Heinrich Schwarre
Placeholder person
Vital statistics
Title Lance General
Callsign Rold 1
Gender Male
Race Etenus Hominidae
Physical Age 39 Years
Alignment Neutral Good
Faction Eteno Imperial Armed Forces
Tools Officer Standard Issue Kit
Abilities Officership in the Imperial Armed Forces
Vehicles ENS Honder, ENS Fulda, ENS Storovlad, Transport Des. 137362, Transport Des. 310981
Status Alive

Lance General Heinrich Schwarre is of the Eteno race, the creators of a vast, warlike empire. The primary allies of the Eteno are the Karnasaurs and the Dhragolon, mostly because they're incapable of conquering them (or at least, the loss of life would be too great). Schwarre grew up in orbit around Ptrava, in which the headquarters of Wastenprav Solar Industries is housed. His father worked on the solar panel Dyson Sphere 88 as a safety officer for the battery manufacturing plant, and sometimes, the shipping zones. Attending a private school on the headquarters station of the company, Schwarre almost never experienced being on an actual planet, and hardly ever saw the light of the star his father relied on. When Schwarre was drafted into the military, he was eager to see the galaxy. He worked hard, and managed to get into Jonathan Keplat Imperial Army Academy. Through the four years of his schooling, he managed to graduate with some of the highest grades in twenty years. Through excellent and eager service over ten years, he was slowly promoted up to the rank of High General. He was at the top of the army, and in only ten years. Wanting to become one of the best generals in the army's history, he funneled the energies of his colossal ambition into winning battles, which succeeded for the most part. Six years after his final promotion, he directly disobeyed the Council of Generals to pursue a tactical move during a battle that led to the death of almost half of his men. Because of this, he was demoted to Lance General. He was tossed around in the army for a while, assigned to almost fifty different posts before his thirty-ninth birthday. Currently, he is in command of the 645th Mechanized Division, and the 1,724th Heavy Infantry Airborne.


Heinrich, despite being almost forty, retains much of his youthful vigor and eagerness. While he is greatly ashamed of his great demotion, he looks forward to proving himself to command yet again that he should be a High General.

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