HCN Wirquen
The HCN Wirquen, a Hellcat Squadran Aircraft Carrier
Vehicle statistics
Owner IceBite
Navy Ship Class (if Applicable) Gerald R. Ford Class Aircraft Carrier
Navy Ship Type Aircraft Carrier
Faction Hellcat Squadran
Weapons *Surface-to-air missiles
  • Close-in weapons systems
Special modifications Quantum Torpedoes, Tactical Nuke Missiles
Status operational

The Wirqeun acts as a carrier and mobile naval HQ for Hellcat Squadran. Originally the ship was the USS Gerald R. Ford, which, in the real world, wasn't conceived until 2008. However, the ship had to be developed sooner in the HS universe, and, therefore, it's completion was rushed and the ship0 damaged in battle. The ship was in drydock for weeks, however the ship was sold off to the highest bidder after the USN veiwed damaged ship as a waste of time to dry dock and repair. After purchase from the Navy the ship was used to patrol HS territory and transport supplies from base to base. it has played key roles in the battle of Kaven island in the pacific. The majority of modifications have turned the ship into a mobile base and transport ship. The ship primarilly serves as the HQ for Hellcat Squadran's Cerberus Wing, but is used by most of Hellcat Squadran's aircraft during Naval battles.