HCS Climactic Outburst
Climactic Outburst
Vehicle statistics
Owner Hellcat Squadran, Tory
Starship Class (if Applicable) Covenant CCS-Class Battlecruiser
Starship Type Cruiser-Carrier
Faction Covenant (Formerly), Covenant Separatists (Formerly), Hellcat Squadran
Power/Weapon Systems *Shield Generator
  • Repulsor Engines
  • Pulse Laser Turrets,
  • Energy Projectors
  • Plasma Torpedos
Special modifications *Enhanced Reactor
  • Enhanced Engines
  • Enhanced Weapons
  • Auxilery Engine System
Status Active

Tory Lund was given command of one of the CCS-Class Battlecruisers given to Hellcat Squadran by the Covenant Separatists. Called the Climactic Outburst, the ship was outfitted with many enhancements.


Shadow WarEdit

One of its most well-known fights is the 2011 Battle of Grassor, where the Climactic Outburst and several Klingon starships took on an Imperial Star Destroyer and several Carrack Cruisers. The only Coalition survivors of the battle were the Climactic Outburst (derelict, but salvagable) and the Klingon Flagship, the IKS Kahless. The CO used its secondary engines to re-enter the battle after being effectively disabled by the Star Destroyer that was obliterated by the Kahless, allowing the ship to destroy 2 of the 3 remaining Carrack Cruisers with its pulse lasers, plasma, and Energy Projectors, and ram the last.


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