Hatach Nox
Twisted fate cosplay by lamnamikaze-d6ydw8l
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Physical Age 25
Alignment Chaotic Good
Faction Republic of Salleron
Tools Magicked Cards (from various Trading Card Games)
Abilities Ability to use Cards to perform various effects (based on card in question)
Status Alive

Hatach Nox is a Salleron Card Mage, and apprentice to Tobias Norn, a powerful Card Mage known throughout the Republic as 'Twisted Fate', due to the effect he has on the battlefield. He wears a similar attire to Tobias, denoting his apprenticeship to the Card Mage.


Much like Tobias, Hatach is a bit of a renegade, not bowing to any lords or masters, and having a penchant for disregarding rules. Still, he has a good heart, and is willing to do what he deems necessary to do what's right. He's been known to intervene in crimes in progress, using his Duel Monsters Magic and Trap to restrain and trap criminals, and, when asked why he helped, his usual response is 'Because I felt like it'.

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