Hell's Spawn
Vital statistics
Type Unknown Designation
Leader Satan
Head of State {{{headofstate}}}
Head of Government
Commander-in-Chief Maledict
De-Facto Leader (if Applicable) {{{defacto}}}
Affiliation {{{affiliation}}}
Capital Hell
Language(s) All Languages Established
Composite Races {{{races}}}
Date Formed
Conflicts Involved In many thousands
Status Operational

The Forces of Hell, also known as Hell's Spawn, Forces of Satan, or, quite plainly, the Demons, are a race and faction rolled into one, and would be one of the greatest threats to the galaxy, were it not for their extreme weakness to the Forces of Good. However, neutral or evil forces fighting them are pretty much doomed to fail.

Demon PhysiologyEdit

Hell's Demons are the closest to being immortals: everytime they are 'killed' in the main universe, they merely return to Hell, where they can attack the main universe from again. The only way to truly kill a demon is either to kill it in Hell or to purge its soul when you kill it in the main universe.


Lesser DemonsEdit

Greater DemonsEdit

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