Haakona-class Advanced Warbird
Rom Ship Haakona
Vehicle statistics
Starship Function Advanced Warship
Length 600 meters
Width 1000 meters
Height 349 meters
Crew Capacity 2000
Power Systems Artifical Singularity Core
Engines Gravitic Modulation Impulse Engines
Weapons Various
  • Dual Romulan Plasma Beam Banks (3 sets)
  • Romulan Hyper Plasma Torpedoes (3 fore, 2 aft)
  • Romulan Hyper Plasma Beam Cannon (1)
  • Romulan Plasma Beam Arrays
Class Status Active

The Haakona-class Advanced Warbird was a starship designed by the Romulans after the Reapers destroyed Romulus and Remus. An extensive redesign of the Ha'apax, the Haakona, at creation, was designed, first and foremost, as a Reaper-Killer: Haakonas have been reported to be able to take on standard-sized Reapers single-handedly and come up standing. Furthermore, the Haakona possessed technology obtained from the UFP's Prometheus-class Advanced Escort, allowing it to perform a "Dual Vector Separation", separating into a "Guardian Warbird" and an "Assault Warbird". The Assault Warbird contains the Warbird's Plasma Torpedoes, while the Guardian Warbird utilizes the Hyper Plasma Beam Weapon.

After the Reapers were defeated, Haakonas were re-purposed for command roles, although most kept their heavy anti-capital ship weaponry. Furthermore, the technology on the Haakona was used to update the Ha'apax with its own Dual Vector Separation capability.

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