ROG Carrier
Defiant on leave
Vehicle statistics
Owner Hellcat squadron command
Starship Class (if Applicable) Hanibal class Carrier
Starship Type Space based fighter carrier
Faction Hellcat Squadran/UNSC
Power/Weapon Systems *Forerunner power core
  • Weapons: 9 particle cannons.
  • 20x 50mm point defense guns mounted internally
  • 90 fighters in port and starboard launch bays
  • 1x Forerunner beam cannon
Special modifications
Status online

The HSC-Defiant is the first starfighter carrier fielded by the Hellcat squadron it is the same class as the UNSCs Hanibal with the same forerunner shields, jump drives, and main cannon. The human parts of the ship are the most obvious the three barreled turreted partical cannons. It is a hybrid heavy weight ship created after the covenant was disbanded the down side to the 2 kilometer long vessel is the cost, at 6.4 billion credits its cheap for any government but Hellcat Squadron can only afford the three it has at present if it wishes to maintain a fleet of ten ships. Although outclassed in size by ships like the Joint Vendetta it has superior shield weapons and speed. It is also harder to hit then its Brute counter part. It is commanded by Human/Ecto-Revive Miranda Keyes. The shipboard AI is Cortana.

Treklan WarEdit

The Defiant harrased and destroyed a majority of the Alliance's space stations and partol pickets durning the war earning it the nick name "Back Breaker" due to its major role in crushing the Alliance's mightiest strong holds. The only ship to cause more damage than it to the Triple Alliance was the HCS Forerunner Emancipator.

Shadow WarEdit

During the Shadow War, with the arrival of Imperial Star Destroyers and other advanced vessels, the Defiant and other Hanibal Class Ships soom found themselves being outmatched.