Did you know there are 3 kinds of Aces: those who seek strength, those who live for pride, and those who can read the tide of battle. Those are the 3. Larry 'Pixy' Faulke in Ace Combat 0: the Belkan War.

Here is the list of Pilots who could be considered 'Aces' in the Hellcat Squadran Universe, plus their callsign and Ace Style.

Ace StylesEdit

-Mercenary Ace: "......those who seek strength......" An Ace that lives for battle, money and glory. If you focus on going after targets and the money, regardless of affiliation or whether the target is crippled or not, chances are you will be rated as this.

-Knight Ace: "......those who live for pride......" An Ace that lives for pride and honor. If you help out allies and avoid hitting targets not related to the mission at hand, you are truly honorable and rated as this.

-Soldier Ace: "......those who can read the tide of battle......" An Ace that lives for his/her fellow soldiers, and his/her country. He/She is able to turn the tide of battle at will. You will be rated this if you maintain a spread between destroying crippled/civilian targets and saving them.



Hellcat SquadranEdit

  • Leinad Llehctim - "Anduril" - Knight
  • Derek Sanders - "Tomcat" - Soldier
  • May - "Shadow" - Soldier
  • Tory - "CodeBreaker" - Mercenary
  • Jerdak - "" -
  • ODST Grievous - "Grievous" - Soldier
  • Gustovine - "Zeeron" - Knight

Shadow AllianceEdit

Covenant LoyalistsEdit

  • Tartorus - "Rukt" - Mercenary


Zann ConsortiumEdit


  • These Ace Styles are based off the ones in Ace Combat 0: the Belkan War.

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