This story is set in 2315 and depicts the happenings on Earth while Konstantin and his rabble are on their mission.

Chapter 1: The New GuyEdit

He was walking through the streets of Las Vegas, it was high noun and so the people were rushing around paying little notice to the strangely clothed man who walked through the streets completely and utterly relayed. His white cloak flattering in the wind, barely hiding his blade. "What a peculier little world..." he mumbeled looking around. "All of them in such a haste." was his next remark when a car parked directly next to him nearly slamming into him actually. Not even raising an eyebrow or twitch he continued to walk on. Out of the car jumped Skylar and Zyana, once again on one of their shopping tours.

They turned their necks to look at the peculiar man, whom they had nearly hit with their car but continued to walk on as if nothing had happened. 

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