Forerunner Emancipator
Forerunner Emancipator
Forerunner Emancipator on alert
Vehicle statistics
Owner Hellcat Squadran
Starship Class (if Applicable) Covenant Assault Carrier
Starship Type Flagship, 'Super Battle-Carrier'
Faction Covenant (Formerly), Covenant Loyalists (Formerly), Hellcat Squadran
Power/Weapon Systems *Shield Generator
  • Repulsor Engines
  • Pulse Laser Turrets,
  • Energy Projectors
  • Plasma Torpedos
Special modifications *Enhanced Reactor
  • Enhanced Engines (compared to a fighter's size:maneuverability ratio, as agile as a fighter)
  • Enhanced Weapons
  • MAC Guns
  • Frequency-Modulator Cannons (Formerly known as Damaged Wave-Motion Guns)
  • Titanium-X Armor
Status Operational

The Forerunner Emancipator is the Hellcat Squadran's Flagship and their finest joint species made starship. The vessel is one of Seven ships in its class the other three a Defiants and three smaller scout ships. The Captain is IceBite. The shipboard AI is ANS-1-1 'Alphaunus'.

The Forerunner Emancipater has weathered every conflict sent Hellcat Squadran's way: the Treklan War, the Shadow War, the Consortium War, and the Locust/Lambent War, and survived, making it Hellcat Squadran's 2nd oldest Active Vessel, at over a century old, out-aged only by the Shadow of Intent.


Back when there was only the Covenant (no 'Loyalists' or 'Separatists') this ship was commanded by Sangheili Shipmaster Zegno 'Vextumee. However, when the Covenant Schism took place, the Brutes stole it from the Elite Captain. However, a combined Covenant Separatist/Hellcat Squadran strike force took it back. IceBite and Tory have since made modifications to it making it the deadliest ship in the Human fleet.

Shadow WarEdit

Tory attempted to add Wave Motion Guns, powerful cannons charged by the ship's engines, but damaged one crucial component: the Frequency Modulator. However, this mistake proved to be a good thing: the Cannon proved to be an excellent Anti-Borg weapon, as the gun has no set frequency, so the Borg cannot 'adapt' to its frequency. It was also modified with a more durable Sketonal structure. This internal skeleton upgrade allows the ship to be used like a battering ram while taking only minor structural damage.

Forerunner Emancipator2

the Forerunner Emancipator with a pair of Covenant Separatist CCS Battle-Cruisers

Visarius IncidentEdit

The Forerunner Emancipator managed to weather the years to the point where, in 2101, it was still seeing active service. It was one of the vessels that participated in the Coalition assault on the Volfgang, able to defeat several Sith Destroyers on its own.