Vehicle statistics
Starship Function Incerceptor
Length 11 m
Width 19 m
Height 4 m
Crew Capacity 1
Power Systems Unknown Power Core Type
Engines Unknown Ion Drive
Weapons Laser Cannons, Missiles
Class Status operational

The Raptor Fighter is a fightercraft derived from schematics of a fighter from the Universe of Sinn and the AI Gacia. One thing that Tory constantly comments about is the fighter's uncanny resemblence to the SA-23E Starfury of one of the Sci-Fi series he watches often.

This confusion is compounded even more when the organization that owns the Starfury fighter, the Earth Alliance, actually arrives in the Hellcat Squadran Universe in 2215. The only real difference is the color: the Raptor is usually white with blue trim, while Starfuries are usually dark grey, with red, orange, or green trim.

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