Fall of the Infinite:Edit

It was the year 2315, it had been 24 years since he had lost to Clara Renner and in that time all he had done was expand his knowledge of the Force. Through forbidden technqiues of the Dark Side he had mastered all Seven Forms of lightsaber combat in a matter of two years, though had not really continued to hone his skill afterwards, while continuing to train in swordmanship, he set his eyes on the Force his speciality. It was the reason Konstantin had picked him all these years ago, because he was incredibly powerful in the Force. He skill in any discipline had exceeded that of any other person alive, except for Konstantin, but this, should all to soon change.

Both of them had known it since Ianto's training had begun, that one day would kill the other. But Konstantin, to his great unfortune, had believed that his ability to overcome death would ineveitably allow him to win. His arrogance would be his downfall, as it had been with so many Sith before. Konstantin sat in his dark throne room onboard his ship, as the doors to this almost sacred domain opened. Only a single person on the whole ship had the audacity and right to even open them, Ianto his apprentice, and coming in like this could only mean one thing, he was ready for the fight that would decide who of the two would live and who would die in this very room.

It would be a waste to attempt a match in prowess with the Force, both of them had the ability to easily crush this entire gigantic ship in a matter of seconds, which meant this battle would have to be decided by lightsaber combat, in which he thought himself in the advantage, after all he had trained for centuries under the greatest Sith Lords to have ever ruled.

The fight started without any form of greeting, now taunts or declarations were made by either, both light their black lightsabers and charged at each other. Ianto with his self-fordge blade and Konstantin with the incredibly powerful artefact lightsaber. The battle was brutal, as neither went on the defensive, it was a true battle of the Sith, both using offensive moves to counter out the other. Ianto's blade flew towards Konstantin horizontally, yet was blocked by an upward slash at Ianto's hands. Who twirled his lightsaber around at the last second, reversing his grip on the blade which was supposed to knock the lightsaber of his foe away, so his own plasma blade could dig into the flesh of his former master. But this move was defended against by Konstantin as he, after his lightsaber was knocked to the side, kicked at his former apprentices hand, so he momentarily lost his grip on his blade and it rolled away in the dark scarcely light room. Triumphant Konstantin slashed down but his wrist was caught by Ianto, just milimeters from his face. "You have lost master." grinned Ianto, as his own lightsaber flew towards them and impaled both. " fool!" exclaimed Konstantin as he cough up blood. " are the have underestimated me..." grinned Ianto, as a strange green light began to emanate from the ground and a hexagon shaped star, enveloped by a ring with strange writing on its sides. "What...what is this?!" exclaimed the Sith Lord, feeling for the first time fear in his life. "A gift from my new partners..." laughed Ianto as his old master screamed before his body fell back to the ground. 

Ianto's wound had healed, while he had absorbed his masters former powers in the Force. While the strange thing on the ground slowly dissipated, he walked over and grabbed the artefact lightsaber and held it up to his own, using his new found unrivaled powers in the Force, he combined them into a new terrible contorted version of a lightsaber. This new lightsaber while powerful, had most of it's force energy drained, as Ianto absored even that. Now satisfied with his deads, he walked out of the shattered throne room.

On a far away world Clara woke up after her shuttle had crashed, she did not know where she was or why suddenly the engines of her ship had failed, but was happy enough to have survived and to have kept both of her lightsabers. Crawling out of the rubble, she looked around, there was not much to see but a forest, and a long deserted city. But wait! There was something, there was a man, who looked like he was in his twenties, lay there on the ground, and even from this distance she could easily spot the shape of a lightsaber on his belt. But who was he? From this distance, it was impossible to tell. "A Sith perhaps?" she muttered before deciding to go check it out.

Far away they set on their marble seats watching Ianto's progress. "He is doing well." said one leaning forward, but not far enough for the light to touch his face, as he took a glass with black liquid in it. "You mean, doing well so far." corrected an other, taking his own decanter. "It is yet to see if he can master the power of the Oricalchos ... or if he will fail miserably." said the third person that sat with them. "Hehe...we get what we want either way, no?" came the answer from the person most obstructed by the darkness. But he was right of course, they would get what they wanted, one way or another.

Ianto was sitting in his old room again, it was the size of a palace anyway so he had not felt like moving from it into Konstantin's even larger personal domain. Specifically he was sitting in his former study, a large oval room, with different maps on the walls, and now drawings of the same strange thing he had used to destroy Konstantin. He did not know why, but his mind driffted back to something that happened 17 years ago, the day he had come to the base of the Shade Sith, he remembered seeing his sister again that day. Her reaction of anger, confusion and disgust. He remember not being able to stop laughing after they had to knock her out. He remembered the looks the others gave him, but for one he did not even care and he honestly could not stop himself from laughing. All others that had been there, had been wearing somekind of combat attire and he was standing there in his suit. He always had trained in different suits and had even fought his enemies wearing them. Now Ianto's mind came back to reality. "They will soon get impatient...I better start collecting..." he mused and got up.

As she approached the body, Clara realised it was a fellow Jedi Knight, she had seen him a few times in the temple, greeted him, but never anything else. Still his death made her feel a sting of saddnes. But nonethelese she had to see if there was anything dodgey about the way he had died, indeed there was, as she inspected the body, she noticed every bone had been grinned to dust and every internal organ had been liquified. "What could have done such a thing?" she mumbled, a bit of fear mixed into her voice. So she got up, grabbed her lightsabers and simply listened. She had tried to use her Force powers to sense something but she had not found anything. Now she heard someone whippering in the distance, it sounded like downright sobbing to her. So she immediatly ran towards where the sound was coming from. This lead her deep into the woods where she found a man his face buried in his arms, his knees at his chest, leaning against a tree, rock forth and back. "Ah...hello? Are you okay?" she asked leaning forward a little. A grave mistake. Immediatly the person's face snapped upwards and to her horror, there was something that vaguley looked like a mask made of bone, growing on his face. "GOTCHA!" the thing cheered as the man jumped up.

Clara immediately reached for her yellow lightsaber and ignited it, just in time when a strangely looking black blade smashed down on hers. The strength behind that strike was enough to actually send Clara flying back into a tree. "What the..." began the young Jedi but she couldn't finish her sentence, as the creature, what ever it was, already started attacking again, this strike even more powerful than the first one. This time though Clara had brassed herself with the Force, a mistake in the end. As the sheer strength behind the second strike shattered her left wrist, as she tried to block it. Gritting her teeth she performed a backflip to escape the next strike and landed on a near by tree branch. She looked down onto the thing that was standing underneath the tree looking up at her, still a horrific smile on its face. This standstill lasted for a few seconds before the creature simply slashed with its blade in her general direction, a strange black energy flew at her with red edges. She instinctively knew that blocking was not an option, but instead leaped to the side, the beam missing her by millimeters. But to her horror, she saw what happened to the trees that had been hit in her place. First the entire bark was pulverised followed by a liquefaction of the lower levels before the entire thing combusted on itself. She gulped at the thought of being hit by something like this, and using the smoke as cover fled the scene, for the first time since having to take down Sennes, she felt herself sweating out of nervousness.

An Unexpected Ally:Edit

It had been at least half an hour since she had lasted scene that masked entity. So she assumed she was at least save for the moment to use the Force to heal her smashed up wrist. She winced slightly as the damaged and dislocated bone fragments rearranged them, and the injured tendons repaired themselves. Slightly panting after having had to run as if hell had been right on her heels, she leaned against a tree, closing her eyes to meditate for a moment. She was ripped out of her meditation when she felt someone approaching, her eyes flashed open,s he grabbed her special lightsaber and jumped down. 

"Clara it's me. Gett off!" said Caden shoving her away, annoyance in his tone. "Sorry, Caden. But there is something here in the woods...bent on killing all it meets." said Clara removing the hilt, but keeping it firmly in her hand. "Must be really something if you are afraid." he teased her. "I'm not afraid! But it is powerful. It smashed by wrist with a single strike onto my blade." she shot back, anger glittering in her eyes. "But say how did you get here in the first place?" asked the young Jedi it only occuring to her now, that she herself had come here by accident. "I was on a trip with Rorii, Loran and Ziva, on the way we got hit by some spatial phenomenon and had to use escape pods to get out of there. No idea where the others landed, I was searching for them." explained Caden, shaking his head in disbelief how often this seemed to happen in recent time. "Oddly enough something similar happened to me." said Clara confused. "You happen to know where we are?" asked Caden, whilst leaning against a tree. "Not really no, could be Alliance territory for all I know." answered Clara. This was followed by a bit of an akward silence until Caden, swining his arms back and forth said "So..." and Clara simply repeated that. "You think we should search for the others?" proposed Caden then. "I think we-..." but Clara didn't get further as a high pitched scream interrrupted them.

"FOUND YOU!" the masked thing cried, followed by a high pitched laughter. "Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!" screamed Clara, and used a Force Push combined with the power she had taken from Sennes. To their horror though, the creature was hardly halted, in response to the Force Push, it was not blasted in the other direction, but simply began to spin on its own axis, before landing infront of them. "Gah, what the hell is this thing...?" asked Caden drawing his weapons. As Clara was already on it, summoning a large part of Sennes power she released a series of Force Pushes at her enemy. "I don't know, kill it!" answered Clara continously blasting at her opponent. Until all of a sudden they both felt a tremendous pressure, forcing them to the ground. The masked thing still stood there, the face no completely covered. It eminated such a heavy Force pressure, it really pressed the others onto the ground, while it also had protected the thing from the barrage of awespiring powerful Force Pushes. That's how far they had pushed it, it had released it's true presence in the Force on them. 

Clara now by far to scarred to even speak simply lay there, immobilised, unable to move a single muscle. Caden realising this, projected his Aura powers around the masked entity, and sent it flying away. It took at least another minute, before the pressure had decreased enough to allow the two to get up again. "What in the hell was that!?" panted Clara still slightly shaking. "No idea...but what ever it sure took quite a bit of power just to shove it away." said Caden, sweating from the strain it had taken on him. "Come on let's get out of here...we need to find the others, and then find a way of this planet." said Clara having begun to regain her composure. "You are right there...lets get going." responded Caden, his breath returning to him.

On the other side of the forest, the creature crashed through the last woods and splashed into a deep lake, causing a huge wave, that collapsed right on top of Loran and Ziva. "What the?!" spluttered Loran trying to shake the water off of him. They immediately drew their weapons, and pointed it in the general direction of the origin of the shock wave. When all of a sudden a black energy beam with red edges raced at them, both dove to the side, and the attack simply sliced into the mountain range behind them. "Run!" both said at the same time, turning around and sprinting away, unknowingly right into the direction of Aurora. Behind them, the masked beast reemerged, and with a single leap was already close behind them. "What in the hell is that thing!" cried Ziva, accelerating even more. "No idea...but that face...even the things in hell got to be scared of that!" answered Loran continuing his sprint. "I think it is gaining!" called Ziva after she had shot a look over her back. "Oh damn, I don't want to die! I have only been married 17 years yet!" cried Loran, looking over his shoulder too. "Hey hang on a second, there is nothing." said the married man, stopping in his tracks. "What?!" asked Ziva and stopped too, looking back. "GOTCHA!" cried the masked entity that had appeared right in front of them, raising his blade the energy collecting along its length. Both of the others closed their eyes, from this distance there would be no dodging. 

But they didn't get hit, Aurora had jumped in at the last moment and her lightsabers had blocked the blade at the last moment. But she had underestimated the power behind the strike and so was flung back quite far away, right into a tree which cracked and gave way. Aurora now knocked out, blood trickeling from her mouth, nose and forehead. "Damn! Rorri!" cried out Loran now enraged swinging his blade at the thing in front of him, to his horror the plasma blade was simply caught by that masked creature. "What the..." but he didn't get any further as the creature simply slammed its bare hand into his skull, causing a loud crack to be heard before the body simply dropped to the ground. Ziva now frightened for her life, stayed her ground raised the tomahawk, but she was by far to slow, the thing simply cut her down as if she was a doll.

"Oh no!"cried Clara as she came upon the sight of the creature raising its blade again to strike the others down. "I'll handle this!" said Caden charging his Aura powers again. But this time the Hollow was prepared, with its tremendous speed it flashed forward, before either could react and smashed the hilt of its blade directly into Caden's chest, cracking all rips at once. The Ferran fell to his knees coughing up blood, before his eyes rolled back and he fell forward having been robbed of his consciousness. Now Clara was alone, trembling with fear again, as the thing neared her. The mask now not only encompassed the whole face but had begun to grow down onto his neck. In a last attempt of defiance she drew her special lightsaber and attacked, but was simply swatted aside. The next thing she saw was that masked entity standing above her the blade raised high. But it never stood there still for a moment. Than a deeper voice, which was in a harsh contrast to the usually high-pitched voice of the creature. "Disappear!" said the deep voice and one had smashed into the side of the mask, grabbing on and beginning to try to rip it off. "No! No! What are you doing?!" screamed the Hollow but it was to late, the mask came off and the man collapsed. Now not sure what to do Clara got up and walked over, just in time to see the mask dissolve into smoke. Just then they all were enveloped by a bright light.

When the light faded Clara saw where they had appeared, it was a large circular room, on one end she saw Nymeria on the other Kensa. "Seems we came just in time." said the Sith Lady, a single pearl of sweat on her brow. "You can say that. But what the hell did we just encounter?" asked Clara, not seeing that the man had been transported with them. "No idea...but what ever it is dangerous." said Nymeria will Kensa moved to the unconscious man, and put him on a stretcher, while other servants took the injured once into the medical wing. "Why'd you take him along?!" exclaimed Clara her hand immediately on the hilt of her lightsaber. "Well...if anything...I'd rather not have him run around on a planet." said Nymeria and turned away, taking something from a shelve before looking back at Clara. "But I have a feeling who will be able to tell us. Here follow these coordinates as soon as your team is ready." said Nymeria handed the young woman, a small metal object and walked away. Clara turned the thing around and saw a set of coordinates engraved.

Outside Nymeria stood on a balcony alone the wind brushing through her hair. A single tear rolling down her face. She had realised who that man was the moment she had sensed his presence in the Force. "You liar." she whispered into the wind before closing her eyes.

It took the others roughly two weeks to heal up from their injuries. Clara had used the time to analise her duel with that thing. She even used holoprojectors to watch the fight again and again. But it always ended with the same conclussion, she had no idea, what she had done wrong in the fight. It was simply that strange fighting style against she had had not adequate defence or counter-abilites. So she began to programm a droid to fight the way that man had, and trained with it, in an attempt to improve herself, should he wreck havoc again. But then she noticed something astonishing, the droid lost. Everytime, she didn't even have to try hard to win. At first she thought she might have made a programming mistake and redid it again, only this time improving the whole set up, making it infinitly more complex. While this pressured her now, it was still no where near the capabilities that man had possessed. Frustrated with the lack of advance, she decided to check in on the captive, only to realise he was none. She only had never seen him because he stayed in his room the whole day, and would simply not open the door. 

But matters became more complicated after Nymeria had announced that the man would come with them to the coordinates on that metal object, when asked why, she said there were reasons and left it at that. "That's bull. Why do we have to take that monster along?" said Loran lying down in bed, next to Aurora. "Don't know, but I think she should have killed him while she had the chance, if that thing runs amok again..." she left the sentence unfinished, both knew what she meant. In her room Clara looked out of the window at the tower in which that man stayed. "Tomorrow then..." she sighed and turned away to go to bed.

The next day, she woke up early and immediately went down to the platform where the shuttle would take them where ever they had to go. But she found she was only the second on the landing platform, that man who had attacked them was there already.

"What the hell are you?" asked Clara dead on looking at the man. Who turned his head to look at her.

"Me." came his response.

"That aside. What kind of creature are you?" asked Clara anger flaring up in her voice already.

"Me." came the same response, in the same tone of voice.

She backed a few steps away and in response he lowered his head again and stared at the ground.

"What is that thing you turn into?" she asked after having regained her composure.

"Him." came the response, still looking at the ground.

Now think that, what ever the man was, was insane, she took again a few steps back, she just couldn't continue talking to him. One after the other, did the others now arrive. All of them ignoring the man who simply sat there looking at the ground as if that was the most interesting thing in the world. When their shuttle touched down, Nymeria appeared again, warning them to let go of their anger and treat the man with respect. But he had long since taken a seat in the shuttle and had not listened to her last pre-mission briefing.

During the whole flight Loran kept an eye on the man, who at some point looked up. Then crocked his head to the side and stared back just as intently, at which Loran didn't react. This continued for a few hours, until suddenly Loran thought he saw a flash of yellow in the eyes of the man, similar to the colour his mask bore. He recoiled slightly but not fast enough, as Aurora's hand flash up and smacked him. "Rorii?! The fuck?!" he asked, angrily. "I'm sorry! I don't know what happened. My hand simply flashed up all of a sudden!" answered Aurora who was just as confused. So Loran turned his gaze back to the man, who was now looking back the ground.

After they had landed, all immediately rushed out of the shuttle, to get as far away from the man as they could. "Hmm you people are late." said a voice, after the man had left the shuttle as well, still looking at the floor. They all turned to see a beautiful, blonde woman stand there on the private landing pad. "But well, if you'd follow me." she said, her voice having a melody that made everyone lose their anger, frustration and exhaustion. "Now and you..." she said pointing at Aurora and Loran. "You will be using this elevator." she said pointing to a strange looking tube that ran along the left side the building. "While you and you. Go use that one." continued the young woman pointing at Ziva and Caden sending them to an elevator on the right. "And you two come with me." she continued smiling and led Clara, who disliked being stuck with that strange man, to the elevator in the middle and the three entered it. "What a lovely day." sighed the young woman, as they travelled up, multiple colours constantly rearranging themselves around them on the inside of the elevator wall, at the same time Mozart's Eine Kleine Nachtmusik was being played in the background. "What ever you say." grumbled Clara while the man remained silent. "Oh don't be so upset Clara. Whoops sorry I forgot to introduce myself, I am Emily." smiled the blonde stretching out her hand. " do you know my name?" asked Clara bewildered but none the less shuck the other woman's hand. "Oh we happen to know a lot of things." smiled Emily before turning to the man. "And you, young man? What is your name?"

"I" came his answer still not looking up.

"He kind a special case." said Clara to Emily.

"Hmm I see...quite special." answered the blonde, her gaze lingering on the man.

"But we do know how to...get them back together." she then chirped turning back to Clara, just as the elevator doors opened.

"Oh there you are dear, you took long enough." said Jennifer standing in the entrance, embracing Emily the moment she stepped out.

"Well they were late and the elevator is slow again." said Emily, an apologetic tone in her voice.

"Ah that is alright then." smiled Jennifer and then looked at the other two.

"Oh those must be the ones that need help." said Jennifer.

"Ah...what now?" asked Clara clearly confused what was happening around her.

"Hmm...he should be immediately taken to the room." said Jennifer after looking the man over.

"Hey "Me" can you go over there into that room?" asked Emily smiling at the man, who nodded and trotted into the indicated room.

"Now then onto you, Miss Renner." said Jennifer sitting down on the couch, Emily's head in her lap stroking her hair.

"I am sorry to say your boyfriend has had a major accident." began Jennifer, looking completely serious.

"My what?! No, no, no, no...he attacked us and is some kind of monster!" exclaimed Clara immediately jumping off her seat, on which she had just set down.

"Oh I know that...but I like cracking things up with a joke." smiled Jennifer. Clara eyed the pair for a second before sitting down again.

"Well then...why are we here?" asked the young Jedi bluntly.

"Because you need his help, and he needs ours." said the brunette, clearly referring to the man.

"What? Why?!" asked Clara anger rising in her again.

"Well I am sure you felt the massive disturbance in the Force a few weeks ago? That was your brother killing his master." explained Emily from Jennifer's lap. "And this man...well...he is the reborn from...only there was a little accident." continued Jennifer.

"I do not understand what are you talking about?" asked Clara bewildered.

"Your brother is now the most dangerous person in this plane. And you need Konstantin's help to stop him from destroying everything, including himself." said Emily, her voice still having that wonderful melody.

"But how? You just said Ianto killed him." said Clara still trying to make sense of what she had just heard.

"You are not following. He was reborn and is now sitting in the other room." said Jennifer kindly.

"But I still don't get why we are here then." said Clara, while the voice of Emily had washed away all anger and frustration she was still confused.

"You will learn soon enough. But now you might take the elevator and join your friends." smiled Jennifer and with a wave of the hand indicated to her that she was dismissed. Clara still confused walked over to the elevator walls and pressed the button to summon it, when she heard the two behind her talking again.

"You know...she could be our daughter." said Emily looking up into Jennifer's face.

"True she has the right physical build and personality." said Jennifer.

Clara couldn't fathom it, the two were talking as if she wasn't even in the room with them. But after she finally had escaped into the elevator, she couldn't help but being intrigued by the idea of being adopted by the two. She had no family left after all. She then shook her head...she was not quite sure if it was her longing for a family or Emily's voice that had caused her to think such a way. But that little voice in the back of her head still kept pushing her to think about this some more.

Learning a Lesson:Edit

The man found himself in a strange room, it had a single chair in it, and the walls were lit with different colours, but strangley he felt as if they had a southing effect on him. He was not quite sure why, but he felt the need to go and have a seat in that chair. This need he obliged and sat down. He didn't understand what was going on exactly but suddenly he felt a stinging in the back of his head. This last only for a second before it was replaced by a harsh throbbing, which in turn became a terrible migraine, which forced the man out of the chair and onto his knees. The pain was so intense it felt to him, as if his head was about to be ripped apart. Gritting his teeth he grabbed his head in a vain move to console his pain.

Blood started running from his nose and trickled into his mouth. He was panting heavily but then the pain began to ease off, as memory began to flood back into him. It did not take much longer until he was able to stand again, even though everything was still spinning in his head. Slightly staggering he walked towards the door. It was surprisingly hard to open it, as everything was still spinning he was not quite sure where the door handle exactly was. By the time he had managed to open the door, Clara had already vanished, and only Emily and Jennifer, who was playing with Emily's hair as she was still resting her head on her lap, were still around. "Ah so how'd it go?" asked Emily turning her head slightly so she could keep the man in her eyes while not interrupting Jennifer playing with her hair. "I-I...remember." said the man. "Ah excellent...then maybe you should go down. The others will surely want to hear that." smiled Jennifer, the man nodded and turned to the elevator.

"Which floor?"

"437." said Emily now turning her head back into the position it was before and closed her eyes.

"Thanks." answered the man, walked inside and pressed the button.

"You think they have a chance?" asked Jennifer, still not stopping to play with Emily's hair. "I do...after we finish training them and well you saw what Clara was carrying now didn't you?" answered Emily her eyes still closed. "That is true. We'll see then how things go."

In the elevator, the man examined his blade. He remembered the fight in the woods, but his current blade didn't look anything like it, it appeared to be a simple katana, but even in this state he was able to sense the tremendous power hidden within it. "What is your name?" he whispered, holding the blade close to his mouth. A few seconds nothing happened, but then a smile lit up his face. "Glad to meet you...Zangetsu." said the man continuing on his way down, replacing his now named sword back on his hip.

The door to the elevator opened and Clara stepped out. She had taken to exploring the building they were in. She wasn't positive what the place qualified as, but she knew it was huge. The room she was stepping into appeared to be a spa of some sort. She looked around for about fifteen minutes, making sure the large room was empty. Upon finding that it was, she submerged herself in one of the hot baths, not even bothering to take off her clothes. Screw it, they can air dry. She thought. She did leave her yellow and double bladed saber at the side of the deck, because the water would fry them. She also left the small bag she held her notebook in. The strange saber she carried with her into the water. For some odd reason, it did not react to water in the slightest, and worked perfectly fine when in contact with water.

She floated around the water for a good while, pondering the last few days' events. What that creature who took the shape of a man was, she did not know. It scared her. It scared her more than anything she had ever faced before. To her mind, the monster was not of their universe, it simply was not something that should be.

Clara also found it more than a little difficult being around Caden again. She had gone through a lot of meditative training and emotional counseling to learn what her emotions had meant, and over the years of her not seeing him, it was almost like she had been able to move on. However, seeing him again was like having a hard kick in the gut whenever the two were together. She shook her head and submerged herself again. She activated the saber she held with her, and watched as it did nothing. She had seen the effects before. It did nothing when water touched it, but if it came into contact with skin, the person would be gone in minutes. She shuddered at the memory of the first time she had used it to kill. She deactivated it and reemerged. There was also the matter of the two women on the balcony, who had talked of adopting her. If she were to be honest with herself, she found the idea intriguing. Ianto had only really been a brother before he vanished, and she didn't relate to Ashley and Jai at all. Sen, back on Earth, was family both in relation as well as bond. She wondered how he was reacting now that she hadn't been able to contact him, which she had done at least once a week after leaving Earth after Loran and Aurora's wedding. These two women had said something about build and personality, and spoke as if it was more of a test. She shrugged, and decided to keep an eye on the two for a while.

After what she guessed was an hour, she clambered out of the pool and grabbed her things. She looked about for stairs, and, not finding any, went for the elevator. When she arrived at the door, she pressed the button, and the door opened, revealing Ziva. "Oh, hey. You found here too?" Clara asked.

"Yeah. What happened with those ladies and whatever the monstrosity is?" Ziva replied.

"Nothing much, they told me he was a reborn Konstantin, but I have my doubts, and chattered for a bit about how they needed us to work together, something about training, too." Clara replied, deciding to not mention their interest in adopting her.

"Ah. Ok. You headed up to bed?"


"Alright, let anyone else know come down here." Ziva said, took her lightsaber out and removed the crystal.

"Uh. Ok?" Clara said and took the elevator up. It stopped, and Loran stepped in. They had a similar conversation about what had happened, Clara deciding again to not tell him. "Hey, don't go to the spa. Ziva"

"Got it." He said and stepped out. She found her room on the second highest floor and entered it. She changed into a bathrobe and hung her clothes up on a rack. She sat down in a chair and pulled out her notebook. She scribbled down a few drawings, and they all became what she remembered to be the various looks of that creature which she could sense on the floor above her.

She put the book down, threw the bathrobe to the side, and slipped into the bed, keeping her special saber with her. She had a gut feeling it would help if that monster awoke itself again.

The next day, they were all summoned to have breakfast on a huge terrace. All of them came except for Konstantin. "So...where is that thing?" asked Loran as he set down next to his wife. "Yeah, does he think he is too good for us?" snarled Caden looking around. "Or you know...he is a monster. Who knows if it even eats." joked Ziva sitting down next to Caden and kissing him on the cheek. "Hey wait a second where is Clara?" asked Rorii looking around for her. "Here, sorry I'm late. I didn't hear the alarm." came Clara in, her hair still in a bit of a mess and her cloths still requiring some rearrangement.

Upstairs Konstantin stepped out of the elevator onto the floor in which Clara's room lay. Even though room was the wrong word, the "rooms" were far closer to being a fully fledged two story house. With a flick of his hand the door opened and he walked in. Inside he looked around for a bit before finding her notebook and flapped through it, but stopped on a few pages. He ran his fingers over the drawings inside. He did not recognise it at first but slowly it dawned on him that she had drawn him. The amount of detail was astonishing, considering she had seen him during combat and in a blurred motion. Konstantin remained there, standing for at least ten minutes, constantly staring into the drawing. His finger on the part of his face where the mask was drawn inside the book. Then he closed it again and replaced it where he had found it, afterwards he walked back out the door and used the Force to lock, just as it had been before his intrusion.

Back on the terrace, Emily and Jennifer had joined the others in the bountiful breakfast. When the elevator opened again all who were sitting at the table, except for Emily and Jennifer, looked up to see Konstantin step out and slowly walk over to the table, sitting down to Emily's left, as the blonde hand indicated with her hand, directly opposite to Clara, and quite far away from all others. " you doing?" asked Jennifer, between bites, looking at the newcomer. "Considerably well, though I am anxious to start training as soon as possible." answered Konstantin, as he seated himself and grabbed an apple which was in front of him. "You shouldn't be so hastily, we still have time, and they don't know anything yet." answered Jennifer while the man bit into the apple. "Hey! Why is that thing allowed to eat with us?!" called Caden over from the other end of the table. A bad choice, the moment the words had left his mouth, his face bashed forward into the hard table, shattering his nose. "Hey!" called all the other four, just then they all felt a tremendous pressure on them again, a pressure so strong it inhibited any movement and even started to choke them. They all started to gag, while Konstantin began to eat his apple. "Konstantin, dear, would you please release them?" asked Emily, she and Jennifer completely unaffected.

Just as suddenly as it had appeared the pressure vanished again. The once affected fell forward gasping for air. "You see, he is not an "it" "monster" or "beast". He is an intelligent young man, and you need his help if you people want to survive this year." said Emily as she pushed her now empty plate away. "Why do we need, "his" help?" asked Loran his now returned voice full of anger. "Because there is someone out there, who'd do nothing rather than kill you all." explained Jennifer as if it was the most obvious thing in the universe, pushing her plate away as well. "And without his, and for that fact our stand no chance what so ever. Now then finish breakfast and be nice." said Emily as she and Jennifer left again, leaving the group to themselves, every single eye being on Konstantin who sat there completely relaxed eating his apple. "You guys got a problem or something?" was finally the first thing he said to them, after five minutes of icy silence. The silence continued afterwards until Konstantin grabbed another apple, and vanished as well taking one of the elevators. "What a complete prick." voiced Aurora what everybody was thinking.

The next few hours were spent relaxing until the group was called down into what was labelled as "Trainings Area 1". As they exited it, they saw a huge stone dessert like area strechting as far as they could see. "Wow...check this big is this place?" whistled Clara looking around. "Well time to start training, right?" asked Jennifer sitting with Emily on a large stone pillar. These stone pillars were set all around the training grounds in irregular spaces from each other. "Okay...but train with whom and train what?" asked Ziva looking around. "With me for a fight that will determine the future of this galaxy." responded Konstantin, walking out of the shadow of one of the stone pillars. "Futre of the galaxy?" asked Ziva bewildered. "Are you hearing impaired or to slow to grasp what I am saying?" responded Konstantin, arrogance dripping in his voice. "Or perhaps I just want to know how and why?" asked Ziva exasperated and rolling her eyes. "Not my place to explain something to you people." responded the reborn. "What if we asked nicely?" threw Clara in trying to defuse the situation. "Are we here to train or talk?" asked Konstantin, now finally standing completely in the light not far away from the group. The others all sighed and drew their weapons. "Well then...finally." said Konstantin, grabbing his blade as well, when Emily called down "Hey, hey Konstantin...aren't you forgetting something?" her voice cheerful as ever. To that he sighed, grabbed his blade as well as the sheath and threw it up to the two women, where Jennifer caught it placing it right next to her onto the hard stone. "Now you can begin." The others looked at each other, shrugged then charged him. A bad idea.

Konstantin jumped over a strike from Caden, used his shoulder as a pillar, spun his legs around and kicked Loran, who had jumped up to slash at him, in the face. Now Caden tried to get Konstantin off of his shoulder, slashing upwards with his saber, who simply jumped up again, now elbowing an onrushing Ziva into the neck, which rendered her unconscious before landing back on his feet. " people are...slow." sighed Konstantin. "How the hell is he so fast?" asked Caden, as Clara and Aurora grouped around him. "No idea...but we can still beat him." said Aurora, raising her blade again. "I'm not to sure..." began Clara but the two siblings already charged ahead. Now Konstantin rolled his eyes, sidestepped Caden, kicking him in the knee, while ducking under Aurora's strike then kicked at her hands, which resulted in her dropping her blade. Now rushing back up he slammed the palm of his hand against her chin, sending her flying against a pillar. "Rorii!" exclaimed Caden, before Konstantin's foot slammed into his face, breaking his nose, again, and knocking him out. Now he turned back to look at Clara who stood there alone. "That it? You going to simply stand there?" asked Konstantin, resuming his relaxed position. Gripping her blade tighter, she jumped at him with a scream of defiance, but just before her blade connected with his head, he vanished from her sight. For a moment she was confused, then she felt his knee in her stomach. Her whole upper body fell forward, while she was flung into another pillar. "Whoa...he is good...they'd be dead if he had had his blade. It would have sufficed if he had simply carried it." said Emily, looking slightly impressed as Konstantin brushing dust off of his suit and looking up to them. "If they had fought him...they'd have been dead seconds into the fight." called Konstantin from below them. "I think it would be better to...send them home..." came then his damming conclusion. "Well...we have one trick still in storage...with that they just might be able to stand up to those that are going to come here." said Emily, looking at the various places where Konstantin had knocked his opponents into. "I think I know what you are saying...but that is very dangerous..." answered Konstantin. "You're concerned for them?" asked Jennifer leaning forward slightly. In response he simply huffed and the two women grinned at each other. "Then we will begin."  

A few hours later, Clara sat in her room. Somehow, Emily and Jennifer had been able to heal her. Now, nothing was broken except her pride. She was, for the first time in quite a while, angry. Not with Konstantin, she was angry with herself. She should not have been defeated so quickly, it didn't make any sense to her. She found an expensive looking piece of glass and threw it out the window. She didn't know why, but it seemed like the right thing to do.

She could sense him in his room above her. He was probably amused by her crazed emotions being blasted through the force. In fact, it was likely the entire building could sense her. At least Emily and Jennifer had seemed somewhat caring to her, the rest of the group were a little more concerned with their significant others. She crashed into her chair and instinctively found her notebook and pencil. Her subconscious simply took over and random drawings began to appear. Once she had filled seven pages, she flipped back to see what that had become. To her surprise, it was of Konstantin, in his human form, in battle. All of them. She closed the book and left her room.

She found a training facility and started training on her own. By the end of the hour, most of the equipment in the facility had been destroyed, and there were a hundred holes in the wall. She shook her head as she slowed to a stop. She looked around and surveyed the destruction. Clara noticed a catwalk and spotted Jennifer, who she guessed had been watching her the whole time. Clara hung her head and went to return to her room.

Konstantin entered his second sleepless night, it was not that he was afraid of sleep but he simply could not sleep with all the turmoil of feelings around him, just like on day one. He felt Clara foremost, as she was only one floor below him. He could feel her frustration seek through the entire building. It saddened him, despite how he acted towards them, he cared for them. He knew the mission they were heading into, it could likely kill all of them, with or without training, that did not matter. Konstantin also knew what the trick was Jennifer had spoken of, he knew what had been in the injections the group had been give while their wounds had been healed. It did not matter as their time was running out and he was pretty sure they would not master what they had been given. So he continued standing there by the window the whole night and saw as the blood-red sun was slowly rising.

The next morning they again where summoned to the same breakfast table. All of them still sore from yesterday's punishment. "Oh damn...without weapons..." sighed Loran as he sat down again next to Aurora. " weapons and he kicked all of our butts." sighed Ziva sitting opposite them. "I mean...I know he is also some kind of monster. But he wasn't wearing his mask or anything else...and he beat us if we were children." threw in Caden. "Could we talk about something else?" asked Clara moodily biting into a piece of toast. Her mood had swung from overwhelming anger to melancholy in a single day. The others then fell silent, only Jennifer and Emily both, smiling as usual, continued talking among themselves. "So...where is Konstantin?" asked Clara all of a sudden, as if she didn't like the silence anymore. "No idea, he said he'd come down...but last time too he took some time." smiled Jennifer grabbing a pear.

Konstantin found himself again in front of Clara's room. Again just like the day before he easily unlocked it and walked in. He did not know why, but that notebook it kept drawing him towards itself. He flipped it open and looked at the new drawings. They were all of him. The must be from yesterday! realised the man, as he saw himself fight the drawn group, all of them with their weapons drawn and him annihilating them without use of the Force or his own blade. She is truly talented at drawing. he thought, closed the book and replaced it again, where it was before, and left the scene of his crime, just like yesterday and continued down.

The reaction to his arrival today, was very different from the first time. The others all looked away from him, as he took the same seat, which he had taken yesterday and started eating. "Why are you so good?" asked Clara suddenly  and looked at Konstantin. "Not sure what you are referring to." answered Konstantin, while chewing on a croissant. "You know full well what I am talking about. How did you best us yesterday without any strain?" asked Clara her frustration showing again. "Oh that...well, did it occur to you people, I simply might be that much better? That my abilities simply are that far above your own?" asked Konstantin looking at them. "But of course that won't do, that is why our esteemed hosts have, while you were unconscious, injected you with something that should help you in our next round of training." elaborated Konstantin, taking a cup of tea. His words were followed by cries of anger and outrage, all of the group except for Clara, found it offensive to have been injected with something while they were knocked out. Clara actually enjoyed the thought of having been given something that might give her the chance to beat Konstantin. " was required for you to take that injection. Otherwise you would simply not be able to fight what is coming." said Emily, her voice immediately calming all people at the table. "What were we injected with?" asked Clara from her seat, quite close to Emily. "You people were injected with a watered down version of Amber." explained Jennifer. "That Gallifreyian stuff?" asked Caden confused. "Yes exactly it is what is generated in their bodies and what gives them their amazing powers. Of course regular humans cannot contain such powers within them. So we have given you people a version especially tailored to your physiology. That should boost all of your combat abilities." continued Emily, while Jennifer continued eating. "Why wasn't Konstantin given any?" asked Clara then, intrigued, though guessing she knew the answer. "Because he already possesses Amber." answered Emily, looking at Konstantin, who was calmly drinking his tea. "Well then...I guess I'll had upstairs will start soon, no?" said Konstantin then after finishing his cup of tea. "Hopefully you people will demonstrate more than you did yesterday."  

His hopes were shattered though. While the others had improved tremendously, his speed and strenght was simply so far above their own, that even with the Amber injection, they remained powerless. Once they were knocked out again, Emily sighed and jumped down from the pillar. "Hmm...this is not even close to what we had hoped." admitted the blonde, looking at the people on the floor, hurt quite badly. "I guess you were right after all..." sighed Jennifer as she landed next to her wife. "Now hold on a second. I know I said we should send them home...but what if we gave them a higher concentration of Amber?" asked Konstantin, retrieving his blade. "I guess we could heighten the dose, but there is no telling if it will give the desired effects this time around." mused Emily, while servants carried the hurt fighters into the medical wing. "You should try it." insisted Konstatin before walking off. "You sure this is a good idea?" asked Jennifer as Emily retrieved the new syringes from the next pillar. "Either that...or he will kill them." answered Emily. "I guess you are right." sighed Jennifer as the two began walking towards the med wing.

The others recovered a lot faster than the day before, not even an hour later they were up again. Actually feeling not bad, a lot better than before the fight actually. "You gave us another dose?" asked Clara flexing her arms. "Yes, Konstantin demanded it. This dose though was a lot more concentrated than the first one. Tomorrow you'll have your last training, if there is still no change...we will have to send you home again." sighed Emily and left the medical wing again. The group contemplated the words before slowly getting back to their individual rooms.

Later that day, they were called down for dinner. During which their hosts should them a video they had received only a few hours ago. The saw the base of the Shade Sith engulfed in flames, dead and burned corpses strewn around the entrance, then a single man walked out of the flames, not a scratch on him, a strange blade clasped in his hand, which seemed to be the cause of the fire. They all immediately realised who the man was, it was Clara's brother Ianto Renner. "This is the person you will have to stop." said Jennifer after the video had ended. They all sat there in silence, contemplating their tremendous task. "How should we do that?" asked Ziva, running her hand through her hair. "You people finally realise that this fight will be on a completely different scale than any before. I am in my current state no match for Ianto, but if you people were able to finally achieve the power the Amber should have awakened in you by now, you should be able to be a challenge for me, and thus my own powers should grow as well." answered Konstantin, leaning in the door frame. No one knew when he had arrived, he hadn't made a single sound. After looking each of them in the eyes again, Konstantin left for his own accommodations. "You know he is right...don't you?" sighed Emily and looked at the group. They all exchanged a look before finishing dinner and then leaving for their rooms again. "Tomorrow we will see what the results are." said Jennifer as she watched the others go.

It was the third night Konstantin spent without sleep only this time he spent it on the roof top, twirling Zangetsu in his hands. "Might be that you will be in use tomorrow my friend. You up for it?" asked Konstantin before remaining silent for a few seconds than a smile appeared on his face. " that I like to hear." grinned Konstantin and continued to stand at the rail of the roof waiting for the sunrise.

The next day followed the same routine as the two days before, breakfast a few hours of relaxation and then finally training. But this time it was different. Konstantin began like the days before, unarmed and with tremendous speed. Yet for the first time, the others could see him movements and Caden, who was the target of the first strike, could actually dive underneath it and then slashed up with his blade. Konstantin dove to the side to evade, and brought up his foot, in an attempt to kick Caden's face. But he simply brought up his arms and blocked the kick, grabbing his opponents foot, who then simply spun around and this time managed to connect his kick with Caden's chin, sending him staggering back. Before having to perform a backflip to evade a strike from Ziva's weapons. Only to find himself in a pincer created by Aurora and Loran, having no choice, he used one of them as a springboard to evade into the sky. But he wasn't save there either, Clara came from above swinging her blade down low directly onto his head. Sighing he stretched out his hand and his own blade flew into his hand, catching it, he immediately blocked Clara's strike, spun around, kicked her into the kidneys. But she simply used the Force so she had a smooth landing on the ground. " people have become better." said Konstantin, raising his blade high into the air. "Now cleave them...Zangetsu!" called the man the activation command for his blade. There was a bright flash of light and then, Zangetsu appeared in its Shikai form. "Now then...let us truly begin." proclaimed Konstantin, slowly lowering his blade until it pointed directly at the others.

This time the training ended with the others injured quite badly but still conscious and even Konstantin having received some minor injuries. After Emily and Jennifer had called it a day, Konstantin again left immediately for his room, while the others visited the medical wing. "Not bad considering your bodies are still adapting to the Amber." said Emily once everybody had begun undergoing treatment. "We still lost." said Clara frustrated. "Yes but you forced him to use his blade and even release his Shikai." answered Jennifer, before the two women left the room.

A Painful Truth:Edit

Clara was standing a top of a large stone pillar not far from the huge tower-system in which they resided. She justed needed to be alone for a while. It was that day of the year, the day her mother had died. She had not had any real ties to her mother, but it still saddened her that she could not see what her daughter had become. So the young Jedi sat there alone meditating in an effort to calm herself.

All the way back at Earth, a hooded person ripped open a grave and pulled out the corpse. "Time to work." said the cloaked person as the corpse slowly regenerated into the body of Allison who then opened her eyes. "What? How?" stammered Allison as she was slowly levitating in the air, before the hooded person rammed her hand through Allison's chest. "Wha…" began the young woman before a strange white substance enveloped her. "I guess that should suffice." and with those words the cloaked person vanished.

In the base of the Shade Sith, or more precisely in those parts not to badly damaged Sen was sitting at Nymeria's bedside. She had quite sever burns from her fight with Ianto, and the whole base would probably have been destroyed had not Ace intervened to save them. "So…you are sending me away to train, where my cousin and her friends are already?" asked Sen. Nymeria nodded trying to preserve her strength, not wanting to waste it on actually speaking. "Why me? Why not someone else?" asked Sen then, already getting up. "Because you have got a lot of hidden power which will come in handy." answered Nymeria with a hoarse and raspy sounding voice. Realising the woman before him was weakened, she bowed and then left the room, taking a shuttle to the location the others were.

Clara's eyes snapped open as she sensed someone approaching. She immediately realized who it was but could not fathom it. "Hello Clara my dear." said Allison slowly walking up to her daughter. "M-mum?! But…but that is impossible!" exclaimed Clara taking a few steps back. "I know it is hard but it is me. I am your mum, Clara." said Allison taking another couple of steps forward.

In his accommodations Konstantin suddenly looked up, he had felt it the moment it had appeared. He knew that presence all to well. "Zangetsu…come!" said Konstantin and his blade flew towards him, still in its contained form as a simple katana. "There is work for us." whispered the man to his blade and walked up to the roof. The signature was faint hard to sense unless you were looking for it. "Not to far away, I guess. You ready Zangetsu?" asked Konstantin then, a moment of silence followed then the man nodded. "Let's go then!" and with those words he vanished.

Back on that pillar Clara was now sitting next to her mum, feeling happier than she had in a long time. They had talked mostly about Clara and her life. Then Allison said something that would break Clara's heart forever. "You want to know what my only regret in life is? Having you children." said Allison standing up again. Clara's eyes shot up to her mother, disbelief and saddens in her beautiful eyes. "B-but…mum…what do you…" but before the young woman could finish her sentence, her mother slashed at her own daughter with a strange looking blade. She dove to the side still not having the resolve to attack her own mother who began to change in front of her eyes, her brunette her became blonde and her cloths changed as well. Clara now, not seeing her mother's image anymore, took her special lightsaber and activated it. But she was to late, and her mother'S blade connected with Clara's stomach leaving a large cut. "Now then…let me end your miserable life." said the new Allison by the name of Harribel. The Hollow raised her blade high and then slashed it down at her own daughter.

"Cleave her! Zangetsu!" bellowed Konstantin then, appearing in the air. Swinging his gigantic blade at Harribel, who had to to sway hers away from Clara in order to block the attacking blade. "Oh my daughter has got a little protector, how cute!" said Harribel, jumping back, pointing her blade at Konstantin. "And unlike your beloved Caden he protects you without want to get in your pants." chirped Harribel, casually blocking an attack by Konstantin. Clara holding her dangerous wound, didn't have the strength to even answer, quite a lot of her internal organs had been damaged by that single cut. "Oh shut up will you!" answered Konstantin for Clara and swung his blade at Harribel again. Who simply jumped up and then slashed at the man in response. He simply brought up Zangetsu, catching her blade on his. "You'll regret coming this close." smiled Konstatin then, pushing Harribel back and then swinging his sword, using the dangerous ability of his Shikai release. The blue energy beam arced forward directly at Harribel, who lazily swung her blade and deflected it away into sky. "Huh…well you got an able protector I'll give you that. Maybe you should consider dreaming about him and not longing for that Caden." laughed Harribel before vanishing, just then Clara lost consciousness and collapsed. Konstantin replacing his blade on his back, scooped up the young girl and then vanished as well, carrying her back to the tower system. He appeared again on the roof top, slowly and carefully placing her on the ground, then held his hand over her wound, using his abilities to heal it at least to a certain degree. The bleeding stopped, he picked her up again and carried her down to the med-wing where the medical droids took care of her. Now Konstantin returned to his own room, after having made sure Clara would be all right. In his room he sealed Zangetsu again into its regular form of a simple katana. "We'll have to speed up training I guess." sighed Konstantin and closed his eyes, for the first time in a long couple of days he allowed himself some sleep.

The next day Konstantin awoke with the sun rise, he had slept maybe four hours at the most, but his mind had been to preoccupied with finding out who that woman had been. No run of the mill Hollow could have blocked Zangetsu, and not the Getsuga Tensho either. She hadn't even released her blade's power and then had vanished, she hadn't come to kill anyone...if she had Konstantin doubted he'd be alive to talk about it. But all that just left him with one conclussion, he had to get stronger...and that fast. Taking his blade he left his room and continued down to the medlabs where Clara was, still unconscious. No one else knew about it yet, but he had left a message with Emily and Jennifer that detailed last nights happenings.

Many stories below Konstantin now stepped out of the elevator and entered the medical wing. The droids now no longer needed, had withdrawn to their storage facilities. He pulled up a chair and sat down with a sigh then looked up to see Clara still in her cloths from the evening before. He only truely realised it now, but Clara was quite a beautiful young woman. He streched out his hand and tenderly removed their hair that had fallen on her face. Then withdrew his hand and leaned in a bit closer to inspect the wound on her stomach. "Sloppy work." said Konstantin seeing the scaring tissue form already. Then an idea occurred to him, he looked around to check if he was really alone, and then remove the part of Clara's shirt that covered her stomach. After having torn the cloth away and thrown it into a bin, the man bit his thumb so that there was a small wound on it and blood started to ooze out. Now he slowly let a few drops of it drop onto the wound before gently spreading them over the entire area where scare tissue had begun to form. The blood immediately was absorbed by the skin. Following this the scares immediately disappeared and the wound was hardly visible anymore. It was the benefits of having a Hollow within you, that some of that regeneration power flowed through you even when not in Hollow Mode. "I guess…I should tell you a little but about Hollows and why they exist in the first place." sighed Konstantin then, he wasn't really sure if Clara could hear him but he hoped she might. "The word if Gallifreyian and usually means a person draws his Amber powers from the Mirror Plane and not Gallifrey. Yet the truth is, anyone person that dies can become a Hollow. They are chained to this world by regret and then if sufficient time passes or someone helps it along the way people become Hollows. This means what ever the thing told you, of regret or something is partially true. There will have been some regret but Hollows usually lie to hurt their opponents. Well…I'll explain more when we see each other again…once you are up for it." with that Konstantin, brushed through Clara's hair again and then left for the training room.

Inside he immediately let Zangetsu materialise. And elderly man, with long black hair and a torn black cloak stood before him grasping the same gigantic sword as Konstantin. "So you have called upon me…I see you want to achieve Bankai, no?" asked the old man. "Correct Zangetsu, I was useless against that Hollow and in our fight with Ianto, we will be destroyed if I do not master Bankai by that time." responded Konstantin slowly raising his blade. Zangetsu looked at him before speaking up again "To master Bankai even the most gifted need ten years. But I see you want choose the dangerous method." smiled the spirit of the blade. "Correct again." answered Konstantin and matched the smile. "You are aware it might destroy your soul?" asked Zangetsu raising his blade as well. "I am…but either I can make it or I cannot, not much choice in that." answered Konstantin and then they clashed.

In the meanwhile the others had woken up and Emily and Jennifer explained what had happened to Clara during the night. But left out who had saved her, and who that attacker had been. They also explained that the young Jedi was still comatose but that the droids where positive that she would regain consciousness in three days. The two hosts also told the others they'd have a break from training until Clara was recovered there was no point in continuing now unless they were the full group. Emily and Jennifer also didn't allow anyone to visit Clara, it was so that should she awake, she'd need immediate rest and not have to answer hundreds of questions. The others understanding this, used the various relaxation centers installed. Except for one person, Sen. He had just arrived this day and was not fond of the idea his cousin had got hurt so bad, and as he needed to have his Amber injections anyway, he was the only one allowed to visit Clara. "I promise the person who did this to you, will pay." mumbled Sen during a moment he was alone with his relative. "Nothing will stop me from that."

With that the first day had passed but nobody had seen Konstantin anywhere, he had not been at breakfast, lunch or dinner. While the group did not mind it that much, they found it awkward and even speculated he might have been the attacker. But those thoughts were crushed when Emily told them that Konstantin had been in the training room all day and that it was locked from the inside so they could not get in. "I thought you said no training until Clara was healed." said Caden with a raised eyebrow. "No I said no training for you people. He has to train on his own a bit too, because at the moment you are not much of a challenge and what he is doing well…is quite a bit more than a challenge…" said Emily mysteriously before she and Jennifer left again, the others puzzled at what they had been told.

In the medical wing Sen was stitting next to Clara waiting for her to wake up. The moment her eyes started to open he immediately looked up.

"Hey, are you alright?" were the first words out of his mouth before Clara was even completely awake.

Clara groaned while sitting up, the wound hurting her. "Hey…no…".

"Why not? What happened?" asked Sen concerned.

"My self esteem has gone to hell, these things have overpowered me at least three times now. That and the one who put me here used to be my mother." answered Clara bitterly.

"What? Wasn't she killed?" asked Sen now confused, thinking Clara might still be delirious.

"I thought so too. But…I think something took over her corpse and is using it as a vessel of some kind…I was wrong about my family, Sen." responded the wounded woman, anger in her voice.

"What do you mean by 'you were wrong about your family'?" inquired her cousin, still not really understanding what she was going on about.

"I thought if I saw them again, I could have a family. No. My brother is a terrorist now and my mother is gone, and my other two siblings aren't worth a damn. Next time I see Allison or Ianto I will kill them both." answered Clara completely calm, but deadly serious.

This was followed by a moment of silence, then Clara moved out of the bed, noticing for the first time the lower half of her shirt was missing, yet ignored that for the moment. "Don't you try to talk me out of it, ok?" said the young Jedi turning to look back at Sen.

"If your going to go out there and try to hunt them, at least wait until you've healed some." insisted Sen, trying to convince Clara to stay in the bed.

"Won't go looking…but if they show themselves to me, they're gone…" answered Clara and sent the door down with a Force push.

"You….might want to calm down a little…" whispered Sen, not wanting her to get all that worked up. She just shot him a look and then left the room. She still remembered where the training room was from last time she had been there and walked there slightly staggering.

Half across the galaxy on Mandalore Emily and Jennifer were sitting in a cafe, sipping on their drinks while watching a certain person. Jennifer's grandmother, Leandra Sigurdson. Jennifer couldn't like her, she actually resented that woman. "You all right dear?" asked Emily gripping her wives hand. "Yeah love, it is just…being this close to that slut makes me want to vomit." answered Jennifer taking another sip of her coffee. "We could leave and visit her later." suggested the blonde, the brunette nodded the two finished their drinks left the money on the table and then left the establishment.

It was eight o'cloak in the evening and the snow covered the ground when Emily and Jennifer simply walked into the house. "Um. Hello. Who are you?" asked Leandra getting up. "Some one you don't know yet. I am your granddaughter" answered Jennifer while Emily stopped next to her after closing the door. "…Claud?" asked Leandra tenderly. "Yes that's my mum." responded Jennifer coldly. "Ok…then. And this is…your wife?" mused Claudia looking at Emily. Who simply shot her a look that was murderous.

"Yes, problem with that?"

"No, just wondering. I don't judge."

"You really shouldn't."

"I don't…if you want someone to try Kaven..."

"Anyway that is not the reason I am here."

"Please, explain."

"Just wanted to meet you."

"Really?" asked Leandra genuinely surprised.

"Well wanted to meet one of the few people still alive that ruined my mum's life."

"And how did I do that?"

"You should know."

"Maybe I don't."

"Not here to tell you."

"Do you want a drink or something?"


Halfway across the galaxy Konstantin stumbeled out of the training room, his cloths torn to pieces and blood splattering everywhere. He had to clutch the wall with his bloodied hands to steady himself while the red liquid continued to drop onto the floor. In his other hand he had the black blade again which he had had on the first day the others had met him. "So finally I achieved it...I mastered Bankai!" whispered the man before putting the blade back on his side and then slowly staggering up the way to the elevators, leaving a trail of bloody foot prints as well as quite a few puddles of blood on the way towards it.

After finally reaching his room, he let his blade return to the original form, a simple Katana and placed it next to his bed, before ripping off the few patches of cloths he still had on and lay down in bed. It had been three days and three nights since he had last slept or recuperated, he had battled the manifestation of his blade's spirit non-stop the whole time and his body was showing the signs. Huge gashes, broken bones, squashed organs...all in all he was more dead than alive. With his last remaining energy he lavishly put on some bandages, over his wounds and then simply fell into his bed, asleep before he touched the soft fabric.     

He was running, his blade Zangetsu in his hand, swining it at his opponent, who was englufed in flames. No that was not right, the flames originated from him and followed his command. But there was something else, a shadow in the flames. A young woman, with dark hair, wielding a peculier looking lightsaber, attacked the man again and again. Who lazly beat her strikes back, then raised his blade which seemed to be the origin of the flames and brough it down. Konstantin screamed and struck forward with his blade. To him it was like slow motion, his own blade crawled forward slowly while the blade of his opponent remained at it's regular speed, the young black haired woman as it's target. But even in this desperate situation she did not look away, she kept a look of determination and...what else was it? Anger? No, it was sorrow. Then the firey blade connected with her.

Konstantin jerked awake, sitting up way to fast, ripping open his barely healed wounds. Furthermore he found himself to be sweating. It wasn't the first vision he had had, but it was the first time they woke him up or had put him under such stress. Why was he so stressed out about this? He hadn't seen the faces of the other two people, so he couldn't be sure who they were. Could it be his future self was in such agony and stress it had rippled back through time and space and hit him in his dreams? It sounded far fetched but it did make a certain amount of sense in his head. 

It was only then that he felt a certain pain in his abdomen and only now realised that the majority of his wounds had burst open again, and blood was oozing out of them. That combined with his blood losses over the last few days, made his blood count realtivly low. This in turn caused him to feel extremely light headed immediatly and he fell back into his bed, which was turning red already. With his vision fading to black, he just had enough strength left to press the alarm button above his head.

In their bedroom, Emily and Jennifer were already awake, training when the alarm flashed. "I guess he overdid it then." said Jennifer grabbing a towel and tossing Emily one. "He looked like someone who'd do that." came her response, as she ordered the medical droids up to his room, and then turned again to walk over to the elevators. "Now then...let's see how bad things are with him." said Jennifer as she walked up behind her wife into the elevator. With their accomodations being in a completely different building it took about ten minutes to get over to Konstantin's room. By the time they arrived the medical droids were caring him out, the limb body on a stretched and even the sheet they had put over him, was already reddining. "Okay...he definitly overdid it..." said Emily with a sigh. "Poor him..." said Jennifer looking at Konstantin's bed which was soaked with his blood.    

No Reason:Edit

Konstantin awoke again, he had no idea how much time had passed since he had collapsed in a puddle of blood in his room. All he knew was, that he was in a different bed and the first rays of the snow had apparently woken him up. He thought himself to be alone, but still reached for where he usually would have his blade, only to realize it was not there. "Looking for this?" called a female voice from the other side of the room, where a large window let the sun shine through. He wasn't sure it if was only the sunlight or the after effects of his wounds but the person was blurred, it could well have been she wasn't even there, but she did hold his Zangetsu, in it's sealed form in her hands, twirling it around. Konstantin couldn't make out exactly what she looked like, he saw her definite feminine build and the beautifully long red hair, but the face, was something he could not quite discern.

"How come…that you have Zangetsu? And who are you?" was all he managed to stutter, trying to sit up at the same time.

"Oh no, you shouldn't do that, your wounds are only partially healed. While the Hollow within you is definitely speeding up the healing process you shouldn't get out of bed yet." said the redhead cheerfully, leaning against the window, her face still obstructed by the beams of light. "I? I am one of the last Centurions of Gallifrey." she continued on, mysteriously, at the same time tossing him back his blade which landed right next to him on his bed.

"And why are you here? Just to look at me? If my history is correct, you Centurions were the last line of defense for Gallifrey during the Great Purge and the Cataclysm. So why be here on Earth Plane?" asking Konstantin bewildered, stepping out of bed even though the young woman had advised against it. Binding it to his side.

"You know you really shouldn't get up, those wounds you got are Amber wounds, they do not heal easily." said the woman casually, ignoring his last remark completely, just as he did with her medical recommendations. Now standing not much more than a few meters away from here, he could start to make out the outlines of her face, the beauty was actually startling even though he still couldn't see her full face.

"I am aware of those wounds…but they are of no concern at the moment." panted Konstantin actually surprised at how much it had worn him out only to get up.

"You are aware most of your powers are at the moment dedicated to regenerating your body, right?" Continued the redhead, playing with her hair, while looking out of the window. "It really is not healthy for you, you know?" kept the young woman on talking as Konstantin took another step towards her.

"Gah, healthy or not, we are running out of time, I have to be on my feet and train, for the coming fight." wheezed Konstantin, his upper body already leaning forward slightly. At that the woman sighed, and the next thing he knew, she had clutched his upper body, so he wouldn't fall forward. But even now when she was this close he couldn't see her face, as hers was looking in the opposite direction of his, while being directly next to it.

"That's what I wanted to hear." chuckled the woman, placing a hand on Konstantin's upper body, there was a flash of amber coloured light and he immediately felt better, as if there never had been any damage at all. But that was not all, during the few seconds, she held him like this embraced, he felt the tickle of her hair on his face and smelled her incredible perfume. All in all she was a breathtaking person, but before he could say anything he had disappeared again, and he was left standing there alone, wondering if he had imagined it all.

It had been a few days since Clara and Caden had found the blood drenched corridor and had learned of what Konstanin had done, nearly sacrificing himself to become stronger, to be capable of standing up to their current foes. So they could not do anything lesser than that. Clara was sparring with Ziva in a harsh fight, neither holding back much, as they still were not used to their Amber enhanced bodies and capabilities. The entire training area had been repaired after Konstatin had trained there, and now again a large part of the stone pillars had been shattered during the fight, now Clara and Ziva were just using their blades after having seen what their Force powers could do now that they had been tremendously enhanced. But they had not taken into account that their phyisical abilities too had increased a tremendous amount, each strike would have broken the other person's bones had they not been reinforced as well. Ziva rolled underneath a strike from Clara's doubleended blade, and performed and upwards thrust with her own blade, Clara saulted over that attack and stabbed with her single lightsaber at Ziva, who thrust her Tomahawk upwards catching the blade with it, centimeters before her face, then rolled to the side, and kicked Clara in the kidneys who exhaled harshly before stabing down at Ziva, cutting into her arm, ZIva now somewhat enraged, rolled around again, slung her arm around Clara's neck and threw her to the ground. Clara using this position planted her foot squarly in Ziva's face, breaking her nose. Stumbeling back, she gave Clara the oppertunity to jump up, grab her lightsaber and start another round of vicious attacks, which Ziva had more than trouble to block, which was indicated by multiple burns on her skin and her cloths. "Wow looks like a fight." whispered Loran to Caden as the two watched the fight. "Yeah, maybe they'll get to the good part." smirked Caden at that, before realising what he just said. "Shouldn't have said that, should not have said that." me muttered, praying the two had not heard him.

Above them on a stone pillar sat Konstantin, completely calm, watching the fight. As Emily and Jennifer had retreated to deal in "private" matters, he was left in charge of the training, his ability to sense Amber in other people was definitly handy in tracking their progress. He could sense the Amber well up in both the women fight, it was already taking effect, the personality changes set it. He wasn't sure what blend of Amber had been used, but both were seemed far more easy to offend than before. "Guess it was Gallifreyian Amber for them, these are early stages of the arrogance." mumbled Konstantin to himself as he continued to watch, but his mind still set on that woman with the red hair. He had asked for the footage of the medical room he had stayed in but there was no camera there. He had asked Emily and Jennifer who had said they knew of no one that would fit that description so he was stuck wondering if he was going insane imagining such things. "You're not you know." said a voice behind him as he felt a back lean against his. He didn't need to look around or use his Amber sense to know it was the same woman he had seen in his hospital bed. " are real? And no strange hallucination that my mind is playing on me?" asked Konstantin hesistanly. "Well I am as real as anything is really." came the cryptic answer. "Okay...that way to answer." mused Konstantin still not turning around. "So how is the group down there doing, are they getting near the level they need to be?" continued the redhead after a moment of silence. "Hmm hard to tell, but I am confident they will give it their all in the fight." came Konstantin's answer. " are confident in them ?" chuckled the woman, brushing through her hair with one hand, flining it back, which tickled Konstantin as the hair brushed over his neck. "Thanks by the way." he said, looking up into the artifical sky. "Oh that little thing with your wounds? Nah don't mention it. Just make sure you come back alive." came the answer from his back. "I'll try but can't promise anything." chuckled Konstantin, when something occured to him. "Say, can the people down there see you? Or here you at all?" He couldn't see her face of course, but he knew she was smirking at that. "Nope, I made sure only you can." came her answer. "I guess I should feel flattered no?" answered Konstantin smirking himself now. "Yeah you really should, but well got to go now. Come back alive will you!" she said, turning around and kissing him on the cheek. But before he could see her face she was gone again. "I guess I'll have to come back then..." sighed Konstantin then returned his gaze to the fighting.

He had missed quite a bit, both ladies were now wearing rags that would earlier have been cloths, both panting heavily, and the entire area around them destroyed. "Give up won't beat me, you lack the expierence." panted Ziva raising her weapon above her head. "One doesn't need experience if one has got talent." answered Clara raising her weapon as well. "This still about the fight?" asked Loran from the side lines, earning him a galre from both that could have burned through steel. Then they wwent at eahc other again, it tooked no longer than a minute for the fight to end. After a few blow exchanges, Clara ducked under a strike of Ziva's and slashed up with her blade aimed at the neck of her opponent, but Ziva managed in time to kick the weapon out of Clara's hand, not having anything else at hand, she let herself fall back, luring Ziva into lowering her upper body, exactly at that Clara slung her legs around Ziva's neck and toppled her over, pinning her to the ground, slowly suffocating her, while pinning Ziva's hands to the ground with her own. After a few moments Ziva was unconscious, Clara had won the fight. But Clara exhausted as well simply fell back, out cold as well. There was silence for a moment, which was interrupted by Konstantin's clapping. "Very good…they pushed themselves to their limits and will definitely increase their Amber mastery." The other's looked at him, startled or surprised, as medical droids took the two women, and carried them off to the medical wing. "So who's next?" asked Konstantin looking at the few of the group that were still around, all of them swallowing, thinking about how powerful they had become, and knowing they had nearly no control over it. "Okay…as no one volunteers. I will decide…Aurora and…hmm…yes Sen you two are up next, begin." said Konstantin, still sitting on top of the pillar. Aurora looked at Sen, who nodded and both stepped forward into the place where Ziva had fought Clara, they bowed before each other before entering a fight stance. "This will be interesting." said Caden to Loran as they watched the fighting ensue. 

It took about twenty minutes until Aurora had managed to overpower Sen, though had sustained serious injuries as well, as just like Clara and Ziva they had not really grasped as to how to control their Amber enhanced powers. Just as the two women, they two were now carried out on stretchers. Loran and Caden now eyed each other sure they'd figth each other next up. But then Konstantin called down from above. "Okay you two against me now. And I'd recommend you do not hold anything back, as I won't." with that he jumped down and unsheathed his blade. The regular Katana now pointing at the space between the two. "Together Caden." mouthed Loran, drawing his pike and stepping behind Caden. "Of course." answered Caden and drew his blade, slowly crouching forward. The next moment though Konstantin was gone striking at them from above, with incredible speed. Caden immediatly shot up a handful fo Force Lightning while Loran tried to use the Force to grab Konstantin, but before either succeded, their opponent vanished again and appeared to their right slashing at them. This attack was blocked by Loran while Caden saulted over him, slashing at Konstantin's head, who ducked and kick Caden in the jaw, sending him staggering back, seeing a chance Loran attacked but was blocked by his opponent. Having regained his composure, Caden sent a powerful Force Push at Konstantin, who rolled out of the way, and sliced the air in the direction of his opponents, out of the strike grew an energy wave which raised at Caden and Loran. Both dove to the side, as the pillar behind them was cleanly cut in two. Now Caden charged his blade with Force Lighting and sent arcs of electricity at Konstantin. "Cleave them, Zangetsu!" said Konstantin then, and his blade pulsated with energy, before it entered it's released state and appeared as a gigantic blade, which caught the lightning and sent it flying right back.

The two Jedi dove to different sides, narrowly evading the blast. Caden began to use his Aura powers, fire blasts of red energy at Konstantin. Loran deactivated his pike and drew his two red sabers, something he was more proficient with. Konstantin used Zangetsu to deflect the blasts towards Loran. "I said do not hold back!" Konstantin yelled angrily. Loran deactivated his sabers and caught the first few blasts with the force. He held them in front of him, where they formed a sphere that grew, both in size and in apparent power. Konstantin rose his blade to the sky and swung it down at the two Jedi. A massive blue scythe of energy went flying down towards the two Jedi. "Getsuga Tenshō." Konstantin mumbled. Loran used one hand to hold the orb, and the other to blast Caden out of the way. Then, he raised his free hand and re-directed the scythe into the orb, and then he blasted the orb up at Konstantin. In response, Konstantin cut the orb in two.

The orb promptly exploded. A red and blue light filled the training area and leveled most of the room. Konstantin emerged with little done to himself. "You people have to try to kill me, otherwise your powers will not grow!" Konstantin yelled and revealed Zangetsu, which was bristling with absorbed energy. He looked down, and something changed in the two Jedi. Loran started to glow a blueish purple and Caden began to glow red with Aura power. The two lunged at him, Loran's force powers magnified by what everyone knew to be Force Rage, and Caden went ballistic with his Aura Powers, sometimes throwing a blast of force lightning, but mostly attacking with his Aura powers. Konstantin used his own abilities as well as the absorbed powers to unleash another Getsuga Tenshō at the two. Loran caught it with the force as if it was nothing and threw it into the wall, which suffered massive damage. Caden pressed the attack, Loran not far behind him,

Konstantin decided that ranged attacks were useless and decided to finish things the old fashioned way. He vanished and appeared behind Loran, slashing his blade down toward the Jedi's back. Loran dropped, hitting the floor hard. Caden, his anger now multiplied tenfold, jumped onto Konstantin's back, similar to a monkey and with one hand began to unleash volleys and volleys of lightning into Konstantin's back, neck, and head. "Good, now you are getting it, try to kill me, be fully committed to that, and stop thinking about Clara!" Konstantin said. Caden continued his assault. "Interesting idea..." Konstantin said and shoved his sword through himself, impaling Caden. "But not committed enough." In response, Caden, with the rest of his strength, charged one fist with all the Aura Power and Force Power he could into his fist and slammed it down on the back of Konstantin's head, causing another massive explosion, Just before he passed out.

Konstantin emerged from the smoke, his mask partially on the back of his head. It slowly vanished as the sword wound closed. "I did not ask you to show yourself!" He said to the mask as parts of it vanished in his hand, an evil laughter echoed in his head. He walked over to the door, shaking his head in an attempt to get the sound out as he called for medical droids. To his surprise, a force push hit him in the back, albeit much weaker than before. Unfazed, he turned, raising his blade to meet the offender. Loran, covered in blood and crawling on the floor, slowly crawled between Konstantin and Caden, seemingly protective. "That I call resolve, but then again, you should have been more aggressive." Konstantin said and brought his huge sword down towards Loran. Loran held a hand up weakly, stopping the blade only a centimeter from him. His other hand closed into a fist, and the floor beneath Konstantin collapsed, causing him to fall through the floor to the next floor. By the time Konstantin returned, Loran was passed out completely.

"Hmm...I suppose I should try to open the door..." Konstantin said to himself. He looked at the door, which was hidden within the wall Loran had redirected one of his attacks into. Well, I suppose the droids will figure out a way in." He said simply and resealed his blade into a normal katana.

"They are developing quite well." said Emily as she watched the training rooms reconstruction. "Yeah...I am more afraid of the fact Konstantin still holding back on them. While he did use a Getsuga Tenshō and his tremendous speed, he did not unleash a powerful Getsuga nor use his Bankai." complained Jennifer looking at the blood stained floor. "Don't worry dear, they are ready, without Konstantin actually trying to murder them. And it would be to late now anyway, there are only four days left, we will see what happens soon."

Many floors down the people began to stire awake that had been put in the medical wing. Clara and Ziva having recieved the least amount of damage. Clara was pacing while Ziva was sitting in a bedside chair, massaging her neck. "Remind me why we agreed to do this?" Clara said, her anger and frustration at the whole thing radiating out of her and rippling through the force.

"Might be that your brother is the one who is destroying the-"

"No. He is not my brother." Clara interrupted Ziva with a snarl. "He stopped being my brother the moment he tried to kill me on Coruscant. He is no more my brother than that abomination from before was my mother." Clara said, her anger increasing to such an extent that it woke Sen up. He simply decided to not say anything and crossed his arms to watch.

"Clara, slow down. You're getting angry again." Ziva said slowly, remember what had happened the last time Clara had been angry. She had almost put all of them in a med bay with her bare hands.

"What gave it away?" Clara asked, giving Ziva a look that screamed 'Shut up!' "After what happened to Caden and Loran, if Konstantin walks in here I swear I'll..." She didn't finish her sentence, instead, she charged the force into her hand and punched the wall in anger, causing the room to shake. A moment after, Konstantin did indeed walk in the door. Clara, true to her word, punched him in the face.

"That was uncalled for..." He said, causing her to wind up for another strike. However, Sen and Ziva, seeing this, rushed over and started pulling her to the other side of the room, where Sen started to calm her down. Ziva returned to Konstantin.

"Sorry...she's a" She said awkwardly, despite her own desires to punch the man herself.

"On her period?" He asked. A force push from Clara soared over Ziva's head and went straight for Konstantin's face. He deflected it deftly and sighed.

"And here I came down to make sure you people were alright..."

"Listen," Ziva said. "Clara's different in the sense that when she's under an extreme amount of stress or something similar, she loses it. Last time I saw it happen, she broke Sen's nose and I was stiff for a week. Don't hold it against her." She told Konstantin.

"I do not hold grudges, but perhaps she should be more concerned with the people out there who want to kill her, instead of trying to break my nose." He pointed out. As he said this, Aurora woke up and moved to sit next to a still unconscious Loran, arms crossed and a fire in her eyes.

"Like who, her brother?" Ziva asked.

"Do you think he's acting alone? Randomly developing Amber powers? I knew you guys were blind, but I didn't know you were stupid. Her brother, her mother, do you think these are coincidences?" He asked.

"It was an example, dumbass. No, I don't think they're coincidences, of course they're linked. Maybe high and mighty Konstantin would like to fill us in on what we're facing, unless you want us walking into the fire blind." Ziva shot back.

"Did you forget something? We are not allies, I am a friend of Emily and Jennifer. I am doing this because they asked me to, not because I love your galaxy so much, not because I care for you. I am doing this for other reasons than to save gourd some obscure ideal of a future. You're the heroes. You can do that." Konstantin replied harshly. At this point, Sen was actively trying to hold a struggling Clara back as she tried to lunge for Konstantin. Ziva simply sighed, it was all she had left in her. "You think I care about you? I could not care less if you died out there. I could not care less if the whole galaxy was destroyed. If you ask me, this is a complete waste of time. You people should be somewhere else doing whatever you do with your petty little lives. But if you want to go out there and be the heroes, let's see how long it takes for them to kill you." As he said it, Loran woke up. The young Jedi looked around the room, then rose and limped over to Konstantin.

"Do you know where Emily and Jennifer are?" He asked simply.

"Yes, I am aware of their current whereabouts." Konstantin replied frostily.

"Where are they?" Loran asked. He was unnervingly calm, given the entire situation.

"They retreated to their private quarters, having a private conversation with someone." Konstantin said.

"Before I go to speak to them, can I have a word with you privately?" Loran asked.

"Say it here, directly out in the open." Konstantin challenged.

"Alright...why aren't we enlisting the aid of the Marethari?" Loran asked. Everyone in the room, aside from Caden, who was still unconscious, looked at each other, not knowing what he was talking about.

"Why use a species so close to eradication? Why use the lowest class of them? Do you think we are up against some easy whips opponents? We are fighting Samurai Class opponents. So that should give you the impression of what we are fighting."

"Arucane and Vrangr? No, not them. There's another survivor."

"Do not tell me one of those silly little Soul manipulators. For once the Arrancar could have done their job properly." Konstantin scoffed.

"No, another one." Loran replied.

"Unless this one is on par with a samurai, you people will still die out there...Loran." Konstantin said. Loran was taken aback for a moment by the suddenness of his own name, but soon realized Konstantin was referring to him. He rolled his eyes.

"Not me, I proved that earlier. I assume you are familiar with your kind's Blackbeard?" Loran asked.

"I am aware of Blackbeard, yes." Konstantin said.

"He was lying." Loran told him.

"Oh, you think we didn't know? Blackbeard was known to lie about anything. You believe we fell for his most joyful boast?" Konstantin snorted.

"Well, Orothrim is in this universe." Loran explained.

"Great...just what your plane needed. The Gallifreyians actually have a reason to rip this plane apart. And not to forget, you are getting the most powerful Marethari here, you are dragging out Whitebeard. I am sure you know the legends. He can crush entire galaxies with his hands. That is true, Orothrim is vastly powerful and now facing against Whitebeard. Well, enjoy your last days, because I am sure you know where people who die in the plane wars go." Konstantin said, shaking his head.

"I also know about a Shandia that may help us..." Loran added.

"Shandia...they are ninety-nine percent of the time without power as the Amber within them would cancel their powers." Konstantin said.

"His name is Neil...Orothrim contacted me, that's how I know he is alive and here. He told me about how Neil is Shandia." Loran said.

Oh so you want to trust that lunatic. So it is you people, Orothrim, a lunatic, and myself against a few Samurai."

"Do we truly have a choice?" Lorna pointed out.

"...Tell Orothrim to hide elsewhere. That will draw away a few Samurai and we'll be left with Raviel, Byakuya, and Gin..." Konstantin eventually said.

"Ok. Now, if you'll excuse me, I should go tell Jen and Emily about their incoming guest, and then I have some explaining to do to my wife." Loran told him. Konstantin noticed that Aurora was giving Loran a highly unamused look.

"They are not here..." Konstantin confessed.

"Then you should go tell them." Loran said and clapped him on the shoulder. "No hard feelings, Holmes, you've got a mean swing."

"I can't."

"Then they are in for a big surprise, aren't they?"

"Not sure of that. They know an awful lot about us, more than they let on...all of us..." Konstantin said mysteriously. Unexpectedly, Clara was the next one to speak.

"We still kill Ianto and Harribel." She said, still trapped in Sen's grip.

"Nope, we won't. No one in this room possesses sufficient power levels. Harribel is an Espada, and Ianto is at a Samurai's level." Konstantin said.

"We'll get there." Clara said simply. Konstantin shook his head.

"Unless you are an expert on my people, I must disagree with that assessment." He told her. Clara looked like she was about to reply when Aurora spoke up.


"What? I am not going to give someone false hope." He defended.

"Not that. You should check the landing pad. He's here." She told him.

"Your ally. I have my own pressing matter to attend to." Konstantin said and swept from the room. Loran headed for the door.

"I got this." He said and limped out.

"You didn't tell them the truth." came her voice again. After the fallout in the medical rooms, Konstantin had returned to his quarters and sat down in his armchair. "Oh not that again." sighed Konstantin not turning around. "They will find out eventually, with this Neil here now, and even Orothrim they are going to draw him out." answered the redhead sitting down on a table behind him. "I know, it is bad enough that they are aware of other planes now, but with the Marethari here the situation escalated even further. Even if we only face a few Samurai, defeat will be the most likely outcome." sighed Konstantin massaging his forehead. "Do you have so little trust in them, or your own capabilities?" asked the young woman. "No...but I am not the one I was before, I am only starting to recover my abilities, and them. They might have the heart for battles they are used to, but this...this goes far further than this. I saw so many planes burn, the Mirror Plane, Maretha, Photep, Signem and Gallifrey. I was there you know, during the last days I was present at the Fall of Prospero. I saw how brother turned on brother, how each and everyone began to slaughter each other, I saw how the silver pyramids of Prospero turned red with the blood splattered on them." explained Konstantin remembering those dark days. He had been there, Lord-Inquisitor Sicarius, that had been his original name. He remember how a Samurai had charged him. The Samurai those that had been chosen to embody everything the Gallifreyians hoped to achieve, and half of them betrayed Gallifrey. Half of them turned away from the light of the Lord-Emperor.

"What are you doing!" he bellowed at the Samurai who lay before him now, a long gash across his chest, blood oozing out. All around them crackled the fires of burning houses and the dead or dying lay around them. "You are unclean and must be purged." coughed up the Samurai his voice having dulled, mechanical ring to it, then the Samurai died. "What was that." he wondered and looked around. Prospero the capital of Gallifrey was under siege, again. It had been so once already during a surprise attack by Orothrim and an enormous force of Marethari. They had broken through the heavy defenses in a matter of days, slaughtering the Gallifreyians defending it. Even two Samurai that had come out to clean the area of the Marethari found themselves outmatched by the wrath of Orothrim's blade. It was then that Sicarius had stepped out, at that time he was only a regular Inquisitor, but with intimidating power. Sensing his opponents prowess Orothrim challenged him to a fight, which Sicarius accepted, leaving the thinning Gallifreyian troopers to hold the lines against the Marethari. The fight was brutal, forcing Sicarius to reveal his Bankai in the first minutes alone. It was a titanic battle in which Orothirm was still holding back, to much did he enjoy the fight with his opponent to end his life prematurely.

But this should change, as he got news that the Lord Emperor would be arriving soon, he decided to finish the fight now. Sicarius was overwhelmed by the force Orothrim, and soon found himself bleeding harshly out of multiple wounds, and down on one knee. "I will end this now, boy!" exclaimed Orohtrim and brought down his blade when it was caught by Sicarius, who's face was now covered by his growing mask. "Who are you?" asked Orothrim shocked, there were not a lot of people that could simply touch his blade, let alone stop it like that. "I don't have to tell you anything, for you are about to die!" screamed Sicarius with the high-pitched voice that occurred when the Hollow took over. The black blade of Sicarius then slashed up, cutting deep into Orothrim's chest. Who stumbled back, that was strange, his armour should have been able to block regular Amber powers to a certain degree, but this had cut through the armour as if it didn't exist. But Orothrim felt it, that was definitely Amber. He brought up his blade against just in time to stop the second strike. Then there was a strange red-black aura emanating from the blade, Orothrim realising what it was immediately dove back, and managed to block the strange energy beam at the last moment. But then recieved a kick to the head which sent him flying. As he looked up he saw a whirl of red hair, before and other kick sent him crashing against a wall. "You stay away from his...Orothrim." said the redhead entering a battle stance. Orothrim immediatly realised who she was, a Centurion, those people were far more powerful than a Samurai as long as they were on Gallifrey, outside of it their powers dropped to Samurai levels. Behind her Sicarius has managed to claw his mask off now, and dropped back against a wall, panting harshly. "Why? He your boyfriend or something?" sneered Orothrim, the huge wound in his chest not impairing him in the slightest. The redhead was just about to answer when a beckoning voice rose over the battlefield, "OROTHRIM!" roared the voice as a huge fist slammed into Orothrim and sent him flying into the air where he stopped and look at Whitebeard. "Oh great, the geezer came out again." sighed Orothrim and raised his blade. "You won't escape this time!" answered Whitebeard grabbing his staff.

Konstantin opened his eyes again. "You went back to that battle again, didn't you?" asked the redhead from behind him. "You always do that, you must understand by now, that there was nothing you did wrong. And that there is nothing that you will do wrong in the coming battle." she said, her voice comforting and he felt her hand on his shoulder, soft as always. "Why do you have so much trust in me?" he asked her, his voice dismal. "You never let me down, you never let Gallifrey or the Lord Emperor down, so I am sure as hell you are not going to let them down this time." said the young woman cheerfully and kissed him on his cheek again before vanishing. "We will see...we will see." sighed Konstantin to himself.

Konstantin sat in his living area, pondering what had happened that day. As he sat there, he sensed someone on the roof. He sighed and exited the building to investigate. He found a man, clad in dark armor, pacing. "Why are you here?" Konstantin asked.

"I enjoy roofs." Came the man's reply.

"Good enough answer I suppose." Konstantin said.

"Why are you here?" the man asked.

"Fresh air, hope of meeting strangers." Konstantin said. The man bowed dramatically.

"Glad to have granted your wishes." He said.

"The air could be better though." Konstantin added.

"In a more metaphorical sense...why are you here?" the man asked.

"Why are any of us here?"

"I sense a little more care in your soul than you would have people believe, Konstantin." The man said.

"What you see as care is not directed at them, Neil." Konstantin replied.

"Only one of them, I think." Neil said.

"It is directed at myself."

"Of course, of course...why else would you always be sneaking into Clara's room?" Neil asked.

"Fear. I'd like to create an anchor for my psyche here, so I am not as easily twisted around. And I know about the future, Neil. I know what you plan to do. I'll keep it to myself, but be aware these things can have repercussions."

"Fear? What fear is there when she does not know you were there? In fact, it seems rather innocent, looking into a coloring book." Neil replied.

"Fear of something else. Fear of something you cannot possibly understand. Not yet, anyway, why such an anchor is necessary for me."

"What about your new girlfriend?" Neil asked.

"Not sure what you are conjuring up. Perhaps your desperation is being projected onto me." Konstantin replied.

"I don't need to be desperate. I have it all planned out." Neil said, chuckled, and jumped off the roof. Konstantin peered over the edge and saw him land on the ground below, completely unharmed. He shook his head and returned to his room.

The next morning, Clara woke up before any of the others and navigated her way to the training area. It was still mostly smoldering from the previous day, but she didn't mind the destruction. She drew her special saber, as she figured she would probably end up using it very often once their enemies were confronted. She started to run through several patterns of difficult motions, practicing a lot of Soresu and Shii-Cho, as well as Djem-So. She knew she'd probably be in for long fights, so tiring styles like Ataru and Juyo would simply end her life faster.

She heard the door open and saw Konstantin walk in. "Good morning." She said.

"Not going to break my nose today, are you?" He asked.

"Not unless you give me a reason to." She replied and continued with her practice. After a moment, Konstantin spoke again.

"You have no idea what you are wielding, do you?" She looked up at him, surprised.

"No. All I know is that anything it touches dissolves, so I figure it is my most powerful weapon to use." She said, turning to face him.

"It is one of the most dangerous things out there." He told her, sitting down on a rock that they used for throwing practice and bit into an apple. She deactivated the blade, her eyebrows rising.

"Please, elaborate." She requested.

"That blade belongs to someone else." He said.

"I wonder who." Came her response, a hint of sarcasm in her voice.

"Someone very powerful who I fought once already." He told her.

"Care to tell me who?"

"You heard his name already."

"Please, stop with the games and simply be frank." She said, sighing.


"The one who contacted Loran and told him everything?" She asked, surprised.

"Yes, that one."

"Well, Loran didn't tell us what exactly he was, so would you be interested in explaining?" She asked, sitting down in front of him cross-legged.

"One of the most resentful beings in existence. An opposite to peace and harmony." He said mystically.

"Go on."

"I'm not sure if I should explain this or if Loran should." He said hesitantly.

"I'm not sure Loran's sure, so go ahead." Clara insisted.

"He is the lord of Maretha, a cursed plane which was destroyed long ago." Konstantin started.

"Then how is he alive?"

"He escaped." Konstantin said bitterly. "Ran away like the coward he is."

"You speak as one with spite in their heart." Clara observed.

"I speak as one who has seen far too much." He replied.

"You fought him, didn't you?" She asked observantly. "Lost to him."

"Yes and no."

"Care to tell?"

"Another time, perhaps. That is no story for today." Konstantin said, shaking his head slightly.

"Ok. When do we go to fight whoever we are fighting?" She asked.

"Soon...why are you so eager?" He asked.

"I'm not. I just want to know when it is that I could die." She responded.

"Not even a week from now." He said and finished his apple.

"Fun." She said and held up the hilt of her sword. "Could this kill one of them?" She asked.

"Could...or could not. I am not sure what we will face." Konstantin pointed out.

"What did it kill before?" She asked, tilting her head to one side.

"It nearly cut me in half."

"I see...what else?" She asked.

"A lot of Gallifreyians."

"Ok...maybe I won't die."

"We will see." He said. At that moment, Neil walked in, humming a Mozart piece. "I will leave. Have fun you two."

"Oh, don't allow me to interrupt." Neil said, giving Konstantin a look that, even through his helmet, resembled haughty laughter. He left the room, chuckling.

"We were finished anyway." Konstantin said simply.

"Is it true your sword talks?" She asked quickly.

"What do you mean?" He asked, surprised.

"Loran said Orothrim told him your kind's swords are sentient and can talk to the user." She explained.

"Yes, Zangetsu is as much a person as I am." He affirmed.

"Fascinating." Clara said and rose to her feet. "Well, I'm going to get something to eat. I guess I'll see you around. Sorry about the nose." She said and left the room.

"Maybe not..." He said, more to himself than anyone else. So naive... He thought matter of factly. Afterwards, he simply continued sitting there.


Night had fallen and Konstantin was sitting in his room without and light except for the few scarce beams of light that came from the moon. "So tomorrow is the day, huh?" asked the now familiar woman from behind his large arm-chair, no doubt having her elbows put up on the top of the chair. "Yes, tomorrow we will go to war. Perhaps the last war this plane will ever see." sighed Kontantin, Zangetsu on his lab. "I do not remember you as one to give up so easily and have such a bleak outlook." commented the redhead. "Oh, this is not it, but I realised what is at stake here, more than them. This is not a battle in which you can afford to lose to fight another day, as there is no other day coming if you lose." said Konstantin, twirling Zangetsu in his hand absentmindedly. "Do not be so harsh on yourself, their lives are not on you. They chose to be here and fight, this is not like Prospero, this time you are not responsible." said the young woman soothingly and touched his shoulder. "The similarities are breath taking you know, it is as if I saw their reincarnations." said Konstantin his gaze far away. "You know that is impossible they were destroyed Orothrim did it, his blade cut through them and dissolved them, no Gallifreyian that dies that way is ever reincarnated." spoke the redhead, her words pulling him back into reality. "Yes, yes of course." admitted Konstantin his voice, dull and devoid of emotions. "What happened back then on Prospero actually, you never told anyone." continued the young woman almost mercilessly. "I never talked about it, but if tomorrow comes to pass and I am no longer alive...their memory should live on." admitted Konstantin and then told her the tale, of the attack on Prospero, during the last days before the Cataclysm.

It was over, after millenia of warfare, the Great Purge against Maretha was coming to a close, their last bastions were under siege, their forces all but destroyed. Or so I thought. I had become Lord-Inquisitor of Gallifrey by then, and trained a young group of Inquisitors for their tasks, when reports came in that there was an enemy assault force coming. It was then that I had this strange feeling that something horrible would happen and it came to pass. When I and my group arrived at the gates, there we saw Orothrim that coward with his Githarya guards. "You have grown since last I saw you." he said with that stupid grin of his, and drew his blade and ordered his guards to attack first, but not me, my students, while he himself struck at me. They were children you know? The Marethari called us monsters for attacking them, but we never did what they did. Violate our opponents mentally and physically and then drained them of their souls, to dissolve them. This was something only the Githarya could do and that is what they did to my students. They lived no five seconds longer, their souls cleaved by Zangetsu and sealed away into eternal agony. They deserved nothing less for their actions, but there was still Orothrim whom I had to deal with. I knew there was no point in fighting only using my Shikai which I had released to kill the other Githarya, so I immediately used my Bankai. It was a harsh fight, he wasn't holding back and neither was I, but he underestimate the amount of Amber a Gallifreyian can draw from as long as they are on Gallifrey, and thus I broke his blade and cut him up. Just as he had cut me up during our first meeting. But before I could deal the killing blow, he escaped. I would have gone after him, but I was in no condition to, fighting him and burned up all of my reserves, so I was left there alone, among the charred remains of my former comrades and the outskirts of Prospero were on fire once more. My students lay there dead as well, and it was my fault, I should have known not to bring them into a combat zone yet, they were to young.

"So you are projecting your fear on this group here, aren't you?" sighed the redhead, her hands now on his neck, stroking up and down. "It was my fault back then and I should never have allowed this group to come along." sighed Konstantin leaning back, enjoying her hands on his neck. "You know it wasn't your fault back then and it won't be yours tomorrow. They came along because they wanted to aid you, these come along because they want to save their galaxy. You do not have to feel guilty, because no matter what you will never be able to save everyone, someone always dies, all you can do is give them all the support you can." and with those lost words of comfort she was gone again, leaving Konstantin to sit alone in the dark, pondering about her words.

Below him the others, who had been sent into new rooms with different partners after the last practice had destroyed quite a bit of the tower, were settling into bed as well, what they did not know, was that their bodies processed the Amber rather different that Gallifreyians, foremost the females corresponded to it rather differently. Their neurochemical settings came all mixed up, resulting in an extraordinary strong desire to copulate. The new pairings were, Caden and Sen, Aurora and Loran, Clara and Ziva and Neil was alone. To add to this, the beds in these rooms were now all double-bed rooms.

Ziva noticed Clara who lay beside her, all tensed up. "You nervous about tomorrow?" she asked turning so she was spooning Clara. "Of course...this battle will decided the fate of the universe!" exclaimed Clara. "I know, but I also happen to know a very good method to release stress." said Ziva with a smug smile. "Oh? Care to share?" asked Clara.

A few floors away, Loran who had fallen asleep after eating to much during dinner woke up again, as he felt a hand move to undo his pants. "Rorii what are you doing?" asked Loran, somewhat dazzed. "Shut up and do what I say." commanded Aurora as her hand moved a little bit lower.

The morning had come and the group stood at the landing pad, all of them armoured to a certain degree except for Konstantin who stood there, dressed as usual. Jennifer and Emily had come to see them off and presented all of them with Amber blades, only Neil and Clara who possessed Marethari blades and Konstantin who had his own, did not get one. "Be careful with these blades, the longer you use them, the more the take away from your life force." explained Emily while Jennifer handed out the weapons. "Uh...I'm sorry?" said Ziva as she took the small knife she was handed while all others got Katana."What for?" asked Jennifer after she was done handing out the weapons. "Well, I clearly did something to get a small one." complained Ziva holding up the knife to her eyes."This weapon chose you." said Emily raising her eyebrow. "Well, its better than if it chose one of them. They can't handle knives for shit." said Ziva lowering it again."These blades guide themselves one does not need to be proficient with them." explained Emily shaking her head. "Ok then..." sighed Ziva and twirled it lightly before getting onto the ship with the others.

The flight was largely silent as those that had got their new blades had to try to get into sync with them, while Konstantin was piloting the vessel. Clara was meditating in one corner of the ship while Neil was sitting alone watching those in the group that he could. Once the ship landed they got out and were stunned to see where they had landed...Kaven Base. "This the right spot?" asked Clara bewildered looking around in the sun light. "Yes they will break through here, in about ten minutes." replied Konstantin leaving the shuttle as well. Time seemed to drag on as they set there all silent. "You sure we should not alert the others?" suggested Sen to break the silence. "What for? So they can get themselves killed? Do not forget you only have a glimpse of a chance because you have been treated with high doses of Amber." sighed Konstantin, who was the only one around who seemed to be his usual self, the calm, focused individual the others were not how they should be. Usually they'd talk try to prep each other, but this time the new something else was going on. This time more than their lives were on the line, their entire plane was in danger, today just dying was an option.

"So it begins." said Konstantin rising to his feet as a strange blue, violet whirl of energy began to appear not far away from them, just outside the gates of Kaven Base. Out of it a few people walked, it was Ianto, Byakuya, Zane and Alexis. "Get ready." mumbled Konstantin to his group as he unsheathed his blade, the others following suit. "Hehe, seems like you were expecting us." laughed Ianto looking at his opponents. "You could say that." answered Konstantin pointing Zangetsu at Ianto. "Well then let us see where this leads." with those words Konstantin and Ianto vanished to take their battle somewhere else. "I'll take the guy in the middle." said Clara sizing Byakuya up. "I'll come with you." smiled Neil, at which Clara grimaced, the guy gave her the creeps. "You are hardly worth my time." sighed Byakuya and the three vanished as well. "I'll take those three." said Zane to Alexis indicating Caden,Ziva and Sen. "Yeah...just don't keep me waiting!" she commanded him, as he and his opponents vanished as well. "Seems like I got stuck with you two..." she then sighed looking at Aurora and Loran. "You had better not underestimate us." growled Loran, drawing his Amber blade.

"You seem to like to run, Ianto." said Konsantin as the two finally reappeared in the middle of no where. "I just prefer the privacy you know?". explained Ianto sitting himself onto a rock. "You sure you can fight in this position?" asked Konstantin pointing his blade at Zangetsu. "We will see..."

Far away Byakuya and his opponents reappeared. "Ready?" asked Clara her partner, who responded with "I was born ready." and lunged at Byakuya, who all of a sudden stood behind him, and Neil dropped to the floor, two major wounds on him already, once through the stomach once through the chest had he been pierced by Byakuya's blade. So fast...I couldn't even tell if he struck me from the front or the back. thought Neil as he fell onto the ground. Even Clara had trouble discerning the movements of Byakuya. "You two honestly thought you could cross blades with me, and hope to survive?" asked the Samurai pointing his blade at Clara, who sighed. "Your arrogance will be your downfall!" as she smashed her Marethari blade down onto his Amber blade. "You are quick and high spirited, but that will not guarantee you any success." said Byakuya, gracefully evading an attack and bringing his blade down on her back. Where it was stopped by Neil's blade. He was panting as the wounds he had sustained began to heal. "Oh a Shandia, I see your kind should have been destroyed a long time ago." commented Byakuya, whirling around, drilling deep into Neil's defense and was only stopped from slashing him again, by Clara attempting a strike at his face. "Why do you not give up? You should be aware of the difference between our strengths. I outclass you tremendously, your feeble skills and Marethari blades are no match for me or my blade." asked Byakuya his opponents. Both ignored him and struck at him again and again, he either dodging their strikes or parrying them with ease. "Your defiance is illogical. There's a realm of existence so far beyond your own, you can't even imagine it. We are beyond your comprehension." continued the Samurai, evading a strike from Clara and cleanly cut through her prosthetic arm. "Rudimentary creatures of a common plane, you touch my mind, fumbling in ignorance, incapable of understanding." finished Byakuya and cut directly into Neil, severing Neil's link to his Gallifreyian side, making regeneration impossible, at least for the moment. "You common planes are nothing but a cosmic mutation, an accident. Your existence is measured in years and decades, you wither and die. We are eternal the pinnacle of evolution and existence, before us you are nothing." said Byakuya then bringing his blade down.

Alexis was surprised at her opponents' prowess but they were nothing she could not match. Loran fired a powerful force push at her, which she lazily deflected with her Amber. "Oh come that all you can do?" asked the blonde, striking down with her blade, almost cleaving Aurora in half, who barely managed to block the strike in time. "Your speed is is almost an insult to have to fight you, you know?" sighed the Gallifreyian not even paying attention as she paried their strikes and kicked Loran in the face, sending him back, spraling.

A massive blade had blocked Byakuya from delivering the deadly blow. "That Ianto sure did not keep you long." mused the Samurai as he looked at Konstantin. "He simply left, ran like the coward he is." answered Konstantin shoving the Byakuya's blade away, before smashing his own down on it. "Do you think you can beat me? You are stuck to a lowly human body, you may be able to wield your blade and use some of its power, but that is no where near enough if you want to be able to fight me." said Byakuya jumping back, now standing opposite of Konstantin, a fair distance between each other. "Get out of here...I can't gurantee you won't be hurt otherwise." said Konstantin to Clara and helped up Neil. "Are you sure?" asked Clara concern in her voice, while Neil angrily fell into a combat stance once more. "Get lost boy...or you will be cut up." came Konstantin's damning answer, which he delivered without turning around, his eyes still fixed on his opponent. "Happend before," said Neil confident. "So you really want this to be an up close and personal fight? Then let me take care of them for you." said Byakuya, drawing his blade again. "Scatter, Senbonsakura" he commanded his blade, and it burst apart into thousand of blades to small for the eyes to see and then raced forward, but not at Konstantin but at Clara and Neil, evation was impossible, their speeds would simply not be enough. But to their luck, Konstantin was there and managed to block the greatest part of the blades, but Neil suffered a horrendous injury across his chest. Blood literally splattering from it, as it was revealed that the majority of the flesh covering his chest and been cleaved away. "Hmm your relfexes are good, I will give you that." said Byakuya eyeing Konstantin. "But will you be able to stop this one?" he continued and this time the blades raced at Konstantin himself, far to quick and far to many to evade, yet he simply smiled at that and raised Zangetsu before smashing him down, and a blue sicle of energy flew forward. "Getsuga Tensho!" cried out Konstantin. He had learned that if one said the name of the technique will using it strenghtend it, as with everything concerining Amber...names had power. "I must admit...this is surprising." said Byakuya, looking down on his left arm, blood slowly flowing down. His blade reforming in his hand. Behind them Clara's eyes glowed brightly as her horrible injuries simply healed. Neither of the two combatants realised this though and shortly after Clara collapsed, exhausted from the strain.

"Never thought you'd be able to draw blood from me. I take it that is the true power of your blade?" asked Byakuya as the wound sealed itself. "Yeah, when I compress my Amber power into my blade it gives it an extremely powerful swing." explained Konstantin, raising his blade again. "I'll say Byakuya, use your Bankai." demanded Konstantin. "You might have some skill but it is a thousand years too soon for you to see my Bankai." retorted the Samurai and swung his blade again the thousands of tiny blades flying towards Konstantin. He simply fired another Getsuga Tenshō to block them, then raced forward dodged another beam of Senbonsakura and swung his blade at his opponent's neck, but it was blocked by the thousands of minuscule pink blades. Now he jumped into the air and fired another Getsuga, this time penetrating the defense and cutting Byakuya across the right arm this time. "I'll say it one last time, Byakuya, USE YOUR BANKAI!" said Konstantin after having landed again. "As you wish, but be assured that this will be the last thing you will ever see. Bankai: Senbonsakura Kageyoshi." called out Byakuya and let go of his sword which slid into the ground, as if it was made of water. Then behind him a dozen huge blades appeared before collapsing into millions of tiny pink blades, which then flooded towards Konstantin, who just managed to dodge them at the last moment by jumping into the air. "Useless." commented his opponent as the pink blade shards caught up to him, while he managed to deflect them the first time, the second beam had to be parried with a Getsuga but a final and huge wave swept over him, smashing him into the ground. Raising again, his cloths torn and severly cut up. "You see the power of a Bankai is so awspiring, not even a Gallifreyian can use his Amber to heal himself from those wounds." commented Byakuya as the pink blade shards returned to their master. "Guess I have no choice then. Should've known my Shikai could never beat a Bankai." said Konstantin coughing up blood and steadying himself on his blade. "You are talking as if you still possessed the Bankai release." taunted the Samurai. "Oh you'd be surprised." grinned hiss opponent up at him. "BAN-KAI!"

One Last Time:Edit

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