I think I did. Wish I could fix that." He said. "Not much you can do tonight. I'm glad she's back. Between keeping Ana from killing everyone and keeping Sasha from stripping out of boredom, I'm tasked to capacity. "Never fun there. Hmm, wonder if Ziva found her dad." He mused.

"Ziva's alive?" Angel asked. "Yeah, me and Maya found her out in the forest. We brought her back here, but I haven't seen her since." Caden answered. "Wonder if she'll remember me..." Angel mused. "You knew her?" Caden asked, sitting up, now interested. "Yeah, she was the first person I was attracted to." Angel said in an 'I don't care anymore' voice. "Oh." He said, now getting her meaning. "So, what was she like as a kid?" He asked. "Spunky, never gave up, a bit goofy. Had a thing for costumes." Angel said. He just sat there and nodded. "Yeah, I saw some of those in her." He said. Just then, the door knocked. "I got it." He said and answered the door.

It was Ziva, but she was dressed in a slightly revealing purple costume with a large hat, and her hair was black again. His eyes widened and his jaw dropped a bit. "Z-Ziva?" He asked. "What do you think?" She asked and twirled. "You look...amazing. It really suits you." He replied nervously. "Well thank you, kind sir." She said and saw Angel. "Holy wow! Angel!" She exclaimed and ran to hug her. They had a short reunion before Angel went up to bed. "So, Caden, I got another one. Want to see?" She asked. "Yeah, sure." He replied. "Turn around, no peeking." She told him. "Heh, whatever you say." He said nervously and turned.

Once she had changed, she said "Ok, you can turn now." He did so, and saw she was in a tight leather outfit with a half-shirt that revealed a lot of cleavage. "You need to stick to one outfit, I can barely handle you in one, let alone multiple." He realized his instinctive flirting was happening again, and quickly added "Oh, uh, sorry, I hope that didn't offend you."

"That's ok. Which should I wear to Earth?" She asked. "I don't think it matters. Wait, you're coming to Earth?" He asked. "For a short trip." She answered. "When?" He asked. "When you and your group get a ship." She replied. "Well then, I'll make sure we get a ship as soon as we can. And, if you may be so kind, I would love to be the one to show you around when we get there." He asked, his nerves exploding. "Sure, thanks!" She said, smiling. "Oh! Um, you're welcome. Anything for you." He said, rejoicing inside. "Can you answer a question?" She asked. "Yeah, no problem."

"What are condoms?" She ask abruptly. "Well, uh, they are what people use...when a man and a woman...they help stop people from, well, having children if they don't want them. Damn, this is awkward, where did this question come from?"

"When I was walking back, I heard people talking about me. Saying they hoped I had some." She answered. "Oh, well, that means they are jerks. I'd stay away from them if I were you." He said. "They were actually nice people. Gave me a couple." She said, showing him. "Damn, they did. Well, still, they most likely don't care about you, they just wanted to-" He stopped before he said anything else. "Do that with me?" She checked. "Uh, yeah. They just want to do that with you." He answered.

"Ah. Hmm." She said and lay down on the couch. "Tired?" He asked. "Yeppers." She said. "Heh, I see you took my spot." He said. "There's still room, if you want." She said innocently. "You sure?" He asked. "Is there something wrong about that?" She asked, confused. "Uh, no, I just don't want to make you uncomfortable." He said. "Well, up to you." She said and put a pillow under her head and shut her eyes. "Eh, why not." He said and lay down behind her. "Thanks." She said. "For what?" He asked. "New place, didn't want to be alone." She replied, turned her head, kissed him on the cheek and went to sleep. His eyes widened and he smiled as he watched her fall asleep.

Someone has stopped messing with me and has thrown me every bone in the book right now. Thank you almighty deity. He thought to himself. Still, asleep, she snuggled closer to him. Thank god our ship blew up. This was worth the trek through the desert. he thought.

Meanwhile, the group, who had left the other city and was on their way to Grakkbane, came across the broken, bloody, and very dead body of Ada Nosdrugis, who had been missing. Shocked by the loss, but accepting of it, they put her on a stretcher and began to carry her as well.

Tears Don't FallEdit

A few days later, the group put Ada's body in the morgue and split up. The Sigurdsons, who had heard Sean's story, but refused to believe it, broke off from the others. The rest got directions up to Maya's house. Sean hesitated, and Elle turned to him. "Should I go in? They went their whole lives without me, will they want me now?" Sean asked her. "Sean, I let you go once...I'm not letting you out of my sight again." Elle said, in a voice that said 'Yes you're coming in'. Sean stretched his new mechanical arm and nodded. They entered the house and found Sen losing an arm wrestling contest to a beautiful young blonde woman in a revealing leather outfit.

Ana was silently watching, sitting next to a strangely styled young woman with a large blue tattoo, one that matched the one of Maya, who was cheering the blonde on as Sasha was choking from laughter and Caden looked frustrated with Sen. The sound of the door opening got their attention, and the blonde quickly beat Sen before looking over. Alex found the kitchen for a beer and Korra joined the group next to Caden. Sasha, Sen, and Ana all just looked at Sean silently, all recognizing him from pictures. "The fuck?" Sasha said, breaking the silence. "" Sen said, confused while Ana was still in silent shock. "I was just as surprised as you are..." Elle said. She looked at Ana and realized something. "You've, you've seen him before, haven't you?" Elle asked, and Ana nodded yes.

"I, uh, sorta hoped you would have figured out the reverse initials, hon." Sean said to Elle. Maya and Angel quickly herded the others out of the room. Elle looked nervous. "I...I had an idea, I just...I couldn't bring myself to believe it. Hell, I still find it hard to believe." She said, but was obviously glad. "What the hell are you two talking about?" Sen asked, and Sasha added something. "Amazing how even the pet is put in the dark." Her tone said she was angry. "What the hell, Sasha?" Sen asked, shocked. Ana curled into a ball, getting flashbacks.

"Where were you?" Sasha said in a cold voice to Sean. "I thought I was dead for a week before I woke up. Nymeria told me everything. I wanted to go home, but she wouldn't let me until I helped her kill or detain Zack Sigurdson, who killed someone who would have been an uncle to you." Sean said. "Wait a don't mean..." Elle said, half-shocked, half horrified. "What, what is it?" Sen asked. "Zack killed Jake." Sean said. "Who's Jake?" Sen asked, while Elle was too stunned to respond. "Jake Birkin was his best friend in the days of Task Force Boondock. Best man at their wedding, the like." Sasha said impatiently.

Elle went and sat in a chair. "So, the story Zack told us, of how Jake died, was all a lie?" She asked, still shocked. "Yeah." Sean said simply. Their was a silence. "What'd she threaten us with?" Sasha asked abruptly. "Nothing less then driving you all to insanity, and nothing more then death." Sean answered. Sen and Elle were, shocked, while Ana just curled up further. "Give me a bit to process this." Sasha said and left the building. Sean saw Ana, and worry flooded his voice. "Ana? Are you ok?" He asked. When Ana didn't respond, Elle answered. "I think...something happened to Sasha earlier...Maya had to psionically remove the memory of what happened from her, but Anastasia...she seems to blame herself for what happened."

Sean went and sat in front of Ana, hoping Ana would react somehow. "Ana...should I go?" He asked her when she didn't react. "I still don't get much about what happened...Angel should be able to explain it better, she was with Ana when it happened." Elle said. "I know what happened, Elle." Her eyes widened. "You do?"

"When you run the most powerful merc group on world, you find out fast." He said. "Then...I guess you have a small hint about what's going on with Anastasia..."

"She feels guilty, thinks she should have moved faster." Sean stated. Elle nodded. "And its all made worse by her occupation." She said. "Occupation?" Sean asked. Elle nodded. "She's a judge-magister in training." Sean nodded. He gently put his hand on Ana's. "Ana, trust me, you did the best you could. Take it from someone who's been here before, there's nothing you could have done, and you did the best you could. Sasha doesn't know, so you don't need to feel this way." He told her. She simply curled up more. "We've been trying to tell her that...ever since she, Sasha and Angel were recovered from the slaver base. Nothing anyone's said has done anything but appear to make her feel worse." Sean closed his eyes, as though he was trying very hard to do something. Ana felt an aura prod against hers gently. Ana seemed to edge away from it, but it persisted, still gentle with her. She still edged away, but it still persisted. Ana relented a little, only for him to see that she felt she failed Sasha and herself, and that only a deed of good measure to the same scale will make it up.

Korra and Ziva were out having lunch together. "So, you been having fun being back in the city?" Korra asked. "Its nice. People stop and say hello to me, but I don't know them, so I just say hi back. I like it." Ziva said. "That's good. Just be careful around some of the people here. Some seem to not have all the wires attached in their heads." Korra warned. "Lovely. So, remind are you an aunt?" Ziva asked. Well, we have some special stuff back home that keeps us from aging. That, and my brother found a nice woman, then popped out Caden and his sister."

"Ah. That explain why I've not aged for a year?" Ziva asked. "You haven't? Well, I can't help you there. I'd get that checked out when you finally come to Earth." Korra said. "Yeah. Caden seemed very excited when I said I was coming." Ziva said. "Haha, I can see why. You are a very wonderful young woman." Korra complimented. "Thank you! That's another thing I like here. Everyone compliments me. Some random guy yelled 'Nice ass' at me as I walked by. Not sure what he meant, but I'm pretty sure it was a compliment."

"Oh. Girl, we really need to teach you about people. First off, if a random person yells that at you, I'm sure none of your friends would think less of you if you punched him in the stomach." Korra said. "Why?" Ziva asked. "Well, technically, it's a compliment, but not in a nice way. They just want to, well, use you."

"Ohhhh. Well, I'll punch the next one, but I'll have to hold back a little."

"That's a good girl. I saw you arm wrestle earlier, you're stronger than you look." Korra said, relieved. "Well, when all you have to do is hunt, practice Muay Thai and work out all day, that happens to you." Ziva said. "I would think so." Korra replied. "So, what is your home life like? You married, kids of your own?" Ziva asked. "No no no. I don't have kids or anyone special. My's simple. Bigger inside than it looks. It's also full of great people." Korra said. "How come you don't have anyone? You should certainly be able to."

"I don't know. Just haven't really tried. You one the other hand, you could have anyone you wanted. You're gonna get eaten up once you're out of this dustbowl." Korra said. "They're going to eat me?!" Ziva exclaimed. "No! No, it's an expression. Trust me, you'll be fine." Korra reassured. Ziva looked like she was going to say something, then tilted her head to the side, as though she was straining to hear. "What's wrong?" Korra asked. "I need to change..." Ziva said. Korra looked very confused.

"There is a convoy of trucks headed this way, and many people are in the back, talking about loot and prizes. I don't like it, so I'm gonna put my other outfit on." Ziva explained and slipped into a bathroom. "Oh, this won't be good." Korra said. Ziva exited the bathroom with her cloak on and hatchet out. "Girl, when I said you could get anyone, I meant anyone." Korra said. "Well, hopefully I don't get the bandits coming in..." Ziva said. "C'mon, lets find the others." Korra said.

"I fight better on my own, see you soon." Ziva said and climbed a building wall in seven seconds. Korra got as many people as she could and readied them for battle. She started hearing screams from near the gate and ran down to check. It was where she had been with Ziva, and bandits were running around in circles, screaming and firing weapons randomly. "damn, I hope she's alright." Korra said. She then saw Ziva leap from a rooftop and put her hatchet in one bandit's skull, wrist knives in two others, and then dove into a building. "I guess she's alright." She joined Ziva in dispatching them and they ran through the city, looking for more to wipe out.

They came across Sen and Caden fighting together, lightsabers flashing and cutting through any who were foolish enough to attack them. Deciding to move on, Ziva and Korra kept going. They eventually started to hear the sounds of battle decrease, then a lone gunshot rang out, and two screams of total fury rose up. They ran for them, and found Sean and Sasha cut into a squad of bandits, Sean using a knife while Sasha used her icepick. On the ground lay an unconscious Ana, who had a bullet in her stomach. They joined the fray, and the bandits were all dead.

It took a few hours to get organized after that. They couldn't find Caden and Sen for the life of them. Eventually, Caden stumbled out of a back alley, bloodied up and alone. They rushed over and Ziva hugged him, relieved. "Hey there. You alright?" He asked, hugging her with his free hand. "Yeah, Ana took a bullet, but we think she'll live."

"Sen. We lost Sen. I couldn't get to him in time." Caden said. "C'mon, we'll go tell them." Ziva said and put an arm around him to help him walk. "Alright. Thanks for the help, by the way."

"You're welcome." Ziva said.

They found the family in the hospital, Ana was in a coma, and her family was sitting in the room. "Damn it!" Elle said when she found out. "Hon, can you watch Sasha and Ana?" Sean asked Elle. "Why?" She asked him. "Because I'm going after our son." He replied calmly. "What?! No, no, not alone! I'm not losing you again!" She said, panicky. "I'm not going alone. I know the world better then most, I can find him." He said. "Well, like I said, I'm not letting you out of my sight again! If you're going, so am I!" Elle insisted.

"Hon, Sasha and Ana need a parent here, and you don't know this world. They've got to come first here." Sean said. Elle looked conflicted. "I...I just can't stand the thought of you going out there without me...I just don't want to lose you again...even if you do know this world, what's to stop something out there from killing you? Sasha and Anastasia will be alright here...but I can't just ignore the fact that Sen was taken...nor can I just let you out of my sight again..." Sean smiled reassuringly. "Don't worry. Alex has got my back. He has for years."

"And yet, I just can't seem to shake this feeling that something awful will happen..." Elle said. "Something will if I don't leave soon." Sean said. "Then we both leave now! We made a great team once, Sean...and we can do so again..." Elle implored. "Elle, look at Ana, look at Sasha. One is in a coma and one is losing her mind with worry, they need you here." Sean said. Elle looked between her daughters and Sean, then tearfully hugged him tightly. "Don't you die on me again." She said. "Don't worry, I won't." Sean said and left the room.

Fatal ErrorEdit

Sen awoke to the sounding of women chatting and the smell of recently murdered people. He recognized them as the Lawson girls. Cortana said to Rose "Oi, first mission out and we have to go to a desert planet? Really Rose?"

"Ian made us go! I didn't want to!" Rose objected. Megan spoke up, seeing Sen. "Hey, isn't it that Renner guy that Ophelia fancies?" She asked. "Yeah, I think it is." Antonia said. "Oh, shut up, willya?" Ophelia said to them. Sen merely tried to figure out where he was and if his family was alright using the force. They girls waited for him to say something to them. He mostly ignored them and kept trying to figure out what happened to his family. "Oi, you want to stay down there in the sand for the rest of the day?" Rose called out. "What I want is to find out what happened to my family! Last thing I remember, I was snuck up on during a bandit raid on the city...and now I'm here...even worse, I can't sense what happened to them, so I don't even know if they're alright..." He spilled.

"We could check, but we are bored..." Antonia said. "Damn it!" Sen exclaimed, got up and kicked the sand. "The sand is not to blame!" Said Rose. Sen just stood there, looking frustrated, not knowing what to do. "Are all Renners so boring?" Asked Cortana. "Not all...he is somewhat interesting..." Ophelia objected. He frustratedly joined them and they made camp until they were all sitting around a fire, just as it began to get dark. "So...anything interesting to do here?" Antonia asked Sen. "Nothing other than fight against bandits, slavers, and other scum of the universe." Sen irritably replied. Megan shook her head. "I will send Ian here for a vacation."

"Well...I just wish I know what happened to the others. Did they get taken as well, did they make it, or..." He couldn't really voice how he felt. "Gah, the not knowing is killing me!" He said angrily. "Well, look on the bright side, you are here with us and not alone." Rose told him. Sen sighed and sadly said "I just want to know if they're ok..."

"Well, we haven't found another convoy, and these bandits were saying they were fleeing the city. We could have gotten more out of them, if Cortana hadn't disposed of them so quickly." Ophelia said. "Hey, I was only trying out what I could do!" Cortana objected. "Anything on why they were fleeing? As far as I know, they'd only flee if they'd lost." Sen asked. "Guess that's why. But Cortana finished them off too quickly." Ophelia said. "But that still doesn't tell me if they survived the attack..." Sen said, obviously referring to his family. "Well, they should have, their mirror imprints are still there." Antonia said.

"Their...what?" Sen asked. "Complicated mirror elemental thing." Antonia said. "I mean, what would that have to do with them dying?" He asked her. "Mirror imprints vanish with someone's death." She answered. " many of them are still there?" He asked. "Four." She replied. " I just have to find them. Just because they're alive, doesn't necessarily mean they're alright." He said absently. "Yeah, well, you will have to wait for the night to pass." Rose said. "Then I hope morning comes soon..." Sen said. "I like the night more..." Ophelia said. "Why?" Sen asked, suddenly, and inexplicably interested. "Gives me time to think. Its also cold and you can snuggle with someone." She said.

"Right." He sighed. "Sorry, just worried about my family, still..." He said. "Your family is fine. I mean, if our father couldn't kill them, then how should a couple of bandits?" Antonia said. Sen sighed. "I guess you have a point there." He relented. "Let alone if any of you were in grave danger, wouldn't Bee come and save you? He's been there at every turn since you were little children." Rose said. "...Except that one time a couple of years ago, with the Archadians...then again, I guess that's due to us having control of the situation, somewhat..."

"So stop worrying, I am sure they are fine." Ophelia said. "...I guess..." Sen said. "Oh come on, what makes you so worried that they aren't ok?" Megan asked. "The fact that at one point, Sasha was taken by slavers and...something...happened to her. She's alright now, but Anastasia blames herself for it..." Sen said. "But all that was left of city was this convoy, and you were the only one in it. I doubt they'd have been able to run, should they hurt your family, don't you think?" Ophelia pointed out. "I guess." Sen said. They all decided to go to sleep after that, Sen rather anxious, but fell asleep nonetheless.

In the morning of that day, Sean and Alex got a truck and went to drive out of the city when Angel stopped them. "Need a gunner?" She asked, pointing to the tripod mounted machine gun in the back. "Sure." Sean said and she hopped in the back and pulled the overhead covers down so she wouldn't burn to death. She opened the sliding window into the truck. "They took a left here." She told Sean, who thanked her and they drove, mostly in silence. Eventually, Alex turned his head and asked her "So, what's your story?"

"Orphan on Coruscant. Trained with a psychic from six to twelve. Ran away, came here, met Maya, partners, and now I'm here. I enjoy training, plays, nighttime walks, and I'm gay." She said, blunt as a hammer in an uncaring voice. Sean and Alex looked at each other, and shrugged in turn. "No reaction?" Angel asked. "Why would we? Not like we're gonna stone you or some shit like that." Alex said. Angel nodded slowly, surprised. They were able to make idle conversation after that as they tracked down the convoy.

Back in Grakkbane, Caden and Korra were looking over the wanted board. They saw two in particular that stood out, as they were priced at huge amounts of money each. One they recognized as Darth Alghul. The other was a strange, black cloaked archer. "Haven't seen Alghul in a while. Don't wanna see him again." Korra said, examining the poster. "Wanna make some money on the archer?" Caden asked. "I have a feeling this won't be as easy as you think." Korra sighed. "Easy, no. Fun, yes." Caden said, smiling.

"Fine, let's go." Korra grumbled and they departed, getting a map. They arrived at a cave, which was marked on their map. "Looks like we're here." Korra said. "Yeah, let's find this guy." Caden said, cricking his neck. "Why do you always talk as if this stuff will be easy?" Korra asked. "Because I enjoy it." Caden replied and they snuck in. They found a well built set up inside. There were weapon racks everywhere, stuffed with knives and arrows of different kinds. There was a training facility as well, ready to train an entire company if needed.

"Nice set up." Korra commented. "Yeah, nice set up, but no user." Caden said. Suddenly, a voice rang out. "Are you so certain?"

"Not really." Caden confidently replied. "You think yourself strong, Caden and Korra Ferran." The voice said from elsewhere in the room. "A bit, who are you?" Korra asked. "You have to earn that knowledge. Do not attempt to use your force powers to find me. It would be futile." The voice said. "Fine by me. Just hurry this up so we can collect our reward and go home." Caden said. The only response was a small lightsaber activation sound and an arrow flew by, the arrowhead a small lightsaber.

"Haven't seen those before." Korra said. "I would certainly hope not." The voice said. "Gonna fight with arrows? Why not hop down and make it more fun?" Caden challenged. Then, to his shock, the voice whispered, right next to his ear "I already am." Caden whirled around, but the archer had vanished into the shadows. "Nice magic trick. This an eight year old's birthday party or something?" Caden taunted. "That wasn't powers. I'm standing right in front of you." The archer said and put a lightsaber-arrow just past Caden's cheek, grazing and burning him.

As Caden recoiled from the attack, Korra saw the man climb to an upper level and duck into another shadow. "I've had enough of this." Korra snarled and shot fire out to light the place up. "That won't help you." The archer said, his voice sounding right next to her. "Stop moving." SHe said and tried ice, but she hit nothing. "Neither will that. Look at your nephew." The Archer said. Korra whirled and saw the Archer holding Caden in a hard choke hold with a saber arrow an inch from his eye. "Let him go." Korra said.

"The only reason he lives is so you two can return to that city and escape this planet with a message." The archer said. "And that is?" Caden snarled. The archer pushed him forward. "Tell Mark Renner that Noah is coming for him." He said and back up a few steps so he'd be in the firelight as well as the reflections of the ice. His cowl and cloak blended in with the environment. "Fine, whatever." Caden said angrily. His cheek got him a saber arrow in the shoulder.

"Get. Out." The archer warned. "C'mon, let's go." Korra said to Caden, who clutched his arm and followed her out. When they returned to the city, the first person they bumped into was Ziva. She was dressed normally, just a black tank-top and jeans with her combat boots. "Ziva, help me out real quick." Korra called and Ziva ran over. "What happened?" She asked. " We tried going after a bounty and I got shot in the shoulder with some special arrow." Caden groaned. Ziva nodded. "Korra, can you hold his arms back?" She asked. "Sure." She said and did so. "Wait, what?" Caden asked.

Ziva leaned in so her head was against his chest, examining the arrow. "Wha- What are you going to do?" Caden asked. She pressed a button on the arrow and the lightsaber part deactivated. "Oh thank god. That feels better. I thought you were just going to rip it out." He said. "There are still two blades in your shoulder keeping the arrow in, Caden." Ziva said. "I know." He said. "Yeah...sorry." She said and pulled the arrow out. "Jesus! God that hurt!" Caden exclaimed. "Trust me, you get used to it after the seventh time." She said.

"I hope I don't get another six stuck." Caden said as Korra let him go. "He's shot me loads of times." Ziva said. "You know him?" Korra asked. "Yep. Used to live in the forest. I eventually drove him out, but not before he put eighteen arrows in me." Ziva said simply. "Damn girl, you one tough trooper." Korra said, awed. "C'mon, I'll treat you. I'll have to rub oitment on it for about ten minutes, so we'll have to find someplace comfy." Ziva told Caden. "Alright. Damn, this'll be a good scar." Caden said, looking at the burned hole an inch into his shoulder.

"As far as I know, girls like scars." Ziva said. "Heh, yeah. We'll see how that holds up." Caden said.

Megan lay down in the pile of bushes, annoyed. "Damn, cold and alone out here...I am so bored..." She grumbled. Suddenly, her ears picked up the sound of an approaching truck. "Well...maybe there is going to be some entertainment." She mumbled and looked over. She saw two men and a young woman get out of a truck and stretch their legs while trying to figure out where they were. "Sup guys?" She called, standing up. They looked over. "Looking for a young male jedi, you seen him?" One called out. "Hmmm, if you are talking about Ophelia's new boytoy, then yes." She replied. The men shrugged. "Where?" One called. "On this planet." Megan replied.

Before anyone could react, the woman touched her own temple and pointed in the camp's direction. " boring." Megan complained. "Hey, we have our uses." the woman said as the men moved in the direction of the camp. "As in?" Megan asked. "We tend to be better in the sack." The woman said simply. "You so sure of yourself?" Megan asked. The woman shrugged. "Maybe." Was her reply. "Want to prove it?" Megan asked. "When and where?" The woman replied. "Here and now." Megan said. "Sure." Said the woman as she walked over. "Come here you." Megan said and started kissing the woman fiercely. After a few moments, Angel pulled back and went down to Megan's neck. "By the way, what's your name?" She asked. "Megan. Yours?" Megan said as she slowly moved her hand underneath the woman's shirt.

"I'm Angel." The woman said and went to kiss a slightly lower area.

At the camp, Sen and the other girls were eating in silence when Sen noticed Sean and the other man, Alex, come into sight. Sen jumped up. "Sean! Is everyone else ok?! Please tell me they're ok..." Sen said as they ran over. "You owe me ten bucks." Rose muttered to Ophelia. "Ana's in a coma." Sean answered. "You owe me twenty." Antonia said to rose. "What?! What happened!?" Sen asked, shocked. "Took a bullet for Sasha. Doc's got her stabilized." Sean answered. "Now I get thirty." Cortana piped up. "So, she'll be ok?" Sen asked.

"Yeah. We can leave tomorrow morning, its not safe to go now." Sean said. Sen sighed, relieved. "Ok...what about the others?" He asked. "Back to boredom..." Antonia grumbled. "Well, your sister sure ain't bored right now." Alex said to her. "But we are!" They all replied in unison. "You're gonna have your hands full, kid." Alex said and clapped Sen on the shoulder as he walked by to sleep against a rock. "Mom and Sasha are ok. Ferrans are fine too. Ziva and Maya are fine, Angel is...with their sister."

"Ok...good..." He sighed with relief, but then he caught the last part. "...Wait, what?" He asked. Sean made a slightly suggestive hand gesture, ignoring the Lawsons chant "And we are bored to death!"

"Ok...then..." Sen said in a slightly weirded out voice. "Well, fortunately, they-" He shifted his gaze at the Lawsons. "-managed to take out the bandits that took me." His gaze lingered slightly on Ophelia, before returning to Sean. "Yeah, a few seconds of entertainment in a boring day." Rose complained. "Hey...Sen, will you come sit with me for a few minutes?" Sean asked. "Uh...sure..." Sen said. "Don't worry, I just want to get to know my son a little." Sean said. "Why not stay with Ophelia?" Antonia said. Sean turned and gave them a look that was hauntingly similar to Ian. "Why are all of them the same?" Cortana asked as Sen went with Sean.

They sat on a few rocks and Sean asked. "So...before here, what was life like?"

"I don't know...things weren't all that good before, what with the family arguing with itself all the time...then that incident where Anastasia practically lost it occurred. After that, things are a little better." He answered. "Yeah, I heard about that...any hobbies?" Sean asked. "Not much, to be honest. Other then Sasha, Anastasia was the only one who really got out much, with the whole 'Judge Althaea' thing she has going for her..." He answered. "Wife? Girlfriend? Dog?" Sean asked. "...Not really..." Sen said in a somewhat regretful tone.

"Hey, I saw that one girl, Ophelia. You both seem to be fairly interested." Sean said. Sen briefly looked over at Oph, then away quickly. "Trust me, you'll regret it more later if you don't try now." Sean advised him. Sen looked as though he was thinking over Sean's words. "Come on, go get her. Just do me a favor and don't make me a grandparent for a few years. Sen thought for a minute, then nodded. "Alright." He said. They returned to the camp and found the girls, aside from Ophelia, asleep. Sean lay down and watched his son walk over to Ophelia and sit down next to her. Sean smiled before drifting off himself.

Explicit Scene

Early the next morning, Alex woke Sean up. "Hey, I found it." Alex said and pulled out the hologram of Zack killing Jake. "Alright, there's our proof. Where'd you get it?"

"Right where the bandit from last month said it'd be." Alex replied. Sean nodded his thanks and got up. Sen was sleeping rather close to Ophelia, and he smiled, happy for his son. "I'll go get the other two." He said.

Megan and Angel pulled their shirts on. "Sorry for ripping your bra." Angel said. Megan shrugged. "By the way, I have a confession to make." Angel said, wiping sand off of her. "You're the first person I've fucked." She said. Megan looked surprised. "Well, I didn't expect to take someone's virginity last night, but you proved to be quite good." Megan said. "Awesome. Thanks." Angel said and they went towards camp, meeting Sean along the way. When they returned, people were just waking up. They headed to the truck and loaded up. They returned to the city and found Ana walking tentatively, appearing less emotional then normal. After an emotional reunion, the group was taken to the center of the city, where they found a transport waiting for them, Mark Renner waiting outside of it. The Ferrans, Sigurdsons, Ziva, Maya, and a blue haired women they'd never met were waiting as well.

After another emotional reunion between Mark and Kira, and then Mark and Sean, Mark explained that he had come to investigate and came to pick them up. They loaded onto the ship, Angel and the blue haired woman hitting it off. They returned home and got off the ship. "Hey, Caden, this is Lilith. We, Maya and Angel need a place to stay." Ziva told Caden as Korra, sick of being cramped in the ship, just walked home immediately. "You four are more then welcome to stay with me and my family. We have plenty of extra rooms for you all." He said. He was about to lead them there, when Sean spoke up. "Caden, let your grandfather know there's a meeting in IceBite's office that needs him there. Your grandmother too, if possible." Sean told him.

Sean let his family know he'd only be a few, and went with the Sigurdsons, who wanted to see what he had to say, and Alex to IceBite's office. Sean entered first. IceBite looked up and raised an eyebrow. "Sean...I thought you were dead." He said neutrally. "No you didn't, I know Zack told you." Sean said and removed the false skin from his mechanical hand. "Hmmm, and how did you come by this information? That meeting was private..." IceBite said. "That's for me to know and you not to find out." Sean replied as Ryan and Claire entered. Sean looked over at them.

"You? What the..." Ryan said. "Oh my god. Another one back from the dead." Claire said. "Not quite. Never dead." Sean replied and plugged in the hologram, which displayed the security feed of Zack and Jake in an arena, and then Zack kill Jake without a second thought. IceBite's eyebrow raised as he watched it. "Where did you get this?" He asked, watching intently. "What the hell?" Ryan said. "Is that really Zack?" Claire asked. "Yeah. This was dropped off by someone who was there." Sean said. "And who would that be?" IceBite asked. "A witness. He agreed to give it up in exchange for anonymity." Alex said.

IceBite merely looked thoughtful. "That's unbelievable." Ryan said. "But its true..." Leandra said. They looked at her and saw that Claudia and Kira had left. "Ok, how do we handle this?" Ryan asked. IceBite simply just thought. "I don't care what you what you have to." Leandra said, completely deadpan, and walked out. "IceBite? What do you think?" Claire asked him.

He was silent. He looked as though he was fighting himself. Ryan and Sean were both able to figure out what he was going to say, and Ryan walked out, Claire following him. "There's only one thing we can do..." IceBite said, his voice shaking and uncertain. "We can't capture him. He wouldn't let us." IceBite said, still hesitant. "Take him out." He said at last. Sean nodded and he and Alex walked out, loaded their gear into a car and drove out.


Sean looked down the scope of the silenced sniper. He hated using them, but an arrow would be too telltale. "Where the fuck is he?" Alex muttered. Zack was nowhere to be seen. They had been sitting there for hours, and there was no trace. After another hour and a half, there was a brief flash of their target. "Shit, he went into the basement. No shot." Alex said, looking through his binoculars. "Do we wait?" Alex asked. "No, we have to do this tonight. Get the silencers on, we're sneaking in. No one else is to die, understood?" Sean replied. Alex nodded and they equipped the silencers on their rifles and pistols, and Sean strapped his crossbow across his back. The slipped down to the edge of the base, looked around, checking for security, then went to infiltrate.

Leandra was sitting outside of the base, alone, simply staring into the horizon. "Hey. Stupid question, but you alright?" Claire's voice said from behind her. "I'm not angry, if that's what you're asking." She replied flatly. "I guess that's good... So, did you warn him?" Claire asked. "Did you?" Leandra said. "No. I thought I'd leave that to you or Ryan. You two are the closest ones to him. You deserve to decide, not me." Claire said. "Did he?" Leandra asked her. "No. I guess that leaves you."

"Why didn't he?" Leandra asked her. "He's a bit distresed at the moment. You'd have to ask him specifically." Claire said. "I see...personally, I don't know why, but I feel like Leinad chose the option that's easiest on me." Leandra said. "I see where you're coming from. Not much to do now but wait and hear what happens." Claire said. "Scary thing is, I sort of knew before...Just didn't want to." Leandra sighed. "Things can't really get much worse, could it?" Claire said. "I don't know how Claudia will react." Leandra replied.

"Won't want to be near her when it happens, though." Claire said. "Yeah...Kira will, though." Leandra said back. "Poor Kira."

"She can take whatever happens. I'm...I'm leaving soon." Said Leandra. "Leaving? As in from here or as in..."

"Earth." Leandra answered. "Oh. Alright then..." Claire said. "How will your kids be?" Leandra asked her. "I don't know. I'm thinking they'll be hit kinda hard. This won't go over lightly with them." Claire said. "Yeah...I'm gonna stay for about a week...say my goodbyes. Then, I'm going home." Leanra told her. "Home? Home to Mandalore?" Claire asked. "Yeah."

"Good luck there."

"Don't think I can?" Leandra asked. "No, no, no. It's genuine. Just remember to look after yourself well." Claire said hurriedly. "Hey, it's me." Leandra said weakly. "I need to get going soon. Best of luck to you." Claire said. "Thanks. Take care of Ryan and your kids." Leandra replied. "I will. They couldn't last without me." Claire said. Leandra nodded and Claire left.

Sean passed Alex a screwdriver and the quickly slipped across the base to the main house. Alex quickly unscrewed a window and they slipped inside quietly. The went down to the basement and found nobody there, although they did find an elevator to the top floor. "Sweep the rest of the house, I'll take the top." Sean said and he quietly crept up the stairs.

As he walked into one of the rooms upstairs, his arm was grabbed and he was disarmed, sending his rifle out the open window. He whirled to face Zack as he went for his ankle sidearms. Zack kicked his hands as he raised them, sending them out as well. Sean jumped back, drawing his crossbow, but it was knocked away, but not out the window. Sean punched Zack in the face, but Zack practically shrugged it of and put a powerful side-kick into Sean's chest, sending him flying into the TV, breaking it in half.

When he pulled himself up, Zack was holding a knife. Sean drew his own. "I've been doing this long before you have kid." Zack said. "Prove it, old man." Sean said and they attacked each other, ducking and weaving away from strikes while trying to land their own at the same time. Eventually, Sean was able to trip Zack, who rolled away from the downward stab. Zack punched Sean in the face again and kicked him in the leg, sending Sean to the ground. Sean kicked up twice and landed them on Zack's face, sending him careening back. Sean charged him again, but Zack ducked under the blow and stabbed him in the side. He tore Sean's knife away and stabbed him in the shoulder.

Before Sean could fall, he removed both blades and tossed them aside. Though wounded, Sean was not ready to die. He headbutted Zack and tackled him to the floor. Using his good arm, he punched him three times in the face and then put his knee into Zack's guy another four. Zack rolled away and got to his feet, but Sean got up and followed him. He slammed Zack's face into a mirror that was on the wall and then again into the wall behind it, cutting Zack's face on the shards. Zack pulled back and punched Sean in the stab on his side, then kicked him away.

Sean landed a few feet away and Zack got ready to stumble towards him. Sean groped for something and found one of the knives. He threw it, catching Zack in the leg. Zack fell down, more surprised then anything else. Sean looked around and found his crossbow. He loaded an arrow as Zack rose and began to walk over. He successfully loaded an arrow and shot Zack in the shoulder. Zack reeled back, pulled the arrow out, and kicked Sean in the ribs. He leaned down and picked up the other knife and then Sean. "Let's go." He said and lifted Sean up. He took him to the elevator and pressed the button to the main floor. "Just fucking kill me...just fucking kill me." Sean said. Zack looked at him once and said "I am killing you."

The door to the elevator opened, and two gunshots rang out in unison. Sean jumped, stunned, and Zack pitched forward, two exit wounds from the back of his head. His head had landed at an angle, and Sean could see the entry wounds through his eyes. He looked up and saw the smoking gun barrels of a silver python revolver and a regular M9 sidearm. He looked down the guns and saw Norm and Ian, looking angry. Norm looked at his cousin. "How...?"

"Long story..." Sean said. "C'mon, brother, we got time to hear it." Ian said and they helped Sean to the medical house. Sean saw Alex pull himself out of the grasp of Miranda and Kaidan. Sean nodded to them, and the three followed them into the house, where Sean told his story. After hearing it, Ian walked over and embraced his old friend, an action which was followed by Miranda, Kaidan, and finally Norm.

The next day, back at Kaven, the news had spread throughout the base. Among the harder hit were the Ferrans. "I never thought he'd do something like that." Lexus said to her clan. "I guess he won't be coming back this time..." Julian said sadly. "He was a good man. I'm sure he'll be missed." Raynor spoke up. "He was like an uncle. A crazy psycho uncle. May he rest in peace." Ethan said. "I never suspected he would do something like that. You think you know a guy." Jared said, shaking his head. "I worked for him for so long, I never thought he would do that." Becca said, shocked. "My stepson killed my friend...god this is awkward..." Val said, getting a look from Julian. "He was a good friend, he'll be missed." Claire said, her arm around Ryan who was sitting with his elbows on his knees and pinching the bridge of his nose.

"He didn't deserve what he got." Ryan eventually said. "That man was a hero and deserved a hero's death. Anything less is a mockery to his legacy. Any wrong he had ever done will never undo the things he accomplished." Ryan finished.

Two days later, Ryan sat in the living room. Everyone else was out doing something. He himself was planning retirement, and still greatly saddened by Zack's death. He was mainly concerned with keeping his family comfortable with the move. Some where staying, but most were going away as well. The door knocked and he opened it saying "Hello?" It was Leandra "Hey." She said. "Hey. What's up?" He asked her. "Mind if I come in? Need to tell you something." She responded. "Yeah, sure. C'mon in." He said. She sat down with him in the living room. "So. Retirement?" She asked him. "Yeah. Its been a long time since I've had some time off. I think me and my family deserve it." Ryan said.

"How many are staying?" She asked. "Ethan, Becca, Andre, Lexus, and Korra."

"I figured. Did Claire tell you?"

"Tell me what?" He asked. She sighed. "Guess not. I'm leaving. Going home." She told him. "Going home? As in..." He asked. "Mandalore. I'm getting on a flight in four hours." She said. "Oh damn. That's not what I expected." Ryan said, surprised. "Why not?" She asked him. "I don't know, just never thought you'd leave Earth."

"Well, I need to go somewhere safer." She said, slowly running her hand over her stomach in a cradling manner. "Wait, you're not saying..." Ryan said, surprised. "Yeah. Found out about a week ago." She told him. "God damn. Tell anyone else yet?" He asked. "Kira knows." she answered. "How'd she take it?"

"She knows what I'm feeling. She's ok with it." She answered him. "That's good. So, I guess we'll still be seeing each other, even if we go across the galaxy." He said. "You going home too?" She asked. "Of course, nowhere else to go." He replied. "Guess that makes you the babysitter." She said. "I can't wait." He said, a little sarcastically.

"I just have to ask, have you seen Claudia anywhere?" She asked him. "No, I'm sorry." He replied, shaking his head. "Damn. She disappeared after that meeting." Leandra cursed. "I don't like the sound of that." Ryan said. "Yeah. Maya's out looking for her, actually. How's Caden doing with Ziva?" She asked. "Couldn't tell you. He seems happy though." Ryan replied. "Tell him I said to be careful, not just at night." She told him. "Heh. No problem." He said. "Ok. Well, I have to go now." She said.

"Hey, good luck. We'll meet you there eventually." Ryan said. "I'll come back for your retirement party. Do I get a hug?" She asked. "Only if you ask." He smirked. She ignored him and hugged him anyway. "What, just because we're all old now doesn't mean we can't ask for something?" He said. "Pretty much. I can just imagine you yelling at teenagers to get off your lawn while brandishing a cane."

"I'm insulted. I wouldn't use a cane!"

"Point taken. Anyway, I really need to go. My place is bought and paid off already, so if you go bankrupt you can sleep on my couch."

"Wanna see my bank account? I couldn't go broke if I tried." Leandra laughed at that. "Try the meth business sometime." She got up. "I need to go now. I've already said bye to everyone else. Except Leinad. He'll probably be waiting eerily at the landing pad."

"Of course. I'll see you." Ryan said. Leandra waved goodbye and left. Yeah, I'll be seeing you. We'll see how that kid grows up. Ryan thought, leaning against the chair.

Leandra walked onto the landing pad and saw May, waiting, clearly nervous. "He decided he couldn't face me?" Leandra asked her, walking over. "More like he's still...upset...about his part in what's general." May cautiously replied. "So, why're you here?" Leandra asked her. "Decided that since he wasn't in do so, that I would see you off in his stead." May said. "Lovely. Well, I can only hope I spend as little time as possible on this planet from now on." Leandra said.

" does he usually do, when seeing people off? Rather new to this..."

"Long winded stuff that makes you want to leave more." Leandra replied, blunt as a hammer. "Oh..." May thought for a moment. "Sorry about Zack...what he did...and what happened because of it..." May appeared to want to say more, but didn't. "Don't bother. IceBite saved me the pain of telling Zack it was over." Leandra said. "So...what are you gonna do now?" May asked. "Live my next several years in peace, away from all of this. Tell IceBite once he's awake from his 'upset', that if he sends anyone near my home, I'll return their heart in an icebox." Leandra warned May. "Ehhh..." May said, clearly bothered by the thought.

"Sen the first, Holly, and the Ferrans are the only non-relatives who are welcome." Leandra said. May appeared as though she wanted to say something, but didn't. "Say it, May." Leandra snarled. "I was going to mention Elle and them, but then I remembered..." May looked like she was beating herself up. "You're right. Sasha can visit." Leandra said. "Well...I hope life gets better for you..." May said, unsure of what else to say. "It will. I'm leaving here." Leandra said and got on the transport. "Things are gonna get really quiet around here with those two gone..." May muttered as the shuttle took off.

Ian looked over the grave and nodded with satisfaction. He had buried Zack on a cliff edge overlooking a lake. It was the best he could find. Other Saints had not helped. He had elected to bury Zack himself, as the other Saints were too furious at the man. Ian however, wished he hadn't had to kill Zack. He wished there was a way other then what they had done. He knew, however, that Zack would not have negotiated, so he felt what he had done was justified.

It didn't make him feel any better, though.

He nodded at the grave and read it over. It said: Zack Sigurdson, the greatest soldier ever to live. He turned around and started to walk away. As he walked, he reflected on what had happened the past few years. He sighed. Suddenly, his comm buzzed. "Go ahead." He said. "Hey, Ian. You wanted me to let you know if something like this ever happened. There's a group of Zabrak who had taken to targeting elderly and children." Kaidan said.

"Alright. I guess the Reverend is needed again." Ian said and walked back to the camp, took his car from the main, now his, house, and drove it out to kill again.

Back at the headquarters, Norm checked on Ash, who as asleep soundly. He sighed, relieved that nothing had entered his house. Allison was more then a little pissed at everything, so he was giving her some space. Sean had left, but not before a lengthy reunion. Norm was happy Sean was back. More then anything, they all needed some good news. He went and sat on his porch, looking up at the night sky. His hearing picked up the sound of a few trucks coming in. He looked over and saw two trucks pull into the base. He noticed Olivia and Kaidan walking out. As Ian was away, Olivia was in charge.

Out of the truck jumped the Lawson girls as well as, to Norm's surprise, Sen. He got up and walked over. "Sen, why're you here?" He asked. "Ian and IceBite came to an agreement that we can have representatives here and at Kaven." Olivia told him. Norm raised his eyebrows. "Who's going there?"

"Me." Kaidan replied. Norm looked at Kaidan. "You sure?" To each and every Saint, Kaven was the heart of danger. The fact that Kaidan was agreeing to go showed how much he had changed from the money desiring bounty hunter. Kaidan just nodded his goodbyes and jumped in one of the trucks and drove out without a word. The girls' dispersed, except for Ophelia. Norm looked at the two of them, immediately knew what was happening, chuckled, clapped Sen on the shoulder, and walked back to his home. He entered his room and found Allison reading. "Hey, hon." He said. He put her book down. "Hey, can I talk to you about something?" She asked.

"Sure." He said and sat down on the bed. "I've been thinking...maybe we should give Ash a brother or sister." She said. He raised his eyebrows. "Tonight." She added. "Ah. How many?" He asked. "We'll see." She said. "Alright." He said and started unbuttoning his shirt.

Sen and Ophelia found his new house and went inside. It wasn't overly large, and didn't have too many rooms and was single-floored. Sen didn't mind though, he rather liked it. They found the bedroom and Ophelia looked at Sen. "So, are you sure?" She asked. He took a deep breath. "Yeah, I think so. I just hope my family doesn't find out." He said. She nodded. "Ok." She shoved him onto the bed and quickly jumped down on top of him.

At the same time that night, Claudia stood at the grave Ian had dug for Zack. She knew she was going to kill his killers. That was certain. As she stood there, she felt a psychic presence. "Maya." She said. "Claudia." The other psychic replied from behind her. Claudia turned to face her. "What do you want?" She asked, straight to the point. "I have to give a warning. I will not allow you to take the lives you want." Maya said, deadly serious. "And what will you do to stop me?" Claudia snarled. "Simple. If you try to kill them, I will defend them. We both know that I could defeat you one on one." Maya said. Claudia shrugged. "Maybe."

"Don't hurt your family even more Claudia." Maya said. She knew, deep down, Claudia still cared about them. Claudia stood still for a moment. "Fine. I'm leaving. If anyone comes after me, they die." Claudia said and walked off the cliff into the lake. Maya, having sensed her thoughts, knew that she would likely return to try and kill them one day, but for now, they were safe. In that, she was satisfied. On her way back to Kaven, where she was staying, she walked through the Saints HQ. As she walked by Sen's house, she heard a bunch of rather ecstatic noises from inside. She shook her head, confused, and she kept going.

They next day, she arrived at Sasha's place, where her group was staying the night. She walked in and sat down on the couch tiredly. "Hey, what's new?" Sasha asked. "Claudia won't try to kill Ian and Norm for a while, and Sen and Ophelia had sex." Maya said bluntly. Sasha did a double take, Elle dropped a stack of plates in the kitchen, Sean looked mildly amused, Ana looked like she had seen a ghost, Ziva simply looked confused, Angel and Lilith just shrugged. "You're kidding." Sasha said. "I shit you not." Maya replied.

That night, everybody went to sleep elsewhere, leaving the house to Sean and Elle. He noticed she seemed on edge. "You ok?" He asked her. "Yeah, just...worried about Sasha and Ana and...a little, I dunno...Sen always seemed to speak out against..." She said. "Ah. Hon, people change. Especially when they meet a certain someone." Sean said. "Yeah, but..." She was about to say, but he interrupted. "Elle, you can't expect them to follow everything you believe in. He's human." Sean said. Elle slowly nodded. "Yeah, you're right. Just weird, that's all." Elle said. Sean nodded. "Now we just have to wonder about what being a grandparent is like." He joked.

"Oh, god, don't make me think of that. I might want to get drunk again if that happened..."

"No you wouldn't." Sean said wisely. "Yeah, I wouldn't." She admitted then yawned. A fake yawn at that. Picking up the signal, Sean walked over and scooped her up, taking her up to the bedroom.

While Ana stayed elsewhere, Maya, Sasha, Angel, Lilith, Ziva, and Caden, who Ziva had requested come along, went out to a bar. They were all sitting together at a table, and in a hole in the conversation, Maya said, clearly referring to Sen "I still can't believe he'd hit that and not me..."

"The Renners are weird like that. No offense, Sasha." Caden said. "Caden, I agree with you." She replied. "That's good, then." He said, a little relieved. Ziva, who was drunk out of her mind after only one drink, said simply "Quack...quack..."

"I think she's had enough." Caden said. Lilith perked up. "Should I take her back? I'm DD." She asked. "If you want to stay, I can bring her back. I won't have this ruin your fun." Caden said, which everyone took as oddly formal. "Alright, have fun walking." Lilith said. Sasha stood up. "Ok, I've gotta go guys. I'm going to go tap the meth dealer in the corner." She said and walked away. "Does she usually do that?" Caden asked. "Yep." Angel replied. "God dammit, I was gonna go for him." Maya complained. "Seems like you've been beat to the punch." Caden told her. "Yeah, yeah..." She grumbled and ordered herself another vodka.

"Well, I guess I'll take Ziva back. If she can walk." Caden said. Ziva got up and took a few steps. "Walk, I can." She said, doing an impression of the Jedi Master Yoda. "I don't know what's more impressive, her being able to walk or her being able to speak proper english." Caden said. They left the bar and Caden walked her back to the house of Sen and Holly who had agreed to allow the merry band stay the night at their house. "Hope next time you can hold your drinks better." He joked.

"Yeah...fanks for walken me here..." She said drunkenly, then abruptly kissed him as a thank you before walking in, saying "Bye."

"Uhh...yeah...bye..." He said, his eyes the size of dinner plates. I really hope that wasn't the drunk her that did that. Caden thought as he walked home. He found himself a changed man on the spot.

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