Hellcat Squadran
Hellcat Squadran Insignia Metallic
Vital statistics
Type Military Group
Leader Multiple (Each leader has their own special group in Hellcat Squadran)

23rd to 24th centuries

Far distant future (Hester's Regime era in an alternate universe)

Head of State
Head of Government
De-Facto Leader (if Applicable)
Capital Kaven Base
Language(s) Too numerous to count
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Date Formed
Conflicts Involved In Treklan War
Status Operating

For Freedom......we Rise. - Hellcat Squadran Motto

As long as they still exist, there will always be crisis and conflict in the world. I say we change that. Together, we, the forces of Hellcat Squadran, will do everything in our power bring justice to our world, and those beyond. - IceBite, announcing the formation of Hellcat Squadran

She looked at the insignia on the man's trench-coat: a triangle, with a fighter in front, accompanied by 4 evenly-placed missiles, with 2 sun rays appearing from the right. Were this a century and a half earlier, the insignia would have been completely unknown. But, being 2154, the young woman recognized it immediately: the insignia of the heroic Hellcat Squadran. - Sneak peak of a later chapter of Hellcat Squadran: Return of the Hopeful

Originally a PMC fighter squadron, the group made a sizable fortune. Instead of breaking up after the war, the leader turned the PMC into a larger military group, offering ground forces as a support to its air wing. Over time, the unit became a military branch. It eventually became a sort of Mini-Faction, with its capital at Kaven Base.

Tech LevelEdit

Currently, Hellcat Squadran has the most advanced Technology of all the Coalition Factions. With many excellent Scientists, and the service of a Technomancer, Hellcat Squadran can beat anyone in an Arms Race.

Hellcat Squadran Phonetic AlphabetEdit

Hellcat Squadran uses its own phonetic alphabet for communication. They originally used the NATO Phonetic Alphabet, but started to use their own over time.

Known SuppliersEdit

Here is a list of Coalition or Coalition-allied corporations that supply Hellcat Squadran with military hardware, to supplement their in-house made hardware and fleet.

United States of AmericaEdit

  • Bell Helicopter
  • Boeing Defense, Space & Security
  • General Atomics Aeronautical Systems
  • Lockheed Martin Aeronautics
  • Northrop Grumman Corporation

Constitutional Republic of RussiaEdit

  • Mikoyan Design Bureau (Cooperates with GDI)
  • Russian Helicopters
  • Sukhoi Company

Japanese RepublicEdit

  • Mitsubishi (Cooperates with GDI)

Kingdom of SwedenEdit

  • SAAB (Cooperates with GDI)

United Nations Space CommandEdit

  • Reyes-McLees Shipyards
  • SinoViet Heavy Machinery

Covenant SeparatistsEdit

  • Assembly Forges (Covenant Separatists-controlled)

Global Defense InitiativeEdit

  • Han Industries
  • Lancaster Lifting Body, Inc.
  • Vervack

United Federation of PlanetsEdit

Klingon EmpireEdit

  • SoHcha Fleet Yards

Romulan Star EmpireEdit

  • Aeihk'aeleir Shipyard

Cardassian UnionEdit

  • Manora Shipyards

New RepublicEdit

Army of LightEdit

  • Ma'Kan Industries (Narn Regime)
  • Mitchell-Hyundyne (Earth Alliance Resistance)


  • Akheton Corporation (Vasudan Corporation)
  • Dynamic Metamer (Terran Corporation)
  • Han-Ronald Corp. (Terran Corporation)
  • Mekhu Enterprises (Vasudan Corporation)
  • RNI systems (Terran Corporation)
  • Subach-Innes (Terran Corporation)
  • Triton Dynamics (Terran Corporation)

United GalaxyEdit

  • Neucom Incorporated
  • General Resource, LTD.

Alternate versionsEdit


In both Mortal Engines-Verse and Inferno Regime-Verse universes, Hester Shaw usually is an enemy of Hellcat Squadran.

Hellcat Squadran survived well thousands of years into the far distant future.

Mortal Engines-verseEdit

In the Mortal Engines universe, where Earth was ravaged by the Sixty Minute War and the Black Centuries, Hellcat Squadran was forced to undertake missions against Hester Shaw on Earth after the Sixty-Minute War.

Inferno Regime-verseEdit

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In the Inferno Regime-Verse, High Councillor Hester Shaw is a foe that Hellcat Squadran never underestimates.

Hellcat Squadran participated in missions against Hester Shaw's Regime during the Regime War.


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