HCS Last Resort
HCS Last Resort
the HCS Last Resort in one of the Realms of Oblivion
Vehicle statistics
Owner Holly
Starship Class (if Applicable) Technomancy-Made Vessel
Starship Type Carrier
Faction Hellcat Squadran
Power/Weapon Systems Phase Drive, Quantum Power System, Shield Generator, Armor, and other systems
Special modifications Various weapon systems
  • Quantum Pulse Weapons
  • Quantum Torpedoes
  • Quantum/Graviton Emittor
  • Interdimensional Drive
Status Operational

The HCS Last Resort was Holly's largest vessel, and was one of the 2 ships utilized by Zeta Wing. It was finished using Holly's Technomancy Powers. Sen Urec used the ship's Interdimensional Drive to track Holly down when she was sucked into the Elder Scrolls Universe.

When exposed to the Gigantion Cyber Planet Key's energy, the Last Resort obtained the ability to have its hanger split in half in such a way that it becomes a massive cannon. This mode is called 'Final Resort Cannon'.

While it is still in use by Holly, she began using another ship, the DDS Stormblade more frequently, around 2280.

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